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In September two thousand eight one of the strangest most daring heists in recent memory took place in the small town of Monroe Washington at the park was the amount of planning there was a disguise. craigslist hired decoys. An escape. That still to this day hard are to believe you get the so you get a call over the radio. Yes remember said that he was floating down. The river in the media jumped on the story when the criminal got a nickname. DB Tuber it went viral worldwide. There was only one problem. It wasn't the real story story of what happened. I am infamous because of In the armored car robbery in two dozen one man in a former local high school football star would be convicted of the robbery. I'll football player. Like he was trying read everything he would get all the fame and notoriety but he would also suffer the consequences alone. I was sentenced to six years in prison. I didn't believe that ever get out of there. One man took the fall. But we'll see the only one responsible I even now. I don't white now. I know that there were other people rolling. We set out to report a story about a man escaping robbery in an inner tube. What we found was so much more? Why do you think the story change? Maybe they wanted it to be more romantic a project to for the win in USA Today. Sports and exclusively streaming on wondering plus season one of the sneak who examined the strange tale of DB tuber reliability. I'm crazy I mean that's proven it will tell you. The sneak comes out on November thirteenth. Eighteenth only on wondering plus.

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