All the coolest gadgets at CES 2019, Day 2 (The 3:59, Ep. 506)


Hello and welcome to see three fifty nine show coming to you live from day to of CAS twain, nineteen in Las Vegas. We're stationed here at the sands expo center area at known as Tet west. We're ready to kick off another day of this massive tech show. And what better way to start our day of live coverage with a special extended edition of Arthur fifty nine show. So I'm here with Roger Chang, and Ben FOX Ruben. So let's get to a quick overview of the hottest CAS new so far and to start. I would say Google has been taken everyone here for a ride literally. Probably one of the hottest attractions. We've got your say tracks attraction as is. This is the ride the Google the ride actually that's the call. It is a lot like Disney's at small world. It's not roller coaster, which is what we thought. It would be a we're showing right now, I would say an attraction aficionado would call this a dark ride. This is a slow moving ride with animatronic and music, and it's all about. Like a day in the life of a dad trying to get a birthday cake and trying to wrangle his kids. Exactly. And it really culminates into the dad going out to a French Baker. Who speaks French, and of course, pulls up the Google interpreter mode and gets his French translation before that he has to get rerouted Google for all sorts of things to help them get to schools credit. They were very self aware about this introduce it saying, you know, this part ride part marking start. Let's be honest with ourselves. So it was it was funny launch with this are huge. This is then why am I gonna face? How are they gonna one up this next year? You know, like they had this like giant booth last year where they really made a big splash in two thousand eighteen for twenty nine thousand and they have a ride. I mean, this thing is pretty impressive. But you do I suppose to do next year. You realize how much money Google makes? Yes, they've got a law. Smart people probably thinking about next. Hold on hold on. All right. They just made another billion dollars. You guys know I'm Disney nut, and I got to say in the little Twitter sphere of those of us who are really into rides and stuff. This is fascinating. Because this is the nineteen sixty four world's fair concept. The concept of getting an international audience together to talk about a product that's branded through a moving vehicle. That's what small world started as it was sponsored by UNICEF, FM, Pepsi and here Google has done. Another twist. It does look a little more like Pixar because it's modernized stomachs or that Galil look. Yeah. But you got the song. It's really cute. You know, you're teaching something. In fact, a lot of the Disney nerd fans are like why isn't this an Epcot because it has that feel like it really is about the future. Right. What can future technology be? And here you see the French Baker. He's going into everything's and different language and all of a sudden, use Google, the new translation ability and Bo make an order the cake and at the very end. You go you go, see grandma. It's just really cute. And there's a song. There's a song people. I don't see the light. I can't wait to ride this when I was seen Andrew Gephardt righted on the video on like I have to be there today. So I will find a way they'll find somewhere to put it. I mean like you're making such a good argument for having it's easy permanent somewhere. Just like take it lifted and put it in Epcot. There you go or maybe middle of Times Square in the parking lot of the wherever I wouldn't mind at this point probably take that long for me to get through the lines actually ride this thing. So I know what I'm doing for the rest of the days waiting in that line. So. Yeah. Part of it was also related to this news about the translation service. Right. Yeah. So Google interpreter mode is the new service that they unveiled your c- essays coming to a soon. I think it's an early beta mode, but you can't actually see it at Caesar's palace at the concierge desk. They've got an interpreter mode right there. We've been able to test it out it works well with common phrases, and I guess some uncommon ones. But it's at least. Recon Sierra to ask in terms of asking for restaurant recommendations, or whatever the bathroom. Where's the best Elvis impersonator? Right. Like, it's actually pretty effective. This is definitely a step up from the earlier Google translate service that they offer initially for assistant. Yeah. I think that I it definitely continues as promise from Google that it's going to help you aggregate, all the world's knowledge. I remember during one of their presentations, they had these pixel buds which also worked almost like a Babel fish, or whatever that they would be able to translate different languages. So I would be well, that's the thing is that you know, in trying to get to that promise. Maybe they're over promising a little too much, but this seems to work with twenty seven different languages, and obviously Google translate does a whole lot. So it is interesting to see Google continue to push to do this kind of thing. And definitely I mean, you probably can speak to this better. But in the assistant war, this is this is one of those potential killer, apps, right? Getting translation services to work. Well, really get you to think about Google assistant a different way. That's. A very very good point, especially because Google has this strength far more than Amazon does I'm sure Amazon has translation software, but it's not like an app that a lot of people use. It's not baked into your browser the same way. So I think if Google season opportunity to really leverage this, then maybe more people which over to Google assistant. But we'll say it's part of that future that we all kind of think about right like never having to worry just talking to someone. It's pretty cool and with that and the ride I would say Google is not the only one with skeet ride. I think a lot of future. Transportation talk was a buzz yesterday. Have you seen the helicopter the bell nexus? It's not really helicopter. Keep calling it a helicopter. It's it's not a helicopter, but but it's a futuristic like flying machine. So. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Now, we now have flying machines. I guess flying cars flying cars at. Yes. So there you go. The long hours of flying cars. They don't like flying cars that we were promised. We're in flying car supposed to be just like a car with like I dunno to boost your packs on the side of the theater. He's like a wing that pops out. Well, this is pretty this is pretty amazing. And the interesting thing here is Bill bell nexus is one is up for a contract with Uber. I at least one of the potential vendors to provide an air taxi that future air taxi concept that Uber was pushing. So maybe we will ride when these things through one day, you think so I mean, I'm a little skeptical. This is ever going to happen. It looks cool. It looks really futuristic. This is going to the mass market skeptical as well. But I really really want this to happen because I hate feisty traffic and anything that can get me out of traffic. I'm down for it. You just kind of fight through flying car traffic. It's down those. George Jetson was in traffic all the time. That's what happened Joe. How about that motorcycle? That can drive itself. Self-driving motorcycles on so dangerous. Just seems wrong. It's a concept from BMW, but CSS full of concepts. And so if you go to their area in the parking lot, this motorcycle is just driving around on its own. It's not meant to be something that would be a product. It's just showing that they have the smarts to do it. And to be able to learn with machine learning and kind of take that to another step that consumer could use. But oh, man, I feel very Terminator three right now. Kind of like transformers by. Yeah. That that's things going to like turn out and become your friend know, it's going to flip into a robot and to share this all. Hoffy. Nothing is going to kill us for. Sure great. It is a deceptive. Again, not another example of something that will almost certainly never hit the mass market. But maybe I don't know. Maybe I'm being a little too down on self driving cars there. Other autonomous cars here. Right. Believe there was a Mercedes Benz concept called a vision urban. Yeah. That one was pretty interesting. It's really futuristic looking and the roadshow team actually tested it out on the strip the idea there is that it's modular. So you can either it can be a people mover or it can be like a transporter of stuff, you just kind of like swap out different parts video of it now. But yeah, like really looks futuristic that one that one looks pretty cool. It's shut down the street to show this off see that's the thing is that with self driving cars, it's still such early technology that it's still not quite yet ready for market. And I don't know. We'll we'll see what ends up. Happening with this one. Yeah. I mean, it's Mercedes. So of course, it looks really nice. But yeah, again, it's gonna take a while for anyone of us as actually going to try this real world environment, right? Apparently this fits twelve people to fairly comfortably. So. Yeah. Really nice little leather couches there. It's a nice touch looks. Well, also, there's plenty of ways to have fun at CS without having future. Cars there's a lot of workout stuff. I've noticed like boxing related things more than one even one was like the box spot. I think you saw right. What boxer? Is this smart threat box boxing training? Could see it on the screen now, it's moving punching bag essentially, and she looks way way better than I am I cannot do this. I looked tired just looking at this guy chance to try it out. It's smart enough to move. It can duck and dodge could tell you could scan your stance, and it could tell you what you're moving when you should be moving four back. It's actually a really cool. And actually, I guess it gives you a pretty decent idea of how to be a better boxer or fighter again. Yeah. But here's the but it's nine hundred nine thousand dollars, and it looks like massive. Yeah. Nineteen thousand gotta be only for one Jim professional boxing. Yeah. This is probably coming into gyms or someone who's really really really rich. Well, there was also that kind of like boxing service that felt like peleton for boxing too. So yeah, there's there's there's a movement to see like all right? How can robotics kind of be incorporated in a workout? But also like more. My speed was in our thing. You got to check out the chessboard. Yes. This was definitely more. My I got tired looking at the the box the baht boxer. There was Tennessee Malaysian right behind it. As like, no. I'm wondering suit. I can't do this. Okay. So this rain is a square off chessboards one of the coolest things I've saw to show it, basically, it's fairly simple, right? See the chess pieces moving on their own you can play against an AI with twenty levels of difficulty or you can play more interesting when you could play remotely against someone who's using an app. Outside they use her app on their phone and the chess pieces will move in real in real life. Replicating the moves from the app. It looks a show. That's so big. So flashy. I was kind of nice nicest see, this kind of quiet thing. It was tucked in the booth background check west wind back. I barely find it. It was so small they are coming to the stage later, so I can't wait to check. It out. Also surprising that that too is nineteen thousand dollars. Closer to I believe four fifty four sixty nine. So that's still more than I anticipated. But I would probably use that product. And well that sounds set that grandmaster set you just saw there the coolest feature. I thought you hit the reset button and all the pieces move back into place. Like, oh, really? Yes. Very Harry Potter s you see those pieces move their little robotic arms underneath the board and magnets that basically pull them all together. And so I was cool were you playing the computer or someone else when you're doing? Between an app where you can actually access players or challenge players on chess dot com, and then they can play via their browser and it controls the board. Okay. Okay. I thought one again one of the coolest things I saw the show. Yeah, for sure. Well, I don't know. If you guys have any other cool things you want to highlight for me. I was excited to hear that the UB tech. Walker was back last year the Walker had no arms. It was just like a like a robotic body with legs. I was kicking soccer balls around and going downstairs, and now this guy looks like a full on Butler, and they can get you snacks. I mean, that's all I really one life. This is this is what Honda Asimo was trying to be right. And here OBI tag is done it. And in this demo with Andrew here. They were going around. He was getting different things for him even doing a few dances. Because you know, if you're going to have a robot that cost as much as a car, probably you might as well have a dance party or to Pringles, so helpful. Yeah. So it does look alike Asimov stores. That one's by Sony or no that was Honda. And they abandoned that project, but he goes dancing there. But with this one they even are working on their own, speech recognition technology, and they have other robots to is which were seen. So they have other robots for like when you're going shopping and stuff and being able to interact with consumers, and that's coming to America sometime and also at airports, you know, for customer service, but that actual humanoid one is good enough to be like in someone's home, if they need assistance, and that's the goal and had also we'll be able to understand your voice commands that is the market, right? The home like how much is would one of these things or do they not talking about last year? They were like expect to pay as much as a car, but we're not going to say, they still aren't saying, you know, what kind of car exactly so we are in a stage. It's so early for the idea of the companion robots something that can actually help someone with living assistance in the house. We've seen the cute little fuzzy doggies not fuzzy, but they're cute. We've seen all sorts of little like birds that go around and. Like, oh, I wanna companion pets. But this is actually like the first one I've seen that can be a helper in the house. Wow. Well, for me, it's I'm a mobile guy. And I know this isn't really a show for phones, but the honor view twenty was one of the highlights that I saw it was a it was a couple months ago in China. But we got a chance to see here in the US for the first time six point four inch display. It has one of those owned notch cutouts notch on the top. There's a little oh on side for the selfie Cam. Which Samsung Khan tease at the developer conference, if you months ago, but honor which is owned by wall way. Actually got out. I got forty eight mega pixel three d camera which is the same. Really? I just like the way looks look at the aesthetic Shane it's super shiny. I don't know. I guess I'm fooled by shiny objects. But yeah, I I guess I would say the impossible burger two point. Oh, wait, then possible burger. Yeah. Well, look, I haven't tried it yet. But it definitely sounded like it was significantly better. And not only that. But well, explain to anyone doesn't know when the possible burger is okay. The impossible burger is like a veggie burger. But it's meant to simulate me as much as possible. So apparently our own Joni Saltzman tried it out. And was grossed out by it tasted so much like me. Oh, Esa video context. She's vegetarian. Yes. She's she basically said felt so real that gross around it bleeds. Right. It has a little so they say there's a little bit of that juiston. And I've had one point. Oh, and the original one, and it didn't it didn't taste like. Chief to me. I had it earlier this week. And I was not no this is not this is not a hamburger. Yeah. But everyone seems to rave about this CS. We always do a burger ran. I think we're going to add to our. Unless it's white castle. I'm not eating it. Sorry.

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