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Herc Gomez on Chicharito, FCC GM Gerard Nijkamp on Pereiro rumors, Pablo Maurer on DPs in DC, and more


You're listening to extra time driven by continental goodness Bobby Warsaw. Tell me how I get it because they feel also like to have some more Darby's absolutely ridiculous like like it's a luck everybody we're here. Every day goes into the laboratory trying to cook Green Swab. Welcome everybody can after time driven by continental from the AT and T. Studios in New York. City I'm David evade gas and I am joined by well. No one onset really. But I'm never alone when I'm with you. Our listeners are fans. Thank you so much for being here. We've got a huge show coming up. Andrew Abe's out in La. He's GonNa talk a little teacher retail with former. US National Team Player and former league golden boot winner. Hercules Gomez says he also sat down with Marco Santos to talk about twenty twenty coming up four Vancouver off the back of a record signing and Lucas Castellini and a little fun with the Australian winger from New York Red Bulls Danny Royer talk trash about talking trash with Andrew Abby. Who can't really talk trash now? You notice I am by myself. which she's okay? I don't mind I like a little bit of arm space and honestly I didn't even wear dealer today and makes it easier for me anyway. Andrews Away Kaelin car. I think he's either. You're in Paris or Beijing or Melbourne. Because with him you never know but it's always something glorious. Toil cannot walk right now so he cannot come into the studio studio. He has no feet or something like that. Whether he's the armchair analyst or the wheelchair analyst he's always the number one analysts in our hearts. You can hit him up on twitter because even if he's in a coma homa he will be on twitter. That's where he lives and by myself but there's so much going on in am alas that was easy to pack this show in. We've got Pablo Mauer our coming up. He's GonNa talk about Edson floors a record signing four DC united. Not The general manager Jared Nine camp of FC Cincinnati coming on as well. They've they've already made a record signing a designated player and you Kubo but he says these are huge forty-eight hours there could be a second record broken for them in these forty eight it hours if they are able to bring in Gaston Pereira and he says it's on the verge we'll see if it happens or not. We'll talk to him in a little bit but that goes into the larger theme theme about Major League Soccer. I'm a hit you with the little knowledge and then we'll get into the interviews. Let's start with this. There are two thousand sixteen twenty twenty two of them are expansion teams in Nashville and Inter Miami. So of the twenty four teams left. Fifteen of them have set transfer records in the last twelve months on a single player. And it's not just plus the old schools on re Beckham Lothar Matthias. Let's bring in big names. Who are the ends of their career and who will be on a poster and get people into the stadium now? This is different. All fifteen of those players are under the age of thirty. This is in their prime guys. Who are here to win whore here to change the records? NMLS and it's not just the big clubs it's not just Atlanta and Toronto. FC It's everyone it's Columbus and Lucas Zeller on its DC united it's potentially intially Colorado it's FC Cincinnati it is the reality in MLS. Now you need to spend to compete. You need to spend to win and these guys coming in have have raised the bar of the quality in this league so level. We've never seen before and weakened weak out. It's another rumor and another record being broken. It's been impressive to watch in major league soccer and it's going to continue to be impressive to watch one guy who wouldn't even break a record. It sounds like with his feet because of the numbers have gone in. MLS His teacher feature retail but he would change hearts and minds around this country and the region about this league. Let's go out to L. A.. And Andrew we sat down there Gomez a little bit more about teacher. Rita ten minutes is a lot of current players Tim. Minutes former player. Hercules Gomez on HR wavelength now on the other side breath. Mom and just a couple of years now on. ESPN doing his thing late night we see on ESPN AFC as well and of course on twitter. Yeah how's this. How's this life for you? It's good. How's Kelly Tweeden? I mean it's a little chilly but brought the weather. Yeah I'm a little cold plan you. Can you see explaining to people if they they're not watching what we're looking at right now. Beautiful beautiful downtown town. La Right Through Bank of California stadium. We have so many interviews coming up from this site over the next couple of months. Let's Chito they did it on the last shot I give them opportunity. I think it's time for both. She should molested. Make this thing happen. And then today after a felt like it was basically done and dusted the report. Start leaking out Roger Argentina's says of CBS might be some blips and then Jeff Carlisle confirms. I hear you spoke to Jeff. You think about this little quote unquote bumping up to a a lot of people and listen. Jeff told me no more than he told you guys tell me the same thing Reports of other outlets. I cannot comment on. I don't know. Oh they're sources. I can't tell you my sources and my sources yesterday told me a few things that the deal was close to all be done. That was missing was a few minor details and the signature that she would not be announced yesterday. Like I told you guys yesterday that he may not even be announced. Today it could be next week and that's just don't would not make more than slot done Ibrahimovic usually things I do know. I come to find out this morning that there was an a planned announcement that would have been made today this morning. Here we are pass this morning. No announcement that is all. I know things advanced very quickly when you're negotiating. I've been on the other part of this. I've negotiated with with an agent so as a player you sit and wait. And then I've been my own agent and things change very very quickly what I do know about this. Vs Situation Is Julian. Lopez coach said Luke. The John is my nine trajectory. Now is my two. I need to bring in another forward for depth. If that Ford it comes in to Jedi three so teddy all but given the green light to leave the signing Sylvia of an e forward was less S. than twenty four hours ago so that is still fresh. He has the green. I don't know what is holding this up. I still suspect it'll get done. Who knows if it's on the back back in him? Negotiating more percentage on image rights because if it is a lower salary let's just say it's a five million dollars. Let's it's just it's just for the data that's being thrown for argument's sake. Five million dollars in California is now five million dollars in the rest of the world. Net versus is gross. And you're talking about maybe two point. Six two point seven million dollars that Sogeti took command easily in Mexico so I think he knows knows this and if I were to Jedi and his people I'd say I'm worth a hell of a lot more to you off the field but maybe on the field and if that's the case I want some with this guy too so maybe that's to hold up is a negotiation on the back end up image rights. I would suspect I don't know I don't pay those dollars to figure that out to be in the agent side out of the table but right now there is no deal done. Doesn't mean it won't be done but at as of this moment Notre Jerry do. What's it gets done? Let's just again for the sake of argument. This deal gets done sometime. We're talking about him in a uniform. What are you going to mean to this city which you now call your own? Yes to this league to this club. What will it mean? What sort of impact? We'll have ruled rank in the all-time molest signings for you. ooh It would have to be third Beckham Beckham Slot on and I put slots over. Just because of the cultural impact is not going to go on late nights. It may go on late nights. And you know the land circuits. But he's not going to be on Jimmy Kimmel. You know he's not going to be you know Bruin it up with with some Hollywood stars skits it's skits EPA thing. He may not have a role in Hollywood like slot on after this so slot that had a cultural significance in everybody around the world regardless of your nationality analogy no slot one and slot don honestly if we could say if it wasn't for accused or messy many would have called probably the best on the planet easily. She she does not in that ballpark. But you're here on this side of the hemisphere here in this market Los Angeles blow slot out of the water and listen to what I'm saying. The market here in California which studied bill is greater greater significance than any other players. Besides David Beckham David. BECA throw me in any way as David Beckham and he's the most important signing the history of the League and he's before and after his party in the waters and you can't convince me and otherwise there would be no correct correct correct. She jetty dill. Is this as close as this gets and especially for Los Angeles Los Angeles Galaxy. I should say away in a market where they're playing second fiddle and this is a former galaxy player. That's telling you that they're playing second fiddle. Alejandro Moreno former former Galaxy. Striker will tell you the same thing I live in the city I worked downtown centrally located guerrilla marketing theme that they've done the not be with L.. AFC It's cool tip it's swag. It's a brand new thing. Look at the bells. Look at our stadium look at our players look at our best player in the league. It's working and there's been in a divide and slowly but surely this Elliott team has taken over. The galaxy needed this. They needed this on the field. Because he was gonNA replace this all tangles and he needed this off-the-field who's going to create that buzz cheeto. He's the most important signing for them. Obviously no question about it and he may be more important slot in a lot of factors so the goals this is a signing that I think has massive upside but I also wonder because Reto at the club level has not been everything everything to a club maybe cheese for a year before he was sold maybe by our levels in my question. Yeah when she jerry place place what happens. People Watch any. Usually scores. Goals usually score goals when she doesn't score goals because he's not getting on the field but you give consistent run a minutes. He's GonNa the score no worries about production none at all of course because because it's been since big shoes failing if if it was Giovanni the scientists that left engine comes in and say hey. Don't worry about the goals but slapped on seeking fifty plus goals with them in two seasons. How about this? And I'm I'm telling you right now. Nobody should compare cheetos Latin. It's unfair to Latin. It's unfair for it's going to happen is going to happen. Because they're going to say how come slapped don at thirty seven thirty eight years old. was doing this with a bum knee. Because he's a freak. He's an alien jetty. Can't do this at thirty one. I agree with you but that's not what we were going to say. Here's a problem. I've never seen anybody in this league. And quite frankly mostly around the world physically dominating opponent like slap them. You could literally just throw it up to him. Hats embody people. He controls it any which way he can and does something ridiculous does not add up a player. He's going to depend on service he's GonNa depend on the Galaxy team and this is where I have concerns for them because as a striker as a former striker I can tell you. It's a hell of a lot easier to score a goal when you're even or in the lead. If you're chasing the game down a goal you're not gonNA have tonnes operatives you're going to have many opportunities and it's not going to happen and she is GonNa Independent Service but if you're chasing the game that's going to be limited. You look at who he's got. I mean you've got one. You got job any corona. Where's the rest of the creativity Alexander Guitars now? Bad exotic shout here. So what do you think is this. Should it happen. Yield often Cheddar. Everybody back off the field. We have no doubt on the field will be check sucks. Will the galaxy be better with Charito and with a different sort of team with defensive. We assume they've already the Defensive Cape reinforcements. Will this be a better team with was was Latin absolutely absolutely because he played for slotting once Lonzo. Thousands of field in our galaxy were mass last year. They were a mess and slots was great but because they catered to slot play that way and yeah he got his goals but or the playoffs wins. You know they're right there. He made playoffs once. I think it'll be a better team. which though because I think he's a more coach player and listen? You could say what you want slot on his great. He's a legend. Please not necessarily the easiest he made to be around. He's not necessarily the easiest player to coach she. She said he is. And that's GonNa make you a better team yet. Nobody just finally bought team. We're GONNA say he's finally we're GONNA find and get to see what he can do. His Vision John's owns vision. Exactly what is her Gomez Vision. Tell us where you can find us. Aura enuma owning our which is now or never in Spanish. ESPN that brought this late. Ed Eleven o'clock Pacific every night Monday to Friday on F C grinding. I'm trying I'm calling games for the I call at this lovely venue at the home some of the Galaxy and Carson League anytime you need me. I'm here fall on twitter about. You've thanks so much to Andrew and hurt we'll have more from Andrew Be Coming up in just a little but from out in La Chichi retail could be a game changing signing in major league soccer but someone who is a game changing signing edson floors a record signing four DC the united already in this off season the Peruvian international coming over from League Max and who else to talk about it and who else to help me because right now I'm in an abandoned studio studio and no one knows abandoned places buildings better than staff writer for the Athletic Pablo our Pablo. What should I do just like taking pictures? Yeah which knows there. I could take some Some some tasteful portrait view. The Abedin Studio you know I don't know but But Yeah I feel your operating without safety and your yeah. Yeah well I like you so normally what do you do you just jump fences break in and then just start taking pictures. Because that's what I did today. A really pretty much sums up would do. It's the off season. No one's paying attention really. Let's get to the big news from in DC Edson Florida's of course coming over from Maria in Mexico. I mentioned the rumors about five million dollars on the transfer fee. Let's start big though because he has to replace Wayne Rooney weather on the field or off. The field of course Ruini a global superstar but flora's in his Prime Peruvian national team player a good year in league. Max Can he make the same type of impact for the United Really. Is the question I you know. It's I thought a lot about after serving the past couple of days as far as as far as replacing. Rooney's impact on the field. I think the team is probably more leaning on tomorrow to do that and You know I think he can He can probably pick up ceremony that slack. You know he's a proven. Obviously I'm less goalscorer. I think obviously the almost more more important Ford topic here is what you touched on which is waiting Replacing Renews Uh off the field impact and hear me out here like I think I think in a lot ways of assigning. It has the potential to be a bigger for the club's long term health on the field off that then Wayne signing It has been t to me. It's like you said an exciting playmaker in the private career It's also a Peruvian International. And you know coming to a team that is let's be honest. Maybe like that Lee You know lack in its ability to connect with Hispanics. I'm this market which obviously you know there are tons of Central American South American Games and the DMV and DC Maryland. Virginia and to me you you know if they build off his fourth signing it has the potential to help them reconnect with that community there to help them of tremendously on the field. You know so I think it's pretty pretty brilliant. Move certainly certainly a better A better tactically on and off the field. Thanks pursuing a big name Euro Guy. What do you think went into this being the signing of the first one that they made was there a a slew of guys? You think that they were looking at and saying who works or was this. It's always the the laser focus for the guy to step up into this spot. I can tell you that there is on On four as since last summer I mean you know. It's been a while Actually Peruvian A few internationals but certainly they've they've been after for from don't obviously they also had Brian Lozano on their radar. It's a whole different thing. We can talk about it at some point He has been there for a while. Yeah that's not to say that that they had gotten Lozano at a lower price wouldn't have necessarily gone that direction on both players but but certainly Floors the player. That's been on the radar for you know at least six months. You mentioned the style that he brings give people who don't know him or people outside of the DC area who haven't lucked up you know what's going on what he's going to be like. Have you spoken to him as he talked at all about what coming to the club. The league this market is going to be like. Haven't haven't met the probably a personal yet. He's obviously pay creatives guy mostly played on the left's he's probably essentially in the right though I think obviously DC Fifty on the left wing. You know they're they're obviously maybe looking at it more as a replacement for Lucho You know as as sort of that attacking central playmaker role You know You know has great passing vision. He's also You know I sort of said this when when it was when it was originally connected the PS G.. And I thought he was gonNA leave. I would have or the number published that Basit appointment was diesel. Needs to replace that guy with a similar style of player and what I meant by that was actually that he's sort of passes the tests you know that he He has sort of quick but she In the flare sort of style that can appeal to even casual fans you know sort of like new. DC United are still sort of trying to bring gold. And I think Florida the great fit in that regard You know he's fun to watch. He's he's he's a smart player but also he's the type of player who who like Lens himself. Well well just to youtube compilations with terrible dub step music on them. You know So I think I think you know all signs right now that he's a great except obviously we'll have to see what happens. can be difficult for Latin American players occasionally in this league but but You know I think I think there's days I had uh-huh a lot of excitement especially for those compilations. We've been needing a little bit more of a heavy beat in our backgrounds in major league soccer. You mentioned what are the other names who who could link up with Flora's and make some amazing moments that would be Brian Lassana. Currently twenty five year old Uruguay at Santos Laguna has played for them already. This season acts extended his his contract. Is there still some potential that he could be coming to DC. I mean theoretically but you know you have to think the price tag on Lozano. There was it it was remembered that L.. AFC were willing to to pay twelve MIL- to play in that Sensors turn that down. I don't really know how sure that is the discovery rights. I think that That you know he would come to this league for less than probably nine ten a million and a salary that would be comparable so you know. DC is paying for as you know between two and three million dollars a year. And I just can't see these united making a totally contracts up thirty million dollar Investment in one window They can't be blamed for doing that. So now I think that one honestly is probably dead in the water But you know it's the players twenty is still has a huge upside. Lots of 'em lost teams are interested in Miami Portland apparently person interests so. I think there's probably a good chance that we haven't seen the last of Of The was honored to mls rumors and obviously sentences perspective. They ain't them on a four year a deal but they're they're protecting our investment. You know so i. I don't think that club necessarily intense to them on. So we'll see what happens so whether he he comes to DC or not the fact that in that conversation the fact that they close on Flores. Is this a different error for DC united or is this just a rooney was a big piece. He's a one off replacement for that to try and get back to the level. They weren't always I don't think DC is ever going to be in the sort the top three or four as far as Rosser. Spend this leak. They just don't have the resources that you know the United Because I do think though that they're reality. Reality has changed so I think they you know they're the ownership of the club. The Front Office in the club is is probably pretty aware of that. I think they understand. That fans have higher expectations petition. I also understand. Probably the the you know the market here fan. Wise is our smart savvy fans of his so they watch a I'm trying to soccer beat. MLS or anything else. So I think I think there is an understanding that many fans And this area especially Hispanic just WANNA see quality players. You know so a lot of people finding like floor is is You know just an exciting as the really signing You know I think you know. Let's be honest you're like wait really with. Maybe a little passes prime but as far as I'm concerned is like a top five player name unwise and there's just not as far as appealing to casual fans in the United States. We're not die. Hard soccer people literally just messy Rinaldo blots on probably and Rooney You know those those would be like the players that they know immediately right so Wayne and that way is replaceable. SORTA signing writing you can go out and sign Lucille. Lamotrek whatever moderates but it's it's not going to have that same sort of effect at the gate and if sure honestly like a lot of teams. DC INCLUDED I. Think they're looking at these DP awnings now from a more holistic sort of you if we are going to sign an older over Europe guy. It's GonNa take a lot of boxes and and you know very few players would would tech the amount of boxers that weighted Pablo. I'm here by myself but you're doing my job for me so I'm just gonNA leave now. You GotTa Talk Majd Show because you were the one who broke the rumor that he could be a potential signing in the summer. His contract is up so you could potentially get him for. Yeah no transfer fee to allows you to put a little bit more into the salary should people at all get excited about this or is it just fantasy. Well you never know I mean the the method ozone for example that put it out there and I think I reported on the fact that that in my view at least and have more to do with a shot that he he's opened a coffee shop at field right so we talked for a second Pablo on the side. About how random it is that a soccer star is opening a coffee shop at Audi. Feel like that alone made no sense. Yeah Yeah he's the first volume portfolio but on the other hand that's like that is an end and forget the united with a player So it's it's not disingenuous to say that you know I'm sure at some point When they were talking about you know French Press. They may talked about judge. Whatever I don't know like But that joke is not mind by the way remember. I think George W George crazy place. disclaimer anyway As far as goes. It's it's tough to tell. I mean I can definitely tell you that you know that. DC have been in touch with people. Multiple Times. They traveled traveled to meet has had a pretty serious conversations about You know so but at the same time and they had sort of boils down to How much money do you see are willing to spend on something like that? I mean it would be you know they could get him on a free but you have to say here. That he's a seven to ten million dollar player is a guy they just won two golden ball. Two years ago workshops You know best tournament two years ago. a guy who has sort of now being rotated taste in and out of the lineup and Madrid but at the same time when he plays yet still sort of sights set the world on fire. I actually think Madrid might not even be chicane. Eleven generally could easily. He's like bringing back some of the year you know so I think there's an element of fantasy to this but I also think that have had conversations with it's representations so you certainly can rule it out you know a lot of people say that about renting You know that he would never come less for example but but really obvious came on a free and a lot cheaper you know three or four million dollars or something like that so I don't know and it's like you mentioned it as interesting now. One thing really has done on united as they find themselves You know when when these rumors crops they make the international press very quickly you know when I reported the merge thing in which was monitoring thing I don't know why because you've been watching saying wrong for fifteen years excetera US oh. DC now does because of really have a sort of a reputation the way maybe the galaxy and other teams. You know people would credence in rumors like these because live team team name and who they've been attached to in the past. I think that's pretty unites new reality. It's exciting times right now. For DC united the future seems seems brighter fairly established group right now of course Ben Olsen coming back but one thing that is going away they have left. RFK for their games but now they have officially left after RFK completely as a club they will no longer we training or using it as an office. public Mr RFK. That's what we just decided to call you like twenty minutes ago so as our K.. Goes away as this ends. Give us what you'll think of or any specific stories any moment of your great times with the raccoons Well so certainly. They're out of the building. They're still gonNA use something for a couple more months the training fields which are like maybe HMO a mile down the street but they're no locker rooms. They're the team since moved out of the offices. So certainly they're done with the stadium itself You know I think I I always tell how people the first thing I think of is I moved to DC. And I want to say oh sex and I went to a championship game. There Ah Seventy upper predicts because there were thirty five thousand people there. They were playing a Salvadorian undoing team and the power went out like two or three times and very like in a lot of things. But I do remember I do remember you know I i. was raised by Spanish parents. I spent a lot of time. Span sends exposed to sort of that That soccer culture and obviously didn't exist in the US. Like we're up going to Nashville metros eight league games like one hundred fifty people bowl But my first game was that game and I remember sitting in the upper deck and looking down at the supporters section. which was Believe me when I sit back it was it was a little bit more Arizona so scary. You know it's like A wild thing and I thought to myself man this actually this this country and in the midst of thousands one you know before Portland before Seattle before all these teams under number less. That sort of You you know adopted this kind of modern supporters culture. You know that you see in a lot of teams now. It's existed back then Their average attendance was also among the highest day you know they had some of the best players obviously constantly so I essentially at RFK with With that you know maybe that like authentic Some of the only offensive soccer culture that existed that And then obviously I have my own like to write a book about about the past ten years of my life and that place and nearly getting injured by on things were getting sick things growing in a wall or a wildlife that I've seen that place or I mean it's just you know it's a special place man. Obviously for someone like me that is not an attachment to decrepit buildings This is both an exciting added. Oppressive time for me. We'll see what happens so I'm sure I'll be able to get get in there at some point the next six months to a year and hopefully took some kitchen photos and write something on the place. Well now expert I can come jump the wall with you but we are thankful you. Their health is safe. We're thankful making signings. But we're also excited for the future at Audi Field of course. RFK will always be hallowed ground in US soccer history problem them our staff writer at the athletic for everything on DC united. But so much more going on around world soccer. US Soccer and of course all the best empty buildings around the United States Pablo. Oh thanks for taking the time for should always appreciate having Pablo on and he started out that interview talking about its floors what that signing means to DC. And I agree with him. I think that this signing activates this fan base locally more than what Rooney did because while you wanNA bring those casuals he mentioned the history at Rfk the culture of DC united and it was a South American Central American base culture. Edson floors the guy who started in the World Cup for Peru. He will start in Copa America this summer again and for Peruvian national team. That's basically setting. Records is one of their all time. Great groups so you bring that entire fan base and then you bring in fans who know who that player is who watch him consistently who want to come see him. As Pablo said passes the eye test you add him to the pieces. They've already brought in in your meal. Assad returning and Ola Kamara who they brought in the end of last year and I think when you look at what they got last year from Lucho Costa who really was just out of it didn't really WANNA be a part of the group six goals two assists but didn't work hard. It wasn't involved. Lucas Rodriguez struggle to settle and then Rooney in and out of the lineup. At times I think when you take the combination of Flora's Assad Kamara alongside aside Paul Ariola how they fit together. How they're going to work for the team? How there may be going to fit better into what Ben Olsen wants? Edson Flora's an attacking player. who works really hard defensively assembly? We already know what you meal Assad can do in this league and Camara can score goals. I think this is a DC team that when you take those new pieces and you combine them. I think that they look better going forward than they were last year. So it's a team. That has almost all their their starters returning on the defensive side. They've got their central midfield settled. And of course Bill Hamid a club. Legend edging back in goal. FULL-TIME I think a better place right now than they were about six months ago and if they can make another huge signing a Lozano Amodu it would take them over the top as as an analyst Cup contender going forward so exciting times in DC also exciting times in Cincinnati of course year. One wasn't ideal wasn't what they wanted but they've already made one big doc designated player signing and we hope a couple more to combat to talk to us about that is their general manager. Gerard Nine Camp Gerard. Thanks for coming on hello good afternoon. Thank you so much for joining us. Let's start with the big news. You guys brought in a designated player to start out this transfer Window UA Kubo from Japan. How did the connection start? Why was he the right signing for this team already or a few in years in Europe He's starting young bars after goes a long periods in Nuremberg and In my time it was sporting director in textual. We had a friendly in In Belgium on the training facility of Offense and there he was playing. And Yeah someplace you keeping your mind And was one of them. And if you preparing the roster for twenty twenty not And you need and and profile like you Of course there are more Possibilities but yeah we will. Oh come in contact with management of you know And from there on it's now our second designated player in action for fans out there who maybe haven't seen him from watching him on tape. He's played as a second forward. He's played on the wing. He's played as a target man. So how do you expect him to be used this cheer and one is it about him that you were so attracted to ask for responsibility of our head coach. Of course I will not so our head coach where I think he has to play but He can play on the fourth of positions for positions up from On the wing Offensive Midfield but he can also play as as a nine he's an first atoll Offensive player comfortable on the ball who think carrying with the ball Always good fishing around him yeah so A player we like also in the way we want to play applications game Dynamic suffer in especially when we'll stay at home in Nipper so yeah. I think it's a very good fit for For our for you coming into the club in the middle of the season season. How do you worked on what the club already has in existence in what you want to build going forward to bring in a big signing to sort of normally it's to build around but you already had sixteen contracts in place so have you worked on you know how to spend big ads this roster first of all of course to stop the study study about the rules in the MLS And to create a team around me with people who have a good understanding understanding about soccer in in in the United States To a for the current roster gives me and also Rome I brought in You made your July to observe analysis the current roster and to see he Who the players were? We want to continue twenty twenty and also the players we we did want to continue. So that's that's that's the job we are doing now. We are in the middle of the process We want to add some more place. But of course there's also for someplace has no future in In in the club. And that's that's normal because our head coach and the coaching staff cannot train. This route. Thirty players on the pitch in Tucson on we go next week we've mentioned of course you and the designated player signing you still have one spot open. There's been heavy rumors in the media that you are approaching approaching a number ten potentially dense even one from Holland in gasoline. Pereira a Uruguayan number ten can you give fans update on. What the progress is there? Yeah I think that's no not not so Many news On on the on this player What I guess they also about other college of of you We have an agreement with these fee about the transfer fee terms And and now we are a silly negotiation with management of a custom Pereiro to find Also Fremont the reports And hopefully We can They eloped women in the next forty eight to forty eight hours here in an exciting time. Line exciting time of course four FC Cincinnati whether that move happens or not how much more work should fans expect to be done on this roster going into the twenty twenty season. Yeah of course. Oh we are looking for for more other players and and also if in this forty eight hours Coastal we'll know. Join the club and of course we have also plenty and plenty Because there are more good place in the world's the markets so But if we will get that signing wing than we are also looking for another nine who can play together with Ben Fuskus and Rozan daily In the in the ninth and if we can find includes Player for the right wing position we will also very Ah folks that so fans should expect whether it's Pereira someone else. There will be a ten brought in this window heading into the season. Yes correct and you mentioned those attacking pieces to add defensively. You did a lot of work early on you. Brought in Gutman and of course at the end of last year as well. Do you feel real strong about the way. This team ended much better the last month and a half defensively going into two thousand twenty I think so and I also hope so but execution day is the first of March when I mention In New York against the red bull but How we are we prepare? How a a design The roster we are feeling comfortable with Defensive Fox competition recreates the on on on these positions and in the way we want to play next season I think we We have some good great added value spots on more time Execution Day will be starting from the first of March when you look at this club and what you're working on and what you're building out. What do maybe maybe something that people don't know from the outside that's going on that you're excited about inside of FC Cincinnati? ooh That's a good question but also also in a difficult question to answer but what's directly popping up is The great culture. I think we have here in this club love. Everyone is feeling alliance from only ships. Still the people Who selling tickets for for diseases for never And everyone in between and I think that's that's an big strength to to Yeah go for goals we have this season And and helping us to build the city and this club the next one of the guys who's major part of that. And you've mentioned already Ron Yawns head manager who you brought in last year use the term interim before you hired him and then Kinda step back from that. Can you give us. Maybe an idea of what the next year or two looks like from the management point of view what your plans are for. FC Cincinnati yes. I had a lot of uh questions to answering when I about that. Time about an interim situation was wrong because Wrong long actually nation of the situation for my side maybe that are coming from Holland. And I'm not very familiar with the English language but okay I'm learning for every day but Rome from the first time I was I and of course With every position you take in in a club or organization go to find out if that is a good fit if everyone else on board and you don't want making the connection directly for three years or four years so you start somewhere where But we are very convinced that Rome is the right guy on the Iraq mission and helping us to build the clock Again to the next stage stage and make the roster bet you mentioned your background. Of course you're from Holland you've worked in the Middle East as well. We've seen in this off season in major. The league soccer a lot of movement between Central and South American players coming in two major league soccer. Your work has been a lot of players coming over from Europe. Do you believe leave that there is a market where you can have a top level competitive. MLS team where the bulk of your players are coming between Europe and major league soccer or you looking maybe to expand more in terms of scouting and signings throughout Central America show. Soccer is universal in in many ways so First of all we want we'll have a good player and if the players coming from Japan or the players coming from From the Netherlands or from Uruguay. It doesn't matter It's it's about quality on the technical side and on the mental side on the fitness side. So that means We are looking everywhere and now we sign in a player from Japan who was playing in Europe. Yes Maybe we will sign a player. WHO's playing last couple of years? And then I learned what's coming from your requires South America and maybe the next the other signing will come from this beautiful country The United States of America But it's all about quality and not about Net United one of your backgrounds especially in Holland in the Middle East was Youth Development Academy some the best in the world of course in Holland. That's a big part of what's going on in the United States only been there a short time but how do you feel about the setup that FC Cincinnati has in potentially she bringing local players and and your ideas. And how to help guys like Frankie. My Andrew Graffman improves at just a dream for for this club. who makes the debut for first homegrown player As soon as possible. But we know also that we that our academy he's a startup and it needs time to build and to improve To add also teams says so for twenty one we will add them the If we're twenty sorry but for the second part of the season we will adults an- on the nineteenth so to close the gap a little bit with With the first team and academy but but it is very important if you have a young players in early H in your development programs programs. You can How them to grow go through the way what is needed to become a professional player and More more time yes. Take your homegrown players in your first team. attached aligns with the region And I think that's very important also for our oh she forces Who Will Joining Games? she's one of the parts of the youth development structure that's been successful for some teams as a US sell team reserve reserve group that they play their league championship whereas FC Cincinnati at in terms of potentially doing that themselves to make a decision on. That's good question I'm convinced that also as she. Cincinnati needs a resurfacing. What we need an on the nine thousand nine hundred close to cast with an reserve team? We do even better But if that is waving a partnership with L. team or we do it by ourselves and and and we can maybe with in partnership with families to create enclosed Competition but we have also in the Netherlands. Sir that could be also very helpful to give display the opportunity to make the final step to dissociate jared nine CAM general real manager of FC Cincinnati. A big year coming up year two and major league soccer already. A couple of big signings done in this off season but it sounds like the next few hours are going to be very busy for for Mr Nine camp so Gerard thank you so much for taking the time to join us. We really appreciate it. You're welcome thank you. Thank you so much. Have a great day. Good luck with everything. Thank you to jared nine camp for coming on apologize again for asking questions about his term of the US interim I am very sorry for that but one thing that was interesting that he'd said or did not say was in mentioning that strikeforce the attack he didn't mention Darren mattocks name. And he didn't mentioned mentioned Fernando Ati and we didn't ask him about Audie but of course audie was the first ever designated player and FC Cincinnati. History was not a good year last year. Struggled to score in. The end wasn't even a part of the team. We don't expect him to even be on the roster going in to the twenty twenty season but that is something that they still have to deal with the we interesting interesting to see what happens with Maddox as well as promised Andrew Arabi still in La just lapping up the sunshine. While I'm here suffering by myself in a cavernous studio alone own in New York. He sat down with Marc Dos. Santos what is the future for Vancouver a lot of promise going into last year not a ton of results in the end and he also sat down with Daniel Royer to talk a little trash. Talk to Royer but about how you do it in major league soccer so more from La back out to Andrew All right ten minutes with Marta Santos head coach of the Vancouver whitecaps mark. We did this last year and we talked about rebuilding a club and culture. I think if the math is right I I think seven of the off season signings from last year no longer with the club so I wonder what you define this moment in time for the whitecaps as I think it's a very exciting moment I I'm very positive about it You know I'm I know. Clearly what's happening in the inside of the club and and not only with the addition of someone like axel or or even mark and last year was necessary if we want to get to where we want to get one they And it was a year that you know we add to to struggle our software little bit more but trying to to keep still things in perspective so you know we lost sixteen games like San Jose like Colorado Galaxy lost fifteen HOUSTON LAS eighteen. Problem is we had a lot of Thais Nice we. The team would more ties in the West so we evaluated all of that but then we also saw some need some things that were good than some some that are crucial. NEEDS IF WE WANNA follow what's going on in the MLS okay. It's been said that we're not going to be the team that spends sounds like la FC or the Galaxy Atlanta. That's enough not to speak about always spending like others. I think the League are people around the League. We spend spend too much time talking about spending us. We have to focus on what we WANNA be as a club And were excited about not only the humility of our ownership also recognizing what was needed for us to become better The moves were doing some that are official sial and others that are not that are very exciting. And I'm looking forward to had we do those announcements We were able were able to due to build the foundations of a culture and a structure Last year when we went to preseason and they won we brought. I think fourteen players from the academy this year. Not because we have a lot of the roster together so all those things are going to make us grow as a team. And that's what we want you talk about those changes new executives and axel new. CEO as well. What are the things you you use the word humility? What are the things that the club looked back and said not quite working right there? This is a whole half to be filled. This needs new leadership. This needs a new perspective perspective. What was missing from day one? You know if you're the one that when I arrived we we look at what was the needs. Where do we need needs to become stronger? What do we need to do? And if you're low were if you're in the lower base of spending in salaries well you need to make sure that you're scouting department is the best in the league right. If you don't don't spend as much as the others you have to be careful with that when what was happening is that are scouting department was very very raw in our spending was low and then that becomes more difficult than the recruiting side and then the fact that you change eighteen players. Because you want to go in another direction that you're not an expansion team you don't have expansion traff you. All live that makes the allocation money. They have no so all of that made it difficult to build the team with the the characteristics that you want can't but we knew that with two or three windows we would be in a position to grow a lot and that's what's going on right now What Axel is doing is is helping A lot with Greg on the soccer side we needed somebody more in the talker side and I think that allows us to grow a lot in the culture allows us to grow in building Scouting Department all areas that you need need to grow as a club in the effects of that has been very clear on our addressing the window our addressing becoming better and And it's there's a lot of clarity to their with saying the club still not what fans Ghezzi but WHO's working inside the club every day. It's very optimistic. We're where we're going when I look at the depth chart I see holes with every club every depth chart has holes right now where pretty UC holes today. The problem is you were if we would do this interview next week you you might have some day today day today in I hate. I don't want to specify position because then it creates all areas. Here's I William. Tell us that in the midfield there's area there's an area there that we need to to become better We need to become a little bit more dynamic more quality more options for sure Were still in the need of At least two attacking players you know to so say only cavaliers coming Ear Inn. We'd all dissolutions. It's not true you know and that that cast of okay. What was the the the other attacking pieces around him? It's important so did I would tell you. Those are the two biggest areas right now of concern concern and I also think that eventually in the medium long-term Wiegand need another centreback to to whelp. It's not a it's not an emergency now but looking at the dynamics of everything. I think it's GonNa be a narrative that we're going to look at eventually how does Lucas Carr's cavalier any change. What you're able to do as a coach? Look if you just go back to our last seven games mm sore. The team was or six games. Three wins two draws one loss. Our guy like toss ricketts just because because of his workload mentality helping the team press in the first line are much brought thus to become better. Well we wanted to get a player. That would be able to do that but also have more. I would say more success in the box. Lucas brings that Luca's proven everywhere that he could score. But there's there's there's something in his game his workload than is mentality and his commitment to what a team is that is very important for us. there's a play in the last game that we watched of Pueblo a Pueblo as up three nothing in a game that is over at the ninety second minute. Lucas scored the one and this and that game in assisted to and there's a play where the team loses possession and nee- sprints all the way to is to tackle an opponent when the game was done in a sign of commitment to the team regardless. If you were the best player that night or the time in the clock and we need more of that I think the game is evolving so much the intensity intensity level not only in Europe used you side with the Libertadores Final Revert Flamingo. So much intensity more and more in the game ah for for us it. It's non-negotiable players arriving at the club. It needs to be players with at very level of intensity in their game. We have one in your question for you and some of our listeners. Probably don't know the INS and outs as you do of course of Vancouver whitecaps and where you're going. What are reasonable expectations for the Vancouver whitecaps? This year we WANNA see grote and I'll give you a clear example San Jose then make the playoffs last year but we saw growth We want to see growth where we believe. There's going to be a lot of growth where that's going to bring us. We don't know for me to it'll be another co-chair that's gonNa tell you make the playoffs. Everybody says that some say MLS Cup but another goal that we have is Is Reaching Canadian Championship final. And hopefully win. We believe. That's something that is realistic for us to the Marco Santos Project Hoover. Thanks for chatting country very much much. Thank you very much all right. Ten minutes Daniel Royer of the New York Red Bulls and then he wrote a bird told me that you are a talker. You're on the field to your opponents. Maybe not all the time but certainly to one Anton tender home of NYC AFC. Is that true or false. It's a big pause more false than true okay. which part is true That we were talking trash field but Donna in general I'm not a trash around field. I'm pretty quiet actually More talking to my teammates than the opponents but there was a One particular game where he started talking trash so of course a tough trash back and then the following games that we had Yeah it just carried on K.. Don that things happen that way. Yeah what's your what's your style. When you're confronted by Anton Tenor home the trash-talker what are you responding responding with? Sometimes I don't respond at all currents I just think it's funny What's he saying? That's funny I can't tell you that's fine. That's fine yes. Sometimes I have to throw something back at him but it's not too bad I it's just you know a little trash talk. It's not getting too aggressive or doesn't go over the line now. He doesn't. Did you ever play with sows Izzo. was He with the rebels while you were there. So sal dislikes in Taunton home a lot. Have you heard his podcast. BILLION SOW PODCASTS billion. I have I've heard some of them all of them so they have a running bit on that show where South talks about. How Anton ten home is the most annoying player in major league? Soccer is trustworthy guy. Should we trust sows opinion of other people has he does he. Personalities pegged in this case. I mean I always trust yeah all right well. Let's just talk about the past. We'll let that go then. New York Derby have experienced him home woke hello tender home mortgages the Darby Darby are our greatest games I think especially for the fans. It's there's more pressure there's more excitement. And that's what talkers about you want to win the Derby. You want to be the team in in New York. Number One and games can get aggressive. I think it was never too bad. There's also trash talking but games are heated. An in those are games and I experienced that in Australia's indifferent Arby's that's always nice so this off season has been a quiet one for a lot of teams the rebels included. When you're looking at the goals that you have collectively personally? Does it surprise you that that more players haven't been brought in yet or do you try to keep yourself separate from that side of the business I mean the transfer period is not over yet spam. So I don't I don't know how to squad will look like at the beginning of the season but obviously I hope that we we put out a squad there. It's really able to compete. What's the difference between Jesse in Chris? I think there is a lot of similarities and they're very communicative. They always try to connect with the players. Talk to the players. Want to make players feel comfortable on enough to field obviously following the same style of play same philosophy like all the other ripple teams and and I mean that's how are you. I'm asking you because I watched the way you guys play. And I can't imagine the level of committee takes not on the field though that that is true but in the Times you're not actually playing to build up to that level like right now not right now just in general like when the season comes what is that a level that you were out in the past or is this a different sort of fitness than you've ever experienced before. It's a different sort of fitness. I think with the pressing system. It's just so unique and just different to all the other teams that I've played and and you know right now enough season you're trying to get back in shape day by day and a little slower but then when preseason starts you got to turn it on and then to be ready for the first game in March but audits. How's it different? Is it ability to have multiple births. Ah Game in short periods. How do you train it? How do you get yourself up to a point where you can actually be effective in that system? I mean you have to be mentally as well because you always always have to be in it and everybody has to press same time be on the same page all the time. But it's also you know about inner intervals yum that you have a lot of sprints in the game and be connected with the game with team all the time defend all the time and you can never like really turn off you can cheat. And it's that's that's where I think it's a different kind of fitness. Pretty difficult to explain for me in English but in some ways it sounds like maybe more mental than physical. The physical is important. But you can't get there without that that mental side. That's right all right. The Different Muss Man. That's ten minutes then. He will watch next time. You and Anton thanks appreciate it Andrews having in a blast out in La. We're going to have more media marketing. His sit down with players and coaches coming up on Monday. A special episode on Martin Luther King Junior Day when we won't be in the studio once again but plenty of content and while it is preseason the games have finally started NYC. Losing Two Corinthians in the Florida Cup yesterday so the Games are coming. Don't worry every team about to get together about to meet and one other game that did go down a little bit quietly. Was the Canadian national team playing no not in a friendly but a game against Iceland out in California and they fell one zero to Iceland and that is a huge result for Canada. WHO's trying to get the coefficient right to get into the heck says the sixth and final team? That'll be decided next. June through the world standings they are chasing El Salvador on on points. That was a big result. Go against candidate could be a tough road for them but the reality of it always was they were going to have to win tough games. There were going to have to win games. They haven't won in the past John. Herdman has talked about games against big rivals games against teams in the region. That Canada hasn't been able to get the results in over the last twenty five odd years. That doesn't change either way. It'll be interesting to see how that goes down. So we'll be back on Monday with all of those interviews from media marketing for myself.

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