Ep 144: To All the Products We've Loved Before


Welcome spat miscarriage. It is fat mascara. I'm Jess you're my Valentine. Oh, thank you. Jen. You have beautiful Valentine's Day lipstick on today. That's right guys. We're recording Valentine. Yes. V day insurance is wearing this beautiful excoriates sweater matches. My lips dragging girl. Oh to Nour's. It's always always a favor. Isn't it vide? Classic pod. Fav-? Okay. So before we get into the episode, a little housekeeping us keeping. All right. We have some. It's like sad news. But not really we're going to be dark next week. There's not going to be a new episode. But for good reason starting the week after we are going to be dropping episodes on Tuesdays, and that's my request partially because a lot of people say they like to listen during their commute and during the week. So instead of like, oh my God. It's Friday, and yeah, you have weekend plan. Yeah. Yeah. We are your plans. We will be there on Tuesday. So the next episode after this one is February twenty six and it will be a good one. It seems so far away. But it's actually really close. Okay. Then can we get to what on deck today? Yes. Pleased K. So we're going to talk about New York fashion week. We just wrapped up and then got my throat's making noises. Sorry, and then, you know, thinking a lot about love lately. Maybe it's because develop tines day. Maybe all this like flory's color throwing in my face. Are you still getting married going? Relationship going the relationship stronger than ever an amazing. I should probably give you some wedding updates heard much about it lately. I know I know. All right. We'll do that. And then instead of an interview we're doing a special episode. We got the idea from pitchfork. I'm sure a lot of you guys know the music website. They interview amazing musicians and ask them what their favorite songs were when they were five ten fifteen and twenty do more than that. Right. This is one of their lay regular columns. I don't know. I've always loved it. You've read it you read it to right? But I actually don't know this calm, and we told me about it. I was like that's the coolest thing yet. It shows like how you've progressed through your musical career, blah, blah, blah. I wanna do it for beauty. I love this idea. So smart. Thank you. Bring it to the pod. I have to give credit to Eric. It was actually his idea. I've been so busy at work. See this is my marriage relationships thrives like what do we talk about? So we're gonna share our favorite PD products through the years for each. But that's what we're talking about. So you ready? Okay. Let's do it. Let's get into it. Well, Janet spending sauce team York fashion week where you go to shows. I went to a couple, okay. Yeah. I was in Italy. So I can't claim that I was hitting the ground. Like I have been in previous years. I mean at the start of my career even until just a couple of years ago. I would hit like sometimes I think my record was like seven one day seven and one day. I feel like when I dissolving this backstage reporting, no matter what show I went to you were there zero red hair in the crowd. Always like right up front with your little notebook like analog. You know, this is like pre, you know, voice memo. I also think you learn more with your writing. But whatever it's crazy how much I've I think this happens actually like just as you get older, but how I've taken a step back from being in the mosh pit of backstage. But I think there's also been like a change in the industry. Don't you think -absolutely I was thinking about this. Two. And I remember when we used to go it was pretty much too. You'd get tips because always getting tips that you didn't get elsewhere. But it was to predict trends because everything moved slower fashion was slower. And so you really were seeing trends, but here's my new theory. Okay. The trends that are being predicted backstage aren't looks anymore. So it's not like, oh my God. I'm gonna do pink eye shadows going too big for spring. But it does give you a hint of product trends. And I feel like that's interesting, we'd like color cosmetics. I don't think of that is being trendy more. Like do you ever say like everybody's doing like purple eyeshot of the season? Nobody wears makeup like that. No. You're surely. Right. I think it is about like you're saying product trends, but also like an Instagram moment for the brand or for the actual designer, you know, like if. You know, Dior they're doing some crazy. Look that's going to get Instagram almost like a shock value moment. Not just like, computer. But like if it's paint swatches across the face or like an sick now, maybe not now 'cause you're not gonna see something that's on the face. But it's like almost a PR tool. Just for like, what can they do that? So shocking with makeup that. Yes. Going to get picked up or you know, what's gonna look wack on Kaya Gerber a PR tool. Maybe but another way to think about it. I think I read this in time magazine of all places time dotcom is that it's more of an art piece or an art show now or installation, even with the musicians that were performing this new this week everybody had like like Michael Kors had Barry Manilow. I mean, I gotta say what you will about that. I'm not sure if that was wise is choice, but Lil Kim performed at one. Yeah. And then also there's like there's different the looks are more more artistic. Yeah. Bring out look an actress or model who's just. To be a big splash because it's experimental like have Christy Turlington at age fifty walk. The Mark Jacob show. Totally. Yeah. It has to be more of a statement are like what are we trying to say in twenty nineteen versus like pink Pinkas in. You know, who really like totally freaked out on me one time. Now actually was on me. I retract that. But I loved it. And I think we laughed about on the show. I actually sure we did. So guys go back to this episode's one of my favorites. Who was it Orlando pita, I was gonna say Garin Orlando. I I loved I love you. He you know, he's there to work. He is an artist. And he's also like he's he's working. He's not there to party his not there to take self fees with you. He's there to work, and he is like running around, he's working heart. He's working hard. So I remember somebody asked him something. Like, what do you think the next pay trained? Or something like. It wasn't like a top. Something like, vague and annoying. And I remember him being like it's not a trend or like just something kind of very flat. He didn't freak out. I think he's answered in a way that like was. So it was just a real. And I think you know, like, whatever it was like twenty two thousand five were expecting it. Yeah. Even now, though they know that it is a marketing moments PR moment, they had to be nice that come with the talking points that the little girl with a clipboard next to them being like talk about the new Mark Jacob skincare. Oh, these they're hovering over them. Yeah. Everyone's like held by like the balls. But everyone is everyone's beholden. I still like the energy of it. And I do think sometimes hair we see a little hair hair accessories. I feel like still can get trendy like those word borates that were backstage wearing those but for spring. I'm not ready to or sorry for fall twenty nineteen. I'm not ready to make any predictions yet. So no, I think she got where to say fat. And then was that same Skara, our the mess. Carrewyn alway the fat one. Jen's the weddings on the wedding still on. Okay. Cool. This whole process girl. I came tell you I love that. I decided to get married married. The same year that Mary Clair's beauty department went down one person. Lost a beauty editor. I got a promotion fat mascara took off, you know, let's just at a wedding into that. Shall we? Yes. We're getting married on may thirty first. Okay. You inviting all the listeners. New your wedding, like eight months out, and you were talking about the prep. Okay. Now or six months out. I've already had my hair, you know. Yeah. So I'm just saying, okay. All right. Make. Trust me is not invited. There's like thirty five. It's very intimate. It's very like Jay z n beyond say style. Very intimate. Oh, okay. I'll take the only twenty five people in their four hundred million dollar apartment. But yeah, we'll be getting married in Brooklyn or no actually getting married the courthouse. And then we're having a luncheon in Brooklyn public space. You're all. And then potentially they'll be like bar party or something. But I know what you're really asking is was the beauty. What's look? Well, probably I need to dress. I which I still don't have found address. Is this crazy if I put this picture on the Instagram and crowd source? Everybody helped me find something like insanity like it. Because I thought you meant. Yes. Or no, no. I already went to the fashion label to self portrait dress good sold out. They were like we can't recruit it for you. I was like I'll pay actress Jennifer Goldstein from sky had my fashion people work on it. No. So if I just tell Eric nuts look at fat mascara Instagram for a month. Could I crowd source that help with the lies nurse? I think so I do think that we have very on the Harian because he never does the GI. Yeah. Okay. So I'm going to do that. I have idea of what it's going to be an honestly, I know what my beauty look is going to be too. What's it gonna be only gonna say actually guys? I have not heard. This is not like fake news. This is real. This is real remember Saint Ives Papa party. Yeah. Yeah. Or listener party pop up. I just wanna look like I looked to that night. He was very beautiful hair was down and wavy. I your your hair is really nice bohemian. I was okay. Yeah. Clean skin. Yeah. Darker lash line. Yeah. And I think I'm going to read lip. It's just me as you. Yeah. I mean, that means I won't be able to make out with after that's gross. Anyway, there's. There's so much make out that's super growth. So the new controversial thing last thing. I wanna talk about for now, I'm thinking of doing my own hair makeup real. I totally understand the logic. Because sometimes when whenever no sometimes you've gone to like things together we've gotten like our hair and makeup done. And then we will look at each other. Like, no, you know. So I get that. Like, you wanna look like you. But I'm just nervous about the stress of adding that to your to do list for that day. Right. You know what? I mean, you just kinda wanna sit back and like hell glasses champagne the kind of person. I am sitting there while someone is doing my face. And I can't do anything else gets me AGA because I'm like, I should be doing other things. Whereas I have my hands in motion. Okay. Like doing my own makeup and hair. Calms me. Listen, if you want to do that, I want you to talk me out of this because of other people have tried. But like no me, I knew I feel like I could see with the little curling iron and doing all that. I don't want to anything. So. For me seems horrible. But I could see you like, okay, I'm ready. I could see doing this. I do realize I'm going to have to do like a full prep day and just try at once an advance. Yeah. I'm like, I can't just futz around that morning. Let's try leg. Winged. Liner wanna bump it up though? Do you wanna do wanna step it up? Do you want to level up for your wedding? I want to I want to go the route of the trend that you and Kate Middleton started or know what's her name? Who's the guy that got married two weeks? Again, Meghan, Meghan Markle. What's her name? Now. Duchess duchess. Yeah. The like, I look like myself, but better. Why are you? Because we need any Omar. Aso? Do I could do that. I need to Daniel in the house. I mean like that was I needed a like. Sought after makeup artists in the world to look like yourself better like that. I've I'll never looked like that again. Like. I always try talking to the other day. I was like so exactly what liner. Did you use on me? And he told me like, I literally have the in my handbag right now, I could pull it out for you. I do not know how to use it in a way that day does. So like, I think if you want to level up you need a professional to be discussed. You always look good. But if you want something like that little extra bam. You might need to call in a professional. Yeah. That's an impinges. Welcome on Instagram goes DM me. It's five ten fifteen twenty the view Titian. So we're gonna start out of five we're each going to go. And I'm ready to go first if that's okay, we go I and I just want to warn listeners. This is very on the fly for me. This is very instinctual on the cough. And I know that I'm going to like when I leave. I'm gonna like, oh, I should've said this. You didn't practice in advance? No, I really didn't. But I feel like, and I know that there's so much stuff that I'm going to want to say because I feel like I have a lot of memories where those kids in school who like the night before did the project or were you like well in advance. I feel like that's I was pretty well in advance. You're just this just this week. We're going to try this. Yeah. I was really well in advance. It was one time. I forgot the night before. And I will never forget. It was so traumatizing. Okay. Well, don't be traumatized by this. I'm sure you have plenty to say. Are you ready? Yes. Picture five year old gen. Yeah. She has a mullet. The most eft up. You you. Well, I had a mullet because I got lice and my mom had to cut off all my hair. It was just the time that sucks on that note, my hair product is a or my beauty product is a hair products. And I was thinking back visceral memories of Germanic cream rinse. Remember, we talked about cream rinse like glass tweets the cream rinse. I actually did some like history and looking into this. Apparently, there was no hair conditioner like in the nineteen fifties sixties and Leah and then Creamer came around, and it just meant anything that you used after shampoo. So it wasn't like a heavy conditioner that we know today. It was just like any product used after and they were much more liquid because I think the rich conditions were more like treatments, and they didn't have the chemistry to just rinse out cleanly. They'd leave. You know, if you had fine hair, straight hair, even curly hair. So German cream rinse, and it was the last. I I looked up online because I remembered the box came in a box because it was like Jerry bedding. Yeah. And it was the light version for everyday infrequent use. So and then but did you put this in yourself? Did your mom putting your hair I didn't need cream? Rinse beautiful five year old hair. But he was the fancy things just opened it and looked at it. No. And that I'd be like mom can I get cream rinse? It was almost like getting a special treat like ice cream after dinner. I'm getting say, oh nice. So you know, when it was like a bath time. We're like we had a little of sometimes you would do it. I'd have a really nice on your mullet. Cream mullet. So fun. Who was he down cream rinse free? Brits. By story. Jennifer. Says it all. Five years. Five years old. I loved like beauty like I love nail polish and powder, and like all that kind of stuff. I remember I made my mom buy this wet and wild like. Like frosted like purple nail polish, and it was the white top with the triangle with the ribbing around. Eight didn't have trying wasn't trying always wanting talking about this was rounded. And it was not for every day. It was like something because I think maybe my mom had to painted on me. I don't remember really painting on myself that much, but it was like kind of like a treat. It was a treat item five year old needs beauty products. Yes. But it was definitely like I want that. And it wasn't even like I wanted to put it was like I wanted to own the bottle of the purple stuff. You know, it was like you just wanna possess this purple bottle of like stuff. Yes, collective collectible. And I remember where we kept it. We kept it in this like cabinet where the phone book was kept the yellow remember that thick asks yellow, and like we're all the paperwork in the family was kept for some reason. It was just place they're important important things, and this little nail polish thing, and I would like open it up like make sure it was still in case you deserve a trees. Yes. And I don't know we had I swear to God that nail polish was there for like eight years. Yeah. I remember I out, and you could actually see the levels. I don't have enough now where you can see the level down. That's funny. But yeah, I guess beauty is treat. It was very like a mystical thing. And I did wear sometimes I think even when I was able to put I there was a point where I was able to put on myself. That's how long it was there. I like that. Yeah. Jess, okay. Ready for ten so ten year old me got a Perm, isn't that was the thing to do? And he was like so layered that it just I just saw the Queen biopic. But Bahim wraps day. I had the guitarist's hair. Brian May I don't know which one but the good Muhtar. She's really nice look such a nice guy. Really that was my hair, but it was kind of frizzy. So my product of choice was AUSSIE sponge spray. You remember it is a purple bottle? Right. I don't know if it was purple than Igli. Remember it being? Beige with a kangaroo was being read. You may tried to Google to find the images of it. And I couldn't because now it's a it's still around to. And it's still like a favorite. It did make your curls a little bit crunchy. But that was kind of the look, and you could also do up your bangs because remember that like at least at my age. I mean, this was nineteen eighty nine. No. Yeah. About it was like that wave of hair that was essential. Yeah. You could get higher up. Cool. I could never get that. So jealous people who get that. We get a Perm, and you can do it fans that is so cool. This is like fifth grade. What was fifth grade? Jess me, my mom had this bottle perfume that she did not like and it was called. I love this. And so funny, my friend Rebecca's still loves this too. We both were like, oh my God. It's such a gem. It's called design. It's five Paul Sebastian perfume for women. I'm going to flip it over. So the crowd can see. But we'll put this online. I feel like I remember the that seeing that bottle and my past, but I'm not sure. Remember the name of this? There's this bottle, and there's the one that I had which was like a more graphic bottle. It was just like a long to tangle where. Oh, he'll yeah hen. Oh, hell, yeah. Perfume school. But like, maybe I did the cheeky spread. Sometimes it's what are the notes. Got. I have to tell you the okay ready. It says mix of florals fruits and powdery knows is very powdery jasmine Lilia valley, orange, Boston violet. But this is the thing to remember. 'cause this is what is so amazing distinctive sensual dry down. This thing was very sexy. You were ten is so sexy. This was like this was like a working not like a filthy cream rinse my mullet, you're the Creamer small wearing legs fume. This was like this was like sue Gorny Weaver in working where this grins like it was like a bad bitch. Like, I mean business like fr- fragrance. Okay. Just for playtime not for school. Publi I ward at every possible moment that I could. Wow. Rebecca, Warren college because it was like sophisticated fragrance. And I was like are you running design and she's like, oh, yeah. It's like like my like cult sent. She's like, no one knows it. I like Mr. Sebastian should come up with a better name, though. I know isn't that so perfectly eighties design design design. Fifteen right. Yeah. Let's move into the nineties. All right. Well for me, the we're almost the same. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. This is the first product that I bought at the department store. Okay clinic almost lipstick in, you know, Connie, of course. So I was like a tomboy this point in my life. I still liked product. But I said all my time in the pool or on the soccer fields and like wearing makeup. I had like a blackberry lipstick for awhile little bit younger. But by fifteen I didn't want anything to do with that. So this was like a hint of a blackberry. Just was like your lips. But darker, I don't even know how to explain it. Still looks good on pretty much everyone. This great also liked it. It was a skinny stick not like a regular lipstick. So I don't know just felt cool. So I bought it for SAFA. I think that's what we called it like tenth grade prom. Yeah. And it was my color like well into I kept buying all the way through college. Even just for like, you're nothing lip balm. But like something it's a nice color. It's it's still around. It's still like. Yeah. There's a trouble version. There's like, yeah. So. I mentioned this before on the podcast of hesitant. Because I was like maybe this is too like redundant. It's not a product. I wore every day. But I did wear a lot. It's like, so it's so weird. It's your body body glitter body glitter. So I was really into glitter in highschool like way too much. I liked all kinds chills. Nail polish eyeliner is if it was glittery, I should say clears into I was like very particular to be kind of glitter, but this Jerome Russell body spray was so good like if you sprayed it into the air. It would look like snow like so beautiful coming down. It was not like sh-. You know, it was this wasn't a Halloween haircut. This was not yet. This wasn't like you spray painting. This was like it was more air than it was glitter in with it has some kind of adhesive where would stay on your skin. And then when you moved you looked like an angel. It was unbelievable. I'm getting the vibes of and I know this. Movie was around when we were both at age, the Romeo and Juliet was baller ones. Yes. I'm just picturing her through the crowd like play and you're dreaming. But also kinda punk and cool. It was punk. But it was like not like aggressive. It was dreamy. But it was like the cardigan or it was so cool, man. And like I would put it like on my hair sometimes or just like a little bit my collarbone, you could just put a little bit in your hand. Like put on your face, the kind of spot treat it. Apply and it was fourteen dollars. Which for me? It was like this is so expensive. I think black Honey was twelve bucks. Actually, I sorry. I think was eight I gonna take John and I got if any you guys like local yokels like the New Jersey, Pennsylvania area. I got at this place called scarlet which was a makeup place in new hope any remembers shout out. Putting her hand. I remember scarlet to remember yet. It was so cool to head the most of ended up interviewing her when I worked at Philadelphia style. She was like out on the scene. But like in the riot girl, grungy, she was so cool. I wonder if it's still there. She was awesome. She had the best brands. So I remember going there and buying like like several at a time. I think I bought like the Japanese rice grain wash time like the cool like non-american product. Anyway, what a fun got to go to new hopes. Get my body glitter. Okay. You ready to college with me? Okay. Let's go. Okay. Twenty year olds in them over up, this experiment. I worked at do gloss perfumery. So I got a lot of love like free stuff. That was either Philadelphia. Yeah. It was German company. Douglas, perfumery whatever loss they tried to like come around like right around wince afforded and for killed them. But anyway, I worked there and there'd always be like stuff that was broke. Skin, or whatever or we get free samples from the reps that would come in. So I from the age of probably eighteen on have never really paid for makeup. So Tony and Tina was one of our brands Tony came to town to do like, a meet and greet at the at the store. I have told you this story, right? You told me that you had a connection to Tony that it was like personal. He ended up staying at my house for the entire weekend came spring fling. With me in retrospect, this is very weird. He was probably in his thirties. Nothing happens. Whatever he stayed on my couch, but we hit it off. And like he gave me all this product. He's I wanna know how my, you know, my customers you live and shop, and whatever and I was like, well, you can stay with me for like the weekend. So he liked became a college girl. I kid you not it was one of the girls. Birthdays. It was her twenty first birthday. We got a stripper. There's always the same male stripper named Curtis. Every one maelstrom coming out. Tony sat there I've pictures of him sitting with like. Twenty girls just watching politely as the male stripper doesn't think he was like it was like an anthropological experiment for him to watch, you know, young women in their element. Like these were his customers. So anyway, that's crazy. But I did love Tony Tina product. So hold on. I wrote down the one that was my shit. It was Tony Tina I shot a quad in source energy that was the name. Oh, my so it had a navy a lime green which I never used the navy never used and then a silver and a white the silver. I did a wash on my lids for like nights out. But the white shimmer ver- nights eleven, you know, college the white shimmer. This was the look you plug arch really high on your brow. And then we're that brow. Bone was exposed dotted the white shimmer. Remember that? Of course, it was a hot look. So I use the Tony Tina for everyone was like the high like just like just the surprise for the entire didn't look good. It was early early highlighting your Strobe ING only. Bam. Yeah. Kevin Quan would have liked he would have ran screaming. If he saw me what did you do in one product. Oh god. There's so many my God. A product that was just in love with cut you another fragrance or is this like choice, which it up. No to it. Did you know the fragrance would have whatever else, right? You know, what I'm gonna do let you have to. Okay. I got to get a bonus. Probably you're so good. Okay. They'll make these really fast the fragrance I loved it. I felt like super super in love with was why sell baby doll. They don't make it anymore. It was like a top. It looked like spinning top. Yeah. Like a pink crystalline crescents. You've got it. Do gloss muscle really flex by. That point. I think I'd graduated was working at Sephora dot com that that it was one of hit perfumes in two thousand shneltsa grapefruit. Yeah. Exactly. So smells like grapefruit. But like tart candy. It's very sweet. But sexy, it's very it's not lowly to them peak. That was sweet one like this the good one. That's a good one. I love it so much, and I feel like it's great for like that age, and it just reminds me of the time. But then I think another product, and it's funny because it's also why sell is the four seals. I just like. Over garra Rauma. I feel before no YSL. I got it from interning. Oh, isn't that? Got my free. Tony's. Yeah. Like oh. This is the good shit. And that was kind of my gateway product, it's funny because I think of long comb for mascara that era of more of a foe sealed girl. I was like, okay. Here we go. We're getting started. Well, look where you are. Now, beauty director of Harper's bazaar. So it works, isn't it? Well, you will. I remember being like, oh, oh, oh, that's juicy. Is it a good mascara tribe? Love it. But here's my one complaint about it. It dries out fast. It's amazing for like the first month. And then. Yeah. It's it's it's like a really amazing. And then I find that. There's definitely a decline. I just started a new mess, but you get hooked one of our listeners recommended to me our glass, I think it's called caution. Mascara that sounds cool. Beautiful. It's sort of tubing, which is why she suggested it because she knows I like to be mess Garros, but I liked it for two weeks. And then the formula changed. I don't know if I didn't close it tight enough. But I do wonder if like maybe I'm not using the Y'all thing. Right. But like, it's the best miscarriage ever tried. But the it. The honeymoon period. You need to be very wealthy to like have that habit. So I don't know. All right. Why are we ending going to? It's not a happy K favourite product right now. Why don't we why don't we raw? Let's get right into raise one. Let's do a raw. I like your segway. Let's raise the wind, Jen. I'm so excited that you're getting married. Yeah. Me too. Can I give you a bit of advice? Sign up for Zola, someone who got married I can tell you that you want to take the stress out of wedding planning, and this place has it all save the dates invitations your wedding registry tools. I heard you can use it to build a free wedding website. And I know that should be kind of something I have I know you're going to want an FAQ section that tells people if they can bring their kids to your wedding if they can bring a plus one and also has this cool registry tool. You even away to build a virgin, yes. So this you can have presents from all different kinds of brands amazing brands co that's good. I'll do that. All right. I'm going to sign up for Zola. And if our listeners wanna sign up as well. They can get a free wedding website and fifty dollars off the registry by going to Zillow dot com. Backslash mascara, that's Z O L A dot com. Backslash mascara they'll get to build a free wedding website and get fifty dollars off the registry. Hey, guys. Just and I wanna talk to you about care dot com. The world's largest online destination for finding caregiver jobs. Whether looking for child care pet care or maybe you want to make a little extra money and be a caregiver yourself. This is the place to go to connect with people that can hire you or find someone to give you or your pet care. That's how you use it. Right. Oh, yeah. I love this website because I travel, and I need someone to take care of baby Janetta my little cat. I don't have to go crazy looking around asking friends to come over. I just go onto care dot com. Punch into my zipcode talk about how much I wanna pay all these options up. I already did this because I was dreaming of having a dog. And I know and I wanted to see if their dog walkers and there was like twenty right in my area like for not too expensive. So care dot com. Makes it easy. Watch this space. I might have a dog soon. If you guys wanna visit care dot com. Backslash fat car you can sign up for free and find jobs that fit your life. Again. It's free. Join just go to care dot com. Backslash fat mascara. So okay. Here's my here's my raise of talking to someone the other day, and they were like what product you use all the time, blah, blah. And somehow we're talking about Keells, and I was like I do use a lot of kills products. But I realized that I've never raced onto the raised a want to the one kills product that like I use frugally at least five times a week. Okay. I've I've said on the podcast, but never raised onto it the super multi corrective cream SPF thirty. So this cream I've been using this. How you meant Jeff cream. It's the how I met Jeff cream. I wasn't gonna say that oh you said at your wedding. I said I said at my wedding. Yes. Part of your part of my vows. Just hilarious. Okay. Let's still come full circuit is it was far too. My vows. I tried to keep the humorous and light. But also meaningful. I did meet Jeff at. The event for this product, not the SPF Erzen, just the standard classic version. But this product it like firms it smooths skin. There's a third benefits who screen now know that just in before the sunscreen firms. Retouched rises Rex God. No, there's a third benefit. It's amazing super multi corrective literally found you husband. It found. Me husband. It's gonna be richer engagement chicken that people talk glamour engagement, shave magazine, gauge, chickens lis- lifts does all of these things and went listen, I end find you husband alewife, just begin there. Just party looking just you want one. It's honestly, I use this product. I changed my skin, and I'm not just saying this because my husband worked on it. I use this product consistently for the past like six years, but I noticed a difference after using it for like three months. Oh, can I just use it to like be nice at first and raise? I. Yeah. Okay. I'm going to raise the wand, it's double to to lemongrass internally and externally look at you time of year. I feel like where everybody's getting sick or they're just old and they're sick and whatever stupid things shadow punks Tony fields gonna be spring. But we know it's not okay. You know, what ingredients? So great sorry. I just brought punks twenty fill our listeners Australia, like what the hell groundhog day, it just filmed, which is an excellent movie lemongrass because it has like a warming and is warming yet uplifting -freshing yet warming. It's just one of those ingredients that this time of year get you some lemongrass. So here's how we're going to do it externally, we'll do internally. I there's this recipe. You guys have to try if you have like six hours on your. So it's bone apetite shrimp noodle medicine soup. I am telling you, this will cure anything. It has like Cardamom pods in it lemongrass star knees. I had to go to like the special Indian shop to get all the spices for it. And it's the best soup ever. The six hours include like the cab ride over to the no it doesn't take that long. But like you want it to you know, you want the broth to pick up all those air Matic. So anyway, I'll put a link to the recipe for you guys. And then the product is dented. I took a picture now. I don't know what it is. Okay. Sutra scrub the day away uplifting lemongrass body scrub that's nice because you know, when you also aren't feeling well like it leaves little oil behind that like you can breathe in it, smells, delicious and this body scrub it's like it's granular, but it doesn't have the oil puddle. But somehow you have like nice smooth oiled skin afterwards. And it's got it's just a light full and the scent is okay alike. Sutras the brand I think it's twenty two bucks. It's a big old tub. Awesome. And I spent like at least sixty dollars all those damn spices for the shower cooking expensive, sometimes raise a wand razor want. Thanks so much for listening. We're growing because of people like you telling your friends family and everyone else in your network about the show be sure to follow us all the social networks at Patmos garra. And if you wanna drop us a line to tell us how great we are or complain or suggest something that we should talk about. It's info at fat mass, gap dot com. You can also give us a rating on itunes. If you like what you hear? How many stars five stars? Please.

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