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Please visit www dot ghost of starting dot com or call five four zero four four eight two seven. Four three Ladies at all do team to join jazz and blast co every sunday night. At eleven o'clock they're both on facebook and on to bail. Swear after you again come on. How normal soup every sunday night. The rivers of passed in new orleans. Tomorrow travel talk we. Now open your mom I'm millions. And then i can fairly without a she good evening travelers in does alike. Welcome to the ryen effect. I am the blog. Talk surfer himself. The headman along with this wonderful wonderful lady. Rescind beside me cat. Only cat back. Wow what an interesting incredible sure we have lined up for you. Of course we have a very unique and special guest a request guest by many of you. Travelers who reached out to us that we wench wrenched. We wrenched it out. We reach back to our gas and asked him to come back. Because if you not that we don't let me but you have special requested so we did so and he will be on just a minute. I cannot wait introducing But but as always we talk a little some little samsung going on Okay we had a great weekend I did a little magic and Took cat out for the weekend To give us a little aluna time a little time away. Yes little talk We went to fredericksburg virginia and had a great night at a wonderful hotel Hilton was no until then you know it was holiday in my goodness which hotel we went to. Now that's crazy. I never even thought about that. Like what the hell was the name of the damn root out. I don't remember. I don't remember. It was great hotel. I had a great dinner something or last night. Rather is this sunday night owl. The hampton inn hampton. That's right none of what he said like glue. It was just the ages. was a triple agent. Carol everybody else in joining us. I have no coffee. So i'm going with pepsi tonight so i'm going to drink my coffee and i'm like a little little drill jianqing i'll already i did. I was like nervous for this show. I don't know why. But i it's just great 'cause i love i love our guest. I think he's an incredible brilliant man. So we'll get to talk to him and So today we took a trip to old town fredericksburg and we spoke with. We wanna give a shout out to kristy gorens. Yeah who are now a real estate agent. That's right so we make sure it gets you get mad props for that We talked with her a little bit this weekend. We went antique shopping a little bit. Don't believe the hotel. The hotel was contacted. No no no not at all. It was not one of those. Although future plans are better breakfast right and is better breakfast. The best for that user usually Older buildings that were converted into. Yeah so we're looking at those looking at this. Would we did have a great lunch. He did we did And we spend some time approaches. Berg got some went to an old candy store. Beautiful data walk around because it wasn't too cold who wasn't too hot grease and then on top of that nope bugs. Oh my gosh you have this new book thing. Don't you when mosquitoes are biting the heck out of you and you have to spray your doubt stuff down with stuff that stinks and makes you think for the rest of the night just so that they can bite you anyway. Yeah it's a little frustrating. You know trying to not wanna be outside around right. Let's get some props where we are right. Now up to ryan and dennis ryan jones and dennis lock right here at the three sixty cabin. That's where we are Broadcasting out of tonight we are up in the upper part of the cabinet in the back. Room the cabinet is going through renovations. Yeah actually exited a little bit. Yeah So we're really excited me did. Yeah it's a really excited about the renovations that are taking place and props to denison ryan It's gonna be really great. 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That's the rift podcast network. it's kind of been used for our new website which were excited about so we wanna make sure there's good news on and let's give some shots outs and thank you so it's It's last and i'm not doing any banks. Okay say you should be happy about that. No sound effects. What was she said. Oh damn Let's some shots. You wanna do it. You'll do it okay. Oh no carolina. She said she's enjoying chris. Lead books. I did not get that. No we did. We know we have. We have them online. You know when we can christly is another author guess We will his stuff shown as well thank you for bringing his name up to But we have cyber version of his books. I didn't know that. Yeah so we have. Those one didn't even tell me well. We didn't really get into the books when he was on. But maybe we can the next time he's on. I really would love to talk about his books. I think it'd be great So let's get started so we can get your guests. You can do it. No. i'll come on shadow of. Let's give shout outs tonight. I just like to say. I appreciate joe absolutely every single one of you who tunes in every week live. Thank you Those who support us. We thank you so very much. Hey but a lot of the interaction. Yes and. I want to bring people out. Because i feel like they should be heard. Especially we like Bill freeman here. Is here constantly. Susan schwartz and liz and steve customer not currently Accordion rock Bonnie box who's constantly a supporter of us mark williams We cannot forget our brother. Stephen white who does a magnificent job of promoting this network. He's in jail. Yes hopefully brother steve. Your facebook jail. We're going to correct that problem by the way I happy hello and thank you to moral parvin to share in phillips to sherry and rob our good friends there. We love you guys We actually spent some time with robin sherry a couple of weekends ago To scott you heard show xpress mosel. 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Buster and everybody. marcel andrea. Oh everybody down there syra. Just what a group of people that just pull you in. Are you feel. Welcome every time you there A shout out to some mansion to our nama stay we gotta go see scott and shelly thin yes we shall just go visit yup absolutely To all the groups of csi Podcast networks airy promotions who always support us paranormal promotions Light workers world in good faith in good faith The three am paranormal by promote internet. Radio shows and podcasts. Paranormal and supernatural goes miss legends and morning then explained incredible groups Deep paranormal group Also shot out to Central ufo's paranormal cooked it to more to the funeral another great group that other great support group goes chats and other paranormal things and again to our sponsor band served billion of shop. Take you all so much real support after that. At least we're not talking to ourselves completely. Exactly you know what i think. Everybody already knows him. And i'm not gonna waste our time with reading the whole intro. So why is still. Oh no welcome to the show. Well thank you thank you thank you. Thank you so much brother. Thank you for coming back. You you had the most requests of any guest we've had so we had to reach out to you and it's amazing. Absolutely yes sir And that's why we wanted to reach. Yup we put out. I say it all my servants. I love it when that happens. It's amazing we we put it out a couple Couple of weeks ago. Who would you like to see. Come back and you had the most head. Sara like all right. We're doing augie. Yeah bringing on world. Thank you because this is going to be so much fun. Probably illegal kicked out represents procrastinators leaders of tomorrow know. She tried to give me to wear last week augie. But i was like no no mine with mine is sarcasm is how i hello which is true. It's true. yeah yes so. Let's dive into this. 'cause i know before we started talking about ancient alien you wanted to talk about something else and i think this is the time to release the animal from his cage. Which hear your thoughts about. What's going on all your. Let's talk about it. Well you know the connected. I mentioned. Maybe you talk about A little bit about what's going on in the election but mice you had a lot of guests there You know this is kind of like a dead horse and still be beat. Somebody like me. But i think that I think probably most people that is totally sitting in the box. They realized that if law matters if the laws followed there is in fact the way that the president can lose. Most people probably have heard that or understand that. So no i. I kinda hate to just keep going over things that you guys all know. Personally i think i don't care who is in the white house but i'm concerned daffy duck can be divide house so funny it's as long as it would be freedom for the people and the truth will come out and they will be opportunity and we will have a wonderful society. I don't care who's in the white house. Where i think the elections have caused so much hate and animosity and that's all the they're perpetuating is anger. That's why we're doing this show. That's assuming that people were up for the election to those be new hope and it's not it's not producing new hope for anybody instead. It's just anger so which no matter which side you're on the there is a the is probably right more divided than ever have been. Yeah i agree which is not good for our country can no way every empire from within. It's always the way it works and it's gonna be all right in the end We have know we. We getting little pitcher all the shooter. And what did you understand. What's going on behind the curtain. Then you restart the on right because It is just the Fight between democrats and republicans. It's a fight between good and evil and This is going to be all right. Because there's some very powerful entities involved in this and they haven't stuck they head up so anybody knows they're there yet like military intelligence and so on so it's gonna be all right. I'm not worried about it at all. You know all. I'm gonna. I'm gonna jump on your bandwagon in insane. I actually agree with you. I think it's gonna you know. I think it's gonna take some work on our behalf. All all of us. That are part of america the united states and even some of the world to actually get back on track. Put some positive out there. Put that spin on back. Let people know that people still care that this is this is just the beginning of what we can and will do and again it does matter. Who's in the office and then make a change. Knock it well. The president doesn't have a whole lot of authority period. He's just basically the face of the company he doesn't really get outside of anything. Yeah i know. I totally agree. It takes some work on our part back together because You know people. They don't study the more they don't really know what it says in the trough. Know what is going on behind there in the The the the legal system so we're just hearing a lot of people are hearing what they see on tv. Boy oh boy. They're getting the truth at all. So once this only come out and the total massive well the election fraud these coming on. Help people realize you know. This wasn't right and goes well. Who did it. So it's gonna come out and that's going to start bringing the people back together but it is up to us s balloon all because lee has to reach out from both sides to each other and say. Hey wait a minute. I know you didn't know. And i know so. We became enemies for a while but cold turkey on that. But hey let's get together again. Yes that's what the need to do. A deterrent for that is not there yet because people don't understand when they do i think that's what probably will happen It must happen. I you know i again. I agree with you because you know we as a collective whole yes have been damaged. I mean let's look at the facts is true and it's not just again here. I'd say it's all through the world but now we those who are that seemed from your point. Audible wet cat are discussing. Is there's a middle and we can heal. We can help. But it's gonna take a little chip at a time. It's kind of like that. Hart show on. You gotta chip that. Show away to get to the to the wonderful candida. Oh my goodness here you go. You gotta thing about mexico but that's out of the question. Yeah i think some of us may have to actually do something that'd be main order dunk for a while like maybe We lost a friend over. That would be something like that. He may have to go back and say hey friend. i'm sorry about. i'm sorry. I called you idiot. Because i didn't really understand either. So hey let's get together again. Yes personal other. People's gonna disagree with you. That doesn't mean he can't be friends if he'd disagree about something. i think. that's so ridiculous above agree with you but you know the the funny part is is that what took place no. That's a sensitive subject. Still right now is he said. She said she agreed with this. And that person agree with that and blah blah who cares. It's a personal opinion. In this is i'm gonna say this real quick hollering people tolerance but opinions and sometimes maybe politics should not be discussed. Maybe should be kept to yourself because we see what happens when religion or politics talking talked talking. You'll talked in the evening. It's only when you've got somebody that is sensitive. It doesn't distinguish the difference between you giving your opinion. And they don't understand what they're saying because your opinion doesn't agree with them. Okay instead of doing fading and having a one on one debate with you about you know this is why i believe that you know and then having them respond to that and being just a a conversation biggest so blown out of proportion and it gets the it upset and then they're standing and it's like there's no need for. It's a different opinion if you take it in accepted. Don't accept it. That's okay no you don't have let me give you an idea to why i do. It's going to be okay. it's gonna be good it is. I have been looking into the time. I have created into. The future is good things in left on the mastermind sessions that they do base creates mastermind of people together. And you just science the future place it in the future the way we want it to be and then we go back and forth and travel up to that thing every day and be paved the road for it and this is extremely powerful. We have to sign future. The way we born and so far it has happened. Everybody and they don't expect the problem of the day after elections but we had we have to sign peace into i. Guess what we had peace contrary to most people expected and Just one of the small things i've been able to do. They do incredible things. him there. i would love for people to join us they want to and when you look into the future signing before you have to live it and then create that as a paved road to do whatever we can to make happen and the thing about it is that really in a tree aided universe so that might create a universe is created by our. They're worn around us quantum physics. It's very clear on this We didn't even computer program. In fact let me go on. But there is a physicist named james gates. He says he's in his sixties now and he spent his whole life investigating quantum physics and the universe. Supposed to go deep into the equation. That explains the fabric of space. We find computer. Language like hornets representing once mc euros binary. Yeah yeah and diving tells me. There's there is a structured entity kind of like a computer program and the question is who is creating the program or better yet not to computer so now we know that the have the capacity to create the reality around us that you'd want in a small how most people realize that they don't little bit about positive thinking and doing the right thing so on drugs and violence is august. Think about what you have in your life if success peas and good health is all you care about that so we understand the car. Except now yeah. You're totally believe it is so i'm vigil tape putting lottery. Yeah they believe all it is very powerful. It is must believe that it is docked. Raise going to be that way. So i am not all my time. It's gonna be good. I think we're point you. And i are hidden in the same direction Because we we've got goals now we. We have a direction for the network and for ourselves. We're pushing through where we're not paying attention to the negative and the negative. That does come our way on. We sit down and we talk about now. Unlike we just we used to blow it off or just go Or kind of keep Our opinion to ourselves but now cat neier. We open up. We discussed things now. pa political relationship Those around us our friends her. An eye opening up in pushing forward and we. We're taking people with us. So i think we're we're on board with your doggy We we got somebody coming out of the sheriff says or having them say you hurt my feelings but yet if you try to explain your feelings you get shutdown. Aren't allowed to have feelings and then it's just shut down mood. It's so hard because you just wanna share common ground by get shut down and shut out. We should be able to be civil with one another and appreciate one another thoughts and feeling And learn from them right. If you're gonna just talk then you're not learning a dang thing ever if you're not listening you're not learning that's right Albert eyesight said something about that. Exactly better this. Yeah because then you learn. You're the one talking all the time. You just talk from memory right. That can't no no impotence. Ever love that Carol hernandez says set your intention intentions intent. Yes yes absolutely Because intent has such a strong energy and anybody knows anything about magic. Magic is energy energy as magic intent. Yes energy science. Yeah and then we got another kind of hearing the soup. Because we're gonna say yeah. I can't happen okay. No the word. But what use the concept hard to implement the concept of intention into your existence. That is a little bit more complex issue because intent is not just thinking of the word. It is more to it than that you to do something to have to visualize the fire out tom of what you want to accomplish you create and that you feel that with a ocean love and all the other things of life you gotta have that motivation and action towards the Jimmy Wants to know if you believe in the significance of repeating numbers since mentioned finery who i could say about the biology as lonely. Mr no. there's something to you right. If they don't be honest repeating them assure what it would actually do. But if they mean something to your subconscious mind then sircar just with the conscious mind and travel audience and you create something that represented byles phone. Numbers are youth. They i know alive. Repeating number know if while and playing cars if it's while i'm driving down the road and it's just died after sign with the same number You know you go to the store and your your number steaks and your Your exact mon is six dollars and sixty right You know you just you. Just i look it up. I'm say i checked to see if there if that number for some reason could pertain. What is going on. I know. I wanna see some about that because a lot of this. She's on that number six six. Some people misunderstand the meeting of course. A lot of people are xuming. It's the number of the beast but in numerology means something completely different because it's a number it has representation. So i just wanna make sure if that's nothing to do with evil demons or death and very powerful though because i remember stars i'd richard hoagland told on an art bell show long time ago. He said he went to the store. Bought something just small little thing people six dollars and sixty six. And he's he's he's said that i didn't. I didn't wanna pay that so he needs extra. The concert picked up. Something added to became a different number. He did great to pay six sixty six. Yeah but in that is he not superstar is he. Not changing the destiny of what that deficit can be see. We have the ability to change would could be. That was a perfect example. Yup and how. Many people still get freaked out by friday the thirteenth for each. You know the thing is an omen or some expert on friday. The thirteen work. Now let's go back and let's look at something real quick augie We were talking. We were gonna jump into ancient aliens and all that. But what about ancient civilizations that may have recycled because of what we're what we've experienced we now encountering those causing effects of what those civilizations may have gone through it. Well there is perfect place in quantum field from ancient civilisation aids. Things that happened then when we talking. Hey how are we actually talking. Let's say i'd be talking about years ago because if you had to say right now that'd be like us and everything collapsed and shutdown and everything was done away with South from now they'd probably be very little standing five hundred dollars on there will be no handle structures. Don't have in ten years. They would be no trace whatsoever this civilisation except for what was built from stone. Yes so yes. We can see that they have ancient civilization. They take allergies. We have no clue what you're lift hundred and ten tonnes stones twenty feet up and put them into a wall. We don't do that. So we don technologies back then that His way now we could say that probably could be an alien technology like came here. Supervise everything you know like Three hundred ninety nine thousand years with the on. Anarchy fake clash splash in the arabian sea shore and may two six days to build the first cap the leader he looked at said it was good and of course you again the bible you find the exact same or that it says in samaria top but he said so you want to plagiarize but Relevant good point waking up for a solid week every morning at three thirty three. Am and seeing one one one one throughout the day all week has been interesting. That'd worn out and jimmy says the the my invitation through a portal to another dimension. There are Just totally embarrassed. There is it. Looks like they just put down their tools and everything and walked away and it appears to me. When i think i've seen that they just walked to a higher vibration becomes the already got to the point where they could not international the veil and they just decided that they wanted a better existence state with that. Yeah that was awesome. I think that's very likely but then again destroyed then destroyed that would have also reflected itself in the way that would have been or the tools may have been busted or some form of destruction But in some of those especially in south america they were in the villages. There were no destruction searches anywhere. It was just. They disappeared and people hypothesized that they can that the Maybe they weren't out and they couldn't plant anymore and maybe the animals dried up because they over hunted So they had to move. Yeah they had to move because of that but where did they go Everything is possible. I suppose it's hard to say. Now i wanna. I just want to reflect on something because we were just talking about it augie and we look at the paranormal world for second and look at what we just talked about impair noma we talk about residual energy correct. We talked about intelligent and residual there's residual energy left here residual energy there. Now i offers it. Check your opinion. Because i think you were talking about it. Let's define is there. And could there be a possibility of residual energy of those civilizations or cultures now affecting our government now as residual energy. I would think that's very possible. In fact their stories on the server on presidents that has been the white in the white house in the oval office and the guards outside could hear them talking and arguing with someone and talking and he knocked on the door so eighty or something was wrong so he Door that up and the dress their old man bush did there was one incident. And there's also talk now about this is happening to trump. They are talking while they're long standing in the living room. And there's nobody around they just kinda doing comes open then they look awkward or you go back to the decks desk. Saw could be some more. They're they're talking to but to guard cannot see it. I want to support that mean. Is there a possibility that he's just on an earphone. Though it is a possibilities on the ear phone but the what they're discussing Was not based off of what that was going up. But that's a good point. 'cause i'm wanting to leave something else when you were saying that is let's go back to the fundamentals of this country and what we know about what took place with george washington and i'm going to bring this full score. Y'all yeah no no pun intended. Maybe was But the way washington eat disease. Washington disease washington was created was conversation with an entity in the woods. Yeah green or the green or so. We're gonna talk and other people did see it. It wasn't just him now. List move forward and let's talk about what was just talking. About what if it's not residual energy would if there's intelligent energy that's been left and it's still in that white house and communicating like a president who from the past or the future. Oh look handle. I mean the stamps and stuff in the white house to arm leaning more towards that. Jimmy says it's common knowledge is soundly have been have been harnessed to manipulate structures absolutely and i don well. There are actually a wonderful wonderful. Founding fathers sitting down to sign the declaration of independence was a lot of contention. They were arguing. They couldn't really agree on and they were in a zoo which was a balcony up above there a long long mall and they were got into early stars. You get dusk. This don't actually graduates and there was this person that showed up on the ballot and he walked towards the veiling east. Dude there to talk to them. I said and. I don't think actually quote this because he's already said what you are about to do. You must do your hanim asleep otherwise you will fail. And then he walked back into the shadows out there and Guys he ran up the stairs that were nobody ups there. There are several rooms that he looked at everyone. Nobody upstairs on the second floor. Absolutely yeah could have been resilient intelligence spirit about a bit annealing all star wars visitation. Jimmy says that. Ancient alien ben involved in our politics since george washington was elected. Are there just very largely. And roberts is ancient. Aliens live under under antarctica. I thought that was a military base under antarctica. They form three ships. Don't there and some of them there have of this Places phone on their twelve foot tall. And you know really do lookin' maple i suppose but there there i'm gonna say i plead the fifth. 'cause i don't think i'm allowed to talk about that. Somewhat plead the fifth on that one. I don't what to talk about with from what dad told me what i'm not so i'd rather play it safe and go. You haven't signed anything then. You're not obligated to withhold any information. Yup true i don't understand that. I mean i don't i don't know what position would put us in. If i talked about it is that makes sense. He thinks men in black. And i am saying anything about i'm just telling but well no i. I knew i've talked about a few things in all now. All you talked about it now. I can talk a little bit about it. That he said it first. And i know i can say i can confirm that is a military base that was in antarctica that was created during world war. Two asa that. And that's all i can say about that that i there are other things that took place. There was rushing their german with german. And they're only with. Hitler was all that they did But i i also. We're talking about the future and things going on. I would invite people to come and visit us at the mastermind connection because We're doing some incredible things. They're just Same thing email is throughout the email address. While i'm out here that the astor mind connection at g mail dot com the master. My connection g mail dot com. And we do. I don't sunday at two o'clock in the afternoon. East coast time and we Are we done some really really incredible things which should not have happened according to the laws of physics so it's a conscious collective. yeah kind. Recollect you mind so that was having fun with it and we're creating great things so join us if you like to all of you out there. Hey think that's a great invitation. It is right there. Yeah on the part of the positive in the future. You hitler to learn how forever. That's why he was obsessed with the paranormal and The and and that's and that's why he was a spiritualist. He wanted to find the the What did that. Well they only want to be with all the spurs you. Yeah he thought he had all the spiritual items in the world that he can become immortal and become the overall emperor human. Yeah he wanted to find the found a use. You wanted to find the the challenge. They he wanted to find the The other one. The all i can think is indian chip puts the destiny of spear right tip of that but now Yeah so now that we've looked at that. We we know that as a possibility of our government being affected by residual or intelligent energy. Okay and augie. We we've talked about past civilizations opening that up and their affect now. Let's let's talk about something before going break as what about those cultures affecting air prison culture as we the citizens not just the government. I mean could that negative way of life actually be affecting us look at the mayans day were ruthless culture. Could happy can we be absorbing that back see. Here's the deal though culture that for because they something gave him the belief you know That the blood and sacrifice swing to give him twenty something that that something you. I don't say in a on the influence i don't think they are the influence of our society. I think I wanna go out on a little bit further than i probably Otherwise and say that. The the government of the united states has become a subsidiary of receiving in germany and Because we know that they've been studying the The nazi Teaching manuals political and technological and many others. They have them and they imported about they say a hundred and sixty some three thousand three One thousand six hundred is telling us but they were three thousand. Two hundred dollars came over on the operation paper quip those german scientists. Same they real now saw a. Because i think we'll sit you think that's where the influence come from but daddy's changing now a senior jamie. They're manipulating the idea to maybe work on a better culture Who who is manipulating do you know. Do you think they're manipulating. The nazi thought the socialist bought into something new to create something better for the future for mankind. I think there's been some work on that and neither cares has it has. But it hasn't flurries yup and i think that is about to happen here in the next few months That there will be change because in around when everybody running everybody finds out that the cia was the one of those behind the computer program that stole election then people's not gonna like much Wasn't a cia working for trump. no they didn't work with trump. they never have been very friendly to trump so another misconception from the media or from the from the. I don't even want to say the social. Yeah yeah social network. Yeah okay so don't let them all works. I don't know. I'm i don't really care so much about that. Because he's our work itself out right. They don't need my help or anything like this show. Ancient alien blew my mind years ago. Many people believe aliens or demons to. That's pretty wild. That's religion for any thoughts on the battle of la on the what the battle of la Well it's obviously was something up there that They were shooting up and it fell in the ocean and They went after it. I'm sure they whatever it was. It's somewhere away alone. Time go by the government and whatever they learn from it. I imagine just probably learn the same thing every time they shoot down another. Uso they find out what's inside of it rebuild it back. Engineers adds it to the stock of what we already have. The black friday said flying flying discs flying triangles. They are very advanced. So it's just like in nineteen eighty eight. I think it was the head of the start work. She said that whatever you can imagine. We already know how to do if you have seized track. We know how to do it. That was professor von braun. I know exactly that was. It said that that was bombed bra. Okay what asshole took the personal talking about rene cody's says oh my goodness augie a love this carol alternative. Since i've never heard about the battle of la look it up there very interesting shot at something. We're shooting at something in it was a. They used a lot of artillery shooting at the something and it never came down overcame. Well that we that we are not bad but like all he said you know he you know pretty surely it. It seemed like it wasn't hitting it. None of the artillery was actually hitting what they were what they were seeing Boggy i mean until you were seeing something. If they're taking the time to to fire that much artillery at it six or seven floodlights on it. So i'm sure they could I heard both those the jury's out on that something that it didn't come on. I know the they thought they saw came down so i'm not really sure what happened right Sherry says just. Don't listen to boots for two hours. Okay i know what she's talking about. let's Let's do this and travelers. And there's like if you're tuning in tonight and you wish to call in when we return back from break please call in at one. Three two three eight seven zero three eight seven seven. That's one three two three eight seven zero three seven seven call in ayrshire courses. We come back from the break Obviously would say we take about a seven minute break. Let's go use the restroom and give take gets catch a breath of fresh air and then come back and let's jump back into the whole direction of where we're going with. This sounds fine. I need another cup of coffee in ohio and coffee. You ain't happening c o no I need the coffee. Yeah so trump was those like we're going to be right back just after this. We're gonna take small commercial break. We're going to play some music for you and Right now we're actually gonna play something that hasn't been played on the show in a long time and i'm sure there'll be some social media platforms like. Oh i don't give a damn. I'm going to play it because this is perfect for tonight I would like to give this out to Bill thorpe dr And A little children of the sun. Team one Young ladies you don't do t to join jazz. blast and on nights at eleven o'clock an on facebook and our ju- to bail. Swear after you're getting y'all come up power normal soup every sunday night and good evening. Travelers those alike. Welcome back to the second hour of the oron. Effect with special guest argued knauss. Thank you for being a part of the show with us tonight. Well thank you. Thank you for bringing me back. It fun and it still is fun. Oh yeah and we're gonna pick your brains. And i you know i you know either talking about the paranormal and some of the paranormal is actually normally just that we don't know it right. Okay and yeah. And i you know. I grew up in europe after the second world war and i have cumulated some information about to fly the nazi flying disc that it really is much out there. There's very little about those out. There you find. But i have some information if you wanna talk about it. Yeah let's talk about because that's part of aging it's still surpasses still about the Today's technology yeah. Let's talk about the flying bell okay. well first of all they eat is basically even at the united states is proven that they did exist because there have there does have the documents on some of it is just that i've seen some morals thrown over in europe and of course they show up in german so americans don't really know what to do with that now. This courtship can translate some of the jervis. They had their own ross route. Nine hundred eighty six. Yeah there was just came out of this guy and he landed donald and they were able to take that thing then try to back into their but they already had a lot of information because of in nineteen seventeen. There was a lady. They maria all tissues some information from an alien civilizations so for all the channel and she was basically educated. Well she basic grammar school but that was had no college education. She started formulas right and complex structures of flying machines. And she didn't know what she did. She just wrote it down and then they took that someone else took short term a military officer and they took it and they started experimenting with it so they have experimented with a drone airplanes in germany. Since probably about nine hundred twenty right and when you came to nineteen thirty six that was kind of the crown jewel that they were able to get them vegetable story together when they follow bad crash flying disc from europe. Where gravity yeah they they. I don't know where that was from but absolutely in nineteen thirty nine. That's the first prong the flying They call them harvey one flu. That's the one that had the mercury engine and it was no slow too often. German air force. It was flown by the to society and the black sun they were together for for a and some of this i. Actually when i grew up i saw use paper. Arctic goes right after the second world war. I started reading newspapers age of cities. So i could brow. Okay it worth the comics all right about four years old. I read a lot of other goofy stuff so I saw on two cases. That i still remember i saw articles of is the thrum german. They were They were prisoners of war. That came back from germany. Norwegian prisoners were came back and they said y'all we saw those things they flew around them and there were several. Oh than testified. got In these two different articles so we know the existed is johnson. So jimmy says that the german. Y'all get your war. Scientists were very close to reverse engineering a ufo weapons. Oh oh absolutely yeah. I would say they had German they had the space program. They the first rocket that made it up into space that houston pedic fuel and that both nineteen thirty nine also and i have seen a picture that came from germany and it show the first picture taking some actually not orbit so much because the space struggle in iraq and here they go up straight from little bit and then they go and forty five degree angle up. Kind of a curve off to. Germans didn't do that. They didn't understand that they say straight up and when they do that the gravity is not able to convert itself to a falling force so it came straight home. They did take a picture for my then. You could see a black and white picture over there slightly curved or rice. I taken in nineteen thirty nine the germans so we know you know they did this. And then of course they The of course they developed as eagle flying bomb and the tune ballistic missiles. That came later that was never actually used a they had them right and Now army i was interviewing Of my tv show to itself. That i did for six years. I interviewed windows. Stevens and colonel stevenson. He said that The germans they had a space program and they had the hard to do and the to and the city and he didn't quite know about the hundred before but how the do one was very fast and it could do about twelve thousand miles per hour. Damn being in the atmosphere right now. We know the space show was doing about seventeen thousand miles per hour right. That's in lower but exactly and yeah and That's the one that through the first time in nineteen thirty lawn Thirty nine. I'm sorry They had Two prototypes that. If i did the first monthly pay from their on may two prototype and the second one. Quick question made that's bashed and from thrown. They can find any states that being the case to to harm to they advanced Put more technology into its and that flew the first time in nineteen forty two thousand twenty six meters seventy six in her. Why and he's had a crew nine nine people on it. It was super supersonic and could go to thirteen thousand. It said thirteen thousand and forty miles an hour that they have clogged. I'm not so sure about the number thirteen thousand. So right and god diet is really special. Stock specially back then. Oh that's not done for you. She she's heard people have seen. Ufo's with the logo usa on it. Yeah have you originally from creatures. Here's your yeah and she wants to know. I'm sorry in different types of alien you know that. Live among like re reptilian. All absolutely there are alien species here walking us today and we will never know the difference because they just like. Oh this is opening diversity. We talk about especially the pleading race. There are on the alberici bollard six out just seven so tall and they are just like us. They use hoops like they look like us. And in fact. I i know one. That was you dropped off. Here's a little newborn baby and more or less just a little kid and you go to by a military family and jerry wills. He is one of the augie. We're we're in the pleading universe now. Are we correct. In what universe. We are in the palladian universe now as we speak right now the transformation and the shifting shift of to the palladium universe. I believe we are probably on the same vibration. Yes that's right absolutely you know We got stewart was a couple more things coming out of facebook. Lamb says realized tech. They put out there truly a hundred years plus ahead of what they're showing the public. Oh yeah and remember. Cell phones were used in the sixties indefinitely probably earlier. Okay i mean you remember came out with the technology for cell phone. Thank you. I was getting ready to say something about that because augie was talking about the lady in germany. You're talking about this. we're talking about tesla. Let's look at the another ironic thing back in the early. Nineteen hundreds nineteen twelve to nineteen twenty. We had this this communication thing going on. We had the young lady there. We had tesla we had. Who else edgar casey. All of these people who are receiving messages that we just created it in over five hundred volumes of what he was captured. Tesla had this would work. That can change the world and they took it from him We had this receiving message. You received messages about what bill was stupid. Well yeah well. Same thing with our during the bill but how many things in the world today is from paranoia experiments almost everything so this is the on rendre. What bringing to if it wasn't for if it wasn't for paranormal research we wouldn't have if it wasn't for paranormal research. We wouldn't have the telephone if it wasn't prepared. Animal research would have the computer. How ironic howley rock. So we had all that yeah nation. They create a harmless things. Remember when when tesla was coming up with radio waves and researching radio radio waves. He was receiving transmission. He believed that it was for millions that he was picking these because there were no there. Were no radio waves going else. Some some us yet. I mean this was just brand. New technology were absolutely actually you. No you go ahead okay. Yeah i just did a An hour extra on the tesla spirit radio and the telephone the Dimensional telephone that they are creating at the university of arizona. The tesla spirit radio dot was just to simulate xavier device created by tesla in nineteen worn. I believe it was and he said. I was alone in my laboratory and i turned radio on and i could hear voice talking and it scared me right. So he knowing. Nineteen one wants to many radio stations. All the first commercial radio station showed up. I think in the lease like was nineteen thirty one or nineteen twenty nine or something like that. They realize radio for experimental purposes at universities. Don't so long before. But not in nineteen horn back. There were no radio radios. Hardly out there. Catholics believed it was alien but edison. He took on the research because he believed that it would spiritual where he stole. He stole to fill. He started researching it. I'm trying to prove that. There were goats. replicate. What has what happened tackling yup yup and right now we want to make sure that people listening in tuning in right now understand. There is two different boxes most people in the paranormal Understand the edison box. They're like asthma. I hate to tell you and you can go on youtube and you can find the i talk about this. Edison two plans from tusla. He stole the tesla. book's idea. tesla created the box. I while there's been working with him when he was working on. That's misconception to tesla creative. After they got right they got together. That's how edison found out about the test in created yet. It's inbox jimmy. Same same marconi. Over in italy. Marconi was stolen radio from texas from tesla. Yep but you know what did all the time he didn't he didn't he gets he wanted to give 'em techonology to the people if he thought if it made the world a better place than give it to jeff. Absolutely absolutely okay. We've got more coming out of facebook The ufo military base in nevada. What's what's your opinion on on works now in nevada. The military base. I'm guessing area fifty one that s four. I'm sure they live in the rail. I'm hearing that most of the equipment for food out of Ships for food out of area fifty one to another one don't base but then again i don't believe that i think they have so much in that that they're going to use the facility for something. They're still there. S for what he that s four s five and fifty four and i agree And i was just support that support jimmy and support avi that i know for a fact that fifty one has high started because of von braun and because General may that's how fifty one came about because of the experimental ideas that was taken as aubrey brought about the nazis. Who came to america they had to they went from pats rights airforce base patterson airforce base rather sorry to nevada to test this people think white plains attesting for just the air force he was not long gone and lemay take this area specifically to put on their black projects. I knew that because my father was a part of however i'm not su- shoot. Okay i'm gonna go and say this. We follow science science fiction. You've seen society follow science fiction in science fiction even from the seventies and eighties. And i can tell you now. I would not be surprised in the next ten years if we don't see a fully mechanized suit of armor a mecca. If we don't already have it. I mean like i am in on a bigger scale Some people understand what say mechanized-armor or mecca. This is a. This is a suit. It's like a walking take out And i think we're gonna see that from this technology I we already. I'm gonna go back real quick And talk about nazi bill. Real quick Because i'm glad you brought it up. They if for those of us who are really into quantum physics and quantum science understanding. They also believe that the nazi bill had the ability based on quantum understandings to actually time trouble. And that's why it's still spotted today. Yeah can tend to use use a time travel device because the glock here on the bell. That's was put together a long. The lines of the channeling that money owed tissues gave them as well. That's what they found in that Crashed flying saucer on balladeer right. He created all that and there. There was just a very hard metal flying saucer that they were not able to to do kate but it was layers. Kinda like chambers field would event. Berkeley was rotating in one direction. That the all all layer amid the tally labels rotating in the opposite direction. And they were a feel there. Were magnets in the rotating. Yeah all of this chamber bill. Yeah where that just keeps it it. Would it would bounce off the work of the it's creating its own gravity short bounce earth gravity so it can actually do what they wanted to do whenever we all do. There are trying to do this. And i'm not sure how successful that being because they said that. Yes we we were able to get the effect but I think they run out of money before they could go very far with it. So it's just there but the concept of that being a energy device has been proven absolutely We got more coming out of facebook. But i'm gonna make more things since we're talking about nazis and nazi technology. Ufo's let's talk about the foo fighters. Okay this this is a squadron of high tech space or don't know if it space or ero if you will But back at the end of the war the war a pilot saw a fleet of these fighters flying through the mountains and issue happens at the spiders. Look exactly like one of the nazis. I jet assault fighters so updating would the technology. We're seeing a crossing technology. I just want to bring that to the air Base looks about to open their on. Were von braun was locked into ancient aliens as well. He knew too much rain as always turns into science back and then she says i can't go into details but a friend sister worked at area fifty one and unfortunately witnessed something. She wasn't supposed to and got a message out to her sister that she was going to be disappearing. You've never been heard from again. She had high security clearance and wasn't supposed to see what she did for. Jimmy real reasons secret service. Stay with president till they die is so one doesn't tell about the real ufo alien tax and stuff. We have to really think the president's member just regular it's not just okay. I'm about to run my mouth on something. I'll just say you know. These people talk about men in black and de data. There's a reason why these presidents have this unique special secret service gathering around them. Twenty four seven. That's all i'll say about that. One argue you can add to it. Well see good. Service was also different other occasions when things went bad so off. Trump doesn't trust them. He hire his own to try the lifeguard around. They are around all the time and they are the studies dealing with secret service but the people around trump. They are his private bodyguards. Right and say that's correct. A lot of people don't know about that either which is why they're the pro. Why they're worried that he won't step down because the white house is. Yeah no and the noticing that very few people know about that even Eisenhower said that Right about Months before the end of the second world war he said we can lose this war because there was one incident where They were eight hundred allied bombers. That's left england and flew over germany. Drop their ball is one night but the germans they knew they were coming and they had serving the boot twos that came up behind them and they used weapon that is called the press drug to it is a direction of impulse and they fired at they fired at the the allied bars and they destroyed the electric system in the airplanes and everything quick so they ended up crashing over germany on their allied bombers. They lost a third of them. Anthony lowest up. If you're day proper you definitely want a car free computer because if it goes down the way they think is going to go down this sudden flare Working as a huge emp and wiping out all our computer set. Your car will head and useless. My until it'll be something we create or the the world just some sabotage anarchist. We'll just hit this place. Emp over what we figured. No i'm don. We're all their rage to protect themselves for the yes you can. You have a A ferret cage in. The house is called the microwave. And i have a i. Don't use the microwave because it destroys the food but the microwave is sitting. And he's got a spare computer in walkie talkies and a bunch of batteries in it so if anything goes ships are up and running. You got locker room off. Well i tell you what we have something. Facebook for argument have a phone call. We have some of those like to ask a question. Would you like me to bring him on. Sure all right. Let's do this. Let's see here area code nine one zero. Welcome to the orion with cat the hitman and all lost. What question do you have tonight. Hey i just wanted to ask your guest. What advice he had about What we can do against the lizard people. Oh good one. What kind of people the lizard people you know. Not the reptilians. Wendy williams okay. I actually the guest term for it is very appropriate Because there is some of the people on earth that has more of chilean dna than others and they are the ones that because come down to the bloodlines from the archaeology way. Down to the people who live today and may keep track of each other and they help each other. that's why every president of the united states except one has been related to each other. That's how they keep things together and they keep control now to to do with them. I don't worry about it right now. Eighty taken care of as we speak it. Sounds like you might be one of them with how you're speaking because if you weren't one of them would be stressing how important this is very important and it will happen because they have incriminated themselves so bad that when the people find out they're going to turn on them. This is true. I think my neighbors one of them. And i've been plotting to To have him arrested sometime in like public display and make sure that everyone knows he's a lizard person and what's the yellow goo and the plastic bags attached to the chest four. Oh that's good question. I haven't seen that. 'cause i've seen walking around and it has like this is yellow goo and a plastic bag around their chest and like i don't know if that's like some kind of weird like fluid detachment thing or Yeah well hurting event is gonna take my prostate so i i don't know if that's true or not. Oh wow. i don't worry about that anymore. It's gonna be alright gonna be alright. Okay Just one thing and it's just. Have you ever heard about the biological airplanes biological airplanes giving your or. They're made out of like me. No no they're basically cloned animals but they're designed like airplanes of like seven forty seven or like little cessnas. I guess but they're they're basically made out of meat and they run off of Photosynthesis you should check it out. It's pretty neat. Organic farscape farscape. Yeah anyway 'cause i guess let's blow about sex. Okay bye all right. Thank you call. We appreciate you calling in tonight. All right right from Do you believe a planet they call ni- brew exists behind the side and i'd be are well. Niebuhr is not a planet. It is a planetary system that rotates how at brown dwarf small star and that is why he leaving the binary system. That's a little brown. Dwarf goes around the system between the third and the fourth planet actually outside march for the planet And all the way out outside the cloudy back in again and this rotate two houses circuit on thirty six hundred sixty or fifty years in order to make it around the circle and it is on his way now. So yes the the concept of either israel there's some area and tablets talk about it and is ancient history in writing and as well as in nineteen eighty seven or eighty nine. I saw to the or four Newspaper articles i have a copy of them stating that Telescopes had discovered a very large planetary planet at the age of the solar system. Right that he had not known about before. That's the one that is coming back in. Okay okay i get it now. I was kinda i was getting off track and i was like i'm in. I got you okay. Jimmy said lift. Why do we only see the same side of the moon. Is it by design or coincidence. No that's no coincidence that's Do back the moody is because the man is a Because the space station it is there to monitor or there was a time before them. That agent is riding from india. Talk about in fact. They talked about of tune moods and one blue collar and the other one was quite like this one. Now this is tall and it's is ball jd. So that there's more math on the on the side of way from So it is moving around. It has a The more mass on the outside so that the centrifugal floors bring that side away from mass all the time so and also the the whole inside of it is not. The center is more towards us. So there's more mass on the other side so it will he actually in law both a little bit. You can see about Acid go through the moment. You can see Slightly behind it at times about four degrees or so on the edge there are. Let's say on the fifteenth on. You can see something on the thirty two. See five degrees frederick behind then disappears again here to the moon so it wobbles but it is because the the home side and also it is damaged some so that it has more laughs on the outside as a c. Already impossible orbit. This moon is in and That's mood is just plain simple. Not supposed to be there some. The scientists rented because it has a perfectly round barbeque. And it's supposed to have that. It's against several million chance. Society could get that or and they actually have been calculating the moons around jupiter correct watching the moons around jupiter. Accolate that that that how they should not be absolutely perfect orbit as far as our moon. Yeah well that's these are smaller than this. One is too big to be rich. I we we know our size of the moon. We know the weight of the moon because we got moon rocks and we measured it. Sees folks are slightly less than what rox on this plan would be. And how fast is going because of that be no my centrifugal force it is creating being slung away from earth. If you feel all this into a computer it doesn't come out. That byrne desert is almost impossible and the moon is it should be about two times further out away from earth orbit perfect around if it was solid but if the moon is hall people make perfect sense for you to be where it is. Jimmy seems to think that inhabited in an internal in establishment. Yes absolutely because there has been article the years robot not about the moon in their talk about observations of things that is happening on the moon dating back to the late seventeen hundreds because they when they discovered the telescope. One of the first things they did was to aim at the moment they saw flashes of light up there and The nineteen fifties. They saw him and eleven. I think it was eleven mile long. Reach on the move between two crater edges and it was clear you could see the shadow coming off of the east bridge and that later they could see got dismantle. It wasn't there anymore. Right pitchers fact. I got the patriots shareholders. Don't i have pictures. Also green vegetation on the mode. So i if if you go to the websites throw it cast team. I'll thought dot com broadcast team. Alpha dot com. Scroll down into the the videos. You'll find something called. The teachers in there is been just beautiful pictures and artifacts and things on the mood factors feature and mass of photo all humanoid standing on the surface. I remember that picture. Yeah and also you can do same thing with the mars pictures that also gets very interesting. There's one fixture there. That came back intercepted before nasa the whole the little grey standing about twenty feet away from the rover standing out. There just got don't need to breathe. Yeah that's more facebook for you. Came out she says skull and bones found that interesting. So many presidents were involved in that secret society fiscal society. Yup that's when they do things that they don't want anybody young to know about so that others can control them because he's a breakaway things that they probably shouldn't have done could be just you know expose so they don't want that and they will always follow the directives of the mass of the masters the majestic twelve Dolphins would like to know what testimony of an alien abduction. You find back saul who. That's a good question. probably Quite a few of them. I'm not so sure exactly what to think about. I think there's some people on this go that house being abducted because they have chips in the they have a little things in. They're stuck behind the air or on the have in the brain or they play some different places and these have been taken out and they find that they are partially organic as metallic. So there's really goofy structure. These small chips were these probes that they find somebody say they have spent to take an x ray or your hands law peach and find that they have something. Jimmy things that it was. It was called here to maintain a watch pos to monitor us for. Maybe we had moon that. I don if something happened to then. An artificial moon was the only way to save the civilization. Oh no i think it's more like it's a spaceship or there is Millions of people inside of it and it's their home and they are here for their own purposes as well as observing us and they've been there for about twelve thousand five hundred years before that the papers writings coming out of india. They work on mood right. So perhaps actually there is a defense to the moon or to the earth because we are such a young civilization that defense perhaps came from this location and air defensive outer defence. Space defense is coming from these individuals at the thought. I'm just what it up there. Yeah yeah then you have people saying oh but afraid they're gonna come and take over the planet. Well if they wanted to take over the planet. They wouldn't wait too now. they would've done it a hundred years ago. There would be no opposition whatsoever. Wouldn't even have to step on the planet to do it. I mean come on come on. Don't be stupid it's not gonna be a bad. We ought to be here. Let them do it to themselves. You know yeah they wouldn't. They wouldn't wait till now. Have particle beam weapons in space. Yeah they were on a while ago. Maybe aliens have a conscious thought. No seriously doubted. Do alterations made okay. We're heading for that aren't we. We're rocking it. I know where she's going with this Please tell me you're going there. Oh yeah all the buckle up this is going to get done well. I was just talking. I was talking to him about you. Know the the bible right survival said that man was created. In god's image five thousand years ago science tells us that men was existing wave before five thousand years ago however science also tells us that are h. Negative blood just appeared. Five thousand years ago. I find any Have footprints in stone in texas studying rock. That has been there for about three hundred million years that was human footprint. So they've been here for a while exactly right. So but if you think rh negatives bled appeared five thousand years ago at the same time as the bible says god was created Progress creating man in his image but then the by laws is and believe the garden there are other people then Let's just talk for a little bit. Yes that's visit on just for a moment. Question is where does the word god come from right. The word god throng originates in the old sumerian. Actually before the samarium with crm hockey language you go off means great leaders right so glenn the great leader wanted to well as some histories of this and in fact if you want to read the whole history i would really happen. How earth and mankind was created wrote. Very expensive died in one of my books and you can read it there so no no caroline nothing disappeared. It appeared before five thousand years ago. There is no. There is no scientific proof that are negative blood existed. It just simply appeared about five thousand years ago. Yes she's just referring to facebook comment. Avi the often. Don't know about that for five thousand years i As long as there are people there's been blurred will Of blood types. I don't know about the negative. I don't know about that started but it is also sad that it's Haley blood tied or at least that part of it that that could be fine because we are not only created by the owner. Knock you in all of this seedings on earth coming from other places in the black race that it was all over africa for thousands of years they come from serious and the they talk about the alien species came down and taught them how to do agriculture and told them other successful societies and they laughed together so and this has been around there those stories on for five thousand years. It's a cycle. Yeah so. I'm just wondering. Is it possible that the bible is just a representation of one group of people and defining that. Yeah that's very likely could be a I know how the bible was created and for what purpose it was. I i read the notes from the meetings in constantinople turk. Your may say. I time if the when they were two hundred twenty three people that was ordered by emperor conduct gene to goldeneye. Say how we ate a religion that will unify my empire. Do before you had done so. And they sent those people there and they were very nervous. They helped to create something that would unify the empire and they went to nine sound scrolls and tablets those writings and peak the shows and they stolen from everybody anything and put it into the bible. And that's what it says in the notes which you can actually v two places. You can find vote Oxford university press in england. If they'll let you have it. And also the copy museum in istanbul turkey. They have a copy of original notes from the Twenty five twenty six twenty seven. They created the first draft of the bible. Then they lied their face off for because they stole from everybody that they could find in those scrolls that they reviewed and then it credited to their god and guys that they say also he's got. Well i just wanna see this real quick. If you're calling in and you have a question please push option number one on your keypad. That way we know you have a question of not will. Just leave you and you anybody that calls in. There's two eight minutes left show at one. Three two three seven zero three seven seven We actually have another caller. That's calling him for a question. One second okay. Carol She just said. I used to be h. Negative and my mother to it just changed to o-negative. No the are eight is the negative. So you can be own negative. You can be a next if the that is the our age Before five thousand years ago everybody was a positive. There was no rh negative. Where yes my i of course would be. How do they know that. That's another good point. Genetics splicing That would be taking blood from from several different sources of using bone marrow. Where where'd you. Where did they find five dollars. Your blood i've played while they're really good either. Legit it's possible. I don't know. I don't know about these could very well. Be that has alien connects to it but it's I'm totally open to that. So but i don't know actually well. We got a caller. You wanna take it. Sure all right. Let's bring him on. Welcome to the orion affect right here with the hitman. Cat editor special guests on. How can we help you tonight augie. Hey yeah i'm. I've been watching a lot of stuff there and i saw one of the things that you put on out there when you were in prison there and you would get a lot of meditation and were able to receive what you call the download your mental state and myself ever since i was a little kid. I've always felt like intuitive. This and i kind of lost long a while back. But now i'm kinda like damian back a little bit. I feel and i've now coming down to kinda like with an agricultural state of as i'm going to sleep while i'm still conscious and i have a lot of stuff on my mind that things are now coming to me as i'm going to sleep and i'm starting to see up in front of my eyes. My eyes closed and i'm trying to figure out. How can i get to a better state of understanding these things. Well it's it is growth you You gotta get out of your head and into the spirit or into the heart and fox if you come you know seeing the mastermind. Next sundays would teach. You can get your own download understand better. I also write about how to do this. And my birth about spiritual science higher conscious of how to access the universal consciousness. There you will get a lot. 'cause i've been i've been seeing a lot of things like Going through masters of people. Which i don't recognize the faces of the people and i don't recognize the place that i'm at You can't put that together. But just just the other night i had one worth. My grandparents came to me and it completely threw me for a loop i have from. Hasn't your grandparents departed. Yes they bring it on for a little bit over twenty years now okay. Very close with them. Yeah well you may say that. They didn't gone but Maybe they haven't maybe they'd come around every so often just to check on your i kind of feel that my grandmothers in my guardian angel. I'm a commercial and quite a few times where i feel. It made it back across the ocean. Yeah they don't very all they take on a job like that so it could very well happen but common journalists in the mastermind connection. And you'll get a very much better understanding of more. I greatly appreciate the offer there and i will have to. I'll put a comment here on facebook. And maybe you can see my friends and the people showed me a link for it. I appreciate it. I'm very personal. You you have contact me on facebook too. That'd be good. that'd be calmer often message really appreciate it. Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of information that you have thank you. Thank you caller. We wanted thank you guys. I'll be jimmy. Wants to know if you believe when we depart we transcend to another round. Absolutely just start going into a different room and the doing parents go back. Do you believe that you choose around me. Go to your create the path to the zoom. By the way you conduct yourself in this room and so if you believe yourself to be evil you probably around me. Create for yourself is not going to be a good one. Won't do city stuff. You know you can expect that. Maybe you'll have some of that again. Yeah there you go geigo right. So i yeah i would say Just as long as you are striving for higher consciousness. That is where you will end up. Absolutely yeah i think determined came here with a job to do certain things to learn and Some people call it karma all turks for it i guess but there are some things that just cannot get around the eggs aged for us to go through learn these things because he may not drag the first time in the last time he came back to get a good understanding of something that we hadn't learned before makes perfect sense. All thank you so much. We're down last minute of the show thank you. I wish we can keep going for another hour. You Thank you for being a part of this Hopefully you out there issue back again. Yeah sure do just call. And in the meantime more about what i'm talking about. Look up the book spiritual science higher conscious and how to access universal consciousness and also. The website of roth cast out front from absolutely thing that if they travelers and does the like for being the hardest thing for everybody who called in tonight. Thank you travelers. who watched us on facebook. Listen to us and blah talk and listen to spotify down the road and oliver thank you so much. May you have a wonderful. Be smart which you do help. Another traveler out always reversed. Her happened happened to be better tomorrow. Good data we'll see you all next time you right here on your ride. Back with young adults will return. We'll see that

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