I Thought Ramadan Would Be Depressing This Year But It's Been A Blessing


Hey this is Steven Jackson. One of the curious city producers. Today we're back with another episode of life interrupted audio snapshots of daily life during covid nineteen. The stay at home. Order has changed just about every aspect of our lives including the way we worship and today we meet the woman who is experiencing a very unusual Ramadan this year. I'm Dan Osman. This might not interrupted. Ramadan is a month where Muslims fast from dawn until sunset and the month is centered around spirituality prayer renewing your faith and your connection with God and your connection to our holy book the Koran. It is a month that you feel the blessings and and you really feel those bussing centered around community a lot of the time because it is a month where we engage in communal prayer every night one of the memorable experiences we have. I've read on. Madan is going to the Players in the evening after we break our fast and depending on the night of the month you may see hundreds or thousands of people alot pitch dark outside and seeing the building and the minaret and dome illuminated by the lights around. The mosque against the sky is just a beautiful sight. Honestly I was very concerned about how we would still make it feel special how we would still maintain that sense of community and spirituality. Even though we're not seeing anyone as the month kind of move don I came to appreciate the way that I am experiencing it because there is more focused on your children? We can pray at home as a family. We can have our three-year-old just sitting on the floor next to US playing with his blocks and he can also see us praying so I do appreciate that. And I appreciate sort of pairing things down to the essentials and realizing that's kind of what Madonna's more about my husband grew up in Gaza and Palestine. He did go through school during the Intifada enduring other events in Gaza where they were not able to go out or go to school or go to the mosque or or go anywhere so he very much so appreciates the fact that we are able to do that here and he's tries to communicate that to the kids night. You know kids. They don't they don't get it. They don't realize the difference in their situation and others by. I think it's still good for them to realize onto here that not everyone has the same experience may seem like a difficult situation and it is a difficult situation. There's no denying that but there are. I think levels of difficulty. Ooh It's GonNa be a challenge to see when things can kind of resume the way that we're used to and I don't know how soon that will actually happen. Because our prayers specifically put people in close proximity with one another standing shoulder to shoulder when we kneel and put our faces on the ground. It's like everyone. Is you know touching the same carpet and is a very close to one another and so I am concerned about that but at the same time in a SNAM worship is anywhere so you don't have to necessarily worship in a mosque. There's a verse in the Pura on that says say to my servant that I'm near I hear the prayers of those who call on me so basically saying that all you have to do as Colin Gotten. He will answer you in one way or another. When you really think about the fact that you know God is the one who's in control of all of it and you surrender yourself to that fact. I feel it's a little bit easier to cut through it and to do your part in order to stay sane and stay healthy and take care of yourself in those around you and just realized that whatever's going to happen is GonNa Happen and that hopefully he will take care of you. That was Deanna of Mon- for our series life interrupted this story was produced by Isabel Carter and Joe so with help from me Stephen Jackson. We want to hear from you too. How has your life been interrupted? And how are you getting through it? If you have a story to tell get in touch find us on facebook and twitter or send us an email at life interrupted at wbz Dot Org.

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