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Lori Vallow Case Update: Murder, Conspiracy, a Facebook Page & Subpoena-palooza!


This podcast includes graphic depictions of true crime cases and may contain explicit language listener. Discretion is advised. Hey this is robin. This is Jackie and this is Amanda. And you're listening to Weei. Saw the double a podcast dedicated to true crime? And all things macab. If you want to follow US between shows don't forget to check us out online you can go to our website at www dot we saw the double dot com. You can follow us on Instagram at. We saw the devil podcast or on twitter at least called the devil and if you WanNa follow specific co hosts social media you can find the links of those on our website as well. Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of we saw the double blurry Valo update time. It is now at five pm on April twenty seconds which is a Wednesday and this information. We have for you today. Up-to-date yes as of Right. Now who knows what's going to happen in two hours but as of this moment means so today we released our first episode of the East area rapist slash golden state killer and will continue that as well But as promised we are still going to stay up to date with the Valo case so we are going to review the information that came out in the last week and then also a couple of hours ago. Yup three hours ago to be exact so we are relatively prompt here. We try so before we get into that big. Thank you and promise to our patrons patriotic we have executive producers in IRAS and SHAUNA S. And then also thank you so much or other patrons Amy Derek Michelle Nikki and Shawna F- without you guys. This would not be possible and we are really excited to do cool things like update our youtube and get some new equipment and things like that. So thank you very much for your support. If you're curious about our patriotic you can check it out at Patriot on dot com forward slash Wasilla double. Yep Any guys have some goodies in the mail and then also for the executive producers you have an extra giddy this month and then also robin put a very disparaging post about me today. If you want to listen to that make fun of me. You're welcome that was also a little surprise for Manda this morning. So I- edited our East area rapist. Show and there was a piece that was just too good to be true so to make her life a little more miserable. This morning I decided to surprise her with something that I posted on. Patriae on to you know to embarrass her with so so thanks for that. You're I can't wait to get back to it. Well now Develo speaking of embarrassing we have a couple of updates and then also something that we brought up last week that we found more information on that we wanted to tweak a little You want to start with that. Yes last week and our show. We discussed the possibility that the release. Laurie Valo facebook page was run by Amadeu Bells husband. Joseph now for some reason everyone in every facebook Laurie Bello. Facebook group kind of jumped on this bandwagon over the last couple of weeks and there was some very compelling proof. I guess you know. The people offered His name change The person who was frequently on the page was Joseph and then he changed his name. Multiple Times but didn't untagged pictures of himself so there was some compelling stuff they're pointing at him well apparently after doing a little of further digging. It's even more widely accepted that a gentleman named Stacy Norton is likely I mean almost one hundred percent behind the release. Laurie Valo page. The evidence is as follows. He was the very very very very first person to post and share the release Louisville page within minutes of its creation on the same day. He is from Westwood and Utah. He ran for Congress in two thousand sixteen on the platform of not taxing tampons and lowering taxes especially on motorcycles. He lives in this tiny little looks like cardboard shock in West Jordan. Utah and beautiful. It's it's great and overall the post right so release. Laurie Valo uses a certain kind of meam Kind of recycles. The same thing over and over again right like monkey brains like various things you know it. Always call people ignorant Stupid it calls Idaho Fascist state. You know a lot of anti government and Anti Idaho and Utah Language. His personal facebook page now by the way he has like forty of his own. Facebook pages Ninety percent of them are pro polygamy young very much pro polygamy but it's a lot of the same language used almost all the same language use Like word for word the way he insults people the memes and just kind of the tone of his language of keywords hidden places likely it is this man named Stacy Norton. There's no evidence that he has ever personally met Chatter Laurie but he is certainly obsessed with Lori. He sounds like a and like why. There's no proof that links them yet right. None I mean none as it stands right now. he needs a lesson in some critical thinking and just basic American civic skills. Because if someone you know with the missing children and whatnot apparently Lori is just so innocent right now has done nothing. It's just a custody battle. Just custody battle because the same language again From Stacey Orange personal to the release Laurie value he constantly attacks the would Cox. The grandparents just wanted to clear that up after doing a little further research. It seems Stacey Norton is the culprit behind. Release the Laurie Avello. I don't know how that page has gotten over a thousand lakes but yet you know here we are right. Yeah that I mean they have to spread their nonsense somehow right So what's next this week Another thing that Kinda came out and it's old news but new to us is information and emails regarding Charles being locked out of his life insurance policy back in twenty nineteen So Justin Lum actually posted on facebook. Page the copies of the e mails. He could actually read them if you'd like and the story seems like it started on the twentieth of February and that's again twenty nineteen so someone called into the Life Insurance Company and placed a pin on the account. Charles of course suspects Laurie. Then on the twenty sixth and I believe that's the day that he had filed for divorce. That's when he found out that the life insurance policy had been hacked now. There's a couple of different emails that he sent to to the life insurance place and then it looks like he sees seed. Kei on some of them trying to figure it out. So do you want to start with the first one as a man aside on February twenty sixth Charles Pride to access his banner Life Insurance Policy and it would not go through so he wrote them an e mail and he said my name is Charles Value and I bought the banner life policy a few years ago and have the payment drafted for my account ending in reducted. I spoke with redacted and he could not authenticate the password. Listen on my account. He said was placed on February Twentieth. Twenty nineteen and he sat in all cabs. It was not by me. I requested investigation as I believe. It's my soon to be ex. Wife who fraudulently placed a password on the account. I want to change the beneficiary to my sister. Ethel Kathleen Woodcock Avenue Order of Protection. Against Laurie value as she is physically threatened by life in the last thirty days. Please get back to me at my new phone number reducted and he gave his old number and gave his address. Please get with me as soon as possible so here. It has email on February twenty six. He writes that Lori. Velo threatened his life within the last thirty days right and then banner life insurance. Email him back and said attachable. Find some forms Notarized for your signature Blah Blah Blah and. There's a letter and information and then Charles then wrote back an official letter to the company stating that again. It was not him that made the change. He asked for a transcript or recording of the conversation and then again he mentioned if it or he believes it was his soon to be ex wife Lori. Avello he also included a notarized change beneficiary form in a change of address. He states again Well I guess not again but he states that K Nicholas or Zachary should have access to the policy. And I don't know which one was sent I but I that's kind of like the official letter that he sent them and then that same date says to forty nine. Pm He sends an email and then it looks like he sees K. So I can't see who the email was sent to. I'm assuming banner as well. I assume it's redacted as well yeah But that's where he talks about how he notified the Insurance Company of you know the password change so in this E mail. He also states that they're doing a an investigation and I believe he means they will pull the recording and he says I will assure you it was. Laurie and I will update you on the findings. My question is did he ever get the findings? I WanNa know whose voice was or was it Ali suspending or did Laurie Collins. Did Laurie have? I assume based on his verbiage that Lori did not have access to account it sounds like she might have been able to finagle it since they were still like Mary. Maybe I don't know but yeah. I'm curious if it was her that called in or if it was Alex but then at the end of this email this is what got me has if anything should happen to me before I get this all fixed. My beneficiary is Ethel Kathleen woodcock. My sister she will use it to take care of JJ. I want nothing to go to Laurie or any member of her family sincerely Charles Valo so how he'd had some things well and then also that he already has had had it that she will be caring for. Jj Not Laurie. I think that's interesting. And maybe that does fuel a little bit into the realm of maybe. There is some sort of big custody battle before all of this. But I still don't understand you know. She is the legal guardian. She is the mother because she adopted him. I don't understand how the grandmother would just like people to get it unless obviously unfit mother. I I guess I I mean back. Then you gotta remember to at one point. She left him with Charles and went to Hawaii tally. So like the bond probably isn't there. I don't know and don't forget that she called. Jj the drug baby. Oh Yeah in Rexburg. That's horrible so sad. I just I wish we could find out a little bit more about between this time you know then that Charles passed so remember. He died July eleventh. Two Thousand Nineteen so a few months after this five months after a little less than five after this. And just yeah. That's when everything kinda crazy so I mean in this email it it says that k would have. Jj and I love seeing some of the photos that come out that the woodcock of shared of them and jj they have spent a considerable amount of time with jj going on trips and doing things. It's I think it's one of them like singing or something and that was adorable. I know so you could tell that. They had a very good bond so hopefully hopefully still alive somewhere and that she'll be able to take him. I have to hold onto that little hope. There's very little hope in this case as a whole yeah yeah. It's it's terrible well. Hopefully she's losing out on hope to because her hearing has been moved. Gabby up so her. Bond Reduction hearing was supposed to be Friday April twenty fourth and it has been moved to May first at two PM. If the Ronan doesn't get her first maybe we will eventually get to a trial. But could you imagine though God and then we would never know any. Oh my gosh no like she she needs to pay for this right Yeah I mean. A lot of prisons are taking corona virus precautions and allowing for nonviolent offenders. Lend them to go home on parole temporarily. You know different things but the jail that Lori value is being held on I'm says and they will not make any special accommodations for her. Oh yeah yeah I mean rightly so well I mean she standard other another what we have for them hopefully to just say no again right. Here's hoping and something to that. Just slim had mentioned on his facebook. We had talked about it last week. About how the Attorney General's Investigation Lori and Chad Again? For conspiracy attempted murder attempted murder and murder possibly and they have not filed charges yet and these are two completely different investigations. So as of right now from what I understand. They're not going to impact one another especially because there have not been any charges filed so something that he put up. Just alum again. He said the investigation just has been taken over the spokesperson for the attorney. General Confirms No charges filed and the office can't comment on the investigation right. So that was on the sixteenth. As of today I haven't seen that they've filed any charges yet either. No little bit of an update on the last week to there's subpoena central. It's the Pena Ginza over the last week and between the prosecutors and prosecutors denying requests and then lorries attorney coming out with more subpoenas. I mean it has been a shit show of pain now. I'm putting them in front of me but yeah it's been in. Saint in the something I noticed so I combed through them again this morning and and maybe it's just I don't look at court documents too frequently but it seems so sloppy like her attorney seems very sloppy to me and the fact that they spelled. Tammy's name wrong right like I just. That's so disrespectful. Maybe maybe I'm taking it too hard but I feel like they should spell names right They also spelled. I noticed I think Melania's name in Cremona Cre This week Last week I guess. Lorries Attorney Mark. Means subpoenaed the office of the attorney. General Fremont County Prosecutor Office Southwest Airlines Visa Slash Chase Card Services. I think that they just have that card. Us Ban Core Center or otherwise known as us. Bank and Google for lots of information and record. They want everything they want. Every little thing boss will you can come through Just the mom put up all of the subpoenas to So if you want to get specifics you can but you know. There are four or five pages. Each basically so for the attorney general. They all records regarding the investigation of Chad Day. Bill lawry Del Day Bell in the conspiracy attempted murder slash murderer including Tammy's autopsy and then that's where they spelled her name. T. A. M. I. And then Fremont County Prosecutor's Office is pretty much the same information but they're asking for at least the list is pretty similar and they also spelled. Tammy wrong they do. I mean it's it's means but wrote it. I believe then The southwest error chase. They want pretty much every record. Ever of Charles and Laurie They want it from twenty sixteen to present and they inclusive like pretty much any type of bank record. That can possibly be uncovered. They want it so most likely they are going to be able to show when When Laurie stole remember when Laurie and Charles before the divorce hilarious stole over thirty thousand dollars for him. They're probably going to find you know that they're going to find her. Probably buying her wedding dress and ring. Most likely speculative but hopefully. Yeah but any any you know bank accounts whether it was joint or individual. I believe it just seemed like anything with their name on it they want yes correct Same thing pretty much for. Us Being Twenty sixteen to present for both parties every single record teller. You know anything that they've ever filled out or thought about. They want all video and audio from any teller transaction that has been recorded of them which is really insane. I've actually never really heard of that. Uh Right Yeah. It's a lot information And then Google as well got one and they want all account details for Charles including emails. Calendars chats posts reviews statements any account records whatsoever and they also list the Charles Dot Valo at email and they say pretty much anything that he could have had man. I wonder if there's going to be a document dump at some point by Lum or East Idaho News where they get some like additional emails from Charleena's. Maybe Laurie faked some again. Or you know maybe you Charles knew about the fair I mean I the amount of stuff that could potentially come from. This is yeah. It's a lie and like if you want to see every detail on each of them. I recommend reading them. It's a pretty hefty list. So I'm just giving some examples and then also then. There was a discovery disclosure. That rob would pretty much shut down a lot of the requests. He certainly did. He was like no well. Some of his verbiage. I thought was interesting too so like one sentence about the requested autopsy reports. He's has the deaths of the above mentioned. Individuals are irrelevant to the desertion of the minor. Children who are the subject of the above. So He's pretty much saying that has no relevance right. Well there there's a lot of speculation as far as why mark means is attempting to get that information I'm trying to basically get a head start on the eventual murder case morally. Yeah and I mean the discovery disclosure is a bit longer because they list everything that was requested and then basically like how. They're going to go about doing it. Some of it. They're saying you know is not even completed yet so it can't be you know to my understanding it's just not complete so there's no way of having right now. He laid it out for each request. Essentially and says you know whether or not they're going to comply So yeah and a lot of them he he does say the state objects to this request or objects to this request so again if you WanNa go through all of them you certainly can. In addition to that they do Number four states that they may call any of the following At a trial preliminary hearing grand jury hearing or any other hearing in this matter. And there's a big list of people a very large list of people Up to including we have Rexburg law enforcement From the Police Department we have Coli Hawaii Rate Police Department members we have FBI agents. We also have Gilbert Police Department Chandler Arizona Department and then a lot of people from the cast of characters who we've previously discussed. So we have Melanie Gabe. The would cox and then lorries brothers. Adam Zack in than we have melanie. Palau ski previously Boudreau. We have our ex felt wrong expelled wrong yet again. And then we have brandon boudreaux. Melanie's ex husband that likely. Alex attempted to kill and we have an plow ski. And then we have Leah Bernard and Seth Bernard and Arthaud do the intent may mean day with those yeah. I'm not sure that's what I had written down because I I'm pretty sure those are his kids names. They are thought is correct. I don't know if Leah got maybe and then they just continued the last name accidentally. I don't know Oh yeah. South table is one of Chad sons. I guess there definitely could be another set of them. I do not understand. But then we also have yellowstone national park. Likely right so there are two people Sac Chris Smith and Deputy Chief Ranger Chris Flesh and they're listed both as National Park Service so I wonder if those are Yellowstone Ranger Officer Mike. Mine to immediately what I think of. And then we have a series of F. B. I. Agents A social security investigator which peaked my interest because as we know it's under scrutiny that Lori potentially illegally utilize the children's social security benefits Yep and Chad's parents are listed on here Colby's on here. Jason William who is Tammy Day bells brother And then it looks like there's teachers elementary school principals people from the school district doctors so we have a lot of people. Yes and a lot of people who can provide really good and how on the state of JJ has medications tighly. You know the families relationships I mean. I say that almost all bases are covered in. This discovery was Yeah and that was dated on April twentieth and then as of yesterday On April twenty first there was another subpoena so means filed another subpoena and it was from Madison County Sheriff's Department. He was requesting records regarding Lori and once everything like anything to do with Lori while she's been in jail communications photos videos every single type of record and then he's also looking for records of the employees like work schedules. List of their names A detailed list of all of their information as well so people are saying because they want a list of all the people that come in contact with her or possibly could've heard that lake courting possibly I don't know I feel like they're going to milk That accidental recording like to death. I mean I mean I don't want to side with them at all but that was that was a no no for sure I don't care for her. Obviously but I mean that was her right but so like I understand how the mistake happened and it was for safety measures and all of that just trying to make sure everyone stay safe But it was a pretty big mistake. Yeah so I don't know if maybe it's people that would have heard I truly don't know I'm sure I'm missing something in that sense. Full name employed badge number identification employee number of the persons employed associated with the sheriff's department. So lots and lots of information and I wonder if that'll be shut down if that'll be given I don't know who knows so And that came out three hours ago but it looks like it was signed on the twenty first anything else big from the last week. Not as of this moment but like I said in a couple of hours there could be more. I truly think it might slow down again until probably around the I like. Maybe a couple of days leading up to the first That's my guess. I can concur with that. I think we're going to see a lot of momentum. May I hope so I? I don't know what happened. I don't understand where they are but just now thinking about spent September and you know every time the month changes you're like oh my gosh it's going on you know even longer. It's sad but this is the weekly update that we have for you guys. I said earlier and in our previous episode I'm going to we're going to attempt To really kind of flush out our youtube videos and include some of the documents there as well so stay up to date on our youtube. If you're listening on the podcast we also publish. People may not even know we publish Oliver episodes up on Youtube as well. We do so. It's not you know we don't include really anything other than the sound file. But we're going to START MAKING YOUTUBE VIDEOS. Attempting and the cool thing about Youtube is it allows you guys to comment while you're listening and then kind of have a conversation and a lot of people are involved in that conversation so we have some of our followers that comment we of course look at them as well so if you want to be able to discuss the episodes a little bit more by all means follow us on Youtube And then also our patron. We have a private patriotic group facebook group. Where again patrons can ask questions and we're happy to answer. You know what we know. And we are looking for the next case to cover after the East area rapist too so if you have a very strong emotion and feeling for case that you would like us to cover feel free to hop over to patriotic become a patron and you can help us choose but that about wraps it up before. Today's update fallow update number. Five million yet again. If it's five thirty nine pm on Wednesday April twenty. Second of Justin. Lum dropped something a minute after we stop. I'm sorry guys we'll cover it on the yes our right and yeah thanks again for everyone that reaches out we love hearing in. Thanks again for everyone who reaches out we love looking at your comments and interacting with everyone. Yeah absolutely and again. If you have any questions. Comments concerns complaints. Anything you can email us at. We saw the devil at That wraps it up guys until next crime.

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