Why Should You Remember the Alamo?


This. Former Catholic mission is rounded by downtown San Antonio and besieged today only by tourists, but in March of eighteen thirty six abandoned almost two hundred Texan rebels were barricaded inside the Alamo, including legendary frontiers. Men William Travis Davy Crockett and Jim buoy. Outside they were surrounded by an army of more than eighteen hundred Mexicans under General Antonio Lopez to Santa Anna was also the president of Mexico. Santa Anna ordered the Texas to surrender on pain of death. Setting the stage for a tragedy that its final act on March six with the Mexicans moved in. The outnumbered men in the Alamo fought aerobically, but would quickly overwhelmed. Those who didn't die in battle were executed just as Santa Anna had promised. Since that day cries of remember, the Alamo filled the Texas Air. But the Texas revolution wasn't over yet. Just outside modern day. Houston lies San Jacinto the historic site. Were Texas's independence was finally one. Today. The battle of San Jacinto monument marks the spot where on April twenty first eighteen thirty six the rebel. Army got its revenge. Web by general Sam Houston. They too were outnumbered. The managed route FOX outfight the Mexicans and even captured Santa Anna himself. The Mexican president had no choice, but to surrender finally giving Texas its independence. The new Republic of Texas was it's own country for almost ten years. Sam houston. The cure of the revolution was elected the republic's first president.

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