Episode 46 Should I Stay Or Should I Go?


Dylan hilltop to the hallowed welcoming podcast sponsored by sodastream half. The trouble doubled a bubble. We haven't extended episode for you this week. So keep his short has ever. We are grateful for any ratings reviews feedback. We are active on twitter. You can find us on facebook. You can email us at hello billowing. Hilltop dot com. Oilers a postcard. Our dress is number sixty nine philis passage up and gnomes bottom billowing scher d twenty six. Hp and poor will add it to his copious sack. That's it. i have nothing more. Let's push on with episode. Forty six of the billowing yellow podcast. Should i stay. Or should i go. Good evening everyone digging. In good evening my daughter came to me crying as she sends. Daddy is what is it teepee k. I heard about those things. She was in tears absolutely funds. Is scientists good evening everyone. We're talking about the situation that we find ourselves in shoutout to my sons. Go friend who it turns out. It's also listening to the podcast. Being very common bill. Geena pulled costs go bucket open. That's no way hopefully the recap. Gt's goto either Lucas who is trying to supper so it's just hope it's him or paul One two three. Lucas forty six. Paul is lucas believable. Lucas put down your venus schnitzel today. New sausage down the sauerkraut put down your grew year. But then the fondue do. Yeah and tell us about where we are. You don't need to get too much detail. But a quick recap for all readers My citizens swiss ship interview monday. Actioning to have an interview with the local councillors. Does he doesn't entire switzerland. No no. that's all that you don't want to citizens why do you. What does account degree eight from something else. You're rusty's cold deluca so you probably best So they recap so basically. We wondered on past the mirror room after having defeated all of our ganga's yes and in the you came into another room which was full of some interesting sort of scientific like contraptions with some kind of headsets with all sorts of weird wires and we thought was hess detestable and malvina and then after having talked to us history testy poked scuttled away and let a massive viable loss on this. Which did how many eight ten six damage or eleven. i think it was. Yeah so we will completely decimated at which point we basically all ran away back to this sort of barracks area with the exception of alissandria who tried to engage as detestable. And he's now running away as well also running away. Because now hefty testy pod has turned into. If i remember correctly some kind of weird ogm age type thing is. I was like with this. Great acts looks like some sort of frosty great and so now the puckering sessions a sort of hiding away in the office area where we found all the plans and then buck raft took it upon himself then to go back into the pool area and when he turned up in the central pillar thing where the lever is in the latter he then viewed going off towards the east obviously does appear to be a mind lab. That is perfectly some west. We point out that there was a lot of discussion about whether we really believe was a mind flare or not. They also missed out the fact that there was pretty bad. School boy. Errors made by everybody. Rest we didn't respite. Inhale we didn't do any of that stuff and we will just piled into the room in a very fireable friendly fashion. Yeah yep so one. Hundred and sixty is between us extended express and we have an inventory of where everybody's got left as a wise idea points. That kind of stuff would be useful to have a clear sense of there. I have four. Hit points redesign lots of messaging during the week between the players that they fund four hit points and one festival spell which is either a cure wins or could be a distant wisps for three d. sixpence damage. And that's what i thought. That's all i got. The table would about anna sandra. Then i mean what situation do you find yourself in alissandria funds himself in a situation of six eight points. She's used misty step. You're either talking with your action or tax of opportunity. I can do a. You've got up cutting action. I've cutting action. So i can do withdraw move with my speed. Thirty have ankle. Bucky on coup buggy is got nine hit points. No spells is country and he's got one right. What about paul. Says i have a twelve hit points and just s- covered. I have yes and moriches. I have to i. Level spells only had one. So i have to queue wounds Definitely frontline material. The question is the question is honestly i mean. We want everyone attacking as much as possible. Me yeah so. I find some way against this. Oga guy and these two Doppler gang by don't fancy my chances against the might fly so if log raft can come back in and closed the door. Then i think we might have a challenge against these to the question is do we get the opportunity for a five minute. Rest if we can hide away in these cubbyholes the very monday rafters as it were one for off into space. S i know. He's not johnny depp. Worry tone stress. He's taking split-second decision at this. Very second as to whether or not to jump off the pillow and into the water as sessions. What about you things. Look we'll sessions is in the very unusual situation that he's on twelve points that hasn't taken damage in some times. I took go out from in battery code. That i have one. I love spell left. You lucky posit. Lookie but the thing by chuffed with is i still have to uses of my channel divinity and the cloak of shadows out very very appealing not channel divinity. No doesn't doesn't do healing it. Does cloak shadows sneaky way type thing. That's sneaky away type thing l. Bug off to so jealous. Let's pick things up with the ready action of this mind. Flyer waiting somebody. Did he ever next action. Oh why we ran out on this of course way to the pillar in the middle of this room flames did so it raised its arm and pointing at because it had been waiting for one of you to come running out and as soon as you ran into its field of view it is firing off the spell that had decided that it would fire anyone that came up. Is he really think outdoor. I mean many small. Hobart a black beam of innovating energy springs from the finger towards. I've got to make world safe. i can hit grown. And what's hitting arm kloss eighteen plus hit and so you warsaw to might be my some protection it is a net chromatic effect and on a hit you only now deal hof damage with any weapon attack that uses strength until the end of the spell you get to make a constitution saving throw at the end of each of your turns but you are affected for the moment. Saudi weedy moving. Yeah you're waiting now. He would've decision to make your poised to squares of movement. Left the edge of this platform. What would you like to do with the remaining movement that you have. I'm going to pretend that he's beam has basically finish me off on. I'm going to sort of hollywood style Full of water into the water. Can you make a deception check. Please deception plus zero mike. Okay and that was me. Rony minds practice practice. Roller was it doesn't mean his surreal. Okay papa six sixteen okay. Let's see okay. Well okay and you jump off. The edge is that it is that all you can do. That's no movement for offers it. Okay yeah okay so more squares movement. So i'm swimming. Oh okay your mind. The swimming the clock in the water below to that. So i am now out of vision on highly beyond your about fifteen feet below the level of the. Come up on honesty stabilized. Because you've just done a daffy. Duck death avenue. Okay so you face your own death basically is that it yes. False thank came. The next in devoid is sessions epa. What would you want to well now. That uncle bucky down. I'm wondering with my writing thinking that. All of the doors between burp parker and sessions and the mirrored room and the room that hefty dipoto. Whoever is who's and all of that they're all closed. Yeah yeah. I think that currently open. I close the final dull. I'm that i lost move. I closed the one in the corridor. The learn how anybody have to open the doors as she comes. This is what i'm trying to establish is not we all come up yet but i just want to make sure you might want to know that before you act so the because i remember sandra. She opened the first door coming out with the big room and then she could not the second one. That's the toll from where sondra currently is into the room with mirrors is definitely climb. Yeah yeah and the room that leads off. The main corridor towards the mirrored room is close or not the door in between the mirrored room and the anti-chambers. Now this none of this is making any sense. now it's not too close doors. Saunder psychosis interrupted. You just remind me about the room. Yeah yeah absolutely with the ladder. Up is a pillar. So it's solid and at the top is zeev. That's right and the pathway from the door to the pillai is a bridge. Said there's a ten foot wide of in the centre. Yeah rising two point ten feet above the top of the water. So you're ten feet down uncle buggy and a stone platform fifty feet above the floor of the room and therefore ten feet above the water because it's forty feet of water. Yes leads to a locked door. I'm saying that's a platform. Therefore it's not a solid adjustment of stone the tool you can be underneath it in the water be underneath. It's a diving board. Basically yeah but it stone and it's built out and just for clarity the mind flays at what level the mind flare is at the same level as the door the platform in the top of the pillar all ten feet above the water level to creatures with the mind flair. They like old purply. Blue skinned white head to the veil fin creatures in light black clothing carrying simitis with bows live. They're awesome whilst graham i. I'm thinking i might jump into. the water. is that is attack of opportunity. Always ready to action rather than yeah. Do you think stale guy where it depends if they coming into the water also. Yeah that's what it basically boils down to. We don't know the ounce to that. My theory is there waiting that because they can't come across the water and that lever moves this walkway round to where they are so they can walk across either. Could do that. That's a theory. I thought it was bracing and lowering the water. That's all and could be eat them. What do you think graham. And i don't want to be on two sides. Do i still. Don't get the mechanism of this water. Thing must be missing something. You and me both i mean going does seem like the prudent course run away. I think that's probably though. I two guys but can we can. We will do that. Move move. I can get in so wear ankle. Buggies yet move move. I can get to the water. Parkas next baucus quicker head. They're ready action is now or never snake movies. I can be in the water this round next round swim to the other chamber way we can try and we lose all a finishing off these to be could swim through the water to the other side. Take five minute rest sisley fall and then come back. Yeah but you didn't get yourself by then. But i get with my key point spun. You do the rest of points. Let's see you come back by yourself. I think i'm moving into the water sessions on. His legs is going to walk down. The corridor take hard left rundown than digital platform and camping. Swear he's okay pocket if you're going to run away then i've really got no option. I've i know you don't buy can move out of the office. Room opened the door to buckle. Yup that's your free interaction with an object to a cure wounds on purple yucky One eight plus two is ten points of healing on burble while sir nice and then move up to just before the dole. You're at the base of the little passageway that leads up to the rim of the water in it. Yeah you've basically forfeited a move by during that. Yes yes yes for you purple. Because the next i'm guessing the alissandria that crew. They can't move up to me and do something and so the next round. Don't i don't know where we are. Then our change would do is come into the same room as you bubble. I close the door and to open it but the can decide what you want so that that makes sense. why knows. if they're out in the corridor we still have to run across the corridor. They'll see us. I don't think they're going to get into that corridor in the next round possible yet. But i'll buy those doors closed. One of them is one of the maze. Second doors closed. I think but the first stories. I pin. They've kayla sandra then move. I think they bit. She might want to move. Tonight's beer by the way is cloud water pale delicious. Hazy chain rather nice mixed with the punches puck makes what sorry tonga's fuck the uncle little funding top sparking double filtered water resupplied. Johnny with big splash up. Just it's free slayings. Turn the tap on comes up. so how. Many of these canisters have you know naked flames in the kitchen to have rather a lot four package times. I mean it might be the wrong move. But i'm i'm happy with that move. I think you may need that. He'll so we move on. I think i can. But i wouldn't. I wouldn't come in here. I would go back to where you were. Okay and then they might. They might see you this some spell. They have to move move so they wouldn't be quite like the idea. Parker babbel having this conversation in the doorway. Yeah okay so parker you've he'll purple on the original thing which is heading on your way out but no birth. Be happily okay. Well that was going to pay jump in the water dive in the water gracefully. Yes leaving just park behind in kind of moving onto alissandria. It is your turn you. There's a door. The next u the creature that was has detested seems to be kind of buser. King crazed awkward giant and mas. Something that looks like mazda innovate. You suspect really isn't is ena is queuing up behind him. But it is your turn. I'm going to interact with the object some going to open the door. I'm gonna take the disengage cutting action. So i can move without attack of up to twenty from yup from either of them and then i'm going to move to the door to door now. My question is these beds. Yes what about if. I was to move small. Time for kip. High-speed i'm gonna long wrist unridable rest yet hide under a bed. That described as comfortable beds sandra. I'm going to receive means a divan. Divan whatever it is right but whatever they have legs. They're not just like a kind of pallet on the floor and like a kind of wheaty that'll bunk day. Aw show with bedding has like a box. I've backpedaling off the because that incredibly cruel have one of those draws that slides out and then you kind of open that in this full of stuff front. That would comfortable tells me bedding including potentially like spread and so yes. Yeah i'm being super nicer you are are you begins to make compensate for the fact that i'm everywhere else. Yeah i'm going to dive under the bed. Which is up against the wall. Yes and i've got a stealth of nine. So i'm going to what i'm hoping on before you set upon this course of action for like the third time that daw between the room you're in and the corridor is close is closed icon an icon to open it right. Because i've already opened one door be can move tibbets. So if he's got a spell. I'm not thinking about the mechanics of opening or closing the door. I thinking about the significance of a closed door. Okay let's find a way to minute if sorry if yes if it's a closed door it's likely that they're going to search excite to stand by the wall they can't attack me anyway saintly unless they post bells spells unless but even then they probably can't get a line on you for business poeple. They can't take taxable unity against it's not they can't tack here if they can up to you. They can still attack you but there could have come. They move move. He shaw well. It's it's seventy is simply put away unless it got an amazing movement slot seventy thirty to the door. Thirty five forty. That needed move a forty to be able to get get to you. I fifteen twenty twenty twenty five thirty pm. Police there enjoying this readers to there yet. The bavarian might be able to move out fast. Just yes barbarians me false okay so you. That's a good point guard. Could you close the door of the mirror. Severity directed rhody interacted with an action. However that's what you'd have an opposed drinks test right so you could hold try and hold the door close. Certainly who can open the door when you can run by through. You're just slowing them down. So he's gonna use his action to try to the door or not be to move right up to the other dole in the hope that that come they have to move. Move to get t. Don't get attacked sensually. can attack you. Yeah i think that's probably the thing. I'm gonna move up to that. I'm not saying that's the wrong thing to do. But he did. Seven is fireable right so But he did it as a different current. He's morphed into something else now here. We can't do that unhealthy boundaries. The other thought that causes is thirty for them to get to this. Assuming they've gotta move a thirty and not not greater allegra hammerstein fat. If you're like in this line inside the room there's no line at target to you. Yeah but then they can move in and just block you in. okay. I think so i think. Tha game micro. Chess has thus. I think that's enough on making a split-second decision about what to do. I'm getting to the next person to act is the orc and the or casco that kind of movement you are very wise to move those extra squares can get to one square away from you and i saw and then it goes on and it turns back into statistics behind it you can hit mas ena padding up and she appears in the doorway behind sti. Yes but can't yeah and we go on to the swimming pool. And it's uncle buggy on nineteen brie brie by graft he's going to start swimming as fast as little x. I mean there's a land running down the side of this column which you can pull your away down and then still under water. You have to swim along a passageway role. I'm going to do that. Came through so you can okay onto the map. So we'll just let the abstract for napa growth but you're currently heading towards the off the waterfield off with a barrel floating in it. The next creature to act is the mind flair but nobody can see the mind of the mindfloness house right now. Okay so we will draw a veil over there and we move on to sessions. Is action your presidio. You treading water wind or on the bottom. You'll put yourself down to the bottom of doing the same thing as boogie. Am heading his farsighted. Abstract that as well. I'm gonna leave you off the park. Your action did sandra see me. No right now. The door is closed. Then i will move. I assume that bubble didn't close the door. that'd be very cruel. So i move straight through it. Jump off into the water and you'll have to tell us how you how far we get through the water but you're swimming down right so i'm gonna side trail of bubbles being left behind towards the floor of the rim and you can kind of make a bit of progress and we'll leave it at that okay but on the other hand. Do you want to follow the others. Yes we can remove you from the map we can pick up what happens to you. Later into the rotating knives. Sorry passageway blocked corridor. Yes ram into the gulf blah through the one way valve and asandra. Your wall in a tight spot interact with an object opened the door. Yes i can make it to the water next parka with a move move and also take a dash sanctions could even go further to say. You're running for it and you're jumping into the water. One final point of clarity for me you jumping into the water as soon as you run into the room set off the side of the platform yet. So you'll know risking a glimpse of of the passage going in there. I can make you to park. And then i've got an entire dash action. You think that we can draw a veil over the rest of proceedings. you are undisturbed as you. Swim along the passageway You can allow yourself stuff float up in the sharp in it and reached the rope ladder. Just going to open up the other map right here. We are the top of the shaft in the room next to the roadway your attacked by weird invisible creatures next to the room where cuthbert left the eastwind spearing no into the ground. What you wanna do well allison is going to look at the say. Shall we wake us or joint to rest up and come back and finish these fucking off. Because i think we can is related to the trump door. No bug graft. Can you give me an intelligence check. Please is in the base of insulation than you. Very subplot by well. We'll see team okay. Now you've had a moment to reflect graft the odd elfin creatures that were with the mind flyer a little detail the you picks up as you were escaping but has now surfaced in your mind and you're reflecting upon it is that they're boots were caked in some kind of weird yellow powdery deposit mode yellow mode so ocana cake itself something like that. Yeah let me made romi funeral all mustard curry powder tested powder custom. Patter wouldn't be an engineering. The net krawczyk environment was the away. Hot warm or anything. They don't feel kind of volcanic area. There are no active volcanoes that you know of not even the newell mountains. So what's the deal climbing up the wall to remind me especially something. I think it's thirty five feet. And he's a writer it theory. We could rest up in this room and keep an eye on the water and have plenty of warning if we need to the plan to go back down. It does ankle buggy happening recollection of how he got into the mirror. Durham i'm blacked-out with the faa both the market and then i woke up in this tied up. Yeah we'll significance of the tough choice. Mike hinting that now. Can anybody think well that is. We need to serve minds. Something that happened six months ago. That might have some significance to one of those blue elemental. Things is not to be worried about or is that just basically. We could just peer into that room and check. Yeah just basically. I'm assuming that you're not just muddling in this chamber. Well we're keeping an eye on the water behind this. But i think it would be order view not to head ground at least out the door into the other room to make sure there's nothing on me. There's no sound of anything moving around or anything like that. I sure lowest short rest isn't really going to do very much is a the hit points bank. That's quite important. I think if we're gonna long rest we might. We might as well go and visit somewhere in town and see some the story points. We're supposed to begin to see elegant points. Then these people might get away but they may be another way as well that we don't know about but they might as well might in the alert shoes savings another way Maybe police luke suggested in the passageway rotates round to the other option. Yeah you didn't have anywhere near enough time. Exact scrutinize the setup of that room. What i would say is there was nothing immediately. Obvious about like that as in track marks around the wall. Something precisely nothing that said. That's definitely what the cases but there. There's also something that said absolutely ruled it out. Either at sandra have any idea about this goose considering local sondra can you give me an intelligence check please getting twelve. Nothing springs to mind about that. Yellow substance might have been. Okay i need about twenty seven. We do that fast. Or shoot Like graham saying on some of the league's we supposed to be getting to the elegance of kind of reminding you hack especially becoming with me kick out and seattle golsen. I think we came here to cow. Who is trying to kill us. Yes but we know he's trying to get us little less games. Yeah but they might catch. Seem like the end of level boss. It seems a bit. I don't think that did seem like the end of level boss really. Yeah i mean do you mean the mine flair. The you didn't think that was the end of level boss territory. We mesic gaming very strongly early in the story chapter to be known of us. We've got loads of stuff we've got to be doing here. I think the only you can send a baby girl way and it's been too long rest somewhere else. They could leave through the way. We've just left exactly. That's what i'm suggesting to take a short rest here then. Once we show rested we'd take a view on what we do. A short rest went back to go back down there. I'm thinking we do along west here. That the reason why i want to say first of all we go that plans. I'm thinking maybe finish them off. It also gives us the opportunity to properly ex- explore and search place which we didn't do and all that information that we gather that will be useful when we meet up with us. That's what we want to find out. Who are these people. Why did they can study those notes. Why would they shoot. That's one of the things we can do. They'll coaches have yes notes. We got from the office but we still need to explore and search the whole area. Where strange equipment was we show. We'll be fighting the mind. Forget about down. We'll be watching the mine. Fach we do that. We can go and see if that door is getting still going to be just standing. There is actually gonna peered once we triggered all sorts of other things that my close up again. Now we've got away so we're going to take a long rest. If we take the adding house we might be better off resting in the office room. We all the cells. We want to make sure by now. Why not rest here. I only need four hours to do four hours nine. The other four a great anything on the notes mike. The i stole from the office. We're going three them. Well now yes there is some. I think it's again. will i keep saying. This is my favorite phrase but we'll abstract. It's a little you think i along. Let's just talk about this. Start with the short rest for the hit. Points this shortlist. How much time do we get to talk. The final voting three three precisely pecan can roll three dice. Maybe didn't ask it eight. Plus that's pooling twelve thirty six singing as well what we do this by the way to get an extra six per head is wow really yup. Prosthetic constitution yeah lovely. Six and seven is the teams love. Twenty one good hang on an minus three six got to leave far twenty. Three of wright fifty minutes uncle buggy costing your is very briefly with these papers. You think that radio understanding what was in the papers is probably beyond do and the sondra if your wall. I'm having look. Yeah but adam. Sander is a local You recognize an a very quick glance. It looks like a lot of effort is being put into make to sort of redacting or deliberately not using specific names but it looks like planning documents around a scheme to effectively abduct and then murder kidnap whatever people in positions of influence and replace them with douglas your senses that you probably need somebody who really knew what they would. The authorities for want of a better word might be the to actually act on this. Your guess would be that that might actually attract some kind of financial reward or good investigating. These things. yourselves is going to take longer than fifteen minutes. It's going to take priority few hours to sift through but your quick scan. Your sense is that this looks like dynamite. In the right hands yeah. Is there any information that can help us in our fight with them. Give me an intelligence check. I certainly can if you specifically apply yourself to that question ten. You've rifled through the papers trying to work out if you can put together any kind of useful information about what's going on you come up short anybody else. What did we think liberalist option which think purple taking through you. Think that actually the papers if you were to burn them. Assemble them in a particular way and draw lines but it would make a map of the of the cosmos. Excellent that you could sell. Perhaps her as much as one silver piece mary out with the ovary. We still looking that rat. Yeah so i let. Sandra rose a nineteen k alissandria where you skim through them. Let me see now. I think it would be reasonable for you to be able to infer from going through these papers that a there were not that many gang in the gang right. Second thing is there is a figure referred to as t all the way through seems to be the boss and you think that there is something going on whereby this giant plan that it looks like they've been distracted from the plan. Relatively recently at the t had changed their emphasis of their operations quite recently to us. I mean that's what that's what you get okay. And is there any information in there about these weird machines that we saw that guy attached to. Yes there maybe. The occasional oblique reference to whether or not tease apparatus may bring other benefits. If the right people were captured. So some kind of mind. Extractor roy anymore is two hours. I'm going to take taking along. Rest now okay. And you're setting yourselves up to watch the choose my words very carefully. But you're spending your time watching the shaft. Yes okay a half an hour into your long rest yes specifically who is where and who is watching the shaft. And how are they doing. So and i need you to be very specific. I wash show. How are you watching it. Have we felt is a amirah. I will sit on the north side. crouch down low. Yep such a feast tools which is go to mirror on mental mental. Handle right. i use that. Can you give me a perception. Chick sistine on the seventeenth there at the side of the thing about half an hour in you. Hear a splash. Somebody trying to perhaps be quiet on failing to be as quiet as they want to be. It's thirty five feet down and the dog to the surface of the water mirror or no mirror. It's a difficult one. It's beyond the range of your dark vision. You think you can count Ripple memorial kind of disturbance in the city of reflective patent of the water down in the darkness. A little bit and a little bit of a splash. Well i typically else and how qua really are wave of them. You wave emphatically the other hand. Signals had signals pointing. Let's go around the table. everybody have an accident. Each starting with sessions ep. I'm going to move myself to just out onto the platform. Oh yes stepping away from the rim. Yep yep gonna ready and action to toll the dead if i am. Eve agreeably appears within my m site bubble. How i'm going to be silent. Let's give my spells back. But i haven't spoken to line. The candidate has identified. Who's come out. Yeah absolutely no idea could be a fish. Yeah right well. I do have daylight left over killer names because well. We don't want to allow them to the yet. Let's be. I'll sit and do nothing. Asandra going to ready and action to move up and engage a perceived enemy can move on and then a an attack. Anybody anybody anybody. Russian owing case. Well i'm gonna do is. I'm going to move up next to me. A self check twenty-five second k. And then you'll readying uncle buggy just almost often but to the good old days of dozing off. Right i am. I didn't know what to do. I'm worried about another fireball. So what's the optimal distancing. Were run in you. Gotta make a split-second decision. Abbas tell me whether or not you're being caught will are moving to the western edge of the room trying to be caught to cleaner and i'm readying ingham action to attack. Anything that comes with my tried to throw dice. Deepest shaft the ps snuck into that so I have hamilton through my head. You talk you be back pocket. Yes okay can you give me a perception check. Three token my hair little bit more splashing a movement below you. I do have sixty foot vision. Yes in that case. I think even without a decent perception check there was something briefly breaking the surface of the water. And the foot of the rope matter. Yeah the froze and then immersed itself again. Okay either a flash of light from the mirror or a bit of sound from where you are up in the room or something has been picked up. That was your sense okay. I will make hand signals to indicate. They went back down again under the water. Yeah okay which one do next guys. Five minutes goes by ten minutes goes by another sound. I think we should just continue taking rest. Okay well you are undisturbed for the remainder of your rest. Long rest breath. You're not sure what happened but potentially something. What did have a bit of a look noticed that you are still there or somebody was still there in shied away again. Something up and ask him again or it could have been a fish. We move onto the next day. Which is the twenty first fumbling with still in from battery in fumble. When was the day the end of february when the roi was supposed to align and something myspace that happened. Today is the twenty first of february your inspection of the story told you that the next conjunction that was it was during a festival. Misrule misrule is a four day. Festival sits at the end of fumbling right right and on the third day of misrule there is a conjunction between the planets genius and uterus. That's what the jury told you when you wind on and then your sense was to keep winding the handle to the next one. You will get to be there all week and yet so something is going to happen on that right okay so we got a few days until then you have precisely ten days until then right anyway. Don't get distracted by the calendar because as we all know. It sits comprehensive crafted well-crafted on clad. You've ventured down here as dark. So it's actually early hours of the morning i want to do. Thank town we go back down. Yes well in favor guy. Who's leading off. Auger i at. Its under as the broke. Be a bad idea. She's going to on the rope as she goes down. She's gonna looks over to off. Come on can she. Gyro a stealth. Please make sure that i to kind of slide quietly into the water rolling a fourteen case so bad. Yeah and you go park. Standing at the top of the shelf doesn't hear you slip in. Oh okay anyway. I'm sorry said to the bishop. Go one off to the other down the ladder. We're not packed. Carry the rope ladder. Looks like it's in relatively if you remember in particular repair all foot on down ten feet behind okay. Parkas following on and then who's next next k. and then follow view across to the next math. Okay keeping a distance of asandra. Yes you didn't trust. I trust that but she is a probe and if there's a fireball. I don't want to be in the same radius. I you emerge you swim along all you surfacing. I'm suggesting before we get onto. Just they let me go and be the pro busy. Oh come back. I'm gonna take swim around. I'm gonna soon underwater to the ladder. Yes and i'm gonna very into another shit quantities to clean up and eighteen decent role yup just poker head up over the edge. Can she see. She's looking towards the montclair tunnel k. A. you climbing up the ladder to the top. I'm so literally so. I can see water. Level yeah you hear or see any signs of activity but the passageways still that yeah the past is still and from ten feet below it all you can really see is the very first bit of its ceiling and that i will keep climbing up until i can see more yeah. It's a dark passageway receding off to the west. It's quite rough hewn and it's you can't see anything in there okay. I will continue to climb the door in the southern wall off the rim. The one that's the end of the little causeway leading into the main area you had your recent excitements is open. Only open by a couple of inches. I will still make my way up to. It could be another stealth check. And then i'm going to just check him with the others. still check nappies eighteen. Okay okay parker. You were told to hang back. What's are you actually doing. Very very hanged for so long underwater. Without you know. I'm going to swim to the edge of the pool sex. I'm in a position to see what asandra has done. Yes and if anna sandra moves through into the passage by then i will start climbing. Says you're watching. Anna asandra ferral the surface of the water the far side of the pool below the surface. And then the rest of you are following on from parker. So you can see as you emerge from the subaquatic tunnel sessions purple and you can see the parker seems to be treading water above you and you can see some light coming down. Are you following up towards parker to also go into a holding pattern to the base of the stairs the ladder swimming to the base of the ladder and the staying pretty much just peering slightly out of the water can breathe and then put my head under d one to trumpet quite while you do that. Still check twelve. Okay and burp and sessions. What are you doing you hanging around underwater for long as you can or you. I won't get around to the hidden part of the pillar and stick my nose out so you can breathe. You're trying to be quite yes. Yes to give me a stealth check at advantage. I think if you just sticking your math above the water got sake five. So and i guess sessions swimming up to kind of the same sort of ideas berko. Okay you wanna make still check this round our remain under the water. I think i can get my breath for allesandra You've painted up to this doorway. It's open opens a way from you. Stab rushed and it's opened a couple of inches As you did so you heard a sound behind you and the other side of the pet which you think might be one of your friends and at the moment that they made that noise you hear a little bit of intake of breath really quite close to you on the other side of the door i kind of like a opposing breath like a very very very quiet slide of perhaps a soft short against stone your senses that there is something probably go for the two feet from you maybe not directly on the other side of the maybe not leaning on the other side of the door. What would you like to do okay. I'm going to free action. Push the to'reopen as using the door open. Marzena is in the corridor. And she's looking straight at new like she's been watching the door waiting for this to happen She shouts they're here. Yeah around the corner you don't know where to Although you might be able to guess what would you like to do but the rest of your action well Free action to look turnaround. Look really annoyed at the guys who made the noise and then sorry. She's going to go to the end of the corridor poker head round quick. Just poke ahead on back like a dr leslie kinda stuck in your head and back straightaway. You can see marzena. And she's made it to the door on the way to the mirror so into the anteroom before the mirror. She that door which is open. That is all you can see. She's got her back to you. She looks like she's running in terms of the corridor very quickly. All of the doors are closed. Apart from the one that she standing next to so the double doors leading into the area way you found on the charts and the plans the door to the north which you think left some laboratory dole's on the southern wall run along the lead after bedrooms and the double doors of the other end of the passageway which you've not really interacted with the toll that closed as well. That's i mean you want to. Do you want to end your around the yeah. I called ready in action. can i. well everybody's aware so. Let's have initiative relocating. Well righty marife. It to awesome gets full sessions. Seven dean bubble gets a seventeen birth on seventeen zero an eighteen. Okay mosaic road. Full bugger off what you get eleven for graphs. I'm around to make for me so starting with malzahn. Who's at the door. Can you make a perception check at asandra. Seventeen you catch as she goals his at these double doors at the end of the passageway and then docs through the door to the south heading back into the other changes that you've already been to and runs. You can see how running across that antechamber and into the room with mirrors in it and you kind of you new site of justice. She turns through that door. She just turned away but she can. You give me a insight. Check rolling a nine a nine. There was something more to that glance of hers at the door than you. You think she might have basically been rice slightly pantomime ing that glance. The glance those doors Trying to make it look like she was furtively glancing. she left But actually she wants to do that. Okay and it's now up. Parker well not along the causeway swimming up to the night and then basically move action center. Sandra you can run right into that corridor. Can i do like a line of sight. Down that you can see through the door to the antechamber and through the other door into the mirrored room and in the mirror of the mirror grim mosaic running south. But you can't actually draw a line between you and her yes but now it is purple to us the deal getting out of the water. It cost you four squares of movement to get from the water to the top of the ladder and it'll cost you four squares of movement to get to the ladder eighth to get to the top of the ladder. I can just get out of the room. Okay so you're in the corridor behind asandra. Just north of the main corridor sessions. You're in the same situation. Yeah i guess. I will follow you as always us. Bugger off your the base of the ladder with people clamoring of your head. Yes trading on my head like take a breath. It's like a foot just pushes you head. Down to the woods granddad. Any sign of mine down that corridor by the way. There's no nobody has seen anything so far. Okay can i just point we do on my the schoolboy era bunching up for five. Oh not. I would never do that almost looking like it. Don't come out the letter running long running prestige unction into okay into changing rooms. Okay hang on me. And i'm still in the race of fargo would do if there was a fob. Went off right next to you. In between all four of you're you're very convenient and standing on. We think that. I saw oko down the corridor slump standing by the door by the toilet yet. But it's pretty places bancroft. Isn't it within his history. Allah sandra coming in a weedy. Four for who is meant to be the queen of speed and stealth. She's gonna take dash action to here and she's going to take a readied action just to shoot something and for the readers benefit where he spending. I am standing by the door. That small cena went through. Still in the corridor. Okay mozena hawk. You can see in the mirrors that mosaic runs through the door to the south of the mirror chamber and closes the door behind chaps. A we going to run after or are we going to go through and clear this area. Here i seventy. It feels like a trap to me up at the rooms. I yeah yeah you guys can do anything other than i think. The main thing is to make sure we're not going to be talking for attendee far but why just the same as last time. Let me go if you want me to be the probe. Let me be the probe. And i can't be the pro if you are following up. That's why i'm suggesting we through an open although those chambers again there's nothing in that so that we know that that area is cleared out. Let me go in while you're stealthy can get into all that stuff. I mean we would ruin the surprise ones. Let's just then. I mean they were expecting us. Now we're expecting his anyway. I didn't think that was famous. Is the mind flat collaborating. With the hefty testa with the statistics with the double ganger might be somewhere up against well really think. Cut out the fat and the wizard and pull you go often. Do your scouting there. Is this room here that we haven't looked which were that's true. Yeah i am going to go up to the doors. The double doors on the east end of the corridor. And have a nissim. Okay when you do that. The floor gives the niki barker. The floor gives way underneath you. Can you give me a steady say. Dc like it was pretty good exte- nine teen twenty a total of a twenty. You successfully avoid the pit trap. The floor gives way underneath your feet as you step into. That lost ten foot corridor in front of those double doors. Ten the whole ten foot okay. The whole ten foot square in front of those double doors so as you step take your first step and then you feel it for give way on and you just i mean. We're talking about just manage to throw your weight backwards and not topple in the doors. Drop open revealing a pit trap leading down a forty feet making sure i get the right description. And just looking at the right pip. Trump there are so many tramps. Just look for the right one. Subsidy truly sorry hopefully. Yeah that was the other one thirty feet its feet thirty foot drop parker and then they reset almost immediately. They found a spring back up into place. What else are you doing will. Then move back to the easternmost bedroom. And i will go. Listen at that door. You're listening at give me a section fourteen in total. You don't hear anything through that door. And the sound all around ep. Down here in through the door yup k from the door. It's empty right the door. But the risk the doors in fact full of door completely philadel- right from the beginning to the end while not now because he's opened the door and never never the door. That's not get into what would you like to do. I will move up to the east. My store six and this and that it yeah getting a twenty three no sounds and then we'll open it and the room is empty. Keg around dole says shit Well they've left them behind. So i will move up to the side of the door into the water chamber and shut it behind us. I then i will. I will ready tumbling dice on bad guys. I see and then it is. Uncle buggy consumed to have my sort out. Yes he could be seem to. Have you sold out okay. So moving forward towards the double doors that lead into the office. Yes interacting with an update on opening pairings. Anybody in there. Yes has just put in that just waiting on the other side of the desk in the office as you open the door. He goes sacre. Hello this you and a burning kind of streak. Fine emits from the tip of his finger shoots past your ear but graft thousand eight in the middle of the corridor behind you equidistant. Between you and parker do they go round corners. These things graham is nominated they do okay. So sessions twenty foot radius. Surely it's not gonna. Is it gonna get us well. Let's put the. That's the thing on that. It might not see what happens. Boom off goes the fireball. It catches bugger off. Purple parker and sessions. Can you all give me dc. Fifteen dexterity saves please dc fifteen six my bearing dangerous since so i see you get. Oh that's not a good role from a fish. Gets a ten in total ought dice. Twelve twelve from sessions dice eight from bourbon. They ought dice. Which means he's gonna roll another d six. He can't make any eight. How mike he's first thing. I'm gonna use my. Can i have my redaction for. Does it to roll that s. Because he did say graft yeah. He had already action and i had already. Yeah it's whether how we collapse the readied action wave. Yes you're doing. You're ready to action for that door. Scholley thing you're watching the door. What watching something coming in the door. And the other colorado. I think that it was reasonable to say the majority of your attention on the door. You're next to you certainly. What was implied in your ready to action was that you are watching for that door. Yes by the letter of the law. You said that you were watching and that if anything came out you were going to shoot it. yes oh. I think that you can have your shot. I just don't think that you're going to interrupt campus. Why don't we resolve it once. We've resolved the fogle. Okay five both. Dc fifteen year dc fifteen. Yes say the sessions made his save using his lock using his which. I should have done last time. I think parker. I made my save using my thais burp dice but still failed to save. Yeah an uncle buggy. Can i take my bonus section before he fires his thing. Frady can't know his reaction. Try that nice. Try his readied action interrupts your turn at the instant of the trigger it so tell me about your savings right. I can't say twelve. The first one can i said that. So fail and critically Say okay so. Let's roll the dice. Pummel this guy into the ground. I'm telling you k- i got the chance if you ever get your and this is the thing isn't it but we got cornered now. Yeah i'm gonna he's toast get up to okay so rolling eleven d even more now six now. It was the same as last seventy six. He does windfall a token points of damage safety half so nineteen. If you save thirty eight am fail now on asandra they go last like your head flips around us your radio action to ping an arrow down the corridor through the burning fossil past parkers if passed purple past bug graft and into tested pod or somebody. That looks like you didn't really know who has just to put is by the way i'm asandra. Yes it's very. very difficult. Shot is with the crossbow which got a range of thirty miles max. One twenty so it's to range. Increments over thirty s. Disadvantage over thirty is a disadvantage. I is twenty six and then rolly other. Oh just twenty. Six is going to be good enough. Twenty seven with the natural twenty is a hit. Do you wanna gumbel alexandra your show. I don't know if you take the lower one. Mike's new to the game. He hasn't got with the fucking rosa. Okay well it's still good enough so he eight points of pissing damage. No sneak attack it fail to actual damage will an actual person that you don't like is still a positive thing bugger off. You'll still moving right. So i moved up. I'm going to bash. I'm raging and i'm going to bash to attacks texas my adequate sort So into this fifteen is a mess. Next one is twenty six. That is hit. Thirteen pointed a marsh. That's very nice can do much when he looks a bit. You know you've you've definitely heard with that are asandra on. It's going to take a dash action to begin with so that new thirty. Then she's going to move action should enable her to move thirty and then she's to a nother short but this is within range. It's an arm close. Twenty-three hit doing ten points of pissing damage twenty points. Oh you're right. Sorry is a sneak attack because janis within funniest attacking twenty points of piercing damage slum to off them capacity sentence months. Sarah dot graft. Who is this. Who is this person you brought with you. She's us very aggressive and polka. Well palko who move up to the door and will do the fist of unbroken requiring him to do a dc thirteen strength saving throat. he fails at saving. Oh that's lovely. He takes three d ten damage plumbing. T points down. He is knocked up to the war. Needs pro kaz to stumbled. You could help help an old friend up from okay. Well let's stop bashing giving blood. Do i hear myself or do. I hit only levin. He's taken twenty. Forty mcgrath fifteen or something. I'll do a distant whispers on him. Yeah he gets wisdom. Say i'm gonna do it at only safety can make. Okay yep but you say that. It's a d. c. twenty seven wisdom safe finally a save. You could make wisdom say dc fourteen k. Level he makes save is that it. Does he take any damage. Yes he takes half of this. So seven point seven points of damage. Okay thank you very much. Thank you very much steps into the room and shuts the door Session zepa decisions. I think will step down to the main passageway then. He'll a tumbling dice on an pretend. Testy wisdom zave dc fourteen. He makes sense. Save very annoying. This stores open yet the for our readers. The dole the park and looked into the park through open. Yeah yes. I'm going to step into that room. A bedroom yeah next. It is has detested pot. He's laying on the ground. It takes him fifteen feet of movement to stand up then he oh he case rent. This little little is a flicking back was enforced like a cornered ferret. Hello my name beck. Graft he say hello to migrate sold to think about a taxable for tuna fish. I mean does he really want to use the other one of his three when he's just you one three. There's one thing for sixty one three. He does okay so he's gonna cost a spell. Can parker allesandra bug raft. Can you give me dc. Fifteen will saving throws please. Wisdom saving throws. I'm i is well cleaned of transmutation spill not a charm. Not anything like that. Not a fear effect. If that's what you're fishing for sixteen wisdom got a twelve twenty nine thousand nine hundred total okay. Only alissandria as affected by a slow spell. Take him on to penalty to cross six. Thirty seven thirty reactions. You can either use an action or bonus action but you can't use you can only one attack around whatever happens and your speed is hard. He was hoping that he was going to get bugger off in and then would not draw sacrifice unity but it didn't. He sent a stay where he is. And we go on to buck raft on eleven buggies gonna these adequate suit right. This twenty four is a hit fouteen partners for the first hit. Yes the second one. An eighteen is a hit seventeen boys at age. Seventeen points total. Yes wow okay. He's looking very very unwell. it's surrender. there's a kind of ripple by graft hasty looks at you just briefly. Kind of flicker in the mosque like a grave as you. Just get an instant. This is a great creature that you can certainly see. It's like an easy. It's back to history again and sit a staggering back from me alexandra. So i can't move. An attack can only attack who move. That's right. Roy moore will home go measure terror carriage sheet around them to an attack with groesbeck. Commerce clause eighteen. Exactly what you needed doing. Seven points a pissing under the four points of sneak attacks. Were living points of damage. This thing is teetering polka out. Asandra you hear a noise behind doing the corridor purple. You can hear the noise to through the door and sessions. It seems quite close to you. Marzena has stepped out of the door that she ran through originally. And she's behind you in that corridor poker. It's your turn finish him. You think yes. I could finish her. Okay okay. i'll finish. I will move to north of him and i got antidote to the poison given this chou is the worst possible metro on end of you. Well i've answered attorney less. You want to gamble pocket gonna come both gamble back. Is it worth the receipt. Can you next not toys neier. Is it worth the gamble. Yes thank you this okay so if you miss again you have to draw critical. God yes i know we get it see what happens or something that just turns that critical to amiss tonight second attack. Oh this class. Nine machine keys. After all i've done for you miss and miss me. The next one is an eighteen. that's more like the a twenty four much damage name. That's eight points of damage. Still one more. I believe that twenty is a hit. And nine points at dammit. Oh come on you. Put your fist through his face. Yes it comes up knuckles on the wall and it collapses to the floor. It's a gray smooth skinned monstrosity. Lloyd presumably mouth. Cena sees this happen from where she standing park. A bug graft and asandra on this creatures forehead there is a distinctive symbol I'm bugger off. You recognize it. It's the coiled tentacle. Simple that you saw on the giant belt buckle the mind flyer okay lovely so is it. Control is being controlled by the mind. This is getting into the realm of speculation craziness. Anyway of my move is going to move into that corner at the poll. It's your turn we are getting into the last nibbles of this bomb visually. I'm going to heal myself. Cube in second-level sessions quite understandable. You know that there's some sound from the code. Your north i. I will yes okay. I'm going to step out tumbling dice on mars. Ena wisdom safe she. She wounded after seem not. She's not ended night. I can't nine points. Nine points. The damage i k- yet with that still seems to affect the not gonna move cross. The cargo opened the door. Yes and i'm going to use my bonus action which is my cold turkey shadows cloak shadows to go invisible. Our press myself against the wall that would have been. Sdbo friend and mentor. But parker is for some reason decided to take against him and destroy. It said it is buck roughed running through the talk so well through the double doors into the corio assisting orion my tried and of returning you. Just be waiting today. There's some there's a hit nine the thing is does it insult pair my hand. Can i throw it again. And other action. s s s. Yes if you can make two ranged attacks in a turn but you can. I wrote a one. But i'm a hope it some running again Corolla so missed. Can you save. That was very sandra. Am i still slow to now. That has these dead concentration spell. It was a concentration so brilliant. She's gonna do a dash action and then she's going to do a move action and then she's going to do an attack connection jay and the first time ever she will do the crossbar point blank. Range yes. I think the attacker knew. Okay i'll take it. That submits an eleven miss and then all with the rapier yup close twenty which is a hit doing eleven points of pissing. She spins round hisses at you and strikes with her slam attack. she hits alma class. Twenty two you'll be. I attack doing a total of six points damage. Our the second tank she hits amish class eighteen. That's a hip doing a further seven points at damage and now it's pakistan by won't just do a produce flooding applause twenty three. That's a hit nine points damage. Buffalo bob is gang to step out into the corridor and will do love discipline whispers so wisdom safety see she rolls and not enough okay so she takes nevin points damage and has to run a use of reaction to run away. She runs through the door away from you and a sandwich. Duck hopes unity. June off cost ten. Miss sessions will move just behind alexandra. Yes just run through the antechamber into the able tumbling dice on her. She makes a saving throw so we say yet fails now. I get trouble yes. She's been windy to fifteen she staggers. She's running away from you Bug graft i can move up to the door. Can i fight through my try through it to think over the line of sight. She's a standing in the doorway of the other thing. Yeah you can throw you tried and tried and so first one is a second one is a much better. Oh sixteen a hit. Thirty six and a d eight. Yes seven plus your strident spears through the head of marzena and as she collapses to the ground she reverts to her slick gray monstrous oid four and you have defeated the dog gangs of the sudden. Hold what do you want to do your sort of given free rein. Now i would say that door to. The pool searched the place and then searched the place. Okay we got our. Yeah yeah well you know about the pit traps in the main room. Yeah we know. There's apparatus complex. You might wanna grab a couple of pieces of it to take it to somebody who might know what they were doing. It's too big to move the whole thing. It looks like there's also the room to the eastbound. The pitra spent a little bit time. Investing those doors pretend doors okay so eliane. All of the bedrooms are pretty much uninteresting. They seem to have every type of clothing the basically their cost you and changing rooms clearly the doppler gangs were using a quick change and you can kind of see how one of the very quickly cobbled together a cuff but like costume the planning room. It's called the rim of tables in it where just defeated the bias. Well was it has. Is it really talk that you think you've basically taken everything value and interest from that room now. The rim with the apparatus in it the big throne room. That apparatus is too big move put in a holding. It's too big firm can get it through the opening of the bag of holding otherwise. There's nothing in theory to stop doing that. That is it where it with a bag of holding anybody know anybody grand piano and a bag of holding or deny him. You have to be able to get through the and so you think it's something to do with. They seem to be gems. That look like they're some sort of storage or battery device. They rest on plinths. That are connected by snaking cables that run to this head thing. St was wearing a quite sure how that works. You thought the best thing to do might be to find somebody who knows what they're talking about and get them down here. It's not like you're in the middle of nowhere. Can we sketch it. Yeah you can take the sketches of what you can find and you could take a couple of pieces samples of the equipment. Yeah you find at the back of the throne a secret door that sits just to the side of the throne an opening it reveals a secret chamber it is filled with very ostentatious accessories and the little layer or secret remove a very vain. Shallow person And it turns out to be paul's house. Oh there's bed a wardrobe. There's a desk. There's a small table. The walls of covid enrich red velvet curtains the turn out not to be traps. There is a strange rug on the floor. Where the patents. Keep changing as you look at it. There was a large mirror in one corner. That rug you think is magical much more than it's doing. There's a chest when you search which of course you do and don't forget to do He has got a k- on. I wouldn't put it both. He has got a key on him which opens the chest in that room when he sort of run through all of its forms all of this equipment all the stuff that he was sort of somehow subsumed into his forms. What kind of crashes out of him. There's a plus one frost greater ex. He has a plus to ring of protection who he has a warned of cure. Moderate wounds with happy stick written down the side and he has a key and the key opens the chest in his room. Which more well no not really. It's got lots of very fine clothing and about five hundred gold pieces worth of jewelry. The only other thing that you find tucked away in the corner is a there's a scroll of dominate person. And there's a scroll with a little message on it and the message reads. I have a task for you. Meet me at the sewer junction beneath the cold forge. And i will give you the details. There are some troublesome small mines that must be removed and the document is signed with that same spiraling tentacle symbol. That is on. This guy's forehead was on the belt. Buckle all the mind flyer says the wife is in control and as you look through all of this equipment and all of this treasure and you learn more about what has been going on you realize that is of course the day of the twenty first day of february and on the day of the blessing of descends upon you and you are elevated level things week. Does it do anything. Depending hilltop holocaust is ability production. Dungeons and dragons is a trademark of the whole of options in asia. Went to popeye's posh. Affections is richard jason. Bateman music is who kevin macleod's and incompetent dot com is used with thanks under the creative commons license. The digital music and sound effects come from the wonderful cyrus game all other original material is copyright bellowing hilltop role playing games all about getting people together and we use role twenty tabletop. The puppet master. Who's your game and his chat. Thanks for listening.

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