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Welcome to highly questionable domino walking. I've been because Sarah's struggling with her microphone the old man is off today because he's resting and he's tired of carrying us. What are you like on the show today? Oh my God we get to talk about Lamar Jackson. He incredible he is like a drug. He spun out of his soul on Sunday. And I love them. Sarah's seething over there let's go Jason Garrett make a mistake by taking the ball out of Dak Prescott hands a Monday tradition. Unlike any other the cowboys lose we immediately questioned in the mannequin. That Jerry Jones has running the cowboys. You can question because Ezekiel Elliott for as good as a running back as he is. He's not very good in short yardage situations. He's actually kind of mediocre. But I don't believe that that's where the question start. I understand that Dak Prescott had maybe the best game we've ever seen him avenue at home. They lost but they got dominated donated physically on those plays at the end on defense but also when Minnesota was just running the ball on ten straight plays Dallas cowboys lost that game and that's a physical football team because because Minnesota was more physical right along that line and just bullied them along those lines but still at the end of the game. You have a guy who is having in my opinion. MVP caliber season. If it wasn't for the fact that their defense has been letting them down this fighting season. You have him sitting in the backfield hitting on every path that he throws. But you won't let him make a decision. The important part about having a quarterback who's able to run in passes on those short yard situations. You have a guy who's able to run impasse pigeonhole your offense where you just handed to a running back. Who hasn't been running the ball well at all so far that game? But as you know I'm high on Dak Prescott. I'm the president of his fan club. So for all the haters out there who say the Dak Prescott was just Ryan on the the wings of Ezekiel Elliott. And that great line. Where you at now? I can't believe we've made it this far into the show without addressing the hippo in the room Dan do you only work on holidays. Today's now I'm just trying to figure out your schedule. Johnson twelve more days until I get to Thanksgiving just making sure. Okay as for the cowboys you guys are both right. Ezekiel Elliott twenty carries for forty seven yards. But if they go to him in that moment and it works. Everyone says that's the right play call for short yardage in that in that that particular situation if they had gone to Dak and they'd and they'd not been able to be successful with the pass people would have said that's the exact time you're supposed to call a run place. This is very nice revisionist history. We're doing I think. Dan's point is probably the best one which is they didn't lose the game on that Senate play calls. They lost it because Dalvin Cook and the Vikings just beat the hell out of them by by the way hippo in the room that kind of hurt a little bit I feel like elephant would have sufficed there would have been fine too. I'm just talking about your namesake at the Miami Zoo or what would be namesake. Should chiefs be more encouraged by Patrick mahomes performance or more discouraged by their defense fence. Yeah so Patrick mahomes comes out. Post knee injury. Four hundred plus yards three touchdowns looks exactly like the guy who was before the injury but that should be a surprise to pretty much know when it's nice for sure but far more concerning than exciting is that they gave up eight point seven yards per carry on the ground that they let the titans put together a four replace sixty one yard drive. For the go ahead touchdown they were ineffective on special teams downright terrible trying to make field goals. This is a team that has never had to worry about. Whether it's quarterback is good enough to make it's every other piece of the team and we saw it against this titans team that they got lots of work on it they want to be real contenders well in this particular particular game. You brought up the field goal. That was the problems they snap the ball to a holder that was not prepared. I don't think that they should be anymore. Discouraged about their defense than they were last year. Because they're bad the whole time just as good as patch. Homes Band is how bad that defense has been but passionately homes puts incredible throws on top of credible throws. And he does it so often that we get used to it and get tired tired of it I think they should be encouraged by him. Did you see that. As twenty seconds left in the game in somehow he throws a dart off his back foot to complete a pass to get them into field goal range and still the guy the titans had to cheat in order to block it. They should be encouraged passion home so I mean he was off side. The Guy was offsides. If you've seen the play off sides so Patrick Mahomes is fantastic Catholic. And it doesn't matter how bad your defense is if your quarterback can do that at any given moment second consecutive week though that Sarah's stat holds up with eight yards words per carry that is alarming. And it's not a way to win if they have to play in cold weather in the playoffs but I do want to marvel at the simple athleticism lettuces mahomes. It's not even the play that he's talking about at the end of the game. How about the six yard touchdown pass that? He had where he's just hopping up in the air on third and nine. What are you supposed opposed to do on a defense? When you're coming at him you make a move up in the pocket? His only place to go is straight up in the air and that's what he ends up doing to end up up in the end zone over there but they should be concerned about their defense. Because that's exactly how they will lose in the playoffs. Patrick mahomes can't outscore everybody. especially if you do what the Patriots. It's in the playoffs last year. When you get quick fourteen nothing lead because you just hold onto the ball the whole half? Patrick mahomes can outscore everybody. They beat the Patriots. Last I sear was an offside penalty that cost him. He outscored them even though they were down past more homes. Is that good. That deep can't get bad enough to stop that man. Did you see that you're just naming one pass. You're not even taking account the fact that he put him in a position to win without that pass also knew that was just dislocated three weeks ago. The man is a God awed worship him please even more scary on that jump passes that he threw it to Michael Hartmann. Who was not even the fastest guy on that team? Somehow that is not the fastest player later on that team and you saw what he did on that run. He ran past two guys in the test him in. He's not even the scariest receiver on that. We refuse to talk about the titans because every year the last ten years they're five and five after ten games always in the mix somehow at the end. We're going to look down and we're GONNA be like nine wins. The titans he's had nine wins again. How do the titans always up nine named three players name who deserves more blame for the rams loss US jared Goff Sean McVeigh or the steelers? We gotta give the steelers credit and Mike Tomlin especially credit for showing up in fighting with all of their stars gone in a backup quarterback order back but this is on the last Seventeen Games Bill Barnwell was crushing it on the ESPN daily podcast. This morning listening all the statistics that show you the Jared Goff is a bad add quarterback for the last seventeen games down with the likes of Eli Manning and Mitchell trubisky Qbr and passer rating. This is a guy who has the third worst expected. Completion percentage to his actual completion percentage only better than Cam Newton. WHO's injured and Josh Rosen? WHO's been benched? This is not the same off and make as a part of it too because it was able to a disguise or support him in ways that seemed to have disappeared. Defenses have figured out how to stop the rams strengths and mcvay hasn't come back with anything to answer. There's a conspiracy. I think that he's just saving it up. Well I'm just saving it now. It'd be a great time to actually put out something useful on your offense. I think we need to give a lot more credit or blame. Lame this case to the steelers defense disrupting that because while I understand. The Rams haven't been good at often for quite some time. The steelers really really difficult to get up and get motivated when your offense has a quarterback who is not good. I think we can all say that safely and they are doing a good enough job putting them in games and winning games so that aside if we're going to put any blame blame the rams it has to be McVeigh like we gave mcvay all the credit when Golf was good so when golf is back. It's his responsibility to figure out a way to to sort this out. He is the boy genius. He's the offense of mastermind who has been so good that anyone who stood at the him of his garment got a job so now time for you to mastermind. Mind figure it out. I don't care about your running back knees or your quarterbacks limitations at this point you're the guy I know that we marvel at the Patriots in general but take take a look at the last three super bowl teams Atlanta and Philadelphia. Now the rams and what they become while the Patriots Day on top and the Patriots stole the soul. All of the Falcons and they did the same thing to the rams and what you're seeing right now. Though is the system quarterback that's being exposed because it's offensive line isn't very good. They are mixing and matching along the offensive line. And now what you're looking at is they've got a whole lot of money tied up in a running back who's got a bad knee and a quarterback who absolutely absolutely needs the offensive line in the system to be great. I'd go off the board here. I'd go offense of line before I'd go anything else because gough can't be great without an offensive line line. Well girly didn't even touch the ball in the fourth quarter. That tells you a lot about where you're sinking your money and a guy that you don't even have out there in the fourth quarter and you're right about the offensive line. They were incredibly lucky. Lucky that in seventeen and eighteen. They didn't lose a single offensive line players to injury for one game and now they're having to deal with injuries and replacements and that shuffle is absolutely a big take part of this. But I wouldn't say I blame the offensive line more than Jared Goff. The Guy Behind the line. They can't seem to do anything unless the situation around him. As perfect on four down decided to a fake punt the punter throw the ball rather than let Jared Goff throw it that says it all so now. You're blaming the punch you're just attacking special teams throughout the day. That's what you're doing. Yep they don't have much pressure they actually throw one ball. Every six weeks hecker completed coming up next on my TV show by the way Dabo Swinney is the reigning national champion. Hasn't lost a game and yet we're just pretending he doesn't exist. It's because we like the accent on the guy. We Go Tigers Kylie questions brought to you by Modell a tastes. That's pure gold. modell brewed for does with a fighting spirit. 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That's Harrys Dot com code. Eight thousand enjoy is Lamar Jackson. Starting to make you believe that he's the best player you're in the NFL. Starting to believe that. I mean I might have already believed that before this game but they put up the Ravens. Put up forty nine points to the bengals thirteen. Lamar Jackson Jackson had a perfect passer rating. In somehow the greatest highlight that we've had so far this season wasn't even passing. It was him running an embarrassing. The entire bengals defense events. I know their defense isn't great but NFL quality defense. You're not supposed to be putting up type of highlights that you did in college against one AA schools against this type of team Lamar accident excellent outstanding. And what he's meant to that team and so that offense I think makes him a legitimate. MVP candidate in my view. He might be the front runner because their offense is as sufficient as some of the greatest offenses that we have seen in the league. You can go back to last year's chief team though seven Patriots or could even go back to those Super Bowl Falcons this team scoring scoring on more than fifty percent of their drive. Just like those teams. They're fantastic. They're the number one scoring offense in all football with a run focused style. So I think we'll Lamar. Jackson is doing their position. I consider him the MVP and maybe he's the best player in the League. There's obviously some still some more questions about him passing if they're down by a lot of points but they're never down oh by a lot of points because they score on almost every single drive so they get up early and Lamar style allows them to solve the game away. It's outstanding when we last saw him COMPLA- A playoff game. He went to complete hours of football with out completing a pass and now he looks like an unprecedented football player. We are watching something that I don't believe any of us have seen when you look at what it is that the ravens are doing this. They told you all off season. This is what they were going to do and not even Bella check could do anything about it that they were going to do it this way. I can't believe that we're in a position where we see somebody. Somebody who is changing the game at that position but I worry about the same thing that I worried about this offseason. A high ankle sprain changes all of that dominate. Because he's not going to be able to be the best athletes on the field if he keeps getting that kind of usage rate and he's increasing his odds of getting hurt the concern about him remains the same. He's going going to get hurt. Playing this way because quarterback has ever been allowed to play this way and stay healthy. Yeah addressing that quickly. That's obviously going to be concerned. His usage whether whether he gets injured taking to many hits whether this is sustainable over a number of years whether they can come back. Those are all questions to be asked but guys like Patrick. Mahomes who are similar age similar or experience are the ones that are actually out with injuries while the Mar- so far has managed to stay healthy now addressing the original point. I think Russell Wilson might have something to say about. Whether it's the best player in the league I think maybe Aaron Donald. It's very difficult to compare across different positions in the NFL. Who's doing their job better? But Lamar Jackson the fact that we've been having this conversation is a testament to uh-huh Grady's Ben he's the first player in NFL history to have a perfect passer rating. At least fifty yards rushing and a touchdown run. That's a very specifics that but it's still the first time anyone's anyone's ever done it and we're seeing him do a lot of things that we haven't seen before and every time we think somebody whether it's Belichick or another great defense is going to be able to scheme to beat him. They have figured out how to get through it so yeah absolutely he should be in the conversation for one of the best out there. One of the greatest things that I think. He's bringing to the game into Shawn Watson. That's in a couple of these quarterbacks who play a little differently is diversity as we see how analytics across basketball and baseball causing all teams kind of play the same way. Everyone's everyone's shooting a lot of threes. Everyone's trying to hit home runs the one of the luxuries that football has because of players like this is the schemes are dynamic. You can go from week to week and it not even look like the same sport which I I think is a blessing for all of us sports things well and this is a perfect example of that because the bengals have a terrible run defense and instead of going out there and having Lamar Jackson run as much as he's averaged in other games he he actually run ran far less. They went to the pass more often. Maybe something that the Bengals weren't expecting but you're right. The scheme can change a lot when you have a player who's dynamic. It's him dominique. I don't I want you to answer this as the player apology of become an old age. I want you to answer this as a player who played in the League. You're on the other side line. You look at the other sideline and there is a player. Who is kicking your butt wearing sunglasses on the sideline? Are you admiring the swag or are you saying that ain't fair. I mean if if he did what he did to us I would pretend like. I was upset but I really like damn. I wish he was my quarterback and not Ryan Finley so I write. Are you college football overlord. LSU does a great job of sort of testing all of our coach worship. They won a championship with a grassy eater and less miles on the sideline. And now they've got this swamp monster that nobody understands with all of these pros all over the place winning games in ways that you're not expecting expecting Lsu to ever win games when they beat Alabama. It's nine to six. It's not like this with an offense. That's running roughshod and then a coach in the locker room afterwards. Who's giving giving you the sound of roll tide? What bleep you and then you know breaking an energy drink can on his head love that he's here with the personality? Don't think it's coaching Ching Acumen and genius and strategizing that it's doing it for him think it's a whole lot of pro players. Because as he said in that locker room he is recruiting the best of the best and they can be on a field Ala Bama and look at the other side and have comparable bodies all over the field was certainly really fun to see. LSU finally get over that Hump specially with that coach. Who seem seem to mean much more to that state into that university than any other coach like He? It means a lot to him too because he was almost in tears. The Post game press conference but if he's GonNa make it to be our overlord he's going to have to keep winning and winning championship at some point. I'm normally not the guy to pump the brakes but I feel like in this case it's appropriate because Nick Sabin is as good as it gets so he he is our current overlord. Maybe with devil sweeney a little bit behind but is GonNa have to win a few more games however that voices magical is it insensitive to imitate that like. That's that we get in trouble for. I don't understand the rules anymore. Nobody does I agree with you. He definitely did a huge thing this week getting over the Hump leading his team. It was emotional. It was passionate. It was exciting but Alabama has more national titles than home losses in the last thirteen years. Okay like you don't get to be the overlord because you beat a good team wants Alabama's eight and one against Lsu in their last nine meetings. I'm not sure how we're deciding overlord status but it feels like we might be jumping jumping ahead a little if you get to win one out of nine times then suddenly you take over the throne. Congratulations Lsu eddoes. Run way more interested in exciting to watch the Nick Sabin. But he's still will everybody. Daddy I mentioned we have an election for overlord because I feel like I would in that case. I mean if you don't just have to claim to. I would vote for Oser on like everything I'd love about college. Sports that exploitation by the way Dabo Swinney is the reigning national champion and hasn't lost a game and yet we're just pretending he doesn't exist because we liked the The accent on the guy. We don't go with prescription. Prompts required online physician consultation and only available if the physician determines prescriptions appropriate full full details and safety information. One of the scariest things that can happen to a guy is that first morning you wake up you look in the mirror and you start to realize you're going thin top. Two out of every three guys are going to start losing their hair by the age of thirty five thirty five. You're still a young dude at that point you're GonNa Start Losing your hair then think about it a year from now. It's all gone in. Everybody used to think as soon soon as you start losing your hair. That's it. It's genetics. It's father time and there's nothing you can do about it. We'll guess what that's wrong for him. Dot Com is a one stop shop or hair loss. Skin care bear in sexual wellness for men. Prescription solutions backed by science written by Dr in delivered to your door. Thanks to science baldness can be optional. Good affor- hymns dot com slash. SPN right now it gets started for just five bucks while supplies last. This would cost hundreds if you went to the doctor. Arora Pharmacy go to four hymns dot com slash. ESPN that's the F. O.. R. H. I. M. S. dot com slash. ESPN FOUR HYMNS DOT com slash. ESPN broadcast on their land. Their hotel beautiful southeast each time to play the game that thinks highly questionable. Just got a lot area just not on the top of it. I'm not that hairy. Actually I look like I'm Harry Harry. You give us topics and events. We'll tell you if we question. Do you question choked worse Appalachian State's defense or South Carolina's offense so Appalachian State is leading all game in South Carolina which season made by beating. Georgia has the ball down five late who cokes worse. That's what we went to college. Four to find out who chokes worst here down five. Oh Oh my God. How do you miss all of that? And then worse you end up in some shrubbery. Oh what what happened. The Appalachian State Defenders ran into. Oh what a terrible feeling. He caught that ball he ends up with with shrubs in his mouth. What a terrible terrible feeling? Yeah it's really embarrassing. A terrible past guy was wide open. You didn't have to lead them that point but also it's kind of embarrassing for the right like they talk about how there's a supreme conference they have all the the best teams in the team. That Georgia who we think are pretty good. Team is now losing to state. Clearly offense choked worse. The defense knew exactly how to get into the brain of that Cuba. They said you know what he's worst at completely wide open past guys that have zero coverage anywhere near try. It see what happens. Ah Related to my friend Mitch. Because it seems quite similar to my man Mitchell trubisky does on a regular basis. That's an interesting thing that you might bring up. Because Mitch had three touchdowns yesterday. Anthony ends vagaries dumb. Here's your sitting here blaming punters and holders thirty one passer rating time to play the game. That doesn't believe I believe that Dan isn't that Harry or no. Excellent timing by all of us You tell us what's on television. We'll tell you for intrigued or not tonight on. ESPN Monday night. Football seahawks and forty niners. This one looks like a little bit of fun but Russell Wilson. Listen who often is very boring when he's not playing. Football is throwing a football here with some Harlem globetrotters. They have sweet Georgia Brown a very famous song. We do not have the writes that song so instead we have our crappy house band doing what happened their accuracy. Accuracy happened there. Okay yes the accuracy of these quarterbacks makes you understand why it is the James Winston will never win anything in Tampa Bay Dominique Intrigue. Of course I'm intrigued. It'll be fun. Russell Wilson is probably the leader in most people's MVP talks. But I think tonight is the night wean. Lamar Jackson overtakes because Russell into seahawks though their records have been impressive they have not played very many good teams and their defense has been terrible. Their offense scoring enough points to win but I think when they go up against a tough defense like they have in San Francisco. They're gonNA fall behind and from this point going forward Russia's GonNa play a lot of difficult teams. I think he followed behind him. Lamar takes over for the question. Wasn't a bunch of Lamar. Yes it's a great. It's already born. Sarah Intrigued Si si very intrigued intrigued with the game. I'm also intrigued just why. ESPN would pay millions of dollars for NFL. Highlights so that we could show you that instead of literally. Any highlight of Russell Wilson. Doing good things. I didn't spend millions of dollars on our crappy house band. visit that all the time we have for today. Only one C. or no. Do you guys have anything to Plug Dominique. What do you have to plug? Oh absolutely go to an undefeated dot com read a lot of good writing their. I'm not their writing but other people are okay so he's plugging his not writing. Sarah how about you. Do you have something to plug. That is actually yours. I do. That's what she said was Sarahspain new episodes out every Tuesday wherever you podcasts. I'm also plugging. Dan's look very tan series. Slender low lender. You're trying trying to make up for the hippo reference earlier. The unnecessary hippo reference is what you're trying to do too late. That didn't work.

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