Shaquille O'Neal talks AD in LA, hosting the NBA Awards, the Harden-CP3 beef, and what would have happened if he played in New York on The Big Podcast with Shaq


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Now's the time to find your heavy place world, Disney World resort. What are you gonna come to you tonight? Online, check podcast is cast Bookham back. Jay in the bait podcast shack were little bit lane like a whole week and we're a little bit abbreviated, but we will get into everything. Big that happened in the last couple of weeks from the NBA and Lord knows there's a lot of it. So without delay from shack cave in Atlanta, Georgia, John, McCain and the big offer thaw, all Famer Shaquille, O'Neal surveillance video in story number six shows a man, stealing twenty four bottles of Hennessy from Clark. Minute. So all the people come to the point. Podcast was shocked. Stop the music. News Shaquille, O'Neal show. He gets this Claire, what everyone's let's up my good friend. Sent me his jokes, seven hundred times in a row. Yeah, I did. And they were better. First of all, when I said it to the committee, they said, no, no, I snuck one in you did. Yes and the bombs guess why ball. Let me take this. Oh you didn't use. You didn't use the ones, I told you to use. Listen, they wouldn't let me use the one because they're much of Qatar hurt people's feeling. They are they are they really are the writers that were with me said, do I had hire was supposed to come, but he was trapped in the closet. Seriously, and that would have been funny. Hold on a second. Do I just pulled up in a transam? Curse smoke as a bad transmission. Oh yeah injured. He has a transistor radio. So, in other words, they didn't let us any of the funny jokes. Yes. But. Your. Where do you smoke, you're joking? I appreciate that. Did she trouble for and? Well, all I don't get in trouble. But, you know, I think the Brett Brown choke did make it. I wanted to use the kyri one here. We're here were some of the ones we ended up with holes. That means I have to do a monologue. But don't worry. They say it's his easiest making a free throw. Shut up. This. My low goes off the rails in the last three minutes. Don't blame me Brett Brown coach of the seventy Sixers he wrote it. Got a good laughs wreck. You know. Trek. Now the Lakers had to give up a lot. They had to cut off both their balls. They had done the Lakers the balls joke. I thought was funny, but they were delayed in putting the video up near you were waiting for the picture to show them to back that up. And they were delayed in that. That's where they should have used the kyri joke. Hey kyri, every time you leave someplace it's a worse, ending mean game of thrones. And then everyone of the room that would like shock I gotta tell you decry would've gone. Crazy would have laughed at that by room when somebody's. Somebody's mug Cuban awards, bow. Pain. Tweeden every Sunday and that show is on. I will say this. There weren't many black people on game of thrones. There weren't, I mean, the cast was it was it was there, any black people on Gema throw with no black people during that time. Have yet. Yeah, you're. We weren't there. They weren't there. So. No, no, no. I isn't that supposed to be like a parallel universe or something? It's not supposed to be old. Whatever. I got to tell you this, though, for what the, the what I would tell you is that your opening reminded me of your opening reminded me of the all star game in Phoenix. Which, I guess is what you know, you and the Jabber walkie. Everything that was pretty cool. Thank you. Glen to, to be. How did you how much practice did that take drama need practice as loved things only practice practice? This talk about this, you know practice. I she goes and she man he's like you're everywhere. mR Dickey is the man, but this I heart radio studio. Woo M will really. Oh, good. Digs up at Boston, man. They really nice ones Jackson. The building. You guys may never see me again because I'm looking at this little studio. And this is exactly how one in my house, and rob, you're going to build it out down. Really, really Bill down on the south side of town. We're going to see you. We have to see you, though. I mean you're gonna see me on the commercials. Now, I don't want see commercial. I turn on the TV and not see will that traffic. When I live with horses, and cows, and no traffic. The only thing you're not the only thing you don't have in your ad arsenal. Right now is a rectal dysfunction. And that's the only thing you have to. That's the only thing you have to add to your time. Here are some of your come. You're not going to worry about that. I'm going straight to metal pipe dot com. Chase this is this is shack for rectal dysfunction. No pipe dot com. If you are suffering right now for a recount his function and you don't have a big win like I do call right now. I could work. For just nineteen ninety five. You can save a man with a rectal dysfunction right now. We have them engages very, we haven't been cages. Did you miss you though? Yeah. What did you think what you to Davis thing then? We haven't talked since that all went down d. W d really? Glow gives it gives LA what we're used to have him to superstars on the floor. So all superstars come back out. But listen, I need to see. It was around them. I like how like how cool is one but I'm gonna Niba two or three shooters minibar two dogs. And I'm need about three guys that work their ass off in practice. You got that anonymity. Everybody stay healthy. We got that we have a chance. I don't. I'm not the type of guy that. Oh, just because you know guys are there on paper that they're automatic favorites that remember Davis is a good player, but what has he done shack? Tell me in the has done, but what has a d done, tell me some names of some without saying, guys who are free agents player types, that you think if they were added to the mix, because I'm looking at it and saying, a JJ Rettig type a day is a he's a, my knees avails, stop it. He's a shooter. He's a shooter shooter. He's a inconsistent shooter game time. Always make noise dozen denigrating yet. Denigrates coatless. No don't talk to me about guys that make noise in the regular season. And in the players, you can't find them. I don't wanna hear those names. Okay. You clearly throat Walker. You can't. You can't get him. He's going to be okay. Well, we yes, we do we don't know. I tell you this, the amount of times Woche has been wrong. I would like to list them. He knows us my guy understand that maybe wrong on this one got too many guards. I mean, gar regard, you go do you go have? Well, I mean go. Go haven't we? Like the ball and the other young fellow like the ball didn't the young fellows when they have the ball, they can play when they don't touch the ball, don't get him rhythm. They can't play Campbell's. The guy that likes the ball dribble between his legs. I don't know if it's gonna work. I hope it does work to answer your question. If you can get Klay Thompson now you the favorites which can't though when not because they're not getting Klay Thompson, and plus you can't afford them. Florida if they want to go they pulled the trigger too early on this deal and screwed themselves out of salary cap space by now. But by the deal that they that they call having the deal Cullman at the way they did. They should've waited and now that is a that is a rookie mistake. But you can't wait on these deals like that. Trigger. You gotta pull that trigger. Yeah. You've got to pull the trigger right away. You don't wanna wait a week. Now. I'll tell you this bliss. I don't know the seller kevlar. So she tells me they can't go go off the cliff. So the thing is if they would waited to July, thirtieth your library. Thirty two million have thirty two million where you could've added a nother matches maxed are less. No. Unless it's clay they would've taken. They would've given Klay the max. And guess what? If you had clay to eighty if you add Klay two AD, he may think about it now to injuries. He's going to be lucky to be a seven seed next year in the west. Oh, stop it. Golden State's Trump. Stop it. Wait a minute. They're not going to stop hoop. Come on. There's there I it's injury central general. Oscar now. But don't forget, what the main God is still one seventy two games. Okay. Close going to be out for a while. But he, he should be back right before also. Okay. All right. So while we're still on Anthony Davis can we go to uncle Shannon's neighborhood real quick? Let's do because I would be remiss if we didn't play some of this. I don't know to make a diet mountain. Dew is about to be. Joa beautiful. Shannon's neighborhood. But he's blocking other people on Twitter, by the way, too. So yesterday, I put a tweet out that he blocks me on Twitter and other people were like he blocks me to, you know what you can do to help this whole situation. Now wish him a belated happy birthday. He can't see my tweak. Is he? Maybe sometime razors. Listen to this show, I watched his show, the other day. So I gave him probably quadrupled the listeners. Well, after the Lakers signed, Anthony Davis, our buddy Shannon Sharpe appeared on to you. He hates me with the goat head on a unit brow on it. Cannon short. Morning. He's going. The brow goat is round goat. No row. Row. You see it looks like he was saying Brown goat, that I think most people. I think most people definitely Barack he's a brow goat. Yes. I this Anthony Davis thing is great. I'll set the number right here shacking. I want you to make a bet. I'll set the number at fifteen and a half. Over under the games that Anthony Davis, MRs next year with, you know, maybe menstrual cramps or something like that fifteen and a half you go going over on her because I'll tell you right now on bet me over. I'll bet the over and your bet me overall, some MMA, going under this, this co cake held hard. So really you not. Because he, he gets, you know. No. I mean, honestly little he tends to miss action beat. You're the Laker fan. You go on over under fifteen and a half games. I'm going to go slightly over. You're saying he'd go to miss around a quarter I was going under. You are. But I know is history. One more thing here on Anthony Davis, tough not tough. Well, he's missed a lot. He's been hurt. One last thing for Michael Shannon before leave Michael Shannon's neighborhood move on. He made a little bit on the Lakers this year. Didn't it's a bet. We like we go into title mixture. Oh, really? Are you a cowboy fan duty? Band Lakers, Laker will win the title next year. Really, I wanna fifty cases. Do own it right. Cases, writing accepted fifty cases on the Lakers, winning the done. Okay. Thank you, fifty. It's fifty cases amount supposed to say money on television. You're not supposed to know. You're not honestly, you're not supposed to. Really, you're not supposed to really. Yeah. Do you know what that's supposed to on radio either bitchy right now? You could say you right now. Dollars. Okay. What are you betting me will not win Jim that I want? Do it right now. Doodoo shack right now right now. The Lakers are no better than a four seat. Right now right now. No better than a four seat. And it may be that there are five cedar succeed. Okay. Thomas all know, right now, they might be I'm giving you the highest watermark, that I had they're no better than a four seat. Okay. Right now is currently constitutes pieces. Oh, yeah. They could go higher than that. I. But I really think Utah's improved. Okay. I really I like what Portland's got cooking. I mean, I really feel that, you know, they they're gonna take a step forward this year. Golden State now Shaq's, tell me Golden State still going to be awesome. I mean I don't see it. I don't see what everybody else is just with two stars. Plus, I don't think Anthony Davis is going to enjoy being bossed around that is going to be. Bussey player stoppage on like. Can't let you go. There was you don't believe that play with is not at all. But if he's shack, he's not gonna Bosh you. Nobody listen. The bully in the schoolyard is not coming to your new finish. Okay. This is the first on my career to step back because I saw that was adequate enough to do the job. And he was doing, and he treats everybody. Well treat some good. So I'm not gonna cheat in poorly. There was not a boss. He's not a bus guy. He's not like that Kyrie about it will carry what's to be him. Not me taste. Let me tell you. It's called pecking. Order career is not on the Brian James status yet, and you can't start thinking you are now what you start thinking like that. Then you got to be checked Elcano. What I'm talking about. Only one came. It's only one general, so yeah, but, but hold on career was demand. In boston. What did he do it? Did the same thing LeBron debt, right? Yeah. I thought you would be silent for. I think that is the that is the organization that two years ago if you told me who was going to be the warriors of the east. I would've said the Celtics that they were set up for that, and that plane has crashed at the end of the runway that, that didn't even take off that dynasty didn't even take off, you know what the problem with some of these players was that I was never like this. Because I was always a known to the king, but a lot of time people were by about titles, and the reason why we're the number one show on podcast. 'cause you know, you're the man John, but you'll act like it. The man. Oh my God. Shows listener shows that this shows, even kill we got to dominant scores and John myself. And then we got to I got robbed generals or bring that thing out cross it up, and, you know, dishing out, and then we got beat dogs like Steve curry. Steve Kerr from the answer. Vince Carter even throw that thing out. So. Years old would certain guys. Sometimes you know that the egos get involved. And if you look at Golden State, they don't live ball, and that's why they always win. Hey, we know a lot about our very own Shaquille, O'Neal, one, big thing, we know is that he needs to be in control. He likes to be in control. He likes to make decisions. And that's why many people thought he was hard to play with. But let let's get off that subject because being in control is one thing that shack really seems to love when he goes to apartments dot com. Someone important decisions around here. Thanks apartment dot com. You always in control. What are you need something pet friendly, something? In a certain area of something on a budget apartment dot com is awesome customer service, too. So you could find the apartment townhouse condo the home. That's right for you. We got the best part for it. 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Get a colorful new experience of the right paid for the right price. Save ten dollars on one gallon and forty dollars off three and five gallons. For a limited time, only at the Home Depot. More saving. More doing. Limit twenty gallons per household. See store for details. The music means we're gonna we're gonna talk to shacks dominace. We go into agency happens this weekend. So this is six PM. This is when we kick it NBA free agency. Okay. Music. Need a need? Hell, Mary to publish from middle hail Mary to parcel, while I'm looking for that we go in research that dog's going to give us something here. So just talking about the Lakers cap situation. We're just came across by woes the one that you don't trust. No, no, no. I do trust. I love Loesch. Anthony Davis is waving or million sh-. Don't tell us all the. For shaq's. Thomas has the article I was waving his four million dollar trae kicker. And now the Lakers have will start frigging with thirty two million dollars in cat space for another. That is awesome. That is awesome. And I knew the but here's the deal, though, for Anthony Davis that I give the full Bravo on that, if you're making the move to the Lakers, and you wanna be a Laker and it's important to you. Damn right. You do that move and to me that should garner. A lot of respect that's got a lot of respect and from a competitor like you shack. I would sure you think the young man just made the right move. A pretty close all because, you know, he realize it can't do about self and then get another guy another name. Just gonna make easy for him. Now. Don't you ever? If I ever have ever talk doing the shift music. More. Shift. All right. We go to. The NBA. Now, John junkie and beat. I'll give you a great answer up promise. Arrive. I. Man. I'm tired. I don't remember the island, adult John questions for the. Don't push me, the world's tweeden's door. Let that the. The. Oh creek. Shacks. 'damas. Everybody wants to know where Kevin Durant is going to land. I mean that, that really is the topic of the most discussion as we head towards Sunday at six o'clock. Please enlighten us on what you're hearing. Great wise, one. Of Kevin Durant, but I can't access to mind because a music, too low. I'm doing the gangsta lean by the way while I asked you that. The mind the mind, I wanted to be recognizing some of the Greeks recognized greatness. Yes. Talent was oh by rings, have to mail. He's wave to meet you get three to four to five like Colby to seeks like, Michael Jordan of stay here. But let me say to be restricted free agent. Make Bob my scare. People are scared. They make unwise decisions. Annoys decisions like offer me two hundred million for five years. That is called the max, we shall smoke. They do now the other side of our brain are two rings. Somebody off the max, should I go to New York? I can get being from the side deals because I will be king. New York on to me. At the roster. Conformed the playoffs, and it would be the old Kevin Durant again. So I. Decision. No. But I know that the ball is Golden State court for pop bias often backs on me backs. I actually believe shack ter- novice is going to get that one. Correct. That was gonna be right. But I don't think he stay see. I don't think he's going to go more short-term. Kevin Durant, does with a one on one or, or something like that. And just but you know. The need one in one minimum. National east Golden State. Maybe they need L. They did what else what do you wanna ask if he'd? Oh, come on. There's only questions Adia shack stir dominance, in our presence 'Damas so was one. We you're talking to be done with. Right. When frame kicks off on Sunday at six pm. Turkey. What domino, do you think falls? I. What, what big free agent signings? I to kick off breaks, too soon. Kemba walker. Okay. I'm in the city where they say he's going to land. City of Boston. The city of green city of money. Campbell's first chance to get some green. A lot of. Team. He plays for now, does not like to spend green. So why do you stay? The Leslie team that he's with now miraculously says I want to go over the salary cap to keep you. He will stay what does not looking like that right now. So a lot of guys would not get this chance of second time around will be I jump so. July six at five fifty the deal already be signed last six PM newscasters announcing, he doesn't have time to play around. Cari has time to play can be time to play a time to wait out of their options, Kimba Walker. Supermax baby. My questions about the guy who just won the finals MVP Leonard does he stay in Toronto or does he bail and I thought here is what's his motivation. Now you got to rings with two teams. Has been made an awful by the almighty. His office is you have completed the task of defeating Hercules, defeating all the other Greek gods. I offer you a seat at the table to be a Canadian and stand off the land of all we stand on guard for if you stay here in Kamanda. Anywhere. You be a mortar. You'll be a regular play audience, and you will have to start all over. In canada. King, excuse me wise when you are. All the tasks asked to view in this philologist, Canadian town playing with Tyree, excuse me. All the. And all the other guys come markup. Pass off the car. Ship of Canadian table. And every time you walk by people will say, all kinda. We stand for. Stays shoot. I don't know if he will, but I think the clippers still are going to come in there and guess what? That would be that would really that would make LX such an exciting place watch with the Lakers. Doing watch. What the clippers are doing. And then you've got such a competitive west. It's unbelievable if the clippers don't land. Oh, it's going to be a disaster disaster. But it'll be like the Knicks disaster. Neil? Sorry say the next for the last twenty years. Can this be the free agency period where we finally put to an end the whole crap of people talking about the mecca? Oh, the mecca of basketball, stop it. Nobody goes there. Nobody decides to go there when they have the opportunity because they don't have the pressure of the mecca think. I don't think. I think so I don't think there's been. Yes. To find this all to insert in L assaults yesterday. Don nelson. Let me turn this offer. Elson so done. Nelson was he still stoned e he looks like it. Yeah. Bless them. Don Nelson was on a real sports, HBO's, real sports Gumbel and said he lost his job in New York for this. Did you really suggest trading Patrick Ewing? Because me my job. I said, you need to trade, Patrick Ewing, and you need to trade him right away. There's a guy by the name of Shaquille, O'Neal available or love the come to New York, and we can jump in there and beat the Lakers out and get this guy, and we should do it. And of course, it got back to you. Ain't I was done. I was. Host. Doing. She was Toche had you heard that story. Never heard her to Yesler. I've never heard that. Rumbling and honestly, one, let's go into the land of what if? Give me some energetic music, and you have to beat this one out. Okay. Energetic music. What I have on uplifting, inspirational, or what are you seeing to General Hospital because I can give you. You want hip hop. Action or rocky? White person anthem. I share. The imperial March remixed. Just won't let the people know that if gone Nelson came to the table of the Knicks, it would've changed the whole course of history be dog. Because now you say what I have three I have four Kobe half five big about that. Your question now that you say decide to go to New York. I would have had that mother the rock about that. From jersey. We had to create the mecca, I don't have bull article out ahead that Iraq and on his twenty year Kurds been no mother. Guess what? I would have walked thirty three I wanna walk patchy was number turt- that mother. Oh, really? Okay. Most. Districts. Call me and say complex the Knicks thought about it. What about on? Hold on. People, Don Nelson. You wanted to come to New York. Listen play in New York. You guys know me I'm a businessman would have had every damn star iota number. And the history also to you think of it though shack, you would have probably had every ad on our wait a minute. He not been called toll street to the toll Streep. The toll Streep tells me that's awesome. Sure. You'd be better our, our. Loops are gonna make that God. Guess what I promise you by the time that hits tomorrow. Somebody will pick that up national run with that one. Born Patrick number. Sure you would've able to shave me for Pat. Of course, I ought to win day show all those doubters. Oh, he can't do and I just would have stepped up even more. That's all that also prepare to get. Often show is back and better than ever kicking his ass piledriver. You time to go home with new exciting episodes, featuring tales from his new life. Unbelievable past interviews and talks to pro wrestling Powell's, you name it Steve's on it your download new episodes of the Steve Austin show every week on apple podcasts and podcasts. One. Now's the time to find your color your paint and everything to get started during red white and blue savings at the Home Depot, transforming your room is easier than ever with the best deals online, and in store. You can confidently select your color and the tools for your next paid project. Get a colorful new experience of the right paid for the right price. Save ten dollars on one gallon and forty dollars off three and five gallons. For a limited time, only at the Home Depot. More saving. More doing. Limit twenty gallons per household. See store for details. One last thing before we wrap this week because we're doing kind of shorter show. Hear the, the James harden. Chris Paul the that's been flying around this week. Listen, healthy me, and John. And you guys we argue from time, but it's respectable one as long as respected there. Don't care. Don't wanna hear it happens happens in the workplace have his marriage have been relationships. Happens in partnerships have been just happens. You know all this stuff where you got to be best friends win. That's bullshit dot com. You'll know my beef and what went on how many we win in Robie say it again, be three shadow van fo- should have been. But pistons that many out of four three three out of four is what I'm not the smartest guy. Percent. And guess what seventy five of my report card? I wouldn't have. No matter all about the ask. Tomorrow. I don't think that works equating it to the report gone. All. You don't know. Okay, so out their arguments. So what as you say, Caesar's get degrees, play this one thing for you that I thought it was great. So there was a false report. I guess last week. That, that James harden, James harden, was make up. Sorry. Chris Paul was making fun of James Harden's man boobs. False reports. I guess what scares the right? Got so van in practice going back two years ago that Chris Paul was making fun of James main boobs. Run their background. Report yesterday in practice going back, two years ago that Chris Paul was making fun of Jane's main boobs. Tears Nanto league. Okay. Oh, no tears. Skit because he's talking gossip then he act like he you know, he cares, and he talked about him so Pat, that he went home. Harden does look like a Cup. The court choir. On his next forty five point ninety use a little more support. Phil Mickelson reportedly told him you need to take a little off base. Only the two sports me to believe that skip it, Mike francesa. Speaking. Oh man. To the great bubbly. Oh, we love him. We'll talk about Bobby next one show. Awesome. He is such a way to John compared with never be your bobbly. Thank you. What? Story. Now you feel really bad. For next week. Save it for next about, hey, everybody. Make sure you get involved with the big podcast with shack gmaiLcom, and you wanna make your submissions on social media where we hang into big podcast with shack on Instagram and the set cast on Twitter. There you go. And now Thomas has heard more curse words in around twenty minutes than probably. In their first years. Shaquille? We'll see next week. Okay. So that's it. Great ball of the guys on Twitter at shack at John Kincaid and at rob jenner's or get more clips and nonsense on Instagram and Facebook at the big podcast with shack. This has been an exclusive presentation of podcast, one sports with new episodes, every week podcast, one dot com. Sixty seconds. I'm not talking about rob jenner's honeymoon. 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Because if we don't what we have is we have situations like this, where we're leaving our lives and our rights up to individuals that clearly don't value in another five four ruling, the court put on hold a citizenship question for the twenty twenty cents saying the Trump administration failed to provide a clear explanation as to why the question is necessary. The house is set to vote on the Senate version of a border funding, Bill to care for tens of thousands of migrants. According to democratic lawmakers who were at a meeting today. With speaker Nancy Pelosi and her leadership team, Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, presidents that I'll sign the Bill. That's. Always sent the house. I'm.

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