ANNOUNCEMENT: Dying Well Initiative Launched #665


In what I think is a really exciting announcement. The Global Wellness Institute has just announced the launch of the dying. Well Initiative death and dying is not really something that most of us want to talk about this. We're kind of just wired that way but as a result of that the final stages of life can be a really horrible experience for everybody involved and so what's happening now is the global wellness homeless institute has launched the dying well initiative which I genuinely think is long overdue and a fantastic idea now it's being headed up by to people Amy MacDonald very well known wellness consultant in the US who I've actually nine personally over the years and got a Lotta respect for the other ladies Diane Dasta or does to our hypocrite the pronunciation somewhere Diana apologies I had not met yet but looking forward to meeting at some point and she heads up a company called project relevance which this is all about providing information solutions for people on healthy living aging and dying so the intent of this initiative is essentially the lead the conversation around the final stages of life one of the things that they've identified is trying to find a way lead conversations for the hospital in wellness wellness industries to help provide solutions to people in the final stages of life which again I think is a really great thing to do and I honestly believe that the risk of sounding mercenary about this but I think there's a major business opportunity in that as well so we can actually have a really unique spin on on what we can do in terms of helping hoping people in those later stages of life instead of just avoiding the conversation I think the spire industry the wellness industry the Hospitality Street could actually do a hell of a lot of things to help us people people and that's a good thing for everybody involved so again congrats to amy and Diane on getting this thing up and going super excited to find out how old plays out of already actually reached out to amy and asked if we can get on a chat to have a bit of a podcast interview to talk about in more detail what they're doing so we'll try to that probably after the global wellness summit in October order so that is it for today. I do thank you for tuning in head on over to the Global Wellness Institute Dot Org Website Sports Lesch initiatives. I think to find out more about that particular initiative and all the others that are happening. It is some good stuff very interesting to see how it all develops that is it for today or do you think you will be back again tomorrow. Eh.

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