Day 1,362: Biden blasts 'reckless' Trump as president holds another packed rally


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Your rate only takes a few minutes that's dot com slash NBC News. And good evening once again, day thirteen, hundred, sixty, two of the trump administration leaving twenty two days until election day and the US is now on track to hit eight million coronavirus infections by the middle of this week over two hundred, sixteen thousand Americans have now died in this still raging pandemic put another way this as yet uncontrolled virus has already killed one of every sixteen hundred Americans people who were here at the start of the year gone today yet. Tonight, Donald, trump claiming immunity, not surprisingly claiming great personal strength went back out on the road for a rally in Florida feared by medical professionals to be yet another super spreader event in the making he's through masks out to the crowd but didn't advocate wearing them many seated behind him where cameras could see his speech were wearing masks. Many others in the crowd were not and were crammed together. Here's what they heard from their president about his so far amazing recovery. The nice part I went through it. Now they say immune I can feel I feel. So powerful, I'll walk into that. Walk in there on juice everyone in that audio. I'll kiss the guys in the beautiful women and them every mile. Just give you big factors. Now but there is something nice. I don't have to be locked up in my basement you gotta get out and it's risky. It's risky but you gotta get out. But. It does give you a good a good feeling when you can beat something and now they say your immune I. Don't know for how long some people say for life some people save for four months. That was trump's treatise on the deadly virus tonight, which is on the rise again across our country that trends are headed. The wrong way over thirty five states are now reporting rising infections. In fact, this weekend Missouri Montana North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma West Virginia all reported new single day hi records and a case of perfect timing. Just as the president was traveling to Florida tonight the White House physician released a letter saying quote regarding the president's most recent Cova, nine, hundred, nine tests I can share. With you that he has tested negative on consecutive days, he went on to say testing data quote informed our medical teams assessment that the president is not infectious to others. As you'll hear from one of our guest doctors have a lot of questions about that statement and they are right to have a lot of questions about that statement while trump is acting like he is no danger of those around him. One member of his task force warns the president is posing a serious danger to public health. Put aside all of the issues what political implications rally has and just put that aside and look at it purely in the context of public health. We know that that is asking for trouble when you do that the data speak for themselves happens and now is even more so a worse time to do that. The respected computer model we always quote from the folks at the University of Washington is now projecting nearly three, hundred, ninety, five, thousand, corona virus deaths in this country by February. The study also says, and this is important. Eighty thousand of those lives could be saved if more people wore masks during a campaign stop in Cincinnati Tonight Biden continued to hammer trump for his pandemic response. He knew. It was extremely dangerous. Extremely communicable disease. Airborne. But. Didn't tell anybody you told Bob Woodward. Didn't want to panic the American public. Americans don't panic. Trump panicked. Trump is the one who panic just reckless personal conduct. Meanwhile. Some of trump's staff and allies seem determined to follow the president's lead when it comes to health precautions today his chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Who has been at trump's side as he recovered from Corona virus had this exchange with reporters on Capitol Hill. Let me pull this away. And then. That way. I can take this to tie. While I'm more than ten feet away. Well. I'm not gonNA talk to. Remember please that that man works for you. Meadows was headed into the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Supreme. Court nominee federal judge Amy Coney Barrett Senator Mike Lee who attended the White House super spreader event and tested positive just eleven days ago took off his mask to speak this was day one of the Senate hearing for judge, Barrett the mood was contentious party differences as expected on full display. The Future of the affordable care act and so many other issues hanging in the balance just a few more days. We'll know what the American people have to say I do remain concern judge about some of the earlier attacks on your faith. Let me be clear judge as you know, there's no religious test to serve on the Supreme Court why because. The constitution says so I think this hearing is a sham. I, think it shows real messed up priorities from the Republican Party. This isn't Donald Trump's country. It is yours. This shouldn't be Donald Trump's judge it should be yours. We all watched. The hearings for justice cavenaugh. A freak. Show. It it looked like the. The CANTINA bar saying out of Star Wars these unfair. For. My colleagues to suggest. Some overtly some more indirectly. that. If you're put on the United States Supreme Court you will be on a mission from God. To deny healthcare coverage. For preexisting. Conditions by replacing Justice Ruth, Bader GINSBURG. With someone who will undo her legacy president trump is attempting to roll back. Americans rights for decades to come. After all that after the various senators opening statements, Judge Barrett explained how she would approach cases if confirmed. I also clerked for Justice Scalia. It was the content of Justice Scalia's reasoning that shaped me. His judicial philosophy was straightforward. A judge must apply the law as it is written not as she wishes, it were courts are not designed to solve every problem or right every wrong in our public life the public should not expect court to do so and courts should not try. Senators began actually questioning Judge Barrett tomorrow expect to hear about issues that will reverberate throughout the remaining twenty two days of this election, and beyond the US election project is now estimating over nine point eight million people have already voted early balloting now underway in forty three out of our fifty states. Early voting started today in Georgia where voters had to contend with technical issues to use the euphemism locally and criminally long lines to speak English. especially in the Atlanta area, we'll get a report from Georgia just ahead in this broadcast, but this voter who spoke to our NBC station in Atlanta. Explains why so many voters were willing to endure the way to cast a valid People just really rated to it doesn't matter how long it takes. We will stand in line to vote. So I think that's the most important part we're voting like life depends on. That's what it takes, what it takes, and here with our leadoff discussion on a Monday night as we start this new WORKWEEK, Robert Costa National Political reporter also with The Washington Post. He's moderator of Washington Week on PBS Sam Stein veteran journalist politics editor over at the daily Beast and Dr Newhaven is back with US infectious disease physician, medical director of the Special Pathogens Unit, Boston, university, School of medicine she worked with the Who Back, when we were a member nation during the bowl outbreak, she's among our medical contributors for good reason Mr Kosta liked to begin with you talk about the Perreault, the risk versus reward of the president who was in the hospital a week ago. Going back out on the road for these rallies entering Air Force One without a mask, no intention of de Politicizing mask wearing in the middle of an out of control pandemic. You just laid it all out there. Bryan. But the question is also the motivation here. Why is he doing that in based on my conversations with White House officials in President Trump's political advisors he seemed pauling publicly in privately that sees him down and you look at those images out of Georgia a deep red state today as early voting be gins and the Republicans across the board whether it Senator Cornyn, and Texas. Senator Graham on another network. Tonight expressing alarm about Democrats, fundraising his State South Carolina to the president being in Florida urging his core voters in that city and a throughout the whole state. He talked a lot about panhandle of Florida to to make sure those core Republicans come out. This is a Republican Party in President were very concerned that they may not just lose a White House, they could lose the Senate majority. Dr Padillia credibility is a tricky thing and it's just about everything in your line of work. You didn't have to be a board certified physician to watch the president's physician on television especially during his hospitalizations and have questions about was the doctor. Co opted by the patient why couldn't we know the answers to certain questions? So the timing was a tad suspicious today when the president was on route to his first public rally following his hospitalization after all and we were told Oh, yeah, he tested negative first of all doctor you believe the results. At eating Brian I when I looked at that letter, what it said to me was the president's still pc are positive because if he was negative the genetic tests that we used to see someone shutting a virus. They would have said so they would have said he's at two negative PR tests, which is part of the CDC clearance from public health `isolation for people who were severely ill unless they're indoors for twenty days, which is the other requirement the way the letter is craft. You know. So what it says is clearly his positive and what we're doing is what the White House medical team is doing is looking at the amount of virus in there saying the viruses very low but they're not telling us how that ours is they're using. More advanced technology, they're generally more used in research, and so we don't know how they correlate with widespread use in terms of getting sense of someone's infectiousness, which is the sub genomic are needed they're talking about but I think the thing that just is a farce to me is is by next the Antigen test that vote is the FDA itself says at the tests should not be used in those were more than seven days out of their illness because those up that test can it generally needs to be validated with a PR test is it could be negative as it's not as sensitive. So really the purpose that letter is less of a medical letter and more. Political letter that creates veneer of of you know. This is the reason where it was okay for the president to now leave public health isolation and go onto hosting these future. Super Spreader. Events. Where Edo other folks may be gathering without masks. So even if the evidence not bringing the virus to the party, there may be others who may continue to transmit this disease as we enter again, a second week of high hospitalizations, not just cases that hospitalizations from covid nineteen. Sam Stein. This is the world we're living in I'M GONNA play for you an ad that came out over the weekend and the response to it today, we'll discuss on the other side. President trump is recovering from the corona virus and so is America together. We rose to meet the challenge protecting our seniors, getting them lifesaving drugs in record time sparing no expense president trump tackled the virus head on as leaders should I can't imagine that anybody could be doing. Should the trump campaign take this ad down You know I think so jake, I think it's really unfortunate and really disappointing that they did that it's so clear that I'm not a political person and I have never either directly or indirectly endorsed the political candidate and to take completely out of context statement and put it in, which is obviously a political campaign had I. thought was really very disappointing. So Sam Stein. FAO Cheese Roll advising the White House and he's only the premier public health expert of his generation alive today he's been supplanted by a radiologist from California, is this just icing on the cake that he was a victim of creative editing You know it's this is the. To a long running attention buildup that's happened between not just Ouchi in the White House but basically, the scientific experts on the coronavirus task force ending administration in the White House We my colleague Aaron. Banco. got. Dr Fashion on the phone this afternoon to talk about that appearance he made meeting because he left the impression. That he he might actually you know leave the administration. If they kept that he told her absolutely not he's in or long haul This is a once in a century Z's that is culmination of the type of work he does and he's not gonna go to the sidelines but he did say that they were quote ineffective harassing me. which gets which is a remarkable statement to be made by the lead extra disease expert country basically begging the trump campaign, stop politicizing him and you know like I said, this does get to the tensions that exist people on the task force are fed up with the administration. The administration frankly is fed up to the task force which view as overly cautious here by in it's not exactly the most efficient or effective way. To manage pandemic from a political standpoint or a public health stamp that matter. Hey Dr One more question about the president he's proclaiming he's immune. who do you reckon told him that and what's the public health danger of him going around the country saying he's immune. Brand the first thing is we don't know how long. Lasts. From this disease amid. Just. Today, there was an official report of a twenty, five year old Nevada who got the disease ones in months later got sick again from the virus enough to get hospital as in there was an unofficial from Netherlands, someone who got reinfected CIGNA The second time around that you know that person died they were immuno-compromised still even in folks who don't have that we don't know and and for him to that, he can't know that because you know antibody. Test, which is sometimes used as a surrogate in perfect. We don't know if he'll say one way or the other of someone's immune at in the president as we certainly can't say that because he actually ended up getting or he got outta bodies from outside than. So when they tested him, of course, it was going to be positive levels. We're going to be high because those a circulating antibodies from the region product that he got the harm of this. Is once again, it is undermining a downplaying virus as we walk into the fall in potentially. See our worst nightmares of this. You know play out at we still have I don't know a single hospital that's not reusing using ninety five still were not ready for what the president's trying to bring upon this country and I'm scared about that. While that takes your breath away Robert Costa I must shift to politics give us a curtain raiser on the judge Barrett hearings and are there Republicans who look at this as their? Jima. Their last chance to make big change knowing that not all of them will be back and when they come back, they may be in the minority. They want focus on the the judge Barrett hearings Brian the president though and chief of staff, Mark Meadows, the White House that whole operation they're now trying to angle revive these stimulus negotiations to get a jolt to the economy, a jolt to the president's reelection campaign, but not a big appetite for that among. So many of these Senate Republicans are already nervous about their own re-election prospects to add money a big money spending deal on top of a judicial nomination. They think maybe a little bit too much could depress the conservative vote in their own states, but it's it's tricky right now for the Republicans because they've so prepare the. Democrats for their own strategy by saying, they're going to be on alert brandy kind of men shouldn't have judged Barrett's Roman. Catholic faith. The Democrats have abstained from that entire healthcare and stay abstain from the entire faith argument and focused instead on healthcare, and this is an argument. The Democrats used in two thousand eighteen in pay attention to the affordable care act pay attention to pre existing conditions and they won power. In Washington. They curbed president trump's own power in many respects started in two thousand nineteen, and now they're sticking to that healthcare playbook again and not taking the Republicans political in trying to have an extended dialogue about Catholicism? Sam Stein noting the traditional democratic slogan never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Some folks were surprised today that they were all following the same him no. And they they believe. Do they that this that obamacare is the way to go up against this potential justice? I look about you know a few weeks back Senate Democrats held a conference call right after the nomination of income you there. In the decision and the debate was essentially do throw everything at the wall Do you just make this a? You know frame it as a sham nation process maybe even boycott the hearings do whatever it takes or do you sort of. Focus on the impact that it could potentially have Ford character which. Is a case coming before the Supreme Court a week after election that could invalidate the entire law. It's clear which side of that argument one out it's the side that says we need to stay completely focus on healthcare and for the reasons that Bob was talking about this is a playbook that the used incredibly effectively in two thousand eighteen. The polling on Obamacare is immensely popular. To the point now where you see Republican lawmakers including Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell tonight basically dismissing the idea that the affordable characters endangered at all even though this lawsuit has been brought by multiple republican state, agee's even though the Department of Justice currently is a party to the Gatien, which would in effect end obamacare as we know it the now stance of the Republican majority leader is in fact, there's no way. Of Tracing that tells you the advocacy of the democratic argument right now in probably validates their decision to go. So unilaterally focused on this. In data does a big thanks to our big three on a Monday night to Robert Costa to Sam Stein doctrine the he'd be Delia as always. Thank you all three of you for starting off coming up for US eleven hours in line to vote in the state of Georgia. This first day of in-person early-voting does nothing to threaten Georgia's well-deserved repudiation for voter suppression. We'll get a live update in just a moment and later the president who may or may not be Cova negative holding rallies on the road bringing together a ton of unmasked people and were officially learning nothing in a pandemic. James. CARVILLE AB stoddard waiting in the wings to join us in a bit as the eleventh hour is just getting underway on this new Monday night. Hey I'm andy if you don't know me, it's probably because I'm not famous but I did start a men's grooming company called Harry's the idea for Harry's came out of a frustrating experience I had buying razor-blades most brands were overpriced over designed and out of touch at Harry's our approach is simple. Here's our secret. We make sharp durable blades and sell them at honest prices for as low as two dollars. Each we care about quality so much that we do some crazy things like buyer world-class German blade factory obsessing. Over every detail means we're confident and offering one hundred percent quality guarantee. 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Vote. Did you catch that eleven hours to vote in the United States of America let's use plain English and call it what it is voter suppression rather than doing everything possible to make voting as easy as possible. The state has allowed impediments in the way that's voter suppression. Georgia has a rich history of voter suppression. There are similar stories from across Georgia on this first day of in person. Early voting similar horror stories, similar long lines for more were happy to welcome to the broadcast. Hope Ford reporter with our NBC station in Atlanta W. A. and hope I am actually looking forward to hearing from you. I know the polling place behind you just closed and you've been there all afternoon and evening what on Earth to public officials say about eleven hour long lines to vote in George. Really the Georgia Secretary of State's office chocking everything up to historic interest in the election, and they're kind of leaving it at that as voter enthusiasm is the reason for the long lines. The office has not addressed any of the individual voter claims nor have they addressed any of the issues that happened at some of the precincts like mechanical issues instead, they're really just saying. Really excited to come out and vote today. and. What I'm just trying to get my arms around this in voter enthusiasm, you would think would translate to the secretary of state as a warning to redouble their efforts and do everything possible on the part of government to make voting accessible and fast. Are they still blaming like computer glitches which is kind of the the catchall voting delays. Will they haven't really addressed that at all they're not even touching any of the mechanical issues or voting issues. Surrounding any of those issues that were that were happening they're really just leaving it to saying over and over that voter excitement and it's voter enthusiasm and its historic interest with the amount of people that voted today. So not even addressing the mechanical issues or any of the issues that happened at any of the precinct because they varied from colocation to pull location depending on where you were the issues varied. So they're they're really not saying anything and as far as any solution for the future, they're just putting it back on the voters and saying, well, you have three more weeks too early vote remember you can vote. Can Do that absentee vote or you can go in person at the election. So there really are steering clear of addressing any of those issues. Hope forward, with our Atlanta Station W.. Eleven alive. Thank you very much and I, know after closing time you hung out to talk to us and I appreciate it coming up for us tonight the president through masks. Crowd tonight though he won't promote wearing them even though doing so could save upwards of eighty thousand lives. James Carville AB starter standing by to talk with us. By Terminator, recovering delay the vaccine, prolong the pandemic and annihilate Florida's economy with the TACONA unscientific lockdown. That's what he wants to do. Lock it down. Marquette down everybody the lockdowns are doing tremendous damage to the Democrat run states where they're locked lockdown sealed up. Right. said it right at the beginning, the cure cannot be worse than the problem itself. The president taking time during his first campaign events since contracting the virus to downplay the virus during his own campaign event at Ohio today, Biden took trump to task once again for his handling of all this. Ask Yourself. Why didn't he tell us? Why did he warned us? He said nothing. He told Woodward didn't WanNA panic the people. That's why said nothing longer donald trump is president. More recklessly seized again. With US tonight James Carville, the veteran democratic strategist rose to national fame with the Clinton presidential campaign currently Co host to the twenty twenty politics war room podcast and Ab stoddard associate editor and columnist with realclearpolitics good evening, and welcome to you both a I'd like to begin with you president gets points for. Consistency. He was a denier from the start tonight he said. It's ninety percent better than it was. It's not that's false. This might seem reckless. He's out of the hospital to suburban voters looking on it might seem reckless. What he's doing now is this just. A warm bath of adulation base rallies to make the candidate feel better. That's a very good question. Brian I think that the steroids that have been making him feel better might actually be ending in a few days and this scheduled he's put himself on where he is going to rub in to the voters. He needs to sway the fact that he remains a mask denier he remains a public health. Denier and that he has not accepted the fact that the seniors who voted helped, vote him into office in two thousand sixteen who care for their health and WANNA see their grandchildren and hear him say things like he did tonight like we just WanNa get back to normal. Have, decided, they can't take another for years of this. Let alone the next three weeks because he has been so reckless he it does not occur to him. The only thing you can tell that's driving the president is the urge for TV show like Superman t-shirt lands. And projecting strength. So getting up in front of these crowds saying he's GonNa go out every single night on the road between now and November third, and he's going to whatever his. Doctor says whatever cliff notes they try to the media. He is going to get up there and say things like I feel. So powerful come into the audience and kiss all the men and women that is more important to him to project strength and to. Accept the fact that people Ek Seniors who've been told by trump through his denial dismissing the virus that they're expendable. Are Not GonNa vote for him in the fall and could help him lose reelection. James I want to take a half step back to our previous segment and talk about voter suppression As I said, eleven hours to vote in the state of Georgia is straight up voter suppression that's a state. That does not care to make voting easier for its citizens. There's also more insidious forms someone I was on a telephone call bank tonight talking to an African American voter, four Biden in the state of Texas, and he expressed his fear he had heard ballots for Biden and trump folks might come to your house and do damage. Now, all that takes his one caller to talk radio just to float the germ of that out in an already scared to death society. That's the insidious part Georgia at least as open about it. What do you do about voter suppression? One thing that voter suppression does is you know it's very big in an african-american yesterday right to vote on John Lewis Selma to Gumri. When you try to stop even voting on a wait in line before and half hours in Bryant Georgia Acne Biden is going to carry Georgia in just GonNa go from state to state it is not even GonNa. Stop in pause to be swing state and of the thing to Republicans have to be very aware. Excellent, chance that the Georgia House. The State House turns democratic. And beat people in Georgia or not happy in when you tell them, they can't vote you make it more difficult for them to vote. It makes them all that more gives me more incentive to boat and people seeing this around the country in African American people are saying. Around the country and they don't like it and they're going to do something about it. I promise you and that's what you see in Georgia people waiting in line four and a half hours. It, they're going to continue to do that I don't have any doubt about that. Then trump is gonNA talk about hike wants to jail President Obama. He is really trying to lose this race in Georgia. He's trying to beat Lindsey Graham and South Carolina does that's not going to go very well with. Outrun Eugene Robinson's people in Orangeburg south. Carolina did not like that not at all not at all. I'm going to ask both of our guests to stand by. WE'RE GONNA fit in a break James and AB will join us on the other side and coming up as determined voters spend hours and line four hours how we've heard tonight of eleven and twelve hours in line a related topic perhaps as Republican hopes are sinking in a number of battleground states and a number of down ballot races exactly what Mr Carville was talking about. Are you proud. Of your support for president trump. I'm proud that I'm fighting for Arizona's question was are you proud of your support for president trump? I'm proud to be fighting for Arizona every single day. Renault for President. On. President trump says, are you proud of your support for Donald Trump I'm proud of the work that we have done together That, going around right now. Republicans in several hotly contested Senate races appear to be suffering as the president's poll numbers keep dropping. It works down ballot as well latest, new. York. Times poll battlegrounds of Wisconsin and Michigan Showing Biden leading by eight and ten percent respectively still with US James. CARVILLE and a B STODDARD AB is this the Jeff Flake tried to do this using only facial muscles. Problem is he was still a dependable vote for trump at the end of the day. Is this the start of the great migration? Is this going to be like a family trip to Africa and watched the walk back? Is Ben Sasse going to say you know the name trump just isn't ringing a Bell Is that what we're about to see? Well it's really different for those incumbents who are about to lose reelection with the exception of South Carolina and Kansas an Alaska where Republicans are now trying to spend money on defense which they never would have imagined that they would every single other seats that is in play. They knew a very long time ago would be on the block because the president trump they've known that since they've seen the erosion of their coalition. In. Stark reality in the twenty eighteen midterms. So Ben Sasse this year as soon as he won his primary. Began and he's in a safe to a general election began to be critical of president trump again after being dormant and mute for a very long time until his primary these people with three left to go weeks left to go trying to create independence and distance from President trump when people are already voting. Have come too late to try to rescue themselves. They are complicit in the erosion of our checks and balances. They have not only permitted the president to break our system, but they have set precedent for future presidents to corrupt the system and the voters know it. It's just way too late for these people to say. I really wasn't on board all long. James All I know is they're going to try like hell to try to make us forget and pretend it never happened James to. You have a favorite reach Senate race that you are personally tracking and second question. Do you predict Dem's will flip the Senate Alaska. I've been seeing on Alaska from the start out of I like L. Gross and I'd. But look Cronin Texas is running away from trump goes a houston chronicle and says, I don't think he's not a very good job on the Fox. I think is going to be very, very competitive. Yes I. DO think that we're gonNA flip the Senate and have been this way for a long time and I think we're going to have a very joyous an excellent election night out I fully anticipate that. and I think all tax just pointing that direction and you start to see the state poll, the starting lineup, the national polls Ab site on our Goto it every day a follow it, and it's ought to look at that in to look at particular. When you look at the time line, it looks like an alligators mouth open I may not. Bottom jaw drops in the top draw opens more. And I recommended by a real politics look at polling averages that keep it right there for you. It's it's easy. You just click right on it even a dummy like making seat that. So. Yeah. I like that John. James You. You mentioned election night. A bunch of us have been stopped stocking up on bottled water and canned goods expecting this thing to go weeks if not months you think enough vote will be on on election night to have an early evening to have enough of it done and dusted. So we'll know a result. Absolutely we'll have Florida in election night we'll have North Carolina in. Counties that I could look at him say I think a good bit of George of be it? So bought a high war going to know. Election night, we're going to know can thirty eastern. Distinct is not not gonNA BE CLOSE WE'RE GONNA know early up I'm not in any any any panic whatsoever I mean disown Ed's because the stakes so high but I feel very good about where the Democrats Orange probably see as much as anybody in the country and if anything if it continues to improve. natural gravitate would take it down but that doesn't seem to be happening as of yet got three weeks before we go to post in ready to go. I think we're GONNA no I'm just pay opened a Baba Champagne. Maybe I'll chat which justice. A. Wow the always sober Ab Stott or does the gentlemen from Louisiana overexuberance or is there evidence that he's right? It's actually so interesting to hear this I. Think last last time I heard James Really. Go Viral on this topic he was not the sanguine. And confident so. It is true. If you look at the polling, it's very important that people not get. Drunk on national polls where Biden's fourteen points ahead, it's really important to watch the swing state and as he mentioned on our site, you can watch the trends and you can watch the averages and if you look at that. Day In. Day Out, we're Biden. is you see stability and a steadiness to this race, which is why you see this down ballot pressure on a Senate races in Alaska South Carolina, and Kansas that only indicates one thing which is just a really really tough headwind president trump to turn around the next three weeks. I can't thank you guys enough James Carvel. ABC stoddard. The only thing we know is we're going to invite you back and we'll do this again. Thank you very much for tonight and coming up. We have a report from Europe this evening to show us all what a second wave looks like considering we're in the midst of an uncontrolled pandemic. If you have been paying attention than you know, the experts have predicted at tonight countries across Europe are experiencing a full second wave of this corona virus, and as you watch this next report we have for you. Picture what might happen in our country as winter approaches and in Europe. A kind of pandemic fatigue that we know well is now fueling the resistance to any new restrictions on life and travel. We get our report tonight from our chief foreign correspondent Richard Ankle. Italy the first country to shut down completely recorded its highest single day spike since March France set an all time high for new cases. This weekend, the Spanish capital Madrid is in a state of emergency limits on who can come and go, but it's the UK where Kovic restrictions have been most openly ignored this weekend London nightlife was in full swing. By law groups are limited to six people but few seem to care prime, Minister Boris Johnson announcing a new three tier system ranking areas by infection risk moderate high, and very high number of cases has quadrupled in three weeks there. Now, more people in hospital with covid than when we went into lockdown on. March. The twenty third I met nurse. Lisa petty five months ago when she was exhausted and drained from caring for dying patients when I started to go up again did you have that feeling? Here we go. Here we go. Again of feels like there's no end to it. Becoming history of Licey just seems to be happening again. Our thanks to Richard Angle for filing that report for us and coming up remembering an American life that spanned the American Century when we come back. Hey It's Chris as my podcast wise is happening. I'll be talking Zach Carter about his new biography of the economist John Maynard Keynes. This is exactly that kind of uncertainty moment they came was talking about and he said what you need to do in order to manage that macro-economy correctly is to take into account. The fact that people don't know about the future and that means the governments will have to play a role providing. To people, the government can manage uncertainty in ways that individuals and private businesses cannot, and if the government manages that uncertainty, you are able to have a system in which a somewhat private economy can continue to function that this week on wise is happening search for wise is happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe. Friends when I was growing up, my father was often at sea. And the job of raising my brother sister in May would fall to my mother alone. Roberta McCain gave us her love of life her deep interest in the world, her strength and her belief that we're all meant. To use our opportunities to make ourselves useful to our country. I wouldn't be here tonight. But for the strength of her character. Last. Thing. Before we go here, tonight, an extraordinary American life came to an end today with word of the death of Roberta McCain at the age of one wait one, hundred, eight years old and before we move on from that number, please consider this she was born before Amazon was a state she was born only forty seven years after the end of the civil war she was born before the titanic was launched before World War One and years before women had the right to vote Roberta McCain was the daughter in law of a four star Admiral, the wife of a four star Admiral and the mother of a prisoner of war US senator and presidential candidate. Sadly Roberta McCain. Live long enough to hear a president of the United States smear her son's service and sacrifice at least Roberta. McCain died knowing there were few men braver than her son John and he deeply loved this country. Roberta McCain was the daughter of an Oklahoma Oilfield wildcatter and over dozens of moves that the navy put them through over all those years moving around the world she never complained she remained that rare-breed Headstrong free-spirited Navy spouse. She apparently decided long ago and we mean long ago that the men's she loved were all going to be in great danger. She had a choice as she saw it and she chose to live her life with great vigour and Gusto and thought nothing of campaigning for her son at the age of ninety six our condolences to the extended McCain family on the loss of the matriarch, and then some Roberta McCain gone at the age of one hundred eight. That is our broadcast on this Monday night. Thank you for spending this time with us on behalf of all my colleagues at the networks of NBC News Good Night. I'm mainly host of into America a podcast from MSNBC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice and racial injustice, and then when you add health a health injustice into what's at stake, people are going to be voting not for person but for stability and into what comes next into America a podcast about who we are as Americans and who we want to become new episodes every Monday Wednesday and Thursday subscribe now.

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