JOJO RABBIT - Double Toasted Audio Review


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It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind it's pain and it's getting in between you eh as four-game ambush techniques zimrights staffer I don't think I can do this a Mel Brooks who is Jewish say you know something even I can have a sense of humor about the Holocaust Time Bar Hitler it well that's what we're gonNA find out Martin man he managed to make a very lighthearted fun Holocaust movie while keeping in all the death and destruction of but You know all that stuff you know it was it was mostly for the last didn't really show you anything about the ugly side we've had the cartoons out there and you go you remember when you remember Donald Duck was a Mattie looney tunes let's go ahead and get to our next movie let's open it up by talking about somebody who's pretty the day Mister Charlie Chaplin the the little tramp also in a movie called the the great dictator Yep and let's not forget that time he said you know I want to make the world's first truly lighthearted Holocaust movie that has been there's been some light hearted stuff talking politics I wish more young boys had your blind fanaticism did you know growing up to US ten year olds from celebrated that's where we come to this movie Joe Rabbit Your Life is calling right some titled Joe Rabbits Have War in the Holocaust let's go ahead and take a look at this trailer for Joe Joe Rabbit and Martin you not going to be back this wouldn't won't together you're not going to be about Nazis and Hitler Hill off limits from laughs from from mockery and ridicule him before is happening what was happening you know the we've had holocaust not take TC I want to make you laugh He says you know what I wanna I wanNA show you I wanNA show you the was on man cartoon hit love and they're also we had one of a big comedy icons I mean I'm talking about from way back the boys will be involved in such activities as far games ambush techniques Zim brushed up I don't think I can do this Oh god nothing makes sense anymore is definitely not a good time to be a Nazi juice each other's might tower general who saw one thank you look just like us I tell on you would be a big win the strongest thing in the world took me of war I want to show you the horrors of genocide and Holocaust but also want you to walk away with a good laugh too so that's where we come in who better than to to bring you that in the direct the enemy me not to Nazi Gioja likes dressing up in Funnier for me a lot of people are nervous about this which is understandable and they're saying well we still on again getting a marble chicks now but you know what I like the way he thinks he's getting what he is getting his mama checks he said back and I think he's a I got you you you good for you know for having some Brown on it hey it works but he is not uh-huh with our review his show up man but the house I would say this Martin kind of wish Hitler with more funny just a little bit and when I say that I'm talking about yes and that's a we'll get into that in a little bit with with Joe Joe he's Joe Joe's imaginary friend and some can sit back and laugh at the Holocaust this hard But I look at this and I actually kind of say I was like you know I never thought the stuff that he does here he is very childlike sensitive imaginary character except that with With with Hitler in Thor Ragnarok than take Taika take tycoon you say that I do say take this and even some of the some of the just the the Nazi humor here in general I don't think is I don't think it always works it's a has a has a very setup jokey pattern to it is like we're going to say one thing and then we're going to immediately right afterwards say you know what I am a Q. Zinta terms when take a very funny as Hitler Yeah but then there are a Lotta times when Hitler are the Nazi humor in here most of course you can imagine a friend coming in so much trouble but when I look at that I think that the the humor that they have here because I guess I should explain this a little bit too you have she's kind she treats me like a person you two seem to be getting plus icing Joe Joe Rabbit right here you know because this is I mean needless to say this is a horrible world but it's the because Gioja Wayne the most relatable he adores Hitler and just wants to grow up to be the greatest Nazi Jew killer only world that Joe Joe knows and we're seeing it through his eyes am Joe Joe actually loves this world look crazy s you know you sit in back Kinda still living on a dream that he probably the visionary probably had at one time you not look at his men and I can tell you probably setback the scene right now Mr Take not so cool what do you want me to direct a movie for you wants to be part of a club works for the movie because fortunately Imaginary Hitler allow the notch humor that is not that is not the big part of the film what it's the beginning you think that's all it's going to be and it's not that yes a lot of this works by seeing the world through Joe Joe's Jo-jo who played wonderfully to say young actor right here roaming Griffin Davis yeah he's he's incredible at first you think you're going to hate Joe Joe you quickly realize he's just a little innocent boy who's a product of his environment and he's just naive man he bought alum mentally challenged I want to be a fireman but you go here you know you should you should hate this kid but really terrible okay not laughing out loud at this anything well most of it is you know you're hanging with the Nazis and the mostly the Nazi youth it was a tense wasn't my going to adhere to Church WanNa go she ate and at that point his dreams of rising up in the Hitler youth are ruined and then his world is turned even more upside down when do something that's different from what we said and you could for me as kind of predictable right there some of those things you know there might be worth a chuckle him having to stay at home more often learns that his mother is actually hoarding a young Jewish girl played here names supply by Thomas Seen Mackenzie and when I say is his world is turned upside down is turned completely upside down because now Joe Joe has to confront his fee skylight yeah you're right where do you go but and it's a Lotta look these terrible things we're doing but this one normalized to us and that's humor that's that's I'm not saying this with myself I'm not saying I'm saying that for Gioja for Joe Joe Joe Farms himself reluctantly attracted to this girl I mean for a movie that starts out like it is mother raisin and and also real Hitler out there somewhere yeah this kid is off man and in what t t o o t w you know we AH TAKEOVER TT as Hitler which look I'm GonNa say he has its funny moments and also forgot got some Ju blood in them he don't make a bad hitler come off as actually hitting he don't WanNa come across as actually look on he's not a pure Aryan blood but I'm just saying for Brown ain't that bad the Wes Anderson Movie The yeah it is Wes Anderson movie that he never made it really becomes a sweep coming of age movie but it starts funny starts out a straight up comedy and then as a as a starts to play well a lot of people were mad about that begging days later he's sitting I ju can laugh about missing the rest of y'all can't have too long especially when you get introduced to Elsa right here it takes on more of a serious tone now the movies never completely serious but it does have the moments of the of the movie Azzam Wow you know Jews before their tails and horns have grown in X. wow actually kinda sexy it's Fun Georgia sucks that everything he blows himself over the grenade and you realize is like man you know I this is why the Nazis lost this warm just watching the two of them interact with each other it's a shame there in Nazi Germany I 'cause his mother man me this is probably scholar hands best performance to date yeah I would say so she she is a great character not only Scarlett Johansson good but that is a great character awesome Hitler's biggest fan only thing and he says what when I grow up I wanNA kill as many as I can what he wanted I mean only she is a single mother but she's also raising a fucking nutcase I mean she's she's almost scared of this boy away while she yes she saw like sleep in my favorite moments where they did take it a little more seriously even though is still kind of lighten tone my favorite moments between him and with the movie and let me see if I can find something right here because this Martin you hit it I've got to pull up the clip for but this starts out let me see here it starts out today I had pulled up actually I don't know I forgot but it starts out just like a she has to keep a tone of Lebanon for this kid and when when they do that those are some of the greatest scenes in in the movie because she keeps that tone even and let's see it and but throughout all being a single mother in raising a little crazy as kids she's she still remains very loving and playful knowing no it really does and it just Kinda naturally falls into that and you don't see a common yeah when you were when you start out with doc I'm especially hungry tonight so maybe I'll just finish yours if some of these this kid you know you look at here daddy to guide him because all he got he ain't got no daddy got his fake Hitler yes doesn't maybe I don't have enough I haven't watched enough Scarlett Johansson movies outside of the venture into no but I I will say that the handsome man Scarlett Johansson is I've never seen her in a performance like this before mainly because I probably never seen his mom his mom rosie played by scholar Johannes those those some some really precious moments that was yeah I was just like man my my heart is man he's so influenced by all these other kids who WanNa follow Hitler I cannot let him know that I have a Jewish girl at it yeah he's GonNa flip out yeah he's he's and and and and not so much hey look at me no is actually it's not it's still story over style Gioja Kinda grows on you man 'cause 'cause Joe when you see how much Joe Joe Desario at everything yeah because yeah really loved those scenes me and my other favorite character was was Sam Rockwell okay because I never know how you're going to feel about him but he man this guy he really did he knows he does not look like it like I see really hates his he's always getting demoted and I just I just love the character man because he I mean this is the sound crazy but some people need to know this that's not the real Hitler these again he's Hitler as a little boy imaginary friend yes in a position as a mother either are you know a role as a mother before but she is amazing and this is yeah after so many years of black widow you I don't want to go to waste that playful tone that we see where it's considered a comedy is a lot of her tried to just try try to keep balance with her son Yeah ad in this movie yeah he because the reason why I love Sam Rockwell and his movie is because he's just tired of this shit ain't real real go joe and Joe go make it to joe he was going to make it a twelve even the world wasn't going on Joe Joe's get hit by a bus or something well it's just that you you you a snitch bitch as a little fanatic he's crazy she's even kind of scared of them in a way which just scared of what he becomes later on life a very funny it's a very funny role without him having to actually play it up yeah he doesn't he doesn't play it up and it's so much like you find it so much more the biggest labs in the movie that's it was funny I liked the weather is not as don't don't do this phase and it's these kids probably blow themselves up and die we will your enemies into dust and when they are destroyed we should use in grave with twitter okay no more politics is neutral grounds table is you on teaching now I am not that talk I might eat later for now I'm just going to these groups it's very funny yes asked him to ask him to just quietly react to every to all things around him that really gets the laughs Vesta the Nazi youth version the Hitler Youth version of moon rising yeah it feels just like moon rise kingdom except with the Jewish Nazi slant to it this is this is a different scholar Johann that you've seen in is really amazing especially considering that you know this is all you realize that a lot of the movie doc okay rebel Wilson Yeah she don't they I love everybody in this except her what they put in he just because she looked big German chick what does that make you up you hate your country dash much I love my country it's a why he'd it's pointless and stupid and the sooner we have peace the better the war will end did we got all day propaganda and delivers his conscriptions come on refreshing it's because of you my son can walk properly and his missed face stolen kind this is your kid who told you about remember he's stood remaining blew himself up and as a result I got demoted for negligence. She's kind of reprimanding him why so happy things are changing the and I said taken Italy France would be next in sooner will be it wasn't funny he just can't do the accent that's all as far as production here as far as looking like a World War Two movie cheap on the cheap side of things the him while I'm at work make sure he has a job infused included got it stops one of those ways like everybody brought their a game and maybe you don't have you just couldn't you couldn't do it rebel Wilson is good at being rebel Wilson. That's fine he she she I mean I can't believe they they kept it is probably all they had lucky just keep going Seem like every time throughout the movie when she popped up it was always for some kind of gag like that yeah yeah I mean I I'm not saying she's she doesn't just destroy the movie but the we need a rebel Wilson we'll be able to call you also liberal but when you get to those more intimate scenes the production is okay so you need somebody to walk the clones also I think maybe he could hand out to snoop propagate the office is wonderful kids so Joe Joe I'm sure we can figure something for you to do I guess guys what you could tell little is is on a cheaper side to believe a studio wouldn't want to invest in a comedy about Hitler I know you're talking about taking chances Yeah Shit but that's that's fine you know I mean it's cheaper movie and you could tell that they have takes place around one location and it's it's really at the end of the war like Germany's did his character and then you even know even by time you get to the end you're like wow that's a lot going on with it has a lot with him and a lot of it is just it's a great role with him just having to Ed on Salon it's asset this yeah yeah but it's very you could tell that they had just didn't have a whole lot of money to do a big epic war to movie not not that they're even trying the man he's just like this is where I was born yeah he's just wrong place wrong time you say about I would be doing anything but this bullshitted fund could and always in Goofy goofy as L. man don't get wrong fuck you got a brown imaginary Hitler here so you know it's yeah it's it's silly at points but when when people were talking about fits it's a it's it's it's overall mandal let the the the comedic tone at this is be pitch fully just popped in a really awesome moments in here where those colors they do pop man is it's mostly when they're on the countryside and they're wearing their casual NBA Bro yeah and I'll she has one see what she's GonNa do

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