Spittin' Chiclets Episode 172: Featuring Darren Pang


Everybody. Welcome to episode one hundred seventy two of spitting chiklis presented by new Amsterdam vodka coming to you from the Continental Hotel here in Boston business is in town. What is going on buddy? Welcome to Boston. I do not stay at into continental. Is that a Drake line one of his rap songs? I don't know. All I know is he mushers every team. He likes absoulutely great to be here. I love recording live and very excited be sitting next to RA who's got a cough, and he's been hacking all over me right now. The last thirty ten minutes, I won't exaggerate it. So if I get sick RA, I'm I'm gonna be fucking peice, bro. Just don't blame any STD's on next up Whitney. What's going on buddy? What's up? It's a pleasure to be back, man. Getting that iron man streak getting that that thank you a couple of clicks to manning couple of the new guy hockey, you know, we're talking about. I mean, listen, I that was a that was a battle those grind. I was. Talking about coming in here like an Asian in an airport with a mask on. But I'm good now. I'm money. Now. I'm feeling great that night. I don't know. If you want me to bring you through the night. Let's go. Holy shit. So Saturday morning planned on going to the game with a body his wife, my wife, look a little night in at the Bruins game second round. So I'm going to play golf morning. I wake up. She's like, I don't feel very good, Mike. Do I have to cancel golf? She's like, no, my mom. Get right. I was like, okay. I feel better. Thank you. All right. I'll be home after I'll be home after she's like, I get a text on the third hole on even through three on a big deal. And she's like, listen, I'm on pooping. Now, Don riders at my mom's. But I'm not going to game. You gotta get someone else to go on my oh shocks. All right. I'll Texas buddy. So I texted buddy he's in. Right. And then I tell my other buddy who's bringing his wife. Hey, like breeze out. So he's like all right. Well, as long as my wife, some do I'll get a buddy to so we'll born. So all right. So fired up. I get home. She sick. I'm just sitting. I'm helping out being a good husband doing all the things you're supposed to do and your significant other sick are a should know that and I had into the game feeling great. We meet up for beers before. Having a great old time. We all hammer. The Bruins they go up one nothing. We're drinking beers. It's perfect. Like end of the third period. I over time. I'm like hall, not feeling great boys. Like, I'm not feeling good. They're really on my dad at all. Like, I'm kinda Breese sick. I don't know. I'm kinda worried am I gonna say like, it'd be fine. Just drink a little bit more. So, you know, the cores light, I'm like shit something wrong, by the way in the middle of all this. I'm like fucking around my wedding. Ring thing goes flying to like two rows in front of me. I'm like talk. I'm like that thing on on my God get it after it's probably somebody's feet. Obviously forgot to get it. You'll know why in a minute I end up going to the bathroom. I running to the bathroom at the intermission before double OT. I'm in there. Fucking puking shitting. It's a disaster in a garden ball. My it was a private bath. It was a club level. But it was not. But it wasn't. But know, though, I mean there wasn't like people. I mean, there was people in there. And she wasn't my own unit. Do show. I'm walk out of the stall. There's this one guy in there. He's like Whitney all banged up or you drug Faulk you. I'm not I'm sick. He's. Yeah. Whatever buddy all it facto Bruins. So I stumble back to the seat. This is now I had gone once I ran back again. Now, I come back, and it's the it's plays going on. Right. This is now on the second emission, you can't get back to your sheet till whistle Duchenne scores. His I'm standing up top like this. So I'm just like fuck, I'm white as a ghost just dying go home on my buddies walk. Why are you? All right. I'm like, no. So I'm walking out. Now, our podcast is successful. Right. People. Enjoy especially in Boston at the game. A lot of people are recognizing where anyhow fucked up or you figure out how to drink walking by shot of flu. So I go outside. I'm standing outside waiting because my inlaws were at the game. I texted my father. Do I need a ride home? Fucked up. He's like all right. I'll come get you. I'm I'm at a street light people walking by you pussy with box paycheck. Check that can't drink. I was honest even leaning against a street lately. Shut the fuck up, buddy. I'm sick. You have no idea. I could drink you debacle Faulk off and people are just laughing at me. So I end up getting in the car puke in his car will know, dude, I got I got the window down. But it's covered the side of his car. Well, that's alright going inside at the two hundred and fifty dollar overcharge. I said that dude if I was an Uber guide kicked me out right now. So I got home all night throwing up next day woke up called your analogy. Couldn't do it. But I wanted you guys to know listen, there was no chance I was podcast. All that's fine. You know, when you're sick. I had nothing. But now have you missed an episode yet. No. So you have your. I also have an iron shriek as well. Ours show up Allie collect paychecks. You got the best job in the world. You know? You know? And I'm sorry. If I fended you there Grenell. You do you put in a lot of work. We'll be finished a podcast usually half to go the rest of the night by by editing it so those people listening chirp Grenell online. This guy is working in the trenches constantly, and a big reason probably why this happened. So I wake up the other morning, and you don't have a bad habit of always checking my phone when I wake up I wish I did. I know. So I go to Instagram. Sure shit. The first thing that pops up is spitting chick. Let's Instagram and Doug and in the last episode. There's a few things I said, I said Tyson berry deserves nine million, obviously, he's my buddy people think I'm delusional. I know I'm just hire pumping my buddy, he's probably gonna get seven and a half maybe closer to Haiti going like this. But hey, if he scores next game it's going to be eleven million because I'm agent now. Anyway, so I'd said some of what Seth Jones and probably how I would say he's probably in the. Five to minimum top eight defense in the league. He's in crawl Grenell grabbed my quote, and and it's there, so I read it, and then I look up, and it's Camac. It's. Picture now. I was I'm like, no way. How might this is spitting chocolates me is this is this is a funny thing since it black. So so so I text the group shag, oh, did you post this screen shot? And he goes, yes. Like with no other reply, and I'm like, you know, set Jones black, right? And he's like, yeah. I know said white guy in it could be the whitest guy in the world other than Ryan wish from Connecticut Camac so to be fair, this guy's up grinding allnight shop on the podcast. So he's probably not seeing straight. He's on his phone all day keeping up with the Instagram's and the tweets by the images. Got you. Spot Getty images Getty, images, fucked me, so hard. So I going Getty type into find the picture for the Photoshop I type in Seth Jones. I click on the most popular picture of Seth Jones, which just happened to be a picture. Camac and sin. Well, probably because they messed up and put Camac it's in everyone's laughing about it. So I look at the picture. It says such Jones I look at his jersey number. It says three you can't really see the one not my fault said Jones is in the darkest dude in the world, you know. I mean, I think he he's half black. So I wasn't sure. So I'm thinking it could be the end of a long shift. You know, gassed he's white in the face. He's he you know, he's been out there for a while. I don't know. Ricochet shoddy. He's light skinned brother. I dunno. I think he's kind of like he's like a half half guy. He I mean, either way the fact response on the chiklis group chat with so funny goes, yes. Like then. Getty. Images fucked me. Yeah. They did. They did whoever was wearing a Getty. Did fuck up. The caption on Getty images. I mean, they should know that you could see three on the jersey. But the helmet was right there. You can see the one three on the do over some of the comments because you've got it down pretty quick. It was up for about three minutes and it had about one hundred fifty comments. And that's up comment was who runs this clown show? Instead. So people who rip on the Instagram or the tweets Granada gets one little thing wrong. But this guy's at all day all night running both accounts source. He's on a horse. Oh, speaking of another scenario was he he was pumping. Adam FOX's tires and hard. I would say a feminist came out and pretty good because he said he's I think the only college hockey defenseman to ever average close to our over a point and a half per game. Meanwhile, he averaged he wanted to point at one point four or five, right? So he just rounded up whatever. And then obviously all the all the people who just want to stir shit on Twitter went after him over point five. They went after you over. But whatever that many, whatever like, you know, people are always going to be nerds about it. So he signed back and people you fall back and forth. You can you can chirp them back, and they'll be like, whatever, you know, chirp each other while this girl like goes out enlists off like ten female, NCAA hockey. Players who had had over a point a game defensemen female defenseman who'd gone over point Hafer game, basically insinuating. He was being sexist for not including the women in it where it's like Jesus Christ, man. So so so she kind of going after barstool a little bit. And I kind of I killed her with kindness. Oh, that's just a little ridiculous. So also, I wanted to tell you guys I listened to my first ever spit and checklists that's wild. So as as, you know, I don't like listening to my voice, I've never listened. But I was like I got to catch up. I got to see how the boys did without me. So I'm listening. So I wrote down a couple of things. It's basically like watching tape. You know what I mean? So I wrote down a couple of things opening song who fucking picked that song granola music. What is that song? That was that was some song by Aerosmith. That's sucks. Okay. We've used like fifty gone. It's like if you heard it. It's like, it's like all I don't know. And then the guy's. Ooh. What is this beginning? Either way guys had rallies getting shit Cantu. I suppose on news, by the way. What was the last thing? I had here. Oh step on interview. Awesome. I really enjoyed listening to him funny guy. The one thing he said that I was like I have to bring up if kids on official recruiting visits aren't getting banged up anymore. I think he said that I don't know if they do that anymore. I'll puke because that's what official visits were. That's what they are you go there. You have an absolute time the boys get, you buckled, and you enjoy college life. So if that's changed disgusted and embarrassed ever been a college hockey player. Hopefully, that's that's always remain one of the things you do is get after with the boys on an official visit other than that guy. Sounded great. I miss being on there. There were things that I was like, I would've said this. I would have said this. So I might have to check in another one after this. Maybe I'll become a listener. Now, I was driving home last trip for me this season an actual network. I'm sorry everyone. I know sometimes you like to see the nerdy wit on television at NHL net. But I was driving driving on ninety five. Through the ship bag towns it Connecticut. Fucking Norwalk Stamford, Dan, berry Greenwich. And I just started thinking back we used to play the Connecticut. I just think back to these rich little spoiled, Connecticut kids that are good at hockey, the Connecticut Yankees our team we used to play against I fucking hated these kids so much now I've grown I Ryan, Shannon. I grew up planning San we've become buddies. God that I hate these kids growing up little rich fucks, Connecticut, Yankees water name, if you're from Connecticut, but they're a great team. But I'm done doing that Dr until next NHL season. And I'm chiklis here. Moving forward love. We're happy to have you back and all your energy. I have to bring this up. Okay. The Simpsons were all over the Ottawa Senators recently. Oh, yeah. Schroeck in your cough off his incredible. Yeah. My feed was full of it on Twitter. The only thing is I just I haven't watched the Simpsons and years. So I was like, okay. It's funny. But it just wasn't the same like maybe fifteen twenty years ago. I mean, it's cool the Simpsons I did hockey thing. I guess I just I don't have that. Same Clack passion for the latest. Simpson's. The first everyone knows the first season. So what if you're the senators you're going even get by the? I think you got to embrace it. If your auto, I think, we talked about it the beer the guy chug in the beer, and now all of a sudden, you're on the Simpsons and one of the most famous cartoons. If not the most famous cartoon of all time, you I think you take that as a win auto senators fans, and let's keep the ball rolling. Here. We got some momentum. You guys are going to be fine g hair about controversy little followed after I guess there was a scene, you know, Ralph welcome that dummy classmate and the Lisa Lisa's classmate. Dad? Somebody was offended by character. Yes. He he said they will like doing some Newfoundland, and they like, you know, some and he's like he's like look at me. I am a new fee and then he liked clubs like a stuff baby. Ted off the new Fianna? New so needless to say people got pissed the new new fees will pissed I mean, I don't know how they should've. They should've just had them crack open a beer and crush it and say, I'm a new crushing the babies. Yeah. That would have probably gone over. Well, I could see why people might took offense to it. But they haven't get screeched in or get a kill get us. Tv. A lot of don't wear rubbers out there saying talked. Affects talked to get after it Saint affects near there. I don't know. We we played them at BU once that's a college. Right. That's a Canadian. I think they're close to their anywhere around there. Maybe it's closer to Halifax. I'm not great with the geography thing, you guys know that. But you guys want to jump into some hockey me, Phil English. That's possible. What are we? I don't even know what that's from who set it anything. But I'll say this his delivery on the Simpson jokes are way better in person. Yes, I I dealt with him in person for many episodes. I always liked him a little more than as well. So getting into these playoffs. This is this is incredible. We're halfway through the second round. And it's one of the most memorable playoffs I can ever imagine. So the fact that we got these teams going on right now. I know that there's not some there's some teams that aren't very traditional that looked like they could be in the Eastern Conference final the Stanley Cup. So it's just a crazy year. And and we can get into it. I with who Carolina New York, and before we do that one thing we didn't mention on the podcast, and the last few episodes was the fact that there was some crazy shit that went down in the first round. Of course, the sharks Golden Knights and leaves Bruins game two and shockingly enough the referees from lease Bruins game too. And the. Sharks game seven are no longer working the playoffs. And apparently they were supposed to keep going and working the games and the league felt that. Hey, let's just let's put these guys on the shelf just based on the amount of traction a gain online. I respect that. Yeah. That's punishment for not doing your job correctly healthy scratched if you fuck it play like shit and in game. Yeah. I mean, you have a bad night. And that's what happens. Yeah. I I'm not sure how the conversation goes behind the scenes, I would imagine that they're also trying to protect these guys to if you if you put these guys right back in the mix who knows how they're going to react like know, maybe they're going to be nervous and second guessing himself even more after that type stuff happened. So I think we got to be a little sympathetic as the fact that these guys made a mistake on all of a sudden it just getting dragged through the mud for for you know, for a week online. I saw someone sent a tweet. I don't know who it was. And they it was NBA has a lot of issues. Officiating even more. So they're having enormous issues. And I think Mark Cuban went on a rant about. It's always an issue in the playoffs, especially as social media gets bigger and bigger. But there was a quote, and it was Kevin Mikhail talking about going after a ref when he was playing back in the day. And he's like what the fuck are you doing tonight just flip it on this Raffin the ref and this goes along way? I as a former player, this would go a long way the refs says, Kevin dude, I'm just having an off night as a player you have to like, I'm having a bad night. Kevin goes, I'm not saying one more word to I'm not saying to you. Because just to say that to me dude, things are moving quick tonight. I ain't got it tonight. It happens players that happens as wraps. I think to be open as a reference say that means a lot and think about the the San Jose situation. Maybe when that puck was dropped for whatever reason he was thinking about play before at where he's thinking nothing significant is going to happen right off the puck drop. So he hadn't just tuned in right away. Whereas that split second that he missed. List? It's an have shit. Yeah. It's like Kerry Frazier talked about like he just that one second where he said that guy was in sight line. He missed the play and he didn't see it. So he couldn't call it. They said if you don't see what happened you can't call it. So the basically the opposite happen. And if you fall carry Frazier on on Twitter, he kind of explained in went through what his feelings were regarding that and plenty other stuff in the officiating with this Stanley Cup playoffs. Carry Frazier for this text back at me, text I've been running around, but he said he's got some something in the works with Gulf. I gotta give them a call. Apparently. He's a stick. I told you about this. I texted you the whole thing how we want you to join us golf club. He talked about it with biz. It's like this exclusive call club, join me time response. But I'm sure you are busy. You do guys. Let me call him back. The worst thing you have to a referee biz in any level. I didn't I didn't play much, of course. And I was I was really good to the refs in the NHL. Like, I would always get them water. I know you kidding job. But I would put water bottle and a Gatorade bottle because I would always sit closest to the middle where the lines were come over. And just stand between the benches. I think that's just protocol. So there's no Donnie Brooks in between TV timeouts, but. I yeah. I would imagine there's a few times I fucking lost. It. I snapped once in Mark recommend me. Go apologize after the game. Linesman? He got an off sides, call incorrect. They think it was. I don't remember who the lines was. I think I call them. I don't know. It was bad either way. It wasn't great. And he and Recchi's like dude, I was rookie till he's with the fuck you doing. He's going there and apologize to that guy. Oh, so sorry. Sorry. Sorry, buddy. Guy new I think he respected Rex reckon ball v. And like, what are you doing? Drink drink away my sorrows during number like fifty one at the time. I don't know. I think I still had six before nineteen. But either way I had no business talking ref like that or lying, and I mean, the the rest they have the league has to do some. But they don't want like roast them online. So to speak too much. I mean, they have to sort of discipline them for the mistakes. But they don't want to go to heavy on him. I just want them to I want them to maybe a little bit of media after. Yeah. How fucking awesome would that? Be media can ask him a question. They can explain I just missed it or they can explain their opinion. It'll never happen. But it would be it would be must watch TV. Yeah. I think your word and like you said with first round was great. Sometimes we gotta shitty second round over the years. But that's not happening this time Carolina. The island is Wednesday night and iraq-us Raleigh bond. The Carolina Hurricanes continued their unlikely much to the wheels finals by pushing the island is to the brink with the five to win game. Four to empty net has made it looked like a blow out was much closer than that. The story of the game for me was Curtis. Mcelhinney guy talked about quite a bit on the show. Thirty five year old journeyman backup was very good made twenty eight saves. He won his first ever playoff. Start become the oldest goalie to start his first playoff game. And we did mentioned last time is three first appearances with three different teams biz. That's the first guy that they were all in relief amazing story. I'm really happy for the guy. And also this before I let go off on on that series. Imagine Carolina wins the Cup. They're banged up right now going through injuries. They had us both goalies, which was a question for paying her. You actually had who who's going to be. Joining us later is teams that have the advantage of going with two guys all year. And in one guy doesn't get burnt out. And we kinda talked about that going into playoffs where where that's where they might have the advantage very similar to the islander situation. Although they have went with lender this entire playoffs. But it is. It is amazing. What they've done. It's just that next guy up mentality. Extremely well coached. They haven't stopped what they're doing. And what was the other thing? I wanted to mention about them. The fact that they got that extra day before the game was huge for them because they are a little banged up. Guys are a little tired where got club back probably because of that. Maybe we'll correct because he he took up not knowing if he was going to play or not Iraq. That's what rob Brindamour said. And he so he got the green light. And I mean, look at the islanders where they're probably like man, we're sitting on these two losses for an extra off day. It fucking sucks, man. There's a lot of thinking that's going on your head. You just want the puck to drop when you're in that situation. So just just amazing what they've done and how many guys have stepped up for them in order to be without right now. It's awesome to watch and back to mcilhenny. That's that of being the oldest to ever started playoff game. Is awesome. The guy before who did it. I don't remember his name which is bad of me because I just saw this graphic. They put up any network. I think the picture was black and white. I think it was it was wasn't black and white. It was like the original. Then then Grinnell centered in from Getty images. Wait that was perfect. So either way the fact that they have him is is interesting because they would never got him when Toronto put him on waivers. If Scott darling hadn't got hurt right before after we talked to them. Yeah. Into that was a bad luck. That was a bummer for dolls, but they grabbed him when that injury happened in Toronto did not want to lose him. They risked it, but they lost them. And people said before like all the islanders. They're going to get to play against the backup to he's not the backup marasmus and mcelhinney world were a tandem this year, those two guys, and it was not one's better than the other maranda start in the plan because he got a little Hawk Down. Shrek all it was so mcelhinney coming in. And then getting a start was not a step down for the hurricanes. Razek put an awesome, I felt bad for me Sam slam stick he was bummed out that he got hurt. But still they have a guy that table to go in and do a great job and get a win. What a cool story that is the islanders. The islanders. Let me talk to you about the New York Islanders or the Brooklyn islanders. Dave portnoy's calling now because it's a different team. That's that's for when you're playing a different arena. First thing is to all you islanders fans. I actually feel really bad for you. Because it's sucks that you weren't able to play this round in the now all seem that blows. And even as a fan watching these games. Those two games sucked to watch. It's not even fun. It was quiet guys eating sushi. It's just it isn't what hockey is. And they have this incredible home-ice advantage at the Cawley that they just don't have it really sucks as an islanders fan 'cause I can almost guarantee it wouldn't have been to ocare allina having Saint all that they lost that game yesterday. They gave a valiant effort. It's too two. They go down three two. They got two shots in the final fourteen minutes to fucking shots on net in the final fourteen minutes when you need a goal. So you can. All you want about anything else. You do not have the offense Mr. season on the season on the line. And you know, what's weird is I picked them people say what you picked him to mushroom. You picked him to mushroom. You have the power to pick against who you want to you. You can pick who you want to lose by picking them to win cushite how much fan so much much. Maybe that's true. Maybe I have some money on Carolina in this series. Once I picked him in the spitting chiklis podcast. And then I realized what's going to happen. Maybe this was all planned. But you know, what? In the end in the end islanders. I told you I told you all year you wouldn't make the playoffs. I was wrong. I admitted it I told you you wouldn't beat the penguins. I was wrong. I admitted it I also told you wouldn't do shit in the long run your wouldn't win the Stanley Cup. And I was right. You do not have the offense to compete at a high level in the Stanley Cup playoffs. They have three goals in three game. Two of which have gone off the Carolina Hurricanes. You have one goal in the second round scored off your stick without hitting whiter, red jersey. You are not that good of a team and Borelli and the rest of your pack of mutants that come after me I've been correct I've been wrong before. But I've been correct this round. So to understand me saying I wasn't rooting for your lose. I picked you. I picked you guys. So in the end, I was right about what this team had in this round moving forward. It sucks to see because they screwed on a plane in their home building. I don't think they'll get swept. You can't get swept guys you just swept someone don't make me film. A video of me scraping up. My kitchen fours, the fours just got redone. It looks great don't make me video of sweeping up my kitchen floor with with maybe a cutout picture of the islanders Borelli's face Borelli's pizza, and like a Brooklyn islanders logo. I don't wanna do that. I don't wanna have to do that. But that video could come. If there is a sweep. Trying to actually by the way. Sorry, sorry. I'm all over the map of Brock Nelson, patting me on the head. What do you doing Brock American hero Borelli calls? You what are you too? And I'm hoping we get up to that beauty league. And we can talk to my think he's a Minnesota guy. Right. Maybe we could talk about that. No, no idea. But yeah, maybe I'm a big karma guy. He was getting a little cocky there. And then not only that are a he goes around the net and gives Dougie Hamilton little cold shoulder. And by the way, like I love I love this whole Dougie Hamilton escapades during these playoffs because obviously he was ripped on pretty hard for dodge in the Ovechkin hit that led to a goal has been a guy in this playoff who's been more abused than Dougie Hamilton. And just kind of like, whatever you just puts his head down getting the last laugh, isn't he? Yes, he is. He's just keeping calm. Yeah. In case. I'll listens weren't show. We were talking about after Josh Bailey tied. The game Brock Nelson decided the Pat Curtis mcelhinney. The head kind of like good kid good kid type thing. And after that, the is outscored three nothing completely outplayed. So you wonder what you know, what do you think of doing that? I mean, it's pretty condescending thing to do to appear in the league, isn't it? And it also probably could have. Gotten a way bigger response if somebody Pacha going head, you can go sucker. Yeah. Yeah. Like craze, drew go drink out of his water bottle behind the net. Yeah. That's right. I mean, that's even worse. I would say patting the goalie on the head after we get scored on than drinking water to actually touch them in like now all play devil's advocate here. Maybe it was a fly by where he was worried because mcelwain was a little bit far of his net. Where he was just making sure if I make contact with him I wanted to make sure I was I was coming in peace where it was like a little tap either way you can now that sure. So that's maybe how how why he did it that might be how some islanders fans may have interpreted it where it wasn't malicious. Now, I wouldn't have been pleased about it. And if I was Dougie Hamilton after he did that and then got the cold shoulder. I would hit the button on my gloves, and I would've cave that fucking guys face said now, that's just me. I'm a little bit more old school don't touch my fucking goalie and in Carolina's case too. Guys that I wrote down on my phone here. Justin Williams, how long has he been doing this for Christ's sake hundred fifty or one hundred fifty one playoff games. He still scoring that goal last night on the sickest play by all if people want to argue talk about that play. Leonard made a good job stopping the puck on a rim around. He then did a good job of getting the puck in the air. That's the goal is job. Get in the air to get around the Ford. We'll all hose hand is such a complete joke. Knocks it out a mid air. Then throws this perfect pass to Justin Williams who didn't get a ton on it. But still enough to get a huge goal and he interviewed out he gave an interview after on the ice. And it's like the sky's scoring big goals in the playoffs for like fifteen years. All eventually, you're just playing with the houses money were in most cases, a lot of guys would be nervous in those situations where he's like, even if I don't score my resume speaks for itself. But that he's just so happens. He's in the right place at the right time because he's so relaxed because he is playing with the houses money, and then bloop and never. That guy never played in the H L never spent the game. He has no call one of those guys one of those guys that went right? Like, there's the oh to the NHL and just hasn't stopped like their step on one thing that we did forget to mention was he had a hattrick in his first game ever any all. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So we. So we we didn't bring that up. Did he he was very humble about his? Yeah. I scored a couple and torch said I could stick around yet. A hatch. All you got to fuck in gel that off the top of a roof, bro. You in that interview? He didn't mention that. Are you're right yet show step on humbleness made me wanna puke just kidding step. Love you. But I actually got a text from Sean Avery after and says, how do you not ask him about the assist on that third goal? He scored and I'm Mike O KU system on. He's like who. Do you? Did. He goes the nicest assist I've ever seen in my life. Sean Avery talk at autozone. Assist there except on school that we didn't match on the five cast so sorry for not bringing that up for all you Rangers fans. But there you go. How soon before we got a headline form NHL jealous shot dead by homeless man on Fifth Avenue on the the one the other day. I actually laugh out loud. He's pro. It's too early for this. Not yet. So that's just beautiful stuff. His instagram. Moore's last person, I wanna mention Carolina Jacob Slaven. Notes. No, no. I'm fucking note machine in my head. I don't need that computer RS five thousand stickers on his computer Grateful Dead star track. Oh, don't be saying that Dez star four Star Wars. There's a clump. What about what's the Clemson tiger in their forward? You know? It's funny yeti, I guess he got a yeti and decide I'm gonna put the sticker on my computer. Actually when we were down New York wall knock. It's we will whatever hotel I walked out and I had a Houston hat on the jets plane Houston that they bunch of Houston people. Hey, y'all what's going on you from Houston? Mclovin boston. And they were big Clemson fans because the quarterback on the Texans was Clemson, they give gave me a Clemson Tigers. That makes sense. Well, back to Jacob Slaven. Eleven assists in the playoffs right now. Which is outstanding. And this guy's playing an enormous role. He's a great skater. I don't think people know about this guy. I don't blame you because Carolina. You don't see them on national TV this has been a surprise season. But he is a horse. And I remember a couple years ago. He had a play on Connor mcdavid that really opened my eyes for how good of a skater. He was and the past last night, Tara, vine and on the first goal was awesome. Just a seeing eye through the box pass. That was perfect. And it's a guy that that's kind of Carolina's whole season playing out of their mind after having an off year last year as the whole team did. So it's a guy that's really carrying that D. And it's a good D. Of course, a guy like that. It's lost playing a non a major market. But he was one of the guys got sent by the Carolina or if not the only guy to the NHL media day in Chicago. So we did a what's in the box. So made it anywhere. We'll know if. Yeah, it didn't make it at he's he's a pretty quiet guy. Getting married last summer. He was an interesting guy spoke to him a little bit afterward. And, but you know, when people get sent to those obviously this kids are good player. Yeah. They're big dog. I just don't know enough about the league where I knew he was I don't fall Carolina that closely. But I was I'm gonna keep on this kid, and he's been unbelievable. If you were not faking being sick last episode. You would hurt me talk about all these d- around the NHL playoffs. We've been having some coming out parties, and he's probably at the top of the list. I got laughed I forgiven Carolina's de the angelie. Is because it was based on basically slave in Hamilton actually has twelve assists with you got two more tied. Wow. We got one on them and the empty Niners. I guess or something he's tied for the league lead. And I I actually think that's crazy that you got laughed at for that. Because I would say overall team defense going into that series. I would have given the nauseous based on their structure and trots systems, but like Faulk how about his goal to that. We say. He say nice come out of the penalty box and actually get the break room. Please your team just killed it off. And then you get the score a goal by coming out of the you get rewarded for taking a minor. Also, I didn't realize four pick man. I mean, that's a fucking gem joint fourth round missed the game in Las not least hurricanes fans that building was banana lands. We have to tip our cap to you every. I mean, it's hard to like give the advantage to one building. I mean, of course, because I said on TV that they asked what's the hardest building left to play. And granted they're all tough besides Brooklyn. And I was like I Carolina might be right. There of Scott Stevens told me when he played them later in his career at the near the end of his career and the devils in a playoff series. It was complete madhouse. So it's great to see and those fans deserve it. I understand why they don't necessarily show up a ton. When the team isn't good. But when they're good they come in droves. And they're loud included in that fan base are the cheerleaders. They have and they are nice rockets rockets, I actually met a group of welcome Dallas actually met a group of them over Christmas break when I was at the barstool Christmas party. We went out after that Bowery bar, and we met a group of six or seven of them all even that. But. Awesome. Awesome group girls, very attractive. And and what have we got next? I would say the tailgate and helps out too because people get juiced up this tailgate and seeing down there. That fact is people are more gassed up they're gonna make a lot more noise in the in the building to and I would also put him in a level of class with Nashville predators fans, whereas they're not too aggressive online all they want. All they demanded all year was just every other people's respect for their team. And they're not very malicious. They're not the type of fan base. Like, let's use Frankie Borelli as an example, not a lot of Frankie Barelli's in the Carolina wounded and he's wounded dog. Now, I mean got called him a psychopath, which he is. And it's just you haven't even heard from the kidney more what happened to him. Well, listen this series battle going. This series is not over you never. I've seen crazier things before we've seen a reverse sweep in in the last few years when the kings did it to the San Jose Sharks. So let's let's not count Frankie. Out and keep in mind, where we still got some pictures here that we got to hopefully, get right actually had some notes on that the island is trying to avoid becoming just the fourth team to get swept in the second round after doing this weeping and the first round they swept Pittsburgh shame one hundred ninety one hundred ninety times any Joe history team has trailed three oh four of those one hundred ninety rallied back to win. Like, we just said seventy five thousand one of them. So who knows a little historical precedents? They could do it as for the canes since being down three two to the cap. They've reeled off five straight wins. Three of them. Coming on the road outscored opponents seventeen to eight they've done it with two different goals undefeated at home for and also, I don't know, man. I think I think the toast. I think they get a team. They better get a game. You can't let me make that video in my kitchen. That. Just trying to imagine Frankie Borelli and how he's doing. I think we gotta move onto the next series. Oh, boys real quick before going further wanna talk to you for a second about door. Dash it's dinner time. But your stomach is rumbling. And you still don't know what you're going to eat tonight, south Amelia with door. Dash you don't need to get up from the couch to get a good meal going door dash connects you to all your favorite restaurants in your city ordering his easy to shoes the door. Dash eappen. 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Again, that's promo code chiklis for five dollars off your first order from dash lots to talk about this one Columbus, blue jackets when their first ever second round home game as they beat the Bruins two to one and nail biting eventful game three to snag a two one series lead. The talk of this one Brad Marchand little shots at the back of the head. I got shit online. I called it dirty. But I also said he wasn't gonna get suspended. He didn't get suspended biz. You said you had a lot to say about this, which you take brother, man. Okay. Well, let's let's first off by Sam establish that I thought it was dirty and cowardly. I'm a little more old school that's been established. I thought it was a little aggressive of a punch. I wasn't crazy about the how hard it was. And the guy was on his knees. I love Brad Marsha in the way, he plays in the way, he competes. I think he's great for the league in the simple fact that he's he's polarizing and he brings entertainment constantly. I mean as you can see we're now talking about him again as was the entire universe hockey universe. Anyway, the last forty eight hours, I wasn't crazy about that. One. If he would have gotten a game, I would have been okay with it. And I know that that I didn't think he was going to get a game similar to RA said, I just I was like damn like, I kind of not made excuses for him. But hey, I was like, you know, he used to play like that. He's done some dirty things. He's done some things. In the meantime, that are kind of like borderline like stepping on the stick and just kind of like Chirpin guys obviously going back with a face licking. Nobody was hurt still a little bit. Like do. I think he should have got suspended for that. No. But he got a PB wack. I think that giving him a game. Here would have said, y'all. You've been getting a little out of hand you've been riding this wave of writing that line. This is kind of a slap on the wrist sand tone your shit down because as as as some old school people might say, all whatever it's a game within a game. He was just giving them a little shot to try to get that guy off his game in the climate. We're in now with with you know, worrying about player safety in head injuries. I just thought it was I wasn't crazy about the punch, and listen, I'm old school. But I I used to handle my business face to face and I used to drop the Mets, right? I didn't play like Marsha did. Now, I'm not going back off my confident my comment saying he's good for league because an entertainment aspect he is. And I would still want him on my team with. If he'd gotten suspended for this. I would have fucking lost my mind that that was come on those Nana suspension. I people who say dispension you hate marshawn. You hate the Bruins. You might be a Columbus fan that is not a suspension in the standing playoffs and the day. It becomes one is going to be a sad day in the NHL. Here's what I don't understand. How do you not find them? How do you not get a fine for that? Give them the maximum fine five thousand bucks, notice it spare change for them. It's not about the money. It's about setting the precedent that that's not cool. That's not going to be allowed because with no punishment with no suspension and no fine. It's like, okay. Well, if the refs look, and I can punch someone in the back of the I want. The issue with the whole thing is that it was such a rat play because the guys want is fucking knees. And you know, what if he wasn't on his knees? And he and and the other thing I want to say is if you just stayed there after and he stands up and says all right want to do some skating away was the was the weasel use is that a word. It was the worst part about it was the punch, and he's on his knees and skate and away Nana suspension, but should have been a fine and just a wrap move marchant a rat. This is exactly what he does. I he he cannot help himself. We've said it before we're also going to say that. You can argue he's the best left wing and hockey if he was a part of the three finals for the Hart trophy. No one would have said a word. He's that good. He said that could've season. He's also doesn't have a point four straight games that hasn't happened this year. So what do you think he's doing? He's pissed off. He's fucking rattled. And he's when he when he gets like that he does dirty shit. That's who he is. And I'll tell you right now every gun the Brune still loves them and loves him as a teammate and Bruins fans. I've heard a lot of Bruins fans. I do respect saying it was a scumbag move, but they still love him. And that's and he knows it. He doesn't care. He's built he's built to play a game in the NHL where he does not mind one bit. If you hate his guts, he probably and this is a complete guest. This is me just making a wild stab at the fact that he's not scoring. He could have been like fuck it. I'm gonna just do something a little rat. Maybe that'll get me going everyone. Everyone will hate me. Even more self motivated, tell people that's how people think go ahead. It will. Taking Columbus maybe out of their rhythm that they have going on right now. We're maybe they looked to retaliate towards them. One of the comments. You made is is you think they should find them for the punch whereas to kind of set the example, like, hey, you just can't go do that. Whereas I was okay with them. Not suspend are. Sorry finding him when he stepped on the guy stick. But are would you not say, maybe if they would find him in that case, then it would lead to him kind of guiding getting that slap on the wrist where maybe he wouldn't have approached the guy in the back of the head because it was I mean, what was it the game before? Or maybe it was I think it was the game before we stepped on Calvert stick. That was game on either way. It doesn't matter that that's that's enough. That's just it's such a rat moved. He's a little fucking rat. And I don't know if that would have been worthy of anything stepping on a guy stick. That's that's why I was I was a little surprised that he at least get a phone call or a fine. And also why surprised you didn't get a game. Because now you're setting the precedent in today's NHL where do like it wasn't like they were in a scrum, and he gave them a little pop. This guy was on his knees was facing away. And we're talking about like he gave his fuck and had a pretty good jolt there like it was a nice little job and y'all Janice. Jenner kinda saw at the end and someone Jenner would have lost his mind. Well, another thing too is is I don't know if earlier later in that game where he got his stick high on generous. Well, where he kind of gave him a little crosscheck to the face. That's funny because everyone's giving me shit. Saying he wouldn't get suspended for the punch. But I said if we're going to suspend them for anything that game it would have been the crosscheck to the face right because he got the sticks up so high. Did you see bombies quote about it though on Twitter? He said he was smart. He gave him a shot not hot enough a suspension, but hoping they will try to get revenge planting the seed. Yeah, I mean, listen, you can look at it either way. And obviously Barnaby played that game to a t and that's probably bar to be bringing. You exactly what his mentality would have been. In that series at that point in time where the felt vulnerable, right? I wouldn't I wouldn't say really at any point in time in the Toronto series Boston felt vulnerable. Now. I mean, they lost game three the similar to this. But they didn't look as bad as they do. Now. They don't look good. And and and I know what you get into Columbus. They deserve a lot of them. But I was at game too. And I watched game three Pasha knock is is something's wrong. This is you do not play like this without injury. I'm just saying he's so good. I'm watching him play right now. Something isn't there? And he also he hurt his ankle as well a little bored collision and going back to that Tronto series. Bossom is very opportunistic on their power plays. They went seven for sixteen in the first round. Well, they're one for ten in this round so far and. We mentioned Brad Marchand having points. And they're big boys. Really not getting done credit Columbus for that as well. And we we also mentioned that the fact that maybe some of these guys might be a little banged up. It's been a long sees seasons along grind. And to me Columbus coming off that sweep and then now have getting the last two games in a row now being up to one with game four at home. I think the ball's in their court and Boston's on their heels right now, and I'm in a couple of different group chats with buddies around here that are huge Bruins fans, and they're like Bruins show. This is unacceptable. Getting out work out hustled can't score. What's up with Berge on guys? Sometimes injuries happen. And this they happen. Shitty. Times for teams. The Bruins main players aren't healthy. I'm not saying marchant marchant injured, but something is off with Berge, Ron and posh knock. And when you look at guys, and they're not playing the same way. They were all year. They didn't forget how to play hockey. Columbus doing a great job. But when you're injured, dude, there's only so much you can do and that's seven game series was complete battle. And then they hopped right into this series. Columbus had all the break. It made sense. The Bruins one game one still took him overtime now. Columbus gets rest. Now, we thought that the extra day off might really help the Bruins. It really didn't. You know? They didn't look any better. They didn't look any better at all. So this team is really good that they're playing against they do seem healthy. I know we're Renske might be battling something him and set Jones holy shit. What a team Columbus abroad. Sqi is the only goal out there playing right now. I think I could be wrong. Call me out if I am who has to trophies current players to trophies. He's in that form this guy is inconsistent. Sometimes and there's going to be worries for a team out there that gives him eighty million. There will be because there's times that he can shut it down. But when he's on holy shit. And right now is no different. He's feeling it. You've seen the pictures. He's loving playing there. They're having a blast. They're like the Beatles and Columbus right now, the place is going crazy. It's great to see. But this team is good. And compare that to an injured of banged up. Brune steamed only a of team their best players are banged up. And this is what happens. It's shitty. Lock for the Bruins and their fans, and they're not completely out of this because they did hit a bunch of posts. But game fours in a must win for the for the Bruins where it's talking is making up for lost time last Mustapa soda page out of panic. I tell you right now, I missed that sewed on my this ain't good. I need this need to talk on this podcast. Don't really need 'em. I do fuck off. I listened to that thing. You guys need me far. I'll tell you that I'll start my own you guys had a needle. But I almost felt bad for Bob bathtub because marchant punch and Harrington. The bag ahead overshadowed Brusque's outstanding performance so bad for. Listen RA might drop. Some Homer comments on. Yeah. But he's a fan. But the fact that he's saying this right now, I respect do a good job straddling online. I mean, I've been doing this for twelve years now with affiliated with Basel, and there are blogs. I don't really write blog much anymore. But I would be an obvious home. If I was complaining about the rest, but I always try to cut it down the middle. I know people on me, but part of mine he didn't get suspended but Brodsky nine four three save percentage. This series on the playoffs. Nine three seven with a one eight eight. I mean, he must have had six or seven ten bells. The other night. He's clearly the difference in this series right now. And then because the other side Toca if he ends up losing the series, the idiots in this time all Raschke, I got it again to plan out of his in my two two volt. Exactly. But you know, how the idiots and this fucking town gonna play it. But I don't know they're already getting on the big dogs. I've been well. There's there's another thing too. Is you have such a historic city as far as sports franchises concerned? You have a team that's had a very good successful season. You get out of the first round. And now you your mash. Up against a very good Columbus team hitting their strive. And we mentioned about the bees being a little bit banged up. Like, your your high end guys are battling through stuff and Bergereon is ultimate professional the ultimate leader. He ain't gonna say shit about being injured. None of them gonna rub. Some fucking deep cold on it take a couple Advil. And he's going to go out there and battle for your city. So if you're one of those types of people gets really critical, but the guys and everything they've done for you and the organization online, you need to shut the fuck up testing on it. It's just wild to hear like you watch this top line all year dominate the Colorado top line or the best two lines in the league all year. And now, they're not you think they're not trying. Yeah. Go compete harder body you've seen how good they are. You can tell they're not the same right now. Use your brain they're hurt. Yeah. I mean, they didn't forget how to play hockey figure it out. I think they got all Tony from Tewksbury. I got muscle the little odd game show. And I think David back into the lineup Thursday night. Tonight's game, by the way. Well by the time his drops might be too late nine hours. We're having I'll watch body tonight. Should be pretty pretty tonight. We'll see we'll see you tonight. Hopefully, of course, we gotta talk about Matt to Shane sharp bend over for this one. Or what I don't understand. You don't need it over though, he should clean his Hooper your tongue. He said in his post in one of his post game interviews that this is so great because some of the guys on the team aiming at himself have struggled in the playoffs before. So he he acknowledged to everyone that he's had playoff struggles. You acknowledged it. And you got Schiff for it all so you're saying that I could be logical and level headed in Sessa situation for what it was without having people. Come after me on Twitter. That's shocking. But no, I'm very happy form and back to back games. He ends up getting the OT winter. And or sorry the game winner, I should say. And this has been match Shane's coming out party, and he continues to roll very happy for him. He's such a good guy. And then there was a clip of him on any channel or maybe he posted to his own Instagram. He's fucked the guitar out. Again, get it again again singing to his newborn baby voice of an angel. A while tweet that I thought was awesome. It was video of a little kid in Duchenne jersey doing his celebration from the double OT win. It was puking. And he wrote like this is like one one of the I'm paraphrasing. This is one of the coolest things about playing in the NHL. This was me dreaming of being a player I loved and now somebody's like that's I don't think people understand like how incredible it is to see a little kid with your jersey on because you you think back to being seven eight ten years old and having your favorite player. And it's like, dude, I'm there. Now, it's a full blown dream come true and happy for him. And obviously with me being a little bit critical. People just assume that I don't like the guy. He's an unbelievable person very kind very sensitive and a great example of a player who's at the top of his game. Who shows a lot of class, and you know, basically, the complete opposite of me guys. What what do you think he's gonna get this summer? I mean, you're talking about the other guys get Tyson Barry's getting ten getting thirteen. Duchenne icy somewhere out there seven years if he's not going back to Columbus. Which by the way, I wouldn't I don't think Pinera obscure back. I wouldn't be shocked. Yeah. Shane goes back there. Look like how fun it is right now. But let's take away the years because it could be eight in Colorado. I mean, sorry Columbus seven years averages. Oh to the ten year nine five year. I think he'll get in that range. He will. He goes to open market. I mean, I am nine. Yeah. Let's let's say let's say AB ends up being nine. How I m as much as you want fucking kidding me. Imagine it's two weeks while his two weeks you'll be about six hundred every two weeks six seventy five or two weeks. That's what they call getting paid. When Keith ca Chuck was playing with the Phoenix coyotes chained almost telling me every two weeks paycheck would be half a million dollars. I mean, I think I was I yeah. I mean, I think if you're making ten or eleven it's over that every two weeks Duchenne le-, let me just go by four hundred thousand dollar car cause I'm getting another one of these in two weeks. Duchenne Paronen Borowski. They're all going to get gigantic fuck Andrews. I mean, they're all playing fantastic. Should we mention Boone Jenner as well? He's been outstanding. What a playoff type guy. They got a lot of him and dander Sanat Felino guys. It just live for the playoffs. He drew that penalty that ended up leading to the game winner when Duchenne scored on power play. So I mean, he's just been doing a bad penalty. Berge onto sure. Offense own making the last that I wanted to talk to you about everyone. Columbus is the fact that March twenty first they lost to the Edmonton Oilers four one they had a big meeting. They figured this isn't good enough. We're fucking gonna miss the playoffs. They went out and they waxed Vancouver the next night. And you know, what they've done since then they've gone thirteen and two and their only two losses to the Bruins in the regular season into the Bruins in game one. And during that span their power plays at twenty eight percent PK's at ninety two percent while we're talking about a team that is playing as good if not better than anyone in the league. And we'll see how bossing and kind of get game. Foregone? I set it coming in after washing them sweep the first round against half. I said this lag. This is LA kings of when they beat the presidents trophy winner. Vancouver Canucks in five games. And everyone was like oh my God. These guys have hit stride during a well oiled machine. Everything is going, right. And they're getting quick like performance in that by Iran. They got a city phone in love with. They got a city that's going banana, Lance before we go any farther. I wanna talk to you about body. Armor body armor is now the official sports drink of the NCWA and the frozen four tournament that happened in buffalo. It means body armor sports, drink was hydrating the next generation of league hockey players as they faced off and determined who was national champions. Unlike some other outdated, sports drinks, we see you. Gatorade body. Armor contains natural flavors and sweeteners and potato potassium packed electrolytes body. Armor is the more natural better sports drink, so don't be a pigeon head out to the local retailers today and grab a body armor west I gained three between San Jose. And Colorado in Denver Tuesday, Logan, couture scored his first playoff hatrick shacks to afford to win to take two one series lead. We've talked about how he just raises his game. When the stakes are high and he's done. It again is three goals put them in the postseason lead with nine goals. The next guy down the list only has six and his twelve point seven tied for the playoff lead with slave. And McKinnon and Mike stone is obviously not playing. Anymore? San jose. As four of the top nine point get in the playoffs right now. Choi burns Carlson and hurdle. And hey, Martin Jones. I mean, I've picked on them a little bit on the show is numbers weren't good. But we gotta give credit where it's due. He's turned his game around. He's been absolutely phenomenal playoff numbs. Don't look good. But his last three or four games. He's been outstanding. He's definitely recaptured that form that led the San Jose to cover and a few years back. So what do you got on this dog? Logan could share? Sass water complete gamer what a gamer and the fact that before game three he said to the media in the locker room, they said this on the broadcast. I gotta be better job Belskis out. I looked to myself to have to try to lead this team. I got better gets a fucking hat trick kidding me. You're you're you're cool enough where you get to say you have to be better. And that night, you get the hatrick not even like a couple of games later. You do it the day. You said I have to be better. So watching him is incredible. And he doesn't blow you away with the fastest player. Doesn't have the hardest shot, but he does have is a stupid high hockey IQ. And it's crazy how he thinks the game even Calma car my saints name, right? I'm getting it and Calma car he can skate like the wind the other night. He kind of hounded him down stripped him of the puck along the wall guy, little mini breakway. Forget who it was might have been heard either way. It's just like defensively he does stuff while also being able to score and getting into position to score so often that you understand why? I mean, this guy led the playoffs and. Scoring when they went to the Cup. Final loss to Pittsburgh right now. He's doing the same exact thing. His plays. Awesome. They're missing pa- Veliky, which is a huge loss but him hurdle and team Almir guys that are stepping up and looking awesome. So I think this series is far from done. But right now, you gotta look at San Jose, even with an enormous loss of paths. Little Joe looking at them as like man came call kind of compete with them when they're on. It's really hard to deal with hurdles been a beast the entire series and team will Meyer who leads the playoffs right now in five on five scoring chances. That's a law. I mean, that's a pretty ballsy spat and five on five you got to be good in this league, especially come playoff time. So they look great. And those guys are the main reason to me, I loved San Jose's depth front coming on this. Go back to Logan chirp for a second nine goals and ten games. He's second with the most postseason goal since two thousand ten Alexander. Ovechkin has fifty Logan. Cheers and second with forty three. Now, I would say that I want to say I touched on this last episode. He is probably one of the top five top ten for sure playoff performers that are still playing in the league to this day. And you mentioned that he he's not the fastest guy. He's not the most skilled his motor is to me. What's the most impressive? If he's never given up on plays. You know, he's always making the right play at the right time. He's he's he's a kind of a Honey badger in the sense and another thing too. He doesn't waste any type of energy chirping. He plays between the whistles when the puck drops. He's ready to go. And you mentioned that play when Calma car broke away from behind the net didn't give up on it on his ass. And it's so annoying planning. It's so annoying. Fuck it's like fuck this guy, and he just keeps putting his head down going to work and very impressive from the minute. You know, he got the boys rallied in game seven. Vegas. After scoring the first goal not five on four five minute. Power play. You tell he's on a mission. And he took that one person because his boy paths went down, and it's very inspirational watch past could return this series as well. They mentioned that last night. I thought the they showed some hot bat on back and being down to not them. But could you thirty five seconds at eight sided he gave him the dagger. And of course, you got the empty netter Nate McKinnon, he still unbelievable. He played almost twenty five minutes. The snapshot off the rush when he's coming down. It's sack now is actually off one foot bar down the noises. These shots are making. It's the coolest part. Place goes wild. Like, I couldn't do that. If I stood there were twenty bucks, not skating tried to hit the crossbar to make that noise, and he's just flick of the wrist bar down. But I mean, they need more from other guys in Colorado can't rely every single night on him in Renton. Is it me or have the seemingly been like ninety and posts in every game every night? I mean, I know obviously. A lot more than we used to. I don't know specifically in that call Rodham San Jose, Boston. Yeah. And even islanders Carolina hit like seven post. I couldn't watch that. When I was flying first class here to Boston. Series. Colorado's gotta get gotta get gained four. I mean, that's enormous tonight. So two teams that really have to win tonight in games that that mean a lot. But when when San Jose's four units are going along with burns the way he's played and Carlson Carlson books Carlson looks like Erik Carlson right now. And you know, you said our Martin Jones we were all over them. Good for him pretty story to be. I mean, the guy was lost. It was like a pitcher who couldn't hit the plate who throw a strike. And now he's fucking fired him BB on the black. So it's pretty cool and tough loss for Colorado. We gotta give a couple of stick taps to Calvert. Because at the end of game too when Colorado ended up scoring on that empty net which ended up being the game winner because. Which fucking are eight for the puck line. But Calvert at the blue line and young kids listening. I know we told you played to the end of the whistle regarding the off side and the Columbus series and game one. But he's just inside his own defensive blue line. He takes a monster hit from Brent burns or to make that play to get it out. So they go down and get that goal. And he ended up he was out injury and game three because of that hit hit. It was a of Brent burns. Just crippled him. But just an awesome play for him to stand in there and get it done. And as I mentioned ended up being the game winner. So stick taps to Calvert. And before we move on Colorado. If you're a fan of Colorado for tonight, you just gotta stop turning it over there was so many sloppy turnovers. One of them led to the Meyer goal, which is an awesome rush. But he did you know he picked off a pass. So you gotta just not be as sloppy on home ice. And I don't think it's crazy to think that they could tie it up. But if you're turning over pox to team like San Jose. Just close to impossible to win you're gonna pay for and also they still life from slasher. They gotta work now. Power play, reg. They oh four last game. They had the six on full late in the game before the playoffs about Nashville. It's you don't win the Cup too. Good powerplay. It's so hard to score five on five that if you don't have success. And if you're at least not building momentum, you're done. Yep. The last series going to talk about and the always pivotal game put down and big d Wednesday night stars coach Jim Montgomery flipped his centers around wanted to shake things up. He got the desired results as a stars beat the blues fortitude even that series, and now it's a best of three Dickinson sig zuccarello Todd tallied five points for plus three Sagan's zuccarello, Ben Roger all of nine points in the playoffs. They get balanced scorn. But the big play in this game was Esselin del doing the triple Indian the corner half the battling puts but Souso he gets called for the dive Tuesday for the slash. But the whole hockey world was all over. Hockey comical have this. Well that was a game three. Okay. Right. I'm sorry. I thought my notes up. That's fine mowers. So let's go back to game three variant tents game. Of course, the topic of conversation was virtues. Oh, and Lindell Lindell went down three times, first of all I thought it was hilarious because it wasn't me crosschecking them, and I have no skin in that series. So it was kind of funny because he gets to go on Twitter and just read all the people. And then all of a sudden Amine start flying everywhere thought, it was Lou Gary very interesting how sometimes the hockey gods just loved to show up and then sure shit on that game winter Patty, maroon scored he gave Lindell little shove in the back now. Hey, you try to make a fool the referees out there young kids, you know, sometimes they might see the next one and say fuck, you you dove in the last year, you fucker, I call and shit. You fucking stand up on those who cried cannonball. So Patti maroon gets away with a little bit of a push off. And then goes off to the side of the net. Nice little play to him. He goes back into forehand rate fuck in the net and that being the game winner. So that was a huge swing a momentum. Of course, they get to steal one in Dallas. And now they're playing with the houses money because even if they lose game for they get to go home tied to two. So I thought that was very interesting. I believe at the start of game three as well. Dallas Stars fan Chuck's of beer at the Saint Louis bench. It's chaos down there pandemonium. I don't know. If you saw that RA. I I saw the clip I online I wasn't sure what the whole story was like such an asshole thing to do fuck and like throw a full beer at a fucking. Why when you drink it? I don't know I've been listening. I'm not putting all you Dallas Stars fans in a group. But I've been seeing a lot of cesspool Twitter action from some Dallas Stars fan especially in game four regarding the defending Ben Bishop for the what I thought was listen, he got he got slashed rate in the back area. There wasn't crazy hard should've been a penalty. Yes. Of course. But I mean, he flopped a little bit like let's not fucking deny that because if another team's goalie who flopped like that you'd be calling a flopper. So like, let's just not be biased. Let's take it for what it is. And give me a logical breakdown. So they're all online Kaz Riggs Riggs the Gulf guy from barstool for those. Calls them a bozo. His name. Okay. Bozo. He he he mentioned the flop and a bunch of Dallas people like all when when people get high stick. They always go down and shed their gloves and stick, and it's like we have it wasn't high. Stick the face you fucking moron. Yeah. When you when you get slash in the back and goes don't have a lot of padding their shirt might hurt. That's not what what happens. I mean. If that happened to in practice that he would not have no shot pocket teammate in line. But. Than the Lindell thing quick, I was I was horizontal and bed too. I dive I like sat up a little. The second one. I like jumped on a bed and the third I collapsed. It was like all of my guy. Whereas my phone whole we shit, and you know flipping out. He's like, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know. I was just amusing my mind Lindell because right away Alexander Steen who if you're talking about respected players in the NHL. He's top of the list every guy in the league respects Algan went up to him. And you could tell I don't know what he's saying. You fucking kidding me you finish fucking diver. So it was a tough look and two for karma to come back and get him biz. I'm glad you brought that up the hockey gods. Never forget, they do not. They do not ever forget and with with Bishop and the and the other and the other act, right? They're definitely got a call penalty. That's the only thing I didn't understand the refuse sitting right there and didn't call penalty like Peron legit. He I don't know if Peron wanted to look like he was trying to like slashes stick those a blatant slash to the back of goalie. So an embarrassment for sure, but a no call there was wild lecherous pretty good chain of events as well because then Jamie, Ben gave Bennington a little bit of a love tap. I mean, it was a love tap Bennington. Came up. On. Chinamasa. Jody jamie. Benn naturally, biz bended and go down. Any any entity? Those of you listening Jamie bed made comments or there's a rumor that he doesn't like eating pussies. So that was our chiming in with Ben doesn't like to go down when you texted the group that I thought you meant because he's like a tough bastard. He is he is he is too. So he's got he's got both things going for him doesn't like pussy though. But then I well then benefits, and you know, he he got a rough in mind if a hidden Ben, but did you see clip him skate off the ice? He slashed Bishop fucking when he was going off the ice. You've got another two minutes for that. There is a little something going on between Bishop and one of the Saint Louis players. It's a really tough video. I think somebody filmed it with a big potato. But Bishop kind of did the turn around and kept talking to them, and then eventually made the full turn. And then as Bishop was going in the door a little bit being ten Bennington came by game a little wack, which if you guys don't know Bennington has a little bit of a history of his wires crossing. He's a gamer, and hey, I love it. I think it's both teams just just sticking up for one another. And this is what playoff hockey become stay showed Bennington in a brawl with the Texas stars when he was on San Antonio. And you could tell there was also another clip of him fighting when he was on the providence Bruins. So he has no problem getting involved in the physical stuff, and certainly you could tell by him going after Ben that he was just furious. How that game was going for those non hardcore hockey fans when a goalie and another player on the team gets involved. Some goalies are kind of like there's a goalie between goalie feud leave my fucking guys alone. If there's an issue between you and him, I'm the other. Goalie. Also, it just kind of like when there's a strong down at the other end use your goalie like Marc Andre Fleury. Did it earlier this year where he skated out Calgary Calgary? And he was like, let's Faulk and go get you block one of my guys gonna stick up for my. That's what if there's a scrum. Let the players figure it out. Don't do anything goalie or coming down. That's kind of what we're also in that series. Roope hintz. So people who don't know Rupa hint as a rookie this year with the Dow stars and he's a player and whoever's doing the scouting over in Finland. Hey skin, wasn't that hard to find? Right. I mean, that's that's a very high pick that would have taken but Rupa Hinton Esselin Dell are Finnish guys. So they know what they're doing in terms of bringing these people over and Dallas needed to make switch for game four. They looked at listen we lost game three at home kind. Not a must win. But you're looking at it. We can't we can't lose both at home. And they broke up the big guns of Radulovic, Ben and Sagan, and they put Hinton between Radulovich Ben, and they put zuccarello with Sagan and Dickinson and it worked wonders Dickinson. Scored a big goal Rupa hints had a big goal on an awesome three onto. I think it was ratchet up to Ben who then gave hints sick pass through the seam. So I like breaking those guys up because when they're not scoring and zuccarello allows them to do that and hints is development and taking that next step allows them to do that because they have guys who can play top offense of roles. Besides those three now Patrick sharp made some good comments on NBC talking about looking like obsolete, man missile. We have we ever mentioned him in the man rocket category. He's got to be talked to him on. When I did that chiklis thing that night, the Vegas got FOX. I was I kept looking at them. I'm like, what are you doing not in Hollywood sharpie? He wrote me a message. Thanks for the tire pumps. But I'm like, I'm not even really pumping. You're hire them just hard. I wanna lick your nuts. Anyway, nobody talked about in. This is a guy with credibility got Stanley Cups. And he was one of those top and players where you said sometimes the top line. You get a little bit complacent. You're playing with the big boys where all of a sudden, you break them up and you're trying to impress your new linemates? And that's exactly what they did. And it worked out for him. And it was an interesting comment that that's maybe an element that I wouldn't have known because that never had to happen to me. I was more of the anchor where I was being somebody being forced play with me. A couple of other things. Yeah. Hey skin in that pass to tie the other night? And then of course, the shorthanded goal by cog leanna. Man. I was really surprised that Bishop didn't come out and play that. I'm sorry. Not bishop. It was Bennington didn't come out and play that puck. And I know a lot of people say like it depends really on the goalie in it ended up being kind of far away from the net. But right when you see a pocket by defense minute top. It was done up top running the point on the umbrella. If a puck it's by him, you almost no it's going to be a two on one most of the time. And that that way you could tell and Cox did his thing, man. One of the best skaters the league still should have the iron man streak fucking that suspension. I love cogs one of the funny. If people ever asked me who's the funniest guy in the league that I would knows funny. Andrew call auto doesn't credible imitations teammates, love them. And so to see him score that big oil wasn't a surprise. And it was enormous in game three even though they ended up losing that one Kagler on another guy off the ice. Just very dedicated to the game big on supplements are big time on on his gym time. And ph and his water all just to alternate professional in a great guy to have around so happy for him to get it going -fensive Lii, and I think that pretty much route I should go to Pang or now because he talks a lot about the blues color guy. So we got to interview me told some funny stories from his his career, and he goes into the blues in special their seasons bent, so right now, we're going to give you Darren Pang. This interview was brought you by one eight hundred flowers after childhood full of unsuccessful attempts to pull the wool. A mom's is really think she won't be able to tell the difference between a last-minute mother's day gift and something truly thoughtful this mother's day. Don't settle for anything less than the biggest and brightest bouquets from one eight hundred flowers dot com right now. 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Click the radio icon and enter code chick, but's that's one eight hundred flowers dot com code chick. Let's order today and save at one eight hundred flowers dot com code chick. Let's offer expires Friday. We are now. Joined by a good friend of mine in business will say Panger Garin right now, this guy just want everyone to all before you go on and talk. It's been very friendly for me to meet from the time we met when I was playing in the league. And I know you're a golf nut just like me. And if you're not falling around the Saint blues one of the best stories of the NHL season. You're either fallen them around here on the golf course. So I want to say thanks for joining it goes far gas. Finally, it is my pleasure to be a part of this one and only famous award winning show heard lots about it. I mean, listen I been around so long. I never thought I was going to get the call though, I'm really I'm really thrilled to be beyond today. Because a lot of my buddies that aren't real NHL guys a lot of friends lot of hockey friends sons, they're all big fans spending checklists, and they always let me know what's going on who are the gas. What's being said? And so I'm I'm thrilled to be here. Thanks. What are just I think widow went and took a Pissy completely cut you off. Pretty much the lights on here the fellas. So all right. I wanna talk first and foremost, vogue immature and some funny questions. I have you you've been around this team all year and water story. It's banned January third. I believe our ages told me was the day that they were sitting last place in the God, damn NHL and you've seen this turn around. And right now, they're leading their second round series to two one fantastical tending talk to me about what it's been like just be around that team and kind of seeing what's changed mid-season. And I don't remember seeing anything like I know it's maybe happened before. But it's wild. I thought when you came to camp as a as a walk on you and business easy life thought that certainly I would finally get my chance to be a Stanley Cup broadcaster for local team. But obviously that didn't happen. So now things changed and I end up watching the group this year, and you guys you guys both had good camps, by the way. But both you guys deserved a better fate. I talked army about that later. But sorry about that. But anyway, this season did go. The beginnings were incredibly high in terms of expectation. I mean, everybody around the league thought, you added a Riley. You added Bosak you have the same current guys? You have a great group of the what's what's to go wrong. So it was really disappointed the beginning. And there's not a person they lose the wooden say the same. But there was always something special about this group. They went on the road and they won in Winnipeg. They one in Colorado they're going to Tampa Bay. And they'd when they want against all the best teams on the road and between the benches a lot. And you guys know what it's like being on the bench when the team doesn't care about one another or the team, you know, that they're checked out or you know, that they're all in and it's just not going, really? Well, there was a lot of times that they were so into it and they went on the road. And I was so pumped up for them. I'm thinking this team is going to be really good. And then they go home, and for whatever reason expectations crowd, maybe some bad balls against maybe some bad time. They had. No confidence. And it was quiet and guys were coming in Patrick lining. Five goals? Elise. Pederson five points Brock best route three goals, then it was painful to see how they were performing at home, and I felt bad for them. But then they go back on the road. And they'd be another great team. So I'm thinking to myself got something good here. It's just gotta come out on a regular basis. And I gotta tell you boys, and it's been a fun ride. It's been four months of watching the same hockey night in night out. And this is what the game's all about guys caring for one another. They go out. They like each other. You know, they they have good dinners together, they play cards on the plane together, they play golf together whenever they can they like each other. And that's why this team is doing really well. Well, if biz and I had made that team it, really. Because it happened before it's called major league. It was in baseball. It's a movie so that would have been a complete. They were away better team than have mean him around speak through. I know really business was good. This is good on the left wing. You were you had a rough time, but business really good pinger. Do people blow the two-zone Stafford turnaround fight a little out of proportion, or do you think that that was a moment where maybe these guys were so fed up all the pressure and all the expectations where they were just like fuck it. Let's let's let's gel more together. Because sometimes after scraps and practice that happens. You don't I mean that fan a good kid? You guys probably seen him around. He's a good player. A good kid. What happened on that day? Was he found out that morning with meetings with the coach that that he was going to be a healthy scratch. They started a drill. I was right behind him in the stand like everybody that the mills which is the practice facility and. And I'm we're watching and the drills are getting a little bit more inten- three on three down low four unforced down low five on five down low cross-checking slash in. Here we go. And here we go. And and basically Sanford, Sanford gotta stick up high and actually smoker Robert Susil, I mean, him high and hard and people didn't see that in a video, but all of a sudden bortz helmet and visor was back in the back of his head and he'd had enough and he snapped. And what what happened after that was quiet. You know, what no one was real proud of it. And you guys have been down this road before. But there they were in barest. I mean, the whole team had looked selves in the mirror into. This isn't good enough pressure was on there at home, and then they had a hard drill. And you know, Craig baruti's, he's the guy that looks in the ci- I want this to be more aggressive and Robert Souso, by the way on a new three year deal after that. And I tell you what Sanford he was a regular so everybody kind of one on that. And the team really. Did respond is it overblown? You know, what I don't think? It's overblown. I think it's part of hockey and come together as a team. And I think it was a necessary ingredient for this team to get together. Love it. What specific change or changes the blues make that allow them to turn the season around in such a stunning batch. Was it like a specific Ross the move, maybe Bennington was closed meeting that got people's attention. What allow them to out such a turnaround judge. So Layton sees yeah. There's a couple of things I think one of the things that happened was they were on a western swing just before Christmas. And you know, what I'm not sure how the meeting went. But, but I did find out that that Doug Armstrong, you know, had to get together with these guys. I mean, he was either going to blow this thing up. You know, start making deals and prominent players. I mean, obviously teams are on the show were there were sniffing in the weeds here they're looking at good players here. Who can we get from the Saint Louis blues with all the expectations so high? So as gonna you're gonna tear it apart or was gonna say today's guys, you know, what I'm going to double down on you guys and the year before that he didn't double down on them because he didn't like they lost about seven or eight like games that they just weren't together. And he says, what am I going to double down on new guys right now, and and he ended up trading staffing and he ended up getting some assets. And what have you and they did make the playoffs? But this time around he put this team together. And he said the right things to them. He said, listen, I it's not like I'm gonna give you forever. But there's probably a period of time here. I gotta figure out whether you guys care about each other or you're going to look around and some of your buddies are not going to be here and look around, and that's. Great thing to say to anybody because if you care about your teammates, and you don't want them gone, and and they had the makings of a good team. So I think by number one army doubling down obviously the coaching change. Mike ios, a really good coach, but Craig ruby can handle personalities and big way because the way deals with things just black and white no gray area. And the other thing was you're right early January Jordan in Incan can comes in any shutout Philadelphia. And then he continues on his role. They started playing really really well. And they started back checking like they cared about each other. They started. Honestly, they started playing from the front of their sweaters instead of the back, maybe over Jews. But I think in this situation. It is very accurate. They check the regals finally at the door and said, okay. What are we have to do to be again and be winners? And that's what they did. And all of that came together. And but I do believe it started with army saying what he said to some of these players or the whole group. I'm not sure if the whole group or some of the players, but I do know that double down on the group. You've been around the organization for a while you with the death of the organization the minor leagues. Did you know that Jordan Bentinck was gonna be this good at the H L level? Well, no, I mean, I think that'd be crazy statement. I think I would be I would be a really good executive in the league working for somebody. If I knew that. But I do pay off course, not even working Tang. I'd be selling Mira gull clubs somewhere. You know, getting four percent back. I do believe after watching them. I went back to my my training camp notes and not this past training camp. But the before, and I and I said, I said boy Bennington improved seems to be more competitive. You know, but it was his fourth year third year. Pro I said, he's he's me really taken some steps here. But at that same time a prospect named Billy who so was on board and Billy had come over from Finland and he was a high third round pick. But a different goalie Bennington a little bit thicker, a little bit more common the net Bennington as you guys know what he's very thin by didn't biz. I didn't both you guys you were at camp. You wouldn't like he he was so skinny it was hard to seriously. Take them NHL goal tender. All that being said now skillman campus, he was he was I said at one point I said, he's like a like a model from the like from Prague or something like just look so skinny this guy. And and I and I remember saying to him like how many games do you play lots or anything like five six like he can play the games. And sometimes that's overblown like how skinny guy is. Or for me? I mean, I remember how obviously the first time that the Blackhawks on me at training camp. Our coach was click. Coral is wife saw me Linh as her name. She saw me getting off the team bus. And she asked me she clip her husband that that that stick? Boy. He sure is cute little fellow. He says, well, I got good news and bad news. Like he's my goal. And man, so I get what I impress. Our and my purse impression of Jordan was boy, I'm not sure if he's got this stamina to be able to be NHL goalie. Well. I saw him this year in training camp. And he was away different goalie, and the first thing I said was I don't know what you've done with your hands. But during a better position, and he goes, I change my hands. I did it last year. He was in providence. And I'm like, I love him. Love your hands are and his angles always been good. It's fundamentally have always been good. But I think he'd tried to become a blocker. Like all the big goalies, you know, tuck the arms into the side lean into shot, reverse VH, all that methodical stuff. It doesn't work for goalie inside. And now he's like what he did last year with providence was fantastic. And then he came to training camp. And I thought he was excellent training camp. A really really good. But again, the goalie the futures Billy who so so everybody's really paying attention to him. So it was a shame for Jordan. But I give a lot of credit for having you know, what the self motivation and the belief and the or teen layers of skin that he's grown over the years, or you know, what I'm really good. I'm really good. And I'm gonna shut the door behind me. And that's exactly what he's done. He's take. A great opportunity and he's running with and I love it. It seems like the phase developed a most is between his ears because I mean, you know, when he got asked are you nervous? And he looked ready to report was my look nervous. You know, when you can sense of someone's full of shit or not if they actually are a little bit. He didn't have a care in the world, and sometimes spending that much time in the minors allows you to grow that that mental state where all of a sudden now you finally get called up at your shot where he's like I got nothing to lose. Man. I've been down the miners for three or four years. There's another guy was probably take my job fucking bring a baby. Yeah. By dear in two hundred one game at one point to you perspective at one point. And I talked to Yanni Gord who decide what a five year five million dollar deal with the Tampa Bay Lightning like early in the year. Is that good? I could Yanni do you know, anybody that yet it fairly good? What types of national TV and Phoenix. And anyway, I say. I still I said, did you know, anybody on on the blue team? And he was all. Yeah. I was teammates with Jordan Bennington. I said George Benny can like wear you played in the Quebec league. He played me on terrier -ly, you're in different organizations. He goes. Yeah. We were both in Kalamazoo together for the k wings in the east coast Hockey League for about forty games by said like, that's unbelievable. And look where they both are right now both guy grinding it out trying to be NHL players. And I mean just fascinating that that's why call it three four layers of skin two hundred one minor league games. You know, getting shoved around at one point the blue said, we want to go to these coast finally said, I'm not going all I'm going home until you find me a place, and and as it turns out is really good friend, Malcolm sue ban early last year got picked up on waivers by bega that opened up a door with providence who needed a goalie the blues had an extra goalie that was a good American League goal. Early in Jordan, Bennington, Daytona them on there. And I give providence a lot of credit. They played a goalie that wasn't even in their system became an all star. Right. He was an all star. And so then then game competence and look REEs right now round not a lot of people probably know this story. It's very interesting ask you about that and get a little bit more in depth with you have a follow up on Bennington. No, no. I mean, that's actually I known a little of that. But no, I do not go another guy. I want to ask you about who's probably been through a mental grind is Fabri. And when me and went went to training camp. I actually talked about him last podcast. But he, but he was like he was like a little Johnny Jura out. They're all going to be. Member. It was crazy. I think he's he's a phenomenal kid. I, you know, the older we get and the more like my kids are his age. I have to my kids are older than his kids. And and I love being in a position of being team broadcaster per lot of reasons. But I I like it when you get to really know a person, you get to know their personalities, but more than anything else, you got to know when they're down, and when they don't have any confidence, and they can say something to a little maybe you can, you know, reiterate, you know, how good they are whatever it might be. And this kid who's got such team when the games on the line. I'll tell any scope that tell ask me a question anybody that wants to talk about Robby Fabbri all say, I'll tell you. What I here's the analytics, I know when the games hot and on the line, he's he wants the ball. So what else do want like that's him all the way. So when you watch Blue's game, and and they're down by one. And there's four minutes to go. Oh, he's not dumping it in his making a plate. And hold onto the puck is giving it everything. He's got he's really competitive. And he's not the biggest guy, but he's one hundred ninety pounds is become a man now, and he's working his tail off after as C L reconstructive surgeries. But more than anything else. I gotta tell you you just got game. And and the other thing with is learning to play a little bit of Gaul, and I had a chance to play some golf with them a little while ago. When the weather was good here. And the the kid got he's got he's got a good move to he's going to be a good golfer. So that's even just as important as his game on the on the rink, of course. Yeah. I know. I just we were so happy to see him back, and it was just tough two years. So he's just we just it was cool for us to get to know him. And then to see them go through that it was tough. So I'm just happy for him now. And we knew that your your buddies with them there. I'm also curious when I when I watched the blues it's like it's every night. It's the same exact thing. They just know exactly what it takes to win. And it's almost like ruby. He demands I don't wanna see demand respect. But they all love them. They love playing for them. And so whenever he saying to them they're buying in every night. It's so consistent. And I just wonder like being around him every day. Do you notice that in practice and stuff they do in the same type drills? Is it like that methodical because it right now, it's like a machine you just know they never really have off nights. No, I added I a coach, and you guys know him. Well, Darryl Sutter was a when I was growing up with the Blackhawks organization, he was the captain, and then he retired. And he was my system coach Mike first year in the NHL. And then as years went on I actually got sent down because I tore my ACL, and I went down to Indianapolis and bureau Sutter was my coach, and we wanna championship there. With a great group of guys, by the way, Bruce Cassidy on my team who's coaching right now. And we lot of really good players on that team. And and the one thing I've noticed is that Craig ruby who's a good friend of Daryl's. And God a lotta of in them. He's you know, if you look at the the the warm up the morning scape. The so the morning skate. What he does, you know, everybody's stretching at the very end of it. He goes around taps them all on the. But as a couple of words to them, you know, I can pitch them in the locker room kind of leaning over to them and saying we need you. You know, we we need a lot more. From your we need this from you. And that's a little bit of Daryl. I think he's got you know, he learned a little bit from hitch because he had him as a young kid. And then when he was in Billy together, I know they talk because in the minors. So there's a, you know, a little bit of that tactical stuff as well from from hitch, which you need to have. But I think he's got his own personality. I think he's got I think he's got the ability to patch on the back patch on the shoulder and kick in the balls. And and you know, like we patch on the back when you don't have competence, and it kicks in the balls when you've got too much and says, hey, let's go we need a little more from you. And I I love that from. And I think he's done a great job of that. With the blues. He's instilled confidence. They didn't have early on for whatever reason they didn't have confidence which I find are to believe, but they didn't. And he found the right way to do it and stay to them and build them up and make them accountable, and he has fun to coach he loves talking hockey guys. You could call them anytime of the day. I call him anytime that I'm telling you the answer. The phone and he just wants to talk about hockey. And you gotta love that part of of them. He doesn't have a whole bunch of saying he doesn't, you know, there's no ba- ruby issue. Nary to them. It's just him. He's just a hockey guy. And he wants to win a championship here at the NHL level. We wants to Stanley Cup. That's all he wants to do. Panga given the regular season success of the island is into canes using two goals, and you add in the league's copycat tendencies. Are we going to start seeing teams may be using more Tim situations? Or did we get a pair of this? You know, I think we had that a little bit of time. I think we're we're quickly finding out that you you can't just have one guy playing seventy five games anymore. It won't happen. They're not brushing off. And and you know, I think the other part is to like there's a lot of practice time. So it is hard for the second guy to stay sharp like the practices now guys. And visit you in wit you guys. See it's I'd love to play nowadays. It's a it's a it's optional. And then an optional. And then it's an option then you travel like there's and then there's a bunch of pre flowing European style drills nothing game related, and that's why you're seeing so many to on ones that are misplayed tree onto that are misplayed. I I mean, I just believe that it's a free flowing, you know, NHL so there's mistakes are going to happen. But it's hard to be that other goalie as well. So both guys got to stay sharp. They gotta play games. And I mean, it's rare listen you can have carry price and paying fifteen million dollars a year if you can find that in your in your in your in your cap, but look at the Boston Bruins right now. I mean, you're hilarious. Nominal this year. They're paying good money to be a backup goalie, but you're in the year was the backup goalie not really they're both kind of one as or one one. I don't know what you call them both to to number one. And that's the way they balanced out. And that's why you've got to fresh is even Grassi didn't play all the games this year. He had some help along the way. So that he's a fresher guy right now in the playoffs. And for those listening who don't know paying had a professional career as a goaltender. There might be a few out there paying who didn't know that. I wanted to talk a little that's why we're asking you so many goalie questions, of course, we want to talk about your career little bit. I notice that you play for the Ottawa sixty seven's in the OH L and had famous probably the most famous junior coach of all time Brian Kilrea as head coach. The greatest of all time is no question. I always enjoy when somebody asks me my junior days because every time I see former Ottawa sixty seven or fellow team, for example, Bradshaw's great coach for Columbus. And Bruce Cassidy the great coach for you know, for the bought the Boston Bruins. And like Bryan kill rate was so good. He had so many good saying he would say stuff to me in between period. That if it were said now, and it got out there, you you like you couldn't believe someone like, for example, a few like that. Let's let's hear example. Yeah. Well, I or I can go with it. But there was there's a number of different things we were playing a game in in in the su-. It was my final year the year we won the memorial Cup. And I was celebrate my guess it would have been my nineteenth birthday would have turned twenty late February. This might have been turned twenty when it was my third year major junior. A and we're out in sub. Agree. And I got a couple of buddies Darcy. Roy Brad, Sean casting all the guys we're we're having a good old time. Having a birthday we had a couple of days off between Sudbury and suze Marie. And we decided to go out and just we got we got a little ripped up, and it was a real fun night. I guess I I guess my hotel room, it's probably a motel six or something like that. And it didn't go very well. And I guess the made in manager told killer what happened and our room was a bit of a disaster. And anyway, I played the next next night. We're in the su-, and I give up three bad ones in the first period. And there's this huge pox their way up there. And I'm not sure if they're still that I was nineteen eighty four. So huge pucks up there that are on display the Sumer greyhounds. He comes into the room and always says to me is happy fucking birthday. These Pang happy fucking birthday. And he said new couldn't stop those three pucks were up there, you know. And he went on and on and on. And all the boys are looking at me. And you know, it was just one of those team moments where everybody loved it and killer was the best and sure enough next day puts me right back in the net. Again, patch me on the back. It'd be all kinds of competences come on pingpong. Let's go, you know. And that that's he was just the best. I mean when I think or inversion buddy, I know what happened and you you've already like RA parties, and you probably by. And it was all night. And all of a sudden there was some. Next thing you go motley Crue, and you just destroy the room. Then you gotta play the next night come on here. Don't get a hold back number one chiklis podcast number one. The number one biz. I never liked motley Crue. It could not have been that music. No. Attack. I met you went motley Crue on the room and destroyed it. And again, look at me. I'm just a little fell. I wouldn't do that. I might be flipped on the band or something like that. But yeah, there you go big. And know that no that never happened. I had a bunch of good roommates. We had a couple of. You know that? Okay. But six professional seasons, though. And you actually finally got your NHL in your first year actually played a game for this. I would you know, Jim L pretty well on gold for us all on one of the guys ever. And he does radio for the for the Leafs. But he he's he's I don't general Nevil public. Yeah. Yeah. He's a great public speaker. But he was also a highly touted very highly touted goal. The Blackhawks played for the sevens and a fifteen year old and played four years there, and I followed him up. So I was there after and and then I with the Blackhawks so I follow them up. There we roommates in Milwaukee my first year pro where we're coach click corals white out. I would stick and relative, and I were partners. And so he's the next getting called up, Warren score density and Murray. Bama, the goalies. And and I know going down to the minors, and I'm the backup goaltender Jim Ralph. And this was going to be a great year and him, and I were roommate. And and all all good. Well, he ended up tearing MC L plane in Toledo Ohio on twenty five cent beer night. And anyway, he was he was he ended up being done and done for the year. Sure. Enough to later Bannerman gets hurt scored entities. You know, the guy I get called up scored NC. It's hurt. I get to play my first game in Minnesota. I just turned twenty one my first year pro and I got to play against Bobby Smith and Steve Payne guys. I grew up I'd allies and they played for the Ottawa sixty seventies to watch them as kids and Steve Payne had two goals on me. Bobby Smith made them play done Bo prey within the other net. I mean, I was like you gotta be kidding me. But the funniest part about my first NHL game was do believe this is this is the tar to believe with only four letters paying an easy thing. I could've put tape on the back of my sweater. Do think I had a name plate on. The back of my sweater microbes NHL gain, not nothing. So I just I go into Minnesota. I got no name on the back. I play the game. And it was about halfway through the first period. It was a commercial break and some guy in the crowd yells out. Hey, Pang the pee-wee's run next. Stick around. And I'm I'm sitting there thinking to myself, I'm five four and a half. I was one hundred thirty two pound. And I'm thinking, oh my goodness. I am in the big show. It was sold out the hawks and the hawks and the and the north stars. They hate each other. L seek or Dino sister rally the whole group. So anyway, that was my first array into it. And I I got stay there for a couple of weeks made in NHL paycheck. Remember blind. My mother marching much. I I was making ninety thousand though, I think I had about a I think I might have made like thirteen thousand some length that in that time that I was up. By law. Two seven times that this year. That's crazy. Call are. I know I know he's gonna get paid through this summer. I was making I was making twenty two five in the minors. I mean, my Purdue was thirteen dollars a day. This was a bonus, man. I was living life exactly people at the tonight their film and rookie of the year Haughey version with fucks this who is. Other guy that now is making waves the NHL different way that you played with though was a hell of a player. I I've been told was Bruce Cassidy, right? Oh, he's a great player. Absolutely. He was unbelievable. He as a rookie in the Ontario hockey he had over a hundred and ten points. I mean, I did defensive and like he he was so calm, cool and collected. It was in it was he was incredible. I never seen a guy like the fire was out its hottest. And that guy was like, he didn't have a pulse. He would make a play. He would drag a guy in front of the net. He would the first time. I got traded to Ottawa from Belleville. I was the first call drafted by the Belleville bowl. And then the second year, I got I got traded to my hometown of Ottawa. Thank god. And it ended up that Bruce Cassidy set me. So can you play the park. What's going on? What do you like? And I go Brucie you're in trouble play back to me. I can play the puck and no problems there. Sure enough pressure on got the puck on his backhand rate in front of me, maybe ten feet and he high saucers back in poster to me racing glove. I. Catch it put it down. He peels off. I passing the puck. And he goes down the other way. And he goes to great play. I'm like great play. I didn't expect that. But that's Brucie. Brad, Sean, Bruce Cassidy were tremendous together. They were unbelievable ones right hand shot one the left hand shot, and they they do it. All they were great thing. Like, julia. You around was both in IHL and the age the eighties. So I wanna ask how insane did some of those fears get because of the fights end. Did you have have scrap yourself as a goalie? I scrap in major greenery. I I honestly I got I got my I got the shit kicked out of me. It was embarrassing. Yeah. It was it was terrible goalie named Darren Kosar, and the saddest my mother was visiting from Ottawa and she drove and she stated the same hotel. There's only so many hotels Belleville, and and it was a wicked brawl five on five and I try to join into fight album at teammate and golick came and really he really hurt me bad. Like, he hit me so bad. He rag doll. I was probably one hundred twenty five pounds at that point rookie and the only channel and a lose a rugged one. So that was my one NHL no fights for me, the IHL we had a situation one time where I've never seen it before my life. We're getting ready to go on a bus heading to Kalamazoo or Indianapolis or wherever I don't know where we're going and our coach Dennis Rosa who still sagging on which he was my head coach. Are you seriously bit? Now, he was a wildland Myron. So I can't wait to hear this one. So he would though he's just an you know, like in the beginning part of it. He'd probably be only out of plane for maybe three four years. And so he had a couple of good friends on our team Mel Hewitt and. There's another fellow Mel shoeless other guy, and he ends up. We're getting on the bus to go on this trip. So we all got a couple of beers in the back, and we're getting ready to go. We probably have McDonalds and we just finished losing a game seven to six and neck. No, like, we're we're kind of you know, what's going on the front of the bus. We all kind of pure out there. And and we're like what's going on? There's a light rate on the landing area. Right. As we're taking like, we're, you know, the the bus the doors open and like hell's going on and Mel it and our coach and another one of our players are in full pledge Grohl so roses. I mean, he's trying to I mean, he's trying to go hard on. I mean, he's fighting them hard. And next thing, you know, they've taken their, you know, their gear off the bus and Rosie comes in. He's got a little I don't hear a little shiner. He got nicked up a little bit. And we're like what what's going on. Let's go buses going, and we leave. The two are teenager sitting there with their bags right there. And I'm thinking myself, we're in the show what is going on here and a lot of our guys 'cause they they were American League players from the Springfield Indians. But they moved right directly to the. We were the number one team from two from the Blackhawks. So there was only four or five teams that were number one Phileas the rest of them were number two affiliate. So you can imagine some of the gong show that we had going on right there. It was unbelievable. And that was that was that was one the second one was always in fag on I got four of us got beat up by by some local eight local jumped out of a bar, and I got my front tooth knocked out of me. Peter Hore check with our captain and I got into the bar. And I said Chucky, you gotta come here we've been hit. And he said, I just bought a new three twenty IBM w. Rolling really hard. You know, making twenty two five in the minors. But I bought this beautiful gravy, and w and and he said, not the car, not the BMW. I said Chucky we've been hit. You gotta get here. I lost my two. And so that ended up being front page of Saginaw. You know, news stuff. So anyway, that's the miners. What are you going to go through it? And then. And you know, me I got out of the car. The boys told me to stay in the car and lock the door. I'm like, I can't do that. I opened up my door. I jumped out of the car, and I got popped like three or four times great in the melon and my tooth is lying there. I'm like, this is no good. So anyway, that was just for me not much fighter boys. We can tell but but eventually the NHL level, and you actually color. Ody's and well being Gretzky was head coach. And from what I'm hearing from all these all the people in this organization as you guys used to go out and have some pretty iconic dinners where he would just like the. And you guys would just sling stories all night long. That's what I love about Wayne. I love him to this day. He's a hot stove, and I actually met him up. He has a house here in St Louis of all places because obviously Janet's from here, but he loves it here and call the other day, and let's let's head over the sportsman's the little local establishment. And we sat there had a few pops again. And that's we talk about golf hockey. And we did that in in Arizona. I always call them the Phoenix coyotes when I was there for four years. That's what the coyotes were Phoenix coyotes, but I gotta tell you I had a blast. Mike Barnett was GM. You had obviously, Wayne talk off Samuelson. Just a great group of guys and everybody wanted talk hockey everybody wanted to hot still there's a couple of times where weighing on the plane, and we're we're, you know, we're heading into a certain city, and he's like let's go we're going right back down. They've got a couple of pops waiting for down at the bar. And we're going to you know, we're going to talk about, you know, dove it and talk about some players, and it never stopped biz. It was the like I've had a lot of fun being broadcast. I have fun. I've done this for I don't know since nineteen ninety those for years were incredible. They were incredible years pal? And I know they didn't win but win involve every single person. And that's what made it so much fun. Every every day was a great day every day was a hot day and only one win. And unfortunately, couldn't get that done there in Arizona, everyone who texted me about stories for you knew you wouldn't mention this one one day you having the ring and yet a coughing your hands. And I don't know if you're playing on your. And and you walked right by a forklift when asked over tea kettle on it on Palance, and we're going to be setting out in a little blog on our Twitter. So everyone can see it because it's on YouTube actually, Bonnie things ever seen. What have what happened there? You've never walked by a forklift before. And on new called Pango, bang, y'all. And I got a we got thank Todd walls for that. He doesn't take the blame. But there's no question that that ace reporter with targets hood. Oh, some absolute with come on. I walking down those stairs. Life's good. I think I got a brand new pair of khakis on there. I'm looking. There. Those like the Janko ones the wide leg. On. No, I had style. One pal. I went to play. I wait here come on with five five hundred place and made me look, slim and everything they were good. They were sharp video. Keira makes him look a little wider, Jack the video guys it's right there on YouTube tangos bang you'd we're gonna having blocking down there. We're going to have on her. Media to see whether those are two wide or not. And we're going to see if you got ripped on your nice suit make in place, or whatever. Okay. You get you check that out. But here's the deal about that that the forklift, okay? Number one. I'm walking down there. And yes, no doubt people that know me. No. I wasn't paying much attention. There's two things that came to mind for me number one. The the New York Rangers were in town. And I could hear a t the bus was in front of me. And I could hear that the bus was rolling peso. So I'm thinking to myself number one. All right walk down. There. Gotta go on not thinking about the bus just yet. The driver of the Orkla. There's morning Panger. So I looked you can't see this. I looked to my right and say morning probably morning big boy from guy so from JD, John. I just I say that because you know, everybody's a big boy. So he'd be boy good morning. And then I don't see that the legs 'cause they're so low to the ground that they're there, and I'm telling you what I ripped the bottom of my pants. I rip a knee of my pants and don't forget I had like I've no ACL. I I that point. I'd Sixers on my last name being hurt like hell. So I gotta pick myself up. Get all my books up spilt, my coffee, try that normal white my pants, and then look up and I saw that bus and I'm thinking to myself there in the bus, and they saw this this. This is not going to be good. You could see the good news is you'll never have to wear those pants. Yeah. Or what do you what do you make of your your auto, a sixty seven's going twelve in the first three rounds of OH L playoffs there on believable. They're unbelievable. They traded for Mikey BPH. But before that they they had another goal that with UN. I mean, really really good. And their their money. They're good. They got a lot of drafted players. They remind me of the team that we won the moral Cup with nine hundred eighty four. I'm when last year I went back there because they they had me drop the puck. I don't know. I don't like crumble brag. Yeah. I I don't want to say that Brian Kilrea vote amuse the top fifty all time there that got the puck. But anyway, you know, but. You're all brag. But I mean, if that happened, you know, then that that was really I'm actually I am more humble than what I'm talking about. But so I did get do. So I got to know a couple of guys and include window, Clark, son, who's on that team, the Washington graphic and Cedric Andrei that small goalie that at one point the vitamin was going to a game and Saginaw this year. And he's he watch the game on the way back. He called me says, holy smokes hanger. I goalie, and it was like you. And I said you saw who you see and he says auto seven Cedric Andrei, and he goes, oh my God. He's small and he's he's a he's a really quick little guy. So he'll be the goalie the future there. But that Mike. Ph where we probably gonna lead to the promised land. It's team good city. They're sold out the places alive. I love it. Because of what's going on not the Ottawa Senators themselves for what some of the things that that owner is done there. The the junior team needed some help they needed to have a winning environment. The people love hockey, they're and they're a little bit disturbed with what's going on the other side of it. Although some good things are happening, obviously with them. But still it's sold out it ten thousand seat arena. Right. Their Civic Center. You know, and it's a great spot when it's all paying you played with a couple of Boston savages under what the second generals Brian Newman from Southie and Eddie concert from challenge. What kind what kind of animals were they fly off the ice? They seem like they'll probably couple hell raises back. Then man noon. We always heard about noon and Southie. I mean, come on like nineteen family members. He knows everybody there and fill it with still good friend. He's he's. He was unbelievable because number one we started out at training camp together. And if you remember he went to the western Hockey League from from Southie and scored fifty goals. So here's this guy that comes to training camp. And I'm I'm looking at all these guys like what's that? They got this score fifty goals like noodle. So we call them noodles and go new so Nunes, and I started out in bagging on. Then he went to Halifax. I went to hell affec-. We I would Scotto same time. He went Scotto. And then we both ended up in Indianapolis on that same team. I was talking about the one the Turner Cup. So that's like we were together almost like our whole pro careers until he obviously I retired really early in my career only six years, and then he continued on. And I tell you what I love noodles when we're in Saginaw, especially I mean, you're together every day. You're you're doing everything you to movies, your drinking beers, you're going out. But the one thing I remember too is we were in we're in Hartford, and it was a rookie kind of. We didn't have the same rookie dinners. They have today where the rookies spend unbelievable the money. We we just went out to a bar. I think it was called the Russian lady in Hartford and property roll bar, and I think the Minnesota twin replaying the World Series. And so all the veterans got us, all drinking and. That was the calm and thing and news. I didn't mind that we did that for three years in the minors. So we're having a good old time. But I noticed noon was really not doing very well. And the and the vets were like keep going keep going, and they the meantime, they put some chew and some cigarette butts and all kinds of stuff in the little shot class, and they wanna do to drink, and I was looking at noon when he would stick from the dog, anyway, so I grabbed it, and I choked it down myself, and I could see vets kind of looking no, you know, in slow motion when you're chug something that's not good. They're like, no. And anyway, so I always tell that to noodles. I said, no, I saved you from all that disaster junk they put in that shot glass. I drank it with the egg Meister and funny how the little goalie had no problem with it. But that was one of the things. We're bonding experiences all over the place. And I love Nunes. I think he's just a he was a phenomenal guy. And he won the Stanley Cup of nineteen ninety four with New York Rangers. That was my. First year with the SPN was on the ice. I got to see Steve Larmer an old teammate. And I got Brian Noonan. And that was incredible. When you can see former teammate win a Stanley Cup there. Doesn't get better than that. A people say he scored that to not messy. You ready scored that goal? There is no question in the world scored that goal. And, but you know, that new thing Nunes gonna take that away from our messy not a chance in the world. But if you just have to look at the replay, it's right there. It's right there. He scored that goal masochistic stick never got on that. It's been winning. You're a beauty. Hey, this is good. But before we let you go. I gotta ask the one last question. I'm most interested in and that is this golf trip. You got the crazy crew hockey people far and wide, and they Kenny hall, and John grass Ray Ferraro, many others. Right. What is it Ireland up? I'm Bandon dunes. I hear what is up this summer Nova Scotia like how that all come together. What's the whole crew there because I have a big one that I talk frequently on here. Yeah. I love your eyeball. You guys two years way. Better you guys helicopter and stuff, and you know. Allston money. Yeah. That's exactly right. Didn't didn't have somebody wasn't Brad made out with helicopter and the cows? We're coming or something like that. Yeah. We were. I think I might have told this. But we, you know, we held back from old head, and you know, it's a lot of money, but you go into all the played thirty six. You don't have to stay there. And over a long bus ride that we do it's an NHL trip. And you know, they. Pilots have never really had guys. Crushers many beers. We had and all of a sudden like on an hour ride may days. Like, hey land this helicopter. I'm gonna piss all over this fucking helicopter. The cows looking at you like and people in the house miles away like wiser helicopter. My feel guys are hosing. I've never seen that that the difference between us, I'm I. Don't have that kind of cabbage. But that's the bottom line. You. We have a good time. First time I ever went with Kenny Holland two thousand one and I went to Scotland was with a great group. We surprised devise members thousand game, and we went with Alan Trammell, the great third basement, and and buddy named Bob ran from Detroit. And we went that was the first time that I bet that up and then in one I got in touch with the caning gun types would be and we had Joey kosher that I played a lot of golf with and and a bunch of guys. So that that was a one, and then it continued on five went back with Steve. And then KENNY'S group is is just so well organized, and you know, what you're gonna get the whole way around. And so we've been to Scotland and we've been airland we've been abandoned dunes. We are going to Cabot cliffs and cabinet links. This this August, John Butch grass in there. I I was in the group with Bucci. When now I can't remember what course I think it might have been Royal. County down. But I'm not sure that he had he had to one apar- five or three and apart five. He was humming. Boy, he was rolling. And and so we're we're going to Kavak Winston have links and Ray Ferraro's there, and we got Kenny we gotta Kenny you. We got a bunch of a lot of the similar guys that are just great guys Kenny so well organized everybody gets a laminated, basically, a passport I tin array, you know, all your two two men matches. You know, what money's in the pot? You know, what, you know at the end of the day your other field filler, you're a pigeon or your winter. And that's the way he he describes everybody. So it really puts a lot of pressure on you do. Well. And if you don't come up with any money, he lets you know what everybody let's note. And and so anyway, we might be looking for one more as he call it single digit field. Biller anybody know a pigeon out there to come to Cabot links love to have him. We know a lot of them got one of them are almost Ryan. We don't know if you've met him before panir. Lasting Corey about you. Go prediction on what you think. That's gonna go on the rest of the playoffs for the Saint Louis blues. You think they're gonna get by Dallas. Yeah. I mean, I mean being up where they're up right now, they I don't think either team has really played their best biz. And I think that's really good. I do believe and I'll say this. I said this before I think this is a seven game series. I think it comes back to Saint Louis for the seventh game far from over. But I am impressed with a lot of his young players that aren't fazed by anything this mirrow hyphen. And I'm just I don't know about when you're a defend your word adventure. Buffalo fans me all day yesterday. Because I thought maybe he deserved to be in there other than than, Darlene. I was gonna say you noticed you say all lean properly now because you've got so much grief. All mad. I got torched online for saying that saying and someone the one stat that impressed me is the fact that he led their entire team on at five on five ice time throughout the course of the whole season, gene that was one of the allow the least amount of goals like this guy was relied upon to like shutdown top lines as a as a what eighteen year old defensive or is he hit nineteen yet. Yeah. He he just turned nineteen. He's for nominal, and Cuba and Bennington done believable. And obviously you're being guy's gonna win it all anyway. So at least Patterson's gonna win it all so it's not gonna matter at the end of the but being in the top three. I I can. I mean my career ended rather quickly. But I actually was lucky enough to be a finalist for the caller trophy. And it's really cool 'cause you live with it forever. And I always feel bad for the guy that end up fourth or fifth because I mean, it just something that's kind of cool, and I I feel bad for because I think he's an unbelievable defense. But that's the luck of the draw. This is a really strong rookie crop. Because Brady Chuck was unbelievable. I think the future is pretty darn good the NHL and not to boot a free trip to Vegas with the the most important. That's exactly right. That's what we're talking about paying. I did have an intro queued up for you. And I did have mentioned that you were called the trophy. Finalist. Nineteen just for the record. I did get a five thousand dollars. Team panga. He didn't share that near. I would've had that on a silver platter? I knew you would have would I had my back. How this is great, man. It was good to finally get you on here. And hopefully, we tee it up pretty soon. Thanks to coming on. And I'll see you in Secaucus pretty soon. I'm sure. I'm looking forward to it pal. And biz you as well big, boy, you've done great Prouty. I'm gonna get your new pair of khakis. Split like, please. Romo coat that interview was also brought you by Dollar Shave Club. I love that Dollar Shave Club has everything I need to look feel and smell my best. What I love even more is the fact that I'd never have to go to a store. That's because one Dollar Shave Club delivers everything I need right to my door in two. They keep me. Fully stocked on what I need what I used. So I don't run out his how it works dollarshaveclub has everything you need to get ready. No matter what you get ready for. They have you covered head to toe for you. Hear your skin your face. You name it they have it. And they have this new program where they automatically keep you stocked up on the products you use you determine what you want. And when you want and it shows up ready door from once a month to once every six months, that's what I do for my dollarshaveclub toothpaste. I get it every couple of weeks. Hooked me up stuff is fantastic. I'm all done with the old stuff. I used to use no more fresher crest. I'm all about that Dollar Shave Club to based. Plus, what they handsome discount, the more you buy the more you save. And right now, they've got a bunch of status that you can try just five. Like, the oral kick it after that the restock ships regular sized products at regular price. So what are you waiting for start a set for just five dollars now at dollarshaveclub dot com slash check. Let's that's dollarshaveclub dot com slash checklist. Thank you very much to paying. Great guy that everyone loves hanging out with great storyteller. And I really good golfer. So it makes me wanna go chatting with him. That are a we had a legit trade. Go down with the prospect in the NHL Philipson there. Please absolately not long after prospect, Adam FOX he was going to go back to Harvard for senior season the art of the VA of the Harvard. Harvard harvard. The. Who's me the hurricanes? Ship them off to the ranges for a second round pick in June's draft and a conditional third and twenty twenty the third would become a second of FOX place thirty NHL games with the Rangers next year. That's a pretty good Hoffa Carolina considering you know, he could've just went. And everyone knows he wants to go the ranges probably didn't have to give anything. But grenell. You made a great point saying give Carolina some credit. Did you own Twitter? Like, yeah. Got a second round pick from guy that everyone knew they wanted to leave for a guy that was drafted in the third round. So I mean, essentially, they flip that I mean he was originally drafted by Calgary, and then was sent over in that Lindholm Hamilton trade. But I think Carolina getting a ton of credit here agree now saying that wouldn't he have to go back and play college for another full season next year if yet, but then he will have chose any team you, correct? But I mean, it's clear that he probably thinks he's NHL ready. It's clear that the Rangers think he's NHL ready. Carolina does have. Some type of leverage and saying if you don't offer me enough, I'm not gonna train them to you to help benefit your team. He's going to go have to eat another year in college Harvard's different. Those those guys love to go back and finish out their career. And I'm not I'm just trying to analyze the entire situation. Sure. Credit can be given to Carolina forgetting a potential second round pick out of it. Right. If he ends up plan more than thirty games. But what you're saying? Is that they were like, hey, if you don't give us what we want. We're not your too good for college now, and you're going back. Yeah. Right. Well, yeah. Or we're not gonna just give up an asset to help the New York Rangers and considering your essentially fucking us by not signing with us. We'll let you rot another year in college. If that's really what you wanna do. Then then go do it. But I mean, they might say, well if you're going to offer us a fifth. No, we don't we don't. We don't care just go back to college. Then. Yeah. Hundred percent. So there's a little bit of leverage considering New York wanted them bad and thinks that he can make an impacted a lineup and the grand scheme of things if he ends up being what we all think he's gonna be. Who gives a shit was a second rounder? Yeah. And now New York knows they got their guy somebody somebody who's very high on them was was going to offer that now actually surprised that tree. Living didn't grab them back and in Calgary. I mean this kid wanted to play with the Rangers. And the whole point was that if you went back to school, it'd be able to sure sure there you go. So he found his team, and everybody's happy and credit Carolina forgetting the second pick. He only Neil that was like no one out there that he's a Long Island K grew up on Long Island grew up die digress fan. And he only wanted to play with the Rangers in this kind of goes back to the fact that you're seeing a lot that a lot of these college kids. I mean, they they kind of get to pick and choose where they want to go. You gotta wait. But yeah, if you waited out and you're good player. You're going to pretty much have your choice. You think it will be addressed in the next? Yeah. I think it may. But keep in mind if if these players. Aren't being paid earlier on like, let's say a junior kit was drafted. And then by the time. He's nineteen twenty signs. I h shell deal. Well, if nobody picks guys or pass up on them and draft them later on by the time, they get to a certain age. I feel that they should have the right to say where they go and how much money they're making. Because at that time, those they would be technically becoming other entry level contracts as the kids would be if they were nine age, age wise. Right. So it's like, well, they haven't made any money they've been playing college hockey. I mean, unless you're playing for the London knights, of course. But job, I'm just kidding. But yeah, I think that at a certain point college kids, maybe should have that. I think that some guys bring a little far and Jimmy V C if we had him on even tell it to his face like I think it's kind of funny how when he was up in when he was trying to find what team he was going to go to it was like every week. He dropped one team off the list and it kept getting dragged out where it's like dude just pick a fucking. Team. I'm sick of hearing your name hand until August fifteenth. That's the whole issue. I know, but it was like he's narrowed the list down to five. Oh, yeah. That the list that was not his fault. I'll back which is fine. I joke around about with them. But it's just like dude you haven't played a fucking game yet. And everyone senior name like, I don't know. Obviously things have changed a little bit. But coming into a locker room when I was a vet. If you had a kid like that. I'd be like smart in the fuck up. You better be bringing everything that we've heard about because if you don't I'm gonna shrivel you the entire season. Yeah. She river. They got a nice hall for that traded got a got even better for them. So looking good. What else? Do you have the biz artist wanted to stick tops Zakheim because us apparently playing on a tourney yell, obviously, it turned out to be actually attorneys yell. He he they didn't think it was that serious when it happened during the first round, and he ended up having successfully C L surgery after playoffs. So I cop lamented him on Twitter. I just I said that he's a Honey badger. He works as balls off. Just one of those guys. He's brings his lunch pail to work every day and when guys play through injuries like that. I gotta give credit where it's due. Unfortunately, it was only one tornado where I played with two. So you got some catching up to do buddy. But nonetheless, he can like add that into a children's novel the teddy bear gave his crushing note. But he was on a tornado c l like I just see him putting this into a new book. He's gonna right. So congrats to him for grinding that out. And I also wanna talk about a FaceTime. I got the other night. From a rocket. I think it was after the raptors game. I'm not sure if he went, but Peter Girgis, the guy mentioned as the most off the ice assist of all time lines up all the rookie parties for the NHL guys has a bar and awesome restaurant Tronto Clark called marble. I was I was there a few notches when I was in Toronto not a big deal, but he's also buddies Crosby, and I get a FaceTime from Peter Girgis at I think it was like what eleven o'clock and AirAsia and sure shit. He was with Sidney Crosby and sit sit sit was it was in good spirits, obviously a tough loss and playoffs. But he had a great year has just been nominated for the Hart trophy. And and he he made an inkling that he might becoming on the spit and chickens podcast come on lied on. Now, I said that he goes and his comments were I need to make up for that performance playoffs now and a lot of people listening. Don't know what Crosby is like personality wise, but he's a little bit self deprecating. And he's a fun guy. He's an awesome guy and all you people complain about all he's a baby no personality. Now, he just doesn't show it to you mutants, but hopefully, we can get that personality on spitting chick. Let's and listen he won't be telling kill stories because he isn't getting he's got a smoke and hot girlfriend if we can get him on I'll tell a couple kill stories. So thanks Gergiev forgetting them on FaceTime. And hopefully brokering a deal in order to get him on the podcast. That'd be unreal. I would say probably number two wanna list of potential guest to get an spitting chiklis number one before. Okay. I I would disagree. I would say Brett halls right at the top of the list. Yeah. We'll we'll do some on the part. Nikki six on builds. Bilges business wants kill stories put on table this noon. The ride home. No. Fortunately, we have some sad news. We got to end the show at this week tough tough story Jason botch. But he was a writer for the athlete. He also worked for TSN Canada. I passed away on Wednesday only forty eight years old apparent hot failure. He's a guy. I think we mixed it up during the Bruins Stanley Cup of years ago. He's a guy who liked to mix it up online. Like a lot of us who cover the game. And I never met him personally. But everybody who worked with them at terrific things to say about them. I know we had a wife and a few children leaves it just it's just heartbreaking heartbreaking story to be that young. And just have have Lysol young years old. I mean, I'm I'm going to be fought he said, it's at heart failure. Yeah. Oh my God. Jesus you just gotta hope that there was no pain, and it was quick form. But I woke up I was like holy shit. I saw that. And just thoughts and presidents family the consensus. Zygote from just a lot of media members who are tweeting out about him. And you knew he was a well respected guy space on the number of people who wrote comments online, but they said he was very opinionated. But wrote very good articles and stood out because he was himself. And he said what he believed, and you know, if disagreed with you, come after you even mentioned, you had a little rift with Bob MacKenzie back in the day where he was going back and forth. But listen, there's sometimes I disagree with certain media members. And how they specifically ones that continually try to shun the game like something's way more violent than it actually was. And that there's a real problem with the game that needs to be changed specifically when they haven't even laced them up, which drives me up the goddamn wall. But nonetheless, you know, we're all in this for the reason of we want to give our opinion and entertain and try to bring people's knowledge about the game to to a different level. And he got. A reaction from people. You know? I mean that the matter what that shows you good at what you do. If this many people would get upset at what he wrote or agree with what he wrote it showed. He had passionately loved the game. And we were thinking of his family because that was a really shitty thing to lose someone in the hockey family small, and no matter what part you you play a role in a lot of people that are involved were really sad to hear about that passing. And we're thinking of be a lot of fans wrote to me said he kind of wrote from the fan perspective, which is what we do. A Boston kind of tells it like sees it. He's not behold until editors he kinda just wrote from the coffin, and it was a fan favourite, and it just it's just an awful tragedy. We're Poudel hockey media community to show we wanted to ignore it and mentioned and again, extend deepest condolences and sympathies to his family friends in his at the athletic. So hopefully, everybody's doing okay. Subside Nozoe boys we getting ready to fire fired up at hurricanes to edit. This thing get it out. And we'll see everyone. Hurricanes at the garden, and hopefully for our sake the Bruins can make this thing series. But either way business getting after it, he's promised us. This has got check time for the Bruins. They need to pull this out. If they don't win this game. I think the series is kaput Sigua and see the rub is in his pocket. He's not gonna use from his so. I just hi my foreskin. But. In one one quick last thing, and I get into on this fucking online with this guy right now. So do you. So so Klingberg had a pretty funny celebration where he was fist pumping, and he was making this motion with his arm used to make and Grenell posted where your what do you grading the Selley, and I wrote to in the pink and one of the stink gets a seven point seven point eight celebration score and underneath it. I wrote ca- somebody else mentioned it or someone else already put it the underhand being blaster. Listen, it's. Yeah. Like aggressive. So one guy came at me online saying all like what are women going to think of this? When they read it, and I'm like fuck you like there's women who liked it and laughed and dot it was funny. Like, what what you're going to have the safe for what women can think humorous and not like, what type of level of narcissism is that I have an aggressive sense of humor. If you don't like it, just go the other fucking way. And I'm sick of this whole like oh being resp-. How was that not respectful to women? Do they not know that fucking guys finger chick sometimes and use that type of language? No. And there's women who think that that type of sense of humor is funny, and they're ones that aren't. So don't try to come out with your social Justice warrior bullshit. I know where that fucking line is. And I won't cross it. I'm not sexist. I'm not racist guy's finger pussy. And I think that that's what Klingberg was doing that celebration. And that is final. So fuck you. Nasty. All right. It's a pleasure to be back. I love you getting everybody have a great weekend. He's a little song. I wrote you might want to sing it note for note. Be happy. Never live. We have some throb bland, you were you make. Happen.

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