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Monday, March 4, 2019


from Washington DC. This is Westwood One. Daily news for March fourth twenty nine teen. I'm John trout. More than twenty people are dead in Alabama after a string of tornadoes tore through the southeast on Sunday. Correspondent Clayton Neville says Lee county authorities believe the death toll could still rise as rescuers sift through the rubble. The national weather service says at least twelve tornadoes touched down in Alabama and Georgia meteorologist, Tom Sater. This line is it moved through in the same region develop not one but two different cells at drop the tornadoes. One storm close to the state line west of Columbus. Proved deadly Lee county, Alabama corner Bill Harris says the twister left a trail of destruction. Alabama came on pretty sudden that fair warning. And then it just hit with a vengeance. And destroyed a large area Lee county sheriff Jay Jones says not all residents have been accounted for we've accounted for a lot of people. But we haven't accounted for others. And that's what we're trying to do. Right now, we were trying to make sure that anyone in this area that we can locate them make sure they're okay Jones says those efforts were hampered by dark, but will continue Monday already, of course, is searching rescue at this time that's been continuing since the moment the storm passed, but we do have some canine teams that are coming into the area the path of destruction. In Lee county is expected to have been about a half a mile wide. Sunday's tornadoes part of the same system. That's expected to bring winter weather too much of the northeast in coming days. I'm Clayton Neville, some members of congress say all roads lead to impeachment. Others say all roads lead to a dead end. Correspondent Linda Kenyon. Has the story. There's nothing that the president did wall. House minority leader Kevin McCarthy speaking on ABC's this week about whether House Democrats will begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump now that they control the house. I think congressman Nadler decided to impeach the president of the day. The president won the election McCarthy, referring to democrat Jerrold Nadler, the chairman of the House Judiciary committee, but Natalie tells ABC's this week impeachment is no trivial matter before you impeach somebody. You have to persuade the American public that ought to happen. You have to persuade enough of the of the opposition party voters of Trump voters. And how do you do that? We have to do the investigations and get all this. We do not now have the evidence all all sorted out and everything to to to to do impeachment Representative Jim Jordan, the top Republican on the house oversight committee tells NBC's meet the press he certain impeachment proceedings will be a dead end. What I know is there's not one bit of evidence to show any type of coordination collusion conspiracy whatsoever. Between the Trump campaign and Russia notion that there's no evidence is just factually Senator. Mark Warner the top democrat on the Senate intelligence committee, speaking on CNN state of the union, just in the public domain. They're literally reams and reams of evidence of Russian outreach to Trump officials and clear interest from Trump officials, including the president's own son welcoming opportunity to get dirt and Representative Adam Schiff agrees. There was direct evidence in the emails from the Russians through their intermediary offering dirt on Hillary Clinton. As part of what is described in writing as the Russian government effort to help elect Donald Trump. They offer that dirt. There is an acceptance of that offer in writing from the present son done junior on CBS space the nation. The chairman of the house intelligence committee said he will preside over a complete investigation. Something he says, the Republicans showed no willingness to do when they controlled the house, Linda. Kenyon, Washington, South Korea and the US are ending their massive springtime military drills. As part of efforts to support diplomacy aimed at resolving the North Korean nuclear crisis. Bill Michaels has that the decision announced by both countries comes just days after a high stakes summit between President Trump and North Korean leader, Kim Jong unin Vietnam without any agreement. The Pentagon says the allies agreed to maintain firm military, readiness through newly designed command post exercises and revised field training programs. North Korea has called the allies drills and invasion rehearsal and responded with its own costly military exercises. Bill Michaels Washington Senator Bernie Sanders wasted no time in resuming. The large rallies that were the hallmark of his twenty sixteen presidential campaign. He hit two of America's largest cities that played a big role in forming the ideas that are part of the core of his campaign here. Steve. Cast inbound Bernie Sanders spoke to thousands of cheering supporters over the weekend. I on the campus of Brooklyn college his first stop after high school. And then at Chicago's navy pier. In the city where he attended school at the university of Chicago. Sure. Talked about the influence both locations had on the formation of his principles experiences child living in a family that troubled economically, powerfully, influenced my life, and my values. I know where I came from my years here in Chicago gave me the opportunity to become involved in the civil rights movement in the labor movements in the peace movement and in electoral politics at booth rallies. He largely echoed the talking points of his twenty sixteen campaign. I want to welcome you to a campaign with says loudly and proudly that the underlying principles of our governor that will not be greed kleptocracy, hatred authoritarianism and pot logical lying. The United States will join every other major country on earth and guarantee how to all people as a right Sanders told both crowds that they will complete the political revolution. They began three years ago where not only going to defeat Trump. We're going to transform the United States of America. First primary of the twenty twenty election is almost a full year away. The date hasn't even been finalized yet in a crowded field. That's going to get even more crowded Sanders. Campaign said they raised more than ten million dollars in small donations in less than a week. Steve Kastenbaum, New York. The process of removing millions of tons of toxic materials from the aftermath of California's devastating wildfires has begun. Jim Roope has the story. More than five point three million tons of debris from burned out cars to homes level to the ground Nashes. As one of the recovery pasta, which is says Nancy McGee with the California Department of toxic substances. Removing the household hazardous waste her propane. Taint the one like barbecues size pain. Also cleaners batteries from cars, you'll take. Munition that we need to remove. This was started in December. But several storms put a part of the process for a number of months or slowed it way down. And now they're beginning to remove at all carefully because whatever toxins there might be in any of this stuff. We have a certified specis consultant with us. So we're looking for any offenses containing material that are out here and removing now, and then we're also doing personal honour trading to ensure our crews aren't exposed to any particular debris removal teams of counted. Nearly six thousand burned out vehicles that need to be hauled away tons of concrete, bricks and rocks. Feld burned trees appliances, furniture, anything and everything must be removed before recovery can even begin a big job. And we're just starting estimate saw the cleanup alone will take at least a year. I'm Jim Roope. Westwood One daily news for March fourth twenty nineteen. I'm John trout.

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