Drive-Thrus and Du-Rags


We record your go now. The give nother oscars. Now the disappointment that do we. Did you see that you caught me off guard the after daniel kalou one is a war and they mistook him for the disney. Let's here there we go. Yeah the The reporter was like how does it feel to be directed by regina king. He was like. How could you repeat the question. John my little brother soccer. I'll be watching just snapping dude engine. True speaking this is not oscars at a time from the source. That's that's how you get to switch it over. He's like this vaccine. But we did we did see the oscars we saw some Some interesting winds. We saw Jet we boseman did not win. That's why i was just. I mean it wasn't that he didn't win. Best actor it's what twitter's been saying how they marketed the oscars and you know in a big shot. The colusa but i had a few issues. I feel like Latif and daniel should not have been in the same category. You know what. I'm saying like that leads to your point. Though i feel like the kademi was trying to create a situation in which one of them would win and chad. But that's not what happened and there. So there are some pluses right. So daniel i think it was the first time. A black person or black One the war from hair makeup for feeling stuff It was a rainy rainy. bottom yet. but yeah there was definitely some losses them like finish out the show with anthony hopkins. Winning should just like old white guy. I didn't grant i didn't watch the movie. What is it the father some. But i did watch My my rainy and also watch the sound of metal Thought whoever the lead. Forget remit not remiss whatever. His name is from south metal. Yeah he killed. Shit bro. raise i ed or something like that. You use fire. That sounded medal was excellent. Amazing the majors. Great film won best. Sound and best best sound is something else. They were both outta story where awards though like sensory kind of base things yet. they're both sets of rebates. So of course you know we don't look to the oscars for validation. We just appreciate the appreciation right so we wanna appreciate all those little bit appreciated from this appreciative source. Anytime nigger gets a win game. We all fall. I love nicholas. I don't care what platform it is. And i feel like after daniel kinda sized up shorties question. Yeah he was. Like i mean just about us getting coming together. That's really all right. Yeah in a c- Yossi the video of daniel and fred hampton. Junior sharon refrigerator hugging the after party. Y'all embracing each other. I always powerful man. i imagine. Just like to be in Chairman fred junior's shoes right. You know You know behind the legacy of such a great man Have this film come out under these circumstances and four daniel to win an oscar for playing your father right. You know what i'm saying. And then yeah. I sort of thought that fred hampton juniors in the movie word right yet. But he's in the mood because the the mom pregnant during home. Okay yes or no moving. So it's crazy. This is crazy that his father died before he was born. And here we are seeing the unraveling of this narrative. Right in our face to the point you just made man it is is. We appreciate seeing niggers. I love watching nigga win and then like what is that moment. They're jealous speaking of is that like when you as a creative do something paying homage to someone the family embracing it just means something different. Especially when you know. That's why charlotte to ryan kugler to the director and the other major producer. Believe they're all black men. That's what happens when you do a biopic and you consult with the family properly and you consultant do your proper research to get the details and i i've heard different stories in in In terms of how this film even was able to get green lit and it was off based off the success of black panther fan. You know so immediately. Once they saw like a black panther was going be a success. Ryan reached out to today. Anion was like you got another. I got another joint. I wanna say it was during the filming. I think we are already in talks. S up so. I guess shout out to black panther still in multiple ways right black panther provided away for black pants. Look at oh watch. Dr do my johnson. So i'm real real tired. But i haven't watched the whole. Dr lamar jamaica's. I fell asleep. But heard that nigga drop forty like on a breakfast those negative board. Yeah he in. The reaction. In times of dr mars episodes and interviews is always kind of interesting fifty fifty right but d'abre for thirteen from the field tonight in his bag. Like i start right before the makir bryant discussion. Apparently envy caught a lot of flag. I haven't seen it yet. But prior to the heavy not conflict true. It just keeps himself in the line of fire him in charlotte. Hey man but they stay. They stay paid. You know solves anything but they know how to keep attention going. You know especially for the for them to be that much older. You know the breakfast club is. I wouldn't say it's an aging program. But because his mad older than the core audience that listens to hip hop in is in tune with hit pop culture for them to pivot to more kind of higher level black culture. And how smoothly did it over the years. Yeah i gotta respect charlemagne connor like pay kind of paying. What forward backward you'd having the podcast network as we do. And that's the closest i mean that's just the most recent iteration but you know when he had to deal with mtv two and he was doing no-shows he was bringing in talent. You know like when joe biden was really starting to pick up that's when tax stones killing it to tax tax. How charlotte retex charlemagne detail in order to the publishing the book publishing deal. He's got to make malary's book coming out. Ryan book coming out all this under the black privilege Publishing house and i would be. I would be remiss. If i didn't say the forming of this podcast network isn't directly inspired by shot. Joe i would say i wouldn't say i mean you could say that it was inspired by i would say was inspired by charlemagne general because i think when we came out of your having dialogue about us going independent and stuff that was before he had officially stated anything about black effect. We we stand on the shoulder of giants. Like we definitely i mean. Can we say we grew up. We can say we grew up at this point on. Charlemagne on brilliant idiots is one of my favorite podcasts. Pretty hard cast as pop in you know what. I'm saying like shot up recipes. Combat jack to me father in law always be the godfather but is definitely up. There on on mount rushmore. Well big facts will. Why are we spending now. These other people's names. Let's go introduce ourselves. We want to welcome you to the over. The show the podcast we can do that. This is your chance to drop three professional creators as we discussed the sources happenings in. Inspirations from the creative industry from film to production to music to culture join us each week as we push the envelope on. The possibilities of the creative industries are host this week. of course. there's your main man. Three hundred twenty five six thousand grand be more brown. What's up y'all how we doing today. How we doing the thoughtful question dow who with you can move. Keep him wichita. Thomas thomas. the great aka the facilitator. Look you see no look. When he pointed at the. Nick is better than mine in real life. Real acts facts. Yeah yeah backpack matt and all that money matt and paying dues paying respect and paying ford of ours. happy to be here. I finally got it logged off again. We got it be hit. Oh man but you know what time. They have windows ninety nine. Xp word oh foot day. Today's where today's brought by dictionary dot com. I do have it right here. Waiting for us today is ex- nubia here ago. Economia interesting economia. Exxon newly items as tokens or metals that resemble money but are not intended to circulate as money bucks. Wow what a perfect example. Canoe me thanks. We appreciate it our new segment. It is this month creativity. We have. I think the last episode we created was on in early april here. We are in late april during close out the month. So it's a couple of things you we could do so quick round some quick fire would it response to All right let's do all right so yesterday through the house. Representatives dc state. Least do the house. Representatives is state. The next step is to go through. Senate was according to the rumors is a fifty. Fifty projectile will come out harris being the fifty first time. Meaning that dc will come the fifty first state in the nation house. Would it reactions fellas mixed bag. I feel. I mean. I may be wrong with this but like these has some stripe privileges in not being state so like the kids can go to be in state out of state and my my my misfire that i mean. But what do you mean. Like state colleges at in-state prices because they are in dc and don't even if they are out of state right. I mean that's a very very small. Ed do wants benefit right benefit on the less mixed bag. Okay okay Taxation without representation you see it on the license plates all over the place. That's the biggest. I'm always gonna be huge. Proponent of if citizens of dc the native washingtonian especially who spent their whole lives in a district have been taxed. But you know Don't have represent a proper representation correct in congress. And so i'm a huge proponent of that especially since his district This area just in general so powerful for a multitude of different ways. And i think it's interesting that now. The senate is gaining major traction. When african americans are black people only make up forty three percent of the population in district. So what i mean is is bittersweet in that regard runs on right any thoughts of what the state names should be i have i've seen eleanor holmes. Holmes norton is leading the front on to douglas commonwealth. I see mirrow. Bowser is leaning more so on new. Columbia new columbia. Get that out of here. We'll see both. My nigga said i mike could go for douglas. What was it. The wealth douglas. Maybe that one. Because frederick but Keeps the dc akron right. Like i wanted to maintain its identity so to speak but i don't know i'm i'm just kinda waiting for more ideas. I this this is why i didn't. This is my first time hearing both options but right douglas commonwealth is to me because we don't have any states named after a black person so i'll take whatever the whatever you can get a good point. You know what i'm saying. Especially all these monuments. You've got the dr king monument and all of that like it just it. It makes sense like we were do if you reach back far. Nothing to you Us history from eighth grade. Do you remember how we get the name of georgia and the carolina in new hampshire new york now. These are based on like wire apprentice season. I right right. I think georgia was though. Wait note. georgia's named after king. George wow and i think one of them bitches sorry one of them niggers wives is like carolyn carolina she does. I will get the carolinas right. And they i mean out of the two options are more inclined to follow. Eleanor than i am The mayor so i'm just i think she came up my fucking with me right. Yeah i think even certain states are heavily influenced by the french. You talking about like louisiana and even when she go out west some of them are based off of native american tribes. Someone aims illinois illinois. I believe utah has a lot of native american background in that as me every song digital folks right right. Mad areas in virginia are named after literal indian tribes so indian tribe second follow-up question anybody interested in starting to city. I do notice now in maryland. There is the city not too far from. I say laura rockville. Silver spring called ashton maryland. I do wanna buy them. You wanna buy ashton however that purchaser. I do wanna buy. What would you have to buy for you to have the. Do you have to by city hall and fifty percent of all the shit. That's in that city. I don't know is it a small. it's not. I mean yachting's don't know about it so i know about two hundred when i'm driving past two at two hundred to get to the y'all she's low key so i'm like all right pop over there real furrows so i'm actually man of this idea. Even though like talking about him buying the towel to true. I i just. I just liked the concept. Yeah it is asked lafayette earlier. If you wanted to be the mayor of southeast once they turned very forms. Would you be the mayor berry. Farm east east washington. Sorry that's it's in. My head is ease wise. Y'all got called last year douglas. Douglas douglas. she's douglas shit nothing. I think that's an interesting interesting thing. Speaking of have you guys watched the hbo documentary exterminate. All the brutes. Nah pete that on hbo. I haven't watched it yet though. Exterminate all the brutes is brought to you by the same doodoo did. I'm not your negro. His name is rahul pack and he does a history and four parson examination of whiteness. in america. people have to watch it now that we told him the second time. I've heard that as a recommendation so it was really good. And he's got a very he's got a very unique voice in the way that he. I mean it is triggering. 'cause we are examining lightness. Still but in comparison to like awaits them. I'll watch them on brand. No have no like. I've i've watched. Yeah and i'll i'll let you. I quickly say no because not because of the us they comparison. But it's also from. What i've heard is a lot of black trauma and i've just really been trying to spend time perjure myself much shit in here and shit like that like i'd rather take him black joy than black parts like to an extent to an extreme for them is crazy bro. I'll just four minutes craziest crown. The one excerpt have seen is the The one mother like bitch slap in the hell out of the white one. I mean that might be the one time black people winning show like the the the crux tragedy of this is that a woman a black woman is raped own home while her child is killed in front of her right. Oh yeah we watch dead and not only do we watch that you realize like a no in the credits ain't no adopted screenplay a no basal original sit sit down at the old. Let me think about this. Shit versus like bruce which is actually factual which is equally triggering but like nigga in spirit of marseille marseille. Martin we still gotta do pain. And why does this degree damage. It was think bronco actually just aqueous limb right no for that same reason. I heard i've heard how how it plays out tom. I watched it. And then i was hurting but ending times on it. I mean shit. The shy you are certain seasons of the shy be covers some pretty dark concepts. And i'm like all right. Okay all right all right right got a couple more things. We wanna talk about here. balcony winter soldier falcon in the white soldier associates falcon and a waste any additional thoughts. I know used. Okay i have. I have watched. it was always forget. My man's name like a falcon. what's his name. sam's sam but like real life. Oh anthem anthony mackie. Yeah i painted. That negga sense was the The john with high sauce. The movie wayne brady and hot sauce remember that she was back in the day with wayne brady and hot to make me go what crossover. Oh shit i hated folk the negative but i respect him. You know what i'm saying. I think Were fucked papa. Doc to and eight mile yes. I watched the youtube video. Talking about papa doc. This nigga only wrapped once tire film at the very beginning shit was treated as i should was trash. But he's the main character like Villain is the main villain. He was to park in the big movie was. Let's not talk. This is agent is amazing. Great so as a professional really. Probably anthony mcintyre as professional bad journeyman. Nick has been in the league. Eighteen years right. Yeah somehow keeps putting numbers on the black mirror. That was only watched it one time but it was a good episode. Yeah it was I think falcon In white soldier was a it was cool. I don't think it was the dopes. So far i don't think it was better than Wanna vision personally. I think there were themes when it comes to you know talking about blackness and a marvel series that was But other than that and and the fact that now you have Which is really not really a spoiler. But now to have anthony mackie. Sam wilson as the black Captain america is dope is dope for that. I mean i don't have anything else to say. Yeah i feel pretty Milk adult about it myself out. Buildings were pretty weak. They were yeah. I thought the show was pretty weak. Alison be nice now. I appreciate you because it is hard to come down on black thing. It really is but you know we We appreciate you know. One of the best lines from the show was the og super soldier who had been tested. Isaiah bradley bradley. He says no They would never let a black man be captain. America and self respect black man would want being. Although he became captain america had to and still with isaiah. Anthony fucking paki right right regular faced french. Vanilla anthony mackie appreciate you though because we need the hell of black actors man black. Okay okay okay couple One second to last thing saw the momentum far far into the luxury brand right. They saw the bags that women get in line for and they don't want black men to buy it and resell right. This black luxury. Lobsters scale make sure is accessible to all people in the community. Tell far is now making uniforms for white castle. Part of that you. Yes yes yes white gasol. Yes you know how you just hit white castle. Yes white castle and party uniform downtown. We'll look directly to. I wanna your hairless reaction. I'm hard or harder to uniform. They're designing is a do rag. Would you thoughts. The air has been sucked out of miata. I don't that. I don't i don't have worth for them. It's almost infuriating okay. So it's a negative reaction. I needed to see it though. Oh they've been with white castle. Thanks last year with the fact check. Dow golden was been with by castle. Apparently far has been white castle. Oh but the more emphasis. I want to put on is in this version of the of the of the uniform. Do rags see. My whole thing is like why why. Sometimes the execution of such things is so like. I don't wanna use the word bland but like who the. How does this make it through multiple levels of approval in some company. That like you. We're gonna use a do rag as part of our uniform and the expected to go positively. Well i wasn't so far. Selling do rags on his on his store already so that was something that he brought to the table. And that's why when you posted that on your g a few weeks ago. I was like hey man if a black man or black person is general is the one spearheaded net making the bag offer. That didn't okay. That that that i can i can. Rock was just like a place already. Called white castle was already going to give me question but this is like a north north lead. West wasn't northeast. I think like maine. Providence rhode island but life yakking. The tristate try stay tries. They joined mike castle. So maybe you know it's like all right. This is a little different than Travis scott situation mcdonald's or something like that where they just like okay. You get a make double with extra pickles and shit right now and closed travis. Scott right yeah. So maybe in comparison at ad. I'm just like all right. We'll maybe Okay let me ask you this. Get a bigger slice of the pie. Hopefully the next time you up you up saying you up in brooklyn clock in the morning about nine blunts for the day is white castles accurate. I walk into joint. You see a greasy white boy with the tail out on the do rag. What are your thoughts. Not like law and comforting. First thing i think of is kip from napoleon dynamite again. Some of the la fonda. I manage your brother off another perfectly time linger by matthew. That was good. He's got a lot of random. Shit your provide the space for me to let me let it out with greasy zach wearing the darn i mean when you compare it to shit like they. I'm going away castle like that. Pasolini top ten wasn't a top. Ten is white castle in your top ten. i don. I haven't even had why he's like the time i can't even put it in the conversation. My top fifty fifty. I acceptable this white castle equivalent. I know crystal crystals yeah same shit just a little more charm. Kissed of personality is the chilli cheese. Cheeseburgers should be soggy bottom up here in the bag. Wet and then as snowfall has made its season finale season for which is actually the first season completely without john singleton conversation of snowfall versus the wire versus other shows. Other shows other shows commencing. Wash still fall to you. I have not watched no fall. But i've definitely watched the wire and the other show data what other show power was will put up on screen breaking bad. Yeah i mean. But i guess i guess for it to be mentioned with the wire and breaking bad not so much power but as the wire. It is an indication that snowfall is being taken seriously to appoint of like high quality television. I think what i would. I first benched at the beginning of the pandemic or actually just after. John singleton and past when i visited i was wondering how come more people aren't talking about this show. This show is so good enough. That has caused me hyper hyperventilate into show to have a panic attack in the show like host to happen right dishes right so what we were talking about the show. So i'm glad that the conversation especially after this last season which i think was just as successful in just as a potent of a storytelling without john singles did recipes to my man's but they were able to carry it out moving forward. I love snowfall. So if there's a choice between the three. Of course i'm gonna snowfall as the black tycoon. Story i love. I love both snowfall in the wire. And we've argued about this before. I'm caught up to speed on both i if it comes down to Y versus snowfall going to go with the wire. Just because i feel like it's way more expansive. I feel like the city plays way more essential element i feel like. It's not just following the rise and fall of one particular dynasty it traces multiple dynasty drew to you. I'm saying story i'm marlow. Then you got the elements of. I think You compare teddy and ocean ozone and all the the cia is doing is snowfall to how influential like the politics and the police force in baltimore was in the wiring right. I think we talk about franklin as a central character is not many characters and a wire that can compete with that at all. That's there but that's because they don't get the screen time because of so evenly distributed across so many great actors across so many different kind of Positions on the field. So it's not. It's like doing an injustice when you compare but is funding compare to sit so i just thought of something so idris being able to like for lack of better words model new york in the way he does Do you give the same credited. Uncle jerem like he played the hell out of that person. Now this is crazy. When i heard two rose i saw a A sizzle piece about drone behind the scenes or some shit like actor. Who plays him when i heard him in real life i was like whoa. I heard him before. I saw like i already knew any more impressed. By the transformation of jerome. Who's a new york actor graduated from howard playing a west coast a more impressed with that transformation than danson transforming his british exit into a west coast accent. I i was actually going into the wire with down. I was talking about Elba do aisling a new yorker. Oh jerome disease. Because there are times to wire would like after washington back there at times on the wire. But mike smith alone in their into i heard a little sharp. There got you right. They know twos and they're right right right right right on out them pows long enough my negative. You gotta but what happens when we get to compare that we don't when we compare. We don't get to see the wire as a precedent for snowfall reason. Why damson candu each did is because he watched just do it right so he knows shit. I can't slip up right here. 'cause you know to go here my goodness right so i might as well steady at with a steady at with a west coast. Rapper were man's name now. Wwe study up with see. Get it right to do my part out here. Live out here. Immerse myself in and john singleton dot exactly it. The advantage of snowfall that they have it is black sourced right. The wire is based on a black town but the writers and producers and directors are white guys right right so this is just so the authenticity might miss justice. Mitch snider mess. But i don't think so. I mean you want to say miss but it's just the i think the wire did a great job of really consulting and pulling in like you know hail if i was talking about this early before we got on started recording shit as they were pulling in extras. Who were like you know. Popular people in dc. You could see you know like snoop was didn't have any formal acting training A big g slim charles on wire didn't have any formal acting training and now he's a whole real life act facts like practice in in everything feel saying they will get an extra from the dc area from the baltimore area. Like peut them. Nick that nigga wars from baltimore like yeah you so to a point although it might be white sourced i would to your to your point. Matt i agree with the wire is more so about the whole system of caribbean that started through the drug line but is like kind of get it. Now it's the wire they connect them together. I o two. Thanks tom tom that all right we got so we're gonna move on to our next section. Which is the money move of the week. I wish we had the money. I don't work though. Some the was the bloomberg's yeah. I was going to stay in business report. Add money whatever buddy interest rates bitch. So i don't. I don't really have i would do. I've read a couple articles in forbes yesterday about What the hell biden his act when he's gonna make a move on student. Loan forgiveness shit. Okay okay talk to into what degree. Now i'm been hearing that. He's finally tapped his Legal counsel to start researching. What a policy that could work in get approval would actually look like Obviously schumer and warrant and a bunch of the democrats are telling issues executive action right because the I think it's not the dream act but the most the cares act and right and a few of the other acts that have come out through the pandemic have opened the door for him to potentially make executive action. But it's still a lot of shit up in the air for one. How much forgiveness He wants to do. He stayed at ten thousand and he's got a lot of pushback for that from the left side. They feel like that's definitely way too low. They're pushing for fifty thousand right. Then it comes down to but that's just that's just the top of the tip of the iceberg. You go down below that what type alone get forgiven. Are they break. Federal federal private loans right because they don't have control over the private loans so and then then it becomes like with the pandemic when they were giving out the stymies it. There was a cat. There was a threshold in terms. Of how much uber bringing in terms of your twenty nineteen salary right right in terms of if are eligible for the the stimulus checks and now i think they're trying to do that saying cap on Yeah well that's what's been floated out there. Like a i think over if you make over one hundred twenty five k. They floated out there. That you wouldn't be eligible Which i think is kind of ask some people. I know stimulus right out of the equation. And then you've heard you've heard you've heard biden talk about it early on. When i got elected he was like he doesn't wanna reward somebody who went to a top to your private school When you think. I know a lot of black people into top to your private schools. Both hughes and pwi's line. I think they could benefit greatly from who couldn't benefit being wiped thing. Like you thinking like you. Just help. Rich kids out. But here's the thing. Rich kids don't have stood low. Hey worth the student loans. They don't have student loans at all exactly that. So there's a flaw in thinking they're right which is usually what how politicians think of course of course the The ten k. Thing is ridiculous. Even when i remember when he made the statements that private school kids shouldn't be eligible for student. Loan forgiveness and my private school is like right i went i remember picking the school as a kid because of the status that this private school with bring me right and i got student loans to pay for that shit. Now you telling me right now. That's fucked up. That's that's not a workshop. At joe biden. We had to work out that women in the world on twitter. We always see the comebacks when biden tweet something. And he's like yeah. We need to address this. And he's like no. You need to just those student loans right. But my critique is what has always been for. Social media's doesn't hit as hard as nails make it seem to like is a nice little zinger right. You know some great great tweets right. But what impact does it really have on moving the ball forward alleviating people from so much stress. I mean people really down and out right now who went to these private colleges and you know even people who have big big salaries just because you have a big salary. You know doesn't mean that you're not drowning in debt. You know what i'm saying you know so look at. I know we all have franson went to grad school and picked up in grad school loan. So crazy and still struggled find a job and if they do get a job are they getting enough where they can really pay down that debt and ten years program. Probably not probably not as crazy though we had to. We had to get ride. Joe biden said. They're certainly to better joseph which we could to your point. I wish that we could transform these. These twitter fingers into letters to may instead of thirty thousand retweets. I need thirty thousand natives on the lawn just looking at them just chain. That is awesome with something right. We at your front door fax facts sometime. Believe you said up by musical guests today who we got. Scholar a aka. Wow even have ak swarm but not just from detroit aka the dmv. And you know this is one of my favourite tracks that he's put out recently genesis so now we have genesis by my man scholar as pulled up right here. We'll be right back with more over the shoulder on the bridge podcast network. Let's get it. Lebron's iraq iraq iraq iraq bosses iraq. Read gilbert coffee iraq future lifetimes i claps ready for small sites. Outfall seeping opponent shots to say is used to throw sayito my bright future my pets kissing up to me my ass apply pass the him and keep one on one with the money we worked at synergy. I keep it. because he'd centerpiece a piece cannot lead it ended up reading saipem innoc- guts is heavy. Snow houses. only his team is days was my only homage funerals for world circulate. Dallas trying to say for miss one every morning was just cereal in cards his. Make it in the carpool back in days with albums. Young trump bought it out. I'm still on track. The run flow and her know night where she met the one out of love but let them was care a fake scholar for that level. Hit right that is absolutely beautiful. Genesis by scholar off the project of third. I'd wide makes your check that out on all streaming services. All of them. I and especially bank making the most money for the most bang. We love to see it now as we are talking about how arts can get money. There is a money moves. Honestly we call it the money move. We'll call it a cost money move of the week. It is it ditties letter to corporate america. If i was a real journalistic professional. I would read that letter right now. I'd have already pulled up. Not rich basically basically did he take that. Take that respectfully to corporate america after a meeting with gm in which this letter calls out gm to play play to pay black artists right so naturally when this letter came out in from the person who came out from the initial reaction was hypocrisy and hold on the point. I was of course on hypocrisy. An disdain got a point dream what. I what i think is interesting to talk about here. Especially the over. The show to creative insights perspective is to think about As did is writing a letter to corporate america saying that corporate america needs to change strategy in which it funds america the direct hypocrisy from ditty not funding the artists around him right. What our thoughts. On that. I mean and we're talking about this also a few days or a week later from the passing of black rob reiner multiple joints most notably. Whoa whoa As a as a saini too bad boy and for him to pass how he did go fund me campaigns before he passed you know medical funds zones and whatnot is like before did he send in this letter to corporate america. There's been discussions about hip hop unions and shit like this but ended a day. This is like to what extent detaille care of your people. And you know y- like to what point do you let go. Yeah you know damp to to what extent do you blame. Duty for The craig max in the biggies and and most artists just weren't able to you know maintain their footing in in the black rob's versus saying hey remain responsible for the opportunities that are given to them. Like i don't know it's tough and and that's the part. Where like if you did not really supposed to be a comparison but like is where master p ran away with it going in a positive direction and did he just kinda like yeah like. I don't know of any career that did he took on that. He didn't develop originally where he was able to rehabilitate. Career like was masterpiece. Differ snoop. Oh no you know what i'm saying. All the other people the the only thing that i feel like is somewhat associated with. Did he then went. Positively would be mary j. Okay that's the only thing i can. But they weren't even directly like he wasn't a bad boy artist they just worked together in the early days. Right machine gun. Kelly's you don't think of his success now because he's more successful now but i don't think he's no longer. I don't think he's a anymore. Yeah i don't think you're attributed to bad way interesting. As a as a burgeoning record label owner the the case study of ditty is a very interesting when it comes to. How do you take care of your people right because contracts are contracts at the same time like if if someone is under your care supposed to look after them at the same time. I think the difference between a ditty in a masterpiece best. Ap is invested in. the person. holistically like are you able and not even know if that's like a moral thing just like output situation are you able to actually come in here and produce in mass so that we're able to distribute that in mass and make money whereas diddy is more so seems to be more about the content and less about the person i think did he is when his collaborations are more. So we're corporate. America dan masterpiece collaborations which had been with other artists. Even talk about rap. Snacks this nigga got twenty seven different artists on each independent. I know bagga flavor this nigger. This nigger has four different types of barbecue chips. Each would a different wraparound shot loss. Of course you know so. Even his entrepreneur entrepreneurial efforts are inclusive. What i'm saying like include sardis with his kids to like saw on a breakfast club recently with force mercy and hersi by in two years two youngest boys in. That's not to say that. Did he's not doing that with his kids. You know but i mean even then even the point i was getting to is like what you just said did more exclusive and more inclusive right and i wonder if that has to do with whether from it how they were raised right i mean but did he talk about a letter to corporate america. I'm like why we know letter for even working with these niggers directly for years okay. So here's the other half right because we can. We can look at the letter. That did he wrote like your mother fucking hypocrite. And that's absolutely true but there is something absolutely absolutely true about what he's writing content flight complaint is to gm and their support of revolt. What happens is revolt is able to advertised. Gm gm checkoff their diversity stats. When it comes to advertise the black people have them reach our whole demographic and then gm will tell them is how much money we want to give you nine a situation. Where like we're charging you forever reverse charging for advertising space in. You need to pay this. Gm will turn around be like i can also sharecroppers shit like okay. We gave you five mil to first year right and you did great so this year. We just give you one way leak. We need more than one. Okay we'll just take it away okay. We'll take the one. That's what you're saying. You're saying that he's corporate. The corporate institutions are peace out money to black organizations to check off diversity inclusion equitably equitably stats for the organization without actually paying the just do for that same service. I mean that's a leverage thing. And i mean i get that corporate america and he's white on companies have a lot more leverage. But i think there's i mean i'm not i'm not in his position but i'm just thinking like competition is a big way to combat that to be Pigeon held or Limited to having only one major partner. You're at the behest of that person in terms of what they're trying to bargain which you and i think it should be more collaborations and stuff where it's like fucking gm. If gm's not going to do it. I mean reach out to this group going forward. Maybe this you know But that i get what you're saying it from a high level both things it'd be true to true. Yeah and one thing just be true. I did he doesn't need to do better. And when i read back as It's interesting when i teach. I teach music business and music media and we always get to the diddy. Chapter in the detector involves like oral histories of ditty putting himself out as a producer because legally producers and writers supposedly get fifty percent of the song but then like hitmaker's who put them down his drum trump technicians and shit like that so he can he can not pay them the rate of equity The rate of like equity but like basically worked for hires on a very cheaper cheaper level so he created a career often manipulating manipulating system. That way and now would you only have those this y why i feel like he's more exclusive. When you only have bad boy we only have sean john. We only have those particular products that are based on like misao for a talented accident. Only come once in a lifetime. You depend on those pieces of those pieces of properties that make you money instead of Depending on migos as a whole we can t shirts off these negative ryan he thinking about. I'm trying to flip songs from ninety nine right. I mean it's a model that works for him and also on the flip side. We're talking about like unfairly paying artists or the producers and stuff. We don't really know what degree how much money that he's putting into the pie. Facts relative to what they're asking for because yeah they might have made the beat initially but who's really frightened the record exam saying exactly. So that's that's not. That's not a public conversation conversation right because as a public. You're supposed to feel bad for blake rap because the artists that you love posted. Pay mace more money right. Because you fuck with mace right. You like a couple of songs but you. You didn't have to work with that negative. You have to work with anywhere. We're black rob. You didn't have to manage them. You didn't have the money to bail bell. You have to say so you know. Maybe he gave necas hell advice and existing. Take it so. That's why. I say you know originally to what point do we Hand off responsibility or accountability question. You know. I don't know. I just have like an interesting relationship with like the like Black raum there was a claim like he was homeless or something at the time of his bike at the time he got sick. And all that. And i've always kind of had this interesting relationship with it. 'cause like sometimes conversation with almost person like let's say they ask for a dollar. I'm like okay what you needed like. What what are you going to do with adult. Not necessarily saying like you can't buy that with the dollar what you need it for us. So there was a time where i discussed with. Somebody asked for one beer. And after i talked with him just sometimes it makes you realize that these people are like one positive thought of one positive interaction from coming back to life and like sometimes to homelessness is like a mental state that they reside in as opposed to know temporarily living or something like that post but he s for one beer. Yeah so it makes you like what you don't want the whole twelve pack like i don't know they just made me like y and then i. I had that conversation one of my coworkers earlier today. So that's why i made me bring it to life. I mexico point though so the same thing could have been true for black rob. I don't know sometimes negotiating to get over one hurdle right. Yeah that was. That was pretty Even you know. I we want to go deep. Go ahead we wanna stay away. That's the benefit of being with. You know having the bridge podcast network. Yeah we're building. We're not limited to forty five minutes so we avoid. I need to know you try. Get out alexia. What's up shots alexi. Charlotte's jack i'm gonna go to the auto homeys so hundred today. Form a homemade. Yeah to the informed the bridges. We are We are distributed and brought to you by the bridge podcast network We appreciate that. If i go a little deeper if i own employees make it real as a contact greater. I find it. Pivotal to constantly investigate that which inspires confounds and disrupts creativity each week. I explore creative concept you constructive analyze it this week. I want to talk about. What is black. What is black and attractive. I saw a tweet couple weeks ago. Because that's how information now. I saw a couple of tweaks. I called a couple of tweets a couple of weeks ago in the purpose of the tweet was questioning are black. People are attractive or are we following eurocentric beauty standards to seem attractive. Are black people attractive. Are we following. Eurocentric beauty patterns to seem attractive time. You african hold on. Hold on when i was a kid. Oh boy i'm just gonna go put it out there because fuck at the point of bima. Brown is to be wrong with public rectify. So let's see what happens When i was a kid i always recognized that. African people look different than black people. Okay and small things. It's the natural hairline. Africa people tend to rock vs our sabbatical. Hairline is the way that we dress for the way africa. People dress the way that we talk our skin tone as we relate to like watch washington face like african people. Don't why safe face. But just in the different ways that we see beauty in the world and how we express billion. The world from african american has always been from my perspective different than african see beauty in the world and how they express beauty in the world so when this question comes up of our black people attractive black americans descend slaves. Are we attractive. Are we just following eurocentric beauty standards at first it just maybe be like of course we attractive but then thought that are a little different about him. Go onto twitter. I see a conversation. That's happening on two fronts on between black women and black women between black men and black men. The conversation happened between black women and not sourced this information from black women. Don't don't be calling me no misogynous. I talked to twenty black women about the situation temple. Size god dammit anyway Valid talk to to talk to different black men about this so the original tweet said that on on this young lady's birthday to fill extra pretty an extra special. She felt like braids worn enough. She felt like an ordeal extra. Pretty extra-special she have bundles straight hair. Or something of that line. And then the black women jumped into her mentions and rdm's and said there is nothing informal. There is nothing un beautiful. There's nothing unprofessional. About having braids. Braves should be more akin to who you actually are and your bundles are more into your situation. Few so then the question arises again we attractive or are we just followed eurocentric beauty standards. So then. I'm watching a youtube video. And dan both yard ball better. Say dan okay. This nigga had like bbc bow by choice credit jacob. I'm not by choice but it's another that's okay that's okay. We'll we'll talk about charles a letter so there's a gentleman on twitter on it on youtube. I'm sorry his name is three sixty jesus. he is a waiver a waiver. This is the community of people who like to put celebrate they waves which out back in the day was a waiver that like a hello but like you know i got. I was a happy waiver in my younger days. Okay so the thing that kinda like trigger me a little bit. I watched three sixty jisi take his fro legit fro. He brushed it down. Brushed it down. Tied down wetted down gelded down until he had waves again. The whole time he was doing this he kept saying. I need to civilize myself. I need to order myself. I need to tame myself. I need to de wild myself. All these things as just to say his fro was something that was like a the texture was wrong. It didn't make him look good in the beginning of the video which is actually super triggering. You know you know how calculators creators. They like make a video of themselves talking to themselves. Well he was himself three times and each of these three times. He was convincing himself that his fro was was. Although it was natural it was ugly on them so then again the question rose in my head all we attractive or only we following eurocentric beauty standards. I don't have an answer. I just wanted to put your thoughts. I mean i'm sorry. I do have one follow up so after this conversation of the braids in the bundles happens two weeks ago. In a direct response to that last night at the oscars we see a lot of the black stars show up to the oscars intentionally with the natural protector styles and braids as its say. Fuck you so now. I say i don't really have an answer. What are your thoughts. I i feel like the phrase a phrase beauty is in. The eye of the beholder is is is the one to mention year because it depends on. Who's looking and it all depends on the perspective like i. to a certain extent. I myself Prescribed to like women in their natural state right but at the same time you just also one of those people to let people be themselves so if it's permit shit is permanency if it's for natural let me ask you a question gets you in trouble. I do. African women look different than black women. Yes i guess i don't. I don't know how to explain it. Try we'll podcast. I'll know so. I'm gonna sidestep the question. Just just a good move and as a kid i always recognize like i grew up in maryland and fredericksburg virginia and i always tell people that like i can distinct i can detect distinctively notice when someone is african and or even from my country before they talk before these big or anything just due to the features. Whether it's i don't know they're back like literally the back of the person or when they just how they look so i'll even know if i can break down the features like that widened knows i dunno I would say there is a difference. But i'm not sure i can explain it. Smart smart. I think we gotta also just like we can't we're not. I wasn't born in africa right. You know black people african americans. Aren't you know having been weren't born in africa and at the same time we're in america so we have that versatility where site. Where do we draw inspiration from. I've seen the same women get protect styles and celebrate go on vacation by getting braids right. I've also seen some of those same women. you know. Put on a wig. When he went to go out on friday night right and i don't think that's i don't think it's fair to just be like okay now. They're following eurocentric beauty standards state. You know we were exposed to both i. I suppose the other thing worth mentioning in this discussion is When you go down the wormhole twitter twitter like conspiracy. Theories like sometimes just leans a little too hard in a certain for lack of better words negative direction that just like it was not serious like at the end of the day i feel you. That's a great way intellectually to package that. But do i actually care about what you think. I don't know if i have you seen african nigger with a mohawk like member that the oh six or seven era by african african soccer players still rock is that eurocentric. I'm i feel. I can go either direction because you know let's say from what's the word i'm looking for the native styles from back in the day. I'm sure one of them had a mohawk somewhere in there right so one can say eurocentric one can say that they were afro centric to begin with I dislike depends on where you're coming from. What part of the discussion you come into. Yeah i don't know. I think like i said i think i'm very cautious about saying anything definitive when it comes to women black women and what they should do to embrace let it be known on this show. We respect everything that come out their body right right. Don't give a fuck right so you want to keep on the bunny desk. All i think there's eighty in the versatility there you go right so have one woman wants to be celebrating about the door on a wig. Cool if you want to get it. Whether it's a wake whether it's bundles. You gotta wrote a hair. I either way the way either way you go court rotate shit. Stock and kappa. Whatever the fuck if you don't we're going to talk or you don't put the that with another stuttle's or good with that was doing. That was a good one. Yeah Round here is okay in the bag so we were talking about like lena. Way we talking about falcon and the winter soldier. And i've done this multiple times on the show. I talk about the streaming wars between netflix and hbo. Max and amazon prime and fucking hulu and what else is so many now at this point numbers just came out from netflix. Where this is the first quarter. And i believe like maybe five years where they had a decline in the rate of which of subscriber growth so brackets over cnn. So you know talking to a few different people. I don't have a sample size of twenty. Like penal has for his. But you start. I mean i think is pretty unanimous that people would feel like most of these other platforms like hbo disney even amazon starting to just have general better content than net flicks so. I always wonder like what does that mean for. The future. viability of netflix's because net flicks was that shift. Because not only were they really like i market but they were. They have partnerships with disney to. Hey warner who owns. Hbo where when films were released and after they went to the theater circuit. You know they did. Dvd blu ray and then like a week or two later they would beyond on netflix. But now those avengers movies and all those warner films no longer on the platform You don't have a Luke km it luke cage. Don't have a iron fist. marvel series on netflix anymore. You know they took all their shit back so besides stranger things. I'm trying to think what else do you do. They really have maybe black near but that only comes up. Hand was interesting but know and the also lost friends and the thing is like expiring deals. Who's about to jump off of the major networks having platform so nbc with peacocking in bat plus disney disney disney. With the whole bundle. You can get espn plus hulu Disney all in one package so nine ninety nine. Maybe they even. They even got rid of my precious. Wwe network baby. Really oh yeah. Ww network was bought out by peacock. Wow yeah and so. For the first time ever wrestlemainia was free wide low. Was it a sense of you feel about it. Go no so actually. Actually in conversation with his treatment works. I wanna get back to. I want to get back to netflix's what happens on peacock first off the peacock service is a scam. They charged you five dollars but no commercials but then when you read the commercial when you read the fine print and says oh we actually show commercials on our most popular content regardless if you paid to five dollars dot com right so there is like the dow's up charges for what the second thing as far as wrestlemainia goes i was a little upset because like a wasn't censored but it was quarter down. Yeah it was more introductory. It wasn't like wrestlemanias supposed to be a combination of like a lot of storylines. This felt like the spark of a lot of storylines instead of it being like the season. Finale of the other Just soap opera. It was the pilot episode of the first of the it's like the daytona five hundred like the daytona. Five hundred is the biggest race in nascar. But it's it marks the beginning of the season but really is you know you want something. That that accumulates to a armies nbc's affect five nbc bought the distribution rights for wwe work with three years. Like a billion dollars. Do wonderful my stop here for my viewership terrible for for myself at the same although bianca belair i in the win Well actually not the first bite. Women first black women to resume and that was great but back to netflix though nestled would not survive off a concrete cowboy. Jj i am to your point of like netflix netflix. The name of netflix is synonymous with streaming services. Right like less netflix and chill. You could definitely put on hulu but netflix. I don't elba look look. Hbo max my colleague warner brothers thing. All the best movie. All the mortal combat came. That's mortal kombat just came out with two or three weeks before that was guys king kong two or three weeks before that was the justice league. Snyder cut you know what i mean. So heavy hidden shit really have some like for lack of better words some adapting to do like. How are they going to adapt or survive this. I mean they. I mean they do have so fake rhymes bridgeton was was originally was without the water. But you need a whole lot more than that. I think e suray to sign a deal a production deal with hbo warrant. So yeah she warner right. So in Jamie fox on which is creamy fox has a show on. Netflix aches but his deal is with paramount. Gotcha so to your point. Netflix's and ease like another china and. Yeah another shonda rhimes. A few of them might as well. Call the bulla dangling. Daniels lee butler lee daniels up. All right oh. I just seen this right now. Floyd mayweather logan. Paul have agreed to a fight. Them we'll take place on june. I just thought it to ya heard about that. I got floyd was gonna wax a you. Watch the jake. Paul shit happened. I didn't play for that. Was that but then you have see happened this past weekend. Shout to nigerian a Ufc has like three african champions right now to which nigerian no surprise there Your true through. Emma man who just went off saturday. That fucking the jake. Paul had one point five million dollars. Right that's crazy. That's great all driller on trailer with a weedy doja cat a trailer also has versus to miss. I'm i'm interested to see john make. Everybody has a platform like netflix is better partner patricia. Do something to some yo. Y'all call matt anytime you gotta talk for questions today. Dammit swing a missed so my ofo question of the day is how do you protect your piece Just kind of nine. A what a nine a nine. Oh a gun. Let me go. Bang took me a second to when i'm definitely got my peace and they haven't done it yet but i'm definitely about to start going to the shooting range. So that's that's the thing. Small arms in maryland. Which one marlboro. okay. I know there might be one of the nice louis but i watched. I've watched too many shows recently where the woman gives left at home alone and some terrible's happened to us but bat in the closet unlocked. We ain't got no keys. Fuck fuck case. What the facts But yeah that's danny a question weapons weapons okay at this moment as far as the the first the first piece by piece from violence right Marmara was more of a mental piece. Okay surveillance i wouldn't say weapon yet. I'm not mad at that though. Times right got something to protect. Best reaction yeah. I was just gonna say walking. I've been. I've been going on walks a lot yourself. It just ov- eyelid. Being a starting spring cleaning man has been a big thing for me over the past. Maybe seventy two hours. Just let you be purged. shit The new mattress. I've just gave a bunch of shit to goodwill before. I came here nice. You know what i'm saying like. Yeah i think it's just the right thing to do. It has so much shit that you're giving away. You know what. I mean like bags and bags of clothes. It's like you've got to give it to. You can't just ask you. Gotta you gotta pay up for recycle. This whole lot of negative in wheaton was probably in the next three weeks ever forget and middle school. I had this long sleeve sean. John shirt a yellow lettuce on it. I'll never forget and every year me and my mom we do the whole thing. We we give away things to goodwill and i remember seeing shirt was all my bid. I didn't mean to give it away but then it wasn't couple of days later show up to school and a homeboy has the shirt on and i remember sitting in a moment thinking like i can play the fuck out this or just let it be so i was like man nice shirt. Kevin talk shirt. Dopes are eric. And then years later you find yourself digging through that dope fines do should do so. I mean for me. I would say combination of combination of walking music. We know words like instrumentals jazz stuff. Like that at forty baby i dare. It is every every every every show. He got the ordinary people. Write something like a little. The little miles davis coal samba joint. Yawning talk about it. I don't know what you're talking about. Be modell ordinary people joint. Nah it's not just a it's horn on samba. Matt is matt has been on all day. We appreciate it is good to be back. Allow the last one for me would just be staying close to my tribe ling Sure i i pour into my mommy's point to meet and right way. Thanks yeah keep. Keep the circle tight. Keep a good tribe around you. I would also add to my list besides walking. I've been doing yoga back up. Maybe about a month ago yoga. I've been doing it every friday. And it's been great like yeah. I think health is important. Wellness is important. Like i'm not trying to be no yogi but it's important to like shit like yo. You know release which are feeling your body right now with this particular pose. That doesn't serve you for lease all the things that don't serve you. That is collected in different parts of your body and you see all social media all the time all these women between the shit but that should really hits hits hits different. One is is yoga. And it's like you're mentally and physically releasing right trauma Negative thoughts and securities shit. You didn't even think about is has a physical Manifestation on your body so taking time out to you know pay attention in your mind and your body and your emotions. Togethers has been really does for me so i would say. That's what's been protecting my peace. And i've been drama free for a little minute so i'm gonna keep. Oh yeah i'm gonna keep it going. Yeah i'm gonna go ahead and give them a tool of the trade Tool of the trade is Man honesty honesty and accountability. I have run into a couple of situations this week. Even watches building. Podcast network will definitely talk about it off. Podcast it's a very interesting situation but as i'm you know most the clients that i interact with our women and the that keep coming keep happening about men in the dmv area not being able to act professionally with women in these areas. That just keeps happening. It keeps happening keeps happening. So i have found that to have these open and honest conversation with the men who are in violation of these things or at least mean accused violation. These things is so much easier on my soul so much easier on my heart. 'cause i talk a lotta shit tuesday and thursday about women's rights in your whatever in protecting black women at all costs so Not living to you got to. Sometimes you know as we are all knicks on the precipice to be a better nigga. That don't mean that we'd better nick yet. So that means we have to be open and available to be honest tours. On niggers didn't hold on negative correctly for such so on cnn accountability to make sure you've also platforms that'd be more browbeat imo brown. Miss you checkout. We can make with tuesdays and thursday. Graham live and also right here on the bridge podcast network. Indeed yeah I would say. I won't be more made a great point Sows just thinking. If i should add onto that or just go onto my ship. Not only holding our our fellow knicks accountable but also as we are continuing to be better people even if we might not have done. Egregious acts is always important. Keep yourself open to constructive criticism from women to yup on small. Things saw the things that we see a small shit so that's an a super important as well to not just be honest with our negus but costly and opened up to an honest or having women women says women who we serious we have good relationships with to be honest with us in evaluating us I will recommend this week class pass. I was talking about. Yoga is good firm. recommend class. pass to me Is a good at that. You pay monthly or you can At hawk by credits. I really good right and apply those credits to different Businesses so you can spend a couple tokens to go to a yoga gym and do one session. As opposed having a sign up for a monthly membership at a yoga studio. Right you can Clean queen moms draw pops right idea cryotherapy about a week ago. You have class pass because hold on hold on. Don't want to great editor in chief of the washington former good morning. Good afternoon right there. I was able to do yoga. Cryotherapy session When i'm in new york. I'm able to do when i travel a lot. So when i'm in colorado i could hit up another yoga studio suite and i can just sign up. Dyke completely domestic yup. Oh nice so whatever zip code you and you could find something. That's pretty close. 'cause is is clutch. Yeah they should be sponsored us. That was great right. Yeah that was a hell of endorsements fuck with this man. Yeah that's that's pretty much all i have. I thought i had some. I'll let you finish. Socials oh backpack man on twitter. Mr backpack on instagram am i. I think i'm pretty sure be more. He said but follow us on instagram to stop pod but more importantly the website is presentable over the shoulder dot com. We back on over the shoulder part dot com over the shoulder. Pod dot com It's forty two eighty eighty. Yeah so So we the main weekly sessions. We've kind of taken a break. Because everybody has jobs. And i wanna have to certifications and stuff. We've been doing Show at the tunisia. She's been doing cyber women wednesdays that's been going on we're starting at stuff back up. We just actually had a session last week but clubhouses interesting man like it was a big drop off at least from me generally and like i'll go in and do my poor eighty stuff my cyber conversations in my own room but i didn't really trying to happen other rooms right. You know since left out alone for a little while now. Great as we own the podcast. I don't like to hear random knicks. Talk right talking. Only to hear y'all niggers more would have you fucking with us. We appreciate it. Let's definitely keep listening But if you don't understand our fifteen at this array right. I'll say my to trade is a single tool the trade and know we discuss our homes last week. I would definitely say patient with myself is my tool the Because i don't know it's been an interesting couple months for your boy. A lot of positives a couple of negatives so you know and everything kind of last specially last week just felt just slightly off going well but just slightly off so just the patience of just allowing life to correct itself in to tag on that before we leave not holding grudges. Like i've been thinking about shit. A lot been seen bible verses in all types of shit different. You know different signs just like let us go. Do whatever it is you got so much more heady right now but for you to be holding from the past saying that bag lady. That bag man. Kind of complex. Let it go go. Give grace one of the great one of the close. I've been thinking about recently. I wouldn't call it a bible verse but it's like gospel ask So they're the to blessed to be stressed right and then the one. I heard recently to anoint. It to be disappointed so okay god bless survival week ways by ways we're pass the reveals that theme for the year. That's the one doing it to be disappointed vacation. Bible there we all we sure did. Yeah as always. We want to thank you all for listening to the over the shoulder. Podcast message too earlier. I said early. Make sure you follow us. Ots pod on social media platforms Visit over the show. The pod dot com. So you can check out all the old episodes. Yes indeed visit. Washington bridge inform. What's the former website. Whilst lafayette why former dot com. So you can find out more shows that are on the black the black podcast network the bridge podcast network as always wanted to for listening to over a podcast in just the disclaiming. You're gonna get a lot more episodes over the next few days. This will be the most recent book. We finally fix. Certain things behind the scenes with the website. Rss feed so. We're back live on spotify all that so we got a a really big backlog of episode so for this one or after you listen to this one there should be like four or five geico chicken down relatively fresh that we we've recorded over the past couple months that you should check out. I know a lot of hitting us up saying they missed the podcast so Everything is everything is a go. So let's see you put that to work and keep picking up. These gyms that we drop. We'll see next week. Peace peace peace peace.

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