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John and ken show john kobylt ken. Chiampou kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. We have breaking news. Yes they'll handle returns to mornings on monday and gary and shannon return to ten. Am to two pm. That is all thank you We are going to have debra mark on our side. Big time today. Who i like that. You may want to wait to hear what it is about you. Always he always sets a trap he does but sometimes i think as she walks in grilling me. How many times. If i told this story i think she likes we were children. I would be the kid weights and lurks around the corner of she walks by with her beautiful bond or big lollipop and tripper. First of all. I never wore a bonnet me. One of those were easter lady. Hats right like messed up prim. Little cute girl. I always pictured that one time. I did dress up a shirley temple so i did it for halloween. I did have big lollipops. Cute little roughly draft. He nailed it on it. I say well it was one night. I had it right right straight on halloween ninety trip. Do you like those kentucky. Derby hats that they wear it is a vagrant story. Next hour talking to a man who's pretty upset. His little baby yorkie. A little dog was mauled by a homeless dog. A pit bull and a homeless encampment. It's another aspect of the problem with where in southern california particularly and many parts of la. So here's a guy just out walking little yorkie and you know. They're small right debra mark. And they're so they're so the pit bull attacked it is severely injured is horrible. So we're counting on you to support our cause candidates. Now we all right now. We turn to john kobylt in public service. Yes really shocking. Everyone today orna. I'm looking at a story in the wonderful time that i do read it now. More for entertainment. Sometimes it's still enrages. Even now. I just laugh it off because it's silly nonsensical publication yet is he'll with it's like it's incredibly and you know what i'm dropping progressive. I'm not using that anymore. These are socialist liberal wackos. Let's bring back the old words. I hate that word progressive because they did it to rebrand themselves as being something futuristic. Yes we're we're we're looking forward. We're progressive or communists. Positive change socialists. Communists whenever you want even old liberal should come back but it's ridiculous what we're hearing in dealing with now but this story is about what happens next. Tuesday june fifteenth when california. Fully reopens and there still people wearing masks in public. And the reason. I'm calling on. John kobylt visit several health officials in this story along with Your friend janice han. The county supervisor are asking for people to please do not tease be taught. Those who continue to wear masks. Why this sub supervisor janice han went so far. This week is to urge the public to not shame or bully or even give dirty looks. Oh reeling continue wearing masks when it's longer required. No no no no. I got dirty looks. Deborah's gotten dirty. Looks when i've been by myself walking alone didn't have a mask or not having a mask okay. I got both sides that i got people stepping off the curb and crossing the street. So i'm sorry. Turnabout is fair play. We were fended about the bibi. You just didn't take a shower that day. No i got. I got the eagle-eye from people. Here's ed because they they were ignorant of how the viruses past the irony. Is that supposedly come tuesday. You should still be wearing a mask. If you are unvaccinated i can tell you right now with almost sheer certainty that ninety nine point nine percent of the people that are still wearing masks. Say outside and in some public places. Next tuesday are fully vaccinated. Because you're positive because those are the people that are frightened to death of covid nineteen right if you're so paranoid you're still wearing a mask. Then you've got the vaccine. I that's right. That makes common sense. You right into the first in line if you didn't if you didn't bother with the vaccine you're not worried about a mask and fact based on my anecdotal Reading social media the craziest people who are scared of the vaccine from day one watch. Cnn twelve hours. A day got their vaccines. In fact they put it on social media with a picture and some slogan or some decal. Whatever by vaccine. They're still pushing the masks. Still still think some of these people have had a vaccine for four months. And they're still saying. I can't believe i was at the airport. The other day and people aren't wearing masks. You out insane. Are you in fact. The health officials in this story. Several of them said we know now. The vaccines are effective. They're effective against the variance. It's highly unlikely that you'll either get or pass corona virus with your mask but now they counties health officer. Dr davis said he's going to stick to was habits. He'll wear a mask distance but but doors crowded senate. This is what you're talking about. The other day is a lot of these. Health officers epidemiologists. This whole crowd a crazy. And that's why they got into the field. They they grew up in developed. Some kind of phobic response to germs. So they decided they were going to devote their lives to shapes. You're medically cautious the story in the new york times from a few weeks ago. Was that seventy and this was from the last month. Seventeen percent of epidemiologist the interviewed. We're still cleaning the mail before they brought in the house. I don't know how you do that. Dan with one of those Sanitary wipes right. The envelopes might be a little wet the packages okay. Now if you are rubbing lysol wipes christmas cards. we're insane. dr fauci said that this is a year ago that he would just let them sit. he didn't wipe them down but just let them sit so wait for the virus to die. I guess we didn't take everybody was worried about surface. Look there is a tremendous amount of mental illness. Out there. okay. Well this some of its malignant like you see in the streets these days. Some of its more benign. But that's what this is the masking the washing of the male. Obviously you make think that. They opened up the drop. The letters in i think some people dead debuted at least rent cycle the quick right remember. Dr rutherford dr. george. Rutherford is at uc san francisco. Biala just is his a colleague. It's been on our show time. Dr monica gandhi. Who's in this story that. Who is the only one in this story who basically you're fully vaccinated. Go on masks everywhere. It's allowed don't have to wear masks. He's like pretty much the only one that said that but only when they put in the story that's true because i think a huge a huge percentage of la times readers on the west side are still wearing the masks. So talk to rutherford said basically. It depends on where. You're going now. If i go to a place like reading a city in northern california shasta county where there are eight point. Four new coronavirus cases a day per one hundred thousand residents. Well that might mask up. What did they have big scoreboard in the count square. Essentially the only thirty six percent of residents at least partially vaccinated to that makes him nervous. Then i'll probably be masking up if i were to go to a place like reading. But he knows we have to do. Now you're right. John look up all the stats around the state if we travel which town were in what the case rate is in the vaccination miles disguise washing mail. I'll you i tell you my my friend and i is no joke. We get together at the park everyday. Play tennis and work out and stuff and we'll sit and watch people wearing masks walk by. There's far fewer than there used to be but we we try to. We try to figure out. What's their story okay. So thirty year old guy. The other day he was wearing a long sleeved plaid shirt You know millennial weiner types i. What's this guy story like. What kind of a home did you grow horrid haunting. i was already mocking yes. Public officials are asking you to refrain. Well i am telling the public officials to somebody just wants to be super cautious mentally. They also wear three condoms. I told you. There's a guy every morning when i walk my dog. There's a guy and literally he is a block away but he sees me me and we're not even on the same side of the still and he sees us and he pulls up the mask. And i look at him and every day i want to ask him. Hey are you are you vaccinated. I'm vaccinated but it's not my business. I can't say anything once a year ago. If he was doing that i wouldn't think much of it but he's still doing that. He's john's right. He's a little crazy in the head and he doesn't so dramatically damascus dramatically. Yeah he's making a statement disease for you that you've you're the title i'm vaccinated. You're the type of spreads infection. Oh yeah when we come back the other crazy outfit to talk about is the california occupational safety and health standards board late into the night and they really didn't come up with a decision on masking in the workplace we did. They argued about this for hours. They did yes house wrong with these inch. Mobile ken chiampou. Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app and Starting mud bill handles back onto the morning. Gary and shannon back to the voice line returns tomorrow. One eight seven seven moist eighty-six one eight seven seven six four seven. Eight eight six. Your last chance to the next few hours to deposit a voicemail. And maybe you'll be played for all of our listeners. Tomorrow at five. Twenty and five fifty. I mean this story is proof. That state is micromanaged. It's got too much government layers and agencies. I mean if it's not enough if you live in the city of l. a. You have the city of la deciding some of the rules on the corona virus. You have the county health department. The you have the state california department of health. Then you have this. Dopey california division of occupational safety and health the cal osha board so they met again yesterday because what they're trying to determine is rules in the workplace for masking and the times published a story late last night. After ten o'clock the result of which was details were scant. They made a decision last week. That you could only go maskless in the workplace you and everyone in the room was fully vaccinate. Everyone in the room they heard a lot of blowback from that including from some state health officials so they decided in an emergency call to revisit. The matter last night and again they went on for hours and hours and kind of didn't make a decision. What they did they suggested. They'll allow fully vaccinated employees to stop wearing masks on the job. But they're going to meet again on june seventeenth. What are they talking about. It's like telling people you have to a stick six oranges in your pants. When you walk around the office you do did. Did iheart come out with that. Yeah that's the policy we have now. I only have five. You have to have six or they send you home and there's like deborah people walk with oranges in their own. Yeah yeah next. Time you you're here you'll have check it out to come back to the office and there's a guy in front of the elevator and he can't s- it is a little creepy though. Yeah wow hope. He doesn't touch he's got. He's got to touch the oranges. Yeah but i mean it's it's it's a nonsensical zach any dopey micro managing the scant if not infinitesimal chance fully vaccinated. People are going to spread or get the virus. They're out of control with trying to reduce the risk. To a point with a become imbeciles. It's that stupid he these. I'm just shaking my head of this stuff. The risk is so infinitesimal is the word for it. Go look it up. you can't even say it. You put the risk under a microscope. You'd be able to see it. That's how tiny it is and mostly the very very few that exist our elderly people with shot immune systems people work in an office virtually zero last week. The way it's written here even ridiculous last week. These the seven member board there seven of seven. You show board seven people up for hours last them up. I don't even know who they are. And what's good idea. We gotta put names to this insanity. I think we got some nominees for tomorrow's dumpster. Yeah maybe we should put the whole board in there. Is it dumpster. Cal osha board. Yes they doubt about them. And then i'll go through this Ridiculous rundown so less than a week ago. They voted to recommend this stricter mask rule. Which as i said workers in a room can only be maskless if everyone inside is fully vaccinated and it says here did not have covid nineteen symptoms but the board was divided. They voted initially to reject that proposal as a majority of members seemed inclined to go further and relaxing face covering requirements. But then they hobbled together this compromise and they voted to advance the standards crete. Oh my god create a subcommittee to work on revenge you people really milwaukee but that sparked outcry from business leaders and others who thought the cal osha proposal from ask. Requirements was too confusing and contradictory to the standards that were issued by the state department of public health. So the board voted last night to rescind that proposal which was supposed to go infect tuesday. That means the dax aid. Workers will still need to mask up at workplaces until june twenty eighth. Because they're going to meet again on the seventeenth admit they decide to let vaccine. People go maskless in the workplace. You can't do it until june twenty eighth. Did you figure that out what the what the hell are they doing. Because there's always a lag period after they decide something. I don't know why. Why are we not all wide open now and a month ago. What what's changing between now and the fifteenth. Don't what is today the ted. What's happening in the next five days and then it the twenty eighth. That's eighteen days from now. That's that's eighteen days from now all right so i've got you found them the cal osha board the board chair david thomas. He's the labor representative. He's with the council of laborers then. Chris lazarus hyphen davis president of the environmental quality organization. Sure she's attic. That i don't know the the union guys like fat face boob Then there's laura stock director of labor occupational health program at uc berkeley barbara. Burgle occupational health consultant. Uc san francisco professor. Emeritus david like a headache. David harrison and other labor representative of them nothing. None of them have medical backgrounds. It sounds like the role just labor representatives. Yeah i'm looking at cal osha board. But i'm trying to health and safety trying to see who's who's a doctor here. Nobody seems to have a doctorate by the way. Pushing them to continue masks in the workplace largest organization pushing. Did you know this is a close california nurses association. But don't they understand medicine. No here's the quote showing up for work. You can earn a paycheck and support yourself and your family is not the same as deciding whether or not to go to a sunday backyard barbecue choice and we must remain safe kids. Great nurses don't even understand medical science. Nola kennedy is another one. Yeah professor at cal state northridge. Uh oh she was a manager of industrial hygiene at drucker health a manager of industrial hygiene. Well that's the idea of i. She's a member of the american industrial hygiene association and the california industrial hygiene council. That must be one hell of a convention every year old. She's what do they get together. Like scrub each other tape crawford a management representative christine and eric descript for seniors. Shoop executive officer. And it's like all these this is mostly it's almost all women only two guys in. They're both labor representatives. Oh my god this is like every bit resumed. yeah thank. They're all like like you're irritating. Mother-in-law save their the kitchens dot clean enough. They're going in the dumpster tomorrow. Yeah i think so. come back. The elsa godot times ways in again on the venice homeless with an extensive interview with the dope. Mike bonded will get into it next john and ken. Kfi john and ken show john kobylt. Ken chiampou kfi am six. Forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. monday handles back in the morning. Gary and shannon back from ten. To two i am looking through the california board. That is still can't decide whether you need to wear a basque at work or not. You sound sick you okay. I have a little cold. Yes oh crap. Yeah yeah coke. Check for covid. Cova broke through the vaccine. Do you believe it. How did you get a cold because why you're running into all sorts of mobs unmask people again. I i've been out again. Yes they're going out. See somebody gave you an infects right. See the power of the man. People might not have gotten that cold. People are shaking. Hands again aren't you washing your hands after you shake hands with somebody or use year old in the last year. I just don't know any right there as soon as they shake my cable. Then you go out ties your hand and rubbed over their face to and cannon iron sick you're okay but you're both crazy well. We're not going to be coughing. And hacking the covington visiting you in there today. Oh look at that. I don't wanna get a quarantine. You've turned so quickly. You know. John i love you. John and i don't wanna get cold. I haven't had a cold over year. Well you would have gotten it. I've had this this tuesday. Nobody no look at that. So you're probably you know. I can tell by your voice today but otherwise you know. It's it's peaking today or you're not coughing it because that always comes near the end not yet. Oh you have. The most wretched coughed was killed. Yourself one year old. That was smashed your head or so. 'cause i gotta version of the corona virus when i went to thailand. That's why that explains a lot. That was entirely different from a normal code that we've been getting these texts or emails. I forget which there's like bashed. His hat fell from coughing. Yeah because i did. I had such a violent coughing fit. I either have to balance. I either hit myself in the head with my ipad which knocked me out or i collapsed and slammed my head on a wooden dresser. Wow one of the two. But i woke up into blood. Blood was gushing enemy. I so you're saying the calico board. Okay these are all hygiene fanatics here. None of them are doctors. They all supposed to be about workplace safety not just doesn't accidents and stuff like two guys who are union goons and then the women are all involved in the hygiene industry. Here's another one chris. Slashes davis past president of the american academy of industrial hygiene the california industrial hygiene council and. That's different from one of the other women. I described before industrial hygiene. Okay that would mean a senator result place. What kind of person gets into germ scrubbing and talks about it. All day goes to conferences. Get a breeze in helping people people safe. But it's people with with massive germ phobic. Psychosis could be what that would attract people with a certain fascination with terms. Here's another woman barbara burgo. She's got a program that focuses on cycle social work factors in hotel room cleaners psychosocial psychosocial. This stuff is not even in english. What is a psycho social. Work factor in in hotel room cleaners day laborers and taxi. Drivers channel is just how clean day laborers are. These are the nitwits life in the workplace. Right yeah you lucky to be in the room where susie just you and me. Your own human riffraff comes back cubicle areas. There that were gonna by the way. Yeah people are coming back. I came out of the elevator today. Oh in that foyer area right now. Reeked of pot smoke. I don't know who's working here. Who got stoned for lunch with those wild. Oh i don't know what that was and it was a couple weeks ago and it went down to the garage same thing. It was a cloud of pot. Smoke down there. What's going on around the elevator a couple of months ago. Oh god i went to pandemic back so bad. we'll tell you what. Pass that colt onto everyone. So they have to stay home. I am. I'm going to walk around. And i'm i'm gonna i'm gonna rub germs on that elevator. So take my burgers pop. People don't come back so so we already announced tomorrow will be the calo board. It'll be a seven of them. Maybe three eight of house. There's eight of them. Yeah where five. Six seven eight about. Nobody even talked about them to. We got closer to june fifteenth. And i guess someone said who what about the workplace. Well that would be cal. Otas call even though we already had the stupid state department of public health but the the workplace butts a separate agency that determines the rules there. None of the doctors none of none of are doctors. They're just they're just hygiene people. Well the elsa gun dough times ran a special this morning there cracked reporters benjamin or 'scuse and doug smith guess what they did. After spending weeks reporting on the homeless crisis in venice they sat down with councilman bike. Baden a nearly two hour interview and you know you read the in now give you the overview first before we get into specifics. But it's mike von the usual treadmill. It's intolerable. it's out of control but we're working on it. We're working on these plans. There's zones we're going to try to counsel people and guess people into housing and it's going to happen and the question is well people want to know what's the day that it happens and venice starts to look like it did years ago. I can't give a day back on the treadmill. Yes and you spin around and around with him like you're a couple of gerbils you go in circles. You get dizzy reading this but you came out right at the top because we mentioned this several times before they did ask him well. Are you planning something like the cleanup at echo park lake. He was ready for this one. Venice beach is much different than echo park lake. Even if i was predisposed to do this echo park lake style predisposed. It's really hard to do for a couple of different reasons that are logistical. It's freaking huge. It would be logistically. Impossible close off the entire thing as they did for a couple of months and echo park now. We don't have to do that. no you. just have to clear the velcro. Okay okay i. This is the thing this is. Where he lies in deceives. And benjamin or arrestees and doug. Smith aren't bright enough to see what he's doing here. What they did there was millions of dollars worth of damage done to echo park lake. Yes billion dollars damage. And and so. That's why they closed it because it went through extensive renovation. You don't have to extensively renovate venice beach yeah. He claims that twenty two years ago. They did spend fifteen million renovating the boardwalk. But it's just a boardwalk and when i look at the videos of that mob you just remove the tents and tarps and the people you're right you don't need to do a closure. It may take a few days to shovel up all the poop. But then he's like well then you're going to have to have security because if they come back right you have to close it off. They don't come back and just camp the next day you get the police or the security police the area. That's what you do. That's what we're paying taxes for and notice. He says it's freaking huge. So he's trying to tell everybody. I don't think i can get this done. It's too big. Of course he let it become way too big. That's his fault his responsibility his incompetence. Secondly it's not that big you you you could. You could send the police in there. You close off both ends of the boardwalk and start marching people out. Well let me give have to carry their their all their garbage with them. So it's not that hard than anybody. What was the situation a little over a year ago. They closed all the pieces in la. County i live. They closed the entire strand and they kept people off for weeks and fortune to transmission of covid. A we got a pro. How did they do that. No it was easy. I remember my wife. And i snuck onto the beach but you know what most people comply well. You could argue that. The vagrants aren't like most people they'll try to sneak back in those they will. But that's what we're paying for we're paying for We're paying for police and security to chase them off and just keep doing that. And then they'll get the message and give up but you know what this thing about zones. He's trying to clean it up zone by zone. It's ridiculous and he's trying to take credit because well we cleaned up the handball courts. You know there was a group that lobbied him for months before he did it. The handball court the handball courts. Yeah that took forever just to clean those up and then we moved to the skate park in volleyball court. No he's he's so infuriating. I will get you a bike. Baden to our activity with the times reporters. They kill themselves at the end of the interview. They didn't really ask any tough questions. Open ended. I know constituents blame you for conditions on the boardwalk. What do you say to that. People say your critics say john and ken. Kfi and comes back. monday morning. Gary and shannon return to ten. Am six forty five everywhere on the iheartradio app. The john and ken show. We've been through this view that city councilman mike. Von the man who's responsible for venice the part of la that's really been overrun by vagrants. It has become a national and international story. It's been covered everywhere. Because when people see the encampments their their jaws drop these are people in other parts of the country that are familiar with l. a. and b. familiar with venice beach but they can't believe what they see and mike bond in this interview. They spent two hours with them. These two elsa gutierrez reports will just call mohan larry. They don't press him. No just open ended questions. It's benjamin arrest him to once again. As i say get on the treadmill pontificate do as usual dance. Which is basically this. We're working on it. We're making progress and just be patient. That's it by the way i heard had enough of act. I heard this speech over two years ago twice. Only twice at somebody's home. They hosted abondoned for Local people in the neighborhood and then in a synagogue where there was about two hundred people. I've heard this. It's the same speech he gives over and over again he he never does anything and everything keeps getting worse. He is a liar. He's completely insincere noticeably followed through on. He doesn't even know how to do it. He doesn't even know what he's talking about. If you actually go through this line by line you start getting dizzy nauseous. But there's nothing of substance there. it's jackson bits. Yeah things have changed. I think there's definitely more addiction in the homeless population. Dennis and i think saint joseph's center will tell you this more issues with mental illness. Really look at that. You're really for him. That's probably a lot to admit you just discovered that these vagrants are mentally ill and drug addicted. Because he believes they're just priced out by the capitalist system in housing. You see that rules that govern these decision making yeah ninety nine point nine percent of the people. No that's false. But it's this little sliver of stupid noisy activists at the lack a date for when no camping will be enforced. On the boardwalks makes it hard for some of the constituents to back. What you're doing here comes the dance not going to give one into all. The resources are in place and i can be confident about it. The one thing that would be worse than the current situation would be for me to pick an arbitrary date and not deliver on it. Will well echo park lake. They picked the date and time and they clean the vagrants out. And that's what you have to do. We pass those billion multibillion dollar propositions a few years ago. Oh my god yeah. There's there was about three billion dollars in propositions with measure h h h h. Yeah you know so what what are you talking about. The money is probably already spent blown. If i'm not mistaken i know. Sheriff waiver was on fox news this morning and i think he coined are term for that the homeless industrial complex. Think he used that. That's what it is to explain to them. How the money gets gobbled up by the bureaucracy. All the nonprofits and all the people that they hire all the management the alleged do-gooders suck up all the money and salaries and overhead. The nothing changes. The homeless nonprofits are largely fake their parasitic bloodsuckers. They suck off the tax money. They give themselves big salaries and complicated. Titles they get off the street and the city and the county have huge government bureaucratic versions of these nonprofits. Were they give themselves big salaries large staffs they get nobody off the street. We can all see. It's got worse. It's a scam a racket. They're criminals but a whole lot of them are criminals in another part of the interview. Baden's trying to explain how he's lining up the housing. Well we have the ramada inn. And i think. I'll get some money for shared housing venice. I think it'd be like sixty. Three beds yeah sixty three got two thousand vagrants there. Yeah well he gives me a percentage of from not taking your housing remember. He did this on channel five. I think a couple of weeks ago. yeah we got a motel. It's got people yeah. We got thirty three rooms there and then we have. The shelters got forty four beds over there. It's great that's seventy seven. And now he's got sixty three beds at the ramada inn and this is what he does in order to give give himself a talking points like well. Yeah luckily got the ramada inn opening up there got like i'm not doing nothing you see. I got something going on here but no we can't close the whole thing down and get everybody out until lined up everything which could take thirty years patient. So you don't have to line everything up you don't y- vienna wave is identified the empty hotels and motels that have already gotten tax money. And the bed's empty he's already identified empty city and county own buildings that you could fill with with emergency beds. All you have to do is offer them a bed. By a cot folded we tots at our house. We have two cats sixty nine dollars each. Get a sixty nine dollars. Kat but in an empty office and say okay you buddy down there face down your vomit. Come in here. And if he doesn't want it you make you make them leave your it's all you have to do. Your kind of the niamh because the courts are kind of requiring that. I'm just telling people you've got to be responsible for your own life move on. We'll keep moving your on. You've got to do something about your housing. It's not my job at my response. I agree. I agree but for one of these bastards tried to sue. That's what that's what we have to just offer bed. That's all you have to do. We'll all the judges at make. Those died coming up next. We're going to talk to a man whose dog was severely injured by a homeless encampment. Dog i believe it was a pit bull that mauled this little yorkie. He'll tell us the sad story coming up next. John and ken show debra mark has the news. Kfi am six forty.

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