12/24/2020 Hour 2 Boneheaded Moves


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Thanks for listening to the odd couple. Podcasts be sure to check us out. Live every weekday from seven pm to ten pm eastern four to seven pacific or fox sports radio. Find your local station for the odd couple at fox sports radio dot com or stream. It live every day on the iheartradio app by searching f. As are you're listening to fox. Sports radio welcome in is the couple on christmas eve. Yes indeed here fox sports radio coming to you live from the geico fox sports radio studios fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on your car insurance so visit geico dot com for a free rake quote map. Pull up the radio close man. Where here for three hours. And we have a great show planned for you. Rob parker here e from salaam yesterday former offensive tackle from the nfl. He of course and a fox sports radio talk. Show host is here in chris broussard. Stead d from was happened to my man. What's up chris. What was going on now quiz quizzes big time. All the holidays on this week luik. You know what i'm saying from new show. I'm just working. We just fill it ends. Man is yo- show but we both just philly you don't man on the program from we're going to talk with antonio daniels of course mba champ and well new orleans. Pelicans color analyst will do that. Also greg jennings another former. Nfl champion and fox. Nfl analyst. he'll join us as well. That plus mba nfl. We got a lot of good stuff to dig into but first let's welcome in the odd couple crew. We wouldn't be able to do this. Fine radio program without them. Vince is our producer. Curious is our engineer. And mr steve. Sager is at the anchor desk. He'll keep us updated throughout the program and from let's kick it off with the nba with got kicked off couple nights ago and we saw the lakers and clippers we saw brooklyn and the warriors and then yesterday was another slater games and then sunday. We got a ton of games but there was one game that i was interested in last night and the results were not pretty. Lamelo ball are is going to them about detroit. My go ahead now ripped detroit and we'll talk about that as well but lamelo ball debuted with the horn horn and they lost one. Twenty-one fourteen to the cavaliers andy from here's the problem he was the third overall pick sixteen minutes in his debut. No points a goose egg over five from the field three assists one rebound two steals three turnovers. They said his defense was horrific. And that's why couldn't get back out on the court. But i'm not gonna kill the kid off a one game this kid. Obviously e from has talent. There's no doubt about it but they should. You be worried if you're charlotte hornets fan especially from the standpoint. Are you ready for this. This is the thing that star hearing only three players other than lamelo who were drafted in the top three have ever had a goose egg in their debut. And one of those guys was greg olden and we know how that went. Well we know why he went the way it went well. He had injuries but only three guys in the history of the nba. Who have done that to go. Scoreless in their mba debut so anyway. What was your take on this. And then i'll come back. Got some stuff sold so watching this. Because he's a ball be. We saw this with his his his older brother with lonzo. We saw the expectation for this kid. Be through the roof before they even touched a a a a basketball are basketball court professionally in the nba. Because lamelo played overseas in all of that but for for lonzo all magic. Johnson is sitting up there tone but he's going to be better than me off to all this attention to father. The brand all of these things had been circulating this young man in the mellow since he was thirteen. Fourteen years old since they won a national championship in in in high school Which he did as a fourteen year old freshmen in highschool. Every all building up to this to this moment he's in the nba now. He took up a a a less conventional path. That everybody else did. What is he going. What is he going to bring. All eyes were on him. Read come out tennessee's fifteenpoints. Whatever that that was. That's not the case. And i and i say this because every single person every young athlete every rookie who who steps across that line or that or or the the field basketball football baseball. Whatever it is is is nothing like you've ever experienced. I don't care how much time he's been overseas playing. This is different so my expectations for for lamelo weren't as high as most people because he plays an intricate part. The mornings come off the bench. He only got sixteen minutes. I get right. Don't tell me you thought he's going to get a goose all this of course not i mean. That's that's can you admit that's dubious. It is dubious for to not to score any points in the air. Fiber tips right. Yup one like he was all for world. No he he. He took some shots. Which i like because in sixteen minutes. He took five shots. That's aggressive. I want him to be aggressive. The problem with lonzo his brother was he wasn't aggressive. He didn't wanna shoot. He just wanted to pass the ball. So i think we're going to need more time. You can't compare them. Right is not apples to apples. Their brothers play the same position. But they're not the same player now they can. He can come on next game and half thirty. You just don't know. But for that opening day i was excited. I wanted to see what he was going to bring. I want to see his flow. His defense which was lack lackluster. Of course. he's never played defense in his life. We get that we understand that. That's something he'll have to learn. Is charlotte the place. learn it. that's to be seen. He's still was a plus to plus a mind is when he was on the court which means that he had a positive impact when he was on the. Those are the things you gotta start looking at and for charlotte fans. You shouldn't be upset because when you look at what would Rosier did right. Gordon hayward the people who are at the actual stars of the team this is a a young complementary piece that comes off the bench right. The guys who need to be great tables heir. Gordon hayward those guys need to be great. Rosiere drought forty. Two gordon hayward dropped twenty eight. There's there those are your building blocks. That's your foundation now lonzo Excuse me lamelo is going to come along right. He's going to come out. It was not really any training camp. Preseason with an with whatever whatever we've seen some flashes of greatness with his passing in the preseason but that scoring it's gonna come he. Here's why i have a red flag and i'm not. This kid obviously has talent so so. I don't want you to misconstrue what i'm going to say. But his route and his path last night was a prime example of a kid who's played that. Aau style basketball his whole life and all of a sudden you get thrown into professional basketball. You've just talked about when you go up in the pros and now he has to learn how to play real basketball and not play ground style that his father has been promoting all of his life. I i went a couple of games and see them. Just pull up and shoot terrible shots from all over the court and nobody made a stink. Because he was the star he was that god. And here's the other problem. He from that that bothers me is yeah. He played over australia. Whatever he didn't play against top to your talent. I'm sorry and that's what bothers me as we go along. It's nice to say he's coming off the bed. she's a kid. He was the third overall pick. He's supposed to be able to deliver something not to have goose egg on on day one. He's never been held accountable for playing winning basketball. Just putting up numbers. Michael jordan's history of drafting is god. All i'm just telling you from my load we jordan in playing right. Yeah that's that's been well documented. And does that's why i said is is charlotte the right place for him to learn how to be a pro but but you see my point on how he's come a long right we get it the fancy passes but it was always about getting naysayers. Now you get into a league. it ain't just about getting yours. It's about winning. And i don't know i'm just saying right now if i just just throw it away right at the moment you are going to buy you just said right now. You just broke it down to why you are prisoner of. Ym concern and if charlotte hornets fan. I'm like what happened. He ah is he supposed to be the savior of the franchise. Let me actually honestly when you draft third overall. Pick an mba. You know. it doesn't work like that. No hoping four but this is not the nba the nfl. We know the difference. You take somebody with the third pick in the draft in the nfl. he started. he's contributing right now. The first pick in the draft at was didn't even start for minnesota. Okay these guys are. They didn't draft them to be the savior of the he. He's not gonna save the hornets. What they did was they brought in teddy. They brought in gordon hayward those are the guys who were pulling this train pulling this wagon lamelo in the wagon being pulled does he has an opportunity to share some of the load as the season goes on. That's what they're hoping. Everybody drafted outside of a few players over the years have been potentially potential based nba players off. But here's here's my bugaboo. Okay let me give you michael. Jordan's six draft picks. You'll never forget you ready bro. Adam more skin worse. Frank kaminsky you remember. That got frank. The tank cody zeller. And who was michael kidd gilchrist. His good player. Okay those are five right. They're all i'm saying is now you have lamelo ball art. I want to hear from people. I'm not trying to a sounds like be. i'm not i'm not. I'm not trying to do that. I'm really not and we wanna hear from you. Eight seven seven nine six sixty three sixty nine eight seven seven nine thousand nine on five bucks and should charlotte. Hornets fans be worried about lamelo goose egg in his first career. Start and what do you think is he. Baloney offer lay. We want to hear from you. It's the odd couple on christmas eve. And yes we're getting down and dirty on the christmas eve from salaam if we saw rob parker right here on fox sports radio. Thanks for listening to the odd couple. Podcasts be sure to catch us live every weekday from seven pm to ten pm eastern four to seven. Pm pacific or fox sports radio find your local station for the odd couple at fox sports radio dot com or stream. It live every day on the iheartradio app by searching f s are. I don't know about you. But i've been glued to the tv recently. I'm watching the game. They checking the news. They're back to the game then over to the weather. 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We want to hear from you. Ifan from i know people want china they do and they heard from you right. You ready to just dump them onto boat already. I'm trying to give the young man in nineteen year old time. Well let's see what the people want. We got nick and syracuse on the couple fox. Sports radio what you got you know you know. It's twenty twenty when the poo poo came. Just going off on an eight year. Old kid on knows damn well. I'll let me tell you something. I rob parker may come on man. Nineteen years old birds game. And i'll tell you what magic johnson is the kiss of death i'm from syracuse new york diehard orange fan. Remember michael carter. Williams remember his first. It'd be game triple double nba rookie year. Magic came out with studies. He's be better than him. That may the kids. The best doubt we to call appreciate that. Hey look what do people understand. These are kids. Think about you when you were nineteen. You're out of your mind i do. I get it. could you imagine. Nineteen years old. You've been in the big leagues. Wh what would that look like for you. It would have been something but when you come with all the talk all of the high fat from say the talk coming from these kids but the expectation is there. And i'm just going to say this. You could have a bad game or struggle your first game but you can't shut out not you just can't shut up. I'm sorry okay. I i i understand that. Let's see what. Paul bakersfield has to say about the issue. You're on sports radio. The couple of what. You got a good good christmas more heavy our today. No concern about you. I'm doing great. I'm good man i did. I did the dan. Patrick show this morning this couple on christmas day. I'm all good man. I feel great. Thank you go ahead. All right I'm not too concerned about him because he he's he's nineteen years old like i said in. He played with some girl men last year. And he's real cocky and i don't think he's gonna get down You know if he has a bad bad game He's he's he's got his dad's dna men that that could be good or bad mason crime. Basically god you're not concerned and that's fine. I understand. Nobody wants to sound the week. We've got plenty. We got more callers. Maybe someone is going to share your your pessimistic views. I know from you know this. You're detroit lion into the achilles. Remind me i leave that off. The list of teams no toured fourteen. You know what it's like. I covered the for twenty years. I'm so glad stuff why you're so jaded all right. Let's go decline in maryland. You couple fox sports radio would you get. What's going on happy holidays to christmas. So i just wanna to say he had a baloney of first game. But i don't think i don't think he's going to be like You're saying you know. They got gordon hayward rosie heavy lows sean with the second thing. I'm just saying you gotta be a little concerned right. Now i take i take lucille ball over all right. You appreciate that Decline appreciate their brother. You have to understand. Like i'm sure a lot of these people call calling and they got kids. I've raised my my nephew's one is nineteen. Now good man man and the other one is twenty three both of them idiots. Okay so if i dumped a million dollars in their lap and told them to go do something who knows what happened. That's look that's all i'm saying. Okay here let. Let's get to to the voice of the people michael d. mdc only are couple fox sports radio which got me personally. I don't think the boy's gonna be that good. I really for all the ball brothers. But i mean this. We're on the third one now. They might saying like what are you. Were saying He did play against home. Grown in sterling. But it wasn't against any like talk to your talent. And i was watching wise man last night Our not like by two nights ago. I was watching anthony edwards. They all show some kind of promising to be honest metal. Only show promise passing the ball. And that's not why they get drafted number three. Just to pass the durham and broke. The shot looks very broke. I don't know if he can read it on a shot in the league. That's my two cents. I don't think the boys going to be good at rooting for form. But i personally just don't see an michael jordan is a go. I love michael jordan. I was raised him. My dad loves them. But i mean michael. Your dr hayden threes man. I'm out thanks. You free tied all up all dog. He did tie it all up and it it it. It's not hard to argue. He has an opinion that the kids not going to be that good right. that's fine. European is dry trade him right to trade him deadline. I'm concerned our other. Had a bad shah and look at his brother now. Your brother is shooting over thirty six percent from the three. He's shooting over. Fifty eight percent fifty three percent excuse me from the field with that broken shoddy came into the league what he also had a terrible finish in the bubble. The bubble the bubble. Let's let's let's see what andrea in massachusetts has to say. You're on the fox news radio which got what's going on happy holidays. Merry christmas andre. What's up i. I feel a little bit of baloney sandwich. I feel in a sense a little bit of bologna points back. The other calls have brought up is that it wasn't only lamelo ball. Spurs game anthony edwards again james wiseman for the warriors. We saw patrick williams show signs coral. These other rookies. Just based off the ice chest are showing you something and lamelo again. With all the hype. It wasn't only zero point. You also had a couple of turnovers only turnovers at three and just just. Ihs got that sequence when he lost the ball back and then we're going up the court head up. No conscious got the ball stolen again. It doesn't look good and you. Have these other rookies for come and anthony edwards and james wiseman in particular grown man said. It's ready to go. He has to step it up. Always gonna fall behind Slowly shirley gets quick. It get late early. Thank god that andrei no doubt. Yeah we'll see antonio daniels is coming up. So let's talk with him but we'll lamelo ball be a bust store star. We'll ask antonio daniels that and more stuff about the opening week of the nba. Be sure to catch live additions of the odd couple with chris. Broussard and rob parker weekdays at seven pm eastern four. Pm pacific on fox sports radio and the iheartradio app now. It is time to bring in antonio daniels one of our favorites here on the couple. Mba champ and new orleans. Pelicans color analysts. And if you wanna follow him on twitter. It's at a daniels thirty three antonio merry christmas. Merry christmas eve how you doing. Merry christmas to you guys man. Why all over to mellow ball like that. Just only i'm with you. I'm with you man. All i'm saying is is this. This is like those numbers are scary. And here's my problem my concern okay. Antonio it's only one game. I'm not going to be a prisoner of the moment but the competition that he played that aau style. He's never been held accountable for winning playing winning basketball. I'm concerned a little bit. I mean you you. You should be concerned. He's years removed from palm. I mean what. What do we expect like this is. This is what do we expect that. Lamelo ball. I just didn't expect to have a goose egg and we've got the other numbers had goose egg in his opener. Second preseason game. who was one for ten. He's had a ton of turnovers sloppy with the ball. Just dribbled up to court having his pocket. Pick that stuff to stop that. He was allowed to get away with because he was the staw basketball. And you know what that will have to learn like any other any other young. Nba basketball player that steps into the and the difference with lamelo ball as opposed to some of the other different situation. You know you look at edwards and minnesota and wiedeman and golden state. Those guys stepped into situations where stars on the team. You know he not playing with a star. He has that though regarded as to what the stat may look like right now. I'm i'm actually excited to see what this young man. Because you're absolutely right. Antonio now was telling rob trying to make him understand. Everybody comes into this league at their own individual pace right. He played sixteen minutes. So i'm not sure what rob was looking for a look at what your hands scott and scores if score at one point if he's scored two points that would have been sufficient for you that just it going scoreless when that's why they got you because you're supposed to be the guy who can rank you think you've got to go in and tonio go ahead. Here's the thing if they got him because he's supposed to be that guy. He's not playing behind terry rosier and bokeh grand arlene play well out the box and they realized after drafting him that he's more of a project all three weeks right so they didn't game. I'm not saying he'll to. We are judging lamelo ball off of aid short again. I'll all right we got. We got to do better next. Look i don't think there's anything we can do for robbie as a condition. Twenty twenty has been hard for everybody in the world but rob consistently lives in twenty twenty his entire life no matter what the decade no matter what the years let me ask antonio listless which subjects What did you make of brooklyn and their first game. Obviously the warriors were kind of beat up. But from what i saw and kyw we had twenty four points in the first half. He look spectacular k. D. looked fine That team looks like they're going to be a problem. What did you make a brooklyn and their debut. That's exactly what i made as well. Excuse me that's exactly. What made a difference. Well you remember a couple years ago when golden state started to peak and you can feel like they had like a championship by about them where everybody on that team from. The first guy to the last guy felt like they were the best team in the league to the point where they made you upset to watch because when they got to roller and you see their bent they dragging each other up and down the sideline running in the stands and all this other kind of stuff because it was a championship around the golden state where that same championship by is president around brooklyn. They realize they have depth. Maybe the deepest team in the league star power they have they have is oh. They're the only thing that they don't have a season nba coast. But when you had kevin durant and you have kyrie irving you may not even need it. Let me ask you this. Speaking of kyrie irving is it holding your breath waiting for the other shoe to drop because of things throughout his history. Sometimes he can be a little selfish. If things aren't going the way he wants them to go if you know. He's alienated locker rooms before he wanted to break out of cleveland ship. I understand. I understand that we get one shot. We get it. I understand his body of work. But what i'm talking about is chemistry. What i'm talking. When he got to brooklyn last you gotta remember early on. He alienated the team. Guys that know whether come up to him talk to him not talk to him. One day he's happy to next year he said to all i'm asking you antonio is when you're dealing with with a guy like that emotional. We've already seen what he said to the media right puppets and so on and so forth is one of those situations where the franchise and his teammates are waiting for the moon to be over jupiter or something and he just kinda do rails to progress it. They're they're on the wind heavy. I don't think so. I think this is a situation that he chose to be in. And i think more than any other time because of everything that you just referenced. Guys they're cognizant of kyri irving is i think the organization is compensated. Who career begins. D nash. and mike d'antoni shopping mark. Don't the continent of who carry every year. I think this may be the best situation. Obviously cleveland because we weren't behind the scenes. We didn't see what happened. We didn't see what went on in cleveland. But there was a reason. The carving out. i'm not saying right or wrong. I'm saying that there was a reason. And now after everything that turns transpired rather than cleveland or in boston and in brooklyn i think guys are starting to understand a little bit more. Who hiring and with that undertaking. That should make him a little easier to deal with hopefully lasting. We've got about a minute ago. The pelicans was hoping against hope to get them in the playoffs. Last year. the bubble that didn't happen and then there was a poll by general managers about starting a team. And you could pick any player. And i was shocked at zairean williamson's name. Was it more prevalent in the list from general manager. Why is that. Has this stock drop at all or no. I think the reason that his name wouldn't be president but also and that's name Oh that you're talking about rob. The pelicans were voted the best young court by forty one percent. So i i think it's tough to say when you basically have twenty five games of of work right. Now i get it. I would just surprise. His name wasn't there did you. did you notice. It was missing as well. Well well yeah but when you only like at the time that this this poll was taken when you only have twenty four games at work that is such a small sample size and when you look at some of the other guys that you're comparing him to you're comparing the guys that have two years under their belt. Three years under their belt had been into the playoffs. I've been deep into the playoffs. I've been mvp. So i can someone understand it with diane get full healthy year under his belt. I'm sure that poll look a little different right. His name antonio daniels one of the best in the nba breaking down. We appreciate you. Merry christmas to you and your family has always all right. Mary creek but god bless you got no doubt about art. The steelers of lost three straight. Will the nose dived continue. What's going wrong in pittsburgh. We'll talk about that and much more. It's the odd couple eve from salaam in for bussard rob parker on fox sports radio. Thanks for listening to the odd couple. Podcast be sure to check us out. Live every weekday from seven pm to ten pm eastern four to seven pacific or fox sports radio. Find your local station for the odd couple at fox sports radio dot com or stream. It live every day on the iheartradio app by searching. F are imagine if you could shop the shelves of on your local liquor stores at the same time. Well spoiler alert. You can with drizzly. The number one alcohol delivery app drizzly. Lets you compare prices from local liquor stores on a huge selection of beer wine and spirits. Then get them delivered right to your door and under sixty minutes and right now drizzly giving all new customers five dollars off their first order. Just enter promo code safe five at checkout down the drizzly app or go to drizly dot com. Dad's dri z. Y. dot com now. Snow is falling leaves turning brown and crunchy as we approach a season the wellbeing of those we care for is the most important use clorox regular bleach to infect your home when used as directed on hard nonporous surfaces. It kills ninety nine point nine percent of germs from your laundry whites to highly trafficked areas like kim floors and surfaces like bathroom counters. You can count on clorox to keep your home. Protected when accounts counts trust. Clorox rob parker ephraim salaam. In for chris. Bussard and Wishing everybody know. Everybody settling in as christmas eve tomorrow. Christmas day. Unbelievable how quickly it's calm and from on we'll be happy for twenty twenty to move on. And i think the pittsburgh steelers will be happier for twenty twenty to move on and even from i want to find out from you because when they were eleven to no i said they were the worst eleven in old team i had ever seen and the last three games. They have stunk. You are you're right. And when i'm watching them. This all starts in with ben rothlisberger. This is his team And the fact. That ben can't get out of his own way is why. This team is beginning to struggle. Right we all know that. Big ben is a top five quarterback. I don't care how you slice it. This to pittsburgh steelers are a running team so let me finish the fact that they cannot run the football and they put the onus on ben rothlisberger to try to dig the might of these these holes in by holes. I mean being behind the sticks. Everything is regimented. When you're playing a game right you want to gain at least three yards on first down right you want to gain at least three to four yards on second down which brings third and short. Those are manageable. Run pass downs there behind the sticks from from the jump. They started that game with four. Three and outs they they. They weren't gain any yard. So instead of ben rothlisberger getting the ball out of his hands fast he falls back into that. Been mindset of holding the ball holding the ball and and make something happen and and that's not the team they have. They don't have that team and by him holding the ball right. It's the number one. The office of line is under siege watching the bengals play. The bengals look like they were undefeated. Good kids somebody in the mouth. That was mind boggling. And i'm telling you you're right about big ben at big. Ben is so bad right now. I'd rather have uncle been asking he. That's how bad years right now and it is ugly. And here's the other thing. The last two games against teams. That are pretty good. I don't know if they're going to win another game to see no. I'm serious right. yeah. I finished eleven and five. And then they have no shot in the playoff. They play a good team the way that they are constructed now were they can't run the ball and you need big ben to throw the ball on almost every down i mean i just it is not ugly is fog. -ly yes serious surgery to repair that. That arm right now early on. Weather's warm everything's for. Its later in the year. Wear and tear on the body. Co-stars can remember peyton manny's last year they had to replace him with brock osweiler. Yes and even in the super bowl. What did he have ninety one yards. He was like the tin man right. So it was brutal. And i'm not saying been is is peyton. But what i'm saying is older quarterbacks after big surgeries the wear and tear later in the year they struggle. They don't have the same zip. They don't have the same comfort in the pocket is not looking good for him. I we are the odd couple locked and loaded two more hours to calm. You want to stick and stay america on this. Christmas eve were rob parker and e from salaam fox. Sports radio has the best sports talk lineup. In the nation catch all of our shows at fox sports radio dot com and within the iheartradio search f. s. are to listen live. Holiday season. 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