Full Episode: Friday, June 7, 2019


Hi, I'm Brad milkey from ABC news and want to tell you about another podcast that I host called start here. It's every weekday morning and in twenty minutes, we will get you teed up for the stories driving your day with context from experts with on the ground access so start smart and subscribe to start here. This is night line. Tonight mega mentioned marketing, if these walls could talk over the past thirty years, I've put my own Mark on the place. They'd sound just like Michael Douglas, and say, by me, castle, palaces and villas for sale, it's a buyer's market. Maybe there's a fifteen million dollars steel loss pot once it's the sausa- interview show putting celebrities in the hot seat. Chasing spicy wings with spicier questions. Good evening. Thanks for joining us. They say if you build it, they will come, but in Los Angeles, you might need a little extra incentive in the competitive mega mansion market. Here's ABC's Marci Gonzales who shows us. There's an art to it. Is a wild night in Beverly Hills. Music pump and on the dance floor. Dotted side performances. And and at big game. A vintage dress up global weight to it. Golden girls. All about it in a walk in closet. Almost as big as my apartment voting to the disco dry closet, incredible. But this Andy Warhol themed, bashes of just for fun. And it is a lot of fun. This event has one goal sell this brand new fifteen point six million dollar house. I think a wine and cheese open houses, circa, nineteen ninety we never do that in this market. You really wanna make your house stand, you want to keep the buzzed going. Here is a building boom in Los Angeles. Mansion size with multimillion dollar spec. Combs springing up all over. L A's Pasha's neighborhoods right now. There are sixteen homes on the market that cost more than twenty million dollars with so much supply selling high end houses is getting competitive, if this, what it takes to sell a mansion now, we'll, I don't consider this to be a mansion. I consider this to be a luxury home, but it certainly helps to go ahead and put this kind of effort and thought into the home and into the marketing. So this house is only been on the market for five or six hours. Yes, if you haven't even just tried to put this on the market and see if the buyers come why not try that first before throwing a huge party like this. Well, that's no fun. And. And buyers have choices. And so we wanted to differentiate this house differentiating is key with even more luxury homes on the horizon, I'd say in the ten to twenty million dollar range, you probably have about sixty or so coming on in the next eighteen months, and I would say in the twenty million up, you probably have thirty maybe forty coming onto the next eighteen months to what Jason Oppenheim end his identical twin Brett are stars of the net flicks, reality show, selling sunset. We are far and away the number one real estate team. In West Hollywood. Los Angeles real estate experts say the market is getting saturated with new construction, there's a surplus of ultra luxury homes, the random developers that are building these fifteen thousand square foot apple stores and asking forty nine dollars. Those aren't selling and they shouldn't that's the big difference now, I think its quality that there's to echo what he's saying. I think. There's a lot of supply. But there's not a lot of great supply. Manding a buyer for the high end requires creativity. Some agents are making professionally produced movies like these showcasing the life you could lead if you bought the house. The point is house on the harbor. It can park aide up. He's on the doctors for starters. Celebrities are also getting in on the marketing game. When I first saw stock in nineteen ninety, I also felt under spell. And block the prime. Michael Douglas himself. Narrated this sales video for assists. Daca his two hundred acre estate on the Spanish island of my orca over the past thirty years. I've put my own Mark on the place. But now he's ready to part with it for thirty two and a half million dollars. Now it's time for me. Let someone else enjoy the privilege the bench show stuck and if they celebrity spokesperson doesn't entice you to buy the over the top amenities fellers now, offering, we'll help feel the deal this health in Newport Beach, California housing room to grow and smoke. Marijuana nor what are some of the craziest things that you have seen people put into homes or just saw a forty million dollar home on the street that I used to live on, and it has an S and M room. So that's unique other homes offer. Extravagant extras that are a bit more mainstream Rydin style. Jason takes us for a drive. So do you take all of your clients out and Rolls, Royce to one of the properties? They're selling. Thanks. Wow. That comes with all the bells and whistles, and then some wine cellar. Yes. And curated with some of the best one in the world. And that wine comes with the house, as well, these five bedroom nine bath, forty plus million dollar dream home in the Hollywood hills. This is the view that forty million dollars will get you the house comes fully. Furnished complete with a one hundred and seventy five foot long pool this pool wraps around the entire house its own spa. This is better than a hotel. You've got your dry sauna. Your wet, sauna you go get your massage and then you've got your cold plunge, and you're hot plunge all looking over the city and a place to keep a dozen cars. That looks more like a museum Cisse's the garage. But nothing is for sure in the real estate market. This twelve bedroom twenty one bathroom home in Bel Air, used to be the most expensive home for sale in the US. I think people really just realize that they wanna live in this beautiful environment. It's, it's absolutely spectacular way of life year. Now's hit the market in two thousand seventeen for a whopping two hundred fifty million dollars budget. Everything has to be absolutely the best included with the house. Thirty million dollars worth of incredible cars, seven full time, staff members and copter. Two years later, the house is still for sale with a one hundred million dollar price cut back at the Andy Warhol house. They are pulling out all the stops to entice buyers. Even throwing in five of the iconic artist paintings. Every piece has a story when it comes to work, and that's what I love about it. And the only car he ever owned this nine thousand nine hundred seventy four. Rolls, royce. Quick. I'll be back, and you can get this house, all the art and the car for a mere seventeen point seven five million dollars to fire again it's a Burgum. It sounds crazy to us. But in this luxury space, a lot of the homes, we sell our bought with the furniture and the art, it's hard to go to galleries and master own collection. So this home comes turnkey, for those who can afford to live large, the party, so to speak. Far from over for Nightline Marci Gonzales in Los Angeles. Up next things are about to get very fiery hot as we sit down with the brainchild behind one of the coolest interview shows. Get cashback for shopping, you were already going to do racket in is a free member base. 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The online show pushing stars to their limits by putting their taste buds to the test as they answer tough questions. Here's nightline's awesome sings. The lights. The cameras. Different hot. The questions is difficult to sitting there knowing that any gesture facial expression, viral news story, Chrissy Teigen is clearly on an interview show, but why she sweating. She's just one of the countless A-List celebrities appearing on first, we piece interview show crying right now hot ones from Gordon Ramsay, nestles a halt to Scarlett Johansson at Thun and chef got me guy, the online show known for putting guests to the test with hot wings and even hotter questions. My voice is changing. With millions of subscribers. Hot ones is keeping the craft hot sauce market sizzling. Why hot sauce for us? It's like celebrity is so unobtainable by definition. You know, but what's more common man than dine on hot sauce? Host, Sean Evans invited us to the set to talk about all things spicy. So we didn't really know that we had lightning in a bottle necessarily for us. You see people who are always on red carpets in front of flashing bulbs, and then here they are sweating. Their faces off spitting in buckets, and then trying to survive this freak show with the help of a little heat pushing the stars to their limits. It's not your average interview show. What is the best reaction you've ever gotten? Well physically the reactions have all been crazy. I love when people take laps Russell brand didn't impromptu song on wing. Ten bak- look at each one of these episodes and find something a little special that, all with each wing the sauces. Get a little hotter, the questions, a little tougher and the answers, a little wilder right now. Day, but he'd hot. What is it about the hot sauce? I mean you're, you're breaking news all the time. There's that great Mike Tyson quote about how everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. And that's at the chicken wings do. And I think that, that ends up putting people's guard down. And then they end up just you know, spilling it today. It's my turn for punishment start at the handle. This is the classic first up. Hot one class is already saw. All right. Cool. Cheers, no problem handle. This one is hippy dippy green at Vermont. Don't face it. Threes, the hot helping inviolate patios potion, you wouldn't cry on the team gold. Feels some sweat coming out on my brow, and same with me. You know, my mouth, it's Tinguely. My lips are on fire a little bit. Nine seasons in and Sean isn't just the host of his shows. He's turning into the face of an industry is hot sauce, just in right now. You'll see I think an explosion in the craft hot sauce market. Increasingly I'll see commercials and every fast food. Chain has the new spicy fries or spicy this. They're spicy that and humbly I do think hot ones is at the center of that storm and a lot of ways. We went with Sean to the mecca for hotheads like himself on the main, the NYC hot Sussex the world of hot sauce has ballooned to an almost one point four billion dollar industry and hear Sean is like, whoa. Oils are used to taking the southeast with bans, yet is I never feel more famous than. Author aren't. Here's. Sean, is a lightweight compared to the die hards who come from all over to put their stomach linings to the test. Steve Seabury is demand behind the event or what am I is a Guinness Book rolled back reading contests contestants had sixty seconds in his possible. So it's about the challenge of being able to eat something spice neuro, or is it accident about enjoying the taste spike? It's got me about joining, thanks guys. All making artisanal binds ingredient, driven all Haas asses. With each vendor, hoping their sauce is their ticket to success. One legend has already created an empire out of his famous rooster sauce, Saracho founder, David Tron invited us to come. Check it out. He started making the sauce in one thousand nine hundred eighty then you ever think it was going to get this big. No. Now the ship across the US and to twenty-seven countries there, a secret ingredient to the structure that we don't know about. Yes, I get held you press few league is just the fresh chilly. So I can make it at home. Okay. You can make your own met than mine. I doubt that swans humility shouldn't be mistaken for anything other than than he cranks out ten thousand bottles, every hour, a some of the world's most sought after sauce. Back on the hot one set. We're halfway through hot ones, Shaun Evans, and I want to flip the script on you and do your reoccurring segment. We basically pull something from you, Instagram. And have you explain the bigger picture? So here I'm with Joji and we're gonna Japanese convenience store, and do you know what's on our faces, and that's a placenta facemask 'cause I'm looking from you. Now is perfect sensitive as mass. All right. Let's drive wing numbers set is getting real, okay. So we have towards bear it's the garlic Carolina reaper sauce. Never had a Carolina revert. You don't want one this one book in hop. Oh, buddy. Yeah, we're here. I think the first Jagger real smart. I'm john. All right. Keep going you going. All right. Let's do. Let's do one more crossroads. All right. This is the one I am most cured of because I saw Shaq freak out after this. Yeah. All right. The experience. Oh my God. Number nine. As a more milk. This is pain. Real tears on base. All right. We number nine let's go up. Who? Modestly non the point. Yeah. Everything's hard. I'm gonna ask them about one line like this. All right. All right. You wanna fan christening team that is Chrissy Teigen. Licking my talk about it. I just feel a little Tom. C Teagan lick, and I will say this. I do remember, she's like Q taste good. All right. What we just have one more hot sauce to go. Oh, all right. For this one tradition around here. But a little extra on the last one. Choose. Cheers. All right. Bottoms up. That's legit poison and there it is the cherry on top. How are you feeling right now, though? So my face is on fire. I'm sweating like crazy definitely feel like I'm tripping. And now we're here at the end of the gauntlet, and as you chug down that no, no one will ever be able to take that away for Nightline. I'm auction sing. And I'm on five. And finally the high school seniors returning to campus to celebrate a milestone months after the deadliest wildfire to hit California ever ABC's Tom yomas with paradise strong. From confetti poppers to selfie sticks even the slice salute. These graduates seemed like any other senior class, but this group is different just seven months ago, their town, their homes, their lives went up in flames. All those homes gone, you'll the heat now the campfire killing eighty five people burning more than one hundred fifty thousand acres destroyed the town of paradise students from paradise school forced to relocate, more than ninety percent of them losing their homes. But they pushed on committing to graduating on time and juggling college applications last night for the first time they returned to campus. Super proud of him for during for living in trailers for drive in an hour each way, for overcoming all that to get here on the field tonight into graduate, what a group, the school still able to score the second highest math scores in the county. And the only national merit scholar in northern California, some of them taking photos cap and gown among the ashes of where their home stood. The campfire took so much from this community. But the paradise high class of twenty nineteen showing there was one thing, the fire couldn't take their future. Or sending our best wishes to all the graduates and their families. That's not line. You can always catch our full episodes on who have a great weekend, America. Okay. So when the New York Times tells you one of the eighth news podcasts worth listening to well, you to say thank you. So go on start smart with start here. The ABC news, daily podcast take us with you. Listen to us now free on apple podcasts.

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