Rob & Akiva Need a Podcast #41A: Rob & Akiva Spin for a Live Show Topic


The every week Akiva needle right Robin Akiva Anita podcast forty one eight. That's right a is four AKIVA. The man who I am about to go through a list of your submitted ideas for our live show coming up in Minnesota Minneapolis many R- Napa Lewis Minnesota and the man who has the mail bag is ready to go. My Co host of Robin Akiva New podcast from Florida here is Akiva winegar should be forty one and a half actually not forty-one a well really not supposed to be putting episode numbers into itunes anymore so I don't know either way who says that I apple want to crack down episode numbers. They feel like that's crazy. Why they don't like it they don't like it? They said we have our own episode numbers that that doesn't do anything for S._E._O.. Nobody's looking for Robyn AKIVA ANITA PODCAST thirty nine. I think it's a when I find it to the People Arlington when I find when I find a new podcast I find myself always oh there's eighty two episodes okay fine like if there's a podcast that doesn't say how many episodes there's been especially on itunes. They don't show every episode of that. If the PODCAST has been around for years not our call apple is real hates podcasts. They're just sort of stuck with them because they don't make they haven't figured it really had monetize them on their own end housing zillions of of gigs of data for free. I think Apple. They don't actually have any data that they have the R._S._S. feed as a loss leader for them at best I think didn't they get they got rid of. I tunes like <hes> I don't know I think apple's anti podcasts I don't know I think that they sorta they liked it. The word pod is in it so it's sort of like <hes> help helps them with their called soon casts or anything like that no it wouldn't be like I cast there. Were somewhere like podcast if it was if they really own the market okay all right. We're losing people. We're losing people with this united talk. We're here because we basically we're at a stalemate in our last episode with Alli Lascher in our MTV dating shows are trash podcasts where we were trying to come up with more ideas for the live show wheel bill and we were landing right now on I think to ideas that we liked to ideas that were sort of Ma- and felt like <hes>. Let's not spin a subpar wheel. What's the rush are so just just so? We need at least four ideas to choose from right so the two ideas that you say are essentially locked in what would you say those. Let's just hold on before we that's what we're going to do here today and so that's just the set the stage but let's just also just give out awesome updated logistics about what's coming up that AKIVA NI- are headed to Minneapolis Minnesota this upcoming Tuesday for two days of baseball and podcasting where we are going to be at target field on on Tuesday night. We'll be back at target field on Wednesday and then we will be at our live show on a Wednesday night at seven PM at the Minneapolis Convention Center. You can go ahead and and get a ticket for that event. When you go to rob has a website dot com slash rene APP live? That's R. A. N.. A. P. Live and so that is the way to get the tickets tickets for the event leading out any other pertinent information for people who still want to make it now. I think it said to baseball games still available. I think no tickets are near us it. Yes 'cause where we're sitting and then there's a few tickets left for the live show. Do you think we should have slept in the stadium since we're just going to a game Tuesday no one to Ben and Jerry's in between the Games what if Ben and Jerry's had sort of brought the ice cream to us. Do you think they delivered to target field just like second base. I doubt it doubt they delivered to a base. We've I mean we could have gone to the front of the pain. I would have been a fun thing like sleepover on field. Would you have done that these do that. At city field at one point. I would love to take my kids to go in and do that but I don't think they do that anymore. I think they get a once and it was probably like. Are we gonNA make enough money. I feel twice. They might twice but it was brought back. A litany attention issues there with yes sleeping. It's okay that being said also you know everybody's talking about. The juiced Ball Akiva home runs a flying out of here but I I would like to present an argument to the contrary okay Robinson Canal am I saying all juiced go look at his numbers and then come back to me and tell me the ball juiced. We have to make contact I think to hit Homerun Damani and just go out there on its own. Yeah okay all right so there you go keep the ideas that we like. We like hot takeoff only thing we don't like Liana Boris isn't going to be there. Well that's up to you know. Maybe she'd come. If that's what wins okay spur of the moment person who knows who knows and then we have our Robert Akiva got talent are are minne- Minneapolis Minnesota talent show so you have that that is one of the two locked in ideas. I thought that was sort of I._D.. Number three right now I love it. I love our talent show idea. I thought that Robin Keith Anita third wheel was locked then see and I wasn't sure if the third wheel or listener bracket is locked walked in. I could almost be merged. It's possible so I'd say if we came up with absolutely nothing today than those are for ideas but we're trying to be essentially I think take off his pretty locked in as one we could argue if. If there's one spot left we could argue about third wheel. Talent show wouldn't cry. I wouldn't cry if either of those are on the wheel and then the live listener bracket so we do have some tweaks and some and some variations of already on the wheel idea I just don't know what the big differences between the third wheel and the listener bracket I mean I think that still the same mechanism is going to be used to like okay all right. Let's keep this person I guess in the in the listener bracket they don't they don't have to be good or entertaining on a podcast. It's just like Oh. We liked this person. They're nice yeah. Why think the listener bracket is we're picking up? We'll like they'll be a title like are listening listener or are about like our favorite listener. They're like our official favorite listeners something we'll like. I don't know call them once a month just to check in and see other other doings I need people talking on the live show. I don't need people listening on the live show well but you're talking to us to like the listener is a word but they're going to your wheel. They have to be a good listener. So I kind of feel like that. These like hopefully we have an embarrassment of riches today and then we sort of have live listener brackets slash third wheel is that we are looking for somebody who is going to join the podcast crew we can rotate rotate in in <hes>. I know people like Hey. I just WanNa be Robin Akitas best friend. I don't want to be on the podcast first of all if you're expecting an embarrassment of riches then maybe lower your expectations yeah but in all honesty that <hes> a new best friend doesn't do a whole lot for us whereas somebody who would be a good third person off the bench to rotate on a podcast here and there is has way more utility to us. I'm just trying to get through ninety minutes on Wednesday night right. I would rather somebody who doesn't care for us very much personally but was just a real sharp shooter off the bench for the podcasts so hired gun. Basically you want right right. I let me read you some of the ideas and we'll see what we could. We could do with them. Okay I was I was on a international flight recently and I was. I thought like I can't sleep. I only have one kid on the plane so she was she was entertaining yourself by watching movies. I thought that was one of your superpowers. You could sleep anywhere I can't but I I guess I have taken like a five hour. I'd like slept for five hours. Then I woke up so then I'm going to get another like three hour nap on this claimed. Let me think let me just sit on this plane with my own thoughts yeah sheriff my music and for an hour just GonNa come up with as many ideas as I can. I like this or for the live show each storm so here's what gets it keeps them but I'm not sure how it. I think that the air on the plane was affecting marine this I would come up with a few ideas. Let me let me tell you what I came up. Okay this is called adult friend Finder <hes> we basically we pair off people in the crowd and we make them become friends and then we check back in with them for the next year <hes>. I think that the name is problematic because it implies that we are setting people up to you have a physical relationship. No this is a platonic friendship. Fully people are like Oh. You're trying to hook up to listeners know this is the these are mandatory tonic friendships. You actually cannot fall in love with your grandfather so I think it's a little underwhelming underwhelming for an actual live show. I it almost feel like that okay. We're going to also then pair people up like it's something that could be like a a segment of we're going to pair people up and then in one year. We're going to have a podcast and <music>. If we went back to Minnesota next year we could have that as the as the podcast but I don't think idea by the way or like setting aside. Let's say if we were like okay. We have like Sean the mailman here than we have Clarisa from mm-hmm <hes> Claremont California. It's a fake person and it's like all right you guys are going to become like pen pals. You guys gonNA come like best friends over the Internet for a year and then we'll check back in with you next July twenty twenty and we'll see like are you guys still France <hes> yeah so I feel like that would be more of a more exciting the update but in terms of like pairing up like okay. What do you think about being friends with Sean the mailman I guess so I mean we'll see you know I don't? I don't think there's that much juice there for the live. Show okay whereas a year from now. It's like you wouldn't believe half the things that Sean the mailman said to me all right. We saw the problem with my next ideas. We've sort of done it already. I do think it may be is conducive to a live show mhm so it's called out rob late night with Robin Akiva Yeah Okay so we start up. <hes> we tell we tell you know topical jokes in a monologue. We'll switch off one in one uh-huh and then we'll have some sort of bit that's preplanned and then we'll invite random letters from the crowd is our two guests <hes> and then a third person. I don't think we'll have a musical act but sometimes they'll have stand up so we picked someone out of the audience and they have to do five minutes of stands up to end the show so so it's sort of incorporates a lot of the ideas that were submitted where we're having you know but it's totally random we call up it could be it could be chester could be sean the mailman it could be some random listener for Minnesota that we don't know <hes> and and so it's a late night show with Robin Akiva. I don't hate it. I think it's going be a little difficult to execute but I do think that if we learned our lessons from the last time out and then ended up with sort of like let sort of like a crowd source the jokes but then also punch them up and then also maybe like we could use some other things as like sort of a segments for the talk show. Do we have a band leader. Do we have anybody that can like play like hike a keyboard or anything like that. I mean if I'm sure if we solicit when I'm sure someone will say I could bring a guitar or keyboard or some could we could. We hire that on craigslist. Yes we could definitely hire that on craigslist. We could hire a van leader. Absolutely that's not a bad idea. Okay all right so we are finding a band leader on craigslist. We have a talk show. There's going to be a monologue and we're GONNA have a a number of guests on the on the talk we could do like one or two BITs CONAN style which may be could even include include things that have been discussed before we could do a five minute hot takeoff where you can. Do you know you could play play some sort of Pajama game or something okay all right so let's put. A late night with Robin Kiva yes late night with Robin Akiva not not to be the last episode we did Robin Akiva have late night show different. This is totally not part of the sequel mechanism no not the sequel mechanised okay all right so so late night with Robin Q.. I'm also for this live show wheel. I'm using the wheel that was invented by Dan the benefactor for K. podcast wheel dot U._S.. I let me know if you can see what's going on their podcast wheel dot U._S.. Is the address of the wheel that was made by Dan the benefactor there. The benefactor came all the way from the bay area for Seinfeld show. I do not believe he's coming to this show. I don't know what happened yeah. Are you're able you see the updated wheel there. I Guess Dot U._S.. I do I think there's a isn't there a listener vote sort of space on the wheel that we should be having said that last time right the spot or whatever it is. That's listeners vote yeah. I was really objecting to the fact of like okay. Let's let listeners vote for third wheel or listener bracket and then right so ad no votes right. You're against two votes. You want one vote to win them all one one one vote. What are we supposed to invite eyelash for this podcast will happen? Did you lose touch with Alli lascaux this week. I forgot but also she's very busy. I feel like it's not monroe. She's GonNa take this as a slight. I forgot let me I'll the right if she wants to hop on midway she can come on yeah okay. This is going to reignite the feud. You're doing so well yeah we were on good terms and this this could be okay all right so those are the things I thought of on the plane but the listeners sent tin dozens and dozens and dozens of ideas most of which are not worth reading okay but a lot of people said what just you guys are over thing just do a season three episode seven. What do you think about that? <hes> yeah I I don't love it. I don't think that exciting or of a big idea I don't think everybody's going to be able to watch the show necessarily where the Seinfeld finale which I think was cited as hey you guys watched an episode but that was for people who I loved Seinfeld and listened to over one hundred episodes of that podcast if we have I don't even know what's in the Alf might be a good one because it's so it's so campy but Dawson's Creek Seattle episode seven Okay Oh great now. I'm going to a live show. Some people like it might be an episode that people would have skipped on the episode seven and so now we're talking about Pacey. Is that a guy. That's the guy pays guy. That's the guy and what the what is this yeah. They're gonNA people be people at the show significant others people who were dragged people who are about to break up like did happen at the Seinfeld show somebody were Oh convert my girlfriend afterwards. What did it have anything to do with us? I don't think so I don't think so she was probably depressed that he had friends I guess was she not laughing during the show and he was like I was sitting in the front row she was the she was. I think she had like Red Hat. She had red hair. Maybe seeing the frustration like you don't do nothing funny. Maybe they had an argument like who's better Robert even than they broke. Maybe she came and she thought like Oh. I thought your friends right what you're friends with. Hey forget it now or maybe like like. I thought you said that Guy Chester was going to be was gonNA be funny yeah. He's what we didn't know. He was going to be making a fantasy football trade. You know you said he's is GonNa kill at the live show yeah what if I do wish there was video of the Seinfeld show some funny things that happened that have been lost history okay so I agree. I think if we had nothing that it's not an awful idea but I don't think anybody's pumped up about the lit the listeners who are not coming. I think one is safe idea and they want seem to seven but I just don't think that there's enough there for Minnesota for a safe idea. We're going big and we're definitely going home. I think whether it's good or bad we're probably unless we get arrested or something that we're we're going big or so. It's homerun derby champion Pete Alonzo. We're taking a big swing here. There was a great a Google doodle this week. You know sometimes their games on the Google doodle when you go go to Google Dot Com and click so that was the July fourth homerun derby yeah so my kids were playing it and it's it's a fun game. You play with your kids. It gets them into baseball swing. It's like different like a ketchup. Bottle comes to the plate and then like a hot hot like it's barbecue. Characters are the batters and then there's a peanut who's a pitcher but the peanut is a different <hes> like the peanut is a white hat. He throws the ball sort of slow and straight then the green hat is like curve ball and then the the the the red unhappiness throws housing then the whole format more the homerun derby my five year old yet by the way it was very convenient. My five year old son has been hidden Dinger's all day. I literally is mother said what are you doing said. I'm in Dinger's singers why you should play with play with your kids. It's it's a fun game to get them into baseball. I know this is not a sports podcast. I tuned in for the like I I saw on twitter that Pita Lonzo is GonNa be in the finals though Homerun Derby and I tuned the final round them like what the hell is going confusing like. There's a Qila o'clock and I'm bonus. I think Alison Gardner Right Executive Producer home run for two guys who have the most convoluted podcast of all time. I'm like I cannot follow going on here. At all. Yeah it was crazy and he was like who hits the most summer us you would think so but Vladimir Guerrero somehow hit like four four hundred home runs before we got to that point and then not count at all yeah poor strategy or bad strategy Vlad yet save enough for the last round pull out just enough to win. A lot of people want to hire people off craigslist list the president people like that idea Brenner Fitzpatrick said hire a whole Improv team which I'm not sure what a whole Improv team with do I really loved the idea now of hiring the band leader I think that really boosts up late night with Robin Akiva unlike the top couple of ideas because we'll definitely be able to find a bandleader or maybe have a local say. It's funny to hire one but worst case scenario can have also have a local say yeah okay mic my friends in a band and he's in college and he'll come. They'll pay. We'll pay somebody to come right yeah we're willing to we're going to give take us. We're charging for the for the tickets. I think we'll have to find the money in the budget for the bandleader yeah so people want us to hire just random people off craigslist psychic an astrologer so I think they're funny. Sued the new model. I don't know the new model idea was wild drinking during the last episode just seems so Atika. You don't think it would be very funny but they get naked yeah I do that. I think that that's crossing a line in terms of what he wants to see that naked at the show but I feel like that guy was probably one hell of an interview yeah like a like a guy who just goes to college art classes and there's a new model that sort of thing and advertising four Bachelorette parties yeah right advertising for Bachelor Party. I guess the Bachelorette parties get wild probably probably how many marriages have you broken up like how many things got cancelled correct for the wedding because like Bachelor Party got a little too wild yeah probably very few. Have you ever like stolen the bride away from from like the groom happened and you see that I mean he's a tasteful nude sketch artist who I mean you know one. Man's tasteful is another man's marriage breaker upper. I guess and the husband is like what you're leaving me for. A stripper and the wife is is like no he's tasteful sketch artis yeah yeah. That's where you would know anything about my art. Would you Harry would you. I guess Gary <hes>. Did you have a like a wild bachelor party now. You know I didn't have a Bachelor party yeah because you were like fourteen right I was I was twenty. I didn't even know that I thought they were just in the movie. I didn't know it was real thing. I might should that be a podcast should keep his bachelor party since I never had one <hes>. Can you get justice friend from facebook group who is going to come to Minnesota but didn't come because our plans were too lame. Oh Yeah Oh that guy you know. He said he wouldn't come but it sounded like a trip that was planned by a bunch of married men a bunch of family men and like he clearly wanted us to go to strip clubs and like I don't know I don't know what do some cocaine. Maybe they'll be cocaine but it won't be at a Strip club field there will be it will be snowing ills for the mets. What about this so people like Allie lashes idea of Robin Akiva Pajama Party last week? You said let's just do that late night. After the first met gavel late night with Robin Cuba the Robin mckeever have Pajama Party so <hes> but are we holding back on what may be our best idea and saving four sort of a tertiary thing. That's you know it's nice but like is it necessary to to save that up and or if it loses we could just do Robyn John Party. Should we add that to the wheel. I don't think it should be on on the live show wheel because I think that the wh- what is fun about that idea is the idea of of the slumber party is sort of like the intimate setting where you can reveal the innermost secrets or this is a story I told you guys normal circumstantial or but on your floor of of your hotel room with Nelson from Denver and and and Brench Brent Farren Cop like now I'm GonNa tell it to you. I think that there is a tendency on the live show to be big and not tell a long story from childhood right. It's like as this. Is this working I without that pressure. I feel like that if that that is going to be what we wanted to be I think it needs to be in a different setting. Okay yeah that's fine. I am excited for that idea man. This is going to be every time I tell someone this week like. I've got to go to Minnesota next week. I'm GonNa be away whatever and then I have to explain the whole trip. It sounds very exhausting. It does sound pretty exhausted. I think as you said on Thursday fans maybe one more baseball game than needed all right but I but I think like the excessiveness. Maybe we'll add to the fun. We will be loopy by the problem. Is that the Robin thing sort of some highlight. The justice friend might just putting in for the yeah just as a backup to sink. It's three o'clock on Wednesday and we have really hit the wall. I'd also it's going to be like supposedly. It's going to be really hot. At the baseball game. Our seats Wednesday are like in the sun like they're better seats than our Tuesday nights and they're like we're going to be getting baked but not run away and then and then we're we're gonna be like and then we're gonNA have nothing. We're also going to be like we have thirty two flavors of ice cream in our stomachs from the ice cream tournament Tuesday morning yeah and then we have like four hours to sort of to recover and set up the the live show. This is Annan very little sleep because we're doing summer party like midnight the night before my flight out on Tuesday morning is like at six A._M.. Well once you get out. That's like that's ideal leaving Vegas. You WanNa leave as early as possible my flight out of L._A.. Hey is at six A._M.. So it's like that's the start this trip terrible three thirty in the morning. I'm also getting up super early. My wife's like hey. There's a train from the Miami appoint on that driving you so we had a fight over yeah. I have to wake up and drive me. Let's see live music for Higher Jazz Blues Solo duo so but they they never say what the price is for for any outings. I'm unprofessional jazz guitarist and singer I organize instrumental or vocal live performances for events across the country. I'm available so low or with up to five other musicians. Please contact me regarding a customized banned for your event wedding party special music requests for possible yeah and if you are Minnesota Listener and who knows somebody who would like to do this. I guess up to yeah okay. It is funnier dad like a stranger we could also interview the stranger and ask him what he thinks. I love the idea of interviewing the reno random. People have no idea what this is yeah so yeah. Even if you're asking your friend don't tell them what is and just telling me. He's got a comment. WE'LL PAM yeah. That's very fun. Okay all right what else all right we got to more ideas okay all right. What about a live brand steel so oh we that's if people don't know that say like a fake survivor season or fake big brother season when you put sixteen people in and it's like fan fiction but we'd be using people who are coming to the event <hes> now? I know you like to play them before him but that that's fine because we. We know WHO's coming to the event because the ticket you get info when someone buys a ticket so you just put in sixteen round names of people were coming so it'll be predetermined right because you don't have time to put in the names but I think then the sixteen people let's say who were picked sort of come up on stage. You're in the first row or something and get eliminated they. They have to go back to their seat but we can also interview them and ask them that thought process at the time and stuff like that maybe to know them. So I know at one point we were talking about the live Oregon trail fail at doing this and I think that that would be shorter and maybe more interesting version of this idea but there's less people the trail. There's a lot of Mnuchin the Oregon trail that gets boring after awhile yeah well speaking of things get boring after a while like I don't think a brand steel is going to hold the the audience's attention first of all it takes about like two and a half three hours. That's not with like talking to each person who's voted off in betraying I mean I think that I don't know what our projector system is going to be. I think that you know you have all these people on stage. I just think that the crowd might not be into it. There's people who don't care about survivor who are coming so oh. I don't like this idea for life. Show okay all right fair enough. I mean the Oregon trail. I feel like that if you I feel like that's shorter and it's less people potentially I could see some sort of a game like that but <hes> brand steals just too unruly yeah. I think there's a there's too much minutiae to to live either all right and then someone just throw this. It's called the one upper one upper okay so people ask US questions like hey. What's the most embarrassing thing your parents of ever doing doing or and you have to answer we have to answer the question and then we could have an audience member trying top US people? Can people can ask us this from blue car. What's you'll never do again? What's The creepiest take place you've ever been? What's your what's the most illegal thing you've ever done? What are you really good at but embarrassed about what a scar story the your worst Uber I just you know he's got into just an a list of questions yet and will answer the question and we'll have have like an audience member dry and top US <hes> it's very reliant on the audience beyond having good stuff and being ready to share yes yeah which some of our ideas are <hes> we could also incorporate that into the Pajama Party a little bit some of those questions yeah I mean the wild card is the person coming out of the audience with great stories? That's what's exciting here but also scary that okay good Uber Story anybody any any An- anybody lift story yeah. We'll take a taxi. Nobody yeah yeah so I WANNA have. Nobody raises their hand. I think that I think we just go <unk> home. If we ask questions like that and nobody raised good night everybody so it is it is a big swing that there is a high ceiling but also very low floor yeah yeah like most these ideas examined high sailing part all right so I think that's pretty much what we got. What should we put it on the wheel? No I agree with you. I think listen we also incorporate all sorts of these things into could you segment on talk show could be you could ask the third question we could ask them on a talk. Show there are there are scenarios where we can we can sort of is so that all right. It's it's also like let's sort of locked down. Whatever what everything is so we've got five ideas in the hopper we all right cut one of them out? We should merge third wheel slash listener bracket so then it's just a bracket of the of the of the we just put the third wheels into a bracket okay. I like that I like that and are they. Are they committing themselves beforehand so I think that yeah I would think so. I think we'd have some sort of a google list of like you know it's you're showing up and the but also letting us know that you want to be in the third wheel bracket so we can okay and it's chess is chester in the bracket or is he making the bracket. I think you'll be like a logistics guy. He'll be like because somebody's got a man the bracket I know from the serial tournament when we did a bracket I was the only sober person there so I had to really run that whole show because nobody else like knew what day it was and I I really have to move the show along so you really need somebody who's going to move the shell on okay and like I'd also like guitar physically bracket we got. We had a poster board. I don't know we're going to be doing okay all right so here's where we're at <hes> so we are going to be talking about our hot. Take off our talent show our late night with Robin Akiva and the third wheel bracket okay and anything else any other reservations or anything that you might want to add or comment on no so there's five spots on the wheel because there's those four and then listener vote right. Oh Okay I didn't listen to vote on the wheel okay so listener votes going onto the wheel all right so there we go all right five spots on the wheel. Are you able to at podcast podcast wheel dot U._S.. Or you're able to follow along with what the wheel looks like absolutely I can. I can see the wheel you see. It's updated with the five spots as updated for you in real time. It isn't real time yes okay all right and this is a test for this could be the new wheel it could be. I believe a local listener is bringing us a wheel. I sent him all the categories because those are unchanged. They have nothing to do with this so I sent him the categories and I believe he's bringing alias fiscal wheel to the live show. I spend for the next episode okay again. Thank you to Dan the benefactor for putting this all to go. Did you see new season of Comedians in cars. Getting coffee is going to drop. No who's the highlight what name Eddie Murphy I think is the big one. Yes pretty reclusive. I saw a promo for where it seems like that. Jerry is really trying to push the agenda that comedians in cars with coffee has been encrypt off that everybody is ripping off Comedians in cars getting coffee and they main like a bunch of things I think Carpool Karaoke is the the biggest defendants crazy because that's I mean I don't know <hes> no comedy in cars. These guys Jerry invented. He battled trademark that you cannot do comedy in cars yeah. He seemed really willing car. Bring a car into the Minneapolis Convention Center. Do Our podcast sitting in a car be tough to tough everybody to hear us the drive through experience. Experience and we wasted a lot of money on this convention center when we could have just gone to like the target field parking lot that's true that is true especially. We have to buy the car I think also never gonNA rent a car. Okay all right Dr in podcast. Nobody's ever done that before. I think it was a podcast like in the early podcast as an Uber driver interviewed the people in this car. Okay where somebody's worth super experience for sure all right Kiva you ready for the official spin for the live show. I am ready. Okay all right and then I will ask you. If you have wh what would happen okay so that's not a Harry met Sally Joke Okay all right here comes. The official spins along spin upcoming. What are you seeing the same thing that I'm seeing using spending I am I am seeing what you're saying? Oh my God okay all right Akiva. What ask you what color did the wheel? Come up for on your end sort of cream cicle aw cream sickle okay all right so I believe that we are looking at the same thing and so nobody can call anything as the on this Akiva we you let me get the drummer already okay can you can can you give us our live show subject. We're doing a listener vote big listener sooner vote for things hot take off talent show Robin Akiva have a late night show or what's the what's it called late night with Robin Akiva and the and the Robin Akiva Nito third wheel slash live listeners <unk> another benefit branding. This is fair. I think we're letting you can't complain yeah. Those good is it. Only only the people attending the live show gets a vote. I think everyone gets the vote right. Everybody gets the vote but not if they're not gonNA listen if if they're not coming and they're not gonNA listen on they shouldn't vote so listeners only by by agreeing to vote. It's a promise well what if you're what if your idea loses then. Can you sort of protest the not listen. I guess so I guess so so you're at least committing vote for what you vote for. If it wins okay all right you could do whatever you want every- everybody can vote. This is a democracy when when people vote we all went. Should we sign so we started like a non-profit nonprofit vote's and just signed people up to vote for this year's aside. There's no registering to vote we. You don't need a photo I._D.. We want people to vote. Are we worried about people rigging the vote. I guess it's hard to Riggott twitter vote right who who's doing this for what we get. People people want to sabotage us. Maybe they think like Oh. The talent show is kind of a kind of tricky. I don't know how they're going to do that. So I'm going to sabotage them. We should be so lucky. People spend yeah yeah. That's true. That's shrinking about this okay yeah. I'll see people complaining like I get too many tweets about. I wish we had that. Many you know tweet okay so the wheel has spurned another mechanism mm this time a fan vote and we will hear from you listeners what we will end up doing okay so we're recording this on Thursday morning should we should we get this out sooner to get the thing I think we're going to we're going to drop op this Friday late Friday but I think we should probably drop sooner now. How fast we can get this out and then once the Pied I'll then I'll hit you with a no 'cause you're gonNA go offline in a matter of sometime in the next twenty four hours right yeah twenty twenty? It'd be great. If we get the vote out before you end up going off line <hes> by the way we have an update from last year and the update is oops. We forgot to invite her on this podcast that she wanted to. She wanted to come on okay should we should we have come on now. No I think that we just need to just take our lumps. What if what if she comes on the second in just yells yells at me for a minute? It's going to stop recording the add a track. It's this isn't necessarily album you yeah blame blame me as the person always books all the guests for the show and handles the logistics rob McEwen you the podcast. Yes I mean I'm happy with the endless. Also I think that's that's the way it should be because people can't complain and we can blame them like if the wrong thing comes up and it's Rob Makita third wheel or the live listener bracket okay. I'm like hey the late keyboards better idea. We told you you didn't listen you voted for it and then by the end of the day Saturday we should know what the show is going to be yes and then we got to figure out because some of these logistics like Elena show we got higher that right artists I right okay all right Akiva anything else. I think that's it. I think the next time people here from us we'll be live from Oh. No why Allah says you wouldn't you and rob knew where to reach h me no I had nothing to do with booking rob Sanford tally on this podcast yeah okay so Akiva there you habit or anything else you WANNA add no. I'm excited for the vote. I'm excited to see you in Minnesota. I'm excited to do three podcast and go to Baseball Games in twenty two pod Kelly sleepover yeah sleep over. We're literally doing three podcast and going to baseball games in twenty four hour. Okay maybe twenty eight hours. I also let me just add so just in terms of the schedule of what we're doing so that we have this podcast going up whenever you're hearing it then the live show podcast probably won't get out to you guys until maybe Friday or so. I think that's probably a quick turnaround from Wednesday Thursday so that that'll be the podcast for next week and that'll be wrapped forty to the live show and then we'll be back with a new episode of rap with whatever comes up on the wheel at the live show the following weekend. You'd better tell yeah I I really think you'd better attack. It sounds like I've been listening to. It's definitely not we asked writer. The song says you better attend but kind of sounds like better attack. We're not we're not going to relitigate this. Okay all right. Give I will see you in Minnesota and hopefully almost a hundred or more of you there as well. Take care have a good one bye yeah.

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