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Hour 2: QB Continued


The first take your take. Podcast is presented by capital one. This is banking reimagined. I take your take on. Espn RADIO ESPN APP. Siriusxm channel eighty. I'm Jason Fitz. And we start the hour some headlines that you need to know we know at this point a obviously. The pandemic caused financial issues for sports across the landscape. Well Marlins CEO. Derek Jeeter has told team employees during a conference call. He's indefinitely foregoing his salary during the corona virus pandemic reportedly that salaries about five million dollars annually. So he told members of baseball OPS on the call they'll be paid through at least may thirty first and then he'll be foregoing any salary as they continue to figure out how to navigate. These waters moving forward a little bit of NFL news. The Patriots make their first uniform. Change in twenty years. But it doesn't look completely new to everybody. There's still some familiarity that's right they've taken their New Jersey's as the color rush. Alternate is a alternate said. They'd worn in the past so they took killer US concept. They're making that now. They're permanent concept moving forward. So that has our good buddy jerry that works on Golic and Wingo quite happy. He says they look clean. And he's the fans will take his His intake on the input on it and lastly the San Francisco Forty niners are open to treating draft picks in the NFL draft. They have two first rounders thirteen and thirty one. And they've told Adam schefter that they are open to dealing either or both selection so it looks like the forty niners who currently have no selections in the second third or fourth rounds One want to acquire more pets so quantity quality that debate. The forty niners looking at and saying Maybe there's an opportunity to move down and that's what they're going to be open to doing speaking of draft news. It should be noted. All eyes are on some of our. Nfl insiders as the NFL is trying to do their mock draft right now using of course no current players. But they're going through the process. Adam schefter texted or tweeted out thirty six minutes ago texts from a participant on the NFL's mock draft that started at one PM Eastern to quote mock draft. Today already technical glitch. Cincinnati's first pick several exclamation points brutal Diana Rossini also coming in and chiming in on this on twitter as she has tweeted out just a little ago asked to coach to describe this mock draft quote. You've got the NFL main room that only main people in the organization can log into. You've got fifteen to twenty scouts and coaches on another meeting. You have to find a way to call prospects after you pick them son off for trades. Lots of moving parts so it looks like at this point. It started off brutally but she also pointed out After the start it's running smoothly quiet actually on the call so everybody's trying to figure out what this process looks like. That's why they're doing the mock keep an eye on Adam. Schefter and Diana Rossini's these twitter accounts to get the latest updates on what people are telling them about how it's working in the meantime. I WanNa make sure you know about the all in challenge. It's a fundraising effort for corona virus. Crisis Relief one hundred percent of what's raised benefits organizations providing food to those in need go to all in challenge dot com to see all vote once in a lifetime sports experiences and items to bid on or enter to win including you can design and call a play to Philadelphia Eagles. Preseason game batting practice and dinner with Aaron Rudge Judge. You could play horse. 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If you want to participate learn more about how these organizations help visit all in challenge dot com. These are tough times for a lot of people. I would implore you. If you have a few dollars you can donate. It's a great way to help. Get people fed during this time. All IN CHALLENGE DOT com. Go out there. Check IT OUT. So in the meantime let's get some. Nfl News in the NFL. News is focused on the quarterback position. Specifically we've talked a lot about Cuba continued. It's the series that they do every day on. I take your take where they are. I Take I take your take where they'd take a look at a quarterback in the NFL team in the NFL. And what that quarterback position looks like moving forward one of the more interesting quarterbacks to look at this year is Teddy Bridgewater. Remember no more Cam Newton in Carolina. Teddy Bridgewater comes in. He signs a three year deal to be the starter for the panthers so NFL analyst. Steve Smith joined maximum. Steven A. to talk about Teddy Bridgewater. And whether or not he's a franchise quarterback when you say franchise quarterback. I'm sorry it's not just about being good. It's not just about being above average. It's about being the face of a franchise. That's my definition of a franchise quarterback if we want to disagree on what our definition of a franchise quarterback is so be it. But that's where I'm coming from. Certainly he's starting quarterback in the national football league because I don't think thirty individuals are qualified to be franchised quarterbacks. Just because you're a star that doesn't mean that you're a franchise quarterback my definition of a franchise quarterback that somebody who's not pedestrian. That somebody WHO's not a game manager it somebody. That's the face of your franchise as your quarterback for the foreseeable future. We give him the ball and we're confident that he could get it done not just with US regular season games but he could potentially make some noise in the postseason and that has yet to be proven with Teddy Bridgewater completed sixty five percent of his passes. Yes he's sixteen and six since his rookie season. Us's twenty to twelve overall as a starting quarterback in the national football league. Demand has been in the League for about five or six years albeit due to injury. We get all of that. He's thrown about seven thousand yards in that span. The God doesn't knock your socks off. I like them. I respect them. I think he has an upside. I hope that he ultimately evolves and elevates himself to a franchise caliber quarterback but when I think franchise I'm thinking here's the football it's yours. Take us there. Steve Smith is not a quarterback. He was wide receiver but when he was in Carolina. Okay he was your franchise guy they said. Here's the damn football. We want him to have it. Take us there. That is what franchise is to me. I don't give a damn franchise. Linebacker as a franchise. Lineman is a franchise secondary player. Cornerback I run. I don't give a damn when you say franchise that's what you're talking about. Daddy no damn Teddy Bridgewater yet. Wow I guess as I'm getting older and being on a media side of this business I actually agree with Max and Stephen. A little bit of both of what you said is is really intrigued. A franchise quarterback franchise whatever position. The question is can you win or without that Guy? Right now to Carolina. Panthers are in place that really requires. They have to analyze every single position. And they're starting with the quarterback. I now I don't necessarily agree with them. Releasing Cam Newton. But they did that. every franchise. We'll do that whether both parties agreed mutual separation or just comes about it the way it does however each team evaluates in one a new team when a new organization has a new owner and then eventually gets a new head. Coach transitions happen in each coach and owner? They want their guys whether people like it or not. That's just the way business. Goes you feel more comfortable. And you take the wins and unfortunately lumps of losses a little bit better when you have guys that she feel more comfortable with. That's wrong or indifferent that's just the way it is when you're talking about millions and billions of dollars in other men's Egos and perspective and I don't I as a player I didn't necessarily agree with and I didn't see it that way but now obviously has gotten older and seeing a lot of how things have transpired through the back through the channels of what's way businesses done in football and being a businessman or attempting to be a businessman like myself. I can respect not always agree. Respect the way things are done and understand that. Sometimes when money's involved egos things are gonNA get messy is teddy bridgewater a franchise quarterback. They picked him up in free agency and I look at free agency as a quick fix duct tape. That's for Free Agency is the draft is about getting long-term Acquisitions you do your homework. You do your you. You CHECK THEIR SOCIAL. You get their social security number. You get all of their information. That's what the draft is. Free Agency is it is really is. You're just far on someone for that amount of time. And then you get the guy that you want to draft or maybe to free agency ED or trade for young player. That's how you free agency and Teddy Bridgewater Ormat role in the Carolina. Panthers that's their guy for right now I think your take on. Espn RADIO THE ESPN APP. Espn news. I'm Jason Fitz. I think the panthers at one of the more compelling teams to look at right now trying to figure out what they do moving forward the shutdown obviously in the lack communication makes things difficult for Matt Rule and obviously they rebuild the organization but also how are they rebuilding the organization. What's the approach especially going into the draft where they have a high a high draft pick? What's their approach in looking impact versus looking at trades versus? Looking at how they're going to build. So what we like to do here. Espn radio presented by Progressive Insurance Progressive. Homequote explorer gives you multiple quote options. So you can pick what's right for you see for yourself of course dot com. We like to be a little progressive and take the QB continued series a step further and by by getting somebody to come on. That's an expert that can give us the current thoughts on all things panthers so ESPN Panthers reporter David. Newton joins us. David Hope you guys are safe and well and everybody's great. Thank you so much for taking the time. When you look at the approach for the panthers coming into this draft I mean we know the deal for Christian McCaffrey. We know Teddy Bridgewater. Are they viewing teddy bridgewater as the franchise quarterback that they're going to build around or they still looking for that? I came along where you said. Teddy Bridgewater as a quarterback or now I mean you look at it. He's got three or deal. The first two years A fairly team friendly but then that third year they're har we're teddy friendly but the third year you know the team wanted to get out of it and they could do that without you know. Really hurting them As far as just the salary cap so I totally ruled out that if the right quarterback with phone number seven did they would take a fire on that and say say say fell that far and you know to in these a year to still sit out and make sure he's completely healthy. I mean bridgewater. Be a pretty good person to the learn behind Yeah he's a generational type player. Bridgewater you kind of know what you got. He's he's solid. He's not spectacular. They were used to. It can't but he is solid and a guy that they can depend on but are they gonNA depend on him long term. I don't know that but I I just don't think they're going to build around in as much as they're going to build more around Christian McCaffrey and what he can do. Because that's why they're going to have the long term deal To kinda build around him and everything he's all about as far as Volta Dimensional player we're talking to ESPN panthers reporter. David Newton I take your take ESPN radio. I'm Jason Fitz. That's interesting to me. David because Christian McCaffrey you talk about having the seventh overall pick. How could they best use that to help Christian McCaffrey while they spent most of their free agency trying to do things to help Christian McCaffrey they? They got Russell. Welcome to come play. Tackle that's GONNA help him. It's GONNA help Teddy Bridgewater short-term because this is the last year of his deal and he's getting up there in Hey But they've got a couple of left tackle in the in the fold right now. They wanted to up. They think can can be that long term got Robbie Anderson from the jets. That's another player that they feel like it had mentioned that offense. Would that'll help McCaffrey where he doesn't have to do as much I think they're going to spend most of this draft onto defense. They didn't pay a lot of tension to that in the draft. They've got some it'll help but most of those are one or two. Your deals guys that are in. There just wanted to bridge the gap so to speak so I mean if they have the right defensive tackles was there and they're gonna be your defensive tackle. There I mean a lot of my Derrick Brooks There and I still got brown hair. And they don't want him to have a lot of interest in the in South Carolina. Kim Loss choice there and who knows even a guy like Isaiah? Feminism Clemson could ball and he can play as that Sweeney told him that improving Clinton. He said that's why getting three first round draft picks and all the positions. He can play. So He's the guy they could. They probably be able to fit right in. My rule likes the guy that he calls the position player where he's not defined by physician and the. Guy Likes Simmons would would be sad so I think they could set themselves up. They don't have to take a specific player Pacific position right now the draft. If there's somebody there. That kind of intrigues them. Where they say that we're in pretty good shape that Kinda build From where they are right. Now I think I think the plan so forth pretty good office could be competitive with anybody The defense right NARA. Thanks got still a lot of questions I take your take on. Espn RADIO WE'RE TALKING TO ESPN. Panthers reporter David Dayton. We've talked a lot about matt rule and trying to figure out what the identity for coach is. GonNa look like in the NFL coming away from Baylor defensively. What is their approach and plan for an identity? Looks like they're gonNA Kinda go back to more based four three. They switched over from four three two three four last year. Underrun reveal whether they identified strictly that they WANNA play a lot of multiple fronts and the caver for what Matt Rule wants to do. What you know still snow their defensive coordinator instead they WANNA be fast and get to the ball and very aggressive. So that's why they got shot constant outside linebacker play cow summers. They re signed him to a long term deal at the end of the season. And he's a guy that can play all over the place about several other players. That can do that. So they're gonNA build around speed and aggressiveness right now. Defense and just go after it right there so I I don't know if they're gonNA depend as much on this big bodies in the middle of a pretty good one coming back this year and K on short who missed last year with a you with a shoulder injury. I think David any panthers fan would absolutely be furious with us. If we didn't at least address and talk about the Christian McCaffrey contracting as you get into the draft and look at it and mean much has been made about his production but that production hasn't always equalled winds so given what they've given a Christian McCaffrey to come in and be with the team long-term how do they translate that production into more wins. Well first of all you got to have a defense a gives you can't stop. Anybody doesn't matter what Christian McCaffrey does. And the last couple of years they really have a hat on solid defense and as a quarterback play has got to be solid two and the last two years cam uses I the shoulder injury then. The foot injuries he. He's really been A. That's been a key spot so I think getting bridgewater in their battle. Solidify that part. That's going to help McCaffrey. And held the offense in general because they last year particularly they would depending on totally unproven players. That should help them. I really liked the deal. They made with him. I know the surface is What the highest paid running back in? Nfl history sixteen million dollars a year with the extension. But if you look at it over it's going to go over six years now four years 'cause including this year and next year which would have been the fifth year option so you spread it all out over six years. It's really only twelve and a half million dollars a year and that's pretty good deal for a guy that does all Christian. Mccaffrey any any chance in your mind that this team. That's basically going to put this season off to the side and try and find a way to get themselves to you know as we all hear the tank for Trevor. Now will be the big thing try and get themselves into a Trevor Lawrence type situation next year. It's hard to predict. You can actually get the win. Total two trevor. I think if they if they knew they could go into the tank and get trevor. Yeah but you'RE GONNA be bad too out there so I don't think they've completely given up on this season at all wrote to this morning. How Matt Rule has kind of that? He got with that one year with giants. From Jerry Reese or former. Gm where you kind of put yourself in position by the middle of the season or to end the number to make a run at the play offs and then if you do that make the Super Bowl if you remember that kind of what they did. The giants did back in two thousand eleven. They were six six at one point and then got hot into the season and got the Super Bowl and beat the Patriots. And and that was what rule was coming into that situation when he was there so. I think if you look what they've done a pencil as you know like they can be competitive and they feel like they got a couple of good pieces on some draft. They can raise that level where they could be competitive. I don't think they could get to the point where they can be a serious playoff contender. But we've seen in the past Kansas. You have low expectations of surprise and this league you just never know can follow him on twitter at D. Newton. Espn David Newton. David has always man. We appreciate your insight. Thank you so much for the time and hope you guys stay safe. Same View. I David makes a great point there because Look in my mind. The panthers are too good to be too bad. I mean Christian. Mccaffrey is going to make them good enough to win. A lot of football game so tanking isn't in the for them. The most interesting thing about the draft to me is their placement. You'RE GONNA find out a lot about what they think at quarterback when they're picking where they are because if you're looking at seven th pick in the first round of the draft. You're looking at the opportunity to get a tremendous impact player. But you're also looking just enough there. Did they could try and move up. If they want to try to move up for quarterback they could try and move down if they if they're more interested in accumulating so you get a real sense of what they actually think of. Teddy Bridgewater Bridgewater contract could either be viewed as taking a chance on a future franchise quarterback or it can be viewed as bridging the gap until. You actually find you. Got The money to Christian McCaffrey to me is as much about the production as much about the ability to give you results on the field as it is about giving you a reason to be relevant. I mean Christian. Mccaffrey is GONNA keep butts in the seats. He's going to make this team relevant. And that does matter at some level. So if you're the panthers who by the way picking at seven. We'll have the opportunity especially on the defensive side of the football to get somebody that's presumed to be a game changer. Out of this. You have the opportunity as David mentioned to build your team. You have the opportunity to make your defense better opportunity to make your team much more competitive. The enticing thing is what we keep hearing all of this speculation about what if two? It's unbelievable what does fall. What if the dolphins decide that? They're more comfortable taking justin her and all of a sudden. You're looking at a situation. Where what if you could have that quarterback to sit at seven and you're now having to make a real choice a choice between a quarterback that may or may not be great but it's probably good enough to help you win football games or quarterback that has a share of health issues but if healthy has the opportunity to be a once in a generation plate. We've seen how good the panthers can be. When the quarterback and the running back of both playing at high level the question is how good can they be with Teddy Bridgewater? Do they believed that? The ceiling with Teddy Bridgewater would eclipse the ceiling. They could get should they have the opportunity to make a move onto chunk of do they make a move for the now or move for the future. That's going to be the most compelling part about the panthers going into the draft is I take your take on. Espn radio speaking of draft coming up next. We're going to talk to a front office inside of that knows more than any of anybody. About what the draft process is like and has his eye on. Who SHOULD BE TAKEN. We'll do that next but first I take your take on. Espn radio the ESPN APP. Siriusxm channel eighty simulcast on. Espn news of course presented by Progressive Insurance. I'm Jason Fitz. WanNa get your take on. We've been asking you guys what your take was on the last dance to love it. Would you love most about? What was your favorite moment? Did you hate it? Tell me everything and you take. You've got on I now on the last dance. We'll take triple eight say. Espn eight eight eight seven nine. Three seven seven six. You can also tweet me. Jason Fitz in the meantime though we're only a few days away from the NFL draft. As I told you before in case you weren't listening then I do believe me kinds. My goal field. Yates myself. We'll all be hanging out again doing an NFL draft some NFL draft of some sort. Still figuring out exactly what it looks like but I'll make sure that you know how you can get some of that content so as we get ready for the draft. It's coming in just a couple of days. We wanted to get some straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless and we do it in the form of ESPN NFL front office. Insider Mike Tannenbaum. Now Mike First and foremost I hope you guys are safe. And everybody's well. I really appreciate your time. I Miss Getting to see in the train huggy in the halls of ESPN my friend. So I hope all is well. We'll figure out elbow bumps or something when we come back from this from this together but I won't. We'll get to the draft in the second. I want to start though with some. I don't know if this is breaking but yet another development in the case of Yanni can Gakugei the pass rusher for the jags. Who's been so good? Who is now gone back to twitter today to just reiterate his stance as he went to twitter and said he's tired of the back and forth. Let's get this thing done. He's made it clear he doesn't WanNa play for the JAGS. If you were running the jags organization how would you handle Janiking? Gago situation right now. Jason grew to be with you and your family is safe and healthy and look forward to bowing although bumping whatever is the new normal hopefully sooner than later I would do everything. I could within reason to develop equity in the relationship so when he gets to that point Understand I it's impossible to pay every player. Exactly what they want to get paid That's always one of the big challenges. You have has a relates to go running a team and then if you hit that bump in the road and I've been close to that before my career. The next best thing to do Jason is to say. Hey Look we'll work together in partnership so we can maximize everyone's respective value. Be Us in a trade or with you certainly from an economic standpoint and by US discussing this publicly. That doesn't help anybody doesn't help you help us doesn't help us with with their teams would help you trying to create a contract with another team. So let's try to you. Know Tamp things down. Let's bring you know the sort of like the public discourse down. Let's minimize the distractions. And then let's see what we can do together behind the scenes with the NFL dropping right around the corner. Does that do to the trade conversation? Should there be one for the Jackson unique. Well I think what you're looking at is where I think. This helps Jackson a little bit unlike some other positions. I don't think this is a great pass rush draft so if you need a young pass rusher. And he is young he is productive. I think this is one where there could be a market for him. Unlike you know we'll say receiver cause this draft so deep receiver. So I think there are a couple of good pass rushers but not a lot. So what what would you assess value? If somebody's trying to trade for him I tell you maybe the top of the second would probably be a place where I look. You know maybe bottom of I twenty five to forty five. I think somewhere in there because he is productive he is young And Pass rushers as we know. Jason are really hard to find. We're talking to ESPN NFL front office. Insider Mike Tannenbaum I take your take on ESPN radio. Let's dive into this draft. A little bit a lot of speculation right now about whether he may fall in the draft because of his health. Where are you right now onto? Well you know what you're really good at what you do. You've been skilled at a lot of different things in your career and I'm one of the reasons you're great. Is You have a process that you believe in and work. Hard at You just show up today and walk on your show and start it you. You probably read things off the Internet. You work with a producer. You have rigor in your process and every GM every team in the NFL does the same thing. They have in their process meaning. They spend millions of dollars on their medical staff. And when you have a complicated injury like this you would want to examine the player. See his strength when she's range of motion likelihood of him getting hurt again. This is a very complicated injury. And let's all hope that he has the career that he wants and deserves is he is so talented. But we're asking some GM to just literally walk on the set and bypass all their process. And that's not really fair hauer judging team were GM. And I think we in the media collectively have probably minimized that aspect of someone's GonNa take enormous gamble seventy two hours from now Jason. Without all the information he SPN NFL front office insider. Mike Tannenbaum joining us. I take your take on. Espn radio just days away from the NFL draft. Jason Fitz so talk a little bit about that that quarterback position than overall. What does that do if your quarterback needy team and you're not comfortable with to? What do you do in that case if you're looking at Justin Herbert who you may not have as high in your draft board? But you're trying to figure out what to do because you just want a quarterback. Yeah and I guess for me like just her time I board I. I look at a guy that looks like Ben Rothlisberger. Really good athlete played really well against Utah. Wisconsin if the Oregon defense didn't break down against Auburn late night game. You're looking at a one loss. Oregon team probably playing the final four the MVP of the senior Bowl d through a really really well at the combine. So I think he checks all the boxes and I think generally speaking not just I would say At the quarterback position. I think we're seeing a little bit more risk adverse this year because of the way the off season one so I don't think We're GONNA see as many sort of trades or or risks Over the three days of the draft dot com the ESPN NFL front office. Insider Mike Tannenbaum. And let me get your thoughts on another difficult position because there's so many takes on the wide receivers seems to be three wide receivers that most people are in love and at the top of that board. How do you separate them? I would start with rugs because rose speed and toughness and you go back to the Super Bowl. And he was clearly You look I really was cleared the best player on the field and he was probably. I should say after homes just in terms of the difference between winning and losing was to place a hill mate and I see rungs being very similar. I think judy is going to be really really good. My only concern on. Cd LAMB is when you see him up close and personal like he is phenomenal. He is placed tough mix Contessa Kathy's but he's really slow to build my concern. Would Be Jason has does he have the body built to withstand the rigors of a sixteen game NFL season? That's an interesting point because again with the the limitations that krona virus covert nineteen is put on the ability to see some of these guys the same way. How does it affect your assessment of somebody like that when you don't necessarily get the same pro day opportunity or interview opportunity in person? Yeah I think what we're going to see less overall is my sense of it just from a standpoint of you're not gonna be able to go through again the rigor in your process bring them in or get them on the board. Whatever your process may be so I think when we look back in three years. Chrissy good players from schools. Get overdrafted and we're going to see good players from small schools get under drafted and that's a that's interesting Mike. Because they're doing the mock process today but you know we frequently see trades in the draft especially mid late rounds. But when you start to get into that five minute time period to make a pig. How does the communication change affect your ability to actually even processed trades? Yeah I think for whatever it looks like to me is Trays will be the most difficult thing to do. And I think what we're GONNA see. Jason is prepacked straights when I mean by that is It's GONNA be. We'RE GONNA agree ahead of time that hey if one players there we're gonNA come up for him world trade this amount and no more or less and likewise on the other side of the phone. We're not GONNA expect you to change your mind in terms of the value of that. Pick because when you're on the clock and let's say you have the pick of the draft. We're talking to teams at eight nine. We're also talking teams on eleven and twelve and now you WanNa talk to your head coach or owner to make those decisions in. Split seconds is really really hard to do. So I think we're actually less trade and to the extent we do see trade. I think it will be agreements. That were made ahead of time. We're talking to ESPN NFL front office. Insider Mike Tannenbaum I take your take. Espn radio I'm Jason Fitz. A lot of times we see Trade Mike wear suddenly. You're including next year's draft picks or teams in your mind going to be more willing to trade out of this year's draft entirely into next year's because they can have more normalcy in their process but interesting point. I think it's also where you are. You know in terms of your team like let's face it. There's a little bit more pressure on some of these teams Detroit for example Jacksonville. I don't think they're really worried about next year's draft so I think they just WANNA get next year's draft and that that is also a fair point and that brings me. You mentioned the lines open. That can of worms there Mike. So if you're sitting there with the lions who could be looking at a generational talent like let's say Jeffrey Okuda that. So many are high on the third overall. Pick or you're looking at the opportunity to trade down. You may not get as great a player. But you'll pick up more players for somebody that wants to move up in the quarterback market. How do you assess that from a front office? Point that way. Those two options. Yeah that's a great. You're like what's best for your your of it. We WanNa win for today and develop for tomorrow and I said this for awhile. I really feel like the draft starts at three. And if you what's hard about the discussion now Kennedy is. We don't know the benefit of all the information on to but I if let's say somebody like to Tonga low was completely healthy completely clear and your Detroit. What do you do You know who's GonNa great play a player to maybe as good as drew brees? So that's always like the really hard part about these inflection. Points is are you doing especially routine short-term or long-term might be related to go? Is there somebody that sort of on your radar? You think? We're not given enough attention to draft prospect Shakban University of Wisconsin. I think this guy's Tedy Bruschi at dickey's high character high motor productive. He's a really good athlete. I think has position flexibility when I was watching him get coached by Matt Patricia. Ironically of the Detroit lions in mobile at the Senior Bowl. He spent a lot of time with him. And I think you know Patricia. Who Comes from the New England? Patriots isn't seeing a young tedy. Bruschi and sack bond so I don't know where he'll be drafted. I think three years from now. We'll look back and say wow. He's one of the twenty best players football players that is from this year's draft. Follow him on twitter at Real Tanenbaum as always doing the great work. Mike we received you hope you and yours. Thanks so much for the time frame. Okay Jason thanks for having me some straight talk straight talk wireless everything for less only at Walmart. Love the straight talk from Mike if you not follow him on twitter on social media in general does a great job of breaking this stuff down and he's one of the guys that I would strongly recommend you give a follow to going into the NFL draft so you can get some of his insights on players coming off the board and what he sees. What he's thinking there I take your take on. Espn RADIO AND ESPN news. I WANNA keep getting your take your reaction to the last dance episodes one and two triple eight say. Espn eight eight eight seven nine. Three seven seven six. That's how you get into give us your reaction to the last dance episodes one and two. You can also tweet me Jason. It's coming up. Everybody tuned in for it but here with an MBA superstar superstar. Had to say about Jordan. Next I take your take on. Espn RADIO ESPN news. I take your take on. Espn radio the ESPN APP. Siriusxm channel eighty and ESPN news were presented by Progressive Insurance. Everybody's reacting to the last dance episodes one and two you can get in on the controversy. Say ESPN eight eight eight seven to nine three seven seven six. That's how you get in on the conversation. Tell us what you think what you thought of the last dance. Don't forget you can tune into it every Sunday night. It's behind the scenes. Look at the Ninety S Chicago Bulls Dynasty ten part series started last night continues every Sunday at nine pm Eastern on. Espn afterwards listen to the RAPA. Podcast hosted by Jalen and Jacoby immediately following the broadcast presented by state farm available. Wherever you enjoy your podcast Jalen Jacoby did a great job last night with some massive numbers on that so be sure to check it out if you missed the second hour of today's show lots of great. Nfl Talk You can go get it on demand in the first. Take your take podcast brought to you by capital one capital one. You can open a new checking savings account with no fees or minimum. Welcome to banking reimagined. What's in your wallet approval required Capital One and a member? Fdic winning Missouri. What was your take on the last dance? What's reaction to it well? It just renewed my hatred for her in disgust Jerry Krause. I'd never say such a selfish look at me. Individual tear up a dynasty of potential dynasty. Yeah the greatest player on the planet. Fan I don't WanNa play unless I have this coach and I listen. I have this. You let him do that We're GONNA tear it up and rebuild and to tell Phil Jackson. I don't care if you went eighty two games. You're not coming back boy. If I could find him bring him back. I do it just a slap in the face and Reinsdorf an idiot just for letting it happen I I just. I'm a Bulls Fan Chicago Fan all my life and I was so happy I mean I used to be there with a lovable cheerleaders. I used to be where the kids that were mop up the sweat from everybody all over so Seeing that team blow blow up like they did and then watch Crowson Reinsdorf. Tear it apart broke. Martin what well and win actually your take on it. You're totally right about REINSDORF. Do he doesn't come out of this guilt free. I mean he writes the checks. He could fix this any just didn't so it's interesting. I want you to hear a little bit of how a Kevin Durant was influenced by this Jay Williams and Kevin. Durant were on. Espn plus the boardroom. They talked about Michael Jordan Inspiring K. D. grownup you retain years old in ninety seven ninety eight the last run. What Phil Jackson and and Mj what do you remember growing up in PG county? Look Jaure was everything. He was the standard he's strapped to be as a as a basketball player on the honesty to Shoes Jersey sales the commercials all that stuff constant but We watched the play. You just always glued to the TV to him. If I win in competitiveness as young fats at from that he had line win at all costs when I say that how does that translate the Kevin Durant who anything coach news you do on a floor. Anything pair for any situation in James always prepared no matter if you had hit the game. Winning shot made the game. And when you get a still get a block shot. I think he was always prepared for every moment. And that's what we know. A cost me always focus always dedicated to teammates like NJ wanted to win in one of his teammates to shine world. So you're saying you're watching. Then as I got older and more mature starts your lives tactics that he us You Know Daphne part of leadership qualities that he had it was. It was unique to watch so many takeaways from the last dance. But especially episode Scottie. Pippen one of the big takeaways from that was sort of the way. The organization chose to do business. Yes he chose to sign a long term contract that even the owner of the Bulls advised him not to eighteen million dollars. He came from nothing. Injury Concerns Mike. Greenberg smartly pointed out made him feel concerned that his career would be short. Yes he took the rich but at some point is an organization the Bulls looked around decided that happiness meant nothing that the tension was. Good and Scotty pippin decided he didn't want part of that something. We're used to seeing now players affect their own destiny in the NBA. Where they come and say I won't do this. I won't play for this team. I won't do this without more money. It's become commonplace. It wasn't commonplace when Scotty. Pippin did in fact Michael Jordan even call it selfish in the documentary when he looked at it. But when you look across the board the Bulls is an organization. Decided that they didn't care about making anybody happy. When frankly they were making money hand over fist and could have done it. They chose not to the chose to dismantle this dynasty. That was the most interesting part of the beginning.

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