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Indica the week we talk about dirty stuff news dirty language where rated M for mature listener discretion is advised to Dick Dick Dick Dick Building the week Dick Dick Dick Dick Pic. Hello it is US Stephanie. And no one else. Not just the two of us today on this week's dicker the we. Yeah Yeah do we. Have you read anything You know I think we might because so recently I've been doing arcs and baiter eating actually for Liz and I haven't really been reading a whole lot. We actually both are trying to read a book for this book club. It's happening on Thursday and neither of us are having any luck so I don't know if that's going to happen. I I actually got suggestive. Sold something on facebook from different. It's like a PA extraordinarily group all of my ads on facebook or just wrote me and so I just have sold a book called flame by Shell Bliss and it's a it was a matter. It's a tattoo story but he rides a motorcycle but he's not an MC or anything. So I read that and then I discovered. Oh this is like second generation. So then I wouldn't found the original series was the first one called throttle me and it's about a guy who rides a motorcycle and is It's the father of our female protagonist inflame and it's him meeting. His Lady Love on the side of the road when our car breaks down and I've enjoyed them and I read the second one. It's hooked me. It's the as another one of the brothers. The brother of the first guy he fights and he pierces things. Both of us have Dick piercings. So that's good. I just had a book the Guy with the Dick Piercing. It's Dick piercingly savior. Okay Great. We have a theme and then the third one. I haven't started yet. That's called resist me. And it's the sister of these guys and her dude from the the reading thing undercover cop who works with her brother another brother so that'll be the fourth one that's undercover brother so it's delightful the family's really nice. Yeah The female protagonist the first one. She's a teacher the second one. She's a doctor an ER doctor. Yeah delightful but yeah so. I've been reading that way. And then Tessa Bailey. She's a radish she's on radish and I read her first book. And now it's too hot to handle and it was really good actually. I didn't realize that she had them in classic me on rash form. I didn't Google the book to make sure that was on Amazon. Just easily buy it for cheaper. So I use tokens. It's really fine. I'm kind of done with that APP. That's a story for another time But she's a second book called. Too Wild attainments brother of the first protagonist and it's really great because it's these four siblings there. They've left. I think San Diego to go drive to Coney island to go into the ocean on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day because her mom died and it was part of her like diarrhea or something But the first sister found love in this town where they broke down. And it's like he is the sweetest boy he's a he's a reformed manhor and Yeah and he wants to be taken seriously. So he's like he has those huge inheritance money to buy a bar that he named the liquor whole. Yeah he knows what it sounds like. That's why I did it. But he has a a restaurant that attached to it that he wants to make a series establishment to make his grandparents. And I think good read. Sorry I don't think it reads has been tracking what books I finished normally. Oh Yeah I'm like that happens giving me trouble. The other day I tried to leave a review for the one of those books arked neither Amazon nor good read saved it. I'm not blaming Amazon. Amazon was the one I put it in and they said you want to share it a good rates and I said yes insured either have definitely read a lot more books and this is showing I've been on a hockey book kick League. Apparently that's my sport of choice at the moment Which cool sorry. I'm so confused The problem is I've gone through enough books like I need to get rid of the books to get more books. But what did I read? Since could recent track there Anyway I've been reading slush listening to A lot of Maria. Lewis is books her hockey series. I think it's called like the blades Let Me Donald issues a real hockey team. No she makes up. A hockey team actually So that's something I'm fascinated with right. Now is people using fake or real sports teams or like so at least hockey hall one up. Yes I was rights called blades. Hockey is a series so the first book is power. Play all tastes place in Boston. And the her thing is that Boston already has the Bruins I think. Tank cover the Bruins is the real team and that Syria and for whatever reason the an NHL decided to put a secondary team in Boston. As well I guess it's just like a big enough population that I'm sure. Cool whatever I know nothing about this. Why not instead of picking a city? That doesn't have a hockey team. Whatever so they're the blades and now they've become popular enough. That people are into it but you know the they were always kind of secondary to the Bruins at first but yeah so I'm on the third book of that series right now and I'm enjoying it but I took a break from reading all the hockey because she had a new release out in a series that we've talked about on this show before for her Papa put a ring on it series if you remember dear listeners. We talked about Stephanie. Talked about it initially which was About a guy who was supposed he proposes to the Bachelorette fake Bachelorette cutter show which shows called. Put a ring on it And she asks him to turn her down because he didn't want to go on with it and then book to about the other. Bachelor doesn't win and then book three is actually about her the Bachelorette and The guy that she's actually been in love with for a very long time and It's not really spoil or at all because it's hinted out the entire series but you find out in book one that he actually shows up on the show and when she sees him she immediately sends him home and a whole big thing so just from that point I was like I want to know what happened there. Yeah Yeah stuck with me through two books. Love me tomorrow. It's a brand new releases. Came out about two weeks ago And I really liked it a lot but now that I'm done with that I'm trying to decide what to go back to next and apparently I need to update my my reading challenge and I had been several books ahead on my good reading challenge. And now it's like Liz. You need to read one point five books per week for the rest of the year to complete your challenge which I mean yes. That's going to happen. Finally but I should be anyway and then right now. I've just been listening to a whole lot of wearing shifter books. Which is our topic for today but before we get there. I just wanted to say one thing. Yeah I'm not GonNa read on radish anymore. Okay they've kind of I mean. I guess a latent. Mika puts her book out there. I'll do that but I the I was reading. Those like dailies is what I will call them or those reels. Yeah the ones that they like. Hire people and I discovered why I hated what was happening. I enjoyed the characters but the point of romance is a happily ever after right. And you don't get that from a serial really you don't like they'll heavily season ends. And they're always cliffhanger that usually mean like I one of the cereals I stopped reading when the couple got back together because either gonNA break them up again so I stopped reading everyone together I was done and then the last two I was reading which I was enjoying them. I ran into tokens. I was like I'm not going to buy more Because I just I read like sixty episodes of both of them. You know what I mean like. There's because it's it's dragging on like there's concrete ending. Yeah so I can't just two girls anymore. And that's kind of their pimping up the most. If you go to the first page yes bridge all cereals now so like no no dissing that. If that's your jam by you're just not my gym. I enjoy I enjoy the whole story. and like. I thought I could hang but the thing that I get too invested in characters and if you're just GonNa drag me along. I can't I just can't and that's like a personal no. I'm the same way so yeah. I think I'm radish right now. Of course if Moscow decides to drop her book on there I'll read it on their almost. I can buy it first and then we'll do that instead but yeah I don't know I guess. Maybe that's why they doing. The cereals is because like the model really is like if I like a book on their usually search Amazon books available but that's why the radish exclusive made sense to me like the ones that put it on their first and then after a few months you can put it on somewhere like Amazon. That makes sense to me. I enjoyed that. That's fine. I'll do that. I'll I'll legit will read on radish before they release them the Amazon. Yeah when I read it but these cereals I if one of them has like three hundred or two hundred some fucking episodes and I'm like I ran a soap opera fan and that's what I love a soap opera but I think there's a difference between reading suburb watching us. Oh no that's true the watching it. There's a different element to it. I don't know for some reason when I'm reading. I wear invested them when I'm watching a TV show and like I'm reading these characters and if there's always like one character that I care about the most and then I also think sometimes they're they're inventing drama. That doesn't even make sense. Yeah because they have to move forward directly so I don't know it's for me Me Jordan actually joked about me making a serial of my own based out of a bar and like just making it. The most outrageous outlandish -rageous thing like doing the weekly fifteen hundred two thousand word like is basically somebody smut but like. It's the based off these people in a bar and I'm like I'm like toilet but let's just erotica at that point. I'm like that's why maybe the problem is. I feel like a rata. I don't Plot none of platinum just one out of sex work to be our ATIKA feels like on that shallow level. These calls 'cause they're like following like too many characters. Oh because they're gonNA soap opera. That's the problem but the show is an hour long. So they'll usually hit on three storylines per day in alternate by day. That's how that's how I used to watch them when I was like fifteen. I loved them. these are allies. Look Jim But these are like following like maybe six or seven main characters and the chapter only fifteen hundred words. Let's radish once when you submit to them. That's like what they suggest. And it's like Doesn't feel worth it. I sit there and I can read it in two minutes. A two minute read for me is not. I don't know. But yeah. Sunrise Serena Tokens until writer gets on there. That makes it worth my time. Not Going back which I know on this. Podcast tried to like whatever? But it's just not for me. I think it's IT'S. It's changed through the past year or two. It really has. I was really interested when I mean your number and I think part of the problem is wet pad with their free not afraid they're paid stories. Yeah radishes like. Oh well we have to change. Our Pat is pretty much doing what they had been doing it. And yeah the laws changed a lot of stuff on there too and the ladies. Just got an ounce and People that were behind the pay wall and Promoted STORIES ONE WAY. And you can imagine the fall from that where my friends one though. That's remember that The The lady pursues book I was obsessed with that. I know she one good and she's a national web had star too. Was that mean I have no idea? She has a star next name. No I'm I'm very happy. I'm Leda and the funny thing is last year when other friends also one for her story so I feel like I'm like ahead of the curve sometimes on these ladies I'm like this book is good and then they went away. Eddie like I'll find book has a couple of thousand views and then as I'm reading it. They like a bigger bigger bigger than they went away. Adding that tracks. So as an Improv. In ROMANCE NOVELS. I am taste maker plus. I'm just like in the right place. Time small community honestly but Yeah the Whitest came out. And there's a lot of people and they still so this year was a form and they they use like an algorithm to like decide to like parse down. I mean like they got like thousands and thousands of injuries the so but they're not saying what this algorithm is and it can't shady and it can't be based on views and votes because one that I saw it had like one hundred and seventy and forty votes. Oh so like I don't but they also how did how did but do they have judges who also read them yet. They don't read every single one of them. That'd be impossible. There's no way they could never entry. Because it's I mean it's like a hundred thousand trees so it's like you can apply for this and literally no Eiser on it. I don't know they say they sit at every entry at least was sorted through by this algorithm but they won't algorithm so it's like this. Kinda shady thing 'cause like I mean like I got friends that have books have millions of us and like hundreds of thousands of votes that would make it like like one. Ten view was a vote which is like a very good ratio. And they're not winning anything and I'm not saying like popularity. Necessity is necessarily means good writing. Sure but yeah. It's weird when you see a book as one hundred seventy views. That's not complete has like thirty votes. That's real win. I don't know I don't really care that much 'cause like again I just I put shit up there for my rough and to make it like a gold has complete But I know why people are not happy. It's I mean we've been talking about since we start as podcasts like the Exodus from wet pad leaving and like which is crazy because then we know people on facebook who are super pro. Yeah but they're getting PAI- Dune Yeah. I mean like to sing praises when you're getting money. When you're established India writer wet pads probably courting them more. Yeah they pro- those people have like sixteen thousand followers or something. It's a different animal than like these people that have like like I have a one hundred sixty one hundred sixty thousand views only have seven hundred viewers followers. Whatever book that's like Pretty Damn? It's it's climbing so like I don't know I like. I said it's not this writing stuff I do it because I enjoy it and I don't really know where it's going to go well but like even getting really dissatisfied and the people that aren't getting opportunities paid and like you said there are people that we know on facebook that are like hip pads awesome. But they're also like people that are getting paid and like now every single book. I was looking at one of my own books and watched an ad who gets paid for that right. I'm not getting paid. And I have a book one hundred sixty thousand views seemingly. There's people watching ads on my book that you're taking that money and you're giving into other writers or you're giving to yourselves continue those which fine but it was a free site for the longest time without so many aunts right and I think that's changing the setup. Yeah and it's like two at this point now it's almost like so and radishes now changed into cereals so it's like unless you already have an established relationship with them. It's kind of hard to get a normal novel on there. Yeah because I have a friend that like they recording hurt like a year and a half ago. They aren't anymore shit so she kind of missed her shot. Dude I feel like I'm always behind the curve of like when the Oh dude me too like oh great hill towards that by the time getting like even kind of close to being ready for that then. It's like nope next thing. Okay I'll start working towards this thing. Don't cemetery definitely always because you're thing could be the thing they're looking for because again they keep changing what they're looking for. So who knows? My thing is way too long. Radishes chop it down my chapters too long and yeah that was yeah that the one of my friends at she submits and she's also she's a behind the pay on everything She has regular communications with radish. And it's basically they want shortage after. Yeah is what she told me. She's like same thing to Christina to. Yeah they're like they will. They told her. I mean she's like you have enough smut in your books that they would like this but your chapters are at least two twenty five hundred words and she's like that's too long. I'm like oh I can't shorten this because my not. Sasha is which now has a new title but Sasha now has ninety thousand words. I'll be happy when the ninety dollars. Yeah it's like it's it's like that sweet romance about of ninety thousand so pretty fucking pumped vote I got in with an epilogue at ninety thousand word. That's amazing very pleased but yeah changed the title of it for Pitch Worries. I think I'm gonNA stick with title. I Dunno can't decide but hard I hate tiles. I there are simpler so good at them though. But okay let's take. Let's take a break. Quick quick breaks earlier than normal but we might as well so we can just jump into the topic gyro because I mean like I said that was all a bit younger had left to do other than that. My Life is very much. Improv centered right now. So mine is planning planning planning for Nanaimo in trying to do that. Yeah Yeah I. I'm trying so hard to go into book to the real plans. I don't fall into the issues. I had book one. I think anyway I believe in you. I believe in you. These pants are weird. Men's pants their men's joggers. Oh they're comfortable the other really comfortable. These are comfortable but the top is Weird Gas Dick. Yeah but it's like it's weird on my stomach. I don't know I was talking about this She took some pictures of a show. I was on Saturday Saturday. I realized after having my baby my SOMAC- sticks out like it doesn't lay flat like I've always been a fat stomach but like it doesn't flat fat anymore now pokes pokes out. So you'd like probably just which I was like really pleasantly surprised with my reaction to that knowledge because normally when I see my stomach previous baby I own my God. Well it looks like the other part of my body regardless to awesome in that dress. I really enjoyed digging that hole. Look it was very very much drunk. Mom at the pool and I'm here for that. Look all day. Yeah that's my. That's my new internal sterilizer US but Yeah so Improv Improv. In my tummy almost are doing. Lots of correction is not very strong. Right now My legs are getting has me name. Even going to the gym nights on Saturdays now gone five times and I'm very surprised what I can do on those machines. I'm about I wanted to be ready to start during the free weights again but I have to wait until my joints are Maybe fucks you you have to use all the machines which means you can do so much but it's not really how much you can do their lives. You're on a track yet. Machines Is Fine if that's all you can do. It's better than not right. But like they'll get back to the eight hundred HYPOCR. You're not using your core muscles as much as you normally would have to and then your stabilizing muscles and all that type of stuff. I just. You're not getting as much out of it as you would with just free weights to miss the free weights. Asni do yoga though Yoga. All my God. I've been saying for balances real fucked up at least stretching doing some cardio and stuff and like doing like all the stupid leg machines and like own my Lord. I like it was felt like holding my foot behind. My back is like this is ridiculous. I get my yoga game on. And he got on those free weights. I need to get my yoga game back on. Also I mean I pretty much. Strictly only weightlift and and my muscles are tight. Because I'm stuck. I suck at stretching afterward stretcher. Us grades writing. Amy Amy starches like a champion. Not Watching E. Workout is insane. He's good at it and she looks determined that I'm like I guess I'll do this my whole the whole time and I guess I'll do this. I have the stupidest workout phase when I'm lifting heavy things. I'm like people. Just stop looking at me. I got a kettle bell out the other day and I was doing like some Hip Thrust. I don't know what they're actually called like the kind of like dad left for you know you like that. Russian swing Russian. Swing back the motion. You're doing this is definitely a story. It's like it's like the hip throw. It feels like a hip thrusts. You're supposed to do some hip action. You're squeezing your but that's a very good work that's a very good full body workout. So many kinds always swears. If you can only do one thing just you'll fuck ton of Russian sweet. I've heard that because he is fine as hell right now. Talk about that sound looking anyway. He's always been adorable though. So now. He's like very lugging ya shoulder. He gets hotter. Oh man and it's like styles more on point. Yeah I saw them do a show where they showed an old said he did from like a million years ago and like now and amy did the same thing and thrown in their with like. We're like much hotter than we were back then and I was like dying because it's like maybe true. Yeah I guess yeah the Russians weakening but I was doing that was making a face. 'cause I was definitely giving like that by like this dude. That was like on a machine. I wasn't like looking at him but I was like focus on the clock behind your shore staring him down intensely while I'm swinging this kettle bell and squeezing my but. There's this Jeremy and I tried to go to the Y. Regularly and we go around the same time so you start seeing like regular and you know and I'm not the only female in the weight room. There's always a couple others as well but and there's a few that I recognize but there's a couple of dudes that I am recognizing depending on if it's a weekend or right after work time and there's this one I just like lucky. Yeah like He. His face is what a case faces. Ugly he's not just holy moly. Pale like comparison. Yeah and he's just like beast. He has a beast and there was a one time. He corrected Jeremy on his form giggle because he didn't correct me on my form did however compliment me on my pokemon workout tanked up there. It is so there's this Guy Saturday those kicking these hike ickes across like so. I go to the Fancy Club. Fitness by my house was brand new. I feel like it's like a bunch of rich people going there. I also from high school. That's a story for another time but this guy was doing high kicks across what looks like Green Grass. It's different flooring that they use for like if you WANNA do like floor exercises in the middle so there's like the cardio equipment and then across from there in the middle of everything is as green patch of something only to break up with them. Yeah well this is amazing so but I was watching this. These kicks and I was just like damn son. All Day was up to his fucking head. Bali there's so many light bulb go looking at go to that place and it's like really fun to watch. There's also these girls show up. I don't I don't WanNa be this guy for their outfits or like you and I love that but I also like I'm like what are you doing them walking around and they're not sweaty but I get it. I come here and you look really good so I guess you don't have to do much. No one I when I go to back when the afternoon cleverness was the brand new fancy and I lived right by Greens Farm. I would hop down there and it was kind of the same thing I don't especially then I was thinner than I am now and like I wore. I didn't like that type of clothing but I was like I liked cute enough when I was at the gym. Just because also my sister-in-law works for new balance and SOC. I got tons of free stuff from her so he's had all the stuff but I also like I get to be a sweaty red rose human when I'm working out And I would see these women who just like first off. I'm worried that your vagina might slip out on some of those shorts. But if that's what you're comfortable in the power to your girlfriend I would just be like. Oh you're going to see all the things. Wild people wear a gym. We'll get some of the guys were like these tank-tops that are so like they're so horrible sight of like. What is that the ARMPITS ECHO DOWN TO THEIR BELLY BUTTON SHIRT ANYMORE? I have to. I can see everything I it's weird. It's weird I think. We're the show but also like not necessarily where t shirt during everywhere Tim. Totally in my book would wear those tanks tanks are his thing yeah. Timothy Absolutely. That's it comes home from work bro. Takes all day all day everyday? He like I think you've been saying the book that he either like impeccably dressed or he's in lake his boxers and like nothing else and sweatpants. I Love Gym though. Because it's like the best looking people in the world and then like me on a couple of people's MOMS and Raleigh someone's mom I know enrolling watching like wow. You're doing a good job go team. Yes no guilt looking. Because it's like I feel like so you're at the gym and you're a normal human. You're not one of the gods. You were ignored. You don't exist and it's wonderful. It's so good like I know I look particularly good if I'm if someone talks to me or helps you with the equipment. That's how I know that like somehow like don't terrible that day because I don't wear makeup to the gym. I don't remember when I am very often period. I have my hair in the rowdiest. Bud that has ever existed usually because my hair is dirty and my face usually broken out because it's the weekend I've worn probably the night before and I didn't wash it off. So many people talk to me when. I'm at the gym but normally Jeremy is also right next to me because we work together. When I got those ear buds. That are like wireless and I'm really unapproachable and I really enjoy that. That is nice. I did have a guy helped me with well. He didn't. I don't know what he was doing. kettlebells down for like. I was getting giving the size I needed and he picked up neatly here walking over to your Matt and he's only being helpful but it was like I'm GonNa have to lift it. I don't I don't think there's any weirdness about it. He was like being a Nice Jim guy because sometimes there's is nice gym guys that are there to like. Oh yeah wants to help everybody. Oh yeah the one. That corrected Jeremy's farm. He wasn't being a Dick April. Like like if you do this you'll feel better and you're back here. See like do you see how does actually working more? Oj And say. Oh Yeah you're right. Yeah it's nice to. It's nice to know the difference. I've been to the gym. When do they're hitting on me and that's a different animal. Yeah they don't care. You're kettle bill to your met. You know what I mean but yeah it was very weird anyway. We just went on this big huge workout. Now we're we're usually are in time. Let's carshield break for rehearsal very in Modern Day Bristol. Someone is copying one of the most infamous serial killers of all time. Jack The ripper. Only this time. The story is different. A woman survives and decides to get her revenge by taking the law into her own hands but in so doing. She awakens a darkness deep insider. If you like suspense thrillers. Manson killers tune into Jane. The ripper and audio drama coming to calamity CAST DOT COM Halloween. Twenty nineteen so. I hope you enjoyed our rants and rambles about lifting heavy things. I can't wait to do more Jim. Talk with Liz Stephanie. Where Jim Rats? We Are Jim. I mean I can't believe see gym rat but I'm kind of Jim Ryan. I can't find the time to be Jamarat like I would love to go to the gym three times a week. Yeah right now I can maybe swing twice so I'm working my way up. I just have to figure it because all all my activities are night because of the baby India. So I've always well during his home and then she was seven. It was like everything went on to trust her in the daycare. There no no. I don't trust Rangers. Yeah when when she's bigger maybe she's just too little right now. Yeah and she's really little like she's like a small eight-month-old yeah she's eight months and she soaring six months old clothes. So it's like yeah thought I heard footstep horrid. He was with. Amy and striker. John Oh fun yeah anyway okay shifter's Yeah Shifter is where bears we're wolves we're Li- Lehrer Willians anyway. I have some history. I mostly focused on where wolves. Because that's the most common I feel like of all the sub genres homework. I have been so anyway. We're talking about shifter's and where wills and that part of the Paranormal Romance sub-genre sub-genre within the sub-genre Anyway so we're wolves date back to ancient Greek Times but the idea of where we're really spread in Europe in the Fourteenth Century You could find references to it in German and French literature earlier than that but it just wasn't super widespread and really common where wolves where acquisitions were common during which trails time of history so like when people were being accused of being a witch a lot of people are also being accused of being where wolves was. That is interesting Apparently until the twentieth century in Europe Wolf attacks were super common which kind of explained the rights spread idea of where wolves? Because I guess it'd be like Oh I am guessing part of it's like oh well you know if you're walking to whatever like watch out for those wolves Blah Blah Blah and just kind of spread to be more than just an animal like weird I love this. Shit comes from right and in areas where there aren't any wolves. They have very similar beliefs on folklore but about the animals that they do have that is like the dangerous and also wear hyenas and Africa where tigers in India. Where Pumas and where Jack Wires and South America thing and he'll like. That's like the motivation for that buffy episode. Have you ever seen first season? It's so the first. Buffy first season the first half is rough. Because it's like they're trying to figure what it is sure and then in the middle of like. Oh this is what it is and it's fantastic. But I still love those episodes because I am a stand one hundred percent ASEAN. There's an episode where they go to the zoo and these people get in like possessed by spirits. Don't watch some time well in the book that I've been listening to right now. Like the main enemies are highness. The warehouse I mean. There's a main where bear enemy guy. Who's like the issue but he ends up pairing with the Warehouse. Inas to like. Yeah and actually I was listening to a aware lion book. And they also talked about the hyenas. And like how the highness play dirty and like tend to have like the like poison their their claws like to fight dirty and all that And they talked about poisoned clouds with the hyenas and this book too. So I'm like. Is this a thing or hyenas? Which now that I just read. Nance racist Africa's role uncomfortable. Those dots in the weird way that I don't like a awkward. Hey Don't don't support that I guess is what we just figured out as you're saying that I was like wait a minute. Yeah I did too. Yeah so I'm Sarah. Normal writers do better. Yeah or like do the research to make sure you're on accident doing it. Yeah because you know. There's this I was talking to someone I apparently my whole life was saying something that was like a slayer that I did not know it was a slower. Who's like slur light? You mean like something. You don't say our word. Oh Okay I was like what are they gonNA say it? But you don't say that yeah. It was like that about race but I know ideal is a racist thing because like I Louis. Daytime like the Roma people. No not that. It was worse because I did not know that the g word with slur but I think that's a word that is developed more through the years become more of a slower than it was four. But Yeah I was like saying but that is one. That's one I idea I'm like Oh yeah just using things saying things and not knowing and then you get told me fix it but I'm trying to be way more with my writing. I'm trying to way more like I. Google so much stuff like is this like that's fair you have to like like we just discovered. I don't think anyone maliciously do this. No but like if you read one book where where are the bad guys? And you're like Oh that makes sense because hyenas are the eighties or something like their hyenas are tricky. They're secretary I mean. Look at the Lion King Super Smart. Yeah. They're smart animal. They mimic human voices. They're creepiest. They're like hyenas like half cat half dog. Kinda like that's how people describe them like cats. Cats changed their meow. If there's a baby in the house And because for getting humid attention now so like they only meow meow because it could start attention so like Mike has started me. I like baby like Thomas will sometimes me out. I don't know if it's Sabrina car. You're not oh my God it's terrifying. It's terrifying hanging. Enjoy a similar kind of thing that they would people out of like villages and stuff with like. They're so much sense. They are tricky animal and then it makes sense by because of I mean they are just in their vicious in this and that's also make sense why they would tend to be the bad wear. Yeah but bears also people also like yeah but also your any fantasy do you have to. This is a sticking point I will always make when writing fantasy. How much of the world do you need to actually stick with like how much reality? Like game of thrones right. There's little violence against women and it's used as a story arc like the beginning. Women are shit on forever and then by the end women are like owning. Shit we all can I guess spoilers. The end of game of thrones shows us like women getting shit on kind of again. And I'm like Jeremy Irons like well like you know in Medieval Times. That's how it was. You're writing fantasy that didn't exist. You could literally decide that violence against women is not a thing that happened and just have them kill people rape doesn't being anyway. This is like a whole thing that I know. Yeah paranormal stuff. I feel like full falls into the same kind of jokes without criticizing it. I don't mind if you put it in there. We'll my thing criticize and I will. You are way more of aware wolf shifter reader that I am new to the genre and I actually texted Stephanie earlier last week when I started this journey for this episode was like girl you you spoiled me because I'm used to wear. Wolves would jokes and all these books. No fucking Syria. I wrote mine. Yes so serious. And and there's not just like. Oh we're we're wolves and things happen be happening. It's always like tribe wars and mafia kind of things like I. It's always like the suspense thriller kind of Romance. And that's not really my thing as much I don't think and maybe I'm just not reading quite the right stuff it. We'll see like a teen wolf. What not another the TV show like the movies Teen Wolf. They're just fun. Yeah he's just the world teenager vulgar grownup version. So like where. We'll we'll Wolfman and I like crazy drama like I like like I fucking love Riverdale. Like like there's bad shit happening all war that aspect of it like it'd be and maybe it's just like that just seems to be a common thread in so many of them were it's like the warring factions. Yeah whether it's within their own where types or like the where bears versus the where coyotes versus the wear hiding. It is a lot it is a lot and once you once they like for me. I'm writing I'm writing with all this. All these things like exist right. Yeah but for me in a book when they're so many types of like shifter tight things. I get distracted and uninterested. Yeah when people were like when there's like half vampire half half ferry half whatever I'm like this is too much to kind of done to Ch- yeah and that's reading or listening to one that it was about lions. It was like okay. I'll share it with lions because we've talked on this show mill multiple times about lion. Dick's 'cause it's hilarious every time. I think it's funny. It is funny but I live in Dick's barbed sometimes in the books. They decide to have barb. Dick's yes I found a lion when I could listen to and I was like okay. Well this isn't really my plotline. She was a cop which no offence to people who like cop stories that are just not my jam and I never get into those very much. She's a cop. He is the Alpha Lion and their shit going on amongst the different lion. People and other things we're like murders are happening and people are showing up dead by this author never made it clear whether or not the until later on in humans are aware of the existence of the where people that's rough and then like on the flipside like the where folk being like okay like part of our existence relies on our secrets and being cautious all this type of stuff like none of it. Was that clear until later on and suddenly he's like oh by the way girlfriend. I'm actually shifter I'm alliance and she's like Oh my God. There's there's there's a crazy person in my house and she's trying to like get her gun and she's like well then prove it prove it and so he does and she freaks out obviously and then he pounces on her to like stop her from getting her rifle and pounds he will. Yeah so he's on top of her and then shifts quickly shifts back into his man for a and he has a Boehner. There's another coversation. Just this shifting just make you horny and the answer was actually yes. Like shifting does make some inventory city so it was like 'cause he's an ex seal so he's an axial funny to think that a lion it's a seal but is it a special shifter division right. He wasn't a special shifter division of all of the seals. So it's it's so much layering on this and it was practically like. That wasn't really talked about much. Except that like a buddy of his who is a wolf? I think Was with them and normally the lines on the wolves. Don't get along because cats and dogs and you know except yeah anyway so it was I think kind of paving the way for the next book or whatever but yeah there was just nothing like I need to know what is known on both sides of the world like very quickly than when I skipped when I stopped. I got to the scene. His Dick was normal That's the other thing. I don't think I could read a shifter book where the sex happens animal form unless both people are animals. Like it's weird okay. Promise you even feel like that seems better at least nodding or some shit and that's a whole thing. I mean grace without for I don't enjoy there are some though that have like a shifter so app had a special rule basically because there was this period of time like tears. People were having like Werewolf books were like the male Wolf would in wolf form would like lick down oud bigger role so wild in your experience when people shift to the animal is it like I am a bear or is it kind of like I am a human with fair qualities. So this is something. I'm actually changing in my book because seems like it's very different from book to book so it's hard to kind of decide in the one the wave written now. They just their bodies pop magic into will end pain way the first time. It's painful because you're genetically changing form like your cells are shifting into a wolf. They're they're in a wolf but I'm rewriting it to make them more wolf men and why think makes more sense and it it so I wrote the book it was a joke and yeah and so I made them turn into real wolves closest like that's funny in what everyone's doing. I love horror movies so I like the wolf man. I like that aesthetic of legs but your animal. I think that looks so so they will still stand like humans run like I mean they can. They can hunt children do it. But it's like this the can do what I i. It's a better form. Basically more animalistic form and like so. The thing in my book is they're turning into something else. They're still themselves intellectually. Celeste is Still Celeste. When she becomes other form so it's not like some of these books where they have like a separate entity almost within the normal thing. That actually happens a lot in the shifter books were like their shift or whatever and will they are is separate. It's part of them but it's separate from them later in the lion one. It seemed like he was always fully like the same person just shift between the two in the bear one. I'm currently listening to like he often is referring to the baron side was wanting this and the bear inside that mine is not like that. And and it was like the human part of hamlet shoveling down this and letting the bear takeover that but he also like they could like semi shift and said like that now my characters and that was like that was the reason why. I'm changing. What kind of thing? They turned into But like it's not normal to be able to do that. It should be an all or nothing thing in my world that you shift all wear you don't But there's people that are just like better at it. Gotcha that makes sense to me. That people some people whose be better at honing changes and stuff from their body but anything changing them to dismantling the monster kind from Halloween style. Stuff clues like that more that aesthetic. It's honestly just like a preference. I don't think it matters but now don't you have a future book idea like she's pretty much living amongst the wolves or something or someone else. Yeah and that's the only reason why I haven't done it yet. That's that's also I haven't done at it on that book. Because they have one person that lives with in with wild and that wouldn't quite work if she exactly and it's been made the change. I WANNA make the change but I've set up this other character that's just gonNa live with wild and basically Farrell And that's the problem so here I am wearing that. I like the idea of keeping. I don't see the thing is twilight. Made people turn them into walls. Although there Dracula does have a history being able to turn into a wolf now I was reading a war of him as he can turn into a bat. When I was reading about different things it did sound like they. Initially it was turned into Wolf. And then we're in London happened. Yeah and the actor didn't like having to be in makeup for as long as I was and then that's why he became. It was more of a man thing and he had the dapper close wolf quality. Yes and that's like I like that aesthetic as far as like like so everything. I write a lot of TV movies. I kind of envisioned shit. That way and he liked that aesthetic more but they might have to just stay. Wools LIKE IN THE DRACULA WAR Also because it fits in with another story line but I don't like it but it just as but I have been messing around the idea of making a couple of the characters Waldman instead. I'm looking at half step something. I think that would make something else. That's what I've been. I haven't done it yet because I was changing it and I wanted to get in. The meantime had this exact conversation and then I have like a vampire story coming out later that like I can't even wolves because everyone's descendants of the same things so it's like yeah and I've been trying to figure out what the bear one because it seems like most of the time they're in this kind of like mix humanoid bare state when they're not just in full human for But then I think can then fully shift to bear. Now I hate when the Bulls aren't clear on that that's my one thing that shifter books. I want clear What's normal? Yeah with the 'cause like the thing so your urban fantasy. I feel like a lot of times. The writers can get lazy because you don't have to. You're not really creating a whole new world right. You're using the world. And then you're just sprinkling in any reality and I get really annoyed. When like the new cool fantastical things aren't described? Yeah 'cause you're not having any of the work of describing the rest of the world like if you WANNA trump could still be president if that helps fit your narrative. Yeah so describe what it looks like someone changes like give it vocabulary like and to be probably did but I was listening to it while working so maybe I missed some of the important details about like if you're if you don't know like I'm pretty sure. They do fully changing the bears if they let themselves fully changing the bears. Because there's a little cub as hugh and in he's four and like he doesn't do the inbetween like he's either human. He's a cup that's That's real yeah it's actually like the storyline. This one is actually quite good. I'm intrigued edge there actually like we've done enough different things. And she is actually a half wolf but isn't able to shift and she always thought she was only a quarter wolf but she finds out because of reasons. Choose actually a half Wolf. But because of how she was conceived between a full wolf and her human mom it was she is not able to love is important as it always is with these things that like. That's the thing about so like like if she were a half. Wolf who was conceived Outta love. Then she'd be able to shift and she wasn't conceived. Outta love not treat the holding deal ago Dna thing so like being a wolf you can be turned into one shifts and like but there has to be intent behind the bite that makes sense so like kind of love. But it's also magic so you know like there's that free I can't remember how the phrase goes with anything that we understand was magic But it's actually science that's like what in my world everything is so like if you're a paranormal in my universe you're closer to magic than normal. Humans are yeah but all humans have magic within them all. He's a soulmate in my universe. But you don't feel it as much so as soon as you become like a paranormal as as you get that magic of your DNA changing into a will be empire or like you tap into which shit or whatever. Now you're closer to magic and now you can feel that bond and that's the difference in my universe to like a lot of this other show where it's like. We're soulmates. Because the moon or mine just like every human has one. It's just we can't describe it because we don't have the CAVALIERI. Does the moon makes them stronger in your book. I don't remember No it just is arbitrary. God that they follow because they're wolves sure everything in my book is basically just to make fun of other books like like there is. I'm an atheist so the way I write these books is there could be God's sure But in my world right now the way that it's going Celeste is. There's the pretty much worship the moon goddess like the L. Worshiper Because that's what they've all been taught me raised Catholic but as being Christian or whatever being Baptist or they're simply take it so hard core that like there's like this cold lake old church so they're like they're like the fundamentalists that keep their daughters at home and shit like that because they think the moon goddess would want that. Yeah which is really weird Spoilers for future series I will have gods and they will interact with one another and they may or may not work in Washington it might be like West wing I might have already sketched up three books. And that's what I was doing while I was pregnant with my daughter because I I'm creating all these God like why not do something about that so basically I just have infinite book straight and I can't get anything done because at least all these ideas I have the scenario for books and then I have a historical series that I want to do but I need to actually commit fully to that because that's a lot of research I can't hear for it. I hope I hope I right at some day. I'm so nervous I'm just gonNA be like well. Let's never going to happen because I've never had the time to do the research. It and I will never forget that it's supposed to happen. So don't worry you'd have to post me to not be able to ever get to it whereas your speakeasy books. Every year. I will ask New Year's Day whereas my books speech weird favorite type of shifter animal bears bears. They're always like they always being the earliest dudes. Yeah but also like the sweetest one. The thing it's okay I don't know what that is. I think there's something I don't know because they're all the dudes have a very alpha shoes. Mine kind of feel when you say it so much. It's so weird. It's too much and I think that's also I'm not like super into the shifter books because it's so possessive and we are recessive. Yeah and I'm not yeah. I'm here for a good L. Dude Alpha dude needs to step back and like yeah also if I am yours than you are mine. Let's make a reciprocal. Hey ceiling cat. Wow that sometimes it works. Sometimes cats back she would be out. She's out she might be using the litterbox good for her. That almost makes me wanna just like bursting there. Hello my own locate. I've never seen. I hope you're living here. God anyway I think the possessive nature of a I agree but if you are and I think a lot of them do have that like they want her to be as equally possessive memoir. I appreciate it or not because it's weird all. I did read one where she was. And I like this. This is Hell. Yeah. I've never read one word. The girls the shifter and the guy's not. That's why I'm writing one. I know they exist. Nearly come across when the sounded interesting enough. Yeah I've got one where my side character in Sasha's about the mall her best friend and tournament and his brother-in-law's hunter Very excited and I have a new face A new a new person. That is my for that guy. Because he's changed because I couldn't put a face to them. Yeah could give them. I give them a blonde handling. That's not ready to give Brown redhead and then eventually lovie from levion the season. He's six foot seven. He's a basketball player. Has SPACES AMAZING? He will be the namesake for my my derek perfect. Yeah anyway over that one. I mean this is the random tidbit says nothing to do with where we'll set or anything at all. But I for the longest time. Didn't know what map the bartender in my book. Looks like? He's going to be an important character. I need to know what he looks like. And then I realized it's Alex Skarsgard. It's that easy. See Vampires that works when you have like a moment of like a piffling. I'd like Oh my God how been stupid. I still don't have my Amelia though. I think I I think who I used for. Charlotte is who I really should use for a million things around so yeah. I don't schiffer's are hard sugars. Most name is a terrible joke that no one should read and I know it's a really popular genre like I read hellish shift or books like I go through them because I just enjoy it because normally it's like a it's like so they're usually dirtier than the other books Yeah and then like so Julie. Midnight shout to her. She writes the series The Wolf's wife Wolf Skin I own I own two of them. A third and fourth are coming out and this one is like very different from these other schefters but she's shift or guy in it and he is like the. Magic's made him but he's like centuries old oh and like he spent he spends like. I think he's he's been decades as a wolf and never shifted back then so when he shifts back. He's like barely human like the way he acts as like very much like short sentences. Like there's even like a point where she knows. She loves him but she doesn't think he could love her and he's like what do you mean? I don't love you. He'll do I have to say it. And it's like very sweet and like and he's basically said like She's she's a witch and she didn't know it like her mom went off into the woods and left her car and never came back. And like you find out that her mom was a witch and her power kind of driven. Her crazy and like her grandmother was a witch and had this. She finds his pelt in her house. A Wolf Pelt and her her grandma had been trying to turn herself into a wolf like as a Selke or no. That's the bears turned into women. Louisa she there comes a point in the character's life where she can put the pelt on and she turns into a wolf also and she can run with her love out in the woods and she never felt for your and then like the goes to fracture offer ends up in Burns it. And it's like the whole damn thing anyway. Coolest fucking books ever Julie Midnight. I will send them to you because they are super dirty like the sexes. Like insanely dirty like like okay. So in in books it's always like freshly showered sex hall Romance Novels Sex. This is like we've been hiking for two days sex. It's kind of gross. If you're doing it yourself probably like reading like yes. Yes all day. I just like some of the stuff they do on my. I am blushing and I read so much dirt like dirty books that like for me to be like whom I you know. It's good so I will lend them diva Jillian. I that's shift or shit that's good witchcraft. And like also contend with like climbing back up. There's like some revenge porn stuff in it. Like she likes tackles like N- like current day issues along with like our main character is bisexual. It's like a whole great thing so cure for it. It's very good but like shifter. Bugs are hard. I think MA times have a cash cow. Yeah you can look. You're talking about like how people read one. Oh well I can do that too. I think there's a lot of temp letting him that happens very similar. Yeah And you can turn them out quickly. 'cause like it's really about the sex. It's about him meeting her him protecting rooms on the him fucking she's never been fucked before now and then her having his little puppies or cubs or whatever. The fuck is them saying that word at you. Oh my God that was one thing that did make me laugh With the spare one is a hands up having to like pretty much work with this wolf and the two of them work against the heinous and they end up like L. of their friends by the end but they have an understanding and they're gonNa like ruled the Hyena territory together. And but the row the Werewolf just keeps referring to the wear bears like adopted cub as a pup and he was like a cub. He's like okay. Probable your pup thrilling puppet heavy. It's a fucking come and that was like that made me good. Yeah it's like there's he's like no no I'll help you help you find your pup KKOB that makes it really hard. It makes her first paranormal romance people. When that's like the vernacular he after us but I really enjoy it. It's like it's like a little bit of magic that we get to have that. I feel like twilight kinda ruined a little bit but I ain't look here's the I've read the books I've seen the movies I watch them. Occasionally get really drunk and watch them I enjoy them. Their trash of the highest call quality. It just is what it is. It's Candy Candy. Books Yeah I think sometimes shift. Your books are relegated into candy. Books which allegedly midnight so great. It's not a candy book. It's like an actually like fully formed like how Christina's book is like Romance Plus. Yeah Yulia midnights book as Paranormal Romance. Plus it's like a Roddick. Paranormal Romance plus Is welcomed the deadliest more sex. And you're no Mormons. So that it's Erotic Romance Gotcha definitely sells a plot. Just there's no sex now. It's very good I don't again I hate calling stuff. Trash is trash just like it's not. It's something you're gonNA burn through quick. Yeah so it doesn't mean you don't read it or that you don't value it. It's just stop seeing trash because like when I say till I'm shitting on things I'm not I- I consume a lot of trash. I enjoy it. I would defend the trash to the death but yeah because you find entertainment value to it. It just doesn't have the value that some other people think is important for book. Yeah but I'll I'll keep praying that I'll read your shifter navy seals. I'll read I'll read shifter motorcycle clubs my wear biker. I'll I'll read it please. My biggest problem what. I was trying to find books to read and to be fair. I was trying to restrict myself to kindle unlimited and audible escapes and blindly into this. And I'm going to spend money and I knew I wanted to read something where bear and like all the titles. I was finding air to the where bear billionaire and like much where bear there's also billionaire where barriers and you wouldn't think of wherever it'd be a billionaire. Yeah I just about so fast. I read one where he lived in the woods and some rich bitch fell in his lap. Basically and that was really fun. It was on that Fed. There's woman were a million wherever books. My stepbrother where bear did not read that one. Because I that's too. I can't do the step sibling. Step sibling there And then of course I found one that I haven't I haven't touched yet but it looked interesting which was like a bunch of lumberjack dudes who are where various which is like the that makes sense. What you what my brain thinks of of where they live in. Wash sexy the sexy lumberjacks. Yeah but we we have one more October. Yeah episodes forgot that spooky theme of teams. You can find some ghost ones. We were trying to do that last year. We didn't we didn't succeed. Get some go ooh Moody Foodie share else. Like trying to think of like a sexy ton with ghosts. Either you're not gonNA get your Spooky Spooky on yes. Do you have a spooky pickup line? Let's see where. Oh pickup lines Oh Jeez come with me baby and I'll show you the real meaning of dougie style. Move no bestiality sir. No Sir Jake's threat. Yeah we didn't even talk without all that much about the radio spoke of there'd be like a whole they're editing a rule that. I can't let that will add that to the we we can. We can take spooky NECE IN NOVEMBER. Taking this spooky innocent will a whole episode about what problems happen when you do spooky books. Gee what norms do you have to take care of anyways? Check us out as always. 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