Is the Bundesliga title race over?


In welcome into this edition of ESPN FCA ON ESPN plus Sebastian Salazar. And just a few moments be joined by Don Hutchison stevie nickel and other hundred. We'll talk about life. Six two two draw against Berlin plus another look back at their classic or between by Munich and Borussia Dortmund. Meanwhile Gab Marcatti will stop by as well discussing controversial comments from one Giorgio Collini again in his autobiography Stevie and Allah will help me decide. If Mario Bala tally will be a good signing for major league soccer plus Julie. Foudy joins us with the latest on the National Women's Soccer League N W Sell Challenge Cup and their plan to return to play but we begin on the field in the Bundesliga first of five matches on Wednesdays Bundesliga a two two draw between Leipzig and heritage Berlin. The Berlin getting a late equaliser big drop points for Leipzig. Who Miss out on an opportunity to move into a tie for second place with Dortmund Dawn. Less let's break this down Stevie. I'll start with you. Strangely game from Leipzig. They go down but come back to get a red card and take the lead and then they blow that lead late what we make it a performance absolutely wrong and there were horrible. The main men van in particular had absolutely no effect on this game. Defensively the Fox goldilocks connor and the Ada gave away as well was awful so so to sum up. Well Saudi got Monsanto off so there's some themself and a home game when you have to one against half the length to go equal second in the Bundesliga and you perform like that. This team has no chance. No of getting anywhere close to violence. They were horrible. They were horrible. Gold followed the second goal. The goal keep it through. The end actually threw the ball. End The bucket. You have to see this. They were lucky to go point for me. Holy go ahead is beyond me as well. This was horrible and they were looking to a point. All that lives thing as bad as Steve Painting it out to be lifestyle whereas bad as they have been an inaugural twenty twenty when he comes to win this league play. You consider the fact that lives going into the winter break there were in first place and they're all feeling good about themselves into the story line was well buying going to be able to chase life. Down likes. It was supposed to be the team that can't buy from winning any instead what they have done this struggle to win vague that evolve and today was still an example of that finding ways to give wounds away in getting creative in doing so the fact that they go down in the game and then there's a reaction and it's one one and somehow that goal which was in shack shack home in which he just throws all literally house appoint winning to find and you think okay. Well you're going to get through this. You're GONNA see how the last ten minutes of the game or so and you're going to be able to get three points that perhaps you serve instead once again. Poor defending naive defending that. And you give a penalty you give away two points and see you guys later for whoever thought that lives. They had a chance chasing down by Munich. There is no chance and they might as well does now think about well. CaN'T WE CATCH RUSIA DOORMAN. And that's about as good as WHO's to get for us because by Munich is long gone. Don Some JEKYLL and Hyde today in Leipzig's performance and Jacqueline hiding them generally right. We see them when five. Nothing on the weekend against mine and then turning this performance today. How do you explain that a typical to explain some decent individual performance? Mcconnell at the back played well. Daniel looks like a real talent. Sabotage was his normal self but apart from that accounting timothy replies that will outstanding This is a team that sitting third in all honesty this is whether should be in the Bundesliga. Yes the money machine. Got Loads of money to spend but the not quite there yet. They're not close to buy the nowhere near and that can appreciate Dolman but I said that this is a team. That's it's drew too. Many games savage. It's that tenth drove the season in if you're going to aspire to be the champions and take by crown off them you can't draw in ten games not an abundance league. You have to win them. You HAVE TO BE RUTHLESS. And tonight they were it was it was it. It was a strange performance because it was almost like an arrogant performance. Where from the very first whistle. You thought of Atholl they were going to win this game and win it. By four or five it will average in three and a half four goals start the season but the been way off it and especially today. Ethel. I wouldn't say that it'll poll but it was just not alive sick performance alley. We spent a lot of time on this show talking about team burner and where he's going to go next but today he was awfully quiet awfully quiet inconsequential knowing back in the game whatsoever. No real threat in behind very ciro very little movement in the final third whenever he actually showed for the ball underneath a seemed like the ball was just bouncing away from him and overall I just thought that he was disinterested. And I don't say that very lightly I and what I what I saw from this player who should be the key man. The one guy that you count on for life to carry the team forward he was. I was nowhere to be found and so to the point where even though there are many down he decides to you know what it's enough team of are not that we just haven't gotten enough idol. Hammond so we're going to put numbers behind the ball and we're going to try to see the game out to one man down and and hopefully we'll get three points out of this but just consider this for a second in the world alive sick team over. Earner is Cristiano Renaldo. He's there Leon Messi. And would you ever see Ronaldo or Messi being taken off the feel even if their team was? It just doesn't happen if you are the guy if you are the mad if you're the one who's conduct upon a constant threat in the attack you're not taken off the field and said you know what we didn't get enough out of this guy. Today is better off on the bench. He's out there on the field and for it's just a disappointing performance for a guy or you might have thought after his game against minds where he scores a hat trick that the confidence would be back that there would be something about his game. That would be special then. There would be a certain motivation. A certain urgency. That wasn't there today at all. I was watching them today. I went back to see. What are we saying last week? Thirties performance when he got a hat trick and I used the world invisible and that was used in a positive manner because the goals in the movement he had and the opposition penalty box. I said you don't want this. Must be invisible because nobody seems to Bill Peckham up so some his performance out. This week he was again invisible but unfortunately for the negative reasons. Let's move on from the Leipzig and move back actually to Munich and Dortmund in case you're living under a rock. Here's a look back at their classic God. No strong hands of that moment. In the hand is there have to be stronger. His hand just thought it was a good finish and pad rouses. You know maybe one or two steps outside of his goal because maybe he's not the longest arms and so with this one or two steps in front. He tried to about a half a better angle. It's handball and that's clearly. The rule and the game should have been stopped and checks the Monitor and a penalty. It was a big moment in the game and got away with. He was clocked at twenty one miles an hour. Who's interested in these running? Twenty one miles per hour the roadrunner the after buying roadrunner ahead and steal the ball. I don't need to know how cranky is running. What is the average player run-up even though idea because nobody measure z? Because nobody cares what? I'll merchandising kilometers erling. Haaland now not score today score score the weekend. Either you're saying fair. He thinks he's done a me down. Craig what a difference. A new manager make survive off. We're finished well pretty quick. He's been measured about thirty five kilometers an hour guys as you saw on yesterday. Show plenty incidents from this game to discuss. But let's start big picture Don. I'll start with you by Munich. More win this match or to Dortmund lose it. I think by morning and I thought their tactics squad on Lucian Forbes. Wasn't I've seen the team? Line of command and to feel and lead to the game. We had to take a chance in midfield. Take a chance on. Axel. 'em John Stiff. It'll I midfield Mahmoud to WHO'd and Thomas Delany all very very good players but the man that's probably carried. The most in terms of having that steel is be Knoxville. Virtual sees now know he's being a little notebook in my opinion. I think if you go with John and bits laughing you get more of those two you can maybe take it to an hour and you can try and hang on at the ledin apart from that. It just seems to be an and don't MISS DNA when I've watched a movie. S in the Thomas. Typical underpay abortion. Now loosen fall. They can't win the very biggest games. And that's against Bion in the last eleven home games against buying Dortmund of only one four by an of one five and the drew twice so a little bit like lives. If you're GONNA catch by anemic you have beaten them at least once a season you caught me losing twice and I thought by comfortable thought. Dortmund at the game by his line was high and the first fifteen minutes. There was a couple of chances for Dortmund to maybe nick one but the more the game went on and off to Kim x chip which author was a sensational chip but again remember Burkey the very highest level seems so that Dortmund down and then more. The game went on buying took control. Keller the bowl. They kept possession. They played really well. It was it was. It was a professional performance away from home. And that's put them seven clear not eight in a row. No one's gonNA catch him now. This season the title is dumb. Stevie plenty of credit certainly for Byron Munich. But is there some blame to go for Dortmund as well? Yes absolutely I agree with definitely on gone. They won again. They did what was necessary. That certainly wasn't flashy and they got done us us for Dortmund to blame you know. Don't talk in about an ahead creek talking yesterday. We were all talking about. Who didn't play Don Zona vessel? Quake was on a boat. John Particularly Gedin Sancho and. I'm on the percent on the Jaden sensual one. You know when it comes to a big game and his court cheese when it comes cup final and somebody's fifty fifty. You take the chance when you have to take the chance. And father didn't Johnson Sancho and understand. What is against his kid? I'm she'll this kid wants to get away. You know all season long. He stopped. He'd I mean he got substituted the false game against full. No No. He's don't even plan this guy. This guy is any brains and needs to get away from far. I would say the one thing I still can't figure out from those gamers just because Dortmund took a quick corner they don't go back to the via. I mean regardless of whether it's a quick call neuro no it's a penalty kick actually one hundred percent penalty kick and regardless of what's happened straight after that when the ball went a play the should've gone straight back and it would have been a completely changed. The game in my opinion would have meant dolphin. Could've go ahead of steam up and maybe gone on again? All it will save the penalty. Talk for just a second but specifically dormant. I mean Don touched on Stevie mentioned it as well they continue to fall at this hurdle against Munich. What's wrong with Dortmund in the big moment? That's not just a question for this match but it's a question has done a Hutu to that you can ask over a sequence of matches and you have to go all the way back to the European dormant to really evaluate analyze things. Did they ride back then? And there were able to overtake by Munich Bag. Then what you see from Dorman now is that it's a good team. It's fun team to watch. There's a lot of skillful players out there. There's a Lotta talent and there are a lot of players. I'd like to play in space and in open areas and there's transition and and and what you find from them is I guess they're very entertaining but there are moments in big games in which is not so much about the entertainment value is not so much about open plays not so much by the skilful players in one be one situations is. How does this team control a Matt and no point? Yesterday was Norman Control at night. Even when they create they were creating opportunities by was one was dictating. The pace at which this game was going to be Blake. They slow down when they wanted to. They spent up when they wanted to. And if you want to speed it up. There's no better than on funds. Dave's down inside because everybody's trying to catch them and good luck with that there is. There is a pattern played that Byron was able to put out over the course of ninety minutes and just kind of fell into that trap and so if it is about quality place if it is about equality of the session of the ball the rhythm with which the play and the pace with which they played by superior in every facet of that against boroughs dorm Burmese Buddhist is unable to establish themselves on the field in a key moment in a key match and really establish who they are and so they started looking at each other and said well. What does that guy going to do? What is incentive going to do? All of the band's is Erling Haaland GonNa give us a goal and while you're waiting for everybody else to do the job by Munich. Still knocking the ball around and controlling the game away from home. Don I WANNA talk quickly about Dortmund's penalty shout on yesterday's show with suggested that had that happened at the other end of the field the Munich players would have been. I guess experienced enough to note a wait to take the corn gig. We're Dortmund's players naive or is this the fault for not acting quickly. Both I think you're right. I think the experience plays buying would have surrounded the referee. And May he went to a off to check the decision because as the guy said it was one hundred percent penalty and it's it is symbolic a crowd inside the stadium. Maybe the crowd would have shouted humble appealed and referee and listen but still you want to the officials in a would've seen it or if they didn't see it the got communication in their ears from the. Va Him. Who would be looking at it because we're all watching. The game live and as soon as soon as I saw the second replay off. It didn't say it in real time. Also the deflection in real time but at saying the second angle. It was quite clear that it came off tags and even though you had back turned it was a humble and officials have cost Dortmund. No doubt but I think the bigger picture is a as we've all Luda to in something has to change in the mentality in the DNA of the side undercut because if this carries on the hierarchy will probably look at Lucian father at the end the season and probably move them on because they call two four to be starting this by Munich going for eight in a row. And they're going to win it at some point someone asks to hall. Is this job of Munich. Because it's just getting absolutely ridiculous that just so dominant so Dortmund and lobster the chason back. A Don't believe Labor cousy Gladbach in them just yet. What dormant all GonNa Challenge Buying and win the League and top next season fun? See a change. Management might be the first poll cold in the summer. Said if I may say about the handball for the second is clearly a handball and it was not seen by the referee on live action. And you can excuse him for that because the going thousand miles per hour we we can all understand that but if there was only a system in place that was designed to help out a referee. Wait a minute we do have in place. And here's where I have a problem when we start saying and adjudicating fold on because they played the corner too quick then what? We are encouraging. Is that every time. There is some controversy or the idea of controversy. We're encouraging then players to get all the referee and start telling them to go see the rippling go see the replay go see the replay when we don't do our job in Vr and whoever is managing the Vr at the time where then encouraging players out on the feel to get into face off the referee. Because they don't trust the system and they don't chose whoever is managing the system. If you want to be they need if you want to. If you want the players to fully behave then you have to be able to control their own system that you have in front of you and if you see a replay that it's a hamble then called the hamble and we move on with our lives but maybe I'll eat. That's what Dortmund need. They need to bring that into their locker. They need to be more ruthless where they don't take the corner and they do surround the referee. You know it's about winning titles about. It's about winning the biggest games you have to be ruthless. If you're going to talk will buy you go. Make sure you get round the rich referee. Listen it's not what we WANNA see. What Steve. He'll tell you if you're going to win tiles you have to have players. That's going to demand that the referee and the officials make the right Cole. I'm with you I'm with you. I would it be the face as a referee and I can tell you that I was surprised the none of the doorman players who had their hands up and complaining about it but I also hear people say well. Do we put the game distribution when the players are going all around the referee because they to a and everything wants to? Well it's a key moment in the mount you wanNA replay. Nobody's calling for you supposed to do. How much are you going to slow it down? It should not be put in the hands of the the dominant players to slow the game down for as long as they possibly can so that somebody up in their in their booth does the job that they're supposed to do the job that they're trained to do if they don't do their job then there's not lots of the players can do gentlemen. Let's leave our discussion on by Munich. Borussia Dortmund there for now if you want plenty more under classic or just head over to the Website Gad Marcatti with an article geico gets you access to licensed agents twenty four seven which means that. Geico is always there for you. If only everyone was always there for you like your wife when you forget your keys at. Work Day on you get my texts looking for the spare house key. Maybe I can get through the window. Turns OUT THE ALARM WORKS? It works fast. You should probably call me back. Geico always therefore you with savings and twenty four seven access to licensed agents Giorgio. Autobiography continues to give stuff to talk about. Here's what he had to say about is on Silo egg-laying quote on salaries a standup guy. A great demanding put great guy. He always needs to feel confidence around him. I love him. I like his Latino abusiveness. He's my teammate. And a sensitive person. This makes him feel things a lot. Maybe too much in some games to discuss this further. Were joined by Gab. Marcatti GAB. In this autobiography we've seen Bali with simply by mellow in the crosshairs. What do you make about these comments about waiting? I mean look. We want honesty from people and this is this is honest. You know somebody might say oh but he was honest about volatility Filippo metal. Yeah but he was also on necessarily mean out of context about about the Here he's describing winning. I think probably the way dwayne himself would would describe himself. He's always been a confidence player. He's also somebody who gets hugely emotionally involved in games Teams that he's played for When things have gone well and so. It's not surprising that no killing you would say so. I think it's a pretty honest assessment and I know he sends it might take it personally but hopefully he won't Alejandro as our resident expert in Latino a few sickness. I wonder what you make of killing these comments and if it explains Egwu is failures or maybe even just perceived failures in the big moments. Well I'm just GONNA put myself into role organ salary wine and I would say all right. You leave my Latino a few sniff out of your business. Okay how I am. And how Latino on how sensitive and all this is not of your business it really isn't and why are you putting my business out there for the world to see so that you can sell some books? Let me tell you something you want to see. The enough is enough. Keep talking about your books now really going to show and I'm GonNa tell you exactly how I feel about it. This is what I would say to giving your might teammate. I respect you but why are you talking about me? Men Don't talk about me. Wait until our careers are over and if you want to go back and look at the time that we get to do so but we're still teammates and I'm still playing a final product and I'm not a final product data. Our careers are still going. And so whatever you say now all it's GonNa do is attract attention and put attention spotlight on me which I don't mean because frankly I don't handle that all do well so you may have a point however I don't eat it to hear from you because I know for the media has it is all right look Gonzalo. Is that all sensitive but any truth. What Alenia saying here. This next fact may well hurt Napoli. His announced their all time Argentine best eleven. Of course it's highlighted by then Madonna but there is no sallow Iguana and despite the fact he scored ninety one goals in three seasons with the team of force leaving Venice in two thousand and sixteen gap. What do you make of this emission? Also said the Syria single season scoring record Don't forget one of those three seasons as well. I think this is. This is very simple. They're annoyed because of what they consider to be. The Judas move that he that he moved. Hold a moving to you it. And they're saying we don't want Benedict Arnold. We don't want Judas amongst us. This is how they view and so instead they choose a fine footballer. Roberto a pompous Sosa. Who scored six goals for Napoli in the the is one season with Napoli in the top flight? But that's fine. It's their club. Actions have consequences. You know. These aren't like the Ten Commandments. Laid down on Mount Vesuvius. This is how Napoli feels about their greatest ever Argentine players. And they look at it and say. I'm sorry you use screwed this up when you went through our heated rivals in such a way. And so you don't get to be on our full time. Argentine eleven and. I'm sure it's cutting for you. I'll he's replaced on this list by Roberto Sosa. Who had twenty eight goals in one? Sixteen appearances as best. We can tell obviously the numbers there are pretty in favor of eguaveon. What do you make of? What Napoli did here appropriate ball? But it's it's what it is you're hanging on and by way. I'm wearing Napoli Callers Today. Just to kind of set the mood. I just have to tell you that it's so petty and so necessary. And what is it that you think they're sending a message to silently Wayne? Any wine is seeing all. I can't believe that there's no doubt for anybody who has covered this game. I'd any boy or knows anything about this game. That Wayne is better than that. Wayne is better than that. He has been an incredible player for Napoli a very productive player for Napoli very sensitive unemotional player for Napoli and while he was there it was outstanding for them. And there's no question that he should be on this team but this is sort of how ridiculous Napoli can get a times and we have seen this as yet another evidence. I'll how petty and unnecessary all of this is all. I got. Thank you very much for more pettiness. Or maybe a total lack of pettiness checkout viciously sedition of the Gab and Jules podcast next episode drops tomorrow Thursday according to Jeff Carlisle. The winds of change could be affecting major league. Soccer's return to play plan. These so-called Orlando Plan has had new developments. Go down from two months to one month's more the details check out Jeff's article on the website. Let's discuss major league soccer and some players. That may be coming this way guys. I want to bring up a name that I'm sure we'll pick folks interest. That is Mario. Batali looks to be on his way out of Brescia. Is that a run in with the club. President missed about a week and a half of training. He's been linked by agent mineralogy to Turkey to Brazil Allah if I'm an MLS executive. This is exactly the Guy I want in this league. Tell me I'm wrong. You're exactly wrong yes you are. I'll tell you you're wrong. And here's the thing everybody in the career of mighty wind up daily who has had some sort of opportunity to make a decision on the player has thought to. I am the person who's going to get the best out of this guy. I'M GONNA be the one that is able to control him and he's going to be able to maximize his potential and full cash on his ability and he is going to be a drop under feel and he's going to be a draw off the field and all of those people. All of all of them have been wrong. He's on touchable and so for me. The reds of potential disaster fars way to potential positive impact that he may have on my team. I know my organization on and off the field to me if they were to come to major league soccer and do the things that he has done all over the world with name teams imagine in an environment like analyst. Would he would be given the freedom to act out then. Let me tell you something. If something goes wrong you knew about it. I knew about it. Those executives knew about it and so you should not be surprised. I would not touch them. I would not have them anywhere near marginalization. I would not have him in my team. No doubt about it. One hundred percent untouchable for me. Stevie off of his resume. We have to say it'd be one of the top forwards in the league. But would he be worth the risk for you and things specifically your as manager and you gotta deal with it. Why would they have wanted full strike because in the League the me best? Why would you say if he's not? We all know the stories with this guy away from away from football all the crazy things he does. But that's that was what it was in the beginning. He was a guy that could get away with that because on the field of play he was sensational but as the years have gone on what is going on on the field is disappear and nobody can put with the nonsense off of the field. Show any MLS EXOTIC ANYBODY INTO BOWL. Them L. S. who wants the citing? This guy the be ready to make a phone calls because every coach in the league is not going to be answering the phone because they want anything to do with the. I've always coach in today. And they called me up and says we say volatility. Do you want our ability absolutely nor chant. Guys an obsolete headache and listen. Mls for years has been fighting that please come to LS to retire the end of the career but people always say well the people that are washed up. Well if you say Bala volatility exactly what you're doing you're sending you're sending the reputation. The League bike probably five ten years ago to where people of your retirement league and these years in my opinion I think the done a lot to get rid of that but to say this guy would I think it would a large question mark over. Mls is all about all. I think he's he's washed up. You think I'm wrong to suggest that he would be a very effective player in this league. Forget the field stuff for a second if you can. I actually think that you're getting a player. That's not nearly as productive. Hussy ones was and I if I were to describe in one way and what he could potentially be a major league soccer. I would say that he says Latin size headache without their see would slots and you put up with everything. Because there's productivity on the field because there's productivity often feel when you're not getting that level of productivity? You are not getting that player. You are not getting that impact on the feeling. You're not getting that in back of the field so y all why would you even walk down that Pat and again you have to be very careful that you don't think you're the guy with the answers that you are they go mania does says you know what I can fix them? I am the one who can put him in a plan that allows me to be relatively. Well let me tell you something I do out of what he has been is a guy with a tremendous amount of talent that prefers to do other things and prefers to be a head case and prefers to be difficult and a headache rather than the player than we thought he wants was Monday for me. I'll repeat on touchable. I do not go anywhere near him. His dynamite is a ticking time bomb and it blows up in your face. Don't tell us that we didn't tell you. So when you're saying players right you're looking for red flags because anybody we had ability. There isn't tell me please if there's a there's a big red flag than this guy can't sell done with his hometown team. What has got thousands of miles away of settling down and getting these getting these head on with the job? He's set complete and it's the biggest red flag you'll of a senior life all right Pretty firm then another Steve. Y'All driving the volatility to Mls Bandwagon. We mentioned at the top of the segment major league soccer littering some changes to their. Orlando Plan. Jeff Carlos article on your dot com also on the website Graham Hayes article about the National Women's soccer leagues and their so called. Nwea Sell Challenge Cup soccer to become the first pro sports league in the United States to return to play scheduled to do so on June twenty seven and for more on that Julie. Foudy Women's national team joins US now. Welcome Julia let's dive right in. On the end of Yoursel Challenge Cup all nine teams will be involved. The top eight will make it to a knockout round tournaments and take about a month and it should feature twenty five gains. Let's start I think with the good news right. This makes the NWEA sell the first Pro Sports League team sports in the United States to announce a return to play plan. That's not insignificant Julius it I don't think so asked. Lisa bear the Commissioner of a cell. That very question I said are you. I can confirm that. And she's like I don't know I most important to us as we're safe so she's saying that it's not important to them but I do think that clearly coming out of the gate like this early gets them a lot of attention. I'm sure the sponsors love it I'm sure. Cbs BROADCAST PARTNER LOVES IT and they've brought on additional sponsors they now have. Png separate which is of course part of P. and g. But they're sponsoring actually the challenge cup and they also brought on verizon so I think that's all positive news for soccer fans and for wwl obviously good news. There are some complications as well. Especially when it comes to some of the biggest stars Julie in the National Women's soccer league the US Women's National Team Players Association and the US Soccer Federation have agreed that each women's national team player may choose for herself whether to participate in the Sell Challenge Cup. I WANNA cut straight to the point I've been at. Nwea games with the national team are there. And I've been at N W say and WWL Games when the national teamers are not the interest that this league draws when there are no use women stars on the field is much less. How big a problem. Julie is this for the end of yourself. It's definitely a loss Sebastian. That's for sure but I will say they are going to have national team players. The question is how many and they still are unsure about that because my understanding from talking to a lot of different people from the US Women's national team players association to us soccer to the cell. Is that there are a handful. And this is actually directly from Becker. Route the executive director of the National Team Players Association. She said there are a handful who are participating for sure from the national team. There are handful who are most likely not participating from the Women's national team and everyone else in between is still undecided so what that looks like come. June twenty-first when Lisa Baird said they are trying to finalize. Rosters will be something that everyone will be paying close attention to. My guess is you'll have at least a handful of not two handfuls of national team players who are not participating for various reasons. I have got confirmation as well. There will be no repercussions there's punishment they still get paid from. Us Soccer And NWS L. which pays their salaries through interview so they will not be punished for not participating But I do think there are a lot of undecided national team players right now Julie. This has always been something that if not haunted has at least affected the league right. The idea that the women's national team players hold so much influence so much power. Do you think this could be the beginning of the shift? Where maybe the players themselves rising status? I think it's a chance for them as they understood very well and the League has understood because you are missing national team player still very often whether it be for a World Cup whether be for victory tour whether it be for International. Call up that you have to have other star. So it's a great opportunity with all these eyeballs that are going to be on women's soccer as one of the first out of the gates to highlight and showcase some of these other stars because there's tremendous personalities and again we know there will be some national team players. I don't want to say there will be none and it's not an all in or all out situation for the national team as an individual decision that they're all respecting but it clearly is a wonderful window for them to highlight some of their stars. They have who are not national team players. What about the federation role in all of this obviously want to keep the national team happy but as you mentioned they subsidize the National Women's soccer league the kind of between a rock and hard place? Yeah and they don't WanNa be seeing of course as keeping this from happening as a partner with NWS l. but they also do not want to see players getting injured so from talking to sources within US soccer. They are going to have complete control over minutes per player so for a national team player to be allowed to play. In this challenge cup. They will control the minutes meeting. Soccer says rose lavelle. How only get sixty minutes in this game and rose lavelle is not pulled by her coach with sixty minutes? Rose Lavelle will not continue to play in this tournament because the last thing of course they want to see is an injury happening to these players. And one of the reasons why these players have been so UNDIS- have been undecided in. This is that there's such varying degrees of how they were able to have access to feel someplace haven't had any access to feel and they're worried about injury not having a long preseason leading into this some have had access so other in a better place in it depends where you are in your career age wise as well. So it's all these factors playing in. Us Soccer is trying to create a situation. That's beneficial to all. But at the end they have healthy players. That are coming out of this Julie. I think we're allowed to talk about an actual soccer and all of this. Who's your favorite for the W. Sell Challenge Cup? It will certainly be an interesting change in the format competition. I'm still going with the courage back. Back reigning champions. I'm guessing Paul Riley will rally a lot of his national team crew to come in. You're going to have a strong showing all of them. They're very unified group. So I am going with the North Carolina Courage Savvy. Who you've got your I mean. I think it's Foolish. Tibet in the end against anybody but the North Carolina Courage. You kind of always have to pick them. The reigning sell champions. We'll leave it there for now. If you want more Julia though check out laughter permitted podcast the latest episode with none other than Jessica McDonald who catalogs her story a heroin upbringing all the way to World Cup champion with the US women's national team one more bit of business to get to from Wednesday's Kundus legal action shock induced. The door the American Weston mckennie gets on the scoreboard in the fifty. Third Minute. Courtesy. The diving header. That was good news for shock as they went ahead. The bad news. Duesseldorf scored twice in the next fifteen minutes. Mckinney's second goal of the season. His second goal in his last four games for shock who now find themselves in nine and falling further and further out of European competition. All right. That's all the time we've got for today's edition of ESPN. Thanks to everyone who joined us done. Hutchison stevie nickel on Julie Foudy Gab. Marcatti if you haven't had enough don't worry. Time IS NEXT AND STEVIE EVERYBODY. Welcome to this edition. Espn NFC extra. Tom Sebastian Salazar doing join even by Don Hutchison and stevie nickel boys. Good to see you. Don I have a plethora of questions here but I have to get your honest and just direct reaction. What do you think of hair? It's grown on me? I'm not in a position to help it. Go and I'm vagueness beautiful belong down so I understand this had you could maybe a little bit more Jedinak. I'm feeling that it looks younger. A little more hair to worry about. Spnfz can see that. That's right that's right you and I are leaders in one category. At least frank asked. What was your typical training week like when you had a single match on the weekend? How many days did you train for? And how long DON WELL STEVE? Livable's take the the way we live. Local Monday was Batista Session. Choose that was probably a little bit harder than any other session. Wednesday was always a day off. Thursday would be fucking for. Besides maybe a few sprints and then. Friday go through all the normal routine of doing all you set place. No four against wide free kicks from right side from left side. Who's taken free kicks in and around the box and you do. Your defensive works out not much in a Friday. Maybe a short and sharp six aside just to get you feeling job ready for the matchday so probably four stroke five days a trading but hopefully intensive livable stevie few beverages. Beaupuy's mixed into that training regimen for you absolutely. Yeah Yeah Dale with four. I said the only thing of the deal as well even they off. You didn't mention the wall golf. If you mentioned the goal running around we'd be after. Ask them why you go from why you walk walking six seven miles. That's why we're giving you a day off. So he can rest. So that was. That was the key don next question for you. Who are you better friends with? You always tell us about Frank Lampard but we noticed you haven't Allen Fear Jersey hanging in your background so who's your. Oh very very good question because I work with Alan Shearer Lot. The premise channel so sea island probably wants to four nights. I wouldn't say look we're great. Maytham from the same area but me and frank. We're at West Ham together when he was a young pup coming through so I probably lean toward frantic. Some goodbye to his assistant. Jody Morris. So I'll stick the Chelsea connection very well next question comes from S-. Tv's throw in coach. Steve a few days ago. I read the following headline on a German sports paste. Liverpool legend disagrees with. Bollock because of Vandyke the article was referring to your comments on our show a few days ago you were defending. Vandyke right effectively ballot. Saying he's got it easy nowadays. Throw you know. Throw no names. That physically would give him a bottle. The last time I checked unless my glossies walking anymore funding is a mountain. That would suggest who today plus a lucky that he physically abused them because he would be able to today. Yes has to use these pacing. The is to use these brand honey has more more than enough of both. But you think second. The Van Dyke couldn't handle a physical bothell with previous sent a box. Then I thing you're kidding yourself. Don You think Michael. Golic misfired with this analysis. Yeah I saw a new way. We go and it was. It was a little bit of a cheap shot. Just mentioned the physical center full as you know on docks doing pretty well against Jaime Vardi guera hurricane and even looking back to the Champions League. He took the took care of messy. Took Care Suarez. Cotin young not concerned. Obviously but I still think you've pulled those big guys. The lots of who was probably one of the best the privilege seen in terms of physicality like Stevie said. I think there's not many flaws in Bonn escape. He's absolutely right. It needs to go into top gear because he's crews nola time he's fantastic. He's physically very strong himself. So I think you would run into the challenge. Stevie I'M GONNA come to you with our next question but I don't think you have jealous bone in your body. So we'll see they'll ask. Which teammate were you most? Nbs of during your career either before during or after you played with them nobody why would it be? I mean why would NBC nuts right? Stevie you've got it all. Nba of anyone. Very really. Have nothing to say. I'm become completely blind but I'm I'm applying. Come I always ask. The question was the who was the one or two players. Not Give you the biggest run around. And then but very wilkins probably thirty seven thirty yeah. Qbr just give me an absolute own lesson. I think Steve Actually played in the game. Was Monday night game. Qbr Lots of running. Rosenthal scored the winner for us. But I got nowhere near Wilkins because he had absolute out to the thought. I think that was my last goal for Liverpool. Was that game was annot media. School WanNa new on Monday night. At Loftus Road Rosen tells gold John Bonds Drew Game Times. Tv's memories failed him. He's envious over. The memory said he is a goal. He's the Orangemen right. Gave me by the way for the second play between six and seven hundred games and McCain Ria and you give me pal because one mixed up. Sorry Stevie won't do it again. I promise nobody gives you a tougher time than Dan. Nobody speaking of Dan Le Layer Dan one. Dan York man wants to know who was the better player. Wow what a what a choice fast warmth or Figo Don. My goodness I mean walk question is I mean. I never seen George best in. His pump certainly did gigs in Figo and they will go. But I would probably have to go. Everyone tells me I know I always go off my own. I players on what they do. Not Not not not switch on stats. Everyone tells me not with best genius to opt to go into the jury. They're actually that's how old digital I O. I guess he pleaded he was he was playing heads. abandon Edinburgh and we actually play them and the League A Cup game of the weekend. Not all right in the middle of the season unsold home Tuesday and he was supposed to play again against as on the Sunday. Beg your pardon and the reason. The game was on the Sunday as because there was a international rugby. Genetic Brown the south of the Scotland would play in France and the five nations. Unfortunately for geolog- settling for Abandon on the funds Georgia staying in the same hotel as all the rugby players. So when he was in the hub in las be before he went to bed to get ready for the game on Sunday old plays Kinman and ended up being up all night with Ed. The guy went to jail and the moment to the game and reciting the ball absolutely shows old of course over the before they gave him. It was Mr George Bush will not be appearing. Today he's not very well. Go very well anyway to see you question. It's a question you kinda on so George is was. The best is was gigs. To defect from different Eras Palm. You can only be the best yard Italian. An three of them were the best shoot in area so impossibly separate. I don't know how you pick Steve but I will never ever question your memory again. You had every detail from all of that. This is the ask. Who Would Steve Pick Servicio Ramos? Day On loft. I actually think we've seen this question before. I think he's right thing. Actually see most top enough to see over. Listen to wrap fair enough fair enough which goalscoring left-footer for Liverpool wearing fifteen with the better player Patrik Berger Daniel Storage civic question putting Bugah. What because Patrick Virga had longevity ability no question? Storage for a spell was was incredible but it was a spell. You know. I really wasn't really wasn't a lot of time at the top. Who is Patrick? Berger was at the top for probably eight to ten years show so I would say overall factory Belga. He didn't dance as well as stories. Give up hard final question. We've reached the final question here on extra time. I think it's for use Steve. Because the question is asked this way you still have Holland in your team over Davies. After the match yesterday I think earlier in the week right you. If you other folks here on the show were asked between Harvard's Davies and Holland and took Holland. Keep it that way. The question was who do you build a team around? I remember it very well. Give you the same answer. You don't build your team around left-back unless the Games moved on and I've not moved on with that is people come up without no incidence. Plus you you don't build your team around the left block as good as good as he's being good as he may become you build your team around a sent forward. Were Ahmed fielder So that's why I went with Holland and that's why I'm going to stick with Holland. John you agree with Steve. I'll give you that same that those same three Harvard's Holland and founded Davies. Who you taken. Yeah I think Steve is right. I mean it's tilted the call which one you WANNA go have. A holiday would be the to build a team around. I mean don't get me wrong. I'll hunter Davies. Looks Unbelievable Play? And let's let's hope it goes on to have a terrific career because he's got all the attributes but if you all actually start from scratch your building the team he'll you'll build it round your focal point. Which is you number nine or real creative number ten which have a then comes into the compensation heart boys. We did it. We got to the end of extra-time Stevie Don thank you very much a reminder. Do Not Miss Tomorrow Show. I'll be back in the hotseat another edition of ESPN AFC coming your way on Thursday.

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