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The loss of the loss of loss podcast. The loss of podcast. Hey, sexy friend. He's making me his bitch. Maybe want to get a piece of that. I wanna talk about sexy teens. I was getting a wreck shins. It's very creepy field. I can guarantee that underwear theft will come up. Again, none of this whole Pok on cooking balls. Seven hundred and fifty middle ball. Welcome to the podcast, a study in Manala. Gee, this is your grumpy on Peter. He will say words at you get on the podcast. I've talked many, many times about martial arts, and I was walking with my friend who's joined judo about a year and a half, maybe almost two years now. He's been doing it and the guys at our club or saying you should go for your black belt test, so he started asking me. Do you think I'm ready? Do you think I'm capable? I said. Yeah. Yeah, you should go ahead and try it. I mean, worst case scenario, you don't win the fights and you don't get your black belt right now. You can get it later. He was under the mis understanding that most people are the black belt means you're good. Here's the thing black belts means, you have mastered, and that's where the usually stop the sentence, which is incorrect. A black belt means you have mastered, the basics. So if you think about this system and Japan, there's just two levels of white belt and then black belt. Candidates different. I'll get into the differences in a second, but you have e q Niki level, one level, two white belt. And then you'd be a black belt in there'd be showdown, which is like first black belt need second black belt, and he just count up until you get to ten but you don't get ten less, you die. Who is fighting for the first level black belt. So the easiest way to explain it is white belt suck. They just don't know enough. They're not good enough. They haven't learned enough EQ the lowest level white belts, so you would have to fight other white belts. Other inexperienced people who don't know very much to get Niki. You beat a bunch of other people who are terrible sport. It means you're not that terrible at the sport. You're not good. I mean again, this is gonna come a bunch of times, but you're not good yet. So who are you fighting to get that first black belt? You're fighting a bunch of people who are also not terrible. Again. Not good yet, but they're not terrible and you will see the numbers. Lindell. So you beat another a bunch of other people who aren't good at martial art, and you get your black belt. And this is rice e the actual challenge begins, because now, people are getting functional so showed on means you are you've mastered, the basics you understand the sport, you can do probably multiple moves. You might only be good at one or two, but you can do a bunch of things. So now you're fighting another bunch of people for your need on your second degree black belt. But now, people are actually getting good. So this is something I had to explain that black belts in most martial arts, does not actually mean you're good at that martial art, yet, you're probably adequate, you probably okay. If not until you get your second degree third degree black belt that you're actually significant. You're actually good. So I told the story way back when about losing my black belt in Japan I came to Japan with a black belt from Canada. And they took it away from me, because I hadn't done my test here, and I had to redo all my tests. But of course, the testing was really unfair because here I was an international. Competitor with lots of experience, I tore through these poor low level bells. It wasn't even funny. It's funny now is the story, but it wasn't funny in the moment, certainly, I don't know if it's funny for those guys. But what I found is that black belts in Japan are all right. Second degree black belts in Japan. Are quite good. And then after that you're getting like the guys in the Olympics their third and fourth by the time you get to fifth and sixth degree black belt. You're actually probably passed the competitive stage in your life, and you're getting belts for teaching things like that. But because of the level system, you are only defeating other bad people to get that black belt in the first place. If you can beat a bunch of bad, people doesn't mean you're good in any real way, it means you've mastered, the basics which is what I'm saying. The first degree black belt is now that takes away a lot of the mysticism of the black belt in the whole system. Because people say, I'm a black belt in the immediate reaction would be, like Whoo, while he must be good. But when I hear someone's black all. He must be okay until I hear you done competitions in one series of competitions until he's gotten multiple black bells. Then I start to make the assumption that he's actually quite good in Canada. The system is different. It's white yellow orange green blue Brown black, and then second degree third degree, what I found as the Canadian black belts, and probably America's well, I agree. Black bells were significantly better than Japanese. I agree black belts. But Japanese second degree black belts, significantly outclassed, North American second-degree barbells. So for me the goal was to get at least my second degree black belt in Japan before I stopped testing because I'm already getting old. I didn't really want to go through the testing too much, and the actual test isn't too bad. There's some fighting there's some formal demonstrations and stuff. I was fine with all that. But there's a paper test in, I don't read well enough to be successful on the paper test. So I was terrified of the paper test every time we had to do it. So once I got my second degree black belt back. I didn't really care if I got my third and fourth but yeah, just to be honest, and take away a little bit of the mystic nature of the whole black belt system when you hear that someone's a black belt, don't immediately assume. They're good immediately assume. They're not the worst, but I think these kind of conversations these kind of honest, examinations of what things really are is something that's missing. And sure there is sort of a sexy, MRs of the to getting a black belt, but I think it's actually better if people really know what it is and understand the reality. So they could aspire actually understand, like I can get this. I can do this. Core question. My thirteen year old son is threatening to break his old MAC book, unless I buy him a brand new macbook pro. What should I do? This is a very odd threat, because the kid is threatening to break something he has that he obviously wants an upgrade to, if you don't give in and he breaks it, what happens. So I honestly would let them go ahead and break it and I just wouldn't buy a new macbook pro. And when he says he needs a computer to work with, I would say, why give you a MAC book. I mean you're the one who decided to break it. I don't know why you thought that would be a viable threat. Now you have a choice, you can go get it repaired, or you can save money and go, buy your own, because I've already spent that money. I'm not spending it again. There do seem to be consistent questions on Cora. Of kids threatening their parents and the parents not seeming to know what to do about it. Now, there are different set of issues there, you've got into a situation where the child seems to be comfortable threatening you as an adult. I have two kids, and I can tell you, they would never threaten me because the consequences would be swift firm and Scher. But in this situation, if my kid walked up and said, you gave me this laptop, I'm going to break it. If you don't buy me, a new laptop, I would say, go ahead and not by the new laptop, they can't make you pay for things. And now they can't do their homework or something because it sounds like the MAC book is somehow, essential to study or some other need. So I'm assuming it's what the kid does homework loan, but he's only thirteen years old. So he's not really doing much for school would require a MAC book specifically, so I would guess that the things he needs to do on the MAC book, pro the upgrade are all socially oriented. Either it's to show that he has social status by having a better computer or he wants to do things like become youtuber, any wants better more powerful computer, to do it with none of that is anything I care about. And I have no need to help them with. But if you want to be a more positive parent, what you should actually do is say, let's set up a system where you can earn a new MAC book pro so you have to do things, so it could be get a certain grades in school. It could be some sort of helping around the house, it could be doing some kind of work that is between you and the kid and should be a form of negotiation 'cause negotiation is very good for kids. It's very good for their mental process is very good to learn that if they actually do things and follow through, there are wards whereas, if they don't there is sort of there isn't a Gatien, they don't get punished. But they don't get the thing they wanted to get and that failure is something that parents, try to protect your kids from I try to do it. It's an instinctual thing it's because you wanna have your kids be happy all the time. But failure is really good for kids. But for me, the first thing, the first problem, actually take care of is the fact that the kid is comfortable threatening you and I would say, okay dude, go ahead break your MAC look, in fact, give it to me. I'll break it for you. And I bet the minute I put my hands on his MAC book, he realizes that he about to lose the thing he has, and I'm not going to buy a new one, but actually went through broken. I bet the kids tone would change to you broke my MAC book. You have to know buy a new MAC book, because this sounds like the kind of shitty attitude. This kid has and shitty attitudes might I add are generally learned from the parents anyways, so that's a secondary problem as well. Maybe you have to fix your attitude, maybe you've demonstrated this to the kid. Maybe you've shown the kid this is how you get what you want in the world. Is that something you have to fix on your part? But if my kid ever threaten me in this way, I was. Go ahead. Man. I do not care at all. Would you rather? Eat ice cream flavored poop or poop flavored ice cream to me, the, the conceptual issue here is actual health. So if you're eating the ice cream, you know, it's technically safe, but if you have to ingest it and feel sick probably throw up because it's bad tasting because it tastes. I assume also smells, like poop, I think the smell is going to be the worst part of the poop because it's the patient creates before you eat it. So my actual only question is, if I eat the ice cream flavored poop, I know I'd be able to eat it, but would I get physically sick afterwards because I know there are animals that eat poop regularly, and they don't get sick, and there's different kinds of poop, poop from a herb of war, while, again, we wouldn't want to eat it probably wouldn't make you sick because mostly based on grass, and grains, and things like that. In fact, there might even be some nutritional value there now. I think really the issue the problem with the question here is that the question has not has not been explicit enough in how much you have to eat if it's a tiny tiny dollop. I would absolutely just choose the ice cream flavored poop because I could just choke it down really fast, and if it's just a little bit. I don't think I'd get sick. I think maybe what they're saying is a full on ice cream cone, or a large amount. And that's where it becomes a bit of a question. Because if it was poop flavored ice cream. I don't think it would be possible to choke it down. But am I Alba gated to finish it? So there's a couple of issues here that need to be explained to me before I can actually make proper decision as to which I would do because if I don't have to finish it. And I just want to maintain my health. I might choose the poop flavored ice cream. Take a couple tastes of it probably be sick and throw up or whatever. But then I'm finished if you have the ice cream flavored poop and you can show it down. There is just the question of how sick will I get? So without knowledge, a better understanding of how the poop flavored ice cream was made or how the ice completed poop was made. It's almost impossible to answer this question. Honestly, because my instinct is go for the ice cream flavored. Poop because I assume you have to finish it. There's some kind of impetus here. You don't create this kind of situation, if you finish the task at hand, I would take the one that I know I could choke down the only question that is how sick while I get, so it's really to be able to make decision in this way. We need a couple of more factors included in the question, sort of the structure of the whole scenario, we need volume, we need impetus. We need consequence because without that information, it's very difficult for me to answer if it's just a tiny bit. Yeah, I will take the poop flavored ice cream if it's a lot. I actually think I might go for the ice cream flavored poop. Because again, I'm going back to the assumption that I have to actually finish the. Bowl. I've been given of either substance. If I have to finish it, if a have to be able to keep it in my body for certain amount of time, the taste, the flavor is going to be very important. Now, of course, it is going to make me sick. But I think you're getting sick either way. But if your goal is to finish the ice cream, then you need to be able to finish it, there is maybe a secondary issue that they're saying, we're going to change all ice-cream for the rest of eternity. So it's going to be all ice cream flavored. Poop or poop flavored ice cream in which case, I would choose the poop again. And I choose the poop again because if you eat ice cream regularly, I think your body would adapt, it would adjust. And then maybe even then you would stop thinking about it, as poop it would just be ice cream. If you have a would you rather question you would like me to answer? Please Email to Veloce podcast gmaiLcom, and I will give it some serious thought because it requires no research, like the dumb minitour question. There was a question that was posted to read it which actually really interesting. It was what is a level one. Bad guy in real life. Now I didn't read any of the answers, because I didn't want to be influenced by anything that was said on read it now, the first thing you need to do is actually define a level one human being, and I would actually think most people instinctually would start with child. So a child is not got a lot of skill sets are not very capable that kind of thing, and that therefore would acquaint to level one and then you come in adult you'd be like, let's say level, five level, ten or something like that. I actually think that is sort of incorrect, I think, kids would be a negative level. So as levels zero level, one would actually be the starting point for human being. So I think when you're around sixteen seventeen or eighteen is when you hit level one, because you would be a functional capable human being. Now there are Olympia ads. And whatnot. And I know a lot of like gymnasts and things they tend to be younger. They're in their teens maybe early twenties, their careers end twenty-five, but they almost would be anomalies, because my thinking is a level one person would be young and have no real skill set yet. So those kids who started training for the Olympics when they were thirteen fourteen years old, and go to the Olympics sixteen they've had some sort of buff given to them, so that's different unique situation because what I was thinking is imagine the example of an untrained Lehman fighting, boxer professional boxer, so the professional boxer would be very high level. If we're talking about fighting stats because that's actually how this question was kind of frame like a level one. Bad guy. Good bad guys. The thing you have to fight to be to defeat to gain the X P, the experience to move up levels, so the pro boxer would be. Very high level enemy and him fighting an untrained layman would be kind of like very high level enemy fighting a very low level enemy. So that's why figured adulthood was going to have to be a baseline factor. Now, it would have to still be young. That's why it shows sort of mid to late teens because your development in the early stages in most games, if that's the context using this, in increases quickly at the beginning, and then spreads out plateaus as you get to the higher levels. You need more X P to go from level, fifty to fifty one as you would from level one to level, two level three the other thing to take into account is if you are level one and the bad guys level one, you're actually equivalent, which means the level one bad guy is just as dangerous to you. When you're at level, one. So again, a layman versus another Lehman they are equivalent. They have the same chance of beating each other. So that would also have to go into adulthood because if I am a level one. Human being. Let's say, I'm again, sixteen years old and a little kid runs up to me. I could beat him, probably very easily because he's smaller and weaker. That's why I wanted to put children at a minus level. Or maybe they haven't finished developing. They haven't finished their character creation, yet, even the level to it'd be very low level. If I was still at level, one level, two enemy would be twice as strong as it's still very difficult for me to be whereas something was level fifty unimaginable, so professional fighters would have to be the high level enemies. Lehman untrained layman would have to be the low level enemies, a completely untrained regular person seems like the best choice for the level one enemy, and then any amount of training after that would increase their level just as it would for me. So I started. Let's say fifteen sixteen years old, I was completely untrained. I couldn't fight anyone I would have slapped fights. I wouldn't know what to do if someone attacked me if I was finding someone else who was a quivalent. It was. A fifty fifty shot as to who would win. Once I had some training, and I got up to level, two level three those level one guys aren't much of a challenge anymore. So when we get to the level we get to the mid teams and we get to the twenties, and thirties, most games, have a level cap around fifty and that gives you a really good spread between the beginning and the end because once you're at level forty five and you go back to that starting area where you fight the level, one guys because I answered this question immediately translated into judo terms, because judo something understand and actually has levels something, I've talked about many times is the different levels, the white belts, the black belts at cetera. And then when I had to redo my black belt test in Japan. They swapped by belt. They took away my black belt maybe put on a white belt actually fight other white belts to get the points that I needed to be able to do the test to get my black belt back. Now, the thing is that didn't actually decrease my level. It was sort of a costume change, but it didn't decrease my actual skill set. So it was very much me a level. Let's say thirty guy in this game fighting level one guys these guys had no experience. Maybe they had gotten to level too. But the only thing I remember was every fight ended in about thirty seconds provided with no experience at all. Which is very realistic. Because I would I was it was not a fair fight again. This is I always feel like it's a weird kind of brag that I could beat these guys. But it's, it's not what it is. It was just unfair. I had years and years and years of experience, and I was fighting guys you had no experience and so- defeating them was a foregone conclusion. Because the fight was unfair from the start I was level twenty thirty forty. They were level one two three. So the scariest part of that experience for me was what if actually make a mistake in lose because that would have been horrible embarrassment? Realistically, that was never really on the table. But in the back of my mind that still rolled around, because magin you are a level forty character and you go into a game area with level ones and they managed to beat you. You would feel like how men I really messed that up. I didn't know what I was doing. So to define the level one bad guy. I think the first thing to remember is a level one. Bad guy could kill a level one. Good guy, the good guy being you. In this case, I assume but a level one bad guy should be easy to beat. Once you have any form of real training, which is up to your level a little bit. So it would have to be untrained Lehman, and someone who hasn't developed a lot, physically and has no buffs. So, like those Olympia, I was mentioning earlier, but I wanna take out kids, because first of all, it's hard to make a kid bad guy. I know there are bullies and bad kids and stuff out there. But they're not really bad guys in the same context as the expression is used in video game culture. So they kind of have to be adults or approaching adult hood. That's where the baseline comes from is. What is our baseline between zero and one because kids, I think are at levels zero. And then when they finally finished developing, they would hit level one. That's why chose that kind of range in the teen years because that's when you finish growing. You finish sort of your body can start to develop you can start to get a lot bigger. You can start to get a lot stronger. You start to train in a different way and make significant improvements to your own physical abilities. So my definition of level one bad guy in real life. And then trained late teenager, because I as a quivalent at that age would it would be a very fair fight. Whereas if I had a couple years on the kid, I'd probably be able to beat them just because of certain amount of knowledge, if I had training on the kid, I should be able to beat him because of that. And that's why it becomes very clear a level one. The loss of the loss of the loss of loss of podcast. The loss of podcasts. Hey, sexy friend. He's making me bitch. Thank you for listening. If you have questions or comments, you can tweet at Veloce Peter or Email, Valsad podcast, g mail dot com. You can find the port cost on night. Younes Stitcher at cost will go to Velizy pita dot com slash podcast. No. I'm gonna cut all that out.

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