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UFC 245 Preview Show


Hi I'm Megan. Canadian and I produced Nice try from curbed a podcast about utopia a place. That is perfect and does not exist. Hosted did by Avery trauman. The season starts in Jamestown with the first permanent English settlement in North America and ends in the fictional her land a world with no men in site. Nice try has been recommended as a must-listen by the New York Times The New Yorker esquire vulture time and more apple podcast. Evan named it one of the top podcast of twenty nine thousand nine but don't just take their word for it. Check it out for yourself. The entire season is available. Now find out more and binge. NJIT on Apple podcast spotify or your favorite podcast APP. You're listening to the VOX media long as network is a cold chilly. Day here in Las Vegas my name salons. I'm standing outside the T. Mobile for 'EM FIGHTING DOT com stand next Steven Morocco. WHO's making his? Ma Fighting preview show debut here ahead of USC to forty five. Now Stephen. Lots unpack on this car. International news like Outside the three title fights There's a lot of fighters from all over the world fighting on the specific car. A lot of drawn interest from a lot of different fan groups even political fingers if you will we might giving pack unpack his Alabama but we're gonNA start at the top. UC welterweight champion Qamar. WHO's with spelt on the line against the outspoken? Koby Covington who say what you want if you agree with his politics or not if you like the Gimmick as he's being set as he's been labeled or not he draws. You can look at the numbers on the Internet. You can look at the numbers on social media. He is clearly drawn more interest than any other fighter on this card. What do you make of this fight? And what do you make of the draw that becomes has become in the weeks leading up to this big event. uh-huh as far as the Gimmick. It's kind of the perfect for our time. You know he's picked a character that is polarizing naturally For where we're at in our political world for Reidar society at this moment he's capitalizing that Using some Very well worn cliches of as as far as wrestling SONAL that he brings the methods it uses to promote the fight And to sell grudges and everything like that. So it's It's not a new playbook that he's he's running he's just what he's picked is something that's perfect for our time and that's why he's really really resonated Whether it's fans who love to hate or love so like you said he's out drawn anything else else if you look at his numbers versus chimeras number. It's clear that people care more about watching him do his thing. And that's that's the game you know in this in this business. That's that's the reason why he's fighting for the title. It kind of obscures. The fact that these are two guys that are meeting at the perfect time is something something we don't get a lot in the UFC get fighters who run parallel to each other for so long and finally get to meet at their apex. In a lot of times they ended up Pinot overstepping our under stepping. They get they lose. And then we lose some of the momentum of their career but we're really seeing fighters at their peak clashing I at the right time. Yeah I think you hit it right on the head of this political undertone. That has that kind of not. I don't WanNA use maybe maybe cloudings not the word but at that seems to be the the storyline that people are pointing. Ah But if you just look at this fight a lot of people are pointing to this as this is like a split down the middle in terms of the actual athletic competition similar records similar styles of fight US fighting a skill set similar opponents defeated in similar manners a so ignoring the story. Line the Donald Trump versus the Nigerian nightmare. What do you make if the actual fight isn't as split down the middle As US media and fans are making it out to be will. Yeah because if you look at their skill sets At least on paper they're both great wrestlers Koby D. One Kamara to they've made wrestling a part of their game Part of their fighting style. That's the that's the way. They excelled in the Arctic on and when two wrestlers meet it tends to be an exciting match up. You know it's the same old maximum about you. Get Two wrestlers together and you get a striking fight. And I think that actually that they're clashes. Dodds is going to be most interesting because it's going to be the first the first test in the fight. The first litmus test for both fighter who can be the first person to impose their will on the other and I think that's going to shape the fight it overall. We don't see a lot. In my opinion we don't see a lot of wild swings in the octagon fights like Henry Pseudo and Marley Mariah's or not unfair we don't see these gigantic momentum shifts Play out over time. Typically as quite as getting caught or more common in my opinion ending is when a fighter sets a tone or fighter sets pace and I think the first fighter whether it's a Kamara or colby to really get that first win whether it be fighting off take down or getting a takedown that's going to say a lot of WHO's GonNa take this fight one hundred put you on the spot. Who Wins is do we have an instill would come out? WHO's been winning or New Colby Congressman Wedding here in Las Vegas? Every time I have counted Colby Covington out in multiple times and if I have to look deep into my I soul. It's probably because of some of my personal feelings about the brand that he's promoting If I have to be perfectly honest every time that I've just a discounted him he's just he's he's proved me wrong and the reason for that is pace that he pushes. It's in my mind it's unparalleled And I think that Kamara could easily catch him early and this could be a an all a moot point but I think if we go into distance than I think Kobe's he's GonNa take it and I have no idea who's going to but I'm just going to base my prediction off of yours. Honestly Kamar who's been is going to win. I do tend to favor the champion and most matchups especially when it is fifty fifty if it is a coin toss like so many people say I slightly lean towards the champion. I think I'm GonNa do that now. Kamar who's missing the bigger welterweight. When they stand opposite one another call becomes can easily make a hundred fifty five pounds? I think I've interviewed him of even before he fulfilled Asano's and feel design those wider that him and he we saw happen so I could be completely wrong sized by make a difference tomorrow who's been I count completely out against time really. I thought Tire Woodley was not on not quite a juice level but well on his way to become one of if not the as well too. It's all the time and we saw Kamara who's been did. It didn't even break a sweat running through time and then was injured that fight we found out injured his knee and so basically defeated time when the one like like maybe even know needs. So I'M GONNA say a Kamara who's been will defeat competent. But I am not confident in that whatsoever. Now we'RE GONNA move down to the Coleman Event and a lot of people people. I think were surprised isn't headline especially Canadians. And I'll explain why I was speaking with some Canadian fans and they were they. Were asking Max Holloway next because Max Holloway away as he declares himself the new face of Canadian animator headline three pay per view title fight. He's GonNa fight night in Saskatoon so the Canadian fans have really gravitated towards Bats Holloway as an adopted son. Now that there's really no Canadian superstars anymore. Agius the Canadian the Canadian. Dsp He is taking on Alexander Volkan Australian that part of the world. The New Zealand Australia Con Countries contents wherever they are really captivating the MA world by storm with a robber widow. Who just lost with Israel Israel out of Sonya? Dan Hooker this. This area of the world is really kind of emerged as a powerhouse at the scene. So what will. But what does as innovative Ivanovsky have. That Max Holloway. Who Joe Rogan himself? Declare the greatest of all time. What does That match always never seen the ability to push the pace early In my opinion I think he's shown On increasing ability to tailor his pace to his opponent the away he fought like Chad Menez Jose Aldo completely different story. And I think afi if he is able to take advantage of the fact that Max Holloway is a a slightly slower starter and tends to build in intensity as a fight goes on intends to wear down his opponents with volume Then I think That similar to how Cole could take the initiative from tomorrow. I think we could see that. Miss Fight where Alexander is mixing up his wrestling striking so much. The Max is enabled to set and throw the combinations that he's so good at putting together. I Max I don't know if grace featherweight of all time he himself as as said he's still oh he's Josie Alba is the greatest and he said that will never change but I think Max is well on his way if he if he does tear through another challenger Alexander Volkov Oscar. You really have to wonder who's left for him. We do have the. Is this a beach. The zombies out there but the featherweight division is not lying for contenders that problem. Is Max Holloway. Might not be able to make one hundred forty five pounds for for as long so I will put you on the spot again who wins. DC and still when Max Holloway beating get another challenger or just Alexander Another UC chamber to actually Australia back to Australia. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa go with the champ on this one because I think that Max has seen more. He seen more variety as far as the competition petition that he's faced more high level competition and he's fought at a higher level for a longer time does have a lot of wear on him but he's also very durable Guy Alexander Volkov. He just hasn't faced the level of opposition at he's going to see for Max and Max certainly knows that the take down a tempest coming. He certainly knows that Alexander's GonNa push the pace. So I think he's smart enough intelligent enough to prepare for that And to send Alex packing back to his homeland and all stay on brand. And I'll pick opposite of you just to make this interesting. I do think. Alexander Vulcan does pose a lot of threats. That Max Holloway hasn't seen as involving. Oscar has been very vocal. That Frankie Edgar approach the fight. Wrong mack. Holloway fought a lot of as you called smaller fires. Max kind of looks down. His opponents physically looks down in housing. Thousand volcanologist says he has never fought someone that has hit as hard as me and looking back through. I'm not saying he's wrong or right but there aren't a lot of power punchers. That Max Holloway is Really Fox. Someone that can just knock you out in one punch five swans Conor McGregor but that was years ago Conor McGregor had blew out his knee in that fight. That went to a decision Max while I was twenty two final short notice. I said Andrei feely hit. Hit the heart of every fighter. Spe- ever he he ever fought so I will say Alexander Volkov Poses threats that Max hasn't seen. I am curious to see how well Max Holloway. Taylor's is fight camp around Alexander Vulcan Oscar. Because Max outside of I can't think of many fighters who game plan as well as I think his fight. IQ is one of the most underrated tools in his arsenal. where he every Max holiday we see is so different? Because he Taylor's his game plan so specific the Ford opponent that he's there before they can even make a move. So I'm but I'm going to ask you Simply because I want to be different than you but it is difficult said say. Hey I'm Jason Delray. I recently wrapped up a land of the giants. The rise of Amazon. In this podcast we examine how Jeff bezos turned a small online bookseller into one of the most powerful companies in the world. We start by exploring how Amazon prime became a service with over one hundred million members and end means source of the company's power. I mean I think that's kind of what Amazon's banking on right. You're just so locked in that you're GONNA go to any other sites 'cause I mean I don't and we end this season season by pondering. The question is Amazon. Too Big you know and we just don't WanNa be the United States have Amazon. We just really don't land of the giants has been recommended by by the New York. Times axios wired and more. It's a candidate. Look at the state of Amazon today. How we got here and what the future might look like? The the entire first season is out. Now find out more and binging on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast APP. So let's just get to the last one the third title fight of the night Are you You opposite of me on remainder enemy and and Amanda Unit so we continue in this pattern we will get there in a second all set. I'll set the stage for the fans. Amanda Nunez who many consider the greatest female fighter of all time. Joe Rogan himself introduced as the goat. She's coming off that head kick win over Holly Home. She's being every champion. Former former champion put in front for outside of the Straw. Because let's space she's never gonNA know fifth straight getting up to one thousand five hundred forty five demand news we'll never go down struggle straightaway. Germain is the last one being holly home. She's being Chris Cyborg. She's been bouncing recycled twice. Mutate she's being Ronda Rousey Germain Durand may technically. She does have the win over her but this was years ago. The submission win Germain remainder end was very young intermix martial-arts after a long story kickboxing career said that she learned more than that fight than any kickboxing matches ever had any practice any training camp. Her loss demanded Menounos was so good for her career that she is. She is grateful for Amanda but she does want take away from her. So I will put you on the spot now. Does Germain Durand me get revenge for their last loss or is Amanda Nunez continue this historic run and knock off another champion. I actually haven't thought about a for some really GonNa do this on the spot And I'm going to say that Amanda gets it done again because I think she can do. I think she's going to do what she did. In the first fight better I think the Germain is a better fighter. A different fighter than the one that she faced those all those years ago but Amanda is at her peak. Amanda is fighting better than she's ever fought before and I think that the people that she got with her the machine over there. Att T- t- Is more than enough to do what she did. Better than the first time which is basically weekly tire. Her out user grappling be more of a mixed martial artist and take the decision so I'm GonNa say champ champion and all all stay on brand picture made me but I am. This is the one. I'm least confident about Amanda Nunez. As I do believe she's aggressive. Female fighter of all time I was I was on the board with that when she knocked. CYBORG and I just added to and she holly but I will pick dramatic Germain randomly She seems to be the one of the more accurate strikes standing opposite of managing as you really saw the last fight. You saw that in the penance. If I were she can really stock you down and snipe you from afar sniping with hand grenades. Free much usually professional kickboxing. She is she is a professional chaos with very Dutch style of kickboxing or she just stocks. You down at just heavy punches. Right will not not many elbows. A she makes you kind of lean for with body Eddie punches that kind of up like upper Kutcher or just bad as bad as the top of your head into oblivion. The high homefires was very impressed. There's dark hot over with US too late punches. But she was uber. Impressive this of in that fight So I will say drained randomly. I am not confident whatsoever. I JUST WANNA be off opposite Steven Morocco here looking at the rest of the car. There are a lot of exciting fights. It's it's not just the main culprit the preliminary cars well Josie Aldo Make Hispanic away debut opposite Baltimore as we have your favorite returning opposite. Peter Yawn my best friend and Mike Parry Fights Jeff Neal are there any other fights that really stand out in your mind on the rest of the forty five car. No that pretty much sums it up. I mean as far as the ones that I'm looking for Jeff. Jeff Neal versus Mike Perry Seems like guaranteed violence But Yeah No. Those are the ones that I'm looking forward to as well I think think the top among those would probably be Jeff Neil and then Peter Yan versus Versus era. Now you've been on the Peter you entree and pretty much all we have have. I just can't get off it. You know I'm I I think that that fight is intriguing because Iran is coming back and he's fighting no scrub at all like this isn't no no disrespect to Ricky Simon. But this is like this is he's looked amazing. And all these fights it just as speed the power variety It's no easy fight if he gets past Peter. Yawn should get that title shot because Peter Yawn has been looking like the man ever since he's gotten into this division so soft spot in my heart for the old guys the Oh Jeez WanNa see him Deliver but it's a really really tough task. Obviously it would have to play and you're not you're not alone our own. Pc Carol has been very adamant whenever he co host. The Not only as Peter Jon Gong to win your favorite is going loan to retire again after five yards so pizza. Carol is on record saying that on the side but use use. You mentioned the point where you said if your favorite does get through Peter Yawns you should get the title fight I actually disagree with you I think Josie Aldo wins. He should get the top shot over your favor. Seattle is one of the greatest fighters of all time. Yes coming off. The law. Suits Alexander Vulcan ASCII but I historically I like to see the play offs for all we know your eye. And Joe's Algebra blow out their knees and they get like six months suspensions right they might not be around for fly like we all Pattana swallow is GonNa get the next title fight after two thirty. She hurt her neck. In that fight she got passed over while Zhang. The rest is history. She's now finding you on Jayjay so if Josie Aldo and your a favor do win and both are healthy I do expect Josie Aldo to get the next shot Henderson. That is Henderson. Who Don't even wants to fight again? Our Gimmick crews put out the excellent interview with with with champion or triple. CS He puts. But I don't know if Josie Aldo be small as you said yourself. You're not like Dr favors coming finding scrub the same. Can we say with Josie Aldo. Our Own Karen. Casey lied and has been on record multiple times that mammary is could be the best bands in the world that Henderson who don't just kind of caught him in the momentum shifted as as you previously said so speaking about a difficult match for your first fight in a division that you've never computer for it doesn't get much difficult mammaries. Yeah it's And then you couple that with the way questions because you know obviously he made today but as many people of set on on twitter It's not just about making the way it is about how you perform. And for all that. Jose Josie has said Josie has said about how well he's feeling Jim There's twenty four hours hours To go there's a lot of he needs to rehydrate and who knows how that's GonNa go. Who knows how he's actually a feel in the octagon on fight night Men and especially against a guy like Marlin mariah superfast a superfast guy. Josie is great on the counter. Kenney still do that as Bantam weight and do it as well. He's also got a lot more miles on it a lot. More lot more things to the head a lot more a lot. More miles was on his body so in that fight That's a huge question. Mark but I I would tend to favor the guy who's been in the division longer and and been dominating the division that will be Marlin riots. I actually won't pick against you this time. I do think Marlin Marlin I. I tend to favor. He is one of the best bantamweight in the world. Former world's fighting champion. It's it's really hard to pick against Josie Aldo. Didn't look like he was all smiles and stuff getting on the scale. He did not look great at that Media Day he did not look like a happy camper whatsoever ever so But I am excited for the Mike Peritoneal like you said I am very excited for Ma Matt Brown. I WANNA call them. Mike Brown Matt Brown for Spent Saunders that yes. That's very interesting fight. Both fighters were very surprised. They never fight each other even been offered each other before and pass both veterans of the early season of the ultimate fighter. That's Great Jessica is fighting on the on the fight pass not not ESPN plus prelims. The fight patio at their official instead anyway. ESPN two prelims. Also has Iran. Rennell Donna and cal via who. Both both women are very adamant that a win. They should be next line of bands weight given if Amanda Nunez Wins because I spoke to Iran and she said that a man and his accolades would warrant immediate rematch. Should she lose but she will be ready if she does count data so there's a lot of exciting for a lot of exciting match ups even even without the title of. I think this is stopped by a lot of elite level. High Marsh last competition Stephen as one final thing before we sign off. Have we considered the possibility that all three retitled fights will go the distance Allah strikeforce on. CBS Do not put that bad voodoo into the world. Because as going to be a lot of press conferences as can be a lot of frost frost but I love it every time. We're here in Las Vegas so for Jose. This great job are the wind. I ever preview. Show well done a great job and the Gulf commentary at the official ensue. If you'RE GONNA see a lot more this has been Jose. That's been Stephen. We're in LAS VEGAS WE'RE OUT.

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