El origen del Arte: las cuevas de Cantabria


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That is he is done we need Vika they don't feel still looking a little less worse praised the Rica's they is there are citic will ask on Arto based their political politico in Cantabria mooners but I mean I think the next call today most they yes Connecticut Okay I'm asking the choice of going onto Montecasino has said yeah we're not gonNA see Tokyo because you're going to get the animals with over get bored in look for legal even got up at the UNESCO legno interest or eighteen matter of course famous is future kilometers instructors from coca on a new feminist yes they say bory does the emperor elaborate story dubbed Ramush Numerous Squirrel busters against the US. I think they would not like what they'll come out of my mind that if he can be I don't love what kind of what he did means man oh where they fit into these people as Muslims Nosotros in wintertime the authors I know lazy workers come in that also readers CMO's Al Cantaloupe Boisterous is better is better almost Kisii boys ns I tell me they still more people in Milan because he's now outer square the economy and Pussy does but as feel or we import Anisimov when they start a cantabria was around okay see that's what I've become so he's he comes from a guy thirty is gonNA finish course I mean there's one more people are GonNa Fade Asquin Don Dailey hedonistic a lot of progress about Gano Almar I'm getting stuck upon dog here's a Biscuit Albany you know I I think this is that police officers say these little yield sample on secondary can get at that meeting you and if the military's NPR and whether it will as much instead of conventional leverage why motivation inadequate 'cause like it up and give us what is happening I wanNA symbols takes a others as Korea do now he did almost whether as I said that s implementary Costa won the Cup took limiters run unwanted contact center policy honest but Peo- The monetize a few minutes and Clinton and they get the Navy I feel very sorry muskie ended up going inclusive a minimum of which I've never last by UNESCO's goose seniors data insisting millennials do now you know middle middle and you told him Timothy Paracetamol notional team punk tremors in Muslim Guy Cuevas when they can't up style landowners boy I agree okay no says the Ohio as movie Anna Lynne door noise in the Paula funerals commodities Theon Komo national the idea interested in in Costa of course is eleven I mean money's Gallini comes from the school in the neighborhood a theon the buffet tallied eat Amelia niemand it's GonNa be a UP Canada's of policies of some of the palace equality senators lengthy bally's metal data theon get I'm small but a Hammer Patil dimple was under the command mutual when way to Phoenix and winter I grew as the years now some inland does does communist book is in Rio Alto the controversy umbrella hill he lower than one in why didn't they claim that he's only yeah they meant that I'm she's been because you still put me down AH study in groups that I'm reading something they'll come meet up one is supposed to be something nothing but study courses eh Caracas has no interest in pursuing our chromosomes say count data the main thing in several of your own our fitch out the wwl minnows milliner the village because they need iphone funeral gets on bill you mentioned is that lifting national here no they don't temporary thing though is when they need it seems that you're right so will I would and because you know I think inappropriately integrated I call Casteel it's me deal in the theater last year was intere- savvy and there are a few times if he had about PD Israel is Kerala finished because she ended up when it's no wonder and you're seeing them and do you remember those books convert but if you look here don't have mental the I I'm wondering if he goes city they would hit those getting caught the NFL or something that university study because I'm listening critters just gave the Koran is the most common for this for months Lino Sunday's Daytona when're is political not CBS about everything not only my when I was a few they had get off because Mexico Nicaragua I sort of look at that interest police units are available on the conveyor settled museum governor in tournament especially especially if I'm going to malice she's knows Houston's see dealer we take me don't let the mental mental those Mitchelson here when we meddle governor deal with John Marshall maintenance a mental corresponding arrested today and Gayle painting attending sending through those American just putting masterson that's gets to you and electoral victory liberty middle class or first union is can't they look at some of the United States Senate impact but as well as I mean I don't mind video you'll continue guys show where our them they don't and yet we don't let them they must address thirsty wouldn't get is going on with that very much in control there's no competition lengthy Web Emilia Daniels they will fill me what isn't which is the same movie and Benita on me steady cutting radio sacred really does he deserve Indra Brittle or send you some broke Catastrophe Carano Meteosat Aka negative because it took on a role as organic on Sundays I gave him but my no no I do when I'm on it stop putting into almost got a monopoly Kim boy escudier Boise la La qual Demidov Lanyo Anita get Mita you start thinking about our own season though Kim over like I'm on the lineas government goodbye moon escalate at just got on with them for it is angrier Leda nearly you see Leonardo Moya's La la La Hoya MUSC- Nariman Demos Ah biddle steelers star does Pero Siempre Logan Lesbian positons bourgeoisie in limbo no no it almost capacity young Komodo see gay gay what impropriety almost bid Lundy without last year that are asked yeah and of course doing this no no sorry I'm more get minnows millennials I always extended into them at that moment Komodo told you don't know me that they are Costa Recovery Lepe some data is empty we have seen in Modern Kentucky you know nasty people time to hello everybody this game with Poco was it may what is forum my name is Beth Israel say it's I got an idea let's play that made an advantage because that's mandatory eh if this goes plus because they see a competitor I love him he's young and you're doing so what would you say of course ended up being do you look at stay Ceelo the Athena we element him we got the IMPO Larkhall here I hope was here on this on Komo is they stay normal middle they D- Impo Galloway must must must address I found go out another is going to skin typically they can sue Santana's others have either the kids championship on November consciousness is the place de Cinco Disney capacity and give him Nelson which got gay I mean the other low when this is Joe I don't understand Your Liberty Stadium either question of your vehicle and play come into place out when my fiance is doing let me tell it's GonNa win the Super Preliminary it's GonNa be good as my son was like why should we colossal names you know cafes a welcome okay leper so now you see that went better joe they'll evil continues with the decline this little because sometimes KKK geeky very honestly after Korea does he live in order include procure Manokwari retorted millennials have you seen this pretty steady endow a marcus gay people but a complete the authorised markkanen symbol las cuevas get any when he went on what is happening because he came and we MPR insists soon as innocent Komo Montgomery serious you see a lot of practical medicine impressive natural practica maintain its ways doc was happy in units of study lasts forever collectors but it's not open to all yeah when there's been done the one last collaspe Lassen Amblin Oscar de la Ville Sombrero in Dondo that me national it gave the brand dope was dialing theresa has Luther Kalin they're not better not guilty and popping tar is Komo News Komo News don't get you were therapists see Zia one this any further North Korea I'm not for the that region I think there's an interesting because I think those would be most interesting diner asphalt young Corrado in Iraq willing to put in place it did to me Bertarelli that is that's been dudas Illawarra Steiner scooters but one another's a nause inter up was in the case he is the muscle mental the mental state in the that the Clinton of course the better because they got the Middle Columbia no compromise I mean to sort of book with them in that but he stood in Oklahoma tonight eighty because the quotas Oklahoma data really person one thing I feel even allow new museum themes within apparently but I don t stay calm clever by the that's gay con get this he has been in commenters Blanquita genesis blocker you put it up in look after some sort of quota somebody else 'cause I'm okay I think is a rural locality the city subsidies it finished and then capacities therapy condoning how they could do nothing leader yeah I gotta get honey Donald Nokia you sooner rather taxi cuts you're on your own woman Cassini within in the news you can directed McConnell quality to them I can see I'm listening to steal question locality and see if you own Seo India that was number two no but I think now where to continue or whose husband and get the unanswered having unit randy UC. You don't get a lot on our people in Quebec in October standard minted repeatedly in and when you're used to tackle the geocache and by the way I actually see metal Asociados won took notice and pussies young looking for my mother they just have you done it in a Muslim Iraqi is three no give us really nearly two Lena's book and it's only talked to regulate traffic tells me eat them and then you put us up Woah you're so lucky couple face is blue so not put away Douglas Douglas who this is go get up is most prisoners used to use gaking crucial fundamental PM till you have no final static whatever and so when the city endless something like what because he's the Yoga Bonello relied on select two dollars you know he can lose I think is a lot better I was looking up seeing those young Nelson was much better than it did it most simply because on their toes tola ill signals he lives any mindless caveat percentile competitors I love that you maybe a little funny in the the kids look at mass represent them on a quiet up I see them I can't say puppet he started going to pick up Lisa bet on them don't quote upset on people well because my complaint hosted but ambrose actually because all a consideration and locates tweet up percents I finished with money uh-huh immediately I'm in the Muslim I know anybody that would seem like what am I the Catheters Kim believes postpone I have a special the 'cause Donnie Darko nor did it took us so much commotion Kosovo that amount asked whether or not you but at low as what is that Scott Baio colleagues picked up recco bicycle talk well you said yeah in the figurative illumination minos medicine that ideal has my mouse can blame us in Kentucky I should've me now I didn't do that it'll almost one per core I've etiquette you're lifting most rookies another mostly look exempt legal and I got one episode the other team bid on him he when you go into next you pay so now 'cause we represent mono and it's no soon in temple then I did we are the starters pithiest or asking thoroughness is that's been doris but not moment of hilltop Olympics discuss what didn't they don't over to honor the issue that we have not been kinnock anybody says uh I may steady crater version assiette about the most comfortable places on like while in Atlanta you must rush is picked up learning about the commentary I don't care they'll eat on the school day contest to mature really do that I always keep talk is even mine is GonNa get it while how come you know polemic he would be okay but on those North Korea last governor is who does he work in the history of competitive team and asking owners has come up they went back if you could I don't necessarily let's be is is a former doors became endorsing almost thirty yeah because is complete I mean do you see that's what I was telling us this idea until you run also thirsty I must have been in Glendale Oregon is is she reporting because they're going to meet them analyst Daniel Movement you can is on the because she doesn't seem Israel is more your Unia person that's what you'll get tormentors as I said the the amount of going in and COPA allow the guys the millennials and the way that you can in most cases and it has my nose I mean the caloric theory is it's almost feel settlement up to the superintendent either thank you letters in on upper city and they said yes it does talk shutters so throws Independiente Africa Yamasaki I think what this support was there was any Melissa Scindia sexy you just have to cope with him in the knees more on the story my nose my nose Kate Radio services you know up until maybe 'cause enter the clinic radio most of any kind of checklist written down there the interest rates you wanna perfume then throw in there you said for well went up and that's what has lose alcohol not inclusive in domestic sincerity people they don't know devoid blaffer let me say that and they go on them perennial is is in okay got it on Komo multi-colored simply a full contracted for drive into the schools excuse me because he'll say get yours but if number one that they know your loan me umbrella group focus incredible we are here Toyota is putting the MCI in the European Shaw gave us Mina commenting talking over he became there is under those cuevas as much in the you know they must give money last people Alaska is sending Gandara important the Lopersti romantic interest serpent entities get a present on concrete I'm guessing iffy inclusive let's go me at one time almost understand but I'm even in the ghetto okay. He's in his room I don't know Acosta he got vice versa that'll get seen an poison the data dependent again ran into a militant we might have okay my inclusive and the answer is still paying for Bouma but until northern a total much on people will cut them down with the most Middle Cardiac whatever then I think Oklahoma Yoda on the most ended in a champion in the it's GonNa be done them for dental to see more because they've done solo came represent students look out on ripple on inclusively hung on Komo those Dan Imagine Alaska's Lana Doppler now what Ray yes I quit the those day yes liquid sequence healthcare rebound I think scandal beleaguer scare renovated so give me League race the song the fundamentals there you but not in the Muslim actually one of the most awesome coast in quality unders pretty sturdy without they'll finish incremental I give I give him up in the battlefield implore most is that our lonely alone is squirrel us the Ben though whatever seemingly there's a local Paseo again and think of England an interesting to see if e Oh come on do well let's he comes when it must just tell you and I say to you is kind you went up on represent days when you know when I get up he doesn't speak as soon as that is because they thought that upland is this is now in Israel almost the best in the so so I'm almost half percent took more what do you guys in what administration they believe you kiss is looking for the motivation stance spending Donna believe Paula taste like Bono gets going to live over in Quito see then that look she gyro global B. Definitely nobody it says he didn't get a chance because they think million years here here in a moment lupu she doesn't millennial not do the conceal your goes he quantitative you ever since though onto their innocence in this woman they needed to stay hidden he's doing relied on to walk them you represent it but it is they don't see you is vice keeping me in venues winter who celebrities today's one I'm saying that there is a declaw call if they won't do tremendous is something that they ever precipitously call you know enough on here too you're pushing independence says he say persona persona they Canadian deputy headache on W. as I don't know what other athletic thing it'd be 'cause I'm Scott how most scores but I think last year I was telling people come to it's just been to interact one coalition but what are you GonNa Maria Representative now Gordon Oklahoma City they got the stirs look para but I gotta go on his fifth year they meet up gave a one in the pendle a fearful Komo Casa hero while you're editing who knows as much as picked up there's August here not simple decent case has been harassed they don't believe in you know what he's done in only removed they're not allowed to tell a sandoval quintuplet believer lake will ask a pussy one record that get depot the the Abbey Thought Ok Tedi Pavane Demi fighters he opens gay what percents you'll but if you're gonNA blow in a little island I like what does that mean something like what else I'm here so you're middle level Kyla immediately more speech study that caught up in tournament organisers patios old Kudos gnarly villa millennials. You worship coming up and get in so I think you feel

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