Jamal Crawford


And. What. Forty eight. I'm Howard Beck senior NBA writer for Bleacher report. It's September fourteenth as I'm taping this, we are a week away from some teams holding their media days and starting training camp. The teams that are going overseas. They get the early start. Everybody else starts a couple of days later. The season is almost here my God. How did that happen? Summer's almost over and yet Jamal, Crawford my guest today unsigned at least unsigned as I tape this things could happen any minute. In fact, during our interview, he got a call that he did not answer from his agent who knows maybe by the time, this thing post Jamal, Crawford, we'll have a New Jersey to add to his collection certainly hoping. So of course, Jamal three times six men of the year and one of the best all around guys just in the NBA everybody loves Jamal media guys like me, love Jamal. His teammates have always loved Jamal. Just always very pleasant to be around always as a smile and something nice to say and one of the most killer crossovers by the way in. NBA history. He insists not over it. He is thirty eight. He is heading into what will be his nineteenth season. Assuming that a contract is forthcoming and this is a different kind of summer for Jamal. He always pretty much knew where he was going to be. And here he is at at thirty eight, having opted out of a four and a half million dollar option with Minnesota, and there was a gamble involved there, but he's pretty confident that gambles gonna pay off. He's looking for what he calls the right fit. We talk about what fit means. We talk about why he decided to leave money on the table and leave Minnesota after just that one season with what a lot of people feel like is a fairly promising team and that just just broke through and an ended its playoff drought. So. That discussion that that decision was an interesting one. And so we we got into that m just reflected on a lot of stuff about his career because it's been a really interesting career. Many twists and turns along the way we talk about the best advice he's ever gotten. We talk about, hey, particularly. Say vivid lesson that he got from Larry Brown during their one-season together in New York. That one was interesting and then fun one towards the end. Jamal Crawford has talked about how he wants snuck into the great western forum where the Lakers used to play to go see Lakers bulls in nineteen ninety-five, everybody at some point. It sounds like LA snuck into the form. So I asked him, oh, why? Why? How is it? Is it that everybody has snuck into the forum? And what did he see that day? What did he remember most about that particular night? Because it was it was really interesting. And then just a couple of other fun things along the way, what's been most satisfying in his career, how he reflects on it, what he's most proud of, not that it's over yet, but we are getting toward the end and guys at his age at that position as a guard, generally don't make it much for that. So hopefully we see Jamal Crawford in another jersey sometime soon. Training camps opening soon, really fun interview with your mom. Think you're gonna love it. And so we will be back with Jamal Crawford and just. Just a minute sustained around, you know, it's not smart. Jobsites overwhelm you with tons of the wrong resumes, but you know what is mart? ZipRecruiter dot com slash full forty-eight. Unlike other job sites, ZipRecruiter doesn't wait for candidates to find you. ZipRecruiter finds them for you. It's powerful matching technology scans, thousands of resumes identifies people with the right skills, education and experience for your job and actively invites them to apply. 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Download the app, visit VR, dot life, more fly over Edison in subscription purchase. Additional terms may apply. People do and that voice of SIMS on left go, you know us from a podcast called Simpson left go, but now we got a new show. We get a little difference. We're kinda going to be big time going to ball gonna, talk sports and culture, too. I'm gonna teach SIMS. The internet. We're going to have players onset. We're gonna go out and mess with them. It's going to be a lot of fun. It is. We're going to be on the streets. We're talking to fans. We're gonna try to educate everybody and have a good time. So check it out the be our app, eight PM's on Wednesday, PM shut up. Now joined by eight three time NBA six men of the year and current free-agent, which is a weird thing to say in September, Jamal, Crawford JC, how you doing man. I'm great. How are you doing? I'm doing well. I'm doing well. It's September fourteenth camps opening like ten days. You're not on a roster. Do you wanna break any news here on this Friday afternoon? Unfortunately, I've no news break. You're right. Should different position being, you know, never experiencing. This is the first time I signed with the different team. It was with New York and that seemed like forever. And that was like August six met seem like forever. This is a whole five weeks passed that. So now it's just like, oh, this is interesting, but you know different, but I'm not worried at all, to be honest with the very calm just being patient, is it strange? I mean, you're I met very few guys in the my time covering the league who are as big of a gym rat and it just as you talk about all the time you're in love with the game. You truly love this game to be in this position. Is it you know? You said you're not worried, is it strange little unsettling? Are you how do you? What's the motions as camps approach and everybody else's gearing up for me, it's a little strange, but I don't know. Like. In a different way, businesses usual like normally when I say that, I mean, normally, you know, I moved my family wherever we we're going, we kind of, no, we'd be the kids being school by into August beginning September now. Okay. You still here. So the family stay here this year. The kids go to school and Seattle, and you're just workout new and just wait. And then when something opens up, just the right fit right situation, you know go from there. I think that's the part, probably all that fans don't. Truly appreciate that. You know, it doesn't matter what you guys make. It doesn't matter how glamorous the league seems. There's some like real world real life concerns that would that anybody would have, which is like, oh, well, where my kids going to school next year, like some pretty basic, very important stuff is that the biggest stressor for something like this. I mean you, you've put that aside by just having being Seattle and not not worrying about moving them, but the stuff like that, like you don't know how far you'll be from them. This coming seat him. Absolutely. And obviously, you know, my wife and adult, but even with that kids having to talk to the kids like this, the first time we'll be separate as far as you know, them standing place me in the season, the play. So that was like a heart kind of situation, you know, car conversation with the kids once they got in school and I got acclimated knows school. They really light in their friends are still here. They see every single summer. 'cause always been home for me. Then adjustment start to be like easier right now. I'm still taking school picking them up and all that stuff is making the transition a lot easier. And then you know. So that's the hardest part for me. I'm like, you know what? I can jumping go anywhere going apartment, be ready to go. So the hard part I feel like it's over with as far as you know, getting the kids and family acclimate, did you actually move them the last couple times where they in school in l. a. and then Minnesota? Absolutely. In school in LA you know, last five years. They weren't school in Minnesota. And the reason I moving Minnesota's because I will be there. A lot longer not worth, but it just wasn't the right situation fit. So you know, but I moved in there and then we actually moved back. So yeah, they've been everywhere I've been. Have you considered what it's going to be like, because obviously I I've no doubt you're gonna catch on somewhere soon here we don't know where that'll be. Have you considered what is going to be like to actually have to make that decision that separation that you haven't had to have that with your family since since you started since your family came out now you now almost inevitable. Right? So you kind of mentally prepare them? I'm prepared for it, of course, will be even more whenever I go somewhere goes a week or two weeks and even on long roaches. Right? You've gone but we can have two week you come back with him, you know, it can be a little bit different. You know, we're trying to map out beings to, you know, holidays days off and things that nature can still find time to siege throughout the course of that's not being together. Yeah. And if you end up in the Western Conference, you'll get trips to Portland, which is short. Drive away shortish. Sadly the NBA schedule still does not include Seattle. We can talk about that later Sunday. It will hopefully be back there buddy Marc spears on the jump. The other day said that he spoke with you your with you that the Lakers Sixers in warriors were the possible three destinations. Is that the case for you right now? Are you, are you deciding between them or they still deciding on you? What clarity can you bring that. You know this whole thing, we've been conversations with so many things. I mean, like I've been free a free agent clearly too much. So we've talked to canes for sure, but I wouldn't say anything, you know, like concrete out there, you know if it was and that's something to look at. But right now, I think it's more so in conversation. It's not just those teams. Other teams you're seeing, you know what teams are thinking, which direction are going, you know, just being nature. So I was as more conversations out there anything. But like I say, we've been doing this for too much now. So we talked with everybody. Of course, you've talked about it being about fit, which is kind of like once entirely understandable description or goal, and also very vague. All right, so so there's there's all these different considerations when guys are free agents said various stages of their career, and you are toward toward the end here. And so there's, there's the ring chasing. There's the people who go still go for the money. Trevor Aretha cashed in your former team at New York. Nice fifteen million dollar bonus. You'll go into Phoenix that he couldn't have gotten in Houston and probably figured that's his last big payday. So there's that consideration their city. There's teammates role of course minutes shots, which of these is kind of near the top for you right now when you talk about fit more. So you know there's so many different options even can't be too. You can help the team that Cologne making the next leap or next down, get into the line, or you can help your team on the bottom trying to work your way up and trying to foundation the culture. So there's different ways you can, you know, have a role and having portent in. But for me. When I say it, I think more so just people in racing team racing for, you know, and like you said, I lead a long time. I'm not trying to trick anybody. You kinda know what you're getting this point, you know. So it's not like, hey, I want somebody who I think kind. Made me more so than just wants me via of me. I got whatever role that could be. It could be, you know, it's not necessarily a shot number. I'm not into that part of it is just the fit. Like I, I wanna have fun. You know these last however, many years I wanna enjoy the game in last year. Wasn't that much fun for me? You know, for me, I really wanna enjoy this and and go from there. Which makes a lot of sense. And you're right like that could that could be a lot of different things. You know if it were a young team that needed you to come in and be a bit of a leader in the locker room, but also, you know, you know, some teams are like young interesting, exciting if they're not winning a lot like that could be satisfying for you. I'm sure you've been on all kinds of teams. You've been on clipper team. So many. So I'll be on the team chasing the championship with the Quakers team, Minnesota, who was trying to make the playoffs to make that makes that which we did on team in New York where we're trying to like, it was so much you're there. I mean, so much coming out from so many different angles and never could piece together. And I was on young team and Chicago, you know, we were the youngest team league for the first two years. I'll team Atlanta who were in the playoffs already one, you know, take the next step. So I've been in so many situations and I feel like I can, you know, a lot of situations, but I'm reenergize to be honest with you, like this four to a season, it's so long. And it's so funny to me when people. Aw, slowing down saying, well, look at my numbers since everybody. My minutes in Saudi coming down the last five years. So of course naturally my scoring go there like you don't say, hey, take this fifty dollars to bring back a hundred dollars Jordan's like that doesn't work. If you wanna hang on for your Jordan's you'll get George. I mean, so yeah. I mean, so funny like simple if somebody minute shot come down, of course, they're, they're scoring there, but I think consistently I've been pretty consistent bring to the table and not only that I think that's person's character to, hey, you wanna sacrifice a little left this year for the betterment of the group. No problem. I'll keep doing whatever, but don't criticize you say he's on down. It's not the same virginity. You know what I mean like that. That's okay. Yeah. And I think that happens a lot. These things get over simplified, all these, all these dumb people in the media. We don't know what we're talking about. But I get what you're saying that you know the role changes the minutes come down, you accept some sacrifice. And then yeah, media people raise the concerns or speculate that that you're tailing off and in your case, it's also because they looked down and they say, oh my God, Jamal, even though he still looks like he's a rookie. 'cause you've never aged. You're thirty eight. And so people I think expect its dissipation, right? Jamal, they're expecting you to slow down, but I was I looked this up before before I came in studio today. Your two point percentage last year forget overall feel go percentage because it's so distracting. There's so many three point attempts these days in the NBA like people need to separate this out. Your two point percentage you shut four seventy seven from two last season. That was your highest since I'm looking back since two thousand twelve thirteen. And like as I get it right, this young man today I understand in points you're supposed to slow down. Let's go the furniture history and seventeen year mortar play on the last three years. I've only missed five games haven't read it only like. So it's like one point. If you look at a lot of people are not rely on there is much right. And I think it's more to look at the person say, hey, there's slower or did not get that, like that's going to happen at some point for everybody. I get it. But if you're saying, hey, numbers are coming down. But yeah, if other factors in that then how can you like punish them for that? And I get our point. This is n. wave kinda rarified air Bianchi like nobody is as Hugh saying, hey, look and saying, let me people's pictures on the years came the two years. The eleventh year fifteen PF they make and they change in their style. On the back of easily be the guy just sits in the corner, say, hey, I'd be a catch. It should like I'm still getting the ball. I'm studying kicking rope like this. So. Oh. Fascinating to hear some of those things. It's all part of. I mean, the strength of your game has been that ability to just kind of to create for yourself, create for for teammates to an extent of senior as a great passer at times too. When when that was the was the priority, you can get two spots. You can get your shot off pretty much anytime is that part of your game, you still intact at that level. Like, okay, whatever, whatever the role was us year signed tomorrow, you can still get to where you want on the court without a doubt, without a doubt that might even like being cocky or era. Then you know, it's not my style. My. I'm gonna be honest out will be the first one and say, you know what? I can't. I can't get a clean look anymore. Like it would be the first one minutes time to go hang out and play LA fitness. You mentioned Minnesota. I know you've addressed this a little bit, but I mean, listen, you opted out of a lot of money, four and a half million is nothing. Especially at this stage of your career, you've made enough. You can afford to to take that risk. But at the same time, four million four million and at this age that is probably harder to come by. You wouldn't make that that trade off for your free agency, unless you were one really confident about getting another good deal and to that things really weren't satisfying, like what you did help team that hadn't made the playoffs in one thousand years. Get back in what was unsatisfying about that year with the timber wolves. There were a lot of things on only be negative, Nancy, but for me, it just wasn't happy environment. Women happy. It wasn't a, it wasn't a lot would be to be honest with you, and they just wouldn't work like the money is one thing. I never. Played for money like never like, hey, you know, I have to get this amounts of play. Like I love the game. I'm gonna have happiness around on the positive environment. I went all those things and I just the money, whether work it's me be honest with you. I was like, there's no way. So you know, it was just it was not the right fit. I wouldn't say there's nothing wrong situation here that anybody, but it just wasn't the right fit for me and then just taking money take it. Never been about that. I say, when you go do out his deal and look for the right fit. And if you take a little bit longer fourteen to comes to issue a little bit longer, I'm at peace with if you told me the situation play out. In the same way, I wouldn't have signed timber still be out. You. We talked about this earlier. You have been in all these different kinds of situations, contending teams in LA a really rough year in Portland, some some good transitional years. I feel like in Atlanta where you really kind of found your groove as being a sixth man for the first time and kind of defined this latter half of your career, and then you were with, of course, some of the most dysfunctional teams I've ever seen in my life here in New York. When I was in beat writer, does the fact that you went through some really just bizarre and tense years in New York? Does that kind of feed into how you look at teams now in your own opportunities like Minnesota, listen, you know something something amiss there, right? There's too much noise for to conclude otherwise about the locker room or relations between young guys and vets and whatever. I'm not expecting you to spill big locker room secrets here, but I feel like that's kind of what's in the background here. Does your does that early experience with New York kind of inform your your vision of this where it's like, hey, I don't. I've seen in done this. Binning in screwed up situation. I don't. I don't need to be in a tense locker room again. That's just not fun. I think just my overall experience, you're saying not just New York. Chicago. I was in Golden State, you know, for a year in between the we believe team in transition there and then I was in Portland, like you said in the lockout Russ year, and it's funny. 'cause I remember people he'd laws there be slowed down thirty thirty one. And that was six years ago. Saying one more day, but it was. It was interesting because people have been time like all he's in east down, not saying what I was saying the whole time with. No, it had nothing to do with me. It's not the right him being you differently. LA. I'll show you when I get to layer on that. Oh, my gosh, like you're right. I was like here. I'm not gonna ever like like it was. It just wasn't. The right fit is hard to catch random. It's hard to kind of, I wanna say, put your 'cause you put your every time. It's just not the right fit, and it's not the right Renan you play. I think you play in thought it makes you a stack slower because you know the game is instated. It happened so fast. It's flowing. And if you're thinking you argue slow, you know. So I think I played in a lot even last year, but especially important you say about last thing? I'm Minnesota. Are there some serious concerns there? I mean, is that is that team going to have to? Are they in for some, you know, rocky waters here until they figure out. Whether it's honest. Close the Minnesota Chakra, so I don't even know what's going on so much anymore. Like Jim Yalies. Other than me close. Some of the guys that I don't wanna close that chapter. Yeah, it's it's the welding problem now. He can go figure it out. I know the answer this question, but I'll ask it anyway. Do you think there's any chance it's just over like this? Is it like last was. If it got to a point where and I'm not saying it's happening this year. But like when it gets to that point, if you feel like you still got something left, whether it's now a year from now and if the NBA just no one comes calling with the way that you are about the game, could you see Europe, China, big three is do could you see extending yourself out with one of these other opportunities? I wouldn't go too far away from that will be out, could be honest with you. I don't know. I don't know. Time comes, I'll tell you, I appreciate that. On the go to be three, maybe try this and I'm just going to like I LA fitting or lifetime pure people up there. I know I feel like ten years from now. If I just wandered into a Seattle, like health clubs somewhere, you're still going to be out there just like shredding guys cure. Nothing crazy. I can definitely be you not much game, so you're standing and you're still gonna look exactly as you did today. I met you two thousand four, whatever, and it's gonna. Piss me off. Right, right. So if I told you in two thousand four, I'm like, you know what? Fourteen years from now playing. I'll be double figures. You looked at me like crazy. Probably. Yeah, I, I don't. I don't think I knew you well enough to realize how how much that passionate would carry you through all those twists and turns. But yeah, but but also by the way, guys at your position and your size, don't linger. This long in the NBA. Usually it's hard to get to thirty eight as a guard in the NBA bigs big, extend their career to forty, but not not guards exactly about the people who do long usually are the guy to like hall of famers the locks, right? Like the dark Vinci's guys like that. They usually mounted guy. So yeah. You're right. I was going to ask you about MONUC because on Zach, Lowe's podcast. Last week, we talked about guys the next group of hall of fame potential guys, whether they're eligible now or will be soon. And of course, having just retired. A few years out, but I feel like you and mom in different ways, really kind of redefined six men like he's a guy who everybody knew could have been a starter on those championship teams, but he sacrificed stature, didn't really sacrifice minutes are scoring on thinking, maybe some minutes, but by being six men. And that's a lot of what people love about mono. In addition to his game, your transition was a little bit different for that. I know it wasn't something you want to necessarily embrace right off the bat, but you win three, six man of the year awards. And people view you as a guy who was an absolute asset. Every team he was on debut mono as critical piece of a champion. Do feel like in different ways you guys kind of, you know, redefined or elevated that that role in a sense because it's always been an award in the NBA. I understand that, but I don't know that it had some of the stature attached to it as it may not. I think obviously. Great. Great. Great. In the great sixty, never kinda material Ricky peers and get lift shrimp guys like that minute. I wanna league before my new technically, I guess play before it yet, but he was a six man long before I was, you know? So he was the guy, hey, this can do it. I can make the transition. Jason was another one. It was a great man, right? I think was longer when he was the one guy, this guy can feel like, you know, we both kind of the games kind of being unforgettable player, own style play. So really easy look at him, hey, you know what? If he can do it and pull it off and makes a lot easier for me because my news. Great, you know, he's a great player and on those teams we're still special, but he was like the XBox, he's the difference maker for them. And then they just a lot easier actually twentieth that when he retired, he was the one guy I looked at like, you know, he's helped me from a distance and doesn't. Yeah. And you know to be clear, obviously, there have been great six-minute, NBA history, and some very important players have won the award. But I feel like especially in this modern era, there was a time there were, you know, that was something that guy's really resisted. It wasn't something that guys embrace necessarily the same level. For sure because it was like, hey, none of us grew up being a six man. We're all the stars players team while the best players in the country high school college, so on and so forth and keeps going. But he was the guy said, you know, he's so talented, so good. If he can do it, everybody can be quiet and do it, you know? So he was the guy really ushered in that new six. We talked about your longevity and I know you've addressed this a little bit before, but I mean as you as you prepare for what would be your what nineteen th year. Which is incredible. Again, guards generally don't make it that long and certainly not in significant roles. What do you think it's been the key to to that longevity for you in? Is that something that when you're around the younger guys, you know, Wiggins and Karl Anthony towns, whoever other guys you've encountered relate of the years, is that something they ask you about? How do I stay around that long? Is that part of the the advice you give afternoon. I think I four to stay in love with the game. When you stay in love with it, you'll do all the things that comes along with plan when his code reform roller stretching exercise, or you know, like all those things tie into it, but it goes back to sound just purely Levin the gay. So standing with the game, not sidetrack with that, taken care of this alluded to not putting bad things in about not quitting alcohol drugs, any of that stuff in your body. You know, your body is a fine, fine fine to automobile. You input bad gas in the simplest form, so you wouldn't put the cheapest gas in the best vehicle. So I think doing that part, I think maintenance, some guys only take care of themselves when they get hurt, feel like something's coming just doing the things they could be doing. Prevent that. I think that I think standing state is a big thing. You know, a lot of guys take time off in the summer and pick up a ball around this time or whatever. But if you stay in shape, I think your body those muscles are used to. There used to be an active. So the injury don't happen. And then I think, got you know because you can do a lot of right things still get injured and things that makes regret is being blessing that way. But I think when you're good for the game games, good to you, so I would say it. If they're gonna love the guy. I can't remember the last time I'm knocking on wood and whatever else they got around me. I can't remember less significant injury. What's the most significant injury you've had in your career? FIA that was going into my second year. Right? Yeah. At that time, the ACLU was like the dig like, oh, no, you get that you could be done, you know. So that was one of my second year, two thousand one. And that was the last time I had like a major major injury, the rest of being like, you know, I got an even the cast. I had any cool small thing a long time ago. But yeah, the record been kind of a small things compared to that. Do you tribute to the fact that you have stayed in shape year round that you've obviously you're, you gotta really slim build, so you don't got a lot of extra, you know. Wait and strain on your joints and everything you mentioned. Well, you don't drink. There's some dumb luck involved to, right. Let's acknowledge that. Being blessed that way, but definitely should be. I said before you took a job back in LA. Right? And your your home in New York for nineteen months. He came back in the summer and you came back and you turn on the lights and try to start the car right up after taking those nine months off being away, the Carmen started like that. You know many to jump I or the life mate pop. You put him on the body, you know, when people take off so much time and they come back, they bite doesn't feel as good. You know, injuries start happening injury start lingering, you know things pop things that nature. But if you just keep the muscles going, maybe not even the NBA level you know, with even if you just keep in fire and keep them use in use in going, I think I think you lawyer Shanti strangers for sure. Again, I don't want to say this asking in a way that suggests that you're at the end, but you're close to the end. You've seen a lot and you've done a lot in your career. So I just I thought it'd be interesting just to ask like as you reflecting a little bit in this moment before you figure out where the next move is. Have you thought about like just the breadth of your career, what the things you're most proud of our when you're talking to your kids about it or when you're relating about it to two guys coming up now. What stands out to you that about your own career? What are you most proud over? What's your best memories of the last eighteen years? I would say thing most proud of is actually my camp. Almost proud of is that I was able to versity when I mean, my dad is on rarely had eighteen different cultures in eighteen years. So imagine that graces Monte play for one coach for soccer. So I play eighteen different than I had just not only adjust. I found a way to survive but thrive. You know, like in different situations, eighteen different coaches. It's almost like if you're a four year college player and you have a coach your freshman year and you had a lot of success. Your software new coaches coming in and he's like, you see different way to use you like, you know what? You're stuck fights more for the team. Joe year. Another coast comes in. He like, you know what? We're just gonna. Bring you off the bench. You feel like you're a spark plug or whatever you're saying here, I know the coast like, you know what? I know you're playing to guard leading point this. You back. Up on the east coast different ways, and it's been a plus from camping. I learned a lot in philosophy, coaching team, not closely, but it's just adjust every single year Nali do that. I kinda, you know, really nice for myself even having to deal with that. And I think I'm most proud of and for a lot of players in the NBA other than the the true elite, the best of the best, the MVP type guys, the perennial all stars. They just do what they do, right? Like the coach pretty much has to adjust to them for. Yeah, for sure everybody, everybody else has to be flexible for sure. And the fact that you know being a score being consistent, like average double figures for the last sixteen years in a row. Some people play sixteen is average double sixteen straight years. Even with these different coaches every year. So you know, I do prime, my cellphone, no doubt. I know you can do this and it's always amusing, it's going to ask it list the eighteen coaches. Gosh, go. Ego. Tim Floyd be only Pete. Myers do a car right stuff Scott. Then we went to New York and we had Lenny Wilkens. We had herb Williams. I did. Thomas Blair Brown might tell me and we went to go and state. We had Don Nelson. Then from there we went to Atlanta. We had Mike within Larry jer start chain from there. We went to Portland, Maine, McMillan. Kayla analysis, fourteen fifteen. They went to the clippers and we had Vinnie Negra sixteen dot favors seventeen in give it all in Minnesota. That's just incredible. Not not to won't ask you to rank or say, who was good or bad, who's your favorite to play for. I did. And I think Mike would it was really good. Dacas loin place, Lord, I think Danielson place for some. I. Then Tony, I didn't have long. I'm saying everybody. Teaches the, I can't. You got, you got a lot of hall of famers in that list by the way, whether hall of famers coach or player. There's there's some serious serious. When he was play for coach. I was on it. On some ways. All gonna get which which of those guys taught you a lesson that you carry through to this day. Like is there specific thing that one of them said that you still site today. Yeah. And he was probably the best teacher he said, and he was he was one years in New York, and he was like, you know, you can have a big bucket of ice cream, big brand new bucket of ice cream in a bird. You're eating outside, and the bird flies over and he posts in ice cream. You don't scoop out the poop, poop of the cream. The Hawaii screams room. So. Translation was you could have it really team, but if you have one in bad apple, you can ruin thanks for everybody. So. Yeah, yeah, that is a a really good and really gross analogy. Larry Brown. Hit home. Also the kind of thing that can happen when you're just wondering around New York with like a Cup of ice cream in your hands. Exactly. I assume that was the strangest most stressful season. You've been part of. Music. Which one was, but you'd be surprised what most stressful. It was another New York year or somewhere else entirely somewhere entirely. Wow, wow. See, that's an upset that's an up grant. This would be my New York bias. My east coast bias, I would have just assumed having seen the Knicks stuff up close at that would have been the toughest. Strange a while, but it wasn't the most stressful. I mean, for people who don't know, we had Larry and Stefan marberry feuding and Maureen Isaiah feuding and Larry feuding. And then St. Francis comes in and there's all this other craziness going. There was just there was just a lot of stuff that was that was I think the single weirdest season I ever covered and probably just like the most bizarre non basketball stories. New York, New York. Nick. I assume you just got used to it by the end. What's the worst advice you ever got the worst vice. I'm not sure I'll got like really bad used to be. There was some examples. I didn't wanna follow early in my career things I didn't wanna follow. It wasn't like that wasn't like, you know, keep telling me do some things they were doing so that vice, there was examples. I saw that they want follow that. Yeah, that was. I was situation situations I was looking back at, there's a phenomenal. You've had a couple of really great stories written about you, Mike Weiss for the end of feed it a couple years ago, and they think Chris Ballard. Unbelievable, incredible stories. And in two of the best in in our field in terms of covering the NBA and just great storytellers. But I was glancing back at Mike wise is peace the morning, and there's two things I want to ask you about one is this you mentioned in the story or he writes that when you were living in LA as a kid for for a time that you snuck into the form and nineteen ninety-five during Magic Johnson's comeback to to see a Lakers bulls game, and what's what jumped out about that is not the fact that you were going to see Lakers bulls in the heyday of the bulls and and seeing Magic's comeback. But the fact that you're like the eight hundred person who lived in LA who has a kid. So they snuck into the form the form heavily worst security of any arena on earth. How does everybody sneak into the phone pretty bad that the game. I remember. The game. That was the one time I ever seen proxy. Cool. And funny because that is the time that I mean when he just passed away yesterday twenty years ago. But yeah, he ever seen people are cool. So the not only did I sneak in, but I was able to kind of get close enough to where the rallies work with the players walked any locker room. And I remember it was should night walk through in the mindset of were like this quiet like deathly quiet acting so quiet missile every. Cousy walk through and everybody screaming LL as you walk into lock. Oh, you're, you're thinking, all those celebrities are going into the players locker, not knowing back area. They kind of wait at, you know what I mean as a kid. You don't know that. So Dan to talk through and duck, and he smile and people trying to grab him. It was like unbelievable. And to this day will actually find a few months ago actually saw video when he actually walked out of the form club. We had on everything, but there's actually video footage of when he left that area. They walked out the form that day. So what do you remember about the game itself? The Lakers loss and Michael Jordan on the show. I think he'd be like a fake. Lewis is in Asia, jumped in the air forty to one hundred one. When on the ram and came off one hand spectacular, and they had a great, great, great game that game. They had twenty or thirty that game. So this is probably ninety five ninety six after Jordan's back, right? It had to be because to only on death row for like eleven months. So it was like ninety five hundred sixty first game back when the bulls play. He look paying back on the bulls play the Lakers after magic decide comeback. I'm finding December sixteenth nineteen ninety-five. That sounds right. Yeah. About right. Kaku ninety six. Yeah, that's about right one one. Eight bulls one eight two eight. So it's route depicting thirty thirty three thirty three fourteen I remember. I remember he had like if you go to look at. And look. I think he had thirty three quarters. Whoa, this as a team, I'm looking looking in Jumbotron the big screen hit thirty beginning the fourth of the thirty points. I remember that. Well, he he obviously killing it that game and he had to because Michael Jordan who everybody believes never missed a shot and this entire life was five for twenty. In that game he's probably put on. So for two Pac man. Another back story about this story is should night in a different interview, say yeah, to first NBA game and the bulls Lakers. So I'm like, wow, that was the first thing game to talk ever seeing. You know, all these later. I'm looking back. I in game and I remember being there if you go back and look at the people was there for sure. MC hammer. Was there the whole fro- clan, and then they'll wasn't with them, but he all you know, they all walked me saints on what after. All right. So you can say it now because like the statute of limitations has long since over and there's no basketball at the form anymore. How did you get in if you snuck in? Well, there'd be random doors and you just had to find it. You had to walk out. It could be different every day or to be saying biggest were very lax and maybe random door. That'd be open. You get in once I got in, I knew a guy who actually worked there. So once I got in, I'll find him and he put me in a certain seat. If somebody came to the, I'll just get up and move the next and just kind of do. That hogan. I income late arriving when your kid think all their later, Ivan crowd, like all this here I love. I'm beyond talent. So. My eight thirteen fourteen fifteen. How many games did you sneak into. At least twenty years while at least more least it was almost like me and my friend, we're going like we had tickets. We know we're getting tonight. So you know. That's funny. I bring it up in part because like I've heard Byron Scott, say that when he was growing up, he's sneaking heard. I think Paul Pierce said it like any any kid who grew up in LA during the of the forum at some point. It sounds like snuck in. I don't know how it held all these kids. Absolutely. You think it's a little harder to sneak into an MBA arena now, for sure, no way around that. Definitely security. Well, hopefully you're not going to have to sneak in. You're going to be signed somewhere soon and you'll be back in jersey. For me. Pointing cheer for sure. When are we getting team back in Seattle? Have you, have you ever participated in any of that locally trying to to lobby or get investors on board or whoever. It's going to be that it's going to get this thing moving again. Sure. Have. I'm copying that we team species Walla glove, like in five years, but I'm really confident that the Knicks came back. I just feel like the time before that we seen our fan base, like if the storm, the Seahawks Sounders matters, you know, we have to really team great fan base and guys coming. Never been big time actually fall in love with it, you know? So hopefully it seemed like there. Yeah, see, I got admit, I'm a little bit torn Jamal. I love Seattle. I loved going there during my Laker beat writing days. So that was two trips a year guaranteed. And I did cover Laker sonic series. I think my first year on the beat great city and we all miss it in the NBA, but I don't want them to expand feel like thirty teams as the right number. I feel like you add fifteen more players. It's just going to dilute things too much. There's already teams that just I think our unwatchable because there's just not enough talent. There's NBA level talent, but not like all star type. None of all star talent to go around, especially with guys all conglomerate a couple of cities and joining up. So I'm torn here. I wanna see basketball back and Seattle, but I feel like it's got to be a team that sadly gets moved again. We'll be. I'll be. Be the way. Could be a team in because I, I know how we felt king Louis. I'll hate to have to maintain, but you know, we'll see play out. Before let you go. I thought I, this, that you Zach Lowe a few days ago, did his list of hall of fame absurdities the things that it would be a new hall of fame wing, all of the weirdest things that have happened in the NBA. It would be its own museum. It's a series of exhibits in the museum. So it'd be things like the banana boat with with Chris Paul, Braun and Dwayne Wade or the entire emoji war on the night of the de'andre Jordan situation candidates for the you've seen everything. We have candidates for the hall of absurdities. I don't think you were involved in any of these by the way. Think about that. Not Andrew, Jordan emoji war you weren't. You weren't. Where were you in that? I wasn't there. I didn't have emoji though. So you love that blackberry. Maybe the start situation. I mean, that was so yes. Yeah, these are mostly more lighthearted ones. So yeah, that wings. Ghana was definitely not like heart. So yeah, I'll have to think about that. Yeah, yeah. All right. Well, work on that and we'll get you back on at some points and we can discuss absurdities and other fun stuff. And next time we talk, I can't wait to see which jersey you're wearing, but I know you'll be back somewhere very soon plan. Appreciate it back. Thank you. The full forty eight is available each week on the Bleacher report app and you can subscribe for free at podcasts. Please leave us a rating while you're there four or five stars, whatever you're comfortable with and give us a review at the same time. It helps the pot out a lot. We really appreciate it. Thanks again and we'll see an. Hey, it's Matt Cam for Bleacher report and Sirius XM. And if you want to win and fantasy football this year, then subscribe to my podcast fantasy camp. Who should you start? Who should you sit? Should you add who's to do drop trade? 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