Oil falls to $32 as OPEC+ postpones meeting


Faye international oil benchmark Brent crude fell on Monday after Saudi Arabian worshippers. Poonam meets to discuss outskirts called. That's could help to reduce global oversupply as a current virus. Pan-demic demand Brent's against each non-jewish could all is price dropped by one point. Two one dollars thirty two point nine zero dollars per barrel as seven fifteen pm. Niger in time Monday. The other countries and his allies a group known as OPEC loss was shuttled to meet on Monday to discuss in production but the meeting was moved to Thursday. Bnp Paribas analyst Hari Kill Garren was quoted by rights. Is he knows it that the initial appointment at the delay has driven down prices nation business and that was the news business radio you can continue citizen life online at www does Africa business radio DOT COM OVA MOBILE APP. Thank you for listening.

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