Astronomy Cast on Hiatus until Sept 2019


everyone fraser here and pamela so if you're listening to our voices right now that means we're on our summer high eighties which means they were no longer recording regular episodes of astronomy cast until the fall sometime time in september but this doesn't mean we're gone we are working behind the scenes to come up with great new plan well there's just maybe gonna be all sorts of random awesome getting dropped into the theme yeah so so don't like don't unsubscribe that's crazy will be back but a over the summer i'm gonna be doing a whole bunch of stuff still on universe today i'm still gonna be releasing new episodes to the guy just space and are question show it'd be doing some of the livestream telescope virtual star parties on twitch an on universe today a still writing my weekly newsletter so if you need other space goodness there's gonna be lost coming you're right what do you working normal were gonna keep doing the daily space were taken the week of canada today in fourth of july off and then coming back most monday through friday at twitch dot tv slash cosmic quest axe to bring you a fast paced roundup of the news i said so they know what to go reid indepth over on universe today we're also going to be continuing to break out the science where still mapping venue on benny dot cosmo quest dot org and i'm gonna be doing a whole lot of programming anna working well make it easier world free you dizzy science all right so i don't go anywhere we will be back to you in september we hope you have as wonderful as fun as summer as we plan to have or winter southern

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