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<music> welcome to the encouragement ride podcast brought to you live direct with limited or no commercial interruptions from mar home in beautiful glut stat mississippi to wear you find podcasts with your hosts. The quarter ton of writing fund those cycling good citizens the boy scouts who've never heard a discouraging word jimbo rarely and kelvin jones remember friends these two way of quarter of a ton so you don't have to take it away. Boys this jimbo rayleigh and kelvin jones with the occurs and ride podcast. What could episode zero zero six and we're going to talk today about different parts of your bicycle in different writing personalities which category you fall into calvin. What kind of category you fall in today today well jimbo. I appreciate the chance to sit down and talk with you. Again has been a minute since we did our last podcast. Both you and i've been out of town. We both been sick with all the spring allergies and all the pollen. I accidentally threw my back out and was down for the count for several weeks. I'm just now getting my riding legs back under me. It's just been a hot mess. <hes> since we last in our podcast absolutely absolutely in my travel schedule has taken me the from madison mississippi two mississippi gulf coast north mississippi awaken gatlinburg but don't feel sorry for me for going to gatlinburg and then you do some the mountain climbing on. I did <hes> six miles where the climbing and climbed about one hundred feet per per mile and wanted to crawl underneath a tree tree and help a bare duty. I bet your legs were screaming. I may flat-lander for sure yeah. Yeah i hear you. I hear you well today. You know so one of the things that we wanted to talk about was the other day jimbo you and i were on a ride with some of our beginners and one of them hasn't really was considered a beginner <hes> <hes> he's been writing with this. I think this is third summer yeah third season buddies with not familiar with his bike. He just got a road bike last year and he became very efficient with it. <hes> in this year <hes> he he showed up this year and he's he's quite a lot faster and a little bit more efficient but a one thing was very glaring when we were starting to go up a pretty good sized hail i said okay okay mr beginner <hes>. Let's move over into the. Let's move you chain into the small rings eating do some climbing he goes it is under the small ring and i looked i said no. It's not it's still in the big ring. What's a small ring. You know so that got me to thinking here's a man who's been in writing three seasons with us and he still did not know the difference between a small ring and a big rain so we got to thinking we may be not as basic as we i think we are so what we're going to do is we're going to play the old vince lombardi's back in the sixties where he went to the green bay packers and he said gentlemen. This is a football. This is a football so people this is a mike. This is a bike so we're gonna talk about. Just the basic parts of a road bike be at a ten speed anything to change gears. We're gonna talk about you know what the gears where they are on your bicycle and what the levers order and that sort of thing so. I'm gonna start off with just like the old joke does my helmet. My solo pat well the first thing you've got this. The highest thing on your bike is he's going to be your seat and then you grab your handlebars in the little bar between it's got crossbar gang crossbar and some bikes may not have across some do not have a crossbar osmar but it's usually the usually the connector between your forks which is where the front wheel goes and the area below your seat and then on those handlebars mars are gonna be breaks. Your left break is going to be for your front in the right. Breaks won't be for the rear so be careful using that front brake because it will send you you like a catapult over your front seats. A good way to remember that is right rear are are so if you have if you kind of get confused. Just remember the right rear so the right hand going to stop the back wheel. The left hand's gonna stop the front will go and then a lot of the new bikes bikes these days. They're they're. They're brake levers also double as your gear shifts in on your left. We talked about little rain big ring. That's the headset. That's that's where you're pedals can act some bikes have three sets rings two cents range one senator independent what type of bike erotic right in that is controlled by the left side. <hes> tell us about the rights. The right side is going to be the one that controls the cassette and the year shifting in the back so so when you change over on the left side if you want to go from the small range of the medium ring to the big ring or vice versa. That's what you're going to use with your left hand but in any any of those if you want to move the back part of the chain underwear you're sitting too small cog in the cassette or the large coggin the cassette you're going to move your right hand and there you go and what's that little thing that hangs off the bottom that help she moved from left to right on your cassette. It's the thing that would fail me. In a spelling louis b it's called the director. I don't know how to spell and there are two directors. There is a front bariller a rear driller. The front driller controls calls those big cogs in the very front and the little one in the back so you know we talked about basic bicycle maintenance. Make sure that on those derails you add a little bit of lewd. There's little almost like knuckles that kind of like an elbow that elbow needs a little bit of lube so that it'll shift a little bit better <hes> yeah and <hes> if you find that you're shifting <hes> in all of a sudden you're chained skips to three cogs in the cassette you you may need to take it to the bike shop and have them tighten tighten up your durell because they will loosen wear down over time and it's time also to have the <hes> the bike shop check your chain somewhere and and safety do need cassette and i don't really know if we really talked about what a cassette is. According to wikipedia it's a multiple sprocket attached just to the hub on the rear wheel and acog set works with a rear derail learning provide multiple gear ratios to the writer so if you look down where you behind behind your feet and you see that all of those things where the chain is going up and down right or left is the exact opposite of what you do in the front so if you move the if you move your shifts in your left hand to go from the small ring to the medium range of the big ring well on the right hand you're gonna go from the narrowest part to the widest part and if you get it to the widest part that makes it easier to go hill if you get it to the narrowest part that's mainly like you're going flat out on a flat surface and you'll hear them say numbers like what was it like eleven thirty to eleven thirty to twenty five twelve so what that means is the narrowest part has eleven t teeth around the diameter of hub widest part has thirty two teeth around the diameter up so that's that's what is gazette. It's still pretty complicated eighty. We hope i didn't lose you and you have that deer in the headlights. Look right now going while you're driving or whether you're doing what in the world that those boys just say right right right and some of the just other a basic parts. That should be a little bit self explanatory. You've got your wheels. You get your front wheel. Your your will and your rear wheel is going to have your cock set. It's going to have your chain stays is that's going to be your power. Drive your chain your toe clips. You pedals all that kind of stuff just kind of works in tandem and that's that's. Where were you gotta. Put the juice. <hes> yeah and you know this is a jimbo eupol great a website. It's very simplistic. Website is from marian webster the dictionary dictionary and is called the visual dictionary online and this is called parts of a bicycle and it's in the show and you're going to put that in the show notes and that way you'll know what we're talking about it just just in case you have any questions now again you know different bikes and we're going to talk about the different bikes <hes> in the next episode like gravel bikes are or road bikes or whatever the main thank you need to know about is how to shift how to use your ears and how to use your brain properly absolutely remember. He's the rear brake. Break the right side. Most of the time because rear right right rear are left for over the top. Yes <hes> left for launch. Let's let for launch arch. I liked that because you hit the left break. I you might go to hide. I've got pins in my left. Wrist approved that point. I did a little too quick at the wrong the break and sent two hundred and fifty pounds flying into the air and i have pins and cadaver parts in my left shoulder from doing the exact same thing on a new. I smelled l. Something i need to do something for the next ambi- apocalypse. You're part of their own. Okay well look we got her first review and it was from chris williams uh-huh thanks chris. Thank you buddy for the review. He said that he gets lots of good information from us and we appreciate chris and as soon as we get some swag egg from some hopefully potential advertisers are folks who just want to give away some stop chris year at the top of the list. We'll get with you and get your bottle size or t. T shirts is just to say hey. Thanks for the review. You are numero uno in our book absolutely right so the next topic is just kind of a fun thing just to talk about it. <hes> it's a humor humor me thing that i got a chuckle out of was on bicycling dot com and i came across his article called the eleven eleven most annoying types of cyclists and <hes> you know it's not it's not here to step on anybody's toes because it's pretty much candidly i've been probably all of the absolutely this is going to be a parody. We're just gonna kinda. Laugh at ourselves and laugh at some of the guys has that we ride we do care for deeply and you know many of you out here. Listening may never ride with a group a ride with other people. You like to be so low and you enjoy your time out on the road by yourself and let me tell you that's one of the best therapy that anybody can do sometimes absolutely but if you are in a group there are going to be the people that let's face so you just don't like riding with <hes> and so the first one is called the excuse machines and i've done that and i've seen a lot of people do it. <hes> <hes> you know they. They had a hard day before they don't feel good. They've got a hangover and they ask him. Please keep just go easy. Go easy go easy and then they like mail. You drill million leave you behind. We also call those guys the sandbags sandbags. That's what that's what we you know and what's kind of funny. Not now. How make an excuse for the case machine is <hes>. Sometimes you just don't feel good but you know what you get out on that bike you start feeling a little bit better and you your your legs on china's quite as tight and get around good folks and your mind gets free and then your then you just just ham right and the next one is the gear snob bob in his nemesis the anti gear snob so you're probably gonna come across somebody that has everything new always has the most up-to-date equipment. He's got <hes> every time he you see him for a ride. He's got some new garments on new app on his phone some new wheel set of whatever and and <hes> of course there the what we call the gear snobs and then the anti gears you got the guy who will show up and how like how they put it on ancient motive mccain which is an old french spike who hasn't bought new tires since the last time greg lemond won the two thousand but yeah he's still beats you up. Every climate i ate does man. Oh absolutely yeah yeah those are <hes>. I've actually got some wheels autographed by greg lemond when he was taken years. I'm sure they're made out of a <hes>. They're laying out of steel. They were made out of old battleships. Yeah they're good. They're good going downhill that they're tough going no-doubt all right the next one is the how many anymore minutes writer or what we call the wigner. Oh gosh you know so they love the adventure riding beneath know exactly how long the ride would be so they can plan what to eat how much i eat when to start feeling like it's time to be done and if you run behind they're like oh man we got time and i'm i'm guilty that every week because i like going grocery grocery shopping with my wife and she always text me while i'm on the road like are you doing yet because i got to go. I need to get going to the grocery store and i'm like almost ninety so yeah. You can't same's on a good day you you get a meal just by walking through the casino yeah samples. We're all about having free lunch through the sample. Oh yeah all right the next one is the desperately unchecked now. This is for my mail cama parts who have whoever problem with their male ego and getting passed by woman. I personally don't mind getting past but i don't mind hanging basma. Anybody nope nope. Nope <hes> because they're expected to. I tell people all the time when people pass me and they're smaller than i am well they're supposed to because there are one hundred pounds less than i or two hundred yeah exactly so so these are the people that will go off <hes> making an excuse to do anything they can to keep in front of a woman even faking a break now the next one is the half wheeler a lot of people really do not like people who have will and that's the people who stay not directly parallel with you but they nj hitter are inch behind you and if something happens and you have to flare out they're gonna. They're gonna knock you out and you're you're. You're gonna knock them out so keep your distances and try to stay. Keep keep them in your site your pillow sign of you and love you know we talked in the previous issues about talking. If somebody is half willing and you don't feel comfortable to ask him say hey look either in front of me or behind him. Yeah get even with me but i don't don't ride on my hip because it's it's dangerous this next one. I have done more than one occasion occasion. The chronically unprepared has endless enthusiasm variety but then shows up with a flat tire or you need some energy jails or a five dollar bill for a snack or spirit to multiple. They're so busy writing. They can't seem to do things to advance themselves. Why bring extra stuff yeah which we'll talk about with one of the other guys here a little bit we talked. We've talked about that one of our previous episodes keeping some extra spare things to keep on your bike. Exactly the next one is the the cats six racer and what that means is <hes> basically there's just slang for pro <hes> so they're going fast as great and then they attack at a yellow alight turning every ride into a race and they're determined to be the first one epo king of the mountain going up everything and you know they they just wanna just make rides difficult by dropping. You and that's not very fun for those of us who wanting to do more enjoyable reassure some have little mirrors and they just see me wave at adam as they go off the distance. That's right the next. One is the graham addict and we're not talking about wait. We're talking to my instagram and hashtags yeah so there's lots of east faces. There's lots of people now. I like to enjoy my but also kind of going back to that other one where i need to get home sometimes and if i stop every corner and take a picture in front of a horse <hes> over the fence or couch you in code or something like that. I'm never going to get through with my ride but that's okay. Sometimes you just gotta stop and smell the roses so to speak absolutely but <hes> that's what we call instagram at <hes> and the next one is a constant yeah. Yeah we like to talk. Sometimes we can do a whole ride. Forget how long we've been because we've been talking the whole time but then you sometime ah going up the hill. You don't really feel like talking when they're asking you a question because you're trying to breathe and keep your heart rate now and then while the next one kinda hit home to to me the over helper that's a little bit about you know because we are part of the encouragement ride we're all the time trying to coach new newbies or new riders and give them encouragement asia and helpful tips well sometimes they can they can say that's a little bit too much. <hes> this according to this. It's like a you know you should eat more. You want me to check your tire brasher for you. You wanna push up that he'll know here comes one anyway well. That's we don't do that but i thought that was kind of funny. We always are trying to help and then the over gra helper sidekick the unsolicited coach we do that. Get your abel's out. Lower your gear more power as a gift bag. Show push push push. He's an an endless bond of advice you forget you're out there to enjoy the ride and not compete for a spot on the u._s. Olympic team. Oh my gosh we've been that we have done that so you know but sometimes sounds with tall and funded and but we try to help people who really don't know what they're doing. We're like like i was going back to the other part of this <hes> podcast. You know he's like okay. We're going up to getting up to a big hill. You may wanna switch into your small rain because it's easier to bike up a hill in your small ring. It is in the small ring <hes> no it's not it's still in the big ring so yes. I was guilty about being the sidekick the unsolicited coaches helper but he was all in trying to help this guy become better well. I think sometimes it's better a to be a little overly helpful than under helpful in some cases and you know some of our some of the folks you're listening. Hey we don't mean anything by we're just trying to trying to be helpful awful and sometimes we're a little too helpful but hey and now it's time for from the sun is answering your questions. We got a question <hes> from atlanta georgia. It's new rider and they've got one of the little <hes> they're. They're starting with a gear. Might they're going to as he calls it. He's got zoll ten speed out in the question was how far should i try to go to and what a good distance to start well. Whatever distance instance you can go is the distance where you start when i got back into cycling. I guess it was about four seasons ago for summers ago it. It took me about an hour to do ten miles. It was the first part of july and it was hot and ten miles my limit so my thought is go for time. If you can ride for fifteen minutes or twenty minutes or thirty minutes your mileage will increase the more you buy the stronger you'll get the better etorofu bay and if you're kind of working on some goals say this week when i get started. I wanna ride fifteen miles a week. Do not add the more than ten to fifteen percent more mileage the following week until you get to about twenty five then you start adding some more miles but under twenty five miles else. My recommendation is at ten percent for a couple of weeks. Go for time rather than distance and if if that's something that <hes> is a new theory to you and your frayed to get out and do miles because miles means getting out on the streets you know like in the neighborhood that i live in and i can go exactly one mile. Go around the block in my neighborhood. So you know sometimes you can just say okay. I'm gonna make i'm gonna. I'm gonna counter what you say alien say okay. I'm going to go five laps around my neighbor. Also you know that kind of thing and then if you wanna venture out and start seeing checking to see how many miles how's your because in our first episode one of our first episode we talked about straw in that will calculate in key and tell you how far you've gone. Absolute are a map my ride or any of the other apps that you you can put on your phone and then can tell you how far you go and that's always a good thing to see because you can see exactly how how what the distance you've gone after he drive by checking your straub or your map my ride but if you're if you're still not adventures to get out on the roads and log some miles i mean whatever you can do around your neighborhoods or the trails wherever you're at that is just pick a spot and trying to do that or just like jimbo said. I'm gonna ride for fifteen minutes. Take a break and and then i'm gonna ride fifteen minutes back out so that's a good way to start. You need to find yourself. You know a good base point and then build on that base. That's that's what we try to tell people when we're training for say the century writer or one hundred my ride you know we have to start somewhere so we do you know do thirty miles and then the next week we'll do thirty five miles in the next week. We'll do forty five miles and eventually we get up to about the week or two before the century ride will end up doing about an eighty five mile ride down and had his bird and <hes> that gives us a good base foundation to know that all we have to do is do that eighty five mile ride again and just add another getting another fifteen miles so just find your base and that you're comfortable with and you're not gonna like donate along to and you know we'll just we'll just go from there and work on and i would love to hear your stories about how far you are. I don't care if you win a hundred feet. If you want to send us your you're a you're a comment about. I gotta buy a win around the neighborhood. I one hundred yards right. We want to hear about we want to hear about it and we'll be your accountability partner. We'll you you know we'll make call you out on. One of the next episodes ahidjo one hundred yard. Did you turn it into two hundred or something like that. Well on striving. We have a strong group called. The encouragement ride podcast is free to join. Just click on it. We'll see your your activities on their in. Give us a chance to give you an atta. Boy the fat on the back so what's the encouraging word from on high while as we leave our saddlebag we're gonna go into the encouraging word word in honor of martin. Luther king's birthday. Today is a from booker t. washington. I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed and i will tell you that bicycling sometimes it's very easy to people and bicycling sometimes very hard to people. I am not easy one. It has been many years of struggle and and wait it is j. We'll tell you our producer. Maybe we'll lose a little weight. Maybe not but i will tell you that you do have obstacles. Most of them are in your head. Your body will follow your body will feel better when you biking and just tell yourself that hey you know what this embrace. The suck like we said the beginning you know just get out their asked bond. If it's a little hard that's okay push yourself challenge yourself. Nobody's there. You're not gonna win a medal neither week but we want you enjoy the ride so learn that success s. is to be measured not so much by the position is reached in life as by the obstacles which they of overcome while trying to succeed. Thank you mr washington. Okay guys corrales envelope cyclist. Thank you again for for tuning into us. You can find us on facebook at the encouragement ride podcast in on twitter at encourage rining any send us your comments your reviews in please give us a subscribe. That's the key stuff for us. Reviews are great but subscribers average reading back. We get to talk to more folks kelvin. I will talk to you shortly. My pleasure jim of have a say. Thanks everyone for joining in be sure to subscribe for all the latest news and updates you can find us on facebook at the encouragement ride and on twitter at at encourage writing bisher submit your questions in the saddle bag in tune in for for the answers remember where your helmet always use your linke's and until next time happy trails on next i just hit they loved it.

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