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Local Hour: Giancarlo Stanton


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One last lob one last all-star game celebration for Dwayne Wade. At least that's not the local news that got everybody talking in the studio this morning. It was the one last petty comment talking about Giancarlo Stanton was a mediaeval ability because peace and sees reported eventually thereafter. Do you have an acronym for just regular players? Well once the regular players arrive. The the Ps and sees get to do PFP's which is the drill that they can do with first baseman pitcher fielding practice for you not know ours. Well, back for all of you that haven't had a head off Matt Lehto towers, right? Not. All right. So for the people there at home and were getting the sound in there right now, John Carlos Stanton spoke to a bunch of media members. Obviously he now plays in New York City. So everyone cares about what John Carlos Stanton has to say. He was asked. He's sort of volunteered. This kind of weird Billy. This was seemed like an unnecessary potshot at the Miami Marlins. He was asked what have you learned playing a full year in New York? And he you know, he didn't have to do it. But he had to take a shot. Not about learning is more just playing games that matter past good games when you're in it past may, seventh try never done. So. The biggest difference. Oh, four set one in there. I mean, whatever has learned to hit junk down in the dirt down in a way. No. And so that's what this is going to devolve into okay? Oh, what I'm supposed to be mature? When here between me and Stanton coming into twenty five million dollars. He it's like to sixty every year. And if you want to look at the schedule, what is the that's my finger wagging. If you're going to say specific date, come come, correct. Okay. So you're actually going to take him seriously. Maybe say late in the season into the summer. Like he said specifically may seven they were only more than four and a half games out twice in his entire career on may seventh. They were in first place in two thousand fourteen on may seven. I mean, it sounds like you just made up the number. You it said that he was trying to be funny, but he says because the white wall, that's what we remember stand for all his wit and funny sky Klay Ferraro, by the way, thank you for doing all the hard work. Did you see what clay Ferraro tweet one tweet? Yeah. He retreated the the video and he said standing hit two thirty eight with run RBI and one extra base hit in the postseason last year. So maybe games a matter on his thing. And then I started going through the comments because everybody was looking for a fight with him with numbers. So this other guy said he's also biting his career at Leyton close game situation, which is not good. And then I found an article that he the Klay re tweeted or tweet. And are you guys familiar with runs created? Plus, no, what is what is this? So it's W R C. Plus it's weighted runs created. Plus. So what it does is? It takes runs created. But it kind of just sit to ballpark and era. So that it can compare more or less. We know how it does that or which is gonna take stats people? Just they say it does it. And we believe it or we do that. I feel like it is it I don't know. It puts it in a machine, and it does it. I feel like this stat is gonna crush stand. So I love it. Give it to me. All right. So league average runs created plus is one hundred. All right. Okay. So that's league average. That's what seems pretty pretty precise. One hundred just seems like is that the that's the league average one hundred. Okay. That's one fifty is. Like sounds made up. It sounds. It. Sounds like what are you talking about? No one just makes up these status. The history of the legal is that last season. I feel better about it. If it were ninety eight. All right pretend it's ninety nine. Then whatever it doesn't matter. The point is this last year the most clutch Yankees hitters Clave are Tories was to eighty five. That's pretty good Giancarlo Stanton was the second worst or the second most unclench Yankee with fifty six so that's bad. Well below league average is one hundred and I know what you're wondering what was his WRC plus in high leverage situations. Great question. High leverage situations is that actually you know, what that was high leverage situation. Okay. This is what it was with runners in scoring position. Now, remember what's league average guys one hundred ROY one hundred Chris Allison? Allison one hundred she said all right with Reuters in scoring position. John Carlos Stanton's was seventy eight. So it's still below league average. Okay. Not as dramatic about just ignore the Marlins. How about this? How about this Stanton focused on the Yankees, you're on an all star team. How about do something in the playoffs? Don't worry about us star name out. You don't worry about the more orlands anymore. Right. I understand if you do it like JT said something like there's going to be it's gonna feel different because they have a great fan base playing in front of big crowds. Like, I understand that you say that in your welcome interview, you kind of ingratiate yourself. So the new fan base. You haven't been here for a year, bro? Stop talking about us. Get over the Marlins already like enough. Not even like it was a Marlins question. Remember, we it was he was just asked. What did you learn in New York could have said so many things that wouldn't have pissed us off? Yeah, he -solutely forced that shot in it. You get what he's saying? What you so mad about what? No, they gave me three hundred twenty five million dollars to play for the what a horrible life. You have. Sorry, Giancarlo Stanton. Things are so rough you. To Miami no-one held you accountable, and you strike out with runners on base in the ninth inning. And you lose the game for us. Oh my God. How terrible. There was no pressure on you down here. Great. When what is this point because may seven that's a shot because late in the season. He's right. If he would've said September August, I would have been like, probably right. I wouldn't even have looked it up. But I'm like may seventh like we've had good maze. We've like it is a little odd to me though. That would bring up the start of the season if I was him either. Because he's terrible the start of every season. All right. So just stop talking. How about that? Stop talking. It's not like he actually helped the Marlin situation before. Oh, yeah. How many winning seasons? Did we have with Giancarlo Stanton? I think it was zero Giancarlo Stanton. Such a winner such a leader get the hell out of here. How about good about little baby stadium in New York and hit eight hundred home runs? All right. Yeah. Baby stadium. That place is a joke. You could I could hit it out to right field opposite field with the way that stadium is constructed. What a joke. He should've broke the home run record last season. Why didn't he because he's a bust overpaid overrated? Homerun rush. Homerun record or bus when he was going for the home run record down here. He no he wasn't going to get to seventy whatever it is seventy two seventy three whatever the number is now. So he came out with that. It was a heavy play. My record is sixty two. I'm okay, how about get to sixty. How about that fifty nine? What a joke you had a week to get three extra home runs. You couldn't do it. They had those things. I'm never going to even know what those things were at season tickets. I was going to all those games. I could resell those tickets and made some money, and I didn't because I wanted to see you do something that you couldn't do break this fictitious home in record that you're going by. It's not even the real record. And the Marlins hung these things from the roof in the outfield that year, and I was trying to figure out what they were. And I'm assuming they were going to do something when you got to sixty and we never figured out what they were gonna ask them. What those things were because there was stuff hanging from the ceiling on the inside of of the stadium, and they were going to do something to celebrate something. And I couldn't even figure out what they were. They were going to do something to celebrate telling you there were like fireworks confetti or something that they were gonna shoot off when he did something memorable. And of course, he didn't do anything memorable classic Stanton. So. You were never this kind of fired up Giancarlo Stanton. At least I don't REM I know that his his slumps would frustrate you a little bit. But I wasn't this fired up driving in today. I don't know what you guys did to me, but he's agitating shots. Unnecessary shots. Seven eight six four five six three seven. If you want to get Giancarlo Stanton. A piece of your money is a little odd that Loria and Samson they had this reputation of irking some players even stained didn't get along. He seems an admitted that there was like one a moment of friction between the two, but jeeter sort of picked up right there with some players just being p owed atom JT. These are young players JT for JT to have some sort of egos. Kind of weird that JT forced his way out of here. Yellow doesn't like staying doesn't like these are two of the three are MVP's. One of them is an all-star Derrick jeeter one of the class. He has players in the game for. Him to already start having these relationships with players and it being contentious helm, I suppose to extend him the benefit of the doubt for later on if he's already agitating everybody. I think it's different when you like he didn't have relationships with these guys he's coming in fresh. So like, we had all these relationships we like roommates or yelich, STAN. And he's just like coming in. This place is a mess. I gotta do my thing. I can just imagine him in those meetings. Being like, look, this is impersonal this business. You know, no BS, you're probably going to get trade. Like, I can just imagine him being honest with these guys. And that's why they're like that's why they're all you heard yell at each other. Like, I want out there reports low key that yelich reached out to the Marlins last season. Midseason and apologize. Really? How that whole thing went down. Oh who reported that? I don't remember good. Look like, they're obviously we understand why they're frustrated, but it's never a good look when you're like I got contract, but I wanna also has to do some PR spin speaking of PR spin. The Pat Reilly PR spin is in full fourth where. Watching him retire. Chris Bosh number make good their some of the clips now of Dan's, sit down interview with Pat Riley, the art of conversation started hitting the web and people have gotten excited all the Pat Reilly sands of gun excited. I don't wanna go out like this. Did you see him show up at Wayne Wade's dinner in which Dwayne Wade who said he didn't want this whole last dance thing before? Yeah. It was on stage on a throne was. Thrown don't want it with his tour agent at one all eating all of this doing just I mean, come on Dwayne. I don't want the whole pomp and circumstance. I don't want the whole Kobe thing you're at a dinner on a throne. All right. But Pat Riley was at that dinner. It's good and Dwayne Wade's been super glowing in his comments about Pat Riley since so it seems as though. So it seems as though Pat Riley and Dwayne Wade or back on the same page, and that's good to hear. You know, we're having some technical difficulties. So we'll be back after the break. So God's ears. 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We are blessed to have Greg Cody from the Miami Herald in pseudo with us how you doing Greg. I'm doing well. Mike over you. I'm doing excellent, Greg. Did you watch as a part of? I know you're in on one last dance here with Wayne way. Did you watch any of the all star festivities this weekend? Yeah. I did I I watched some of the game a little bit of the three point followed. The the big Thursday night tribute bash on social media what a what a weekend for Wayne. I mean, he's had a whole season of emotional things and this past weekend had to be right on top. What was your favorite of the moments was at one last? Lob was at the frame jerseys there with Dirk Novitsky was it Dwayne with his son out at the slam dunk contest and the skills competition was it the videos of the celebratory dinner in which Dwayne who said he didn't want any of this extra attention right before the season was sitting on a throne being by some of the greats was at the photo with Jordan, which I thought was pretty cool. Right. What was your favorite moment? Your main. Takeaway, I I get a kick out of Dwayne, you know, saying that he had let me retire quietly. I don't want all this. He's loving the attention. And there's. Nothing wrong with it. Because he he's earned all the attention. I think my favorite moment was the lob on the court because it just brought back memories of the chemistry that Dwayne and LeBron head for four years down here. I it was a magic moment. You know, had had the law been missed. It have been a bad lob that didn't allow the the dunk on the end of it. It would have been pretty deflating. But the fact that it was perfect with a little help from no defense whatsoever on purpose. It was a nice a nice thing for the two of them. Actually. All right enough with the softballs. I got I got a pin you down on this. You were at Marlin spring training. You you were caught on camera behind Bruce Sherman, right? And the show we're trying to smoke him out as you are well aware, right? And you ask not one question. I heard to Bruce chairman. Well, probably not what you heard. Did you hear the entire interview? Or just a snippet? I I just have sources that were there and claim that you didn't have. The question who who's your source? That's not how this works. I did ask my question afterward. Myemma? Oh, by the way, you're right. Yeah. I'm fine. My MO is that I very rarely ask a question during a group interview and less it hasn't been asked. And if I want information, I try to get the the subject one on one afterward when -clusive whether it'd be Michael hill, or you know, the the key there is you particularly on the first day of spring. You you say Hello to somebody and how you doing? And then you sneak in question. So has this work you're since you're Greg. Cody, you go to the Marlins people, and you're like, I need them for a second after everyone's done in some cases. Sure. So what was your question to Bruce Sherman just about the the the intent of the offi stuff that really doesn't matter at all the bells and whistles in? He address a little bit in the news conference with talking about the you know, the special millennial sex. Action in right field that he's gonna have. He didn't smoke them out. No millennial section that they're going to have. Yeah, they're going to have like a special. It's like. Know devoted to young people who want to have fun bunch of phone chargers that Lou that's clutch. You need to have the phone chargers in a millennial. So do I what do I smoke him out about by the way, what's the deal in that? What else? Do you have in the millennial section? What else do you? What else does? Greg Cody thinks should be in a millennial section because I think that's even more fun than us actually trying to piece it together. Trying to piece it to someone from your generation thinks millennials should have. But you know, a long row of of hookah pipes. The kids are the kids still who's not wrong hookah. He's not wrong. What? No man who had his moment about five years ago or walk down, south beach on ocean. Every restaurant has who could every restaurant is hookah. Well, what else is an Eric? Keep building this thing out so phone chargers. Emily phone chargers. What else are the millennials like kale smoothies? What smoothies? I like it. You know posters of you know, Sam Smith, and Jay z, and, you know, whoever's popular now cheesy held is Jay Z, James. He's like fifty like my age. What did he have to say? I did not talk to whore. Hey was not in his present. I saw video of Horry facade. He looks like a coach she had that thing yet his feet a little wider than shoulder with the part his arms crossed. And he looks like he'd took a clipboard or. He was watching the catchers man, he looked like a coach I'm telling you as the coach baseball. He's got the he's got the form. He's got all the makings to be a head coach. I'm telling you. What was your biggest takeaway today? What is the feel around this team? Well, I wrote a column on that which I would invite listeners to read. Here comes my shameless plug you can Google my name and Miami Marlins, Miami Herald, whatever you want and find it easily. I accepted the positive. I listed six reasons. Why Marlins fans should be pretty hopeful. Dare say maybe even a little bit excited. It's going to be a tough season this year. They're going to be better next year. I think by twenty twenty one they're going to have a legit team. They have seven starting pitchers right now eight if you include sex, though, Sanchez six though Sanchez they have eight starting pitchers competing for five spots and end their quality starters debatable. If if two or three of those guys become really good as Sanchez could. As Alcan Tara could then they're going to be pretty good on the mound. I I'm not sure about their hitting yet. But I think pitching is is going to carry the theme. Billy who's your ace of the SAF this year, Jose Arena. That's the guy. Yeah. Us name the opening day starter ready. That's the guy who was opening day starter last year who through that first pitch of the season that they across the homerun you were very excited about him entering last season. Did he write the ship a little bit? Because I know we got off to a bit of a rough start. His his numbers weren't indicative of what I thought he'd be. I'd say, but he's the ace. Yeah. Yeah. He's good. He he'll he'll bounce back. You'll turn around big bounceback season. I like what I've seen from him Henderson Alvarez. Didn't they throw a no hitter? That's a good question. I was actually looking that up this weekend. Why you were I was looking it up this weekend because I follow Henderson Alvarez on Instagram. I'm so glad that you asked that question because this is such a weird story. So I follow Henderson Alvarez on Instagram. And I saw that he signed a minor league deal with the nationals, which I thought was you know, that was exciting. And then I started going down the Henderson Alvarez time machine. And I started watching like, oh my God is no hitter. And I was like oh my God. I remember I was at that. No hitter. And I remember it was at Addison vulcans at didn't send Volk as his no hitter. Wow. I forgot volquez had no hitter. Hey, it means you're hiring. And then for whatever reason I watched like the last five minutes Volkers, no hitter. Like, I was just sitting in my house on Saturday or Sunday morning. Just watching it. And I was getting super like, the chills, and it was really excited about it, Boca's suppose. To be coming back. I know he got hurt as with the Rangers. Now. So they released it in the Marlins released him last year because he needed Tommy John. He was going to miss all season contract. Eight that contract. Oh is there a difference between getting chills in the goosebumps? I forgot all about volquez. No hitter. I was going to make the argument that Henderson Alvarez had the most forgettable no hitter. But it's clearly volka since I forgot bowl question. I don't know as bulk is almost in pitch that no hitter. Because in the first inning. He I think after the first batter he had an issue where he he like ran into the runner the first baseman or something he twisted his ankle. They almost took him out of the game and left him in any pitched the no hitter. What would you say is the most memorable and I like to work in Greg in this two of the Miami Marlins era. New ballpark new well those uniforms that they had that were terrible that had every color in the color scheme imaginable. What was the ultimate Miami Marlins moment Jose Rainha, by the way, won his last eight starts? Okay. So we right at the ship. A little bit Marlins moment is a terrible one. Honestly, what Jose Fernandez Fernando? Well. No, you can actually pivot and say the d Gordon homerun bright was probably the best Marlin Miami Marlin outside of that. When stand broke broke board down the left field line, Greg. What would be your nominee? I'm thinking Yankee Stadium in the last game of the two thousand and three World Series floor tomorrow. Miami Marlins franchise. Like that color skiing that logo on this. I'm. I'm very clearly didn't listen to the preface where I was like since they moved into the new ballpark and became the Miami Marlins. That was your highlight moment where you re tweeting your column. I was not a bunch of people that want to rip Stanton on. Okay. We'll we'll go to them. And maybe Greg needs more time to think about the question. All right. So we go out to Abraham who's one of our favorite callers. Abraham you're on the air. You know, I was I was thinking about how we could disrespect Mike Stanton. And I think Billy from now on should just call a Mike. How Stu called Hal and how Mike doesn't mention what's his name show enough ever is exactly I forgot his name already. But I'm sorry. My Billy just may just call them Mike for now on it's just Mike stat. And he's not he's he doesn't like the name. So because my fans can we go Michael I feel like that's remarkable used to be Mike, Michael Santa home is full name more cut, some more menial Hacen. Thanks for dropping by. It is decidedly less exotic. Right. Mike stent Michelson assist. He's insurance sales. I wonder if he's even the best Mike Stanton because there is a Mike stand pitcher. Yeah. Might not even the best Janke Mike stand. There'd be. That's why you had to change his name. Right. A meeting. You just got in from the all star festivities in Charlotte. Right. Can you hear it him of why can here? Also in your voice, you are at the same DA deroga-. I saw anterior on interior on Renault's YM. What are we have like a whole conversation where he's telling him? He's like, oh, I love you on the show. Oh, that's cool. Then he says talk about a little win team Mak crumples up the paper at the end, the shoots the basket. Oh, you actually watch. You're not just lip service. He said, no he's on raise big NBA fan. He's a huge in beef. Wow. He sought you out or introduce yourself. I was actually going to go me drug book. Drag me, I did that so cool. But he he is kind of weird like Anri was like all my God is super cool and the drug was like, oh, that's why I would expect a superstar athletes if you just kinda like real, hey, what's up, man? I mean. Anri and drug, and they were there at this J Cole like dream Bill party, right? It was a concert that they did after the all star game. So basically for those who don't know whenever you watch the Super Bowl or all star game. And they've got a musical act, and you have like thousands of people on the floor. Those people don't have to get to the game. It's not like the fans came down to eight. We'll party these people were bussed in cash audience. Yes. Well, not cast. None of the real people. I have experienced this. Actually, I did it for back toback VM as when they were in Miami. So they tell you to wait in line somewhere. And then they walk. They walk you in. And then all these kids had these rain ponchos on because it was raining so hard and they were waiting outside. And there was Lydia mountain upon show the took a picture on it for for Instagram. So they come in where can people follow me on Instagram at Darth, Amine, Darth Vader? But I mean. Yeah. Exactly common spelling on a mean. Yeah. AM I n. So so the after the concerts over Louis all those kids got shipped on the buses and the buses took him to the next location. And that's where the secret quote, unquote secret party was so Patrice averitt here. Honorine DA drag bar walking around in his dream Bill party. Did you even know Patrice ever was there? I was introduced okay. So these guys can just walk around this party fairly anonymously. Well, so there was a VIP section. But then there was also the backstage dressing room. And that's where they were. They weren't in the V I P like, you know, some young NBA players out there. You know, guys who are obviously big fans if they call it, that's cool. But the VIP Antonio Brown was in the back. I'm sure Antonio Brown was way, more famous interior Anri or and you were in the back. It was in the back that saying. Knowing that Tonio Brown leaks of be like a ten minute conversation about like the difference in the NBA NFL. Wow. Recently assignment that he mentioned that he did not mention that he, but he was pretty upset about kind of you know, 'cause he's also weekend and he's seeing all the events and and really the genial relationship between the NBA and its players. And I think that kinda incensed him even more that the NFL is not like, yeah. Right. I would like to venture a guess it's to what this conversation was there's a private conversation. You don't have to reveal it. But I imagine in a player like Antonio Brown is completely envious of the power that the players wheeled not just in terms of a collective bargaining agreement. But just in perception in actual leverage and power. He's trying his hand at that in the NFL, and he's completely vilified for it. Yeah. Now that that doesn't happen in the NBA. But it happened certainly to a lesser degree. It seems in the NFL the only player that can do that as a white quarterback. While he did not put it in those terms. It was more about just the lack of respect. He feels players get from ownership. And so I would imagine it's rooted in that sentiment that you just said Kay Cole would ahead the moment of the all star weekend. If you would hit that dunker. So this is some really funny. He's thirty four. He's six two a year. Well, he's six three first of all what listen to this with a hair now, he's six four. Okay. Fletch. But this is the funny thing he missed the dunk, and literally every single Meam or reference to that thing has been positive and glowing. I've seen a remake of the jump jump man logo with what he was wearing and his hair in the silhouette. Everyone has been so excited about that moment, which by the way a year ago on the podcast. I said if Dennis Smith junior gun to the last round he that was the donkey is gonna he's gonna dunk over Jake Jake holds and grab the ball dunk right after him. And I completely forgot. I said that it was a listener reminded me like us call that a year ago on us, right? But I think it upset that Cole got all of this love and attention for missing dunk. Whereas had it been me three inches shorter. He wouldn't even come close. Hold on it and was about the time could all trampoline. But no accent couldn't dunk on a trampoline. I tried and failed waiting where you didn't. But your hotel. I'm six even and you could dunk when when I was like twenty two you couldn't dunk on a trampoline. I've tried. I've tried like hundreds of times how is that possible? Because you have to jump off two feet on a trampoline. And I'm I'm one guy which foot left foot right foot, right right hand too. So, but I just kept thinking if that were me missing the dunk, all I've thought about was how many times highly questionable would run it. How many times get up and dealing rose with like breakdown while I'm terrible, right? How many times sports centers not top ten would bring it up? How many people in the internet would show me hundreds of thousands of memes? And and everyone laughing at me just tells you how much everyone loves Jayco. That's what or how much everyone hates you either. Let's consider the secret life of the innermost nesting doll living, most of her life in the dock inside the other nesting Dole's. She has plenty of time to think if she could Saturday, she has no brain, however, when in a most nesting dole. Here's the Kyko not only saves people money, but also has been providing great service for over seventy. Five years. She thinks it's obvious. You should switch because. Yes. Switching to gyco is a no brainer pity in a most nesting Dollond her lot in life. Doc tarred five six one. Stugatz. Eighty five six this is the Dan Le Batard show with stugatz on the ticket. So we've had a bevy of issues connecting to seven ninety the ticket our flagship affiliate. So if you're trying to listen live, you may even be hearing us on a phone connection. I don't know, but terrestrial radio is dying anyways. So the podcast is going to sound fine. So if you're fan of the the local hour, you're frustrated as you're listening live or trying to listen on the radio dot com app, which has stellar reviews, by the way, it's amazing. You're all huge, which is always crashing is that what happens or is it just generally bad? I it's it's a bad app, and it needs to get better because it's always crashing. So they're a little frustrated right now with all the technical issues, but the podcast should sound fine and unbeknown to you outside of this comment, right here, you're probably enjoying the local our podcast. We bring. Dan, laboratory who's been in the studio the entire time as always Dan, some of your clips from the art of conversation of started hitting the internet, and it's gotten people very excited because anytime Pat Riley does the whole I'm not going out like this type of deal. He Twitter's back. It's very easy to win. It is interesting man, I showed this to a couple of people here who care about the heat Mike being among them Mike being among them who are down on the heat right now. And they watched him it didn't even take the thirty minute piece. That's running on Sunday. It was just one of the sports centerpieces, Mike Catt goosebumps on his arm and somebody else has been killing the heat for two years. It was like, yeah. I'm fired up. And I'm like, yeah. But they can't do anything. They're all they can't it. He does great mythology, but he can't fix what happens with the what happens with the salary cap space. Then it's a gift, I tell you. I watched Michael Jordan speak at the tech summit. And this is a guy who has not been successful with that success. As an owner, right or is post playing career. And the when he speaks about everything everyone was eating up the palm of his hand at fifty years of charisma that all and any time you put a microphone in front of him. Look, I mean, he's got Cody eaten out of the palm of his hand. Cody Cody was invited into his office one time and swooned out of there and left on a borrowed magic carpet. I did it was used magic covered. He's got a lot of them in his office. So I took one of them. But no, he I don't think I've ever met a man who has more charisma to to a certain degree. And I think may have told you the story years ago, my wife, and I happened to be at the same social occasion with Riley and his wife, and my wife had never been in his presence before barely knew who he was when he walked in the room. She came as close as I've ever seen in thirty five years of marriage to swooning and to just being smitten in the whole ride home. She's talking about Pat Riley, and what a presidency has and we own the. Room the minute. He walked in. I'm like, all right. Yeah. I get it. Does that make you feel put it on the poll Guillermo, which which behavior from MRs Cody is lands worst on whom Chris or Greg? I worded that very not surprising. She she named our dog Riley. So I think she's always kind of had a little crush on the one meeting. I don't we debated the name Riley was it after Pat Riley. I don't remember that hundred percent. That's okay. It was going to be loughry. But. Rothstein was the other. So the Arctic conversation with Pat Riley, the special interview show that you did with Mr. Riley that airs Sunday at two thirty five thirty five thirty eight to thirty Pacific time. Vic? That's very exciting. We're looking forward to that. And I'm looking forward to get all jazzed up about this failing basketball team with a blueprint. That's been absolutely nuked by LeBron leaving and blood clots. That's been great art of conversation. How'd you how'd you come up with that title? Well, the originally carnation of the show was going to have somebody painting during the conversations that something we've been trying to get off the ground for. You are you are you being joined on the original incarnation of it. I don't know what look mama's are. So you were married to the title these things these things tend to. Grow and change over time. So if I showed you the treatment, and I show you what we did Sunday. You wouldn't wreck the two things don't look anything alike, by the way, I have a feeling like fifteen years from now when Pablo Bomani of the most powerful people at the company someone's going to have. Yeah. Wants to go high noon though, and they have a story. Well, originally aired at noon, but then that's a good point. They didn't change the name though, they had the whole western team and everything, but it is it says Alaska time now high noon parenthetically Alaska time ill catava Arctic converse it. So what what Phil through? They couldn't afford the the painter. No, just the show is going to change over time. It's going to have some of the graphic look of the things that you see around here slightly more muted. But it's regardless it's going to be something that people in Miami certainly are going to eat up. I was sounds going to volunteer my services, if you need someone to just sketch art real quick, you know, stick. Figure as Dan, and that's Pat Riley with his hair slicked back. And I I will tell I'll tell the audience though, Mike if they are the sports center stuff that we're doing that they will do to promote the show on Sunday. We'll be about the heat, but isn't going to offer you any solutions. And then the piece on Sunday is going to have a good amount of IPE in it. But it's it's more an intimate look at how he became who he became an it's just man. It was just interesting to see him still twitching and soothing himself from losses forty years ago. Although to be clear, you wouldn't be a stick figure. It'd be a big circle. That's not how you sell this. Dan. That's not what you tell people down here guys. Sunday, ten ask him about little and wait until you hear about Riley said I'm telling you, you're not going to want to miss Sunday to thirty. Yes. Five thirty eastern Pacific time, though, ESPN main ESPN ESPN. Yeah. Oh, my God dad goes after him and what Pat rushing about LeBron James. Oh, my God firearm OG. Yeah. I saw clips and I couldn't believe his common James inflammatory. This is going to create shockwaves throughout the league wants a return because it's on my cried, I cried when he said it left a might also draw like a plate of food and front with a mound of this edible material. So is this more a nostalgic? Look at Pat Riley is there any solutions as to the messy goddess in or is he going to speak in. There are no solutions to where it is that the Tino. No, no, no. Everything is answered on Sunday five ESPN dancehall, the stones unturned them. All he found the answers, Pat Riley tried to wiggle his way out and dancing. No, no, no. You're not getting out of this one trades James Johnson during the peace. I'd like to make fun of a mean for describing the drawing of edible things edible things is what he said to be clear, Dan will eat things that are not quite food that they just look like food. Parrella does look good. And some of these video clips that are going out there. He's wearing the culture shirt. I I'm so in on everything just when I thought it was out Pat Riley just speaks and I'm just right back in like a little lapdog. He's like you think I only look good and suits. No, check out this culture. Shirtdress a down. Oh, good. These in the SCRUFF thing now, and it is work. And can I do a spoiler alert here, Dan? I don't want to betray any confidence here. Pat Riley's out about shoes. Now, I'm not about shoes because the clip that I saw his parallel is not about shoes. So I'm just kicking my shoes off in inappropriate times really dinner parties. He was very comfortable. He was very comfortable in his home. And he was not wearing a might also like a comical outline around dance face indicating these just mushed food all over. Did you have to for this interview show normally when you have to give the viewer different looks, so occasionally they'll just be very awkward filming experience where you're walking down the beach or something like that? Did you do anything like that? And tell you what what this group is going to like the most is the outtakes at the at their outtakes at the end of me just being terrible. And and so you had a blooper reel. I well. I started sweating inevitably. Oh, it goes without saying, and they bring out fans and Riley was using one of them on me. I saw I saw a rough cut of the. Initial sit down understand. This was indoors. So I headed double check to make sure this part of the interview was in doors. Were you nervous sweaty, forty minutes? And I ran out of time in all forty minutes for just trying to control, Dan, sweat situ. I texted Mike, I said what's going on? Did I get this out of order when were they swim in the pool is this Tarantino or it's shot at a sequence that we missed the pool scene. Spoiler alert. There is at the end inexplicably. If you wanna know why I'm sweating. You will hear me say whiskey has gluten. Oh, no. Couple of mustard stains on his shirt because he's so Bessie when the eats. So I mean, we only have you here for a few more minutes. That's too bad. Yeah. Shame. Favorite moment of the all sore weekend. Dwayne Wade related for local audience here. Oh, for me is I actually got the interview. So that was making it by yourself. Sweet sweet. I was going to maybe one last law. Love it. Just bad drawing joke after bad drunk Joe. And the information that he could have given us profound and meaningful on all the time. He spent with Dwayne Wade. Oh, how unfortunate we're out of time. Go ahead. I mean, everything, you know, data rates may apply. When did it become ok for men to be Lazier softer fatter? We need to bring the men of this country back to greatness, and it's easier than ever with ageless male max, a patent pending formula within ingredient that helps boost your total testosterone promoting greater increases in muscle size and twice the reduction of body fat percentage that exercise alone. 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