Steve Harris - The Number Of The Bass


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I got a call from Steve Harris asking you fuzzy wanted to open the iron maiden show in Los Angeles at the Bank of California stadium next September fourteenth. So I said let me check my schedule. Yes. And that's what we're doing fuzzy main support for Aren maiden on the legacy of the beasts tour in Los Angeles at the Bank of California stadium September fourteenth two thousand nineteen tickets on sale now they sold out all over Europe this past summer and fall. It's a great set list and made and finally bring it to North America next year with the raven age as their support except for in Los Angeles, where they added fuzzy on the Bill as well, let's huge that happened after I spoke to Steve, but we're going to talk to Steve about the set list coming up. We'll talk about the legacy of the beasts tour before it was officially announced maiden very famous for keeping everything very close to the vest. We're going to talk about his side project, British Lion. He's touring with British Lion. This fall, they're headed situ pan next week a three date runs starting to twenty-six Asaka Japan. You're all about how Steve got involved with British Lion. And how soon we might find a new studio album from them. They record a new studio version of a British Lion. Favourite and Steve gave us the go-ahead to play it for you now. So here you go the brand new studio recording straight from Steve Harris Spitfire by British Lion right here on talk of Jericho. Feels. Sweet. This is. All right. That's the new studio version of Spitfire. There's a story there. Steve go, tell us all about as iron maiden compass point studios the x factor. One of my favorite albums have with his grandmother, so many cool stories from Steve Harris, one of my personal heroes. I can't believe he called my phone. I can't believe we're opening for iron maiden. And I can't believe Steve Harris is here on talk is Jericho starting now. Would be here calling from England. I assume Steve ARIS this year. Are you in England Steve? Bahamas famous compass point studios in Bahamas direct. Yeah. Now, the one before that final frontier, but since then the Syria where do you function? Was running. Nine. This stuff. And so I think just over went past. I never. It's kind of changed hasn't it the way that you can record an album these days, anyhow the days of kind of going. I mean, it was nostalgic. You know, why? I mean, the equipment hadn't changed since before. We went lost. So, you know, it was fun thing, you know, salary point of view, but it wasn't you know, trying to coupon here we had to get some Gary. Navy some attention just showing 'cause you know, so many people just because. Dad, playboy, whatever we had good times toes. Famous famous historical studio, correct. Yeah. I mean lines are Stein's I say in how. Oh, how people because your answer? Very famous. Yeah. Well. Great studio and the great pub apparently. Yeah. Yeah. It was a here's all good stuff. A good time. You enjoy my you know, I was there. It's funny. Area. Leave. I, you know. Eh some point. Maybe we could there is in our studio. I. On the Saudi on overnight, high school Albany and started a it. Yeah. And I wouldn't look this great style studio. So not be something for the future. Is it hard to make a record like that? When you have, you know, the beaches there and the sun is out is it make it easier to do a record in that or harder. No difference, really know when you're in the studio 'cause you know my studio he's I mean that haven't gone winning anyway. So it could be snow outside to recoup sunny it does once you're in there. And it's funny 'cause someone so it's like meal, you know, if you go home. A little. My role anymore. Kind of you know, whatever stuffing enough. What were you know? I actually. Anyone violence by isn't it? Anyway, when we recall, we she on this. Right. Craig's. Yeah. Some people think really makes no difference where where you all. And you're someone is if you all when you're relaxed atmosphere, you're going to be more career. Anyway, that makes sense a little bit more relaxed like you said less stress, which gets the Grammy's. Some songs are more joining vice in you know, whatever you have to be an n enjoy trinity vice atmospheres or something. No anyway. So a lot of times when you do a record, for example, when you do British Lion or when you do a maiden record. Do you write a lot in the studio or do you come fairly prepared when you show up for work so to speak? In early diet oversee, you know, always writing stuff vice she's never point raid up always growing, stuffy Milan's back room. You know, just that's always living really into that stuff stuffing, their they once used once we start getting more. Now mean, you know. You know? More guys, do whatever, you know, we started McColgan Bahamas and just not yellow for pays him on with. And so we were running during stuffing jersey in the Channel Islands, and and and Ryan stuffing almost as well while, you know, at the studio so challenge coin dress to show for your period, really. Out to so no included and I'm for the face. Don in London. And so ministerial most of the material was still. Do you have? House always living grandparents for quite some time. How long were you living with your grandparents like you when you talk, and we still live in there when the first iron maiden record? It was when my mom and dad. Out of the country show. I'd when I was about fifteen, and you know, you're just telling me you're telling me school exams coming out when there's nothing yellow. And then, you know, only a fan, I'm fine so bowl and so far easy. Call it whatever. So you know, it was just telling your own time for millions. So I ended up just moving women end and our end up staying was about twenty six twenty seven. So show. Oh through that early. Period of might and foaming. And then I you out and stuff. So I that was still living there. Was was one of those situations when you were like, you go to the world and be a rock star than you would have to go home and help your NAN. Do the dishes type of thing. Spo-? Anyway, I mean, then so didn't let me thirty to anything in. Yes. You know, she didn't say you won't be doing anything. Yes. Here's quite independent. Anyway, in in really, nothing. I figure if I had help you probably would have, you know, maybe, you know, I hope so. You know, you should I as I said it was great that was by closed. Everything was car sold. It, you know, undergrounds about travel round bosses and stuff, you know. Wasn't so fair. Van was the ball. Learn the driving van I me, I mean stuff like that. So it was cry. Wish I, you know, really, you know yourself. I've been with me sisters isn't. I would have had to kind of, you know, family stuff guy in ways and there's nine. Yeah. Yeah. She a good situation for me, really line and everything. Because I had you know courtroom. Now, just you know, not go down and do stuff. You know? It's great. Yeah. Really didn't. That's also so ally, I didn't really rushed to get out there. It's a good situation. Like, you said I've had having me. Having me around. Anyway, she said anyway. I've had that before though when you go to or the world fan till I I don't know. When you get home in your wife says, okay, Mr. rockstar, go take out the garbage puts perspective on things. Well, yeah. I mean, you still have to, you know, more stuff right people think that that you've done doing almost. Did you ever get that? When you're in the grocery store and people. If your show ability and time stuff out, I'm on going joy. Some things on the list, really. Okay. Like, you said I remember shot, but exactly go to the grocery stores, but I didn't things. Do you have like a tape like a rift tape where you put down your songwriting ideas, or do you just kind of when it's time to write you just sit down and write? And that's the way it goes back in our say, we, you know, we used to have types, and then is in used to put down, you know, lows of types of bags and bags. You know, just sit types have stuffed up put down they shouldn't pay. She's and you know, I used to him. You know, what you're saying? And you know. Sometimes if I was somewhere, you know, the difficult whatever that I forgot about. So I wish they knew I mean, whatever, you know. That's all I'm melodies. You know, even if you just wishing to full wherever because sometimes, you know, it'd be out with and no have anything we've made. Now that's to remember what about on the bus. And which is what do you want anyone talking to me or anything like that? And so you just want to remind you think she's really good and don't want forget. 'cause there was a couple of occasions where that did happen, and I got distracted, and you know, and it never came back. So it wasn't making a up. There's been a couple of occasions where did forget, and they did come back. So and one of the name was actually both job. So. You know that was made in the bay Oviously. But you know, these things in um. You know, you just tell them stuff down. I mean, they used is oversee is different. Now is just put stuff down, you know, on your finding or whatever. I bet you can eat down, and I'm just kind of just back out stuff over its on. And I so unless, you know, different concert of well backup joys or things that you know, because you never know things you find something on right supposedly Kirk. That's why I'm doing. She hadn't backed. Yeah. So, you know, he's a worry. But I'm sorry. I'm in the ideas. And you know, it's crazy really means and Michiko you'd probably them I have. But it is a kind of a problem. You know, why? Because it's almost like seeing that stuff. Too much stuff in your head. Yeah. No. That's probably exactly. I mean, you could be anyway, I just 'cause anyway, and sometimes something you can be most don't go to apply is. And, you know, just then if you're out, socially, whatever. And you just can't go. So and somebody you might be somewhere loud, and you can't you have to go so somebody call Trump, and you know, I said, it's not problem what he's Addy's. These come out on nothing walking down the road. And there's nothing to influence anything. It's just what I what I what I really really question. I suppose. Anymore? Right. Just be thankful that your muse. Oh, yeah. So let's talk about British Lions div. And before we do Jack Slade finished writing his job post for linked in for when I might have to replace him as my system while he goes to wrestling school in January. If you haven't heard that go back and listen to the survivor series preview. Even though the show is done. 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Because I know the original concept was Steve Harris solo album called British Lion. But that mutated into the banned British line back in the nineties. That's when they were vice year round and festival type from Graham nicely guitar player. And I really impressed with the type so just started me out with him. And then we're seeing I runs. Bicycle from that point on night, you know, so they were under different nine. But then we, you know, so awesome to change as long as if it was really powerful. And I think they weren't really not sure about that. I can start with. But anyway, in the end, we changed it ends, and I'll be kind so it couldn't bus but washer when everything in between radios. We're still managing him and doing all kinds of stuff for him and everything else, and actually, you know, stuff as well. So basically, you know, I did gap and Jamie one as well in Portugal. But I wasn't, you know, planning by undersoil problem that and then I just follow it up, and that's to and you know, fear is your office for, you know, just they just too strong saying, I tell you. So that's where we're still ideal for you know, that up back. Fan time, which one might tell him somewhere Lawrenson, Mike, and I'm really glad I did because I'm ready enjoying that's really enjoying it. It's so fun. You know? Owned? We've just finished recording the second album. So there's quite so good. I in the Ken now. And so when we released that and do something I'm not really sure because that's the problem really everything spice ran might. And you know, of course. My you know comes first. And so sure it's. So basically, everything is just can't even swing nowadays gigs coming up now, he's just an upper chain often showers in this will you go grab every opportunity are just you know. Really Jong me is my sister. We're so so tie on. So we might and stuff even no touring. So it's just grabbing Jones, and the thing you have you done just grab it. And then something else will come along and possibly, and so you just have to grab it and go is it fun for you. You mentioned almost fun you're having and and what part of it is fun. The fact that you're playing a different style of music. Is it fun to be touring is just no I so I mean, still, you know over this role. And it's, you know, they're really good offing ready. You know, strongly songs innocent different completely different direction. Maybe from mining. Is it's fun and you still fun planning smoke clumps through. Obviously I call play. It is places you might anymore and haven't done for many many years, so gone back and flying is taupe places. We're going back in the places. I've never played the first place, you might be here's band, you know, that we played around the Cal for four years away ever going signed. When my mind's mine on Europe, we should kiss. And that's where where it is. So progress got handed lines. Well, maybe we'll place so mice both five policy the small Trump. So. Famous club new PY in Amsterdam I never played it until strong supply with British line. So it was it's quite deployed is places. You know, I enjoy and I'm not going to comply all of him. You know, I'm just so lucky. Maybe it will play festivals massive ratings or my in like subs in this. And that just played on a cruise in February months cruise refer that was never done before. And you know, you said China, I challenge it's interesting like when you see like the stones would do that. They'll do you know stadium show then arena show, and then a club show in the same city like Paris, for example for you playing with maiden same vibe, stadiums and arenas. What's the big difference? When you go and play some of these clubs that are as they say more intimate, but as I know from playing in clubs, it's a it's a real clown. Punk rock dirty sweaty vibe, which is a lot of fun in that respect, you know, show about the world. Oh, I off. Yeah. A lot thing caused fans and things. Vice whatever mission that, but I mean, Bruce is qualified testing. Why have I g you know, making arenas through like clubs? Anyway, why are you coming? You know, where the fans, and we have not what was going out trying to get closer to the the fans as well at the front. You know, I must have made. Some of the festivals a long way, you know, that might follow. Why just but you just have to be proficient when you just have to get all of it. But. What are the plus a lot closer the fans as possible and overseeing the club? You know, you're extremely out there like that. The guys in the band. I mean, when you're when you're taking for example. You know, when you're talking what's supposed thinking, what would you tailor? Does is it hard for him to have to kind of go up against the the legend of Bruce Dickinson, or or is it just you guys just being judged on your own merits or there's probably a lot of maiden fence. And I'll say, I think it wouldn't matter. What seeing every was really just certain degree because you know. But can you go against both? Anyway, why people do that because it's a different thing. We'll ever know. My name is Charlie different rock band. There's no, you know, he's more kind of US busy often any inference is. So it's not the same thing. But you know, that's what they do. I can pay spouse in whatever they shouldn't really because it's different thing, and you go it's highly different stolid voice is applauded voicing my opinion. But you know, I feel you were going opinion says otherwise in something in, but they're gonna start comparing various thing, you know, there's not many people can. Well, what can keep him? Anyway, you know, pretty no he was fantastic. He's no longer around. And there's not many that can really I Don think stand out so in my opinion, but he's trying to do that is totally different. It's not even join a compare will compete with my shift. How different thing people. Come and say, no, I don't think they will well over one. Okay. I think it's it's just fun buying a good. So I'm you know, songs giving a hundred percent. You know, I mean from what to do. And it's that's the thing. But he has a very different stall a voice. So here's what it is. It's it's cool to really gonna get some notion going because there's no reason, you know. Well, what did it? Anyway, you know, we started just it's just much which is banned as anybody's probably Mosa. But that's the thing when. Don't it doesn't matter. What gets me into the doors? They're going to leave British Lion fans. Because like you said these songs are very good songs, and it's still rock and roll, man. It's not. Okay. Let's say I think he's getting he's always about that. I mean, you know, fun over pay you more. I used to say mightn't is already because you're just trying to get people in and you're trying to get in there in the first place and to convince memorial ever. And I'm pretty to Vincent, you know, is fine. You know, people come along they won't be disappointing. But if they come in and on expecting, you know, something similar from iron. It's no. So. But I don't think he's been gone long enough now to people know that and I think that might be a challenge second album is some people's possibly because is more Representative of what we own how they if I was retro sounding album meant to sign that why he was produced in that white. That was intentional who's looking for that so seven east corner. You know, it's tough sound. And this is different. She's more Representative where we are all at now. And it's always just. Brooke meta the, but we've holidays do it. It's a couple of songs. It's a couple of songs that are my favorites on on the first British line are the chosen ones and a world without having which are both very lengthy songs ally our maiden, but the chosen ones almost as a little bit of a. Yeah. They're really good live songs actually already enjoy plying shoves them on Jamaica's gonna US stuff. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, if I pretty disowns, I think I've got pretty good crowd participation. But jim. So reading Joe applying and I was still wearing the set this time round. But we do have another track which can sing Jim. And you know, if you wanna play you can play when own is already getting album these schools for. And you know, we've been planning in the set. While anyway, but it's you know, I recall here studio, I saw it sounds really good. I think so. And I think, you know, just tell them as well. Voices chanting glare on it. So I don't know they didn't know the first I, but. I actually probably more Representative for various lawyer. So. It was a good indication to. So you gonna challenge, sir? Why that one is you might you see what you think? But. Win all your way, my love. And then absolutely the brand new track from British Lion. Exclusive from Steve Harris. Yeah. I mean, we won't be relation and how the album until next year this, you know, we haven't even over any gold packaging together and all that kind of stuff again, it's just trying to fit anything just, you know. Johny McCoy go to done and in between times. But we saw the backing tracks around Christmas stuff loss Christmas. It's the wind done as we can in a low around mainly because I'm the one that's the busiest. I've everybody, but. But yeah, really many plays again. I think it's really powerful. And so, but I think every Nassir relations right now, you're kind of the brain trust of iron maiden that you're doing everything. Even when the other guys are kind of off the road. You're still putting together the live records and editing. The the DVD's and all that sort of stuff, and I'm sure it's a constant constant chain of events because maiden is such a machine at this point. Yeah, we're coach that's the. Yeah. Because really I was in between times I wanted to put out a live very slow and before the second studio album come out, and that was fully the intention, and I even sit down, but I'm mostly I it's unfortunately, because it's just things, but, you know, something cooked up we have might and stuff they stuff which wasn't planning to that point decision. You know, and so much I'm talking with that. And yes, again, call sites presidency, always always always will. And that's fine. So things get back law. And that's the way it is. That's why I always will. Here's my still going. So so now, you know, we ended up so doing tracks. So it just saw where we might as well get album out. And then we'll do along with them. Right. So remember, kosher more showers in most even more with. I think it's about doing that. Now. 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And I'm sure it's the top of the top. When you guys are on the road with British Lion is getting back into a bus. How does that work for you guys? Always it boss because you know, that this is why would I can't be long depends. If I said the dog south thought, but without no. I even I usually. So I did almost the question. Anybody complain about you know, where where they're coming up and down the country's. 'cause I don't go in China. You. No, not really I said, well, well, we must be made. But you know, just would show on changing your Saudi Mike Seattle, easy just travel from one place. But anyway, I is on the bus in Europe. And yeah, gone back to the boss again a few years as downs doubt. You know, I enjoyed it boss always gone. So it wasn't really tough for me to do it. But you know, there's certain things you just have to anyone else, you know. But that is that it can be fun as well. I so so somewhere between just getting off through Geoghegan shit out so thing, and then you, you know, come tonight place. So that so sorry, but, you know, traveling the you might and it's incredible Lonzo has to pitch. So. I think driving. We he's lying brings me back. Then again, more wise in one case you grounded, and you just make sure pretty sure there's no way no retrafficking badly. We know, you know, I don't think who got back to driving around in cars. Very eddie. But, you know, which, you know, so traveling generally binding, my knees, but you know, I know at least we'd be flowing just going to fund which is going to be tough. 'cause 'cause some long distance is. As you want these things. Whatever it is to get there. And do you think you'll make it worthwhile? That's what I said. One of our. Talking to you. And hearing this. I've always heard his well, we have met a few times your very humble guy, which is rare in a lot of ways for for a guy that's been doing it at the biggest of levels as you have. How is it for you free? When you mentioned you're playing monsters of rock cruise or some of the festivals or you're not headlining. You've got, you know, thirty five minutes or whatever it is forty five minutes to play your set is that cool for you as well to kind of put yourself back into that sort of vein or sometimes as a bug you that you want I think. I think, you know, why actually I'm you saw this might, you know, if you're playing, you know, less time, I mean on long we play for an hour off something that I'm John if you're doing this thing would, you know, then you would be only playing before we have mostly what we actually did get more or less an hour. So that was great that's really needed down. So that's you know, playing you're never done before was but unit you everyone wanted to do it. You know, it's really nice. So. It was fun. But if we're gonna go out, and that's the thing time is precious as long because I have to cram everything is sip before. So when we do go out, you don't really want to go around and play early for forty five minutes, unless there's some golf, which, you know, fantastic tour might seem very that's fine. But even then I really because you know, there's a city time is precious. And we just would probably all the places, let's painful, we all. All right. 'cause we not trying to conquer the world. There's no, you know, we're trying to do that with we just going out and having fun doing what we do. And not. Yeah. It'd be nice to get three more people still him, but we know striving for world success. So when you've already got that. Yeah. Which even that? But, you know, even I've already go to it's just a the reason I retired to do that. If you're gonna do that you go put so much time and effort, and it takes a long time. Some many cases law years, I don't have that many years anyway and also to do it. So it's no no possible. I'm so here's what it is is project, and you know, there's going, and we'll be gone for long as kinda even always based on. You mentioned thin Lizzy, and you mentioned UFO, and and when you were, you know, pre made days when you were fifteen living with your NAN, and that sort of time for him. Did you go to a lot of shows? Did you go and see those vans live? What was another plus point living in non I mean, everyone plays on right? Yeah. They were getting on everywhere. You can you know, just the Ryder Cup law in the right lane style. And then every bans plan above it. You know, stri your Okan's payable. Thank hoping fairies are probably a nice people. Don't even you know, they were doing well in back in your diet, but never really go anywhere on that. But you know, that so abandoned fan with the time, you know, went to joke foam round out, and they'll show USR. I'm strangers praised. We'll probably together. And it's just amazing. You know? Well, you know, I was trying to think there's a. Yes. You know, I showed is paying also I see this you fly support in the mall. K twice. You know? That was fully thank straight cool. What I almost orm really. And then I yeah. And then I what actually see know story once it was once seeing them, and then they come back the way often or they do four lines to I never had them. Okay. So things like that. Always very lucky. I was I going to be around and got always gigs. Just jump on a boss. Oh, going trying, you know, not far to get to any of them. What did you think of Bon Scott as a frontman my using? I mean, I was oh second or third Raghavan off. So the first time because I was probably even. I will not what to expect knew nothing about. I'm whatsoever. Waiting to see backstreet quota, which was Terry. Especially around, you know, actually cost of span cost away bought end. So that I wanna tell you know, I love the free stuff, and so and a lot of extra quarter or so we're going to see them. I got someone raisin they early in which I think, you know, usual. No, always easy to get there early gigs. You know, you haven't even been whatever. But so, but I think get there early. She's soda how set and he was minding Mark Evans on bison Moscow knows nor. So just you know in front of my credible such sties presence. And they would just demise. You says. Says a commissioning went to say. Headlining off because I did for no less on you know, off the island. Okay. You know, managed to got it. So just incredible wearing playing into and stuff. It's anything 'cause maiden, you know, when you had your B-sides introduce kids like me to nectar and Beckett's in these type of really obscure bands with these great songs like king of twilight and rainbows gold, and that's. Didn't play Choi, you know, things in the Apollo here's code, and then dying or something and all that and that German Bank crowns in and I were really interested in as well. I mean, nearly creating love him. But that vice Brad is an incredible by yourself as if I'm boring, but this guy was amazing. It's german. And then next year. We'll just unbelievable was well, then those. Yeah, I love I love I love next to the Saudi Royal about Brian Ross the way. No, sorry, it only shine but going fan who are some of your favorite bass players back from that time frame, and then throughout, you know, more than modern times that influenced your style. What else think company aspires will join anywhere? So from near you know, influence antifreeze you from fray nothing as well. Amazing minds from wishbone ash tell you why you have witnessed garrison dove nearing. Just begin influence. I even bought dine electric guitar vice gets off 'cause it wasn't very good. Aren't they can get a good one? But so I didn't really use it for long. You know, you tell you when you're young you tend to do that. I mean, what what gives some fun about why I'd one join English. I've one and my channels are on different sounds a well between them for you. It must be something. I think it was terrible. Sandy. But that's just just didn't have a good one. But didn't sound good at. Oh. And also, the Nick hang hang just full, maybe young in why from you. So I as well. So I've been flown just over two that fish. But you know, you tend to do things what I when you. Vines, and that you you only appearance ball because you think well, I would think. Sandwich. Certain things you try these things out, and you experiment, trying to get you to give them. And that's exactly right. So I ended up shutting down with any precision because just dime symbol any worse. That's great. Johanna plug guitars. But you know, they run those us anyway. So for years is what it is. But it's just weird. 'cause for someone else wasn't necessarily. What you that's the thing. Join us. Sorry. Well, it's all in your hands. Isn't it? It's your style. Well is. Yeah. It's now you coming on for because the sound though, I have some people gap and playing my big. Whatever. They sounds target different without changing the seines. So oversee definitely law in the why you're tangled playing so. Even sounds different. You know, checking Mungo can use for many years in any player himself. But he sounds very different. In fact, he's AMI. For best. You know? Strain this at a when he flies. He's rather than I am. So it's it's a different sounds have. Yeah. You two guys play the exact same Reagan. That's going to have a different style and different vibe to it. Yeah. Yeah. It's just I'll just Nagel away. Every time we pay attention to it. Really? Don't just as as we wind down your Steve I wanted to ask you just about the legacy of the beast to are. Because the rumor is that you guys are gonna come to the states of it next summer. And I'm sure you will at some point. I love the fact that you guys do kind of a new album tour and then follow up with kind of. I don't even know how you'd say it kind of the classics. It's more than that tour. You've been doing that for many years. It's it's a it's a great idea. Yeah. We started doing it and just to work. Right. So we carried on and trying different ways to get working. But having this show is very great. And yeah, we've announced rookie Maria. I was just going to be of showers, but upping swollen the secrecy receive Mr. Moore don't break deal small. He'll yell at me. Yeah. The fry Yorkshireman. When you're putting together the settlers for a tour like that. I mean, obviously, there's so many songs, but you you always pull out like. Just call it funny because oh I said, and then Chris no-one mainbrace put together it's weighing down to us. And this time awful we wish Bruce. Oh, just fine Junji telling you, but actually kinda even real. It may be found James. I mean, I I think every. Set list together, everybody should bloody good. But if it was real thing down, but you know. Quite funny. It's it's on record. Now. He wasn't even there did this this. Okay. Fair enough. Just let it go. It's all right. It. It is never. You know, when you guys did the first night of the legs. Deby's two are like on Instagram every song was announced as you guys are playing with this amazing graphic this art work. And I don't think there's any other band in the world where fans are waiting with baited breath to see what iron maiden is going to play on the new settlers to whether announcing it song by song on Instagram Alaska's wherever in Iran alum Tomas buyers, let me go Siamese the series from you know, you never know what we're gonna play next. I was probably just always, you know, for four songs in the set on a regular basis. But from that, you don't know what you're gonna get with us and we down now. And so we sit down and say. Maria, say, whatever I'm sorry. It keeps you fresh Ross as well. And sometimes we'll bring a, but we haven't played for many years like on this lost her we fly vigorous for a long long time. And it was great. When you bring stuff by that. Yeah. Oh my name song. Sometimes it's just it was I I again is good. It's just nice to make springs out. And they really works. Really? Well, I mean fantastically musically is amazing. However, it works wherever else we say, but they're certainly have ten year. So we'll see what happens the production is incredible to I love seeing the aces high Spitfire vs got the flight of acres flames and the whole thing like you said production wise, it's it's down as well. Yeah. Well, again, I think he's not. I mean, okay. You say on YouTube and all that. But it's not the same. You say. Of course, you know, actually there when you're there. So yeah, it's a really good show is definitely one of the best we've ever done. Nothing lost the last two questions for you. I got called the do I guess a guy called Martin Popoff in Canada. He's doing a book of a bunch of, you know, quote, unquote, famous maiden fans giving their favorite to records, and I asked other people chose. So I went with power slave and the x factor, which to me is a very underrated record. It's a very dark record. It's almost like listening to a Floyd album in that you have to. Be in a certain state of mind to really get into it. But I love it. I'm not ashamed to say. I think it's a great record looking back on it. Do us cool about that record. You like it. Do you think it's underrated? Yeah. All right. I really miss very personal anyway owned by this. No just that. I just I mean, I remember saying the so I'm albums that. We did proprieties. I think. I many people were in the show come to appreciate more later on. And they all they all started to do that. Now, it definitely all appreciate more on. Now. You know, that would be good albums. You might you know, it was going into. I'm whatever we were gone for. That's all I'm in. You know, I think he's good. Really good stuff. So. Yeah. Already looking at how I as well too. You know, we were fall in you know, everyone was kinda fighting. That's all I'm because everyone was going down and all this in any was to a certain degree. But you know, my thanks you challenge you for online that. And it's there's an inanimate far-right. There's you know, very important nothing. It's an important problem that Korea. Ars and ups and downs. And there's nothing other one. Versus in the van Jones. You know? Is what it is. And you just just wanted to why he was really remind when we're on question of while was just fantastic, you're on the soon NAMI at this point Stephen talking all day long. But you know, just never ran the Kona really well, and it's cool to still play sign of the cross and clansman those tunes, but it gives that record new life. And I agree with you for sure those two records of are very underrated. So what last question for you? What's your favorite British Lion song? And what's the hardest? Iron maiden, John. Fashioned job because they're such, you know, have Soanes I think, but I think live probably it's a tough choice. Big swing show a lot. I enjoyed enjoy playing ones and us against the world. I think in the moment does a great thing against it. Will might be saw he has the edge. Because even that's how I always is always not going back to, you know, fine for everything again and finding that you are kind of up against it. And you know, it's kind of adamant so I really enjoyed that one. But I enjoy mo-. What's the hardest? Iron maiden song for you to play live. But I really really difficult. We call thing. I've if any of them, really. I asked me because I'm getting as I said can you still play that why no innocent? I know 'cause go flat, you know, quite easily. But I really I suppose there are some songs the longest probably a little bit more attention than others, but what inside ever any technically anymore difficult. Sometimes some the foster ones, whatever. But I really find any of them difficult to be honest. And that I wanted that sound so the or anything like that. But it's just really if your ass, you know, then you don't have a problem. Well, that's even if you're playing a newer song. Like, you said like reading the black or something it's so long as long as you heard that you remember all the tempo changes that might be the most difficult part probably one in particular for me, you know, that one sees you. From the rest of the guys are they going to get right? And there's a low of and also in that so many of you know, it's all things going on. Right. So it's a lot more difficult. I think than me, you know, I'm all in this thing down pretty much true out. So. Yeah. Going on that song by for them mode. I'm sorry. It's not really that difficult where someone from my thing. That's why you right. So many of the songs because it's easier to remember them. Well, the problem is as my stuff on the vice in Arinze might be such a why it's not really nets. Oh, forget top said. So that's you know, I used to have given up moaning now. Steve it's been great talking to you, man. I appreciate it and looking forward to the new furnace line record when you get chance to put it out. And maybe somehow if you guys do come over next year for legacy the beast. I will be there and I'll be standing with rod Smallwood drinking beer at the soundboard might have. Steve. Thanks, man. All right. Thanks to Steve Harris, one of my all time heroes during now with British Lion. They're playing the brand new studio version of Spitfire every night in the set we heard that here. Exclusive on talk is Jericho. Thanks to Steve and everybody with British line. They've got three days left in Japan starting November twenty sixth. If you're over Japan, check out this band, but you heard Stephen new British line album is in the works. And you know, once it's finished the tour behind it as well also talks about a new iron maiden record. But in the meantime, gene, I'm Steve and iron maiden. They're bringing the legacy of the beasts who are to North America next year dates start July, eighteenth, Florida, and like I mentioned fuzzy will be the main support on September fourteenth at the Bank of California stadium in Los Angeles is the dream come true come check us out. We are going to be going crazy that night nothing better than a great iron main constant, and there's no such thing as a not drain. I remain constant. I think I've seen iron maiden more than any other. Bands that I've seen they're up there with kissing Metallica and I've never seen a bad iron maiden show. No matter what. So very excited for that. And very excited that Steve Harris was on talk is Jericho today and actually called my house. So he has my phone number. So there you go. I don't have is. He's got mine. Alright. Canada Bazi is already here. I'm ready to rock the Canadian days of the Judas rising to our star tonight. A Wednesday November twenty first in Moncton that casino New Brunswick, then we head over to Halifax. At the Cunard center that'll be on on Friday, and then Saturday is Quebec City of play video thrown Sunday much. Mt. Alice probably budget, all those sayings, but anyways, elba's arenas. But the twenty six armed prior the John street that is sold out twenty seven London at the London music hall, twenty eighth Toronto at the rockpile twat the thirtieth and Thunder Bay crocs. That's going be a great show Winnipeg hometown show Burton Cummings theatre what a prestigious venue, very cool. Us to play there. That's unassembled. I December second Regina at the exchange. That is sold out. A lot of anchors from Regina. We're sorry were sold out. Come to Winnipeg. Maybe it's only five hours away Edmonton at the Starlight on December third and the last show of the Judas rising tour the entire tour is in Calgary December fourth at the gateway. Come join us. Jared James Nichols is going to be there. Deadset society the Dave Spevak project. Join us the last four dates the tour fuzzy rock dot com for all the ticket information, including how to buy tickets for one of these legendary VIP mean grades one of the best the business. We play many costs of for you. We'd take pictures. We side stuff we hang out with you. You don't wanna miss it? You will get your money's worth. I guarantee at Fayza rock dot com for all details on VIP's and tickets. All right. One personal hero today. Steve Harris from rock and roll Friday. Another personal hair hero, Ricky the dragon steamboat. Wow. Can't believe at one of my biggest three teenage wrestling heroes. It was a live podcast in Chris Jericho's rock and wrestling rage at sea. I've been waiting five years to talk to Ricky steamboat. I got him on the cruise. It's a great conversation with one of the legends in the biz. So be here on Friday, Ricky, the dragon steamboat, I'm so excited. I just can't hide it. I know. I know I know I won't be. Won't be happy thanksgiving, by the way, it all the sexy beast American talk is Jericho listeners. I am in Canada. We're having lobsters lost Turkey day here for all of us on the talk Jericho staff, which is me. Although Stacey is in the states. So they haven't Turkey. I've ever lobsters Viggo at. Thanks to everyone listens. All over the world. We appreciate you being here. Thanks to Steve Harris, and we'll see you on Friday Britain the dragon boat. You'll love it. In the meantime, stay hard, stay hungry. Ding. The Westwood One podcast network.

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