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11 Trivia Questions on Wrestlemania Trivia


It's eleven trivia questions about wrestlemainia history. Oh yeah this is trivia with buds more. No it be. Welcome to another episode of the Trivia with Buds podcast. I'm your host Ryan Buds. Thanks for checking out my show guys. We have some wrestling Trivia for you today. Couple days after one of the craziest Wrestlemanias of all time they did without an audience over two days in a bunch of pre taped matches your wrestling fan like me. It was something to see came. It was different. It's kind of fun. About half of it was good. Half of it was just a but That's how wrestlemainia kind of is every year so it was still kind of fun to watch this year and I did a big wrestling livestream on wrestlemainia night. This past Sunday so here is a round from that doll about wrestle mania history and I was trying to think about some of my favorite wrestlers of all time. People are asking me that in the chat the other night and I gave a big. Oh yeah at the beginning of the intro of this episode. So I'd have to say Macho Man. Randy savage is probably my favorite wrestler of all time but I have a lot of different favorites different regards like I think. One of the best workers of all time is the undertaker. I think one of the best people on the Mike is Rick Flair. There's just so many different things you could judge a wrestler by And those are just a few of my favorites off the top of the dome. I WANNA give a big shout out to a couple of brand new patriot subscribers. Remember if you want to support this show go to patriotdepot dot com slash trivia with buds. Check out all the different reward tears between one and fifty dollars tons of cool stuff that I will send you every month just for subscribing to the Patriots and we have brand new subscribers of Connor Reynolds one of my old trivia from the south side of Chicago. Thank you so much connor for your patronage and Brad Pitt Bay. Thank you Brad. You guys are brand new and on board and I hope you like what's coming your way. One of the coolest new things we have is an e book club at the fifteen level. I will send you a code. Download an e book on your kindle or the kindle APP for your phone if you don't have a kindle so if that interests you if you're a reader and you. WanNa talk about certain books with us over on the discord APP chat. The first book we did was called recurring by Blake. Crouch and I'm actually GONNA pick the book for April later today. So be on the lookout for that if you're at that level and if that interest you go to Patriot dot com slash trick buds and donate fifteen dollars or more and again if you only have a buck or three or five spare. There's tons other cool stuff like our sticker club are button. Club are Puzzle Club where I send you puzzles every month to do at home feel like crossword puzzles. Word searches things like that. That might be up your alley and so many cool buttons for my friend drew blank check out his artwork at drew blank dot com. We'll be sending those out all the rest of the year got so many. I ordered about one hundred and fifty buttons from him so lots of cool stuff on the way guys all right. We're going to jump into these eleven questions on Wrestlemainia right now. Here we go all right this round. It's called WRESTLEMAINIA history. So let's see how much you remember about the showcase of immortals number one. What Stadium Hosted Wrestlemainia? Thirty five looking for the stadium. Name here question number one. What Stadium Hosted Wrestlemainia? Thirty five question. Number two what celebrity team with Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania one. What celebrity teamed with Hulk Hogan at Wrestle Mania? One question number three who did? Shane McMahon face in the opening match of Wrestlemainia. Thirty three number. Three who did? Shane McMahon face in the opening match of Wrestlemainia. Thirty three number. Three question number four. What city was home to Wrestlemainia? Twenty looking for the city number four. What city was home to Wrestlemainia? Twenty question number five did Macho Man Randy savage face at Wrestlemainia ten question number five. Who DID MACHO MAN? Randy face at Wrestlemainia? Ten question number six who exploded at Wrestlemainia five. According to the poster advertising the show number six who exploded at Wrestlemania five according to the poster advertising. The show question number seven. What manager fought the Red Rooster at a WRESTLEMAINIA number seven? What manager fought the Red Rooster at a WRESTLEMAINIA number seven question? Berate who face each other in Helena cell match at Wrestlemania fifteen who fought in a hell in the cell at Wrestlemainia fifteen need both competitors number eight number nine. What British personality appeared at Wrestlemainia four to outline the big tournament that took place at that event number nine what British personality appeared at Wrestlemania? Four to outline the tournament question number ten. What kind of match did Bret Hart and Shawn Michael Savage at Wrestlemania twelve? What kind of match did Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels Habit Wrestlemainia? Twelve and the bonus question for two points whereas Wrestlemainia thirty seven taking place just need the city that they are advertising for Wrestlemainia. Thirty seven next year. Those are all your wrestlemainia questions. We'll be right back in just a second with the answers. We are back with the answers to Wrestlemainia Trivia. Let's see how you did on this quick quiz about the big event every year number one. What Stadium Hosted Wrestlemainia thirty five? That was last year and that was metlife Stadium Number. One metlife stadium number two. What celebrity teamed with Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania one way back in one thousand nine hundred eighty four eighty five every year? The first one was it was Mr T. number two was MR T. From the eighteen and his own serial number three who did? Shane McMahon face in the opening match of wrestlemainia thirty three that would be the phenomenal one. A J styles who had a great bone yard match the undertaker this year. Go Watch that if you have not watched any of Wrestlemainia. That's you're trying. Find the bone yard match. It's a pre taped crazy graveyard match. It looks like a scene. From roadhouse or something number four. What City was home to Wrestlemainia twenty? That was new. York City's Madison Square Garden Number Four. Nyc number five hundred macho man face at Wrestlemania ten crush. That was when crush was a bad guy. Macho was a good guy and someone told me. This was the first falls. Count anywhere match. So look into that and let me know if that's true but macho man ties him up by his ankles. Unlike some kind of workout machine and wins the ten count by running back to the ring and winning number six who exploded at Wrestlemainia five according to the posters advertising. This show the mega powers. So it was macho and Hulk Hogan and they are about to fight on the cover and it says the mega powers explode because they They exploded number seven. What manager floppy Red Rooster Wrestlemainia? That was also wrestlemania. Five and that was bobby the brain. Heenan in a match against the Red Rooster number seven. Bobby the brain Heenan number eight. Who face each other in a Helena cell match at Wrestlemania fifteen kind of an underwhelming one? That was the undertaker and big boss. Man P to the big boss man number eight number nine. What British Personality Appear Wrestlemainia Ford outlined the tournament? That was Robin Leitch. Lifestyles of the rich and famous champagne wishes and caviar dreams Robin Leach number ten. What kind of match did Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels Have Wrestlemainia? Well an iron man match sixty minute iron man match kinda boring but also very athletic and pretty cool and a fun outcome and for two points whereas Wrestlemainia thirty seven taking place supposedly Hollywood California. The world opens back up and we all to go It'll be in my home Home Court I guess you could call it. I live about an hour east of Hollywood. But that'll be fun and it's actually not even Hollywood. It's Inglewood California but they are advertising that it's Wrestlemainia goes Hollywood which they haven't done since twenty three twenty four so should be a fun time and those are all your questions and answers for Wrestlemainia Trivia. Hope you had fun playing along today on the show. We've one more question for you. It's called the question of the day. What wrestler had the nickname of the dirtiest player in the game? Tweet me your answer at Ryan. Buds or email Ryan buds to be eligible for prize. Yesterday's questioned the day. Answer was Thomas Wayne. For Bruce Wayne's Dad's name and Trivia team name up today is the Golden. Snitch is if your team likes to tattle on teams who use their cell phones. You guys could be called the Golden. Snitch is there you go and if you want. More Wrestling Trivia go to my facebook page facebook dot com slash Ryan Buds. And you can see all of the two hour live streams. I've been doing every single day. For twenty days now and We did one on Sunday night with five round Trivia so one of these This round was one of them the wrestlemainia round. But there's four more to play if you WANNA do that. Thank you guys so much for listening. Thanks for watching the show. Thanks for telling thanks. You'll even itunes reviews rating reviewing and subscribing. And we'll see you tomorrow for more trivia with me cheers

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