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Washington DC. This is Westwood One daily news. For June, seventh twenty nineteen. I'm John trout. President Trump on house speaker Nancy Pelosi, I think she's a disgrace actually, don't they, she's a talented person. I've tried to nice too, because I would have liked to have gotten some deals done. She's incapable of doing deals. She's a nasty vindictive horrible person. Be president on Fox News responding to a political report that Nancy Pelosi said rather than impeached she'd like to see Donald Trump in prison Pelosi has pushed back on and peach mint proceedings. But House Democrats are moving ahead with holding attorney general William bar, and former White House counsel, Don Mcgann in contempt of congress. Correspondent Linda Kenyon has the latest bar and Mcgann have already been held in contempt at the committee level for failing to comply with congressional subpoenas. Now, the matter is in the hands of the full house, and it has officially begun. It's efforts with the. Introduction of the contempt resolution and vote scheduled for Tuesday, the contemporary solution allows House Judiciary committee chairman Gerald now there to go to court where he would seek civil enforcement of the subpoena for Barda turnover special counsel, Robert Muller's, unredacted, report and underlying evidence. Now, also wants Mcgann to provide documents and public testimony. So where is this all going very well, come to a formula impeachment inquiry? We will see that's German Nadler, who says the president has been engaged in unprecedented. Obstruction by blocking congress from conducting its oversight responsibilities, and those responsibilities. He says include hearing from current and former White House officials Mcgann and bar about the mullahs report. We are launching an inquiry now. And whether we'll want an impeachable increa- it may come to that shouldn't Adler launch an impeachment inquiry. He would be at odds. With house speaker, Nancy Pelosi. She wants to gather the facts, first, and then see where they lead many constituents want to impeach the press. But we want to do what is right. And which gets results. And what gets results she says is building an ironclad case. I don't bring an indictment or you don't bring impeachment. Unless you have all the facts congressman Jimmy Gomez of California, a member of the house oversight committee, says that is so important open up an impeachment proceeding. You end up having a vote passes, the house, then you end up in the Senate. If you end up in the Senate with Mitch McConnell, you'd better have a mountain of evidence because this guy is not gonna risk as his majority. He has twenty two seats up and twenty twenty as the house prepares to vote on the contempt citations. One thing is certain this marks dramatic escalation in the Democrats battle with the Trump administration over, whether the president obstructed Justice, in the special counsels, Russia, probe. Or if his current efforts to hobble, the congressional investigations are impeachable all by themselves. Linda Kenyon, whoa. Washington. Bob Costantini has a recap of the role. President Trump played in commemorating the seventy fifth anniversary of the day invasion. France Normandy, the place so associated with the allied invasion to liberate, mainland Europe, from Nazi Germany, President Trump with sixty veterans of the fight behind him, delivering the thanks of generations that came afterward on the sixth of June, nineteen forty four they joined a liberation force of awesome, power, and breathtaking scale seventy five years with the latest ceremony expected to be the last major milestone, featuring scores of survivors commemorating, their heroism, and the sacrifice of Americans and British troops, along with some others, all joining forces to break through Nazi Germany's stranglehold on France and other countries in Europe. Russell picket is the last known survive of the legendary company and today, believe it or not. He is returned once more to these yours pick it ninety four even got a. Hug from the president aged nineteen he was in front with a flame thrower trying to knock the Germans out of their gun positions. President Trump speaking on behalf of his nation to all the Americans Veivers of that important beachfront battle and the fights to come these men ran through the fires of hell moved by force. No weapon could destroy the fierce patriotism of a free, proud and sovereign people. Mr. Trump and Francis. Emmanuel Macron accompanied by their wives saw a flyover of vintage aircraft, kind that delivered paratroopers inland and stood Ed attention for a gun salute as they made their way to the nearby American cemetery. The president met with Micron leader of France, who'd spoken moments earlier of the debt, his nation owes to the United States seventy five years hence, but taking questions they tried to paper over differences regarding the Iran nuclear agreement. Weapons. And I don't wanna see them having weapons. They won't have nuclear weapons with that being said, you know, let's see what happens with Micron responding in English has not taken his country out of the Iran nuclear agreement as Mr. Trump did but expressing similar objectives. We had an instrument in twenty twenty five we want to go further and have certainty in the long run seven, we won't reduce volatility, and we won't to contain originally missile proliferation and terrorist aid reasons, President Trump gave for leaving the twenty fifteen pact negotiated by President Obama. I'm Bob Costantini, Texas. Governor Greg Abbott is the most recent state leader to sign into law legislation meant to boost school security correspondent, Clayton Neville says Bill signed by the governor yesterday, we'll provide for increased mental health services for students and allow teachers to be armed in schools. The bills were filed in response to last year shooting. Santa Fe high school near Houston that killed eight students into teachers the alleged gunman then student at the school charged in the killings months of discussion followed at the state capital before the bills. Ultimately passed we had teachers and students and administrators law enforcement officers, and mental health care expert, governor, Greg, Abbott confident the laws are big steps toward securing Texas schools, or the Texas has ever done to make our schools, safer places. One of the new laws allows for a school Marshall program that requires eighty hours of training and allows an unlimited number of school employees to be armed Texas, Senator Larry Taylor says the law removes the cap on the number of school marshalls that can be appointed per camp. Teachers being giving these people. We're not as giving guns any by not making when take a gun. This is volunteer to frankly, put their life on the line. To do this for those kids, and they take extensive training and what that particular Bill was had a limit on how many marshals you could have numbers, the number was two hundred. And we, we've made that we could have actually more marshals than what that original Bill had Taylor says the marshal program is by no means mandated, but a reasonable option for many school districts, this just a billion not every district is going to do it is purely optional for those districts in their situation where fits them best they had the ability to do that, and not having artificial cap on that to the way, it was before the Bill signed into law despite opposition from teacher groups and gun control advocates, Texas, just the most recent state to bolster school security, Florida raised the age to buy guns for eighteen to twenty one after seventeen people were killed in parkland, Florida high school shooting, California pass laws, banning people convicted of domestic violence from buying guns the conversation about how to harden schools and increase mental health resource. Ongoing across the country. I'm plaguing. Westwood One daily news for June seventh twenty nine seen. I'm John trout.

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