Is Your Money & Marriage Issue Really a Pronoun Problem? (Hour 3)


Ramsey solutions. Broadcasting from the dollar car rental studio. This is the gateway Obse show where America hangs out to have a conversation about your life, and your money, sitting in for Dave Ramsey on Chris HOGAN, and America. I'm excited to be with you. And I cannot wait to talk to you about the money questions or the things that are on your mind. So if you have a question, I want you to give us a call that number to call triple eight eight to five five two two five again, that's eight eight eight two five five two two five. There's a lot going on. And I know people have questioned so do me a favor pick up the phone. Give us a call. Or you can find us on social media at Dave Ramsey show, and we would love to be able to talk with you. And for those of you that are watching on the YouTube channel, we appreciate you and welcome your questions, as well while, I'm going to get to the phones. I've got dawn on the line out in traverse city Michigan Don. How can I help you? Doing all my friend. I'm doing pretty well. What's on your mind? Just finished reading your book for tired, inspired very, very good stuff really motivational and -education. So appreciate that. Thank you. So I appreciate that. That was definitely the goal. So we are in, in between four five and six in baby steps mall. Have we've got our six months saved in expenses. I got like. I five thousand left on our GPS that we kind of a little out of order. We were out of debt and went back in now where we'll be out in September, October, essentially, I gotta gotta decide what's the next step. So our annual incomes of out one sixty year. And we have about one hundred thirty saved in retirement so far we have a home mortgage, a thirty year ago or paying it off on a twelve year plan. So we all about hundred seventy seven on that my question is so I'll have, you know, right now, I'm putting seventeen hundred month towards the Jeep tab paid off. So basically seventeen hundred dollars a month of, on planning, but I'm also saving a maximum out my Roth 4._0._1._K at work, and we're saving about four grand a year at our in Iraq IRA's. So. So I'm I'm saving over the fifteen percent. I guess my question is am I better off taking that seventeen and start putting towards retirement, or should I like, stop the Roth for a one K outside of work, and then take all of seventeen I'm also saving maxing out or HSA? So we're saving six year HSA, so I'm saving way more than fifteen percents should I should I pull back those contributions and focus on the house. The Hamer that out. Don ans- answer this for me. You said your incomes around one sixty how old are you? I'm forty four okay. Forty four years young. You are investing right now. You've got money going this Jeep. Now listen, you're not going to go back into debt anymore. You know. Serving hundreds of dollars every month. So. I made a decision, I know but the decision moving forward is we're going to save cash. Right. And pay cash going back with more. Don't do that. My hair on my hit stood up when you say that I got wild up. Got wild up, but three quarters of save. But I love being intentional new throwing the money at that Jeep to attack it now, based on what you're investing, and where you are, obviously, at forty four you got one hundred thirty thousand saved. You tell me. Right. And so, but, but listen, you're attacking this mortgage. I like your mindset. I like what you're doing. How long ago did you buy this home? We bought it to sixteen. Okay, twenty sixteen. Do you know your rate? Yeah. Three point seven five percent. Okay. So and you said you gotta thirty in your at like twelve so how much are you paying each month toward this? Okay. All right. So here's the deal to answer your question directly. Once you get this Jeep paid off. We're not going backwards anymore. I want you to take the seventeen hundred and definitely pay toward the house. Okay. That that's going to be the better route. Now, you said, you guys are paying it like twelve I would reach out to your Bank, and let's go ahead and get a you know, a refinance estimate on this. So you can go ahead and put it like twelve so you have to pay it that way. Okay. Right now, you're on a thirty. And so this is just hanging out. And so whenever people tell me they're going to pay, like, something at means they've got some flexibility they can have some months where they decide they're not going to. So let's get a little bit more serious on it now, let me ask you, do you have any kids, I have three thirty year old or twenty two year old six year old. Okay. All right. And so are you doing any college saving for the six year old? The twenty two year old currently lives with us. And we are. He's working fulltime. He's taking classes and east cash and we helped him out. We are putting a hundred dollars a month in a five twenty nine for the six year old. Okay. All right. You said the twenty two year old is working fulltime. Yeah. What are you helping them with them? Well to help keep him going with it. Okay. All right. You're plugging staying at home. If he's working fulltime, he's taking like a part time classes. Okay. So it's not huge like it's, it's a couple thousand dollars a year. Okay. I got. Gotcha. Helping them get moving. So I like it too. Like you said baby steps four five and six remember, we're doing those all at the same time. And so you, you all are focused on your moving down the path, but take anything extra throw it toward the house. Look at getting it refinance down to a twelve you know, hanging out on thirty all you're doing is making the Bank money. And I know people tell me they intend to pay like, or I'm going to do X, Y Z. But at the end of the day, when the pen meets the check, it's typically amount that's required that people pay so be very intentional very focus and keep moving forward. You know we all can stumble at times and make a mistake but for people that are out there that are serious. You know, they'll tell me what Chris, I'm making this. Auto repair a couple of hundred dollars a month. So I'm just going to go get another car. Well, no, no, no. Don't justify payment and go backwards what I want you to do is in your budget. I want you to budget for car repairs if it's a two to three hundred dollars a month. Imagine putting off to the side in an envelope or into an account. The next thing you know, you've got a car replacement fund. See, that's how you do it and not end up going backwards car. Lots love for people to go look. And I'm not going to take a poll, but I'm gonna tell them self. I went looking once and I was just going to look. And guess what I came home with an SUV payment, but almost had a comment at all right? For those out there doing math means the payment was big. And I was just looking I didn't intend to buy and I got in there and started smelling, the new leather and, and seeing all the new buttons and things and I just got all happy and I got stupid financially, and I let my guard down for about thirty two minutes and came home with the payment, so America. Learn from my mistake. There are some things you don't need to go look at don't go look at boats. Don't go look at motorcycles, and don't go look at cars and less you have the cash all it's gonna do is cause you to start to question. If you're focused and remember what you've come from remember the mountain you've been climbing, and I'm here to tell you something that climb is worthwhile. But what you have to do is stay focus. Don't let your guard down and some of you might have friends that are doing some financial crazy stay away from them. Okay. Just visit them. K don't hang out too long because you don't want that to crawl up on you. You got things to do and places to go, you know why? Because you've got people that you love. This is the Dave Ramsey show. Cooking at home. Assure fire way to save money. Sign up for butcher box, but your box delivers healthy one hundred percent grass-fed beef free range, organic chicken and heritage bread pork directly to your door for only one hundred twenty nine dollars a month. That's less than six dollars a meal and shipping is free. Plus, new members get one package of the selling whole thirty approved bacon free in every box for the life of year subscription and twenty dollars off your first box. Sign up today at butcher box dot com slash Ramsey. Butcher box dot com slash Ramsey. You are listening to the Dave Ramsey show. I've got a fantastic audience here in our lobby at Kansas City, I've got Iowa. I've got a couple that are here. I learned a new word today. Maybe moon, okay. They are here on their baby moon, which is, you know, when they're having the first kid, and so they're coming out to hang out and have some peace and quiet before they get invaded. Congratulations. That's a that's really, really cool. You'd better take some are good to eat duty have issues. Glad to be back with you. I don't know if you all seen this or not. But everybody is so an amored right now with these digital apps, and then MO and all the things out there. But did you hear target had a situation? They had a register outage and they couldn't take any form of payment, other than cash, they couldn't take debit card. They couldn't take anything and so low and behold, paper money still has a place in our culture today. I mean everybody. Tries to tell me and it's there's a new crypto currency out called libra, which is, you know, it is just as ridiculous as bitcoin. Right. With bitcoin is this currency? You can't touch it. It's not regulated. But somehow it has value. Yeah. No. I'm stick. I'm old school people. Okay. I am. I like paper money. I like coins and cash is always going to have a place, right? Dave got it right. When he said, cash is king. And so looking at this and being aware, it's okay for us to be able to utilize technology. Don't hear me wrong. I'm a fan of every dollar at the best budgeting tool on planet earth that we have here. But I'm telling you something are young kids still need to learn how to deal with money. I'll never forget not long ago. I was at the mall and I bought something and they had a register outage and I don't know if you all have seen it or not, but some of the registers now will just give you the change. So people don't even have to count anymore. It just spits out coins at you like it's a slot. Mach-. Gene, or something? I've seen those online. And so you just grab it, but now if they don't know how to utilize money and don't know how to count. I think we're missing out on a true life skill. And so if you haven't read this, this was an article that was on in the USA today, and it's entitled, what's the future for cash target register outage proves physical loot still has its place. Well, we already knew that. And so it's really important. So be sure do me, a favor teacher, young people, how to deal with money how to count and how how to be able to make change. So they can move forward in life and have that skill again, digital tools are necessary, but I think those old school roots of learning how to count Norne how money works will always be. There are back on the phones. I've got Nick, and Fort Wayne, Indiana. Nick, how are you doing? An excellent yourself. Oh, I'm focused not finished, my friend. How can I help you today? Yeah. I have a question regarding 4._0._1._K Roth IRA. I recently changed positions in employers, and I four one K I reign over into I work for a nonprofit four zero three b but they don't do the company match until having two years of service. I am working through baby step two as far as where is hammering out debt right now? My question is once that match becomes available. Honestly, I don't wanna leave money on the table and at least put in to get the company match. But then my question is what you recommend maxing out k contribution as far as the federal match like eighteen thousand or would you just do the company match? And then max out like a Roth IRA prior maxing out the 4._0._1._K around here. All right. I like where your head is my friend. How old are you? I'm thirty years old thirty years old, and what's your household, income hundred twenty five thousand one hundred twenty five thousand at tell me about the debt that you have remaining? So I have remaining is my student loans from school. About about one hundred and forty five thousand remaining on that. Okay. And my my our mortgage, I have seventy thousand remaining on that. So you just have the student loan and the home. Right. Neck, correct? Okay. And you're thirty years old. Yes, sir. Okay. All right. And so you're are you currently investing right now? At this point. Right. Right. Was when I was with my previous employer. So I was putting in to get the company match thousand currently in my 4._0._1._K good. I rolled over into my four zero three but at this point, I am not contributing anything. I'm trying to put everything down on the debt since I'm not getting a company match at all. A second question is should I put in some amount even are getting back pain? Good nick. Okay. Listen, thank you, because I was about to get riled up. Okay. I like that. No, I'm serious. Because what it tells me is, as you understand that right now what you want to do is to be able to get your money back from the debt. And so we wanna to debt because interest that I pay is a penalty interests that are earned as a reward. So I like that you're focused on tack in the student loan debt. And then once you have that paid off, then yes, by all means you'll move to then, baby. Step three, which is to save up to three to six months of expenses in place because Nick life happens. And if you don't have a cushion, there, you end up reaching back out for debt or, or for something else, it's not going to help you so follow the baby steps. Okay. Once you get that three to six month of emergency fund in place, then you can look to invest. I love that you rolled it over. And you've got that money now following you want you to reach out to a Smartvestor pro. Look at it and make sure you don't need to make any kind of tweaks or just wants. But once you have the debt paid off. I would definitely max out the four one K or the four three b that you have now working for the nonprofit. And so that's the way to go about it. And for people that are out there, if you're serious about working the plan police follow the plan. Okay. Don't nobody told Betty Crocker how to make better cookie. Okay. They didn't tell it to add some stuff. We're delete, some stuff you follow the recipe. Well, guess what? It's the same with the baby steps. Right. Don't just follow the recipe, I promise you. It's going to lead you to the place you want to be, which is, you know, having financial freedom being able to breathe a little bit better because, you know, your money is going toward something, and you're making some progress. So thank you, again, my friend for your call. And I wish you. Well as you all continue this journey. All right. Next up on the line of got Sean, and Gainesville Florida, Sean, how are you? I'm doing well, how are you doing, Mr. HOGAN? I'm doing well. I'm focusing out finish, I'm just Chris. So you just call me Chris. How can I help you? I Chris, check this out. I've got a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in debt. And my wife own twenty acres out in Montana. No, there's, there's no on that whatsoever is completely cash out, right? She acquired it through a divorce. Okay. And just trying to figure out I'm kind of convince her to sell the property, so that we can pay off the debt. And that way, we can be completely debt free. Okay. So I'm trying to figure out how would be the best way to go about, you know, 'cause she's fighting the on. I don't want to sell it, and I'm like, well, we're never going to live in Montana, because it's too cold. So how, how can we go about doing this? You know, moneywise I'm we make a lot of money. So how much is your household income? I gross about two hundred thousand take them about a hundred thousand of that. I'm I'm an owner operator company. Okay. And she working outside of the home or inside of the home, she, she works outside the home, she's a registered nurse. And what's our income about fifty thousand a year? Okay. So you guys around one hundred fifty thousand household income, how many kids, do you have? All the kids are grown empty nester. What's your ages? I'm thirty one. And my wife is forty nine. Okay. Gotcha. And so she's got this property in Montana was this looked at as an investment property. I, I believe she was looking at it to be property to live on with her with her ex husband, okay? But she just acquired it through the divorce, Sean. How long have you been married about three years, three years? How long was she married prior sixteen? Okay. And so you're calling an 'cause you, you want me to, to team up with you to get her to sell the property. Either sell the property or figure out how we can knock this all out. Well, I'm gonna tell you something. This is one of those scenarios, you guys been married three years. She's had some long term plans and dreams with this property. So I think leading in trying to get her just to sell it. I think we got a walk through this and begin to get clear on what you guys are doing all as a whole financially being able to understand the path that you're on. And so with your income, what I think she would love to see as you being intentional. Right. And leading the way don't have any other debt. This is the you know, you can you can attack this one hundred fifty thousand but get focus so start to dream together. Start to use more weeks. You were saying I and her, and I want you to fix your pronouns speak. French, my friend say we get on the same page, talk this out, and I'm sure you can reach consensus, eventually this is the Dave Ramsey show. What if buying a house, buying a timeshare a pressure cooker sales presentation with no option for a real estate agent to look over the contract? No inspector uncover hidden problems, no loan officer to review the terms, you would never buy a home this way. But that's exactly how most time shares are sold. And that's stupid. If you're stuck in a timeshare if you can't sell it if the resort won't let you out. Call timeshare exit team. Call eight four four nine nine nine exit or timeshare exit team dot com. Good. You are listening to the Dave Ramsey show. I'm Chris HOGAN, filling in for Dave, and I'm so excited, we've had some fantastic callers thus far. But a lot of you may not be aware that seventy eight percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and most couldn't cover a one thousand dollar emergency without looking to borrow. And so we've got a program, that's designed to teach people how to help others that are in this situation and it's called financial coach master training, and our coaches come from all different backgrounds. And we're looking for people who have a willingness to learn and a heart to be able to serve others. And our financial coaching team has giving away one free and moment during the next webinar on Wednesday, June twenty six at noon central let me repeat that this next webinars Wednesday, June twenty six at noon central. All you need to do is register to be able to win. It's super easy to register for the June twenty six. Weapon are all you have to do is text the word coaching two three three seven eight nine that's coaching two three three seven eight nine. It's a great way to be able to get plugged in and get trained to be able to meet people kind of right where they are, what you hear David, I do on air, you'd have an opportunity to sit with people, and truly show them how to take control of their financial situation. So it's a great opportunity, and I want to welcome you to go today. Ramsey dot com. Learn more about financial coach master training are in America. We're taking your questions about money, the number to call triple eight eight to five five two two five again, that's eight eight eight eight two five five two two five or you can hit us on social at Ramsey show. Okay, I'm back on the phones. I've got Jessica in Saint Louis. Jessica, how are you today? Oh, I'm a hot mess. But I'm clear out the clutter more and more day. Jessica, so I have a thirty year FHA loan with twenty years left, and it's got a five point five percent in fifth straight. I'm on baby step two, and I wasn't sure if I should include this in baby step two or if I should keep it at baby steps six because of what I got the loan four, I inherited the house, and my dad, I needed some improvements, and I was young. And my dad was like, well, you have all of this equity in this house, you just inherited. So you can take out a loan to pay for the improvements. And I was like, okay dad, you're smarter than I am. That sounds like a great idea. And so I got a loan to fix improvement. I took care of student loan with it. I paid off a car with it. I rolled my ex's credit card debt into. Now the house is on the line, but it never should have been. Balling on this inherited property. I wanna say it was at fifty seven thousand I have. Forty nine thousand nine hundred thirty eight dollars and seventy four cents in principle list. Essentially had a shop Rama using the equity in the home. And what I hear in your voice Jessica, it's called wisdom, Honey. Because, you know, looking back on it, it's something you wish you hadn't done. You got some bad information. But now here's the deal. Okay. Looking at this right now with that. Is that a he'll walk a home equity line of credit? It's an FAA loan. Okay. It is an epic. And what about the first mortgage, the forty nine thousand what kind of loan is it. Oh, that's, that's all the same loan forty nine nine thirty eight is the FHA loan, I paid off student loan debt. A car. My ex's credit card debt. Home improvements, all you on this right now is the forty nine thousand. Okay, I'm still baby step in my way through some other debts. What else do you have young lady? Well, I have some credit card debt and an attorney that I have to pay off and of course a car loan. All right. How much credit card debt you have in just a credit card debt is. About eight thousand is that on one card, or is it multiple? Do you have? Okay, now attorney's fees. How much do you owe? Four thousand. Okay. And on the car how much do. Eleven thousand six hundred forty three dollars. Unlike that, you know, the dollar amounts. What's your household income track of it, and three singles day, what's your household income, I make forty thousand at my day job and I picked up a second job one night a week. And last year I brought home about six grand for that. So about forty six thousand a year. Why did you take on the second job? Well, because my oldest daughter, most now old enough to kind of watch the other kids, thirteen fourteen and I wanted to be able to buy my kid's Christmas. Okay. How many kids do you have? Jessica. How old are they? Thirteen ten eight and six are you married? Divorced. Okay. So you young lady have been swinging for the fence to, to do this stuff on your own, and you are feeling the weight, and the obligation of China provide for your four kids. And so the situation with this house. It is what it is. And we gotta let that go, you look at it. You learn from it, you know, consolidating number one is never the route, you want to go. And we never want to take unsecured debt and secure it with a home. It is what it is. We're letting that go. But right now, I'm gonna have you just make your payment on the mortgage? That's that's not where we're focusing on right now. You're going to look and you're going to turn your attention. That that's noble. Smallest the biggest the four thousand attorney's fees eight thousand credit card debt than to the car, and as a couple of things you need to do because you need some breathing room. Okay. You're trying to make ends meet. But what we have to do is understand what are the ends that are necessary and what's not, and the first step is knowledgeable, you can do this. So let me tell you that you. Can do this. It's tiresome right now. It's frustrating right now. But I'm telling you, you can do this. I'm also hearing you having some stains of the, the relationship that you ran that didn't work out, well, and that also is what it is. You've got the four kids that you're going to take care of. And so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna gift you financial peace university, and I'm also going to get you connected with one of our financial coaches. This going to kind of help you walk through a navigator this, so you can see exactly kind of where you are. And the main thing you have to do just is to keep your focus on the next thing in front of you. And that's why we do the debt snowball. Smallest biggest so you're gonna make minimum payments on everything else. But we're gonna throw everything, but the kitchen sink the smallest debt, which happens to be for you the four thousand attorney's fees, and by keeping your focus on that you just take it one step at a time. And I love your spirit that you're willing to work extra to be able to, to make improvised provide and do the things that are necessary for your kids, but you're also going to have to tighten the belt and look at it and only take care of and pay on things that are neces-. Sery- and you're going to have to learn to tell your kids a word, and it's a full sentence and not a lot of parents out there. Use it a lot. But I'm gonna teach it to you. It's no. Because you're telling yourself no to some things, they're going to have to learn it in understand it as well. That happiness doesn't come from stuff that comes from and dad, and spending time together and so walking through this. I just want encourage you that you can do it also I want you to go over and get plugged in. We've got a Facebook community, the baby steps the Ramsey baby step community. Go to Facebook dot com slash groups, and it's the Ramsey baby. Step community, you getting plugged in with them. You're going to run into other people that are in such scenarios just like you. Some people are worse off. Some are better off, but the bottom line is a community and you're not doing it alone. Because you got other people around you to be able to cheer you on and to be able to encourage you as well. Jessica, you can do this looking at your income, and where you are. You've got a few moves the term. Arnie's Bill, and then the credit card, and then the car now this car, you look at this, and one of those, you'll talk about it in the community, but you might look at do I sell this thing. What's it worth? Go to Kelley blue book dot com and understand what it's worth and what you could sell it for and you start to understand and understand options. And when we have options, we can make decisions and those decisions lead us to better at football coach till me years ago, he's Chris, you're either getting better or getting worse. Nothing stays the same. Well, I think if we think different and we believe in our selves, and we get people around us, we can start to more than people think we can because you need the encouragement and you've got four kids, so you got four reasons Jessica to stay focus because you need to understand that you're not finished and you can do this. This is the Dave Ramsey show. You are listening to the Dave Ramsey show. I'm Chris HOGAN, filling in for days and we're taking your money questions, and we've had some fantastic callers thus far. If you've got a question you wanna talk about it. Call us the number to call triple eight eight to five five two two five again, that's eight eight eight two five five two two five. I have Lynn sleigh on the line, and Indianapolis, Indiana. How are you? Good. How are you focused and not finish my friend? How can I help you today? Hey, so I'm nineteen years old. I'm currently in school and working as well. And my question is finished baby step one, I have emergency fund thousand dollar emergency fund setup and I'm looking at baby step. Yeah. And I'm looking at baby step two and my parents decided that they were going to pay for my schooling. But the way that they're doing that is taking out loans to do it with my name on it. And so should I consider that as my own debt and worked to pay that off, as well or take the blessing and, and move on to step? Three. Lynn. Let me ask you this. You're working are you going to school fulltime, or you working fulltime? I am going to school fulltime in working time, but it's the summertime. So right now, fulltime working, right? And so you're about to enter what year yourself more year? Yes. Okay. And are you going to a public school or private school? Private school. Okay. Don't tell me the name of the school. But how much is it per year? Before after my scholarship, let's say before scholarships. Before scholarships, you looking at about thirty six thousand okay year. Yeah, thirty six thousand a year. Okay. And how much are you getting in scholarships? My friend. Either get the exact number. But it comes down to twelve thousand dollars. Parents are pulling out each year fixed semester about okay. Okay. Gotcha. And so do your do your parents. They don't have this money, right? No, not the not the pay right out front. Okay. And so what kind of scholarships, are you getting are they academic athletic? What, what type do you have? Yeah. Most of them are academe. Okay. So you got pretty good grades. Yeah. Yeah. I do GPA would you call? Good GPA. Currently, I'm sitting at a three point six out. That is good. Okay. All right. Does better than my heart? My bat mouth. We're talking about. No, I'm proud of you. Here's the thing. Why did you call in? You're not calling because you want to know if you need to pay it or your parents, I think there's something more to it. I think you won't to know as they are better way. And I sure. Yeah. I think with the academics that you have the progress that you've made it a three six, I think there is a better way that neat neither you or your parents have to go, this route of having to deal with student loans, but it's going to require some work. See you, you already have this mindset. That's a little bit different. You're getting a great GPA. You're working and you're going to school. So what I would do is, let's take it a step further. Let's look for the scholarships that the remaining twelve thousand you need right now. You know, and that's going, and then that's talking to people, that's getting some guidance, and really walk in through an understanding, what are the options ahead of me. Because your parents don't need that they don't need the twelve thousand a year and debt, and there's no reason for it. And our culture has this mindset that will just take on dead. And just hope everything's going to work out later this. We have the predicament. We have one point five trillion dollars in student loan debt is what we have right now and our country and we've got around twelve hundred people. That are defaulting each and every day. So Lynn sleigh. Do me a favor. I want you to get intentional. I want you to look and really start to understand the options that are ahead of you with that GPA you qualify for scholarships. And there's grant money out there as well as going to require some work. It's going to require you doing the legwork, but I don't think you're scared of hard work, and let's save your parents, the burden. Let's also save yourself the burden to any young person out there that's going to school, and what you to hear this advice and really start to think different. You see young people. This gets me riled up because young people have no idea what they're signing. They have no idea the number of years, it's going to take to pay off forty fifty and sixty thousand student loans. They just feel like this is what everyone's done. So this is what I'm going to do what we gotta stop the madness. And someone's gotta shine a light on this to be able to guide these young people to prevent them. The years of bondage of taking on student loans. Listen, you can go to school at night while you work during the day or vice versa. But we've got to begin to think. Different that's only where we're going to change this process. And we all know we've all gotten out of school and started our jobs and done, our own version of financial crazy and made mistakes, but the stakes are higher, now these young people are taking on larger and larger amounts, and we've got to help them. That's why we have the foundations and personal finance. So young people understand how money works see back in my day, we had a home class. We have to learn how to button on and to write a check. Okay. So we had to do both of them. And, you know, I it was it was interesting that I learned that in seventh grade because those became life skills, just soda button on the other day. Right. Button is never coming off again. I assure you there's enough threat in that thing. Okay. We can have an atom bomb hit that button is right there, solid. But the stuff I learned about money in that seventh grade class is also rock-solid. It was a foundation. So parents, let's teach these young people. Let's talk with them, not Adam, and remember one conversation is called an introduction, working with them. Help them. Walk through it, and let's stand beside them, and help them understand just how important this is Lynn. Thank you, buddy. I appreciate the call. And I'm serious about this. I know with your GPA and your mindset, you can find that other scholarship money that's out there and also going into your sophomore year. If you look at this, and the can't find the extra money only encourage you to look at a public school, you know, at the end of the day, businesses are looking for people that start something and finish it. I don't have never looked at a at a at a resume and wondered what school they went to, and it doesn't matter. It's a matter of starting and finishing. And so you're going to private school right now you can go to public state university for a whole lot cheaper and probably have a little bit better quality of life. All right. I'm going back to the phones. I've got Mia in Boston Mia. How are you? I'm good. Thank you. I'm focused and not finished. How can I help you? I am thirty old and I still have about seventy five hundred in student loans undergrad, and I've been thinking about going back to school for nursing because I'm one of those that don't use my hundred. Grad, unfortunately, and I'm new to the Dave Ramsey show, and the debt snowball and all of that. So I've always kind of thought like okay, go back to school just take out more loans. So now that I've started to learn. I'm not sure that my next step is like I want to cash local in back to school, but I'm not sure if I should keep the saving I have do that just chunk out and pay off the rest of my loans. Fresh. Briggs right here. Tell me real quick. What's your income right now? About fifty thousand and you owe seventy five hundred on the student loans from undergrad. What else do you owe on? Oblique a six hundred dollar medical Bill and dollars on my phone since discovering you guys, I paid off credit cards like five thousand dollars. So. Did you pay them off and close them out? I haven't closed them but. Get close in them. Then things out of your life. If you let them hang around, they'll come back. Okay. What, what line of work are you in right now? I work in the service industry. Why wait tables are tendon manage the restaurant I worked at a winded nursing in on your radar? Two ago, a part time job is Allen e. Okay. Gotcha. And on a scale of one to ten one being don't like it ten means I wake up thinking about it, and go to sleep thinking about it. Where would you rank nursing? Like an eight probably okay. All right. That's pretty hot. And I'm saying that because this is not something you want to tiptoe around with nursing a series commitment. But here's the thing, not going in student loan debt, a, you know, I mean, you know. No, this is not an option. So what I want you to do is have some conversations with some nurses start to get plugged in. I want you to think a little bit different. Let's finish cleaning up the undergrad student loans. Let's get serious about what it is. We're trying to accomplish. All right. You can do this. I believe in you. I want to thank James Childs, our producer, associate producer Kelly, Daniel, and of course you America, this has been the Dave Ramsey show. Hey, it's Kelly associate producer info, screener for the Dave Ramsey show. If you would like to be your debt, free scream, live on the show, make sure you Bizet daveramsey dot com slash show. It registered we would love for you to come to Nashville day, your story. Hey, if you've got questions about retirement investing becoming an everyday millionaire go bigger and broader with my men, Chris HOGAN on the Chris HOGAN show. I am excited to be able to talk to you all weekend and week out we're going to focus on your calls, and it's going to focus on building wealth investing, and how to become an everyday millionaire subscribed, or the Chris HOGAN show, wherever you listen to podcasts. Hey, James producer of the Dave Ramsey show. This episode is over the check the episode notes for links to products and services. You've heard about during this episode. Thanks for listening.

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