Adrian Smith Takes You Backstage with Iron Maiden


Ricco off Ricco Ricco Man. How you doing Chris We might. It's always a pleasure to talk to you Mr Smith Smith. Here's the funny thing too as we just jump right into this. You're actually in Winnipeg right now. which is the coincidence coincidence? Albedo in about five dollars Kris. Okay would you you play in there tonight Lakers. That's right. Yeah so how does it work. Do you guys just fly from town town to town still yet. Multiple buses for us to leave that for the kids right. Yeah it's pretty funny though. I don't know if you remember this of told you this story before but probably I think nine hundred eighty seven when you guys were in Winnipeg for I guess somewhere in time tour. My friend found out what hotel you guys are staying in and somehow ended up on the the right floor and just started knocking on random doors and LO and behold I knocked on yours and you answer. Yeah you ask your hair. You actually weren't edgy. Considering some punk kid knocking at your door edgy. Hair wrapped up in a towel are Oh really yeah and I said can I take a picture with you and you said it just got out of the shower and then are you close the door and I was like what does that mean should I wait or what should I do. Do you still have moments comments like that on the road were were overzealous fans find out where you guys are staying and try and knock on your doors or that's a lovely stories is so innocent. Then the trouble is is now you get people they find out why. So you're in their professional autograph hunters as you probably know yourself right. And they they hijacked check soon she set fire so then you can tell him straight why because they just don't live fan I've got bags and bags of memorabilia that when you saw and someone can sell it and that is the thing that really you know six most of us off you know because the genuine fans like the kid not somewhere I do you know is is kind out of He's a riot but these people spoil it for 'cause I want on any of that stuff you know what I stay on with your and they find out for whatever reason would airports your ads or what hotel you're at. Yeah and like you said you hassle as well and I you know New York I can be really offensive rude. What if you don't try soft you and start star Star harassing yeah. You know it's A. It's a bit of a pain you know. It's funny because the last time as far as we get some fans in South America they they tend to be the most fanatical ones. You know those stand that so the hotel In you know sometimes hundreds she's was he's mad obviously becomes on everything for them. We get away from that. But it will amend the lost somebody right now Salvador it was absolutely mobbed dance on out so but when I look to now in late to the the the police moved them all on and there was like Roy at police and everything I was just sort of goes to show you what it's like. They're in a group of kids got together they just get spit up straight away. I'm messing around. Isn't it amazing. In this day and age though that you still have you know the things have changed like you said for music and for rock and roll but abandoned guard made was still still insight that type of reaction from the fans. Yeah it is quite amazing really. It's quite amazing. But like in South America. The right passionate about you know. It's not rich average person's not rich. I mean I put great store in there and Soccer you know more. They love their passionate about sport so much. Let's look a religion and say music and if they think someone's genuine they really get get beyond you you know they saw if they like football supporters. It's not kind of You know the spirit I have. They kind of buy one. I think one same down. There's even got the. Ad Mascot is the them. Fema be Vasko to gum. I'm not sure uh on. Soccer team uses the ad logo on their flanks for that. Same and everything you see that too. There's there's a goaltender in the NHL. Remember what team I think we have the Vancouver canucks Knox. He has that yet. Now it it's Now we just played Because because someone showed us it while someone showed one of our crew the goalie and he said he you know some cereal you know this guy wears the thing and he said he held it and it was. This is my smelly. As thing he's ever had the Deity mosque but I mean the last time I saw I think it was in Las Vegas. I saw you there Just even in the concourse for the arena before the show people were singing and chanting iron maiden and it really felt like it. It's not like a nine hundred eighty six. It's just never ends just this this energy. That happens when iron maiden comes comes to town. It's a different energy now because it's a much warmer. I mean I remember in the eighties. It was a much more aggressive kind of all during a priest and Scorpions uh-huh and the audience had a real crackle of of danger about it because young people would probably love them. You know you know there was a little bit of trouble here now now it seems to be you know people are obviously you know. We're not gonNA be around forever when we still still rocking out pretty well but you can fill people. I suppose you know people wonder how we can keep doing it. I mean we're doing a pretty high level I think still you know because we don young play every single night we play. You know two three shows a week and we we try to put the same energy. And especially Bruce Pretty amazing but IT'S A. It's a different kind of energy. Now you know I I'd hate to say in the stodgy because we're still you know making music. Which is why I think so? You know just to you know keeping doing new music. It's very important to iron. Maiden plus you're one of the band's. There's a few like like metallica. Does it in a CDC. Does it when you put out a new record. It's an event and you have no problems playing when you do put out a record. I'd like book of souls for example five or six or seven tunes from the new record. which a lot of bands wouldn't be able to do but maiden still can do that because people are into it? Yeah I mean Book assault was. I mean those are some red and the black twelve or thirteen minutes long we did for this is not gonna fly live but they were so he loved it and I was really long instrumental sections and but they are Kinda it is Kinda Manal sewing melodic you know so you know at this point the stuff that people can latch onto but Yeah also serve number back. A few albums played the whole album in its entirety a matter of life or like a statement. Yeah more like a statement. You know. We're not we're not understand your win a cabaret act you know we can. And that's the way that's what we all you know. There was a lot of confused people on that tour. I remember because I saw that. When do well I'll go beyond? I just WanNa stay suggested doing anything. It was a very good idea but once he's got some and his mind in. Let's say we start with it and It's probably a good thing in the long we're I think you just said something really interesting to me too because since since you've come back and it's been gosh twenty odd years since you and Bruce came back did you guys now that you're Older and wiser. Do you kind of give each other a little more space like you said like in the past. Maybe you would've fought Steve for having that idea now. Do you guys kind of just go. Well Steve's idea we just has got to go with it and make it work does it make it easier to get along in this day and age. Yeah think Yeah definitely get all rivet wise you get bit more aware of other people that you get generally and how they feel about things. I think. It's just a natural thing so yeah it's a bit more a little bit more compromising in in what we do but you know. I think we're all so blind to the you know the ethos of the band you know we will go much clearer. Idea was all about you know. I was out of the penalty for nine years. So it's almost. I came by the different perspective. You know I could see from an outsider's point of view whereas the Isis Ruse. who was just album so album soil? There was no life outside the ban. So there's different difficult to get perspective you know. I've spoken to Bruce and Steve about about kind of how Brusca back in when you because you were jammed with Bruce at that point in time was always kind of thing where you guys a package deal. How do they get presented you to come back tomorrow? In how very interesting. Yeah I wa- Bruce Approached me sort of mid nineties and he had this aid Britain songs you for his first Alma Roy. I wasn't his first solo album around the accident of time. So really like they do and so I just shut my lawyer with 'em and contributed a few songs and it went on from there for the next three four five years. Then they wanted Bruce to come back blaze pilot from the band so I was playing with Bruce and then there was something in the air about me coming back and I thought Komo well. Maybe I'll just do one tool or come on for office set you know for you know bought at so I I would have you know if you've lost detainees before said no probably never do but now things have changed. Let's say get older. Moore's won't be might be nice just around off but again Steve. If you come out as he does come out with a wacky ideas I you think not gonNa work and so he suggested to go. Why don't we have three guitarists you can imagine what room was like? When he said that right we'll be diving yet? It looks at each other like what Lynn Linda Biden but You know I joined up and we went down to pull. Would you go to to Write some songs and I it The song we combat riff and we do you know. 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I was at the kind of rehearsing the parts to to do going from a two guitar bands for playing some of those songs from power slave or two minutes to midnight or whatever was it pretty natural for three guys to figure out the parts. I'll do this do that. One try this. Try that because there's a Lotta intricate. Three part harmonies in those songs. That weren't there when you first recorded them. Well put it this way. I mean if you if you had three invite mom stains in the band or three Ritchie. BLACKMORE's would have been a FI ostra about five minutes but because you know a as one of my oldest friends you know we've were to get a few years. We notice go yanic Salafi going but I have to say that you know. Oh Yeah I wasn't going to change what he was gonNA play age. It's been he's just you know it's very set and he's wife so I thought well I sent immediately so Looking at different ways of doing things and you know I've been playing with drop d tuning in Bruce's band. Nobody used to die so when I first I don't know we play rough. Charlie play that in drop d tune in and run to the hills was indeed so again on June it down so I got a slightly different sound so always bring a night and playing lower tubes on on the harmonies and stuff like that so I played a lot of stuff totally different to our nose into Bam before which is quite interesting I am yes. It's also pretty pretty. It's pretty professional of you to understand that those guys had the way of doing things for you to come back okay. I want to do it my way again again. You're kind of Zapping right. Well you know. That's my Kinda my personality anyway. You know I'm pretty good within you know with with other people so I mean I think that's a reasonable binds loss. It says on because it's the combination of people is in some bands you know it's it's it listed as long as your arm. You know your depots us at some point eight so implode in Because of the Egos involved but you know we got a nice balance of personalities in the banner thing you know Roy amount of extra extroverts and so if people are offensive compromise that's not to say you know if you feel strongly about somebody you shouldn't press it a you know I think that's that's what the band's one of the reasons as last saw aw and I think too and I'm not just saying this because you're on the phone. There's a real chemistry that I it like a great soccer team or a great hockey team. Sometimes you'll have a guy that just the chemistry mysteries so good and then when he leaves the team even though everyone else is still there. It's not quite the same. And there's a definite chemistry that you bring to the band. That wasn't are there when you were gone so I think when you came back even though there was another guitar player it really kind of completed the overall package of the kind of modern era iron maiden well thank you very much I think I think I'm a stick. I mean I have this thing about Tim. Both Annette's of of how to ever since join the ban and I still have it to some degree and I'm I'm really fanatical about the tempo to Soames 'cause sometimes when we play live just FC takes off a train you know. So I'm always sticks and say should join place a prophet saw in and everything but you know if if if we played this way you know breathe it will Sam Bell. I wouldn't say we've had arguments about it but you know it was like two minutes to midnight room came. I'm an abandoned planet much to Faucet and some does not work because there are set up seeing you latest live on so fear of dogs any great and two minutes not Sufa list trailers so that you know stuff like that you know little things that make a difference in you know and it's chemistry and then someone else else's bringing something else but that's one of the things you know. Try To. It's funny because even when you get a new we just got a new bass player are banned a couple years ago and when someone comes on the outside you don't know even if sometimes if you're playing something a little bit wrong because everyone's just played it that way for the longest time. Oh yeah right take someone from the outside. You know. This isn't exactly right. You guys sure you want to do it that way. What do you mean it's not right and then you actually listen? He's right exactly lately. Exactly exactly you know sometimes I noticed something we we did on a few sums your plan now I I go back and listen to and we you know I was planning Roy. You know you can't get complacent speaking of complacent and kind of guys being guys aren't maiden taking on the world and then a few years ago Bruce discussed this when he was on the show. Bruce diagnosed with tongue cancer. And then Dan you guys don't know what the future of the band is It seems since Bruce's come back you guys are almost better than ever as far as being tighter onstage. More energy onstage. Bruce's given it more on stage. Did that throw you guys for a loop thinking that we don't know what's going to happen with the spent. Yeah it it was awful. You know we got a phone call just before Christmas. You know. Pull Bruce said this thing he has to do with it. But I don't know I just had to feeling he would come through it it because he's so positive you know never heard Him Wa devoting feel sorry for himself will be negative. You know it's one of his strengths so although so you know I can't possibly imagine what went through I thought he was going to be on Kyw. And certainly the ban wasn't the foremost thing you know. We just wanted him to get better and then let it take its course and if you know if we carry on so be it but yeah I mean he's come back and he's absolutely thrown himself Vincent Band again. I mean the show is I mean a lot of stuff you know. He had a big big hand in a lot of the props in the actual show who aspect of power from the singing. You know. He's really brought that. The Saudis go. And he's absolutely lovely kidding sweetshop so Yeah I'm with the musically. You know it's really fun to play and the production I think is just GonNa Donna peaked on this tour. Even you know even though whistle of the onstage. Now you know Certainly give for my point. Is You WANNA get complacent that abound got you know. I'm always push myself a bit when when you guys are putting together this this set and it's a great thing that means done over the last ten years or so we mentioned you'll play a matter of life and death in its entirety. Or you'll do six songs from book of souls but then the next to her afterwards is always more of a of a greatest hits type of a vibe what I love about this set list and it's something I hate nowadays you can cheat and go online. Look the set list. But you'll see that it's not it just you know eighty songs which I'd be very disappointed if it was a lot of. There's a couple of plays tunes is a couple of tunes greater good of God from matter life and death at this estates. How do you guys put together this set and like you said you enjoy pushing yourself? What's type of songs? Push yourself in. In this day and age we used to kind of do the set way back in the day. I mean this is something that you had to play. You know but this I mean it's tied in with the with the video game. The different worlds the reason that Video game is com- computer going showing. My is your So it's combining all that so that was a a bit of a guideline to the you know a lot of time. I mean Steve will on Bruce who get a heads together to come up with. Obviously Bruce Go. Is You know as a single you. You know what you want to sing. Live on what. You're happy singing. Live Rhinos in terms of in terms of the. You know the the punishment only voice. And whether you could do that particular song No I often oil you know so. Yeah this works out really well. I mean if again if I felt really strongly. There's something on say so but usually it works out great. Everyone's got you know the Bruins to express themselves as Solos a shared out There's audience participation and you know you you gotta take those things into consideration but yeah I think this is one of the most enjoyable. I personally am having you know a great song style Sti- Agents you know most fun sore over them really out of all the main tours. It's the most fun you've had. Yeah Yeah I mean well back in the is it was just it was just mad. You know we were playing every single night. You know. You're Paul Ian as well and you just come sometimes you get on stage and you can you know you just close. It had like you know you play and find the oprah under miles an hour. Geez you know but this is like the musically the band's playing gripe I you know I'd say another thing now Chris you probably noticed yourself is the mother insists so good now. Yeah you can hear what you're playing and We have live on. Its which makes an incredible difference. You know you you know when we first started. It was just absolute mayhem on stays Steve. He was vice gear. He's got cabinets everywhere. So you get into this thing where you will compete in. Bruce joined the band and he had a huge. Pie System built for his voice on stage and so that was definitely so everyone was competing with each other. But now you know the sound so much better you can hear during and it's just like some enjoyable you know it's interesting hard to get used to talking to to biff from socks and he said it took him years years to get used to having to enter your system after fighting on stays in trying to find the sweet spot where you can hear yourself and now suddenly it's also clear was instant acceptance from you have to be doing it for so long off the off the monitors what the first thing you have to do again is All of a sudden you can you so freely. Clearly you go and it's all about you know tweaking getting the sound right in a and I say oh my morning I go. I don't wanNA sound like the. MC MY EERO. I WANNA sound like if I'm watching the show. It's a balance of everything. Obviously when it talk a little bit louder started off season in one in and having my Molested and then Roy Air was just you know didn't have anything anything in this. Oh no I'll go used to gradually and I was the only one used them for about ten years and then Yannick and dice start using them and again I said I have. Ah They couldn't believe why didn't you start using them earlier So the three of us three good song plays in a moment. The rest of the guys at the wrong thing Steve's muse anything so knicks gone old-fashioned con of Speaker System Bruce you know his regular alleges. Bruce doesn't light so you can't I mean you can get a sweet spot on stage without you know but then you you can't stand routes it's one st one spot when I was zero can do you can just stand become just a lot to stand in front of my aunt and just play because then you can feel it and hear it but ego in your move around and interact audience a bit. So that's what I done to ears actually have a got a special earpiece made with just the left ear. And there's nothing. There's no peace for the right ear because I like having even the live ambience crowd 'cause even through the same right. Yeah Yeah Yeah you need to a thing. It's slightly different. Ah From and because you need to gauge. You know what's going on and if you just have like a live album sound and your cans you not really. You'll be not reaction and you know you know so. Yeah that's probably a good by ago when you're looking at the set list here and there's like flight of Vickers for example that hasn't been played in such. I don't know thirty odd years and it's funny because hardcore maiden fans will tell you the exact are they haven't played this since nineteen eighty four on the peace of mind final show in Dortmund amended. Is it fun players. Is it fun digging out those type of old songs from From the past and playing them again. Yeah it's great. Yeah it's really weird. Some was employed for ten or fifteen years. And we've got real so just thought. Just play it right off the bat. It's amazing it's like like muscle memory. You know right. There were a few trying rex here and there as well but It's amazing what you what you do remember and it's You know you figure I'm good some of the old songs. Well you know right but even so like you said some of the ones like sign of the Cross and for the greater good of God. Those are ten minutes songs you have played for while he probably can't just pick up the guitar and go right into those ones You'd be surprised really well done about sign of the cross but quite good but those are probably Matsu favorite song supply on stage. I mean this so dramatic and so interesting musically and I think Steve Really wants you know. He's epic style. So pro-gay Matt Ryan. I mean I really great lump sums those are the ones as we really have to kind of pay attention to what you're doing. Well die but I have a flow to them you know and Sounded across his pre off the wall with a with the The Gregorian months singing away and everything. It's it's You know the time some of the time signatures issues of a wall you so you get in the flow of it gets in your blood and you just do it. You know a soccer the maiden live show. It's amazing because you guys put on a show show like none other with wild set designs and props. 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It'd be one of on a modrow be any my chair and Reflecting on it I mean yeah is it is certainly go through through the I guess very they vote so so if the these feelings you know dramatic I mean I see anybody can put it and they're gonNa play live and I think audience so of Cincinnati as well Yeah I mean certainly you do go through a lot of a a lot themes and plan guitar solo with a Spitfire. A foot from your head is quite caught through until you. It's one of those things that and made it as a band that that can do this and probably know band ever again. We'll be able to do the things that you do. You remember last time when Bruce was I think it was book of souls. Repeals out the Eddie's heart and throws it into the crowd and it's like this plastic heart and it's like only iron main this to where you think it's the coolest thing ever right. Yeah Yeah it's version on the ridiculous and it really sometimes Yeah it just seems to only Bruce points inside and we were even getting good reviews from Rolling Stone Magazine And that's all exactly. They've always ignored us. And kind of look down on those ass but now they're saying well you so much lot we've become acceptable isobel phone isn't it. It's a bit of fun thing you know if you WANNA go and see a ban just staying in one place and and just recreate the seminar album. It's you know that's fine too but you know you certainly don't get out with us. You see a lot more a lot. What more show you know? And that's why I think maybe and you can ask this better than I can. It seems to me on the surface that made in his bigger now than You ever were Well I couldn't tell you in terms of you know facts figures but it certainly feels that way. Yeah certainly feels. Does that way. I'm sure we can ask Rod. He'll every figure down to the last time. Yes let's talk about You mentioned earlier. Touring with Judas Priest your very very first tour of the states. I'm not sure if it was with priest but just talking about when you guys first came over here what that was like If it's incredible I mean it was okay. Open enough. A priest The first show was well. We flew into to La. I went to the Sunset Marquis which is a mecca for all English bands. When you go there? It's like a waltz into the lobby the first personal so is Jeff Back Right. We stayed there for a few days did did did some of US went down to the Rainbow Bar and grill. You know Jimmy Page's sitting at the next table you know it's incredible. It's always women jumping whatever's and then we went the I guess we did was in Last Vegas that Aladdin Theater I mean for priests and I think also physically sick before the show this is America always dreamed about playing. Yeah you know. And then Author that show. We were joined on the Soyuz Bank with humble pie and they was us the show for Thirty Minutes Humble Pie and Judas priest and I will probably want him I would songfire reminds me Steve Marriott. Yeah absolutely heroes and everyone else you know and you know we looked up so these guys you know and then why tonight came on the Tour O.. Wants night you know say the original with Bony Malls Micky Moody Woody covered obviously and impace and Joan load. Oh deep purple will like my religion when I was fifteen so there will I i. Am You know on a flight. See next to be in place you know God gave him talking about sound and songs music. It was just incredible in a really nice is it. Did you go over pretty well right off the bat in America we did we did. Yeah I mean talking about applying law if I was watching you go steve sons buying out of the race each in and these guys are so smooth and professional. You know. They've got their anymore. Assistant legal their whole system. Where can they on stage? And they're all relaxed and when we played it was like it was like a hurricane. You know cost. We didn't have sound shakes. The sound was great. We can have room. We were falling over Tanglin leads it was just chaos but we it was exciting. You know we we did go. I mean Steve Ready Ready attacked the audience. You know he just he just at such conviction he was doing. They'd be brought out the front from the very first song you know and he just might people gain so You know is incredible. What's really I think back on it? Yeah because you always heard about Iran maiden coming even when up in Canada in Winnipeg and then you guys are touring with priest and then join a tour with thirty eight special and then suddenly out of nowhere. Yeah IT'S THIRTY S. That must've been an interesting mix of the southern rock band that amazing yeah especially when Rainbow and they were they were alternating headlining. So we'd open up and then it'd be for an rainbow and in the next. It'd be US rain bound to play with great goes they were just happy. Go lucky very happy to be doing it. You had Don't event you know singing in the behind. It looked exactly like Ronnie which is really weird. Who looks like John? I find so cool name Ronnie once and I felt terrible. Eat inside even and Brian Bo you know we've Ritchie plant. When you know like I said Purba my religion but we we hardly ever so richie of I? I Very Moody character living up to his reputation. Rate and Yeah I mean some Nazi come on stage and and Stop install smoke on the water and then just play the intro and walk off and leave the crown absolutely going crazy almost rising you know. But that's what he was like. He never gave you any advice. Did you ever run into him at all. Not really now you know. This is the thing I I wish I was so shot. I was only a kid really. I was on twenty only three twenty four. I just wish I could do it now. 'cause I'd love to the Steve Mary more into the left it sought to Ritchie. BLACKMORE would probably had more confidence in myself. So just come Roy and going up and down and picked his brains but you know you can't go back in time. I actually had a few chances for stay married. But you know he was very intimidating and he was very he wants it late. Talk to Wildwood offstage and he was wild onstage. US always in trouble you know right He was a row cowards. So for it it just. I thought this guy's done everything has been everywhere but in reality he was only probably in. He's early thirty s when we toured. You know what he was an older. You know guy that's what was so. Let's get to your so green and such a rookie. We would have known. Now you could go to Ritchie blackmore. Because he would know. Oh It's Adrian from iron maiden everyone knows iron maiden at the time you're just another opening band in a litany of probably. I'll be a dozen opening bands on that tour right exactly exactly so you you know you keep your right down and specially in you know me. I'm pretty light. Might while I was in kit you right down you know. Just do the best you can and just keep pushing on. Did you ever I think you told me a funny story. But you met Paul McCartney one time is that true do you remember this. No no if he was An HMO the last thing in In England I didn't actually meet him. Somebody Oughta guys might may die. Murray said he spots Paul McCartney and I think Paul McCartney McConnell said is oh my kids got pitches maiden will only light at. You'll catch the same thing you the band. This joint custody the same thing. Yeah Oh yeah. Is it that as well. Yeah you the band with the monster. I mean Johnny cash turned up a soundcheck of as wants I mean. How bizarre is that would send checking this club over? Suddenly this guy walks in the back of the Club in the Austin Lone black gunfire coat yet. I'm still I'm standing on stage playing rough job or something and then famous gladiolas Johnny Cash. So we finished Sanchez incomes. Johnny loveliest going really great energy. And he's with his mind and he said to me come up to me and say my my grandkids love you guys. You know. He's grandkids fans of the bads across and Acoustical Zoa graph. It's not right yeah. Let's talk about quickly here as we start to wind down. It's a famous moment but in in in rock and roll history have history of of the hearing aid project and stars the song that do did for for charity back when it was all about band aid and live aid. And the reason why I'm asking this I just happened to watch it the other day Dave or involved and just ask yes a little bit about that because you guys played this really killer little melody harmony behind the chorus a where everyone else is just went away. What was that like that session? And how did you decide to do something something. Melodic rather than trying to blistering Solo. I think uh I can't remember I mean Jimmy Bangor in touch with us because Jimmy you know you should take a little bit of an interest in us and Right we kept in touch with him a bit hit. Show up at gigs. Elian lead US astray. You know Houston to and He you know he asked broad. If any of the guys would would contribute so you know no one else wanted to do it. So don't even on. We said yes. We rolled out to be ourselves dreading it because I never really thought about how ally shredder saying I it was it. It was kind of intimidating because I grew up. You know playing brought blues really on. That wasn't my thing shredding and all that these guys Donald Feisty that we're GONNA get Vivian. Campbell old as guys you know. I'm running towards Lynch and sorry neal. Schon George Lynch bounced Eilly China. Play Faucet in each other and you know he's not God and so we went in and I said look. Why don't we just do some okay this guitar line you know we put over the course? Luckily I can think of things a lot on my seat so call me out of trouble but some you you know it was a it was a very much recording scene. It was the control room was full of groupies. It'll people smoking joints and snow in blow and also so things it was like a you know it's very decadent so you know. They couldn't wait. They do my thing. It's on but you know. Of course I suppose couldn't wait to get your thing down to go hang out in the control room when we did at policy in the control room and debauchery am I say Ronnie de is Love was a lovely you know sort of producing the session. No he was straight as a judge. You know not not get at right this guy that right so he directed us and and uh cynical is power and he said I'll call it just put allocate. Maybe he was relieved that it wasn't going to come in start shredding four rows. You know it's much. Toby did nothing. And then go out. Vivienne Vivian told me when he got the Gig with Ronnie because he said everybody was just shredding away and he came in the deal. What else you got? And he started playing Chuck Berry Blues. Rifts and that's the now you're onto something let me hear more of that so you're probably right about yeah cool. Speaking of do you remember the night that we had After we went and saw JEKYLL and Hyde in New York City. Yeah you know I remember it to a point crisper You know I remember being in a restaurant and then going to a club or something. I don't remember much off tonight. I like me and my pipe to build a we. We went to see. Sebastian is when you're in New York doing press I think for maybe psycho motel one of your soul records and we went and saw Jecklin. Hide your wife and my wife and the friends and then after we went to Sebastian He. He was the star. Sebastian Bach at a bar that you went to afterwards and we went there and proceeded to just get completely offer rockers and if they you get one to remember so yeah I do remember Sebastian balls really good in a play Jacqueline. He was amazing he was and then we ended up pouring beer on on each other's head and shooting catch up in each other's face at one point. I cornered you and then told you every one of the songs that you'd ever written in Iron Maiden. Oh Wow you're like yeah I know I know what song just reaffirming it. Exactly you. You last couple of questions for Adrian. It'll you've been on on a long tour. Do Love Fishing. Do you still get a chance to go fishing under days off once in a while I do as a matter of fact. I'm looking at my window a new source of Paul Minnesota and they've got Mississippi. I saw that was over the yesterday. Diana like up in Calgary a few die so begun down Bow River on your body dive Few Years Go. That's right. My cousin Chad Sprint speed took your fishing a couple of years ago. That's right yeah. Yeah and So doing that and Yeah the music fishing but see. That's the cool thing is is that we know how it is when you have days off and if you're just sitting around doing nothing you're just wasting a day and it's the worst feeling in in the world so some guys like all things. Some guys like to go sightseeing but to have that fishing outlet. That's probably a probably helps. You stay sane on the road. Yeah saw want me to do like say you know. Kiss your gets your air. It's actually quite good. Exercise All do walk in and get you out of fresh air. GET OUTTA hotel last couple questions. What's it's the biggest fish that you ever caught? Oh it's always thinking about today's appropriate sturgeon. I was in. I was in Vancouver once on I. I never even seen a sturgeon unquote one. So I went up to the Fraser River. Go gone went on a huge jet boat We go into these surge and these things are over one hundred pounds wow fi in the stojan arms literally hanging off king on a so. I'm not going to be out of play the show it is that one of those things where you have to strap yourself in and like slowly reel it in over the course of like an hour or two hours hours or something like that. Well we hope Senate this thing and go I'd put one of those Fighting Harnesses on me. It didn't quite strap me in. But you know you you stick a road in a in a sort of a harness that strapped to you then he just sat down and started rolling a cigarette. Like you know the Russia's GonNa take a while Oh you know so yeah those things you know. I don't think I even know what's going on. They so big they just kind of just keep going and you have to follow him. You know right right right. Because that's what they say like you know the lock. This monster could be a sturge in giant sturgeon or something like that because it's slow right last question. What's your favorite song on a play on this on this tour probably a good ago dot same join at one tune than like? I said it's always a pleasure to to hang out and have a chat with you. I'm glad we're able to work this out. Pleasure Chris thanks man. We'll see in a couple of weeks and have fun in the Pag Man Winnipeg great rock and roll crowds. The the prayed. Yeah well to might. Thanks choose Christmas thanks bye-bye.

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