In a Mood


Well this is. I mean literally i i i have no desire to do. The show tight. None zia ru what's going on nothing as you're not in the mood to do it. You're always ready to go. But i i just didn't know if you're sick or something. I feel i physically feel great I see the people are rocking. I'm thinking you know the live show. The church occur virus door one week dragon ass after. I know we had monday tuesday with them and used dragon ash after last week. So i don't know what's going on. We did that our guy ever the story of a run. He literally just texted me that he just found the file. And he's gonna email to so. I haven't had a chance to review it but it should be in my email probably like thirteen years after the video file. Loads of christ. I want to. He was on last night. Yes oh. I want to hear it aired aired last night. But i don't i don't have the file you'll have shows over Yeah i think so just depends on how long it takes this guy to send me an email where everything's in hector's hands now. Can you tell hector know. We're doing the show right now is here or knows you're not care. He's working on sunday to me right now. Okay what's going on Well obama's gonna book coming out. Data used you read. The the atlantic excerpt narrowed the. Oh yes read the The newest thing. I've seen so far is that he cops to Having kept smoking throughout his presidency was no surprise right. No no one knew everyone knew chomping on nicotine seen people suggesting that it was an elaborate conspiracy to cover up his smoking. Read the media scam. I read the new york times review on it. Which was just i mean i. I would love for somebody to write that something like that. All right i mean you know. Barack obama a promised land. Barack obama barack obama is his finer writer as they come is not merely that the book avoid being congress is might be expected even forgiven of a hefty memoir. But that is nearly always pleasurable. Read sentence by sentence the pros gorgeous and places the detailed granular in vivid from southeast asia to forgotten school in south carolina. He evokes a sense of place with a light but sure hand. This is the first of two volumes and it starts early in his life. You go it's gonna be great is this book is going to sell hundreds of thousands of copies and nobody's gonna generate it just like one of his books. I think was dreams of my father or something like that he. He says on page thirty eight of that book that he ate dog when he was in indonesia and then when people were discovered that like during one of his campaigns it was brand new breaking news no right in his book all along the his reluctance to glory and emmy achievement has a particular texture the modesty of the brilliant american liberal which is not much false as familiar like much practice pose. It brings her to say in response. Looked take some credit already. The rare moment he does take credit. Argument is recovery. Act me the american financial system bounce back faster nation's history of the similar substantial shock total horsh it as a distant echo for being so unusual. His self-assessment is harsh even about this. First starring of social awareness teenage years. He passes an adult judgment on his navel-gazing politics labor it in earnest and humourless but of course it was always is at that age. It's just it's unbelievable again as you pointed out probably written by someone before they even got a copy of the book. What the review ya. Oh gabby you. I mean yeah and it's just looking for a with obama though. I think he probably wrote it himself. Yeah i think so. He's had some Some writers helping him or you know in a might have hired an editor but yeah no question like trump's at trump's post-presidency book guaranteed will not be written by a no chance. His loving friendship with michelle sparkles solidarity. I mean i. I mean i don't know i probably but i mean it's just you know the stuff like this is just. It's profitable to be a liberal. I guess no one's ever gonna write a bad word about this except breitbart or the daily caller something looking for the big finale. This thing is massive review by the way thousands. Still scroll through. yeah. I mean during obama's presidency. I would say accusing the my friend. You're doing the bomb ticket. damn stand. She goes after he does Yes i mean. I'm obviously going to read it. Good luck turtle like you said. Sell three million copies. Nobody will read it to volumes volumes. You know it's two volumes is It's convenient for when you want to charge twice as much for it's definitely a good move any updates ending new. What's going on while we're up to ten thousand dead here in massachusetts. I know it's it's weird. I'm wondering today though. I mean it was like a huge no not. The deaths haven't spiked like they were earlier spring The caseload has gone up. We're like at one tenth of the number of hospitalizations we were at. This is what happens. This brand yeah. It's almost like there was some kind of event on the third of the fourth that might have cases probably. Shouldn't you know point fingers have been in the early spread news yet from western mashes weekend. I haven't heard of any now. We escaped soko. You tickle in your lungs. I feel pretty good. I feel fine the ran to that. No one i feel good i. I can't decide whether i actually have a tickle in my lungs and feel like coughing or if it's all in my head it's probably on your head. Yeah you sound fine. Give a temperature. No no. you're fine you're fine. You're fine you know when you have the flu. But that hasn't stopped a full lockdown coming back and chicago that wonderful uh-huh lori lightfoot. Yeah she's doing a thirty day. Stay at home advisory. Who's going to do that. I mean people that do for a living. So i wanna know Receive government checks. Guess might might not even think For a lot of people Unemployment is about to expire. Is that right. yeah so. I think so. Yeah the magin. So yeah that's true. What else can we have any sounding. Anything funnier now Yeah got some of those The discovery policy that. That's what i wanted you to. Yeah good so so. I also have the. I don't know if you saw the video. That was going around of alex. Trebek's outtakes no. I don't think he he had to shoot some promos and it's like alex trebek's swearing okay. I don't know if you'd be interested in play quick. I'm sure it's dumb guy died so keep watching jeopardy twenty four hours a day and call this number it dumps son of a bitch. You don't watch at twenty four hours a day. There's a daily cash prize of one thousand dollars and fuck no shit call now and play phone. She drank the poison that captain hook intended for peter pan tinker about fuck. Is this. listen. This is just outtakes fucking cares about this. So so who did these pick these. This is Discover podcasts. So it's it's basically it's not really group. I think it's just it's just some guy who started a website to draw publicity to podcasts. So he picked the best podcast of the year so people listeners podcast listeners submitted ideas to him and then he got over thirty thousand votes. Okay so what did he. What categories we have here So there's overall podcast sports comedy. Lgbtq okay there's Best podcast created by someone. Who's not wanting. Is that right. Yeah oh new podcast. Twenty twenty people's choice. Where do you wanna start Well we start With this is a wonder lee's attempt at a call. Her daddy type show called It's called dying for sex in this one. Which pie cath lawn. I don't think this one is actually okay wholesome. This was a runner up in the category of best podcast created and hosted by a woman best podcast created or hosted by some identifies as a woman female. Yes and i call her daddy. Nobody will podcast on this list. I think pardon my take was the only part of my take was on. That fits the liberal agenda. Makes senator true okay. Let's hear what's it called. It's called the woman who's actually dying or something. I i i think i read about this i. I don't know. But god the the i have discovered podcast awards. Kevin goldberg fourth annual. Yes so best. Overall podcast the emilia project when best overall podcast. Yes okay. what does that. The amelia project actually didn't pull any sound of that because can rewatch ables. The what's her face is jesus go ahead The amelia project is it's like an audio book. Basically the entire thing is that They visit secret agency. That helps people relocate and change their identities. Okay and so it's like it's like a graphic novel in podcast form. A sensor of. So here's what here's the dying for sex. Okay the wait a minute. This is true which sports podcast Sime some slowdown through. Oh yes yeah i got. I got a ton of that up. Good all right so have dying for sex. I ain't for sex. I said it's a very serious voice for the dog doesn't get in my car and there. She goes ernie. Keep the kids quiet. Because i have to record by ill ready in the two months. Since we've finished the final episode of dying for sex. It feels like planet. Earth is a completely new place okay strong. Npr by some of the sound like or no call in three two one. Get some other cups. I can play to. What is it about It's supposed to be about like like women's sex lives sex sexual health. I don't know you have no idea what it's about. No okay wait a minute wait answering then because it's it's in. The category best friend is diagnosed with stage. Four breast cancer bullets. He leaves happy marriage and embarked on a series of sexual ventures. Feel when you go well then you get. What would you suggest sex. In women's health. It was brought enough and big enough to actually be correct. Okay so you listen any this pick. Random sound no this. This is sound that. I've actually had for a while back when we were getting ready to go to war with wondering oh all right go ahead. Yeah a little over a month ago. I finished recording a podcast about my friend molly and was so blown away by the messages that i got from you your podcast dine for sex. It and inspired me so much. You're my favorite voice to listen to an last ever want us to encourage people. Yes yes praise. Only on the message that we do have a phone. Line people in messages to Yes we do we do. We number only look it up. Put together a little happy people. Leaving unhappy marriages are fucking. I'm good for them. But i mean i give these people stuff every single day. We we got one message. One phone message. We get a few now none none like that. I can play one that we've done fine. I'm sure it's going to it's come back. Oh you inspired me. It's it's probably like a chinese telemarketers. Well let me hear it s coaching. Those are the kind of messages we get people. I guess that one people can leave messages at eight. Five seven two six four one two eight four two right now right now. I want some right by the. I want some loving messages. What's the number is eight five seven eight two five seven two six four two six four one two eight four one two eight four. I want you know even spire me. You saved my life like like the funeral home owner. The guy was crying. What said you hear any of that. Yeah he said that Very springs i kids. They sit around and cry. Because i've bought them together. This guy who know coronavirus profiteer but that's a whole different false. It's a very stable industry. That he sent people are always gonna die. I guess you feel comfortable. you know. Essentially slave trading right within a satellite that jailbirds let months months it. Cbs just waiting to be plucked. Or i in some factory somewhere then. Cbs and then he's home. Owner cruelly gives them away with the money so a bunch of veterans can fucking drinking. They have barbecues ride motorcycles. You don't think that they'll bear supports the vets. I. jackets great. I love the jacket. The promising great. I think they should give me a check for ten grand back to me. In addition to what we took off the top. Yes yes ten thousand dollars to me in cash. What are they just gave you like a voucher. Good for ten thousand dollars worth of meals at the florence. Vfw and i never wanted to go again. And why did you agree to go back there in july shamet back there july ten thousand dollars cold cash and a suitcase open and cash. I mean that's basically your minimum appearance. Yeah no shit did away from the vfw. Message that number No i'm saying any you know any of these people. listen everything. no that are only message. We've gone in the life of the phone number No remember in the beginning like the first couple of weeks. I think we got messages from people. We've got one tonight here. thank you bye. Cash dis This is not real. There's some saying see people so insincere just ridiculous. we've to tweet it out. I mean just it's good. Go go ahead get back to the dying for sex or this next podcast is. This is called the low post. It's by zach lowe. I know it's fucking drip basketball drip drip fucking drip. There's fucking couldn't possibly be. You know it can be dripping anymore than zach. Lowe drips audible. He's a runner up on the list. Apparently of a more interesting sports podcasts. Low we'll get there. I mean steve's fucking asshole have less passenger rip within this fucking guy this drip drip who ever lived his zach. Drip that's his name. Zach drip go ahead. You doing exact. How're you how am i. Is that a load. How how am i. Let's put it this way. Someone texted me this morning. about yoenis. toco in the likelihood he would sign the supermax some such thing and the text like what do you think gee a is going to do like capital g capital and i was like ge while you know it's gonna be a close race. It's going to come down to the wire you know. I just think it's just a fucking on. What the fuck is this when we listen to that. I'm sure a million downloads. I just wanted to hooligans who we know who do we know. Likes the nba kalinic. Here's no. I'm just saying like a regular person. Listen to that maybe kingpin pete media basle. Brigham hurson fucking idiot. Might be a basketball guy. I don't know. I don't know anybody who would listen to that. That's awful are more that keep playing it. Use the word escrow so much in my entire frigging life at all indications are they did their representatives who after each of them consult with their teams will vote. Yes there will. Not as i understand it of vote of the full player body and if that happens they don't even try obviously things why. Why don't you shut the fuck up. Why do i even try. I think because you're driven to have the best podcast. We'll give four nothing shit one message and you know a nice salary that's it. Oh get some His message as long. that's great. leave a message. I'll be kill your fucking family. What what the hell cheese. that's it. i'm grateful group of conce seriously. Three messages century tweeted it out. Believable this one to they're starting to come in at a faster pace. Now fuck them fuck up. Thank you kirk for replacing. Lake with jerry karabelas. That's movie made embarrassing. This is like a big. It's just embarrassed beneath me beneath me to deal with these losers these was shelley. Marsh called turds so they are yes. Turn thursday or turn occurred. She's you wanna keep going with this. We have to be worked up. I mean i would have to think it in the sports category. My friends dan. Pf renominated correct. Yeah i have to think they want. They did not know about the win. A we're the name of katie. No i mean. I mean no one has ever listened to katie nolan. Ever ever ever ever she makes zach lowe. Look like fucking me she. Podcasts called a. it's like. I think it's phrase like a question. Oh yeah sports question mark right. Yeah i see. That's what it is. Look at these nominees. Who would listen to any of these folks. I mean they're gonna take of these pocket. Simmons podcast sucks mother. Crazy wants to news There's one that's Is it was some really really bizarre. Podcasts there's one that's Just all they do is drafts. Remember how we were making fun of that country radio guy that's added. We'll get there in a second. Let me get katie. On below real live people the sports. I read this off of a phone. That's not good. Live a podcast that be ends with a question. Mark the start of the question. I'm katie nolan. She's actually very band high. That's fuck fuck you. She's doing so we're so crazy here. We're so disheveled. Oh god who. That poll is bullshit. Nobody voted for that podcast. Guys got thirty thousand five. I've never spoken to a human being ever. Who's ever mentioned that anything ever to me ever not once. Not one first espy's. I was getting like phone calls. That were like worse. Katie nolan and i was like. I'm going to tell shaving. Thank leg up on the sink. Shaving it with your gown hiked up around your thighs minute. An object in motion will remain in motion. If i start the ball rolling down the hill i gotta keep going so if i shave my legs at two. Pm what am i gonna do. I can't stop. I gotta keep swimming. So i wait. You hate my toenails in the shoe already because sometimes some of your toenails. Don't show waste of my time. It was the outer toes. Some random feeling better. Yeah i mean. They're they're all pretty talking about damn it a little more. If you could have one of the weapons from mario kart on your car. What would you use quest what. She's christ david i forgot. What was the question. I do it. The star wars. The if you have one of the weapons. From mario kart mario kart super mario mario kart. No nintendo sixty four. So in mario kart you can get a weapon to shoot other drivers as a racing game. Okay the fuck cost number masking that. What's the question. If you have any of the weapons from mario kart but in real life what would it be okay with. That must be great way to go through life. You never have to y lever says so many millions of dollars to suck. I mean the fucking thing is awful Guys these phony uses idiot. 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It gets primo top position a piece of real estate. We have behind me so they can see every day. Go ahead so The next one is the will one runner up in new podcasts of it's called in the bubble with andy slavon. Why are you laughing this. Who's andy rockwell. Andy slavic is a healthcare policy advisor. I believe human being with ever listened to that podcast guys better. What's what's names stephen smith. She s steve as stephen be stephen. B.'s great yeah. I mean why. Isn't he in here. good question. well i think it's because his stuff came out my two thousand nine. Oh it's evergreen. I noticed her good well. First of all were all allowed to have a preference political preference. I am not walter cronkite. I do have i. I do think he's a better candidate. I do think it was a really telling election. There's a lot of lessons to learn from it. I don't think that being happy about it. It's the same as gloating about it. I think there are. He's reacting to the election results tummy just tweeted that me by the way or to the show somebody in this is kind of scary that The girl from The queen's gambit of looks like you. Yeah i saw someone i saw a tweet ed. Do you think it's maybe some the is. Yeah a little bit yes to very attractive. Means that's true good parties of this country. That are quite different now. I'm happy about it. Largely because i think biden wants to bring the country together true. I think he wants to be a transformational. Who is this. What is why you doing this to me. 'cause grass for this in the bubble with andy slaving in the bubble. I mean look this up in the bubble with andy slabbet in this won the contest. This was runner up in best new. Podcast he was the acting administrator or the centers for medicare and medicaid services. You know. I mean there's there's no way there's no way anybody listen to this podcast. There's no way and by the way it's probably what once a week or something. Yeah yeah a lot of these when you go to try and find him. They haven't put up an episode for for looks like one or two week. Yeah twenty seven forty minutes. What does not even work as a work. Sometimes he brings on a guest. He brought on eric topol. Good looking thin and young. Let's get to eric topol. You this interview. You sexually harassing american cardiologists. Hello there people indeed. Everything sounds so shitty. Because they're all out you know doing. I'm over zoom. You're amazing this one runner up for what for what is best new podcast. I don't know what it is about having you today of all days. This is the second all podcast. New has your no. No i guess not. So there's a lot of three set about but last year news this morning out of pfizer. And why why wasn't this. Brought to the attention of the fans. I mean if there were thirty thousand votes cassie with a bottle. We should have won. the lgbtq podcast category. We should one created by a woman category. We should have won the a person of color category best on english podcast s news podcast sports park s true crime podcast interview style. Podcast history comedy kids and family society and culture. I mean i'm gonna take a picture category. So this one's ask rana not for is in a comedy podcast. This is one of the one of the runner up. Okay mogambo mahmoud laugh. I could see. I could use a laugh. She has dan savage. You know that. Dan savage dance. I was just funny many questions about people with family members who have differing views from on. Yes and it's not gonna be an e every so many hosts on this show who also deal we we. It's not gonna be an easy transition period. What to watch the rightly yes one hundred percent and we're going to let the right one in. That's the name of his podcast. This is ask rana. Ask rana really rona. Yeah i c. R. o. An na ask rana with rana okay yes weekly every tuesday. They go and this was which one was this. What categories is comedy yes. What was the winner of this category. The winner of this category was actually all fantasy. Every jesus christ go ahead steve. We let the right one fantasy. Oh you wanted to hear fucking ron anymore. I don another brand new episode of all fantasy. Everything is going to cook down nice. That's gonna cook down nice once you get it all in the pan. It's gonna cook down nice on a couple of weeks ago. Katie one really. Yeah so like this. Last one famous people who buy one name fantasy draft ready to do it but i pick how many jer let's get let's get let's incorporates them in the fans in. Here's well okay. can we get. Can we get the party line going. No yes okay. So four people. I'm saying to people. In addition to us yes okay so get to people. In addition to us and we're do the fantasy draft we can reach out to Some of the random. Okay fans i have saved on my phone and i wanna send. This could submit this for next year so it one second. So okay. So call call somebody else now. I got one sec so this is from the all fantasy. Everything is show are funny. People and experts come together to fantasy draft pop culture from music to movies a sandwiches. Every steve everything playbill sandwiches. We'll talk to everything famous people who go by one name. Are you in for that comfort. Food weird food combos things. You can do ten dollars. The phone gone. Delete the number the letham who wasn't he no. no. I don't know who's on hold who's He he won't build able here trying to go. infuriated steve messages beginning and nearby. I'm happy to have this tremendous box in front of me. I also my box of awesome by the way Bespoke post box of awesome dot com Box of awesome dot com. You had twenty percent of your first monthly box. What you get well you get. Take your quiz potables. I hold on more scenes going like this happen. We we lost the other guy. We lost the other guys. Jesus christ box of awesome dot com. You take your quiz yet. Their budgets stuff for you but you guys stuff craft beers Great close from the temperature dips which is now happening today. Went from like seventy like forty around here Grooming goods cooking tools has everything every party. Life is collected. Take the course of box of awesome dot com free to sign up. You can skip a month or cancel anytime each box custody. Forty-five seven dollars worth of inside get twenty percent of your first order first month. The order box of awesome dot com code k. Ira fox of awesome dot com code k. I k what happens to you. I'm just gonna throw open the phone lines into it this way. What i'm instead of trying to call to get people on my cell phone. I'm an open phone lines. We meet somebody waiting and listening to you mean a tweet. I bring a take calls. Yeah i can just tweet that out and we'll just we can just do to for the cold one personal do that. You don't you think don't don't don't do that yet. Tencent relax. We had somebody we do with three fine. I like four better. We can do we so difficult to somebody on the phone. Chrissakes can people can suck fucking melvin said was producing. No seems never now. We did not unbelievable disgrace. Hello hold on all right ready you ready ago. Yeah all right Steve you want the first pick. Okay so i'll take the second. No i'll take the third pick. You have the second pick. Okay we're doing because this one this one a podcast award. I win podcast awards this show. There's only fantasy drafts like different things. So there's now the last one he the celebrities with first names only or one name only right around. You either do five okay. The first pick mom coming up. Yes muhammed i yeah. Of course this celebrity He's a pretty well known guy. That's your first pick. Yes it's to fucking army people liberty He's over like sharing madonna. Yeah oklahoma's is way more influential key. Do this with you would suck on. The show had to pick another. Are you going to pick madonna share. How many people did they have. That are willing to kill for them. I mean but that's not the point. What's what what is your qualifications. What are your what are your aims when you go into the fabric in lebanon in some way. He's treated like a celebrity. The woman's for jesus Right now. I think muhammed has more followers but she's more positive probably like more ready to fucking fight. You know muhammad dope statements theme dope drip toll drip. I'm thinking of charlie hebdo bringing please i beg of you whether other awards keep an organized a fantasy draft these fence suck so there's one another podcast that one i'm going to look at what the category was Beware the leopard. You prep on this or no. Yes i did i buy. I've pulled audio tended. From what ten different podcasts. You anything about this. So this is what i actually do not wear. The leopard is there. Ruined the queen's gambit formula. Yeah go ahead. Beware the leopard. Have you ever seen Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. The douglas adams yes. Yes so this. Probably have seen it. But i know it. Yeah this podcast is about the creator do something just six months seven report. Just doing you know the. I don't know how they do this with our faces in like a movie. Yeah there's like an app or something they have. They have in the like the thing where she does gets ready. The play chess case Go ahead born with his podcast please. All right yeah. So i think the their approach to it is to create new entries for the hitchhiker's guide so volume. So it's like it's like a it's hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy fan fiction. Sure okay podcast. For him i can. I say i don't. I don't hate this. Because it's a niche. Yeah you know. Maybe it's fine because adams's is expired. Yes long i think twenty two thousand thousand one. I think he died like a long time. I don't even book came out. Yeah he died longtime ago good. I'd like to know more about your. You'll you'll badminton place. It was because i was the only boy. I i showed halfway compensate to do it. And then the sports he said look. We've got some games coming up. They meals team. You mean loser in other words angled it. So i can tell what's best recovery podcast one of those or no no. I didn't see that's has any episodes of that yet. I have no idea. Okay neither do i. I have no good luck. I have no idea wh one best. Lgbtq podcast. i don't think i've pulled if you're free to pull that one. Yeah well stop so mature. What else anything else you know. Yeah i mean we've got some other stuff we've got the beach too wet. What beach to wet the ivy league is cancelled. It's winter sports season by the way. Just just happened. Oh yes sports. I think all the governors in new england have gotten together and our It pretty much everything. Do you think that's okay. Beach beach to sandy water to watch to sandy. This is this is gonna hit a little close to home for us. A barstool because this podcast is all about Reading one-star reviews. Oh really wait a minute. It's intellectually wait a minute. Who ripped off who. I don't know maybe always podcast. Good i have no idea. They sound awful but you know why am i. What am i doing good time. Why am i giving them shit. I called this business hoping to purchase services. The person that answered phone was vague. In monosyl- i can't. I can't do it. Your problems not with the podcast. Creators with a few exceptions the ass kissing the no the The guys who are purporting to be like an industry publication wasting never win these things. No you think you. You're you've got the double team. Nobody norman and marcel sports. Nobody know buddy. What's the what's the guy's name. see the pediatrician. What's his name. The heart surgeon. Who's the fucking guy eric topol. Nobody would walk point eight miles to go see his show strong. Nobody imagined eric topol doing the drive in movie theater shows. What's he doing a wilbur. I don't think he's. I would be willing to buy rent the will. But how much of the wilbur costs for toronto twelve grand. I think that's what it was grant. I'll pay the twelve grand. And put eric topol on sale. It sells the american cardiology. So yes we'll do in twenty twenty two but that would not sell three tickets not three. Where am i awards. Why have i never wanted podcasting award. I think the outrage because they send the rats were the rest if they'd known about the by now open it. Find out give me. Some awards have accused city. Some shit hole city northern maine. Oh come on you fuck wide. Vfw on western mass. That's it you can't rundown matter wasco and fucking fucking derek's fucking drive in theater and soko. What's his name matt mack. I have my life that house who went. Do you might get drunk together. Talked about warm. It was outside jamie. it's my life. We have more messages of praise for you. I love motto oscar. I love florence. There's just aggravate me the awards where the awards So i think the iheartradio awards probably more. Oh i'm sure. I'm sure i'll win. Those noticed there's pontiac fainter I don't think so there should be one now. Should can look for into the good put in like you know. Whoever i fucking mark marian conan o'brien i guess they do podcasting casting hall of fame. Yes there's an academy of podcasters who's in it not me. I don't think that i would no. I think i would know kenda keith. And the girl. Who are these fucking people dave jackson. He's terrific. But i'm just saying i mean father roderick von hogan even though to say we ought to say pamela. She's good but i'm just you know who are these people scott johnson yet. Some saying i know many of these people are fine. No sick a few phone calls. Get out of here. I'm so angry. i'm so i saw under appreciated. It's ridiculous the shit we do this. You're working on now at the same time. Nobody cares people. Just bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch no hall of fame academy nothing might actually win some awards for this one for what the project the secret project to work. I know that's why i'm doing that with an attitude like that forecasts while i'm doing it and the other reason to do it fame money. Great or could they come out for people of the me winning. Who think so. You know what i'm saying. Really swish that. God it to the number idiots calls so we didn't go home. Watch the golf again. Takeaways from the first master's show up steve just tweets takeaways takeaways. Do you have I actually really liked the The website the website website is the phenomenon snap of all time. Basically they watch on tv. I just watch it on the apple day. there's no need to. i like how i like. How you could basically go like hit by hit by you can just go look moshe. I shot whatever. Well whatever i take it seriously. Sort of fifth member foreplay. Unofficially steven hyden. The you know the same thing. No respect invites me in their stuff. You know like a fucking pariah. Why in fairness you've never invited rigs on here. Have you sure have sure have. We can call right now. All right i to talk to all right. Tweeted them tweeted them. Why is up already. Yes wa hold on. Why is every. I don't mean to be every song sound the same from that church. I probably have a very limited musical collection sites if they're if they're hymns and it's just Jesus music it's i mean it's all going to sound the same right hymns days now. Okay okay thank you how much i think they're in portuguese too. So that might be part of it. All sounded the same worst food in the world. You only portuguese food worst food in the world when the what what sour portuguese food. Come over the rhine right. Now ask him when he fucking lying. No i just wanted to know what you had. That was bad portuguese food. Every portuguese food is bad. You ain't trouble for me by the portuguese. Can you know technically white final Doctor's name. Eric what eric topol. This vigil which is merchandise like what's the what is. What is the fucking point anyhow. Hello what's going on. That's why don't we portuguese food. Pretty stupid question is no. I mean when you stuffing in your face by the way rental steak and rice hold on hold on for a second. That wedding was portuguese right right. Yeah my stupid uncle one. I hate his dumb daughter who i hate to got married to the guy. She got married to his nice guy. Graham a lung cab. Nice guy right. Yeah and the wedding was in somerville cambridge right number terminal. I think somerville the reception. Was i think in hudson massachusetts is that right right. How can that hudson. Which is steve looked at up. Our drive maybe fifty minutes but this was in the middle of a torrential downpour and we went else. Turn is like a hailstorm at the beginning of it and then it became a downs. No that's right and we drove that far because this girl who thinks she's a princess she thinks she's a disney princess. I fucking hate this person. Remember remember they ruin mom and dad's house they did a. They never thanked him giving gifts because they did their all their pictures wedding pictures. All the girls were there. Remember map out. The didn't think mom and dad for the number. They did the they did. The wedding shower that golf course and they pay mom and dad shore madine. Yeah i'm that took place in canada all the time. The place in maryland never another. Thank you now. The other kind of people like bring their own dunkin donuts to wouldn't you know what i'm saying like they'd go do something. My parents my parents to do something for them and then trump it just their own coffee okay. You know what. I mean just rude. Just assholes i fucking hate them So we drive there in. I mean the food was so fucking gross. It was disgusting. You didn't make it to a meal like we really made it through the soup. It was like a super it was it was gross. It was disgusting. I y z stopped on the hardy my dinner but i'm just saying portugal portuguese bread is fine but gives was a special chef. Drive a fucking our for. How crazy is that a question for you got it. Fred couples like one or two hundred right now. We kind kinda mood appropriate. But i'd probably be napping the problem. Enjoy your steak and rice. How far drive fifty minutes fifty minutes to a reception. It's not fairly Guests insane reception should be held at the same right there. Saying you know that saint town or something. That's fine ten minutes that's fine. That's like the most people drive and you should probably provide transportation and you're gonna make them drive fifty minutes. I hate them anyway. So go ahead The portuguese food just hate them. They're loaded up. They are loaded up. We'll just blow through these fucking assholes. I mean the culture so bad last night. Oh so because we're so boring you'll probably win the fucking podcast award for best callers. Hello to seven up. Hello this is chris. from rondo. found pig can wrap them often meadow oscar. You found dig. Maybe we'll bring 'em can we can wrap them up with your photographic evidence in your then. You got nothing right. There is nothing at all. How do you know where he is. I mean how did you think you can't tell you if i told you that and everybody would come afternoon. Anyone who's listening to this show has an gave the information like what do you think you know that others don't know. Why would you call. If you're not going to tell us anything. Well i wanted to know if you bought hill run while reliable. If i what oh are you the guy that denigrate hill about that vinegar hill. The the venue about it. There's a there's a rumor going around that we bought. I can't i'm not gonna. I'm not gonna get into whether or not we bought that or not. That will say that is a reasonable question. Right steve do we buy it We'll edit it. Yes oh you will all right we yes between with yes. We buy bought it. How did you know that the you that thousand feet from there right now seriously. How did you know that thousands camaro whoever puts his two thousand from fucking halfway down the who owns it who it went. It went pending pending soon as the special project up. So maybe you didn't maybe didn't but i think it'd be a great venue. Did somebody tell you. i'm not taking rackers will not did some fucking tell tom foxy seriously. I don't wanna fucking who did you tell somebody steve antonio nobody told me. I'm not told me. All right. All right now i live right there. I'm okay got you okay okay. You don't trust you. We bought it doing the shows from there from building a studio there. Okay congratulations awesome. See christ but who am. I compile venue i would. We need theater. Looks like an eye spot. Hello hey it's Gedi mike from an alternative universe. Get through it. It's going to be terrible. We all. I don't think it's going to be terrible. I just wanna to tell you that you're one of the last ten kirks existing and multi versus no. You don't think it's gonna be terrible. He said that's what i said kirk so far. It's been pretty terrible. All right well just wanna let you know at a few multi versus This weekend at the vfw. You pulled steve sidearm from him. And shot yourself in the face. When steve from providence walked in the door over to had fucking damage. Fuck you. Hey tried that outstanding thousand feet from their lives right next door. He was eight hundred feet away that he would really be on this so loaded the loaded up seven seven year old. Can you guys hear me. Hello i guess go guy speak up by up and oklahoma driving a truck so it's a little bit tough. Hey the guys that smith country cheese. I picked up an order from them and they turned me onto this shows. Great i love it. I'm driving all over the place. This guy's got motherfucker. I'm got you only here. Steve can verify punching a wonderful box of smith's was sent to me today. The official cheeses a podcast jesus. Smith's country cheese dot com. What's your name. My name is cal. Cal can you can you. Can you give me. What's that steve horn honking horn honking me to. Would you go. I like that that smith's goal holy cow hold on cal hold on hold on ultra horses. Swiss cheese dot com. Enter my name kirk and you get you get ten percent off. Is that right. Yeah cheese orders from now until the end of the year for thanksgiving everything else. All these wonderful cheeses gouda cheddar. Vardi gouda spreads cheddar cheese sticks. Smith's countries escape again. I'm turning them on to people by the she's depending on the listeners. I mean what kind of again. Eric the fucking doctor. As a kind of relation with the sponsor steve same actually went every award. Should sweep the awards. Go to swiss cheese Right now new england's everyday cheese which of the massachusetts smith's country cheese dot com and the fans. Go there right now. just like man. Cow doesn't get it done cal. Where are you right. Now were you. Were you traversing right. Now i'm in arizona right. Now just about the crossover. The california border and the fuss over there. I think i'm gonna drop you guys because you don't promote enough out there either way. I don't care it works. I love you bikes dad. That's funny. How did he have the horn creek point. He probably a whole affects ratings. Because he he's one of these guys probably listening if he knows him and ask that question. Okay yeah those are real horns. That's a good call. I liked that guy. He's good heads. Funny hello china opened. This box can't do it. Hello you got you wondering if i miss that. I think that what's that called me a few minutes ago and then i got dropped. Oh we're gonna dolan moving to do a fan because this podcast wanna comedy award for best fantasy for best comedy podcast. No do you listen to podcasts. Everyday or no yet nothing. I'm awarded nothing. I give in give. Someone pretends kid we give the guy money right. Yes somebody pretend they're vfw's close now. We go raise money for them. Correct right a city in northern which i love is dying and we go up there and save it right yes i get nothing a these people get so more so this one was fantasy drafts and we did the best last one. They deal with celebrity. First names steve. The first pick and took muhammad muhammad. So i took madonna. So you have the third pick Share okay also the fourth decade snake draft. How god Foxy ready to get mom gets under threat. It'd be aboard to guide me goodbye. Success are haley trump. Trump's two names though it's donald trump trump's not really like a one name celebrity right. Who's your next pick. I'd probably do like a one name. Slept i they won. Only if you're gonna do hamad pericles okay. Take some more calls. They loaded up. are they. loaded up a lotta cooler. share it. kirk joe haggerty. how you doing. Hey joy i miss you know. It's been a long time since we screamed at each other on tv. Do you sell the joy laid off now. You know along. I'm around these days. it's okay. I'm right in tweets about thirteen year old girls and all that shit you know. Well okay. it's weird. Yeah but you know. I didn't get to go to the nhl bubble. I stayed in a bubble at home in just eight constantly. All right we all wish haggerty record. Kill a mood. What's that indiana carl earlier I really you know. Just drink crazy with you. Go in between day and night shows and everything. It's not your burners. So i just wanted to follow up with you first off tau earlier. Great point about california vision was dave foreman number. One minute fan. He really heavily advocated for california show. Because it would be convenient for him. We'll do we're gonna do a california. We're gonna do a california show in twenty twenty one death valley. Oh i'm taking it off the bucket list right now to. I am guaranteeing. We're doing a california show. Twenty twenty one california show. We'll be we'll all be out there. I bet you steeply properties will walk out there right now. My beard cancer. Someone gives you. Thanks for the call. Yes i wanna do is show in california. We're going to pick a random crazy california town where they do it in two twenty one. I was probably closer to arizona. California border one of those crazy. We are desert towns. We were born to do a show. You know i'd love to go out to like the california desert. Yeah it's beautiful. we can do that. You tweeted out late. Twenty twenty one. Yeah we should do it late so we cannot escape the new cold true yeah and the carnivores i hope that point villains who knows well the two week you know. The four-week shutdown yeah fine flattened curve workday months ago. All right up they are. Hello why hello. This is lindsay graham. Hello hello senator. Graham how are you. I'm very good. I just had quite the not with matt khurana. Oh i think that is a listen. I have heard speculation like that. But i don't. There's no proof of that right steve. I've seen no proof if there was. So what good good senator. He makes some really really delicious aches. I'm reading sending called called marriages. America's lg dbq news source the sad closeted hypocrisy of lindsey graham. Do you want to grant. Well senator for years and years rumored to be gay. Do you want to make news right here. I've been waiting for this for so long that good. I'm so proud that. I do it on your podcast mr kirk. I am very very gay man at well even day or than i well. I don't think it works. That way senator. You have to figure out. I mean first of all. I'm very proud of you. Were coming out. It takes a lot of bravery to do that And in fact you center. I think it is And then this time. It's a great thing that is a great time to do it and i think maybe you should be more inclusive in your thoughts and your policy as well when you agree steve. You one bungalow down with that. I think i'm very. I am very proud of you. Thank you thank you very much I right now. I do have a regular question. It doesn't work that way. We both the senator no changes the way this. This is regular me. now we're just asking lindsay graham gano. Why his call. Maybe think of something. Do you think quantum week is eligible for a discover odds. Lgbt category impo. perfectly boring. so awful like that. That would win that win. It's bad enough to win patriotic outright. Those guys oh do they see that. Can you imagine good for them. In what way They turned making that little side. Hustle american dream entrepreneurship should be reverse patriots paying people to listen. Listen yes if they pay me. I listen to every week. That's i would say i would do that. Top level maybe top level. I don't think that business model will work and koroma's level is different. It's like any like the top level. One is like exit one way to rest areas. Like it's like the new jersey turnpike with the vince. Lombardi thomas edison and molly picture the calvin coolidge. What's up hey hey questioned hypothetical and I got. I got a good joke for you Did you my neighbor's house. 'cause i'm looking at it and i think i think you may bought my neighbor's house. Well what town is It's it's main. It's yeah i think you'd have gone did did can't we can't live next door to you. Go ahead yeah. I know i'm exciting. If if you were offered you could never play golf again. But you could have the masters app for every tournament. Now doesn't mean as much to me. I. yeah. I just want the masters because it makes a masters better more. It makes it more special so that was. That was my thought too. I was thinking that as i was watching it today. And that's what. I thought it makes it better so my my joke for you. It's it's a little dirty. I don't know if they'll lead on their side Actually it's It's herb chambers ca chamber for your herbs just a little bit upgrade good evening. Hey what's up guys what's up. Hey i question so when you guys had jeff de low. On last week. He offered up an invitation to the dozen and called him. We narrowly avoided a feud with him. Yeah what's up. I mean that was a bullshit offer like there's been no they hate us. They hate us but they were. You know not scared. Part of the. We don't sit the cool table lunch. You know. I know but if you guys went on i think you is would be a great team in st robinson would be comedic lee useless. It would be phenomenal on as a as always. Yeah but but we would win. I mean there's no that's not even the question that's a guarantee garin. Oh i'd love to see you guys. Go on guarantee victory right out of the gates. Have steve trip over every single sports pop culture and booby question. And have you guys still but that was handed. I thought we could pick our own categories. I think. I think that you get to pick something. You'd pick pick something that the normal bar would but we'd no i guess seattle though who knows all right. Yeah i don't really care for. Jesus christ all right hello. This is a clip daily. Just tweeted me. And i thought that it was worth mentioning. That looks like anna taylor joy and i'm glad that you quote tweeted that we just talked don't like i don't like the yeah. Thanks for ruining the fucking queens gambit before me fuck head very welcome back by drumming. I hate that church. Hello what's up. What's up so i'm assuming that you bet. I'm compact way. Jesus dealing cards. What are you doing with that. what are you doing. What's that sound in the background. My girlfriend's watching tv watching is back. Totally looking. Turn it down what would you. What would you wanna ask me. Well i just wanted to know if you ever had any sort of interesting nice it was okay. What's the question. I didn't get it. Probably heinsohn say because he died today. Interactions with t. v. i did. I did comcast tv and i would run into the tommy. Heinsohn every once in a while now interactions. He was always nice nice to me but he was older and grumpy. But it was sort of grandfathered in grumpy like you wanted tom. Heinsohn be groppy. Tommy hudson was was part of my life since as long as i can remember using games with mike gorman who is a great guy and mike itami doing games up a huge fabric of my youth on sports channel at the time but he loves a game. Good life who's eighty six years old and is in is as tied into a franchises. Anybody's ever been timing. Tweet singular american franchise than any sport. That's all i mean. We lived a great life. He was a great a great member of the boston. Fabric went to college holy cross and he's been around forever seven years right up so they are nine seven. Eight the breakout. Denial is tommy. Heinsohn the most one of the most overrated color commentators in total homer. But i'm saying for me as a kid. I watch i watch them. You seventy seven years old. I mean he's just part of my life. Yeah i suppose that's right you know but I'm my question is for steve. He's just jealous of me being physical education. Teachers he is jealousy. Didn't pick the profession or i get the summer. The steve good. Yeah mean. i'm sure there's a little bit of it. I'm i i make more money than just about every teacher so there is an upside to actually calling. Professors requested well. Yeah that's true so you're so what is this. The physical education teacher. We talked to before one of them got the one. You're thinking what did he do. What did you okay. what'd you do today. actually. I just Got a job a private school. And i had today off so if you're working in a private school when i support you see wednesday off today off you. Yesterday i had yesterday off. I actually did a little lesson. Planning i just started the job as he gives us a lesson plan. I well on tuesday. I'll tell you what i did. We did This is my second my first time with most of those kids. So i know him and then we played a little tag and fun stuff. It's a little kids so can't do much with that so your babysitter. Your job physical education teacher. I understand do you think you're teaching physical education. These kids will be had not so much last two days. But like what's your your big plan like. What are you gonna do to teach us. Kids physical education. i'm gonna have them design physical education classes. They will teach the rest of their peers. How was that. I mean okay all right. Good luck good luck. I want to say. I'm super jealous. He's playing tag with a six year. Old jesus christ. He's blind or they're blind them confused. I think he's at. He's blind a blind teacher. Probably be really easy to be at tag. Be great leave right. Hello kirke up steve. They are i hello good evening. Hey kirk so. I really liked the stephen interview. The other day and You know what's funny is that it's not really funny. But i started watching breaking bad again and ended up getting the allen seven walbrook. I really enjoyed the interviews. You had with a Allen step back on the and i was wondering if you've ever thought about getting him back on chevron someplace we we asked him back on at one point time he said no. Oh did you really just files had no. Yeah i remember it was funny. Steve paul's a guy. We had on the day i was at the house. Do i supremos book. Yeah we'll try. We'll try again some time. Thanks for the call. Those sorry i'm just looking Yeah we asked him to come on. I remember what the topic was but he says thanks for the invite but i have to pass back in april maybe is a barstool thing with no great loss but nice guy lou I was just calling the kind of Justification or when a reason for justin Just because you know you got the show where you know. He could've done his job right. You know and follow. The people made a ten minute documentary or he could have you fucked up and you could embarrassed home which you we kind of like it's your show you know it's kinda what blind mike was does rock. What's wrong switzerland. What's wrong what's wrong you what's yeah. What's your issue. What's what's your bright spatial crazy. Let's with mental issue could not going to do anything to use lousy. You're lying about justin. tried again. A little more concise. Because i got. Yeah yeah that's you know you. He could've done the job right. You know only been ice documentary or or he got a fucked up and you can make fun of him like how do you like that for me. I like that more than you know so henderson. I told you see your point. Is the justin actually. Did a did did better by the show by not doing his job because he delivered more on. Your show makes can get right. Thanks for the call. Yeah no thanks and relax. just relax. it should be praising. Just i think is larger points. I do think the audience likes what they heard the other night which was really uncomfortable but they liked like liked me. The bad mood tonight. Yes they don't care that the relationship with the and that steve from providence urging you to stop taking meds right. They don't want like a smooth ship. They want things to be disastrous. Yes i get that. But i don't i mean i understand the the enjoyment of it but like i would have liked you saw A simple blog post from chaps about the show which dave retweeted erica re tweeted and i think somebody else. Maybe dan to just think of what the documentary with a pet. Yes because they they're like. Oh my god. This crazy guy is doing this So that was my larger point. And you know it's an idiot now. If the tree like he's a baby. I guess right i mean he. He hasn't faces punishment for the did. Wait a good long walk. Can't fire him. Though right is it. Is you know so i mean great surrounded my my own issues but you know surrounded by people can't get rid of the still loaded up there still up take a few more and call it a week. Six six to europe. Where is that kirk. Where's that man how you doing. Mississippi it Mississippi yeah well. I'm about a little south of jackson. Okay first of all Really appreciate you won't put that out there. I think it's great. I really appreciate it. And then second What do you want your listeners to get out of this show like when you first started i know. Now it's become a hellscape for you but like me. I don't much care for politics. You know more now. But i see you know how people are just so like laughter leaning right and just like so unfair and i like pay attention to it more now to like. What was your ideas this. You're just version of like well. I'm just gonna talk and get paid or what. Thanks for the call. I i don't what am i supposed to say that sometimes it's feels more fulfilling to abort a southerner nice guy though nice guy nice. Got me really a hello. I can't do the math cohen. I'm an artiste. You don't think. I wanna rip them apart like a fucking chicken. I drove by his house. I almost got out kirk. I've lost faith in everything. Why would i think the kids here on holidays but my mind wanders just stare at the stained glass people's had i'm full of rage father murderous whatever. I don't just hate this man. I hate all men already. My understanding is that they're taking the credit cards away from your business. Is that right. America presses out because of benny any tonight with his family. Penny can i get you a martina like a martini. But it's from albania. Apparently they go down real easy. What do you think. I can't fresh charges once you work there. You don't think that go hug. Good data collection elsa arthur. Yeah kirk you gotta combined sampled salad ball. Special chemical brighter keeps the lettuce chris. You know i'd like to hear from next already if i could. Somebody tweet this. I wouldn't mind hearing from for galtieri. Polly's mom maybe sometime soon. I up steve About yeah sorry to hear that hello baker. He hasn't going great really good. I just want to offer my to you as podcast. Jesus and if i may question the lesser known jesus obviously it was known for washing feet. You're not really a feat guy true whether it be any other body part of the mini fans we could humbly offered to be washed. The mustache way. You wanna wash parts of my body. You're saying well as talk has jesus you would. I would not only. I would not wash anybody. Part of your body ever unready circumstance while go back to the regular regular jesus. Thanks kurt love you. Buy one more state. Police get out of here. Pay million dollars on through the show anymore. Hello hey kirk we want. You know the difference between a chickpeas garbanzo bean. I do not. I've never paid to have a gar- bongo being on my chest I'll be here all week. Garbanzo beans like that like yellow at the exact same thing. Like the yellowish you know what i'm saying. That's comes from the salad bars miss salad bars. Hello you lope. I've got a ball pick with. Yeah oh go ahead. Why my pain is. Hey there fellas albert so bad. I mean you know as a quadra battling it myself. I first of all how the single life really amount adele. They're gone and a half. We broke up with that cool down there. Well i mean auto sold on the health. It was a mistake. It was a mistake by my speech. It was a mistake. But i will say this. Dale baer will be back. You will see dale barry. Get you well. He better be because every bit croats on that barrett my body so so wholesome. Mike was funding. Dale bear in the studio when we weren't looking good point so one was this going on makes penis. I'd been very open. About the fact that mike dalbar and i have had a very intimate relationship. Great lover dilbert great lover. Comes you know you when you pull it out and you got that little bit tatton on your dick. Oh god thank you mike penis. Well we'll get to work on. S steve anyone else. Yeah really careful. I take one or two normal color week. Always on the air force. i think Our sixteen nine perfect long show. We'll do for another month guaranteed. We're not no. We'll never go over an hour. You hello just have a criticism. The kirk only only six inch sub. What are we doing here for lunch for lunch. And lots of fat ass interesting lunch. And then steve and steve. What fucking sandwich oil. What are we doing here. Subsoil very calm in addition to Sandwiches thought maybe it's an american thing. I'm from canada. You know he's fuck off. Hold on hold on from the excited to abort a canadian right. i'm canadian. Where are you from k. man from kansas hamilton ontario. So rates great sponsor live show could happen. I'm guaranteeing show shorthand worked twenty five forty five minutes from buffalo forty five from toronto middle of everything basically really is i think of that. I think of him keep it in mind. Yeah so when you go to subway. Oh hang up. I finally too late aborted you. I don't think you sitting rallies giving a six inch subway sandwich for lunch. My opinion i don't think so either. You get the foot long. Yeah well when. I'm hungry i have gotten six inches before but i usually the twelve inch more. Hello kirk i want to give you some credit back. I'm gonna be forty years old back in high school. I got bullied and change my whole way of life. I used to wipe my ass front to back in the guys found out and made fun of me so much to switch up my whole routine in. Just been a mess opposite. Suck them biro man you. That's what i'm saying. I'm older now. And i realized that i sit here and listen to you. I said you know what my balls never stank. I never had taint issues. people talk about. There's a right way to do it. I can put if i was in the mood. I'm his boss. So he would do if i told him to. Like steve dick my legs behind my head and put any food my asshole steve could eat it. he wouldn't taste thing clean as can be. I agree of you who tastes good. You're gonna be you what was that. Dhaka's deval caribou. Giusti was at. You're gonna make me eat smith's cheese out of your am. I ain't i wouldn't because it's it. It probably crosses some sort of professional line. There was something along that lines in the mccarrick report. They probably was But the point is i could and you have like. Oh i just cheese nothing. Nothing else practice better honestly. We could talk with them about a partnership with my asshole. kirk state. cheese did a little bit this. This piece of cheese has been rubbed on kirkman and probably sell some people you at the vans abide. Well i mean the had been shown. Loyalty the milton's for sure yo. Milton's dot com today all the great clothes actually wearing a mill. I think this is a time of hamas shirt. It could be wrong steve. Yeah i think that is one of the moms wants for sure i. I think it is time out. It's good that open venus that you like. That's the key i've going today. As a matter of fact Has you covered his fall as quickly turning to winter this little heatwave. I said this morning it was like seventy degrees like six this morning. Yeah now it's forty. Two one is weird days where it gets colder in the middle of the day. It's strange it's i think it's probably more comfortable for you. Running in the morning when chillier for forty fifty degrees. I'm ten degrees on the money us either way by giving nelson's running stuff now they've under armor there's well of course they have north face. We know that as well. And of course time bahama vineyard vine johnny os brands. If you're a guy. Go to milton's right now look great. We get your suit. We know they can do that as well. Cashmere sweaters they have other great price Go the stores and chestnut hill square chestnut hill square chestnut hill social positive in braintree or go. The buildings dot com our great great great friends loyal sponsor forever. A will be going forward as well. We we love love. Love love love. Milton's gonna milton's dot com do that today. Anything else steve. Before we wrap it up for the week did you Read the email from stephen j i forwarded to know it was gonna go. I mean yes. Oh god why why. Why are you doing this to me at the end of the week. No no no. No you know i never remind emails. Never never you know that Me see you afford it to me. Yes okay one. Second i can just read it. I know no t what the fuck who thought he said. Hey by everyone. That was the thing with day wasn't it. Dnc listen davis we yell even cheo last week No i heard him yeah. I heard him screaming about the ad. Von on on the show with eddie. Give stephen chase or no. I don't think so. No big cat. All right i mean whatever. I mean this of a paid social. Yes this week. No it's for next week next week. Okay take that later. go through. We all do that right. no Again a million next week. Yes so i mean lots and lots of funding works. I mean here's the thing okay so. We went under sixty second read for the final. Read the showed. You know wh where it was. I i do not know ask you know that's fine. That's fine if i were steven shay them i. This is my advice him. I would actually like to talk to. Can we get his number. Yeah okay got gained from dan Yeah it's not it's always on email right. no. I don't think science. I like just i. I just want to say this to him and make sense for him. Hector never got back to you. Know he has not gotten back to me. That's not good. he's not. he's not the best to communicating. he is not. He's got to work on that. You'll be a critical skill for a reporter neurologist. Extirpate cat okay. You can get back to you or no i think so. He's probably in pennsylvania now rank. I guess i'll i'll ask him his welsh double up here. C. h. y. c. h. e. a. Eight each look. I mean i just wanna throw an idea tim trying to help him out. That's all he won't answer debut mass. We've got to yell anybody else with knows number. I'm sure everybody knows number. Eight fowler texting you back. No began isn't takes me back texts fowler. I think he you know i. It doesn't drive me nuts. it's more. I get the feeling that he's basically communicating. What the agency said. I know. But i i just want to bring something up to him. That's all. maybe disagree if he does. that's fine. my sobe traffic. But this is because i don't care anyway stretching out now so it's not the last ten minutes of the show so we'll get yelled at doing. Read last him in the church. Assist people listen to our whole show You know what. I mean Anybody getting back to you. Know we should have is number. Especially we don't i. I come real quick. Who got you. Know steve kerr cockeyed on Just have a quick question per your email. We live at eight per your email. The steve okay. So here's here's my i. I'm not going to yell at you. Like david i. It's it's fine but my only issue is. Here's what i would say. Just just just a a piece of advice and you can take it or throw. Throw throw out the window. If you'd like i i would say hey. Kirk does a great job with the ad rates. Because i think i'd do a charter. I know. I know that i know that. So saying whatever ad agency told you this. If i knew i go back to them and say absolutely. You're right. I'll let kurkin steve notice and then i would just keep it in my pocket. Because i'd say you know what it's probably drive kirk fucking crazy and they do a great job. Why even tell them. This will make sure it doesn't happen again. I mean now now now now you're not you're not answering this right now. You should say you kirk. You're you're right you're right. I mean told us that. And you don't want. I mean they didn't say like hey kirk needs to were we're not paying for whatever i'm not asking him. The i mean happy to. If i wonder i'll definitely try and go over next time. I think i go over far far far more often. Not up stakes from chase perspective. I get where they're coming from. They're not a new and you get them information. Have no no issue with them. That that's fine but you should say you know what the next twenty times kirk does he's gonna get it right it like we're not. We're not telling who doesn't know this know what i'm saying. I'm not like somebody never done this before. I know them. So what i'm saying. Okay so okay i mean. Do you know what. I'm saying if you know what i'm saying that's okay too. I'm trying to have this. I'm just trying to a so. So i let go nuts enough. People say like because i feel like this is nitpicking city. On your end. I don't mind them doing it but you should say. Oh we've kirk alana this one he does a good job I mean. I think you did a great job in your andrea You know if you want full. Transparency this has been an issue Outside of just you and anytime we see this. Whether it be from dave you big cat any of the shows we nipped in the bud so that you know going forward that it being tracked by the people that i appreciate their doing that but it also i always i would always want i wanna know like i think the people listen to our show and look. It's not the numbers that dan houser colored. I get that but people listen to our show. Listen the whole way through. And i think i i think if we do an ad re twelve minutes ago if we have five of them in and i. I think they're going to hear that too. I don't agree with you on the feedback. we got. That was what three minutes left and it was short so i just wanted to alert you of it. So it's not like it doesn't impact anything except you said make sure that the required length which is totally five in not in the first five minutes or the last ten minutes so we never. We almost never do the first five minutes for sure. I don't think but so you're going to. You're saying i'm just i'm just trying to so you don't want us to do a re ten minutes ago. I do an hour thirty minutes show. Five ad reads you want them done in the first eighty minutes for seventy minutes. I feel like that gets that can really get in the way of flow of a show. Either either kind of their requests anything that technically in the last ten minutes and be classified by advertising definition as coach. Care that much no. I'm sorry post role as paul totally role. I gotcha okay yeah good. Are we really cory now. Steve on the producer. Okay do you have an issue. With steve steve. We're on the we're on. the live. Live shaping yeah okay on. I thought i thought you knew that you could sue later. It's mike but go ahead No i mean. I i feel like i followed all the correct protocol I feel like. I was pretty buttoned up in. You know kind the language i think you guys you create I'm i'm not upset about a year ago. I like you. you're guy like you. i don't. I don't wanna yell like david. I'm just saying i see that. There is part of me and made. This is my issue steve. I see this in part of me wants to go fucking mental. Because i'm like fucking bust my ass these ads. We have great relations of these advertisers in. I'm almost like it's almost like a fuck you that's by way. That's my perception. I'm sure i'm probably wrong. Does that. that's mission. The you issue not yet in like literally nothing personal against you. I mean that you some clarity into into my world like you know I i. I like sit on top of all of our pod address. So eye given critiques. In the last few people have been here for ten years ago. Yeah don't give me any critiques critiques. That don't do not do that. We from from a content perspective but Doing feedback on whether that be from internal or for the advertiser but from a content perspective. You're saying no. I'm not trying to censoring. You've got to do what you chose your business. But as far as the ad reads like those who have contractual. Reasonable i got. I got no problem with that. That's perfectly reasonable. I just wanted to get some clarity. What grade would you give brady. So far this year the game on sunday but overall i mean you have to. Do you feel like brady's a buck near. Yeah man i mean. Do you feel like do you feel like he's d. Do you feel like he's rented. You feel like you just kind of using him or do you feel like he's like one of your guys now. I feel like he's one of our guys. I mean you know he's to be here for this year next year and then freezing so quickly forty five so he could kind a one year deal after that. But yeah i mean there's a short term rental and good times don't really laugh so I'm happy and excited the time we happen whether it be long or short coach. Who's the coach. Bruce arians coach the the scally cap ganglia. Jeez coach right you want. Coach peter from franchise was even mean fucking. John fox coach to franchises. I think didn't he. Now i only wanted to for my style and you are now part of sanders. Coaching staff is is that official or no It's becoming a persona. He said someone to run up on mccoy. Who once you go with the onto. Jackson save is that right tackle say there will then take over your position. Be critical of the way i do. Add read. we'll take. I'm curious i've been very clear that i'm going to remain at my table. Do both for years to come. Kurt and your mind. What position would you like to have it. Jackson state linebacker coach secondary. I'm going to be removed not the sidelines or anything. Like an ernie adams. Oh okay it's like a front office breakdown film. Yeah i could see that. I mean okay. All right all right well. That's perfectly reasonable. I have no problem with that and we will make sure do a better job going forward. You guys do a great job. Wanted to point out one thing guys. An awesome job With the the money for the for the you know what thanks buddy. I appreciate that. Steve sale mature. I can be very very reasonable. See but do you know what i'm saying. I do just in your pocket. I think from his perspective. he's got to. He's going to do his job. Because if i do it again the becomes yeah. I think it's pretty mature about that. Yeah i was. I didn't yell at them. I liked i don. I like steve. I know and you kind of soft ended up to at the end there with a couple of questions about tom brady that you don't really care about the answers to pretty interesting to me that braves. It's like from an historical perspective. Interestingly the brady is sort of pouring out in tampa for a couple of years it's more interesting to me. That jay is going to be on dion sanders coaching going to happen. You don't think so. no. I don't think so but that's i don't think that's i understand. We're statements coming from on that. That's fine. I just think i i mean i believe when i worked at entercom the guy you know like during a break sixty seconds was sixty seconds if i sixty seconds read for whoever whatever Pizza hut. I have my phone. And i would just hit it and i do that. Vamp in alabama do that sixty okay. 'cause you're up against the clock and you had whatever amount of commercial time here. I don't know. I think our region over sixty seconds Some eight minutes. Yeah there are but so. It's there are some times when we go off on tangents in the middle of an ad read and then come back and circle around and today only count that counts as nattery to me but but did they only count the time when you're directly reading from the copy. I'd like to talk to the people. Because i'd say to them. This is why these people are stupid. I'd say you think anybody at that. Point is hitting fifteen fifteen exactly. So if i did. So for instance. If i did I also wonder what the difference in i guess. Results from a fifty second ad read in sixty second but they they make deals. That's finding financial. I have no problem with that You know this fall as you get back in the swing of things. Bespoke post has a brand new seasonal box of awesome fifteen fifteen fifteen fifteen up to talking about something else. Fifteen back you. Mike at the end of it and then you'll will or whatever no. Is it thirty thirty. Four fifteen backers of it's thirty right. Yeah thirty nine thirty thirty and fifty whatever the fuck and then so. I think i would argue to them. Hey we're keeping them around like the smiths coach cheese rita the friends us and they understand it but like that. Call the california. That's no one's gonna go. Bigger remembered subscription cheese correct. I wonder sometimes if anybody else understands. I think what it is is agencies. No i know fairly agencies when we deal with the company specifically they never complain and they they know what's going on in the show and to listen to the show but I think it's a agencies in the middle i mean. What else do they have to do. I know i hear some reads not all but some people barstool some very successful podcasts arrangement. These fucking suck. Yeah just. they don't even trying like that would be call chagan real quick trump said over there. One more thing before i forget. Do you look like i want to me. I'd have a bigger issue. see now. we're just talking. That's totally fine. Like i have nope totally get it like you have to answer these people no problem. I'd have a bigger issue. Some not all. I was just saying some not all of these. People ad reads for product x. In a literally read from the copy verbatim and never break to me. That is begging the listener to hit that thirty button. Three times to talk about. That should be that should be. That should be your biggest issue. I'm just up again. W if that's if that's issue number one. I tell these guys make it more conversational. You have to where people bail out. I agree. they kirk If you look at the going deep handle which broadcasts that i coates. Course joey molinaro. We actually put out Inadequate so thoroughly. Didn't andrew luck impression for chevy on chapel rock. We're copa am. I think it's still great job. You're fine fuck. He's talking about. But whoever that is joey molinaro. Oh that's the guy busy impressions. I've seen him. He doesn't pressure. I'm a big impression families like people like. Oh you're fan of some impressions. Sometimes on the on the call in line will sure but like the professional impression or not. My favorite. Like i wouldn't go see frank Kellyanne no whatever. His name is john goodman. No not for me but anyway okay there. You go humor from stephen j for serious garrett. He's very even tempered. Yeah i wonder. I don't know all right anything else you know. I think we're gonna mind your mother. This was pretty reprehensible i. I don't know how it can be anybody's idea of humor.

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