EP022 What is your definition of success?


What is your definition of success and why should you define it? Let's find out. Okay here's the question. How are we dark horses? You know the ones everyone is betting against the ones. They don't expect to win place or even show on track and they'll even laugh on us we talk about trying. How do we show the world greatness in triumph? Well that's the question and this podcast will give you the answers. This is the Dark Horse Entrepreneur. Tracey Bregman. Hello my dirk course friends and family and welcome back to your daily dose of change my life in fifteen minutes or less learning I'm your darkhorse host Tracey Bregman you yep, that's infinitely more important. You are driven entrepreneur a business owner or hoping to be one very soon. Either way you're here because you're ready to start restart kick start or start leveling up with some great marketing. Personal or business tips and results in order to build that beautiful business of yours into the empire, it absolutely deserves to be so welcome back again to your daily dose of Darkhorse success, we're going to deep dive into success including accessible advice in tips and steps designed to help you level up your game because as we know when you when it comes to success, there are no shortcuts. So, let me ask you a question why success I mean it for me. I'll even say for us dark horses and driven entrepreneurs. We are at some level driven by a desire to feel important. Now don't get me wrong when I say that I'm not talking about importance in stature fame or anything like that although some of you may be driven by that and it's all. Good. However, the importance that I'm really speaking of is that we wanna feel that our lives have made an impact in a positive way somewhere deepen our core. We WanNa know that the world is just even tiniest bit better because we were in it especially after we're gone so you could say the success could be a way of estimating or grading or evaluating that impact right? So think about it and I'm betting because you're listening to this podcast that you have more you. You want more, you want to more be more do more but for those that are not so driven like you and I write they perhaps they just want to get to a day's worth of work and maybe catch an episode of their favorite program on net flakes while they're eating dinner before they kinda pass out on their couch or armchair whatever it is I sit on right on the other hand right there. Are Those real heroes out there spending almost full twenty, four hours of any given day saving lives in operating rooms in Ers in vehicles with red and blue lights were wearing camouflage pecking automatic weapons often some far off distance locale on this great plant. Heck. They might be here in the United States doing the same thing right? Still others they're they're creating these amazing works of art in various forms they're going to touch the lives and hearts of millions of people. Still others are donating buildings, colleges, and entire hospitals to cities. Here's the thing. No matter where you might fall on that pretty wide arkie is laid out. One thing will forever be true. That do not aspire to success will never get it. Yeah. There is right and thanks for joining us now. See, and here's the cool thing about it. Well, I don't know if it's cool thing here I, think it's Kinda. Cool. He you're GonNa have to be Ray for success when it presents itself. And on top of that, you're going to have to doggedly pursue it with a passion to find that presentation in the first place. Right so now you've got to go after it to get it. You gotta you gotTa Chase it right. You're not gonNA find that girl or guy if you don't chase them down, right you don't look for him. Now here's the thing. Let let's be honest here for cigarettes. Well, let's be honest all the time or The definition of success is very personal to and for each of us however in my half a century plus on this wonderful plan, I have found that most people will include the following in their personal definition of success. Now, one of those things is living your dreams will whatever that means to you to be able to get out here in live your dream whether it be in a mansion in a little cabin in the mountains lakeside you know beat side whatever it is living your dream as usually party definition success living every with passion is another one to be get up it new, put your feet on I'm GonNa take off running because you are that passionate about what's going on in your world in your in that day. having true wealth That's usually one that what I mean by true wealth is knowing you haven't more than you need maybe things you want you don't have yet, but I'm talking about you have everything you need. You still got some leftover right that's I think for me true wealth. Next. Is Learning appreciation and gratitude. Most of the folks that have success real success have learned that appreciation and gratitude, and we've talked about this a number of times next one is Positively influencing the lives of others in some way. So many six real to me really successful people that one's at their core next one is true happiness right? What a Skinny. Whatever that means to you having that true happiness for that's having that right person in your in your life being able to positively influence. Maybe it's a combination of all these ones we've mentioned already, and then lastly having loved ones with whom you share all this with right. You can have all these great things, but he's got no one share it with isn't it kind of empty, right? Now for me. If you're if you're all about the Almighty dollar and that's your baseline for business for success not like I said, right the definite success is personal each and every one of us, and if that's your baseline for success that's cool. I got nothing against You no judgment zone here on that one right but no matter what your definition of success is if you pursue it with a passion and determination, you will ultimately get what it is. You want there it is however you that was coming in you however if your pursuit is All about that Almighty dollar, you most likely will find get what you want. But what you will find is when you get all those dollars is they're still so much missing from your life. A lot of those key items I just mentioned you know the living with passion living your dream and having the true wealth and you know appreciation grant all those things especially if have known to share it with so you know don't make all about it but hey, if you do, that's cool too. That's it's your world right limit your way. Now. As they say today Yep today's the first day of the rest of your life. Now, in the case of the dark horse show, we're talking about here it's the second day in your two, hundred sixty days and what I mean by that is. Dropping these daily episodes, you know five, a week, fifty, two weeks a year that's two, hundred, sixty days and I'm hoping that this podcast in those daily episode have a seriously positive impact on your life in in your business so I would urge you now to mark this day or or yesterday. As the day that you honestly make a commitment to change your life and Change Your Business for the better so that you can start living your dreams now as a part of that commitment take some time today heck. Now again in right down your definition of success. Now, as you do right as you grab that pen right now, Gay Tracy, I can do that and you start writing don't be general in your descriptions right? It's your success be purposeful be specific. Don't say I want lots of money. Come on right. But instead right V. puts managed to rat I have an annual income of put in your amount right I have a network net worth of putting your amount, right I have a network of how many people whatever it is whatever it is you want to be have or do I have a relationship built on honesty and trust whatever adjectives values that are important to you write those down seek. The key here is you WANNA be able to know without a shred of doubt when you have reached that goal or in this case, that level that level of define success. Now Mind you. This is just your definition of success today three, four, six, twelve months from now it might be. Or a lot different. So write down your definition of success in your health for your finances and your relationships for your business in any other areas in your life do you want to address now? Store that way in a safe place that you can come back later in three six, four, twelve months, right? And the you can review what you've cheat right. And how far you've come in both the achievement of your goals and your new and improved perspective as you travel along your journey towards those defined successes. How about that? Because here's what's going to happen. As you start traveling journey towards the success you that you outlined today, you're GONNA get some new perspectives, new inputs, new thoughts right and they might alter your New Vision of success a little bit. So you go under review that periodically. So that will be another step will address later on. All right my darkhorse friends and family get out there run your race, get your results and let me hear about them. You know the email address. Reach out to me. Let me know what you think. Right what actions you took what results that you got until tomorrow think successfully take action. Thank you for listening to the Dark Horse Entrepreneur podcast. Thanks for. Tuning. In check us out at www dot dark core schooling dot com. My name is Tracey Bregman.

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