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support for this podcast and the following message come from google from connecticut california from mississippi tim minnesota millions of businesses are using google tools to grow online learn how google is supporting businesses in your state at google dot com slash economic impact live from npr news in washington i'm lakshmi singh president trump says he's very seriously considering an executive order to add a citizenship question to the twenty twenty census after usa supreme court temporarily blocked it in ruling that the government did not provide a good enough reason for these russian soldiers shots fritzy now and might be doing it then dumb after we get a positive decision will work you know a lot of things including an executive trump addressed reporters a short time ago before he departed the white house for a weekend at his new jersey golf club well this afternoon the justice department is expected to formally notified federal judge in maryland whether the administration plans to stop its efforts to get citizenship question to the census forms npr sons ilan says officials are working against the clock as they attempt to find a new reason to justify v addition some justice department attorneys at officials at the commerce department work through the july fourth holiday after president trump tweeted this week that his administration is quote absolutely moving forward with pushing the question the supreme court did leave open a window for the ministration did try to make another case in court but time is running out the constitutionally mandated headcount of every person living the uss said to officially start in january npr's hansie lo wong today houston hosted second democratic primary candidates forum in just over two months andrew schneider if houston public media reports the national education association station is hosting the event is the centerpiece of its annual assembly roughly ten thousand delegates will attend the strong public schools presidential forum taking place at houston's george r brown convention center an ea president let me ask olsen garcia says all questions the candidates have come from members of the public there is absolutely nothing we could think of that was more important than making sure that we do our civic duty and take a look at all of those folks a that are saying they wanna be the next president of the united states the ten confirmed participants include former vice president joe biden and senators comma harris elizabeth warren and bernie sanders for npr news i'm andrew schneider in houston an an investigation is underway in the bahamas into a deadly helicopter crash that local authorities say killed seven people none of the victims has been identified but multiple news organizations are reporting that billionaire near west virginia coal tycoon chris kline was on board the aircraft west virginia governor jim justice quoted in the register herald newspapers saying west virginia lost a superstar there is no indication yet on what may have caused the helicopter after the crash the wreckage was located in the water last night at last check on wall street the dow jones industrial average was down more than a hundred points at twenty six thousand eight hundred fifty seven you're listening to npr npr news young man who claims he was sexually assaulted by kevin spacey three years ago is now dropping his civil lawsuit against the actor in making the announcement today his attorney mitchell garabedian did not say why his client had changed his mind about suing spacey the suit was filed in massachusetts court last week garabedian allegedly spacey groped his client at a bar in twenty sixteen you accuser was eighteen at the time spacey's lawyers accused garabedian medians client of deleting text messages that would support the defense the fifty nine year old oscar winning actor was also accused of seducing a fourteen year old in nineteen eighty six is among dozens of high profile men in various fields to be accused of sexual misconduct as the me too movement was gaining momentum u s is among sixteen countries now demand of the european union relaxes regulations on pesticides we have more from teri schultz signatories to the wt a complaint argue that overly cautious you policies he's on the use of pesticides another potentially dangerous substances are harming farmers worldwide by banning products the trading partners considered safe the country's calling the e u t used a commonly accepted science based methods of determining tolerance level for potentially

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