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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Windsor Johnston a stabbing attack near London Bridge. Today has left. Multiple people injured officials in Britain. Say the suspect who was shot and killed by police was found to be wearing a hoax. Explosive Device Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner. Neil sue sue says authorities are investigating the incident as an act of terror trivia incident. We responded as though this was terrorist. Related I'm now in a position to confirm of That it has been declared a terrorist incident. London Mayor Sedate con addressed the media shortly after the attack thanking first responders every day. They put their lives on the line for US running towards danger in order to keep a safe area around London. Bridge remains cordoned off and bus subway and train stations stations are closed shops and restaurants in the area have been evacuated a stabbing attack on the bridge in two thousand seventeen left eight people dead and forty eight injured. I heard a Taliban spokesman says his group has met with American officials but stopped short of saying that peace talks with the. US have restarted. NPR'S ARS DMZ reports. This comes a day after. President trump announced that negotiations were back on and suggested that the Taliban wanted to make a deal. Trump made the comments during an unannounced trip to a military base Afghanistan to celebrate Thanksgiving in responds Taliban. Spokesperson told Reuters that the group had been meeting American officials in the Gulf state of cod. Since last weekend the spokesman said they'll ready to restart talks. They will upturn by trump in a surprise announcement in early September the Taliban of consistently you said they want to restart the negotiations where they left off a deal between the two sides would likely see withdrawal of thousands of American troops in exchange for cease-fires throughout Afghanistan. If that's successful it widely seen as a victory for the insurgence after nearly two decades of war. DMZ NPR News Islamabad. The twenty twenty. The Democratic presidential candidates are returning to their campaign schedules today following the Thanksgiving holiday. NPR's Daniel Kurds Laban reports the Iowa. The caucuses are a little more than two months away former vice president Joe Biden is kicking off an eight day bus tour of Iowa on Saturday. Senator Elizabeth Warren will hold a Saturday townhall in Chicago before returning to Iowa for a series of events. Both candidates have fallen off recently in the First Caucus State Biden lead in Iowa through mid September number at which point Warren overtook the lead. According to the realclearpolitics polling average recent polling now shows them closely matched with Senator Bernie Sanders while South Bend. Indiana Mayor Buddha judge has moved ahead in the state for his part. Sanders is returning to the trail on Sunday in South Carolina and Buddha judge will start off his next campaign swing and North Carolina on Sunday. Daniel Kurtz even. NPR News on Wall Street. The Dow was down one hundred. Twelve points this is. NPR News as millions of holiday. Shoppers Rush into stores today. There's a movement to entice them into nature instead. Colorado public radio OSTEEN AC- reports that entrance fees to some state park systems across the country are being waived for black Friday Colorado Delaware Minnesota there are few. The states offering free admission to their parks on a day synonymous with shopping. Rebecca Ferrell was Colorado Parks and wildlife describes the idea this way to really encourage people to kind of forego some of the commercialism and and being inside and stuck in lines or waiting on websites to instead really go outside and explore You know the the natural resources and the wonderment that you can find in our part feral says this is become a Colorado tradition. It was originally inspired by outdoor retail giant. Rei which is closed at stores every black Friday since twenty fifteen for NPR news. I'm Stena Sieg in Grand Junction Colorado. More winter like weather is impacting travel in parts of the northern and Western. US Winter Storm warnings have been posted about a dozen states. Blizzard warnings are in effect effect in parts of lambing South Dakota and Nebraska meteorologist. Brian Hurley is with the National Weather Service. The flights the major airports who have to look at the possibility of delays because they the the precipitation and low ceilings flight delays or being reported today in Denver stocks. Continue to trae lower on Wall Street at this hour. The Dow was down one hundred twelve points. The NASDAQ DOWN thirty nine. The S&P Down Eleven. This is N._p._R. News.

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