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you're listening to women making waves Another one done then susie another Ricardo yet. Another recall giving bars really. Isn't it no? It's not like giving birth actually. No that's a bit less. Painful is a bit less painful. Yes at least. At least we unite can talk while You S. You can do that when you give him both. Could you really nothing repeatable in the radio quite quite this clapping for the NHS thing every Thursday ahead? Someone mentioned again. So it's a thirsty thing. What if it is? I'm going to get myself a bell. A bell about people are GonNa get noisier noisy left. We beat turn. I think they are going to be. It's going to be like one. Great big football match that. Come eight o'clock trumpet. Yes I I think it's I think it's really quite envious of the person that was ringing. The Bell Lost Thursday. Why don't you now? I'm going to get about it? I haven't got a bell but I'm going to have to find one people. Is it those tonight? Yes those night. What Kinda Bell ringing? Though he sounded like a school bell right or big handbill fan but anyway to think Kelly one of these bedside. Bales that you that you can think of in the book that that your husband. Bring Your Cup of tea. Gosh be careful with the word team call. Why why do you Tinkle Bell by you? Bet Well it was my glenys and great granny. She see migrate. Granny is to use it to call my granny when she was elderly and bedridden shape of lady. And you just pick her up by the head and you you just ring it. That's great. Do you think is Chris? Okay with this is he. Is he happens. He's never brought me a cup of Tea. Once run-up bell he the significance it. What's that record? Says it was for you to come and bring me some t find out? What's going on? Does that mean then? He's never been one for a tinkle. Okay well that's good so you don't need to temple. You just need to say please. Could I have a cup of Tea? Lender? That's all you need to say. Sometimes you don't need to ring that build and it's only going to be for Thursday nights I'll tell you what though talking about seeing in speaking this be safe thing. Have you started saying. That's everybody I think probably I? Didn't she say but I think I went with the flow when we started to use a lot of walks at messages. And how are you? Wear you now stay safe. Stay SAFE BE SAFE. They say I find that very strange. It's just appear to over the past few weeks. Be Safe Yeah. It is a few plumbing to do anything different. Are you not happy Madison though? Well I don't know I can't bring myself to actually see it. No no no. Because everyone's saying it and it just sounds a bit wrong. It sounds like you're Scottish ancestry. It's coming back in again. I think you do you've got you've always been very kind. Don't worry about the STA- say just say Hashtag what's yourself? Well See. What's what's what's your back. You don't not vitus keeping up with you. Watch your back as saying before. It's an extraordinary time. Lots of things happening and every day and every week things change de. That's another Scott help told you into this Sunday. Talk you out of the demon clean now I well. I haven't been listening to the news the past couple of days. I just thought I'd better stay away from it really. Is that the reason the reason you don't need. You don't need to be fed any more of the lockdown moment. Well it's because I'm busy in the kitchen I've been doing a fluke who can occur normally. Don't do it a little good king recently. What did he be kicking just food? Well it sounds very expensive not really light. Me is what soup and stew color and you know things. I find a French but I've actually been buying ingredients instead of ready meals. That's we've done the same thing is I can't find any flower or it's been like that for weeks so I try to get some. Lola managed to get a little bag of self freezing but I really really wanted to get some strong white flour and some yeast so I could make bread if push came to shove and my bread maker cannot get anywhere. So you've gotTA bread maker. I'm sure that's what everybody as. She is fascinating isn't it? Could Y'all just say that you want to cook more and not by things on the shop. I think we're going through that way we don't want to. We had this urge about to East Guy that we had to stop Paul because whatever was going to happen in the future and now people saying actually. I do want to keep by impressive. I want to cook. And that's what you're doing because you got more time. I've got more time I. I used to spend an hour and a half travelling to work in the morning and an hour and coming back in the evening from Cambridge. All of that time back so time to just do more more energy. Yeah is a really interesting point. I've really is to be like site again at the end of this. Wow Yeah that I was reading at. She quite a lot. People were saying that it could be an absolute rush. But I think it'll trips out went. They've bit by bit. They won't allow us to all and to the streets of the same talk about you. Know your neighbors rushing out and shaking hands with each other lovely to see you. Yes lovely lovely. I suppose in many ways I was talking to Mr T. tonight about this. Is this this thing about socializing? We worried about our dog's not being socialized. Now Dog yes really important for dogs. That were soon as they arrive in your home. You have to socialize them with other dogs otherwise they get scared they get fearful of other dogs all they attacked them because they so in many ways as humans are going to need to re to re socialize ourselves when people in many ways because we might have forgotten the whole etiquette. We can do this on line. Six months down the line. We're going to be a little bit well as long as nobody comes up and sniffs your bum. That's the main thing I do want to face that when I was actually kind of thinking that what might happen that the they'll make an announcement you Conoco out now. It's over local now. You know right to stay here now got used to it and I saw the not coming out.

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