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The. Borders on the line. He passes Jordan. That would give me Paul's. This is embarrassing. And you know, what this is typical J career art career trajectory. We'll talk and face the league wise here six is year. Six bronx. Chris Broussard here and welcome to the brand new who stormed FOX by cast this podcast will give you your daily dose of all things NBA from Fox Sports, including the best content from skipping Shannon's, Nick, right? Plus special guests, fresh NBA content. For myself postgame interviews from NBA stars around the league and much much more. Don't forget to subscribe and leave a five star review. First Marceau's tells Whitlock in SF, why crew why Laker fans booing LeBron on his historic night. Should only feel the king. And I think at some point he's going to figure it out. And I think there is a chance I'm gonna say hi chance. But let's say thirty percent chance that he figures out said, you know, what I need to get out of here. Need to go to New York someplace else? This born this dude on the line. He passes Jordan. I would be that would give me Paul's and something to think about man, if you king, and they're booing, you just makes you wonder just shine that crown even brighter next year and just stick it to one as a native I will say in terms of our fandom at times, we can be fickle. If you're a winner, we love if you not boo, but we'll be right back. So when you start winning again and that could be a two game win streak for the Lakers. Just all sudden, they're back in shack booed Coby got booed. They booed a great seer because does just so spoiled with success right now, they don't like this. He's not part of the Laker family. I told you never had LA. And this is now them trying to respond to that say, we told you this is still Koby Mamba country, but LeBron will respond to this team will be on that night. The now you pass nj. How can you give booth on that night that night you push all the side? Just like the night where Kobe. Ahead. Sixty is Utah. Forget that. We know. Sure. Last game, you push all the side on that night. You give booed. I don't understand that one. I think LeBron when he has a towel over his face. He was crying regret. Like, what am I doing here? I get it. There's a lot of good things that are happening off the court for him. But he's seeking himself. Mike. This is the moment. This is this is where I'm at right now. I look up I'm down by twenty. I think that was a hard moment for the brand right there. I mean fans got understand all people understand the Lakers. Don't celebrate individual wars. They celebrate championships. That's what they used to use it. But at the same time as a player coming from ways come from. That's a that's a that's a big reward for him to pass, Michael Jordan. We all grew up idolizing him. So for him. I understand what he's that's a big fee for anybody coming from where you come from. And that's how I got booed on the night. None of that Mattis. None of that Madison. Lebron why come from nobody? I'm here today. Sending I'm pass my idol, an NBA scorn with everybody doing here does not matter to me. All right. Let me ask me doesn't matter at all. Which is if it doesn't matter the I did this the next time. Let's say here next year. He's gonna pass Koby next year. He's going to do that at home. He's going to be okay with that. Or he's going to schedule it where he's like, you know, what better do this on the road? There's going to be the same way because the Lakers fans don't celebrate individual awards this for celebrating championship, we send a break open that much when he scored sixty points. Gang. You. It was a great game going out. But after that day, it was overweight. Okay. What else? The next year. Yeah. I don't have rain coming back at Brigham on a quote, we gonna set it by game. You know, saying he's right. Wasn't that big just past Michael, Jordan? But both that only look at it. He did that in a Cleveland uniform of Miami uniform in video montage show that I felt that. And then you're talking about MJ. None of that is LA citric. So people like I respect for you time to do for us. The Bronx tweeted out to us before the game our gate. Oh, wow. That's going to be unreal. This moment, blah, blah, blah. You can't tell me it cost his mind, you know, might get moved enough. What translates? Bron why he was really crying is. Because not only did I pass Michael Jordan guy idolize, but I wanted a positive influence from the hood from where I'm from and MJ became a billionaire from nothing and now not only have surpassed him in terms of points. But I might Sapan them in terms of off the court at me he might look in the Bronx. Stay in zone. He is accomplished so much and LA fans when you Brown dig about what he's been doing in versity that boo. Not going to be passing Mike. We know. It's okay. Don't don't make seems like he didn't. He didn't. He didn't do some. That's great. That's never been dental on believable. So what are you saying saying why Laker fans not accept him for the graves Juno that don't? Beijing productive isky at the clipper game because that is not used to win and they're celebrating Dirk this only have his head Lakers champion. Okay. Let's let's move to LeBron. Right. Not in terms of how he interpreted and how he feels about being booed on the night. He doesn't care. What do you mean? For years say take me for granted spoilt. We all rather gate applauded then Boone J tripping on a night. Is you you've been saying for years I've spoiled y'all take me for granted. You celebrate yourself more than damned damn near the media celebrates every everything he does he tweets out he Instagram post last night. I wipe my butt for the hundred time Jordan only eight time. Celebrate this young people. You white better than anybody. You tell me this isn't bothered that he got booed. He's I know he's not. Position. Would you ever let those people have grandma say don't let them still joy, baby. And that moment, I let you still my joy, not just guy. That's what I post. He went to the Hague as I wink to I hear you. I'm not paying attention. I just passed Mike. While would I give that energy, you know, like, your grandmother advice to stay there because you need it because she knows you're hurting. And she's like baby don't let nobody steal your jewelry. That's why saying is out there. Yeah. So trust me. Lebron James is mama today. Is that baby? Don't let us not. Last night. What's on? Tell me somebody to does all this social media posted look at great jaw. Whereabout? Oh to movies and a couple of months hit it hit. Worried that they wouldn't do and course 'cause they close to them to sell. They'll face. Well, have you know, what Facebook is high school? So everybody's just herb already. And there'll be some forty year old that you went to high school on Facebook right now putting up pictures of how great their life is. And you you would see it in. I know I'm terrible things off your husband just left. Here are your wife just left you thirty pounds, overweight, but you trying to put on this big show when I look at LeBron's social media feed and all the dancing and all the love letters to KAI ry and all the celebration of himself. It ain't no different than that person. You went to high school with who's faking the funk face different, he's famous Dane, he actually. Bane. I if I cannot baking every billionaire millionaire was happy. Y'all have a point. But. The Bronx Justice unhappy the person with no money. Next crisper aren't explains why LeBron probably won't be a fan of getting extra rest as the season wines down. Are they doing the right thing by scaling back? Lebron James minute. I think it makes sense, but it's being called their advising him. 'cause my thing is I'll believe it. When I see it. Lebron was to play how many times have we seen? Oh, he's gonna cut back as he did cut him back this year about thirty six, but I wouldn't be surprised if his average the rest of the way as about thirty four minutes a night, which is cutting it down a little but twenty eight to thirty two I don't know if LeBron go that low him not being one hundred percent, maybe that's because of conditioning because of the injury, he's not fully back from that. But look, I'm assuming the growing fine because I don't think he'd go out there and play in these meaningless game. If they're growing was was a problem and look the Brown, obviously wants to be ready over these next three years to get the Lakers championship. But I do not fall LeBron one bit. If also in his mind, I'm trying to catch careen I should want that record. I think that's a great thing to shoot for. And I don't think he wants to give away games. I think he wants to play games. I think he wants to put up numbers. I don't fault him for that. At all all the players wanna put up numbers. And so I think he's going to go out there and play these games, probably thirty four minutes and nine I think is this Mark thing. This is about I'm sorry. This is about numbers. I think so I mean if I were in his position I'd be trying to catch Kareem that that's not mutually exclusive to try to win. I don't think he's going to do it at the expense of you know, I gotta get my point. So I'm not gonna pass the ball and make sure I got to be the leading score anything like that. But I think he's got a lot of goals in mind as all like, Michael Jordan said I want to win. But I wanna be the reason why and I think that's how superstars thinking I don't think there's anything wrong with that. As far as the back Tabasco. Let's be very specific about this. They only have three back tobaks left. The. Rest of the year. So it's so take three games off. Even if he's not gonna play at Detroit at Utah at the clippers on March fifteen twenty seventh and April fourth row, those we're talking about fourteen games. The rest of the way he was playing thirty five minutes per game before he got hurt. Now when he came back from injury. He was inexplicably playing thirty nine minutes per game right out the gate. That's what he averaged had a bunch of forty minute games. And then in the game where he broke repass, Jordan. He was down to thirty one minutes. I would imagine he's going to be. I don't think Brown's gonna play twenty ish anything I think it will be at least thirty minutes. Now having him do what they did in that game where he Jordan where he doesn't play the whole first quarter where you take him out midway through the first where you do more of a Dunkin with pop of its style in the regular season. When Dunkin wasn't on his last legs to where you target thirty two minutes. Like have that be your target in your goal? That is a reduction in minutes and not playing him back to backs. Also make sense. I I. I don't see this is where I disagree. I don't see the need to shut him down. And I don't see the need even to say you're going to play to the Anthony Davis plan where you're playing twenty minutes per game. I I know you disagree. See? But I think this is shouldn't be played forty minutes. Another game the game besides Adan point total to him playing. If he's gonna play thirty dollars in fourteen if the young boys are gonna play that looked everybody things are gonna have a totally new team. If they don't get Anthony Davis if they don't get Anthony Davis Kouzmin Ingram. These guys might be back. So you just get them used to play, you know, more time on according he's going to get a rest, you know, he's going to get to most more than he's ever had in the last one ten years. Okay. All right. So too much great. So what would three months four months, it's fine. But what's worse thing? Rest all summer if he wanted, but he's not he's going to get out there and start playing in as you live. He'll start working. So I think taking. These extra two months. I think it'll be fine. Okay. So what's the word? You wanna shut him down? Let's just let's I I'm in air. Lou. We'll have a conversation. What would be the worst thing could happen for the Brown suffer another man harder? Yes. Yeah. Okay. Because if he suffered injury would that affect free agency enormously? I would think so yes, I think it would affect everything major injury would affect a major industry. I mean, it would necessarily affect Anthony Davis trait. I think Anthony Davis was still want to go to the lake shore. But we majoring be bad. It's the worst thing that can happen. We all. So we don't have to partial part of if I could remove that part of the quesion. If that's the worst thing could happen. I'm getting in a car. I'm getting ready. Go somewhere worse thing could happen. Is you get in a car accident? Okay. And it'd be fatal if I could remove that aspect of it of traveling either that way or not going. Why would I take that chance? If everything is about winning the championship in year, two three and four of this contract. That's why believed that right now the Lakers. They don't have the right type of management because right now, it should be about getting these young guy some experience and salvaging the first year. Lebron James why put all those extra minutes because they do not help you get closer to a parade. Now. Lebron come to me a magic and say, you know, something I want to be out there playing. That's what I do. I can understand that. But I'm running the team. I'm doing what's best for basketball. And what's best the basketball right now is not to put any more minutes on LeBron James. We saw him out there. Yeah. He passed Jordan. But there was nothing else. Significant about him being on the court. These younger players it's up to the Lakers organization and for them to develop right now. We're out of the play. There's only eighteen NBA. They got a worse record than the Lakers right now. So I'm getting take the face of the NBA and I'm getting put another fourteen games on him. He's out of pace that we had never seen before it just this is not real complicated. This is just common sense. It makes sense. But he's gonna wanna play you know, that it didn't make sense. We're gonna play eighty two games last year, you know in regularly, but LeBron has amazes. Has amazes jockey a bridal Anna saddle Angela Brian James is no different right now. It's important of how much we go. Let him go get into the house because he's going to his skill is going to go down, regardless of what we think what we so for me. It would be about. How do I manage that? I didn't plan on being out of the playoffs man Christmas night. I'm sitting in the four spot. But this is my new reality. I'm out of the playoff. This thing is done. It's time to look at. How do I preserve that guy? So that I can get to a parental. It's not about anything else. But a parade out about I agree with you that whether he catches cream or not is a secondary storyline to whether or not he wins another championship. We all agree with that. Where you and I are on the other side of this is is I am not certain you keep saying two months is good for months, better three months as better. I'm not certain. That's the case for a guy who has played as. Sistani? He has had a routine he has had a routine for the last sixteen years that routines already going to be broken to a degree this year by not making broken because the Brian didn't have the gas to go to now lake Griffin sits down with Christine lady to play hurston ten on fair game. Blake Griffin of the Detroit Pistons, it is time for first in ten first thing you'd say to a love city reunion one day. Let's say you guys got to be in a room together for an hour with no entertainment. You just have to sit there and talk. You would think a lot of people like try to make that like it was like this huge toxic situation. So you and Chris Andre are all BFF's. I wouldn't say it be a fast. I don't think we ate each other. Yeah. Thank no. I mean, we. I s cast member. You would call the goat. I really like will Ferrell, but. Out say, we'll first thing. I'd find in your Google search history. The true. The blushing is giving me a lot. I five. I mean, I've gotten very honest answers with this when you can go ahead. Probably just like weird random. Stuff that out of context doesn't really make sense. The last thing I googled was probably like something like Detroit to Charlotte flight time or something like random like that. I do that all the time like any city. I'm going to always want to web cycle travel math. That's really good. If you're into like flight times and stuff. Why are you still concerned about the time is just like transit is a weird thing for me? I always like to know exactly how it's going to. It's not like nine win at this time Cy like just almost like to know weird. All right. I feel like there's more to this story. First thing you'd say to rivers if he walked into this room right now. And that's it came first thing you'd say if you were offered a job on inside the NBA when you retire. I'm good. I player you would have picked if you were one of the all star captains. Oh, probably Katie first reaction to teammate asking if it's cool to date an ex. Sure. You don't care. I mean, I feel like it probably depends on the ex-. But like. I don't care. So Derek Fisher, just cool. Well, that's kind of a different situation. Those that was like. It's an egg wife. That's a wise. That's an ex-. I've never been married. That's a little different than ex wife. Yeah. I probably it's that's okay. First thing you miss most about Los Angeles, besides family, friends, and the weather thing, I miss most. So it's family, friends and weather. Probably like a just a. My favorite like, restaurants and stuff like that. Crags? Shutouts crack first comedian you met you were an off. Dave Chapelle first time in the NBA. You really enjoyed dunking on someone probably more than you should have. I really enjoy the Kendrick Perkins one because he was such like tough guy. You know what I mean? He was a great defender. Like always kind of like. Was extra physical. So, you know, this this nice to get somebody. Following that, Shannon. Tell skip. Why Michael Jordan's message of congratulations still the Braun is an embarrassment. Weird to by route Parker, but first, Shannon. I. You're all was in war to that. Or do that get cut off room? Read it again. Read it again. One more time congratulate LeBron unachieved another great milestone during his amazing career, David Stern. Former Commissioner who is that. That was just the tone. That was rather. Right. You ought to be ashamed. But your guy you should be a saying that he put this out. This is embarrassing. And you know, what this is typical MJ though, because he's done very little when it comes to acknowledge LeBron James, you know, why? Because since he retired. This was the only guy that's been viewed as a serious threat to him Colby made it abundantly clear, he tried to emulate everything. Michael Jordan, emulation a copy can never be better than the original. And you know, he never do Toby every serious threat because you tried to be like meeting and Shannon. If you ever close, your eyes and listen to Kobe talk sometime he would swear was Michael Joel same inflec-, my rights. He did he copied not only did you copy you copy the way he won't. He did. He copied away. He hung his tongue out of his mouth everything the sleeve on Cavero down. Every the only, but he got a lot closer to Jordan. No, he didn't you can't be. You can't be close with only one regular season MVP. You can't be close with only two finals emptying the about five championships. So that was basically you see you see you see what you did. I didn't do anything. Go ahead. Let's go. Now, this is what Michael Jordan did for Koby in his final season when he came to Charlotte. Okay. One minute. If part is second video trip. None of this. Oh, congratulations. Lebron your nother mouth. The pride. You couldn't be me. It couldn't be me. 'cause he now now skill betas. I got to grand, but I got the tack you note that hack. Yes, it was a response can attack Michael Jordan boob job. And that's and give this ridiculous gin. That's all you got bad. Generic blue job of a message of a man does done that come on might you still? You always go to be Michael Jordan because you did it. I your shoes gonna keep you Mount, Olympus, but effort to it. Yeah. But you gotta do a better combo that rob Parker. No. I hear you, Shannon. The only thing more Barras in the net was the whole reception and ovation. Coby got here in LA the broad. Lebron got here in LA and just think about how that went down. And I think that says a lot it was totally I want to say, I totally disrespectful. But. To LA fans. I get it the season win awry, you could say LeBron as this wasn't a good leadership. You could say all of that. But in a magical moment like that when a guy's wearing your uniform, and he's one of the greatest players period whether or not he's played here long enough. What they did that night was terrible. And the same thing with his teammates. I mean, LeBron had to go. Find Caruso to hug him and said, hey, what's your name again suppose walking over to wear? Right. What you know what I mean? But if wasn't it wasn't like where was the players to come surround him letting you know and the goat. No other nugget unless you gotta go crazy out of respect keeping trade half the team at the dead low. But owner reminded you of when Barry Bonds hit two home run, and they didn't poor guy. And everybody hug you and home plate. He had to come in. He had to come into dug out to get the praise and the adulation and then the last offer that team. And the last part is I blame the Lakers as well. From this standpoint, they claim the NBA Thome. We don't want you to stop the game. What nonsense lebrons Jim gonna pass Michael Jordan? What find could they have given them if they stop the game and did something. So for them to just say, oh, the league said don't do it and buy into that. That's disrespectful abroad as well. But when it comes to, Michael, Jordan, it's obvious. They don't have a close relationship. But I think is because LeBron really is more like magic than LeBron Mike, Michael. And I think that's what it really stemmed for from. That's why a lot of other players when they talk about the goat. They include Koby, even though most of the conversation is about the broader, Michael and LeBron, but you know, this because Kobe had more that killer instinct that you talk about skip. That's what players e and that was wore like, Michael. And I think that's part of why maybe Michael hasn't had the same connection win. Lebron? And you're right. Probably the closest God really challenged, Michael. But, but I also believe that it's more about he's just not like what Michael one Michael was a killer, and LeBron's of friendly guy wants to get to know everybody. Hey, hey, two games on the line. I'll give you a chance to hear you go you shoot the ball. That's something that you didn't see it. I'm not saying that Michael never did that. But LeBron has done that way. Everytime. Magic stepped on the floor. He have a a million dollar smile. It was taking people out. So does this this notion that you gotta scowl, and you gotta wear frown your face to be a stone cold killer. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird with being. And I'll say this to you to stretch a shut that down the game is on the line. And you give the ball to Michael Jordan or LeBron James and win the game. Who would you give it to? I'm giving. I'm giving the ball. Lebron? No, you're not gonna give it to somebody. He's gonna pass it George hill. So he could miss free throws. You know, what Shannon? Stop it. You would not give the old ri- Jane? No. You you want to I want to talk about Michael Jordan us. I'm gonna read this comment that came down from Mount Olympus different way about him lift. Yes, it is. He lives on the top. I'm gonna give you this is the way it was intent K o his real store. I want to congratulate love Ron Janes on Chieveley another great mile zone during his amazing every year periods. Send it out. He said to the PR person type this, right? Yes. Get this is what you say when you feel compelled to say something because you're an NBA owner. Right. And you are that guy in so you have to say something, but you don't want to say anything. So that's what you say. He is fortunate that yet Michael Jordan has not yet gone full on. On hall of fame acceptance speech on LeBron James remembered speech, do you acid doodo all because on there's a big part of Michael because I think I know him well enough to know this who would love to just own Lieshan unload on LeBron James right now all in the mode of how dare you? How dare you right on your shoes on that night? Thank you MJ twenty three. And then put a crown on it. Thank you for inspiring me to be greater the you. 'cause I am the king. Not you. I am the game. How dare you do that? Remember, he said, he was the go. He knew when he was the golden crown bothered you that much really crying yesterday. I was looking bronze Instagram aren't even follow him. But I looked it up just to see what he's doing. And they're just crown emojis all over it is ground ground ground, and then he dares how dare him to to post a photo. Shop picture of can we see that? Jay like like their equals there. They're sitting on the same Aniston. Oh. He's got a little edge. A little bit artistic. On the left and going to ride the have hadline. Yeah. Do enough to right. He's saying I'm like, Mike exhibit. I'm better than my say. Yes, we we will know he's he is lucky that Michael Jordan didn't call a press conference yesterday and just unload all over him for the audacity put himself above Mike on death city. Really? Okay. Well, that's what I'm saying. But he went the nice way out because he felt like he I'd rather say, and you know, what this was enough to do with a big game. The nothing, Shannon. You should go. You to when Kobe past Michael Jordan and go see what they did in Minnesota for him. They go watch that video stop the game. And the fans went crazy own Koby anything, they understood the moment. Thank you. Thank you. Do not yet understand. Los Angeles fans. It is what have you done for us. They don't care about anything. That's happened outside of the Hollywood. I done for Hollywood. I get it. But my only thing is in that moment you have to if you are basketball fan recognize what's going on. You gotta give them more than that. I don't care about the fans the fans if you know what when he broke the record if they wanted to turn it in for the exit. So be it. I'm talking about an all time great NBA player given that little acknowledgement best less. That's nothing that's less than nothing. This is in bearing Michael Jordan should be embarrassed. And was a pretty good disks. Right. Like, a subtle diz. One question will will day when he passes Colby LeBron? And it happens in LA. We'll they boot. That's how would they embrace that? Do you think LeBron? Hold on it. Hey, I'm go one higher wait until he makes his run at cream. If in fact, he can last long enough to pass Kareem Abdul Jabbar in staple, I don't know, man. Even more I'm saying, here's the thing. Blue blue cheer cheer progress room rats. We roll it scale you can jump on the train those you'll get rolled over. Just left the track. The train is four and ten since LeBron came back from injury. We had to Rome conductor. We got we got the coke. Close so much for joining us. Finally, Nick, right draws a striking comparison between year six Jaanus and your six run. I'm totally about it. I think is right on the money. I mean, obviously, there are games are completely different. But the personality, you know, the lack of ego. But yet, you know, competitive driving me you see yon in the all star game competing four quarters. You know, what I mean that I mean, Tim Duncan was such a mellow personality. Everybody always used a thing. He doesn't have that killer instinct, no, he had the killer instinct, he was just a laid back type of guy. And that's what I'll see what John is there's no drama. Most of our teams Golden State. You got Drake mind, obviously, LeBron kyri most of our teams have a lot of drama of the top teams. Not. So with Janice. I think he's gonna that tones gonna be set throughout that organization. Similar to house. It Steph is done and Golden State. He's he wants to stay in the small town. He's talked about I'm not going to LA. I'm not leaving Milwaukee. Obviously Dunkin did the same thing as. Antonio so. Yeah, I think is right on the month, personality wise, I get all of it but career art career trajectory, and we're talking face the league wise year six Janas is year. Six LeBron years six LeBron the team won forty five games the previous season that year. They won sixty six. He wants I league MVP last year. Milwaukee bucks. One forty four games. They're on pace to win sixty two and Janas might very well win his first league MVP your six member. Lebron had gotten to the final four two years prior. Right. So he was LeBron came looked LeBron through a lot. Absolutely. And LeBron by year two was world's better than you. Honestly, I get that part of it. You're six LeBron twenty eight eight and seven years six Janas twenty seven thirteen and six and LeBron from I would argue a few seasons prior to his sixty year, but certainly by sixty or the best the universally accepted best player alive and Jaanus is working towards that maybe not universally accepted. But certainly some people are doing the best player. Live. I know you have an MVP vote. I said earlier I think this is going to be the closest VP race since Nashes second like him versus harden is going to come down to the wire. And I think Janas getting his team to sixty wins either winning or coming in second in the MVP. That's how you become the face of the league eighties that level of high level production and team success. And the other thing see when it about face the league who else is eligible, so like hardens too, polarizing almost like ju many people dislike the way Arden place. Kevin Durant right now seems to me to be he would need an image makeover, almost I think it's Jaanus or the guy that you think it probably could be in Steph like one of those two guys is going to be the next most forward-facing player in the league in Maya think Steph because he has their credentials believe he's also going to have the digital ring this year also him in clay, I expect them over the next several years to put up ungodly tight numbers. Do ten years. Roshan over forty percent from three point range by key. Is the perfect f-? Specially F K D it set up for Katie Lee, Katie lease. And then he stays there. He's the face of that franchise because I liked the comparison because that's what we have to do in sports. We have to try to take someone out of our past give him someone was someone who is currently. So that the fans can be like. Yes identified, but we can't take for granted. What Tim Duncan had when he got to San Antonio. He had injured David Robertson coming back. He a great prop of it, potentially one. The greatest coaches in the NBA stabilizes far as a franchise that, you know, someone you know, what we're getting ready to we're getting start looking at international basketball players. Like, no one's ever thought of and start developing them. We're going to put the perfect rosters far as defense shooting. Spacing. Also, you know, what I'm gonna do for you Tim before people do that. I'm going to rest you right before he has so many things in Tim Duncan, Tim Duncan. We know was a better player when he came. He came out of college. Man as the big fundamental. Yep. He had seven or eight post moves then we knew he was going to be a great player. So yeah, I liked the factor of some similarities small market and all that. But I think the fact that Tim Duncan he did have the fire, but Tim Duncan never once in his career had the desire to be the best player recognizes the best player in the NBA. And I believe that yawns he wants to be a great player and Janas has bought into. He should be one of the best players if not the face of the NBA, and I believe that that might be a pressure that might be too big for a young person because he doesn't even know what he's asking for. We know what LeBron went through it. We say Colby and shack report, we know what they went through. So this these days have been easy for Yang. It's the most difficult thing. He couldn't get into Mexican restaurant last year. What happens when he faces some real difficulty? Some real challenge realized speculation because he's done is exceed the give an expectation. Nations any given. And you're talking about a guy who wants to stay Milwaukee, a guy who enjoys the small town aspect of what his career could be could you be the face of the league from a small town was in Cleveland you could easily. Okay, see if Russ was a little different. He could be it or K D. I liked your point about Popovich. Remember booting Holzer came out of that system. Was there for nineteen years? So I'm sure he's gonna take a ton of that stuff and the plots Yannis, here's my only problem or I don't know the Janas could beat efface the league he could be the best player. Tim Duncan was arguably the best player, but never was the face of the league number one. We've never had an international player beat a face of the week. Number two. I don't like all the guys that have been the face from Dr J to Magic Johnson to Michael Jordan to Kobe and shack to LeBron. They've all had that swag about him net. Cool factor that that was beyond playing even if it was their game the flash in their game. You know? Magic with the passes and all that stuff yawn. If yon this offset before if he grew up in America and had that American swag. He would maybe all like he would be the guy that's going to be the face of the league. But he's more of a lay Bagai like, Tim Duncan. I don't know if he's colorful enough to be the face of the NBA, and I agree with you stole my thunder. If it's not going to be LeBron and k b lease Golden State. I would nominate Steph 'cause I think he'll go off and they still going to be a contender. So two things. One is one of the other reasons don't can was never the face. The league wasn't just as personality. It was his style. Dunkin was shooting. Backboard jump shots in the all star game. You know, Duncan was the big fundamental who of fault when it came to branding. Right. He didn't care about any endorsements. He didn't care about any of that Yana style is exhilarating. Yonathan? I'll play style of play is one of the most attractive in the entire. I don't think it's tractive as the guys we've seen because it's very. Very unique. We've never seen anyone play like him. So for me, it's not always exhilarating. Because like, wow, I never seen that man that took one dribble from thirty feet. So there's a lot of figuring out. I think aesthetically and more kids are you have to grow to game basketball. I don't believe you're honest is going to grow the game of basketball, by the way, he plays. Steph grew game of basketball. Lebron grew to game basketball. I were soon grew to game Jordan grew to gain. Kobe grew to game shack man shack slid on the floor and was looking side this shack, they changed. How kids the perception of the NBA, and I don't think that Janas has a stout the salad. I see I don't think that that's a style. Like, those other guys the other point you made and you made it in the morning meetings. He was the international aspect like we've never had a non American born player be the face of the live. We want to innovate to be international game. But I don't believe we want international face to represent. Well. So here's here's the aspect of that. Uh-huh. We've only once ever twice ever had an international player be good enough to be in the conversation Akeem and Dirk right and Dirk did it in an odd time where even when Dirk one is in BP. I don't think many people thought he was the best player in the league. Like he would have the best season and Keam that I don't even know it was Barkley the face of the league when Jordan was retired Jordan really love it one. There was a law, right? Trying to become the face leading probably would've but in Jordan came back. So right now, we're in a league where Jaanus embodied Lucas common. Immed- could if they got the personality and so is played at Kansas. I mean, if that helps you something I think the international thing is going to fall by the wayside at some point. Because we just have so many more draws in Petra Vitz was never gonna be facing the league. Right. You never you had guys that were excellent international players. But that was always the qualifier there. Excellent. Foreign international player. We have now had Jaanus Embiid. We've got multiple international. We're going to have an international work year might have an international MVP. You've got Joel Embiid who had NBP buzzed throughout the year. Probably until this injury really was going to be in the top five there. I think it's coming. It's possible that a few years from now the three best players in the league would be all international Embiid Jaanus and Luca. Right. And then the nominate two. Might become the face just because of their personalities, and and I would say probably Luca and in be because gazillion. Nugas because he's white. Let's I think that will work in his favorite to like like did for bird, and like it did for Steve Nash. And by the way, Denver fans, we Mattis his segments. We leave him out of Western Conference contenders. Like what about Yokich what about he's like he's like John just lay? You know what I mean? You know what I mean? Thank you for listening to the hoops on FOX podcast. Don't forget subscribe and leave a five star review letting us know what you think of the show.

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