FC 139: Spiked Eggnog


And welcome fussell cats. Come aboard the the please make sure to keep your limbs. An experimental instruments inside the Trina and now on with the show podcast by blizzard. Fan about world warcraft. And geeky stuff. I promise you they do talk about the world of warcraft. Just go off the rails sometimes gather around for. I am great father winter not to be confused with jacket CAINE. Hey in tonight. We will explore the meaning over urges. Wait sorry is our mark tonight. We'll have some fun around the fire in loosen unfriendly and I enjoined line by one of my best friends and do guest poppy. Poppy and also the table. We have returning guests lady Emma and rooster. I am promised I will not causing trouble. But I'm I'm not sure about rooster. So underserved unders episode. I figured it'd be nice to unwind like an and Thanksgiving episodes have a bit of Mary. Fun So we'll get to know poppy. Christmas memories play bit of Trivia and and more I have some good news. A -sorts has a has agreed to buy ignore for all of us to enjoy is ignored with awesome ram. It's a virgin eggnog. So it's can have some with round. I'm sorry it's courtesy of smoking pastures. They don't give a sources. EGGNOG SPIKING on the sign agree with czars drinks. That because I've never snuck in there by the cook but I didn't notice it tastes different so I'm all good. I still haven't had an egg note so there whether chicken and waffles no just regular Beef Bacon and Waffles. I finally bought a hot plate for opus. Personnel can actually start cooking for him ooh Nice. He said he's not allowed to use it so I just hit it away in his place for speaking of hiding things I think Sandy. What time is it? It's time to go around the table. Great idea so what have you been up to. Recently we will start with poppy. Men spending a lot a lot of time with family and we did the whole big Christmas thing. With the the way I'd like bounce from family to family to family and that was a A lot of new experiences rate there and I've been working Latin a got a promotion at work. I guess. That's you work in a Lotta overtime. So that was a good new thing out of been learning how to play John. Deere I point to the zoo. Oh and saw the the Christmas lights at the zoo and and as always idea a little ballroom dancing so I never knew that Nelson. Yeah that's pretty much what I've been doing with my time. Awesome keeping busy. Yeah always busy busy busy because it can. I Know No. You definitely don't work nine to five. You work like six till like ten PM. It feels like sometimes I sometimes it certainly feels that way. I do keep busy and I also try to keep that work life balance and do a lot of fun things with my friends and my hobbies somebody else who keeps busy a lot. What is a warlock named rooster? No I'm not evil you're not look no L. O.. What what are you sell? This Day went. Yeah that sounds about right so this is a link. I saw on joke channel and some other discord server that I'm I'm on and and so what I am. I'm a Paladin who was an ex priest who realize he can't heal stupid nice. Yeah I made a Paladin and real life I mean being a real person who does. It and in comes in and saves people's issues. You had a lot of that recently as probably a lot around the the Christmas season it comes and goes for me personally but It was good the the new customers I picked up because one of my friends. He works for a local teashop. They focus on doing the offices. You know. I don't know how many computers but they have kind of a minimum threshold of as to how many computers will solve problems for but they don't do individuals Problems so my friends been referring those types of cases to me and so I picked up a few new ones which is nice nice. Yeah I think it not a lot of wild time. No I've been Let's see Friday. I was working. I did about eight hours or so straight Friday and then Saturday spent the day working on the the problems that I brought home on. Friday and sunny saint thing worked on the Sopranos or brought home from Friday. And the Monday when those problems resolves so I took it back to its owner and set it up for them and got them going and they were just blown away by the service they got which was nice to give me a tip. Tuesday will else Christmas Eve so those goes up island to visit. My grandparents and Christmas Day was Christmas Day. I did some work than to from that. Had to take care of for my housing and here we are grow boxing day. But I'm not in a box but kind of our on on the video I mean I I got you on twitch video and stuff like that. I mean. We're all in boxes like I'm trapped here in this box listener square okay. Yeah but I'm not square I'm more potato-shaped title shaped and somebody who who probably likes potatoes. Maybe definitely like Putin's proteins right WHO Teen soaked him? Yes so a resonant Canadian. Oh that you're you're you're Canadian but Emma's blonde a lot. More more is kind of a Canadian. What have you been lots of stuff with? Work has been crazy busy because I'm off work for about a month. Wow I use now will not really yes now so before. I am off our my manager to decide. We're going to do a father shuffle. So I had to do all that and he kinda put me in charge and that was fun because my coworker wasn't listening to any instructions. I just like whatever I'm offer offer a month. I'll deal with this when I come back. Yeah so I'm off for the Christmas holidays because this year was my year to have that off but then I am going to be going to Europe in January anuary exciting. We're in Europe London. Noailles are you gonNa do the Harry Potter stuff I would love to. I don't know if I'm going linked to because of Wham staying in where it's located. It's kind of heart get there unless you drive Dada. Yeah Yeah but they do have some like little tours of where things have been. You know shot around London one of the Times. I went to London I went to the London Zoo and they had a nice big plaque saying this is the snake from the first movie. Are The exhibit for that Nice has spent the whole twenty four. Th with my Oba nice made him all the food the recipes I know of of Manana. All 'cause I couldn't bring her back but I think it brings back. Memories of food fully. He was ecstatic static with the twenty fifth. I spent it with My boyfriend and his family and I was boxing day and I spent a AH morning with his grandmother. We went out for dim sum than him in playing games and then when the game boyfriend got me for. Christmas was the newest professor Professor Layton one. Oh Nice on the switch but then I realized there's a lot of games they're missing for the story per abyss Kazaa configure from the game. I played last on the three D. S. to those game. There's a big story gap not promoting this but found a way to play the the older games so I can actually fill in some blanks of the story and apparently there was a cartoon movie on this game. I play the Games on three. Those are interesting. I like story there definitely challenging. It's a fun game to play. I Love Puzzles. And that's what got me hooked. Oh I had to in my nephew's birthday party. We got him a switch from the family is he's been asking for it for awhile and we kept telling no nope it's too expensive too expensive ends of. But then he got really money conscious where he was asking how much everything is and if anything over twenty bucks it was too expensive and we can't get yet. We felt really really bad. Me My mom and my dad and my OPA all putting money to get him one because we have enough for games. I have games so he gets to borrow my games ox cool. Have a photo of him. This of just the look on his face once he registered why he got all that's cool. It was super adorable super happy. His Dad's not happy about it. My sister doesn't care because she sees her son. Happy happy my niece. She got her presence from end. She was happy and excited with that. I got her all the little miniature petite frozen characters it did you get Samantha. No Samantha's my favorite character in frozen. Oh now now I got it now. Okay Eh yeah I know some say no Samantha but there is Olaf so maybe he can go search for her. Yeah do the unknown Own the unknown until now until the new year. I'm just trying to get my place in order so when I leave to England I come back and I don't have to do a minimal cleanup hopefully 'cause my boyfriend's name behind he's not coming with me. He's going to be in the middle of classes once I go so oh no yes. Yeah congratulations boyfriend. Yeah he's going back to school to get a gene another degree of some sort which the fourth that he has his double major in business. Economics Nice graduated aided university with honors. Nice yeah you. You've been doing a lot. I have half like my segment ridden and I'm like I really need the finish writing. This and I got distracted by other things going on Monday. I'm still working on it. Good thing I've got a pretty empty weekend. Except for Saturday Saturday's my day was family. But you know it's weird you've got something all of you sound like you've had a busy December. Yeah I've had a nice relaxed December. Happy Harold Charles. I hate you. I got Hawaiian. Leis got laid. That's rain to lace. Yeah so I got back from a crude with Hawaii so it was a lot of fun I gave it a wait. Oh get this on this cruise. There were enough elderly that okay. boomer would only apply to one fifth of the passengers and we got delayed the first day because there are done enough oxygen on the ship chip. That's a lot is awful. This is not the cruise for elevators. Because everybody's waiting for their scooters. I walkers and stuff like that the young guy on board Young guy the woman that you were young Ashley. I'm not younger. They used to be my back hurting taking a leave every day. Because it's been hurting since Thursday when I got back this trip for my parents fortieth anniversary in the next year you renewed their vows. Alves at a Luau. He was so cool. That's adorable that's and same. Got Naked at my shirt on stage to be a Hawaiian and warrior makes gun show the show and my mom was like wait. It did he go. And we got to see my aunt and my uncle on so that was cool and we went Luau too so we were in melodrama on the cruise so I was detective bloom and all that and so that was fun. Really got to blossom yeah I got the blossoming awesome anchovies skills. And there's a cool thing that happened. So these podcasts and the streams have helped my communication skills so they have a game called Yes snow where you cannot say yes or no for three minutes and guess who won you yes can you has. Has We still trying to get onto say sixty nine so I wanted to say yes it did. Ah Yes indeed wavy anything. It means the same thing it vanish. I it said it's okay. 'cause it's a foreign language exactly. Yeah and one thing I did at the cruise was there was Karaoke and I send Kariuki three times in front of an audience laugh now now and that was cool and so what I've done now is I have started out twitch things again so I'm going to watch out for Heisenberg GONNA be careful duets. But I started doing more to dudes which things I think. It's fun I mean I've got this great long big black thing to us now. It sounds good. Oh tasseled thank you know being able to talk to something. Audibly is great because my girlfriend's now able to drive with me so I'm I'm finally riding in cars. Cars were girls. I got an echo. My sister for Christmas. This thing is actually really cool. It's Echo it looks up to your phone and it's in the car so like I can talk to echo. It'll play the music for my phone and like my my podcast. So having echo in your car whenever it's their Fresno president warn you don't drink park accidents caused people convinced 'cause ahead but you know what then go read though in. Wow I got the merrymakers achievement final installations you murdered a lot of people. Yeah today I had a few things left so I was working on those. The one that was catching me was the one where you had to get kills has gnome because guess who's the first one that die and backgrounds this know. How can they see though? That's why you you basically do the kill and just hang around the yeah. I know now. We're telling him he could hang around them because yeah he could just ride on their shoulders. I'll never thought about taking bike rides. That would have been good boom short and then the final thing I did I. We have an now exulted with these Larry Song. Unlock them later on. So I can be trolling people. You think yes. You're not a troll. I'm not at all no no. I know. I'm an obvious but I could be now because I've unlocked them. You think I think. I hope I'm not a drill so poppy yes I like to get to know guests when they come on the show for the first time. I know you the audience. I know you've probably but the audience doesn't no you copy. Please describe your work in the most vaguely. Possible to protect your privacy. Okay so vague. Way a possible. I'm now a chemist and I work in food quality and food safety so basically what I do is I make sure that you're the food that you each meets all the safety regulations in the US and in Canada and that it meets the label claims. And what that means is that If the company says that it has X. amount of calories or fat or fiber or vitamins and minerals or a that it's GMO free or Allergen. Free that it really does meet all those qualities. That's cool so you have ways to test the food to see what each of those it has. Yes Oh that's cool Lord at that facility in the chemistry department. That's what we do so I'm GonNa be asking You What foods should be avoiding? Well like is I mean. There's other things we do that maybe not on your label like we'll test to make sure it's pesticide-free that their governments might regulate as well you know make things share things don't have heavy metals in them just so that you're safe not just naturally higher in certain things I mean. I should pretty low calorie salary. Right certainly low calorie go ahead and calories. Okay Nice cream okay. Number you just gotTa carry a decimal small point or a comma. You're safe. Dad Sell people on Youtube. Eat All those. Those things of food and not gain weight gets hit his. It's called we'll fix it in post out care. I need that 'cause I gained a lot of problems on the I went from like two thirty two to forty nine so I gotta go down always told calories. Don't count on vacation. Frankly don't scale that my skills like fatty what he'd doing backing they hate. The scale is just jealous. Because it wasn't with you when you want okay. I learned new philosophy to it's not fat. It's called called installation. Oh your time I like that. Insulation Gabriel Iglesias said. He's not bad he's fluffy year. You see I coming floppy make me like a fluffy teddy bear ice so poppy. What are your hobbies so with my friends and family? We like to play board games. You know just get together but mostly I'm like the ballroom dance invoice quite honestly. I think I have the very best partner in and this this coming year is bound to be very best year yet. Oh Cou could use tell me more about your partner tell you more about my partner. He's probably been dancing for what is ten twelve years I think so. I think that's right. It is much more experience than than I am is freshly this partner Hersey. Are You my partner. Oh I know the secrets so I'm sorry picture doesn't tell anything does it. Oh with a just a fool bomb so so for Ati listeners. There's a photo on on twitch in poppies box. That is one that I forgot that I even was in a copy. I forgot I was in that one the competitions when we went that was a lot of fun as he just wanted to have his picture up there twice yet BAGRI. It's not enough to name the PODCAST. After me. I have to also be the guest area twice because they should up your demise pitcher now. He's just short that he needs to stack up to Be as tall as everyone a week. He's writing on puppy shoulders. Yeah you're right I see it now. I am poppy shoulders. Yeah is but you know we we do ballroom dance together. And he is much more experience than I am but he is like a foot taller than me so there is some differences that we have to deal with when we're dancing when you dance with somebody who's a whole foot taller than you twitter right foot. Some difficulties overcome to overcome puppy underestimates. Themselves they are really good and I. I enjoy dancing with poppy. It's it's been a lot of fun in the twenty twenty. It's GonNa be awesome great year. Yeah and seen some of those videos. You've done really well thank you. We've got a lot of fun for sure we've already choreographed. Korea graft our next routine for this coming year. And you know I think we can tell the audience quite the theme of this one. Is Harry Potter so we are doing HEDWIG. Yeah it's GonNa be really exciting Lynch here yeah got launched and cloaks like that. Hopefully that's just a wonder your cloak. Now I'm GonNa roll the dice on through the next segment now. Puffy you've also started to play. Dnd let me tell you you're all about my experience so far meaning the bef we picked up my niece from Tim's practice she's twelve and it was just smooth Roland. She hopped opt in the car and I was like how is tennis and she was like I would like to play. That was like a you. Don't expect to their cool. Those are the words the of has always wanted to hear you say we put together a game and now I find find myself playing D. and D. with two thirty year old men in two preteen girls quite a unique group it. It is quite a unique group because I've never played before the girls have never played before it's my his roommate and and they played a lot so they're like into it and the girls are just like it's my two nieces but my one needs really wants to play the other ones. I was just like I just came for the pizza. It's been a unique experience in. I'm just doing my best to like. Keep the gang in together and play and learn we got these little characters. I made my character. I'm a High Elf Bard. I don't know if they go together. But they go together for me and of course. Her name is poppy because chorus of all of it having a good time is supposed has just been unique experience. I think I don't think it's how most people's experiences are going. And they play. Allie barger funding. I believe Elliot's the Bard is well the biondi good bias yes I like the artistic abilities of the Bard so far obviously I like the artistic. Because he couldn't sight of things jolly said that they were a bar until the group fell apart. And I'm like aw now do you sing when you're barred. Yeah that's what her ability is. I'm not a great great singer. Singer your get singer. Well okay well thank you some DVD DM's I found. We'll give you extra. Xp points are things if you go into character. So maybe she practices Vocal carts. Yeah I am hoppy Vard hard on casting the spell here you go. The enemies fall down. Woo Woo woo them poppy. I know who I'm inviting driving to the next game I would love to play with. You says the thirty year old man. That's right I end. Turning thirty in March young I can play with three thirty year. Old Man sounds by. Oh three minute of art three men and a bird that sounds crazy and Elliott saying that you could always That they hummed final countdown for one of the abilities Need any member that Allie. Thank you see giving out tips to to people listening and love it. You can be a barred in D.. Find out how poppy has. Of course now my won niece is a rogue so she tries to steal everything cut the Maniac Wa. We're on the second team I know but I need it. It's mine never got a major to ooh. That sounds like family like families always doing stuff the weight. This is not knives Out The movie which I need this. I want to see that I went saw Jumanji that when to open to see star wars on on Tuesday. Wait I'm looking on Tuesday. Maybe we'll restore probably not because you're over three thousand clamours away from where I am. Details details small details gap. And I'm not that far will then come on free over him and I'll take you wanNA have money share. Because I spent a lot this Christmas l.. Buy Your ticket. Oh Nice wait no I. Don't you buy your ticket got seen points. You can use you Canadian or you still hoarding those. Oh did you hear about the British cinema. Has Bought Cineplex. Oh so does that mean. You're going to use them in England when you I go not yet but I think we might be losing them. Oh monopolies I tell you I know yeah or games ruining everything and you know monopolies the bad games of play in families because it creates crazy things like our family played on a road trip to California California. Oh that was not good. But how many divorces happen because of monopoly. Yep probably a lot. What about the game of life? I've never played that game. Losing right now see. I remember playing life. A Lot. Didn't have much of a life. I have eaten a lot of life though and people think. I'm bad for collecting souls. You're is that what my life seems to be disappearing. That's why he coming back to me for Marcel. Stones jotted speaking of life and stuff like that life is crazy especially around winter. Vail's Lush Christmas and the holidays. So what is the craziest Razia Christmas. Memory you have. We will start with poppy ten years ago. I had surgery around Christmas. And I had my gallbladder taken now but I was living in Salt Lake City at the time and my mom came out and had the surgery in. We flew back to my mom's home but the whole time I had surgery and then like five days later I got on an airplane. Wow so this is why it's crazy. Because has your kind of doped up on you know painkillers. And then a security is a high risk. Nowadays on airplanes I had had a sweatshirt on. It's wintertime and there need to take your sweat shirt off what you have to take your shirt off to go through security and I was like but I took my coat off so that I refuse to take northwestern off and then I had to go to like extra security in the to raise your arms out as so they do the metal detectors on you in tears are going down my face because I had to raise my arms up security in. We had layover. It's which got delayed because of stormy weather so that we were like basically slept the night in Chicago airport and I was like we're never gonNA make it wide Redo this we made it so then I basically recovered that. My Mom's house to fly back I. I was a schoolteacher in Salt Lake City so I had two week vacation basically recovered at my mom's house and then the flight home was nice. That was pretty crazy. That whole flight. Right yeah wow and yet. The painkillers already didn't help anything like slow. Didn't seem to help. Oh Lady of you see a lot of my christmases aren't PG's so uh-huh. I grew up in a non. PG House imagine. There's no parental guardians was. It's out in the backyard mean. You're you're growing up. Periods was little more triple X.. Desert accent yes see. I have the worst Christmas not the craziest Christmas. Okay with that so my worst Christmas would have been in. My mom had a surgery for kidney cancer on December twenty third shortly before that when my friends passed away so I was already dealing with stress of my friend. Pass away dealing with stress among going for major surgery. My mom got a brand new puppy because some reason she had a bright idea in her head therefore she gets had surgery. She's getting a brand new puppy. And I just remember trying to deal with my own grief. Plus take care my mom plus plus the puppy and my sister's attacking me because I didn't want them to spend Christmas at my mom's place because I was trying to clean it before among got home and the reason for for is if you ever met my mom. She's one of those people when she stuck in a chair right after surgery and this is a true fact that she will try and clean and and she nine nine percent of the time rips her stitches. Oh so it was like a major gotTa have the house completely clean before she comes home from surgery but my sister's didn't see that so they said I was a horrible selfish person so that's my worst Christmas. That was crazy hectic and horrible. Oh Wow yeah yeah. Sorry dancing in the Christmas mood the grinch for a reason I can understand Christmas businesses. Hard with families with names like if families are listening that was great. I love my family. I understand who they are what they need. They don't always understand what other people need. But I can't expect anything different from them so and at least online friends can be family like tonight. I think this is probably one of my favorite Christmas gathering of this year. So totally agree pretty awesome. That's kind of crazy. 'cause you know trying to travel everywhere. I brought the dog to the hospital. The puppy to the hospital right after surgery and the dog and Ping everyone got in trouble with the nurse. Well she has this thing. Like if she's scared or startled she pees is this submissive P so picking her up she pete yes she still has this thing. If I grabbed the collar around her neck to holders that she automatically just squats and peace. I'm Alpha by the way you're all al.. I never guessed it elephant so from what Alpha to another rooster. What what is your craziest Christmas? Every I I honestly can't think of anything growing up christmases tended to be often kind of hectic because my parents never married so they never lived together after Charles born and my mom raised me so I lived with my mom and I would visit my recall. Credit Christmas Eve was usually with my dad and his side of the family and then Christmas Day. Okay was with my mom and that's still kind of how it's done so the like. I said you know this Christmas Eve drove up violent to visit my grandparents and see them. And that's what we still do. Double Christmases says not double presents. Probably well yeah. My Dad would give me presents. My mom would give me presents but it wasn't that type of you know stereotypical. TV shows style Where the parents were competing okay? full-time and my dad was the part time. So it's interesting that all of you mentioned traveling because My craziest memory involves traveling. There was one time I was staying home to work on present for the family and they were going to Gatlinburg I. How do you get this done to? Are we ready for Christmas. And they all are going to Kevin well. I got sick before they left and then they all proceeded to get it has earlier in the day leaving. They're coming down with an I'm on. I'm on the hill during the downhill. Then well. They're all driving down there. It's better all all them like. I leave the Group of Eight people and this isn't just cold. We're talking puke upstairs downstairs. Yeah so that a miserable time and Gatlinburg and I actually had a great time. It was all quite lion at home. I was working on this project. I actually got better at home so they got sick because I mean I ended up with a nice. Is this the home alone story. Sound like a little bit like the opposite of home alone though the. US being sick. Yeah he them the the wild he was Asian zero. Yeah Yeah and around Christmas we give gifts making them six not a gift but sometimes still it could be an unusual usual thing. I mean they gave me the gift of. I got to have a peace and quiet at home. But what an unusual gift you've given or received for Christmas to happy haven thinking about this for a while Ashley like. What is the most unusual gift I have received my niece Walter Little Heart. She was probably only like five at the time like five or six little. She wanted to take out her own gifts for me. I mean she's sweet little thing and she bought one of those like makeup display spinning kind of like Nick Lazy. Susan thinks that you can put like all the Nail Polish isn turns in. It's like a tier tower kind of like a cake sour. It's huge. I like have no place to put it. I got this maybe five years ago. It snow in the box. Because I don't know where I would ever put this weird the thing that you would see at like a nail salon. I hit a hair salon. You need very unusual. I A few really bad because you know she's older now but you know I have like a white elephant gift if the White Elephant Gift Exchange. But they don't WanNa do it like as a holiday party at Up so they're doing it at the end of January because of you know like can't do anything religious or anything I was Kinda thinking about giving it away. Then do it funny. It's better for someone being able to actually use it to its sitting in the box for like how long have if you had it probably five years. Yeah the Nail Polish might not even be good still not Container it's I mean it's not a little it's huge dude. But it's like the little spinney thing totally for your nail Polish collection or any. I don't use makeup Nail Polish Yup alternate white elephant gift exchanges or perfect like an youth group. I I got a railroad sign has whatever gift we still don't know how career would sign but that was easy need to just go out there and jump on and then hang on until it comes off the railroad so so we think that they took the post as well. Yeah Yeah We. We don't know if it was legal. Oh I'm sure it was. Yeah it just happened fall over. When they leaned on? It happened all the time. No yeah someone else leaned on it and they noticed that I was just lying there. Thought that Steph collecting dust state should recycle it reuse. Yeah yeah we were told to recycle it works and Riester. How how about you getting off hand you get to go first? Yeah because then that way can finish with a the big bang. Oh yeah and I got to think the ad I can't think of anything. Nothing crazy per se. Nothing stands stands out goes. I mean yeah you know. Usually something like that kind of stands out so his easy been tradition. Just you know stuff that needed to be used to space or dental floss Assar clothing or stuff like that so sorry. I'm such a disappointment. Now we still love your rooster. You want Emma Emma's has I think was interesting gifts. So why don't you enlighten us. So like I said I didn't really grow up the most the PG an environment and what it was. My mom usually invites misfits. Anyone who doesn't have somewhere to go for Christmas and they come over so we usually usually have like fourteen people give or take one year She basically said Hey. Just bring a random present and we'll do like a ponente bag everyone can just grab a random president of the bag for a Christmas gift. So it's kind of like Wales in but you don't get to do the whole steal. Her friends did this whole bags. And all that well they didn't realize that the Kids Aka me and my sister will be taking in part of this so there was some adult content stuff. I'm managed to pull out up. Blow up sheep sheep. What's exactly inflatable? When he said blow up I thought you meant like a okay so I got an inflatable sheep? I being innocent. I don't even know how old I was. I've probably probably maybe ten. Maybe eleven very innocent had no clue what it was thought. It was like a pool toy we I didn't think much of it you know and just okay cool. We have something for the hot tub. Well I noticed that there was a whole. They're I don't know really what the whole is for being naive so I kinda used it as a piggyback. Let me tell you much hold enough. I didn't know where I hid my money for the longest time CA- capitals. That is so bad so yeah That is my my one of my most remarkable usual unusual guests have ever kind. I have to add. Add one to that not. I'd like to top compete. I have unusual gift for Christmas but for non Christmas somebody I know went on a cruise. 'CAUSE I was nine or ten. They brought back a shirt with alligators. Other you know cartoon alligators not realizing the elevators are in incur assisting physicians and say about it but that Walmart t-shirt that was going around rated R. Walmart The but for Christmas L.. The the most unusual gift that I still remember I have it on. My Dresser is Ajar Venom. So years ago we went with with some friends and our family to Gatlinburg. Now this is not the trick where we got sick but we went down there and we went to the Comedy Barn. I got to be on stage and the person's tell give me instructions on how to act and says he tells me now. Tell Them I'm GONNA kill you. What's been them I I thought he said he wanted me to say with Venom? That's what I said is like no have been so then. My friends give me a jar of soap input on the on the on aside venom because it was like green soap so I remember that one kind of significance and sentimental gift to me. Now I want to ask you. What significant instrumental gift? You've given or received guess this Christmas. I got a pretty sentimental gift from my. Oh boy friend he Got Me a necklace with that. Was a locket and inside of it had some pictures Oh it's also really nice. Aw that's sweet. Yeah Nice how about you. I can't think of anything on top of the head for sentimental gifts from me. You know there's a couple of things I know when I was younger I had no money. No had no way to buy gifts so what I did was I gifted. I did my toys to family members and I remember giving my one of my sisters a teddy bear that had for ages and it had like a little brown round velvet. Bow Tie in everything and she kept it for many years but That's one of the things I did being. You know child poor for some reason. Children can't work in America. Go figure the most recent one would be what I did for my OPO which I mentioned earlier in the show where Eh I can't bring Manana back to him As she passed away last year so I can at least bring the memories of her of her cooking because he has ninety eight. There's not much he needs. Yeah ends up and I realized that the cooking can bring back the sense of smell l. in taste and those are two things that can unlock memories. Yeah exactly so he was very happy and that you know I spent the day with him and brought him all this food. He kept telling everyone that I brought him a feast where I'm like I've been brought. I am not much but to him. It was a fees and he definitely eight way more than he has in in quite a while that made me happy and and he was complimenting like my chicken wings where apparently like my Nana's but better. Wow that's because in the later years ear. She kind of forgot about them and Kinda overcooked. Suppose not hard to do so. They made fun of me because his. I'm not used to working on this toaster oven and I had a chicken wings in the toast of everything is technically on. But but I didn't realize the temperature wasn't on so is set to bake. It was turned on and the temperature was at zero so for half an hour. These these chickens just sat into the tray under a light easy bake oven stuff much trying to wing it so they make fun easy on that. I can't cook at a wing in a prayer. I'm glad at least you weren't cooking rooster. So what is it difficult to sentimental gift. Good question question I can't think of anything I'm so bad. You're a goat. No I'm just a cock I'll take over from your and say that mine is that I converted our families old. VHS tapes in the put him on a DVD cool. Aw that's why I stayed back home and and Gatlinburg from Gatlinburg that first time nice and it was cool. Seeing the tears on the faces of my family they watched the the I mean. I made him cry but it was a good cry. Non Digitizing is not easy. You know some people have huge libraries of family memories on VHS. Oh Yeah we we have a lot. I I gotta find out where that backed up somewhere. I gotta find it again. It's been years but I still that gift. That was a lot of fun so I'm glad that all of you enter this and I went to the community jazzy. Came back and said that he got supplies to make a suit nice. I'm Gonna I think either like a I shoot or cause play or suit but that is cool. Hopefully it was something like that and not a silence of the lambs type of not that. You've got I skin clarity. I want to weigh your phase. Leo Al Most significant I have received was my awesome peasy a gift from an online online friend a few years ago. I can't think how one that has had the continued in lasting impact on me than that. Not One did this cool. Yeah and Zeph said it's not about the gifts themselves for them but that they have family around around them for the holidays. That's really nice and I remarked that the gift of time is very important. And that's one thing that I remember with with family as much as sometimes they make great on me. It's this time that we spend together. One hundred percent piss into chat says when I was buying my house in nineteen ninety donate. We were set to close two days before Christmas. My stepdad was my realtor and though I fought with them not to do it. He insisted assistant on waving his commission just to help me put away a little bit of extra cash for incidentals of home ownership to come. That's nice now is Editing no on the year with a late injury Marty says I got my girlfriend a Unicorn. Stable an Amanda says I got my best friend black socks once because of a commercial commercial and says marketing doesn't work. Yeah and try and impossible offer from Burger King at. That's impossible. Well you know it's like Niko for that amount from the ledge came freshly you're never gonna get it because he can't see it's invisible but I have at wrister and he just this needs to rent it in a few more times with me. Yeah me too I need to go with you. Yes because I want all the things. Yeah all the things the things there's an add on for and it's dangerous Salihi addicting. It is also the dictating getting cocaine. Well coking cocaine coke. He because coca-cola used to be a disadvantage. Oh agent that you would take to treat all your ails whereas they don't put cocaine in it anymore. They put in. You know that other white addictive powder sugar Mexico. Oh you sugarcane. Yeah and that's just a plant that grows. Yeah and I had some coke with circe in Mexico when we're in Ensenada Oughta all delicious. I'm glad they don't put it in our coq otherwise I might still be on. High Sugar Cane is definitely tastes. Much better in home and coca-cola with sugarcane on my Counter Right now yeah. There's a lot of shooting by. US You can buy in Canada as well. I've been to soda is made of Sugar King and it's in glass jars to to be able to me that I've enough pop since two thousand and eleven. So don't don't tell me that I didn't hear anything. Why would you be on? It would hurt your but it that way. Okay Okay just like I'm cruise. It's fun to have Trivia and this and Trivia is Christmas Trivia via comes from Lil Luna Dot Com. There are twenty five questions so we all know that Rudolph has ever read knows. But what does Rudolph have ehlers's okay Papi yes correct. So next question rounds oval. Oh Candy's filled with fruit preserves or cream and covered with chocolate or called. Emma give I shoot what it's totally Ghanem ahead right now Clone a Willie. I know who I'm thinking of Oh it's the type of chocolate thing he's with filled with stuff. The brandy only being and stuff natural name for it. Yeah okay. I just called those lake filled chocolates or whatever it is in and truffles is a type of chocolate kinda mix business. Yeah for on Christmas nightmare or night. Night Nightmare n night with an N.. Okay okay sugar plums. Yes Oh those okay sugar plums ray sugar plums were you candied. The fruit like a plum usually covered in chocolate. Okay so am I get a thousand points. So which country created eggnog. DOC and America. Ms Now at two thousand points was in south Georgia. That did it. And I don't know it just says United States was it Alabama so who said God blesses everyone Mr Hanky Pu. No that's the tone you had was Mr Hanky Komo Verster Timothy. Yes you got a thousand points. I can see Mr Hanky. Yeah I could see what's in that box really what we're frosties last words. They have a happy birthday. That was why he says when he gets the hat shoot. Merry Christmas wrong. The Song I sang this one on twitter saying recently. I don't know all the lyrics that song. Jeez I used to watch the show those though every time it came on of course it only came around. Christmastime I'll be back some day again. Thank you Leo. Now's Sunday oh you went all Arnie. All Be Bark corrupt. GimMe half a point for that one because I did kind of cheat not but use take points twenty five hundred and I was trying to figure out if Duncan even the most popular item to put it on the top of Christmas trees. Is Emma Star wrong an angel correct. It's fifty fifty right there. Yes I two thousand points. But I'm pretty sure nowadays. It is a star over in angel just F. Y.. Yeah it depends because some people Dalek. Some are putting Dr who artist is other dinosaurs. I mean assure somebody could the input on the top of their although it had to be pretty sturdy. Top of a tree for GIO fields aren't light. No that would look really nice. Actually take a jailed and put light in the middle of it. Oh how rocks. I see what you did there. So how many wise men were there. According to the Bible Rooster three wrong. Ten wrong four wrong. We're just going to start throwing now. Numbers wrong rooster to wrong. I'm not religious. How are we're supposed to know this? I'm singing the song in my head song. And this is according to the Bible so not not going to the song together so that was the song to that. Says we three kings and they weren't kings despise men and Capo it's not Molinari. Curly Shipping Shirley show still is five one eight wrong Emma And wrong poppy. Seven wrong wrong wrong. Twenty four fourteen. You Rongrong Wrong Sixty nine wrong Okiro actually right because it says it does not say breakings. According to low linen dot com it does not say it was three. Three astrologers were but as a group of astrologers that came from a southeast region I forget where but southeast chiefs region they traveled following the star though I actually I'm going to throw this at this point because Zeros not right either so knowing everybody gets the thousand points at number especially when you start throwing religious the MLB at thirty five hundred and just winning by a little bit here so the next one. Well sorry there's another religious question and after Joseph after the let's throw out the religious questions. I'm curious just doing we'll see if we if not everyone gets a thousand okay. After Joseph Mary and Jesus left Bethlehem they went to which country Jerusalem. I mean this puppy in wrong. Uh Emma Rome wrong no. They went out into the desert hide until Jesus grew up. Yeah Yeah but you Tim Egypt thank you do you keep them in or out the religious ones. Now it's teaching US new thing. Just don't expect us to know the answer like C. I. Hauling Trivia I learned about the we can holiday so we are enlightening people like cans on the tree that would be a fire. Hazard actually may hope it was telling me when he grew. We're up that's what they did and they only lit the candles on the tree on actual Christmas Eve. Obviously that's it that that was the only time and you you basically had to make sure you place them in the right spot so of course. It doesn't catch fire Yup smart because the bright way to do it but that was the only time they let the trees Fran fat talk about Guinean Lit. From what does advent mean Emma counting wrong he Syria. What does advent mean? Hey none of that none of that. I've got echo in my car. She says the arrival of a notable person or thing Siri thousand points on the scoreboard. And we're GONNA win so McDonald's put what holiday images on bags during the Christmas season. You you do realize Canada in US have different stuff on their bags. Oh good point yeah well this one out just okay. What's the answer? Is Holly Trees. Oh trees I think ours are. snowflakes December twenty four eighteen eighteen fourteen ended. What War Emma World War One eight nine fourteen eighteen fourteen breath now? That's not World War Two. No no because my uncle was ever end of the war between Canada and America. AH SORTA Yeah Yeah. 'cause twelve candidate burned on the White House. Yeah so I say I'll give you the half a point. Yeah took a half point for the war of eighteen twelve in eighteen fourteen. I see guys we built your wealth. Has It looks nice. Didn't they. Build it rebuild it twice or three times quoted ties but candidate burnt it down at least once or twice candidate twice that much I swear swear candidate burning their house down twice now that that that's coming in the future I mean what number twelve inch single rock. Everyone is dancing in France. Where do they do it? Emma Winter Wonderland no okay poverty in the frosty. They're not looking for us. The Home Malone seen with the cardboard cutouts attached to drain driving around the house. That's all I know if I can sing that song in my head I know I am. The song's going Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Rock Jingle Bells those chime in Jingle Bell time dancing and Franson and entire Jingle Bell. Wayne ooh Sarda. She's a half point. Yeah Okay so poppy that is twenty five hundred and it is Jingle Ball Square. I was GONNA say back in high school. We hit square dance to that song. Oh Nice or not high school junior high for me talking about Christmas apparently green sleeves. Another name for what Christmas Song Ministry. No I know that that song I just don't know the name of the we three kings saw. No but we're good dude do KINDA CAFO says I'm so angry man. We are failing. This game heart it is. What child is this child next The custom of finding a button in the plum pudding means what to an unmarried man. Emma he's GonNa get married pregnant. No I had. So he's GonNa get a partner to girlfriend or married or something like that. I don't don't think so. Now you just making questions. It's okay the answer is bachelorhood as you Bashan forever dot it wrestler for life. Yeah you don't want to find the button every one year. My grandma baked me me a cake with a pennies or something like that right. Yeah I got one of those guys I wanted it because that was kind of the fad and I was so sad because because my piece didn't have a coin in it but everybody else's did find opinion the cake I think it must be good luck so good luck Korea have any common sense. I see what you did there. I'm just GonNa have to pass the buck on that. So what was the most popular toys of one thousand nine hundred four nineteen eighty-four ghostbusters. Emma tenny rocks Ben Snow. No He's in. He's in one thousand nine hundred eighty four right four blesses bobby the cabbage patch doll. How there wasn't even born yet? I was born about waiting in line to get those cabbage patch dolls. I wasn't Mrs Jones work. I was conceived in nineteen eighty nine fun fact though the League that became you was inside your Mama even when she was a baby inside thirty year Grand Mamma. Oh Wow wow so I invite your grandma file. I'm really old and not. Only half of them was inside his grandmother. This only a half the other half was yeah ninety. Nine eight hundred yeah so the average number of gifts an an adult male gets for Christmas. Is Emma Savon close. Does it depend on what kind of gift that the guy gets. I don't know I mean maybe the bachelor I don't know but I can't you get different gifts and married mid in high emma nine to high eight five. What'd you say? Six probably gets. It stole my white. We're hey where people Christmas. What is the main ingredient in and gingerbread cookies lower okay go ahead molasses yet? gingerbread molasses wrong ginger then rooster flour milling in pretty much any cookies. Because that's what used the most of Chaka could chip shortbread technicalities excetera and wonderful life. What did Clarence receive for his accomplishing his mission? Poppy Wings yes yes over it. Class was the homeless angel. Jill right I am so lost. It's an old black and white movie long before your time but people roughly my age might remember it. Let's don't you watch it every Christmas. No I haven't watched scrooge yet this year now usually watch screwed. It doesn't feel like Christmas. Oh just been too busy. The I even screwed up I was going to watch die hard on Christmas Eve at the right time and I was preoccupied at the time night. Couldn't start it so when you know I wasn't when I was ready to watch it while it's going to be not the right time it's GonNa be passed Christmas Eve Christmas Day already enhanced group. We won't be falling to his death without fear face. It's all failed this year. Only three hundred sixty four days to try it again. Yeah hopefully w live that long. Wow I love I hope you will in other words. He didn't have much for me. Oh well you do with your wife still true. I'M GONNA row as into back to the to the Trivia Trivia Trivia whatever did General Washington Cross on December twenty fifth. Seventeen seventy six harassments. I know that Emma Fraser River over. You wear a painting about this. Exactly Yeah Eh. Any land on the shores of the Delaware or was that the river was Delaware of the did grander. I want to stick with saying the river name was Delaware. Correct painting I will accept a half point for that. Not full-point okay. I only have point. 'cause Lille wild type didn't chat and I happen to see it in the last minute. Thank you Leah Wild. You get the other half point outlier out on board two hundred Siri so he gets a twice because I he helped me so okay so he gets a thousand thousand right now. Okay that one thousand tied with Siri. What song contains the line? Let's be jolly deck the halls with boughs of Holly Only Emma that the house nope Jingle Bells nope the only version I know is dead. The halls was black skin. Dekker would stop there. Not that either and twitched can steal this one no not that one not think about rock. That sounds called deck the halls. I it is it just jingle bells. Well this one is. Let's be jolly deck. This is at least the halls vials of Holly. Follow La la La. La La is a season to be jolly follow Lola. Jolly this one's intern. At least according to the Trivia answer you know what I will give of Houston who said Jingle Bell Rock wild again. So that's yeah there's thousands of them so I will give you five point. Okay I I. I'll give about a full week because ms from so because technically the one that distributor wanted is rocking around the Christmas tree. But you're right. It is also in that song. I do Rocking around the Christmas tree. I thought we already did that. Rock kind of Chris. I was treating her I. I don't have it on here already. We we did we did earlier. Hey I don't make the Trivia Review. I we're challenging the Trivia. So what city name do the States Kentucky Indiana new. Oh Hampshire Maryland. Connecticut Georgia having common healthy. I know this and I don't know this and that's not fair me and restore from Canada. That's okay. We learn a lot of American history in Canada. Yeah I'll have the same time zone. SPRINGDALE NOPE is it. Their capital the city's all the same or is it just. They all have a city with the statement it devastated with his name. Interesting cloth Louis Jail. No we bill. No Dr M Saint Nick. Nope christmas-related right is it. Christmas related Some Trivia Ham arm for him for. I'll give you half a point of a man. It's a close race. uh-huh never searing mindful series only had a thousand points. This Florida town maintains a fully decorated tree year. Round around Brewster Cougar town. No yes I realize that. We're tying town or a town that maintains a fully decorated Christie. Says Not Disneyworld. I mean 'cause if it's correct actually yes disneyworld in southern Florida. Whatever the the town it said Yeah? They would have a fully intrigue around. So I'll give you that quite yet because he didn't name the town. Well if it is a tinseltown no half point for me. It's Orlando Florida after Orlando and then the other half point gazillion wild. Yes Disney enough for this one. I Made Generous holidays. Dinners for all the women are in the lead for I. The answer for this one is Christmas Florida in Florida. Well you said it because you can't say anyone's Disney but I that Catholic saying kill the Game Hostess Bat. I'm I'm just GonNa say we're almost done promise done after reading green. What are the two most popular Christmas colors? Emma White and Dan As another those aren't colors Brennan grain. I know white is shade though technicality shade white is all the color. You don't WANNA say silver. I Wayne Silver Okay. How great silver and gold okay? Yep Yep you're right. The silver and gold song stuck in my head. From Rudolph the red nosed Jane Brent. Yeah and I'll I'll give to delay allowed to because he didn't see where you're he's yeah. I'll give you bowling points. So what popular children's cracker today was introduced in Nineteen ninety-two has a Christmas ornament. Yes nutcracker wrong okay. Her rooster animal cracker. Yes even though. We're don actually cracked here. It's more like a cookie but but it's what the Trivia says final question which. US President barred the Christmas tree from being displayed in the White House. Yes she is turning out there trump. No not yet I now. You probably wouldn't want to spend the money. This president couldn't bear. It don't aren't. I live in Canada. I don't even know the bear was at Teddy Roosevelt. Right Nice Nice Rooster. You stole my lead. Okay so the stores Oh and live while gets it too. I think they should be a bonus question. Oh He did bonus question the place for thousand points and it's just for. I don't have any more questions so scores popping question okay. What color is my shirt red? Long He's wearing a shirt. I Damn Black Green Nope nope black green purple yellow. Oh I have a purple shirt by Kent were Y'all's closer to what it is but it's not you know not orange now we are at it was already done. We've tried all these colors green. It's closer to yellow Brown. I'll give you a full ten thousand points for saying Brown cassettes close enough. It's a khaki color you I said. What's the date for? You'll and then I could be like. Hey It's December twenty first brown bobby less close enough. Yeah okay. Virtues truths score is poppy is fifteen thousand. Five hundred rooster has is thirty. Five hundred. Eighty Emma has thousand Syria. Thousand and leave out has five hundred the man so thank you for joining me on Fresno cast wait wait. I've been drinking this dog. Emma did you spike it. All you with this you know Spicy Brown liquid. Oh that sounds dangerous. That's why I feel so weird. It's not green. It's Spicy Brown spicy. That I could be anybody before before I pass out from Eggnog. Oh what did we find you on the INTERWEBS. We'll start with poppy. I'm you can find me on twitter at poppy. Done Twenty eight and Emma. Where can we find you? You can find me on twitter at lady underscore Emma and that's probably the best place defy me. I'm on instagram. And everything and rooster recommend find you best please is definitely twitter at rooster underscore I r. l.. And with that I. I think we adjourn this festivities Christmas gathering. Forget eat cookies. Just hope. They don't have any brown stuff in it. No agreed that means. They've turned activated. Live aid border. Well I'm back home of iron forge until we one day reclaim number gone home home. I the end of December which means it's time to see what January holds in store for us let's see what the wondrous mysterious riskier excite football so their comedy Wednesday now zero. Thank you for joining us. On the upcoming event for January and world of warcraft darkroom. Fair Starts January fifth to the eleventh last month. You had to go on the real race now. The warm up is out of the way. have a try on the real real big race. The rules are the same as the real race. The goal is to finish the race as fast as you can watch out traps and Yuzo speed booze. You don't need to hit every bannon just go through the checkpoints therefore amounts to pick from each will give you an achievement if you cross the finish line with twenty tolls or less good luck have lots of violent. There's many more achievements mounts pets and transmit to collect January micro. Holidays are coming up called. The scarab starts January twenty. Two twenty third heard. This event is to remember the gates opening of a Q.. How is the best way to remember this event by going to sell this and having an epic battle of pride of the factions? This isn't a p fan but arrays deceive like the most points by doing quest Hannon's and killing bears which are the faction has collected active most of the points. We'll have the banner up at the cue for a whole year while Fifteenth Anniversary Jan seven last month we forgot to mention about the. Wow now in theory well you have one week to finish everything you need to do. The dailies has been brought back where you need to defeat three world bosses for a gear. time-warp badges also three part time walking short version of pass rates completely all three reward. You OBSIDIAN World Breaker Aka death wing out just logging on. We'll also give you a battle pat loan harian. There's also a puree. Pia Van are Take Valley of all day. which has an achievement of collecting two hundred times more badges which will ward you amount? Mount Ram are Wolf depending on your passion it will also a good place to be level. All twelve you're trying to get those badges. There's also a lot of low fan things in the cavern time so don't forget to look around and remember all the wonderful things that has happened in world. War Craft these past fifteen years term tour tavern. Carl January thirty first best way to end the months by drinking with your friends great. RPI event or people who want to see amazing bar sites find out special drinks in the area and also look around for our selfie cameras in discarded packages packages for more fun though weekly bonuses for January it's time walking dungeon event December thirty first to January six Pandera need to be level one or higher. Finish five-time lifetime walking dungeon rewards as time wore our badges currency for in game. Things you can find a vendor at celestial course on the Thomas I'll battleground bonus event January very seven to the thirteenth gained fifty percent more honored during battleground objectives and winning twice as to win four battlegrounds reward conquest and five marks up on her and as far as Roth Dungeon a Vet January fourteenth to twentieth final boss at each current expansion engine will a reward an extra item. Pick up the question that requires you to complete four amid or mythic class for an extra chance of getting Aguirre Out Great Battle Bonus Event January twenty first to twenty-seven treble probably XP for battle pets quizzes to win five level twenty-five P- battles for alternate battling trainings down time walking onion event. January twenty eight to February third Reynard needs to be a level one on one or higher finish five-time marking degnan rewards time-warp badges for currency and game things. You can find the vendor in storm shield or worse Beer Injury Nar January main holidays afiza winter veils still has two days left as it ends January second. So don't forget to pick up your gifts this year which is a new hurt stone while holly toy which turned out into a reindeer and crashing bashing Jonah battleship toy. You get get both but depending on which faction is which one you can use Learner Festival January twenty four th to February and this is to honor the elder you can visit eighty-four eighty four elders across Azra. They will give you a coin of Ed Jesse and if you visit each one means you get eighty four coins. I have noticed in the past year. Uh after the event is over the coin stills day my bags and I can use the following year. This helps if there isn't enough points to buy everything on your list. Or you want to buy heirloom loom gear upgrades. There is seven toys. Ten transplant into pets. Collect the pets are faction locked to buy. Check out these amazing events out for yourself south. This is off account rock site and good night and have amazing upcoming New Year. Thank you Emma. Let's look at what has been happening in the community awesome. Let's do that so I was passing. I found snow. Klay posted a gorgeous garage. Kim Statue made of savant. Clay took them a hundred plus hours. I shall thrall doesn't combined smashed into pieces and then we'll underwrite it. I saw X.. Nineteen Espe- hosted are Beck's savant as an end to win a winter veil. Get it along shirt. And Beck's made an awesome painting of frosting cast their nuke wargin. That's so adorable. And then corrected made an awesome work as well L. A.. FROSTING Casas. Family family is so important in Christie. Golden re tweeted another piece by backs very and when celebrating winter veil years ago. It made all of our hearts melt. Ovarian is leaving. Shows US another map by mystic. Never who has created Lord Ron and warcraft. Three reforge forged and finally back on read it magic. Marcy posted watercolor art of Queen Zara. I love showcasing. The talent in our community each week inspires me to continue making this show to add my bit to this awesome community. Everybody artists I try to add them to my shortlist. Well let's cut short so that way. Someday I will have them on this show so you can learn more about them as well. This has been another awesome episode. frazzle cast take it away frazzled. Pants thank you scruffy jared and then you'd never could sandy for the winter intro at the beginning of this episode. Jen who is a great friend and I was talking with him and he he loved the report included on President. One thirty eight Jindong said your podcast with wasps was good. They enjoyed it and the puns. Yes see some of the bonds Ha Ends Baz confirmed that Phantom of the megaplex is on Disney plus so now that you're all pastor the crispin movies. I've got another movie for you to watch these episode. I think my twit subs out there. Thinking Alexander Capco Chris of Minimal reporter Cronk Gendelman Michael the Genome Project Pete of product. Munich's productions risers sinister gaming tell their royd and -sorts and they get a camper for the the bits you want to support the financially. Please go to support dot known PODCASTS DOT COM and if you have twitch prime prime you can use your free twix French cushion on my channel and it helps a lot all of your support helping support this labor of love. Thank you very much even with the holidays and family. I make sure that this show is a priority to get out. You can find the show at known. PODCAST DOT COM to next week. Be Awesome Awesome. No no no no no no no no Connie attack frazzle cast is a fan. PODCAST covers blizzard games. We are not affiliated with blizzard. Entertainment Bank views expressed asked by the host and guest of their own. Some of the art music and sound effects come from Blizzard Games and are owned by Blizzard. Entertainment Bank No. Copyright Infringement is intended DOC ID the no one trained by Allie of dungeon fables all things Azra and the opening music if I- Brandon T blaylock. I couldn't find had jogging powered studio dot com. Sorry doc you off the table as right. That's triple the X.. P. 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