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Hello Hello everybody our you this Bill Williamson and this is my very first podcast. Four espy nation silver. Black Pride. Very happy to be here just the big day for me really is going to do. Our draft needs podcast and this is Starter something we're gonNA hopefully be doing this on a weekly basis But this are pre-draft podcast if you followed me before you know I've done. This is my fourth different home for Raider podcasts. I did on the LAPTOP ON FOR FEW YEARS. I Raider snake pit my my former site. I had it on there. And then believe in raiders. A from I think last August to February I came to be nation doing a lot of work until a black pride and So now we're going to start going so it's going to be very similar format ask you know as I have been you know. I just kind of go. I have a lot of fun and this show is going to be. You know really focused. Awesome draft need so. Let's get to. It can go position by position. And you know I think receiver obviously is something that Fans WanNa talk about wanting to know about this really good receive request course. Some people were saying it's historic You know I find it interesting because the top three receivers in this class you know whatever particularity you'd feel about him is our land from Oklahoma and the to Alabama players rugs and Judy. I'd probably go lamb I But if the raiders. Think that Judy's the better player and they're both available and they take judy I I can't. I don't have any qualms with that right now. Of course the potential for qualms is going to be there down the line in a couple of years and I think that you know potentially going to be interesting for Raider fans because those three players could end up on the raiders. The forty niners in the broncos. So that'll raider fans are going to have you know rival teams with these players on it. And so it's GonNa be we're GONNA be comparing these players throughout the years and there might be some motions attached to that so you know I don't know of all of these guys are going to be great on the three players at receiver. The top three guys rugs scares me the most because you know there's due dates be comparisons that that should scare you right. I can't make that mistake again. He's very fast I liked it. He's a competitor. I think that's a good sign. I don't know if I'd want him to be my number. One receiver it. You know he might be a better secondary receiver in you. Know with the raiders. They're looking for a number one receiver. So I feel better about those two. The other two lamb and Judy I wrote today It's on the site now that they've talked they've been talking to Denzel mims. What does that mean? Well they're talking to a lot of players but he certainly on the reiter. They're interested in him. Has Been recent you know I think you know maybe he's in the top five receivers along with Jefferson from Lsu I saw store today. Somebody said that Jefferson from an a scout has been in the League for Forty Years. Might be one of best receivers. He's ever looked at. You know I think. That's the thing about these receivers is that there is. There's so many of them and it's you know. Pick your favorite ice cream flavor. So Mike Mayock said last week in a conference call. That was on. You know you might be able to get a number one receiver in the third round this year. And he wasn't saying that as making that his raider plants he's talking in general So it's GonNa be real interesting. I think they take wonder. We take a cornerback before a receiver. I see the the thinking the logic because if you say you got the kid from our House Day and then you got Henderson from Florida. Cj Henderson and then it gets really the talent drop off is pretty steep after those two guys but then the receiver talent is pretty stout. So maybe you take a Henderson at twelve and then you take the best available receiver in nineteen. I can see that Jalen Johnson. He's The guy from Utah. That the raiders. Have either I on. I think he could be a trade down possibility A guy that you might want to you know if you trade from nineteen and maybe he's there at twenty seven or you know if you trade up into the second round and he's slipping because of his recent shoulder surgery. Maybe you get them there. You know I think possible trae down possibilities from nineteen could also be terrell from Clemson so in that case they would be playing the to. Clemson kids Terrell and Molin. They who they dropped in the second round last year and we know Mike. Mayock loves CLEMSON. Players the raiders drafted. Three from last year You know so. There's there's some of that so it's GonNa be real interesting dynamic at receiver. Cornerback what they do I would probably take the receiver at twelve. 'cause I think you know I. I think lamb and judy. You're probably going to be better player than Henderson. And then you worry about next. You Know He. Just get the great player when you can. Because you're just not that many of them guys they're just not and when you get a chance for a really good player you take it. And that's going to be there if the raiders at twelve. I don't think the raiders are in a loose possibility. Somebody asked me. Hey have you thought about doing a story on a draft nightmare for the raiders? And I don't see any scenarios I think they're going to be finders. There's some scenarios are better than others. But you know the the fourth scenario I eat at both twelve in nineteen or pretty Dang. Good you know. Hey the nineteen pick is. The bone is close out the match trade. You know. I've talked to a lot of people who think this draft is about sixteen players. Strong that means sixteen sure impact players know some of those sixteen may not they may bust some and there's GonNa be people have great careers outside of that sixteen of course every year but just from from what we know right? Now there's about sixteen safe picks so you probably not going to get one of those safe picks at nineteen so really hit a home run at twelve because say say Henderson. Maybe isn't one of those sixteen best but you want them at twelve because you gotta get that cornerback. And you like him a lot more than the third best quarterback available okay. He's not he doesn't have a quality career. And then you're you might be missing out somebody at nineteen. So that weakens your draft in weakens your team in the future. So that's why I would go get the receiver. I that's what I would do You know other positions in need. I know people don't think there is need a linebacker anymore. Because they got the. Two starters in Littleton Kaczynski. I better get better at his name. I think he's going to be calm nick from Chicago. I think he's GonNa be a pretty good player. I'm but you know what if if you love a Kenneth Murray from Oklahoma you take them you know I know that the it's a changing league and sometimes you know there's not three linebackers in on the field at all times but if you've got good players maybe you keep them on the field more so you know. I like Kenneth Murray a lot. I think he's better than Queen. Mellish's you could be a possibility as well. I like Murray. Because he really fits what Mike Mayock is looking for is that you know he's A. He's a performer. From a big program. He's a leader. I I I think he would fit in Nice You know but you probably don't do that at nineteen. You know a possibility of safety. Maybe a grant del pit from. Lsu's a guy that I like. That might be a tray down scenario as well Maybe mckinney Alabama You know that's a possibility at me. And I think that the positions that I've talked about or or or probably the position they will get the earliest. I don't think they're going to get a quarterback but my never say Never Guy. I don't know what's inside their head. Nobody does and there's no rule draft reporting. It's all speculation until the big and there's been a lot of speculation that the raiders. What's hate to if he drops to twelve or they'll take Jordan Levin Nineteen I? I'd be surprised by that but if I'm writing that story on Thursday night I'm writing that story on Thursday night. I I don't control it but I don't think they need a quarterback right the early. Maybe they get one in the middle rounds. There's a lot of talk about James. Morgan from was forty. Four international lot of jalen hurts. Talk if he's available in the third round you know running back. They're going to want to a running back in the mid rounds. Maybe four for fifty around. You can get a good running back. And they don't need a starter obviously. They got Josh Jacobs so they need a guy to give him a breather. A bigger guy. you know something. Moss from Utah could be third fourth. Rounder a lot of people like Kelly Joshua Kelly from UCLA AJ Dylan from Boston. College is almost two hundred and fifty pounds. That would get your your big back. Wanted two hundred and fifty pounds. So maybe that's amid rounder idea. You know teams always loved. Draft offense alignment. I think the raiders did a nice job filling their interior Line needs in free agency with Kirsch and proactive. Oy and they brought back good so I don't know they're going to draft the offensive lineman. I WOULD BE SURPRISED. Titan where they got forty two tight ends that probably not gonNA be addressed. It's receiver it's cornerback. It's linebacker safety defensive tackle. Maybe I know they want to get a run stuffer. That could be a target. I think in the second round if they move up or down and they get a second round pick You know I'm GonNa do a mock draft with all their current picks and I'm GonNa do one trades. I do think they tried to get in the second. There's a lot of teams that are trying to trae down Because you know there's talk that there may not be much difference between twenty and forty in this draft order. Timeout a little earlier. Okay so the problem is if there's a lot of teams wanting to trae down who wants to trade up. You GotTa have a partner. So it may not be easy for the raiders to get a second round pick. I think I would trade number eighty one in ninety one for number fifty two. The Rams you may scream at me but if you look at the trade value charge that fits to almost a t and you get a better player fifty two and I trust Mike Mayock I it. Ju It's John Gruden's draft but I think he does listen to Mayo and I think Mike. Mayock is smart and I think he's going to have more good drafts than bad drafts because his formula is very simple. It's very clean. He doesn't over think. I don't think I don't think you say I don't think he reaches much but he did reach it for. They urged for feral last year. Can't say they didn't But I think he's good about the draft coming to them. I think he has a good scouting I and again his formula is winning. It's it's get a guy who's produced. It's get a guy from a big program. It's get a guy who's leader that when you get those type of guys that brings your chances of busting a lot lower so. I think it's a very simple queen formula. I've always said if I you know ran a draft. I would keep it really simple. I wouldn't draft guys with character concerns because most of those lot of those guys those concerns become reality in the NFL. And Yeah. I remember now. The raiders are going to be in Las Vegas. Vegas is the party down. You know so you gotta be careful there and you wanNA bring mature guys in the mid may have said that and then some of the guys they've brought last year or guys they're gonNA fit in Vegas just fine. It's not going to be too big for that player so I think that's part of it as well so really interesting I think we're GONNA be talking on Friday while they had a nice first round because I don't think there's any way they can't have a nice first round and then let's see what happens on on and on Friday night and Saturday. I think they want to get some more picks. The great part about the raiders draft. Is THEY GOT? What five in the first ninety one? That's awesome but they only got two in the third day and Mike mayock scatter it. He's got to get some of those that back to the only has a four hundred fifty and I don't think he's GonNa want to the fifth round to be his last. I don't think he wants to Saturday. Picks so he's going to have to wheel and deal. And maybe that starts by trading down from four maybe trading down twice in the fourth round. Maybe that's how you get some more picks But yeah he's GonNa they're probably GONNA be busy all three days of potential trade can be wild. It always is but it's going to be a lot of fun and I'm having a lot of fun at SP nation at that website. I mean we're getting a lot of great things done and we're having a lot of fun to draft and I'm really proud to be. They're really proud to have this podcast on the site and I'm just very excited so We're going to wrap it up here and we're going to talk to after the draft and we're going to have some more fun and again this is. GonNa be a regular thing so this is Bill Williamson and this is silver by pride and we are my goal on every show in this in. This is what it's been. Is they make you as a formed as anybody in the Raider nation. And that's the goal so hopefully I made you a little bit more informed and prepared for the draft today so we'll talk to you have a grey day. Enjoy the draft. And we'll talk soon.

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