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Hello and welcome to kids nutrition podcast I'm your host by Vandal. A registered paediatric Dietitian based Holly Street I, help you with fussy eating, guzman protein, allergy, and also help you plan your Vegan diets. I'm so excited that tuning into the podcast. Let's dive in to learn all about how to empower your child one bite at a time. Welcome back everybody. I hope you've been having a really lovely July. There have been some indeed very hot as the equity, you some windy and lots of rain, our I hope you keeping Save, and the sure on are enjoying the playground area. If you choose to let children getting there safely, of course, if you haven't tuned into the previous coffee, so we spoke about how much exercise children. Need to if you haven't into that yet, then do. That because it may give you some tips and ninety years about the types of exercise, and how much exercise, sure need but today. I was actually going to talk to you all about what sort of snacks to. Pack my nego on road trips of example because we haven't got any overseas trips, put this year. We are heading off to call more on Wednesday scientist about that, and certainly when I. Return make sure I record a podcast episode. Tell you all about how that went. But in the moment a wanted was researching some snack ideas because I know what I was going to. Sue Pack for the kids. I actually stumbled upon this really interesting paper. On Mood for kids and it was really relevant. BECKY's covid nineteen has or this pandemic has certainly a. A really tough time for children and you know, I've seen lots of. News clips talking about. How this locked-on has affected are true and I. Saw some clips about your school-age Primis Galatian talking about experiences, and how they failed and I just couldn't help thinking. This is definitely the time where we need up ultras nutrition. But if you're thinking about how nutrition can. Impact on mood. It's actually going to be slightly different to what you may have. Traditionally been heard, which is obviously we talk about perhaps the midst Iranian died, being most beneficial in heart and overall health and of course mood. Actually to go in a slightly different direction, but before we do that as always to start Latino. In talking a lot about my facet, eating programs have got the Fussy Solutions Program, which is a one to one program with me. You get a number of appointments and you get access to the online 'cause and we worked through very specific activities to help you support your child. Try New foods, and if you're interested in that, you can book a call to talk to me about that, and that's exactly the same for the suspected dairy allergy. Problems feel concerned that you. May Have underlying. Say Delayed Cosmopolitan Allergy. Then book a call in my diary, and then I can take you through my packages and programs, and we can work on. Be The best fit for you now. Let's get onto the main part of the show. The good news is that a couple of systematic reviews, their kind of flight, the ghost standard where they look at a number of publications and review this publications, and then through a process they will sort of say these papers publications don't really meet the criteria. For assessing reviewing which which of their findings were perhaps. Conclusive or good quality research. But, what was really interesting? Is that both the? Two systematic reviews one, which is mainly done completed in admirals and the other one was insurance and chewing one was really interesting. And obviously, so as the others, and actually the findings were exactly very very similar in that they both concluded that fruit and vegetables, no surprises or kind of a surprise to you. If you know what I mean will very beneficial or were more likely that you're in who had at least they're five portions of fruit and Veg. Day were more likely to benefit in terms of mood, and that was really surprising, because it's not a lot of food that I would associate as lifting. Wouldn't think of eating fruit advantage at of an uplifting food for children, and we'll talk about why they came to those conclusions, and which particular vitamins and minerals may have a role in enhancing mood, but I I just thought that was so interesting because it, you know. Some of the studies actually glued. As young as five and right up to about seventeen, and they sort of you know the different papers a collected the data by. Usually through online questionnaires or something like that to sort of? Get an idea a picture of the dietary patterns. How many of fruit? There's the homage of the other foods that were eating. Some of the papers did look at some of the other factors lifestyle factors there may have a role insurance mood as well so we do need some of these findings would have repeated in other. High, quality research studies, so we still can't say that food such as fruit and vegetables. Definitely improved mood, but it does look like this. You know quite a nice link in this area and it's. Not The reason if you if I remember a client, a lovely Lady of mine. She did say to musical Bonnie. Just, give my kids. You a vitamin and mineral supplement I, know the not eating a big range of foods. We're really really busy. Really struggling and I was just thinking. Why did I just of a vitamin and mineral supplement and be done with it, because then I know the Mitch Albom. Get whatever they need and such an interesting question, isn't it? Unfortunately it's not just about the victims and mirrors, but to share with you very very shortly. In fact, break it down into a few key vitamins and fiber. Which yes, of course again it could, you could take five with supplement, but really you kind of want to. Encourage to be fruit and vegetables bickers when they are eaten as a package, so they eat when they're even just as we know the act of eating. Vegetables in his natural state, even if it's been cooked of holes, but in its natural state say. It will be slowly digested in the body because of its fiber, and the fine will then go on to feed the microbiome of the good bacteria insurance got, and of course that whole got brain relationship where we think that that may have road in enhancing mood, promoting uplifting mood, and thoughts and things are so again. You can't really get that effect from a pill. You might do but again. We. Don't really eat single foods and single vitamins on this specific deficiencies. Of course it's again just gear helping shore and do eat a wide range of foods quite earlier. So what are the key factors of course is fiber and the fiber the food? Vegetable, Also eat these specific carbohydrates in the fruit and vegetables that will help feed the good bacteria which can. have a role in promoting mood insurance. So that was really I thought that was really nice to finding. There are some other minerals live four days of folic acid, and that again crosses the brain barrier, and even say things like vitamin B., twelve over the other be victims that are naturally found in fruits and vegetables. Do have a role in. It along that part way for making the neurotransmitters. Dopamine and Serotonin they will have a role in helping. Make those neurotransmitters which as we know, do have a role in regulating mood, and that's also the case for children's again another reason really to encourage our shown to be eating fruit and vegetables. If you really really struggling with fruit vegetables, because your child is e to the good news, is that in some of these studies? They did count things like. Bit more of the processed fruit and Veg so anything that's found in can in a tin. The tuna canned varieties. What all's accounted to a serving size of fruit and veg in a day, and so I, would assume that the frozen would also be counted. And also the fruit juices they did come to us today. Fruit and veg intake squad and I would guess that would be the same for smoothies, but Mackay just be careful with these speakers you know if your John is predominantly relying on smoothies and furnitures than these are also a form free, shiver, and the maced onto exceed the amount that you want. To be having according to as generally virtual me. Say is about one hundred and fifty mills. As the maximum amount of fruit juice. We want them to drink a day or otherwise diluted. Down so in all. If you're thinking some days, China might get something I. Drive food. All vegetables from a can that's. Fine these all count to the daily intake of fruit and vegetables I. Know let isn't a food that we typically talk about insurer, but if you think about Sean, very fussy eaters, then might be ever ask of not getting enough of this nutrient, just because you're not eating enough of the fruit and vegetables. So for that reason I thought we could just very quickly touch on some of the sources of late, and so this would typically be things like green leafy vegetables now one of the stray and papers that I came across to talk a lot about silver beat and I remember when I lived in New Zealand. Silver Beetles something we certainly did you eat quite often? It seems like hail seems to have taken over in terms of popularity, but again just goes to show. You don't need to you, too, and donate to be eating Kale to benefit. They can do any of the green leafy. She was including boring spinach, which I love. My kids don't get very excited about, but I do especially baby spinach is quite nice and mild, but there's also things like asparagus. Spinach remain lead twos. Brussel sprouts working gets the kids might roll their eyes at that one Broccoli, so we love Brooklyn House Green Peas. That's always overlooked. But that's actually quite rich. In four days and Avocado and our pretty popular, but what I found. Is that although my kids? Were brought up eating. Of Carter sandwiches quite regularly as babies, and of course ones nurse restarted in a school, and you know the change with having to Moseley in the some ice, not stiffly food, so I kind of have to find different ways of encouraging them to have it all still presenting it because we certainly enjoy having. But of course you know apart from the fruits and vegetables, some great products like forty five grain products like wheat, flour, Pasta bread. We also dried beans, peas, lentils, flaxseed, and sunflower, these own sources of light as well, but just thinking around some of the vegetables the it may be worthwhile thinking. How often do you serve these foods in the house and? Do, you need to think Obama's sort of increase that I was things like beads and oranges. They are also a source of four-legged. Just want to bury briefly touch on the what the adult system at review mention and the orders of pippin particularly focused on some of the fruit and Veg Line Berries. They spoke a lot about the citrus fruits, and we now know that source of four light, but also the green leafy vegetables again, focusing on the filleted the vitamin C., which we haven't spoken about but game that has been linked with mood, and of course there have speeds and whispers in amounts of the research papers about the relationship Fiterman a with mood as well so it's an interesting area of research I'm sure love to do some research area. And if you've been wondering what sort of foods to eat, so apart from, say the oily fish for the AMIGA, three fatty access which we know can influence mood. Your best bet is always not to skim on the fruit and vegetables at to try and increase that. If you charge any having regularly one serving of vegetables a day. That's brilliant. Well done think about how can you? Gradually get up to two servings a day breaking it down into really small girls. That's easy to achieve, and if you really really struggling with that and he conned, get your Jovan or char to consistently have their at least five servings of fruit of day. Then as mentioned previously I do have my faster eating solutions program, which will be perfect for you as it will help you explore some different ways of encouraging sean to try new foods linked to book a call to work with me and inquire about these programs and packages. You can book a call into my calendar. Link will be in the show. And just a little bit of news that won't be a podcast episode for this week that the weekend of twenty seven twenty eight bickers, I will be in Cornwall, and I was going to try and get something out for you by then. Realistically is not going to happen to the next episode will be the following week at however if you have been in if you're running behind on podcast episodes, and you haven't tuned into, say the probiotics, one or any of the episodes, the interview with the psychologist on Fuzzy, eating a loads on managing a dairy, Free Diet, or suspected cosmic allergy, and of course on managing plant based nutrition to go back into the archives, and maybe this is a good unity. Flee to catch up on some of the ODA podcast episode. Thanks again for tuning in. The next episode.

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