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Live from NPR news. I'm Nora Raum. Many states are moving to lift restrictions on restaurants and other businesses this week as NPR's Joel rose reports. Parts of the country are reopening even as the confirmed death toll from the Corona virus climbs nearly ninety thousand bars and gyms can reopen today across much of Florida in Tennessee. Tours will resume this week at Graceland. The home of Elvis Presley but public health experts warned that the country cannot reopen fully without more testing and more contact tracing for people who test positive. Npr's Joel Rose near Governor Andrew. Cuomo is deflecting blame for the high numbers of covert related deaths at nursing homes. Now more than five thousand from member station S. H. U. Desert. Don't drill jewelry. Has More Cuomo has been criticized by some families of nursing home residents for his handling of Kovic positive patients there but he says the state has done all it can older people vulnerable. People are going to die from this virus. That is going to happen despite whatever you do. New York attorney. General opened an investigation last month into whether homes are complying with regulations for personal protective equipment and separating infected residents now. Republican members of Congress from New York are calling for a federal investigation of Cuomo's nursing home policies that includes his march twenty fifth order that required homes to readmit residents from hospitals. Even if they were cova positive for NPR News Desert Diario in New York. Federal Reserve Chair. Jerome Powell says he's optimistic. The economy can begin to recover in the second half of this year as long as there isn't a second wave of corona virus infections in an interview with CBS's sixty minutes last night Powell also suggested that they're most likely won't be full recovery until there is a vaccine unprecedented war crimes. Trial Resumes Today in the German city of Koblenz. The Syrian defendants are charged with torturing prisoners under the rule of Syrian president. Bush are and NPR's Deborah Amos reports in this landmark criminal. Trial the main defendant. A former Syrian intelligence officer stands accused of torture murder and assault. He's expected to give his first statement to the court on Monday last month when the trial opened the indictment included the testimony of dozens of Syrian torture survivors says Patrick croker attorney for the plaintiffs and it was read out one horrible crime after the other and the accused. Were thing right there. It made us all aware. Again of walked is actually at stake. Here at stake says croker is an examination of state sponsored torture in Syria which the regime has long denied Deborah Amos. Npr News you're listening to NPR news. The world's largest lock down to the pandemic is being extended for another two weeks in India. The government is ordering all schools hotels. Airports and restaurants closed through. May thirty first cars and buses will be allowed back on the roads. India's had about three thousand deaths from Cova nineteen in a population of nearly one point four billion. Some children will go back to school today in Belgium. One of the nation's worst hit by the cove in nineteen crisis from Brussels Teri Schultz reports on phase. Two of the country's de confinement pupils in their last years of elementary and high school are going back in most parts of Belgium while other classes may be accommodated if schools have space to observe physical distancing rules. Parents can choose not to send their children if they don't feel comfortable mother of fifth and a seventh grader. Alexandra lemonade says it would be a hard decision. If her children's classes were resuming keeps. It's good to see friends again and to get back to the routine and some relief at home because they're super board. Is it safer to go to school? I Dunno education authorities. Say They can't yet make a decision on expanding the return to other grades for NPR news. I'm Teri Schultz in Brussels for the past two weeks. The snowbirds Canada's jets have been flying across Canada to boost morale during the pandemic yesterday of them crash in British Columbia neighborhood. Officials say that one crew member was killed and the second. The pilot was injured after he had landed on the roof of a house. There are no reports of injuries on the ground. I'm Nora Raum NPR news.

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