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Giannis' Unanimous MVP Case, Tatum, Angry Cubes


dump that lose matty. He didn't know who tells Barkman ask. Good Morning Swirl than welcome to the note on podcast on the Athletic Network Monday February twenty fourth. I'm Jay skeets alongside me as always task. Hey everybody tacit we got one tree. Kirby a oh the international man of mystery taking to the Max Leila's friend Lily and last not least making the magic happen. It's JD hello serious and here we are. Thanks for joining us on Monday. Guys follow us on social media twitter and Instagram. At no dunk zinc. You know we're on facebook at FACEBOOK DOT com slash dunk. We'll I guess it's official. We're now on facebook and keep us your MBA questions and comments to know dunks at the athletic dot com as always. We'll be stepping on the beach a little later this week. And if you haven't already especially of your survivor fan go back and check out the podcast. We dropped over the weekend. A one on one interview with the winner of survivor thirty six and currently on survivor forty winners at war Wendell Holland what a guy. What a guy and I'm just gonNA come out and say the winner of survivor forty. You're calling the thing is going to happen. He seemed very jolly. Yeah but he might always be like. That's a good point but anyway it was a lot of fun talking to him about of course heavily about survivor and his experience and be out there. But there's a little basketball talk sort of slipped in there as well so I gotta jump in here survivor Newbie Yup. The final hasn't been recorded quite yet. So yes or no. Yes and no. The whole season has been recorded and that is done and we are now watching survivor. Forty but what we do not know is who actually ultimately wins the million dollars because that is done at a live finale. Right so in theory he knows and survivor producers and the people that made the show they know who's in the final in the final. Yes but we don't have who actually is one. I will agree with TRAE. He seemed very jovial and there was there was one point when he was talking about an injury he sustained. Yup and he ended the statement with it all worked out. Well now I'm reading into it. He was talking about an injury that happened. Prior to the one he won on survivor. Thirty six which is years ago. Oh I thought that was forty. Yeah okay okay. Well he's jovial either with a capital J. Well I'll tell you what we're rooting for them heart. Yeah I mean it was the best episode we've ever done is the happiest I've ever seen. Jd tried it so many times like at least one hour. That's right. It was great. It was it was a lot of fun. Even had your son in here in the area and and went will gave him one of his custom-made buffs and Jackson has not taken it off. He was wearing when I left the house this morning. Jackson played it really cool Here in the office with Wendell here like he'll seem like no big deal. Whatever it's winter survivor. But he was. He was freaking out freaking out. I was nervous as hell coming in. Wow I wouldn't have known. It honestly kept it cool so go. Check out the PODCAST. We dropped out on the weekend and it's a lot of fun. We're obviously rooting for them. And now is the perfect time to get survivor. I watched the final sure. Sure well viewing party okay so Monday staple here with no dunks it is looking back at the NBA weekend. Picking are winners and losers. Felt like a whole lot happened. Maybe it's just because we hadn't had basketball after the all star break in a little while but it feels like there's tons to talk about here. Let's start with the winners task started. Who's your big winner? The Weekend Janet that Gupo specifically for being a very good liar because on Saturday after he demolished the sixers he was asked post game. Did you hear Joel? Embiid say he was the best player in the world a couple of days ago and yet I said No. I didn't hear that I'm not on social media. What a huge liar. I believed it but come on on social media. He even posted his wife walking around the hospital room with the Hashtag those farts though on social media. So He's definitely but but he played it off really well and I don't know Joel. Embiid saying he was the best player in the world motivated him to kick the sixers. But because I don't think he needs that for motivation but he was spectacular again on ABC prime time. The sixers had their opportunity to took sort of snowball what they did on Christmas Day by beating the box. But you know Ben. Simmons went out and we'll talk about that a little bit later with an injury but embiid had all the opportunity in the world. He didn't do it. Yannis thirty one and seventeen missed only five shots from the floor which was wild Twelve seventeen shooting and the bucks the fastest ever team to clinch a playoff spot on February twenty third. Who Cares who cares. Because it's so they start their seasons earlier. Yeah good season ten days earlier than they did back in the day but they beat the the warriors ask because the eighth-place team in the Eastern conference is way below five hundred but anyway they have whatever at this point they have the six best record in NBA history at sitting at forty eight and eight through fifty six games. That's the best record. I do believe that's that's accurate. Up at the top of the Eastern Conference are going for seventy here either way. I was disappointed in the sixers. And we get to that later. But he's a liar but very good one at that. I don't know if he learned that skill on the streets of Greece when he was selling trinkets and Louis Vuitton instead of Louis Vuitton. But doing it doing well again. Every single night those guys are relentless in Milwaukee and he's hitting threes now and dropping Shimmy on. Everybody didn't say it's it's wild. I mean they beat the Sixers by twenty one points and their highest starter minute. Total was Chris Middleton who played thirty minutes and forty six seconds Middleton was awesome again as well at the box are just incredible. I mean I guess it's possible. They lose four more games here in the last couple of months of the season. But it'll only because they want arrest guys in the last week of the playoffs. I mean they're going to get the seventy wins even if they're not trying Wa teams every single night and they never have to play. Their guys are getting rest in Games. It's it's interesting. You bring up Middleton in verses someone like Tobias Harris who I think is a comparable level player on the sixers and Tobias when Simmons especially when he went out early with that back issue. Someone like Tobias Harris needs to go out of step up and he didn't at all whereas Chris Middleton right now is just. He feels so good a bad. He's gay he feels he can take any shot. He's got that irrational confidence. Abed in the way that he shoot sometimes but right now I mean he had another fantastic four twenty five and nine ten or fifteen shooting he. He's just really. He's the perfect. Scottie Pippen I think to Janos. Right now where he understands that. He's not the best player on the team but he goes out there and complements Yana so very well when Yanez at their he knows. Jaanus is going to take the bulk of the shots and run the offense when Johnson Darren Criss. There's like now it's my turn Sean. And he's doing that very very Just so impressively right now and I think that sends a message to the rest of the boxes like hey this is youngest. We don't there's no need to even question that but everyone else needs to play their role and to do a well and it starts with your second leader. Lock in Middleton and I think I think that's where he's really stood out this season. That's because the way his leadership trickles down though from from the top right he comes out any works azoff even if it isn't in more than thirty minutes a game which is wild to think he's the guy that makes sure that. Middleton all the down Brooke Lopez's is being spry on the defensive end like everybody is playing to their capabilities on that team. And that's the difference between them and the sixers. I mean their leaders in in the box are in always working his butt off every game. I mean he doesn't miss a beat. So can they keep this level of play up for another four months? That's the that's the question. And and the good thing is bet against them right now. Trae said though they're getting rest in game and yeah he can take some games off towards the end of the season because they're opening up a nice gap between themselves and even the Lakers in the western conference in terms of home-court advantage throughout the entire playoffs. So they can. They can chill yeah. They're playing less minutes than those seventy three and nine warriors. All their guys are so yeah. We'll they lose five games. They just have to lose four. And that's cool. And you're seventy two and ten. Here's the only problem with all of this it's a chance at going three pita and MVP unlikely because that's going to be tough if they hit the seventy mark or even more. How're you going to do that? And the chances of going back to back to back nearly impossible because because this is over and this is a rap there is. I mean it's only now going to be interesting to see whether or not he's the next unanimous and the like Steph Curry did. That's really all. He's not losing this great historic numbers on seventy plus team. I kind of. I don't know they will go unanimous. That's more what I'm wondering I think I think I think Braun is GonNa push him. But I I honestly don't see how you can say that Janas hasn't been declared better this at this point but all it takes is one. I know Milwaukee even when he doesn't play the really good I'm saying I mean I do But you know when you look at the Lakers. And they're gonNA they're probably GONNA WIN INCH FINISH WITH SIXTY ONE. Sixty two wins there Which is a lot and Lebron has been great but I think the Janas has clearly been a step ahead of what he's done for himself and his team this season so I think he goes unanimously. We'll see we'll see all right so boxing Janas winters weekend like that one Trade who got also win over the weekend the number one seed Los Angeles got to win on Friday against the Grizzlies pretty much in command for the majority of that game and then an awesome went on Sunday against the Celtics. And I I might have picked the Celtics as a winner of the weekend if they pulled that one off and that was a fun. Game to watch the Lakers. Just look great that the chemistry is incredible. You see like Alex crusoe has a tip dunk. And they've got a headband celebration. Ready for them that Lebron's leading right now. They're all in on it together and plays through on the court as well because they're just so connected. I feel like they can get the right touch for the right guys at the right time. They had these little tiny sets where suddenly Kuzma's flashing across the land for a wide. Open twelve footer. Just shots you're not expecting that. They have built up over time over this season. Because they've been trying to build their chemistry in their connectivity. As opposed to the clippers the team that they're always going to be compared against it's just They look like a team and it looks incredible. And now they are adding marquee if Morris. I actually like that. It's like a store brand cereal. CaN'T GET MARCUS MORRIS. A little bit too expensive can't have the fruit loops. Get the fruit spins and they taste almost as good cheap way cheaper. Can we mom? Can WE GET MARCUS MORRIS? Marcus Morris at home you get home. It's marquis that's fine. You'd rather pay Markeith Morris three million dollars than Marcus Morris Fifteen. It's like when I asked for the Green Day album. Kerr plunk is the big one Yeah I'm screwed that one up. We got Markeith. Mars also know Marcus. Morris. I wanted mom hockey. You actually think four especially in terms of the dollar value. I know these are buyout. So it's a little different but you think not that big a drop off really between Marcus Markeith. Really all that much yeah. Exactly Marcus is probably a five percent. Better shooter in a five percent better defender. But he's making five times as much money. I made the weird thing where they just share the money. Anyway so the Lakers don't have to pay all that. I just think I mean. I don't think Marcus Morris moves the needle so much that you're getting more than his brother very weird to compare two guys in the same city with the same tattoos wearing dodgers. They said they're going to Carpool together. Yeah I if they play especially in a in a playoff series. We got to have a camera on that right. Yeah them heading in there. Well there's two more games I think for the regular season matching up with each other. Yeah so Lakers. I will throw in Jayson tatum. Actually as a winner of the weekend to from that Lakers Celtics game. He tied his career high on Sunday with the forty one. Just watching him. We debated and I saw some blow back coming at me in the INSTAGRAM COMMENTS. And even on twitter like. How did you not have Jason Tatum as an all star? How'd you leave off fair enough? Because he's killing it right now over the last ten games averaging nearly twenty nine points per game shooting lights out forty eight point five percent from the floor forty five percent from three but this game specifically vocal had to switch up his defense to try and contain them and it worked I mean they start doubling him very aggressively like anybody but him try and beat us but I loved what he was doing was when it was a case. Ep OR CARUSO. He attacked like he could always get the jumper. You always get the Kobe fatal if you want. And that's where we sort of knocked them before I settled. Maybe he wasn't doing head down. You know handle a little stronger attack attack attack and then if it was switched onto them and I'm talking to here in the second and third quarters when he went nuts. It was like okay. Well he's too big. I can create the room. Step back three super comfortable looking obviously is on fire over the last ten like I said from distance and he was just picking spots. I mean that was that he really is like such like you can debate and we have four like are the Celtics. Do you have to include them as a legit title contender? Can they take down the box? Could they beat anybody in the finals? Beat the Lakers clippers. Whoever I mean it's like we're doing this without Kemba really special but when tatum is looking like the superstar player already at twenty one. That's a massive difference maker in any sort of series and the playoffs absolutely. Yeah he's got so much confidence in his and the Post that he feels that he can shake his defender get inside and not again not settle for like all right. I'm just going to go to the fadeaway. Go inside to the lineup. He goes inside and tries to get the lap and a high percentage look and that has definitely been the biggest development and he's guide because too often it felt like when and maybe this has to do with last year with Kara in the team wasn't necessarily as connected as they are now. It's like I gotta get a shot so I'm just shooting next. Get it. That's what it felt like but whereas now it's like all right. This is my shot here. It's not then someone else can can do it. And that's a sign of growth for him. So yeah he he was awesome. They were unlucky really. There was an ugly into that game. I thought it was disappointing because it was such a great game but then there was the controversial calls and then took forever figure out who's ball that was and then tied him to shut off at the end but they called for an offensive foul as well he should probably just I think in hindsight he should've just rose up right away. Like when you got that pass instead. He tried to cut back and then his arm caught them and then there was the play before out of bounds or really where he was showing it to Jalen right. And then there's the pushing and shoving to tatum. Data went out of bounds. With Jesse P yeah spent pass in space to nobody and then there's the pushing and shoving. It was tough because they've got to go look at it. All you're right. He was ugly ending to a very entertaining. Lebron fade away and stuff like that where we thought it was cool to see everybody that intense on a Sunday afternoon. Game even Mayor Pete Brad Stevens getting another technical foul his second of his of his career. I saying virtually none. Are you getting? It looked like and he said and you could see the his lips afterwards. He yelled to the referee. You can't even hear me wasn't really yelling. And you gave me a tech. Seem like you just want. They just wanted to give it to somebody. They're like. Oh here which was which was odd but yeah. Tatum didn't get that call but he got a lot of superstar. Calls and Anthony Davis one of the front runners for defensive player. The they had to take them off him. They had to take off the playoffs. Although matchups and Jason Tatum. I don't think he's going to do this every single game. But if he is making your best defender have to offer you cut off of him because of what he's doing out there because he had a career high and free throws free throw attempts to that's fifteen that's just a sign of him number one getting calls because he's developing in that superstar and also just taking it to the rack so tatum is getting to that level. And that's why I think he is him in. The Celtics are becoming a real threat for the bucks when it comes to Eastern conference teams. I don't think anybody's on the bucks level. But they're sort of propping themselves up and it was fun to watch the Lakers who play. I agree with Trae I you know. I think they look like a championship team out there. We've talked about all season. I've found the end of the game. Kind of odd watching who they put around. Lebron was basically Lebron Eighty on offense and they put Avery Bradley out there in case there in Calcutta out there who are just grinding. I I would think that Danny Green would be out there. And maybe it'll be more out there and in the future they they don't I sprayed with the Mark Morris pick up just because I thought maybe they worry about chemistry a little bit but they don't they cut demarcus cousins it cut him in quotes he can still hang around. The team forgot. He was there but he he can't try. You can still hang around team because he's injured and you can rehab in the Lakers facility. But he can't travel with the team. He can't be on the bench strange like he can use their facilities but cousins is a free agent and market Morrison out. There I just I just always worry. I always think about who they're going to put around Lebron ad but we'll run an eighty or cooking on the offensive end. It doesn't matter. Anthony Davis looks like he could be a number one option all playoff long. He's got that much confidence especially plan with Lebron. And you speak a confidence. It is cool to take him for a second. It is cool to see a young guy in the League. Like visibly. See him start realizing. Hey wait am I may be the best player out here even on a floor with Lebron like you see that you're like he's like it's like and you have to do that game in and game out. And that's the that's the true superstar to have that consistency. But you know Chris Forsberg. I saw him writing is he. Is tatum muscling his way into the all NBA conversation? It's possible already think he's on. He's on the very short list. But there's a guy like middleton like that too but with the Boston's success team success. He's in the mix especially taking over and the numbers continuing to rise here but whether he comes up maybe a little short this year in the foreseeable future is going to be on a lot of these teams. It looks special. That was a really fun. Game outside of the yeah weird ending with the goaltending not goaltending calls and all the other stuff. There was a lot of that this weekend. Which you know exactly all right Lee who you got winner. The winner of the weekend is is the Houston Rockets. But before we get to them. I just want to say it was a rough weekend for the Utah Jazz. They lost back-back Harm Games. I on Friday. Not to the spurs they got pounded and then on Saturday against the rockets and this was a little closer than the than the loss on Friday night. But Not really because the rockets had a going on early on and we know that we still. It's still an experimental stage with the small lineup. But I can say with confidence. James Harden loves playing the Jazz. He just loves it and he does not feed them at all. And this is the worst case possible scenario for the jazz if they get matched up in the rockets in the playoffs because James on going back to the playoffs last year and then in this game on Saturday night he was licking his lips there in the first quarter. I've been someone who's been critical of not watching his style of play but when he has a going on and he just feels like you know what. I'm just gonNA torment these guys like. He did early. It is fun to watch. Because it's it's almost like a Michael Jordan type of against the Knicks doesn't what you guys do. I'M GONNA win. I'm GonNa beat you because we wondered how the jazz would try to exploit their heart advantage against the rockets with someone like Rudy Guy. Who's good at both ends? And he so long and he's hard to contain and he was virtually played out of the game they started by having him on Westbrook. And it's not a bad tactic to say let's see. Westbrook can beat himself here by giving him mid ranges all night off them see if he'll shoot exactly and give him a couple of three four threes. He hasn't been shooting those a lot recently but he made two of them but westbrook actually found his rhythm on Saturday night and they gave him some shots and he knocked him. Danny's talking trash afterwards. Incl- going around somebody from the from the side or in the baseline he's like talking to the fans. I guess they're drawing about the idea of Gobert trying to shut them down the clip continues and he just throws down crazy for. Martin looks back. What a Weird. And then after the game in the in the locker room. He's sort of cuts off the question before it's even as I can get that anytime any shot anytime you can't you can't He's offended idea. You could put like a seven footer on them. He said you can't scout for speed which I think he can quit yet. But you can't really slow and say yeah but but either way. Westbrook in that instance. It didn't backfire on him. Now you can see in. The planet has in the past where he's like. Oh I'm just GONNA shoot mid-rangers to show them to not disrespect me but on this. Not at work for them and so and then other times. The jazz tried to mix it up. Let's trap hard. He just pasta. He can do that he can do that. And Win Austin rivers is knocking down threes and PJ takas knocking down threes. All of a sudden. It looks like that small ball lineup is is a is a master stroke by the. I'm not sure it can take you to the championship. But against a team like UTAH. Psychologically they look defeated against the rockets. So they're tied right now. Thirty six and twenty identical records so the the rockets up on them because they have the tiebreaker. Yes Right now but you think jazz got to do everything they can to avoid playing them. The first round means dropping. Maybe Cedar too. I agree with you that it's not a great match for them. They don't want anything to do with them. In the rockets feel like they can beat them. No matter how big the guys that are playing out there doesn't matter. That's exactly right. The rockets just I mean there are a team that we look at it. They just play ball and they'll kick it out for an open three but that's it was working. It was working every single time. It felt like they could get an open shot whenever they needed to. And that's just going to be a problem for US FOR UTAH. They meet in the playoffs because we saw I think it was last season. Right where the where the jazz came out and tried their gimmicky defense against hardened kind of plan on the top side of them so that they could take away the step back. That didn't work when they played their standard defense now that they've Lost Derrick favors and go bears kind of the only guy who's going to be at the rim. That's not gonNA work. So what do you do? You'RE GONNA pull go bear the linchpin of your defense. Probably not no so. I don't know you just gotTa hope for a little extra little extra Mojo with those feet. I guess in some Miss Shots. I mean that's early. The rockets are going to have a game where they miss. Oh Johnny threes in a game. Covington shot badly to for twelve but everyone else seemed to hit them. Makomo in four for six rivers and Eric Gordon off the bench. A couple H. But that's all they need to do is hit. Hit a couple of those shots and it just seems to deflate the jazz because you know we talk about them as a defensive juggernaut but when the ball moves around and goes getting open shots the rockets not come in. And that's what I love to do. So I WANNA see this playoff matchup though badly. Because they're they're begging the jazz to take Rudy Gobert off the floor. They're asking for the and there and it's already storyline. They're already talking about it. Just do it just do it. So you've got that that that already installed trash talk I it's it's fantastic stuff and it works because they spread it out and Russell Westbrook when even when he was with with Kevin Durant. He's like a one pass guy he doesn't want to run. He doesn't need to run an offense for four passes to to move it around because he's that talented and when you're spread out you just need one action and that's all that happened with him. James Harden and you mentioned the play in the Corner Russell. Westbrook was hanging out talking to a fan and usually fans videos our garbage from the crowd but this one paid off like crazy so good it was I sick hoop. I was amazed at UC Westbrook. Plays like that that often. I can't think of that many not like new jazz. Yeah you still have the ball right. That's exactly right. Have Huge Dunks oop variety. It's pretty rare off the ball. Yeah he must be in a good space to be Jilin well he was talking trash to go pretty much on the first play into it and you know he go to Jackson in the last game. Remember against the warriors on on Friday night for talking trash to the bench. So so you know that that can be his weakness but again on this occasion it sort of provided the right Russell. Westbrook look good. Russell Westbrook attack. Oh Yeah you just said it like if he starts pulling taking. The little jumpers falls in love with the three then. That's what you want as the opposition. Go ahead we'll take our chances with you missing more than you're GonNa make when he attacks attacks attacks and puts the pressure on your defense like that. Then that's that's what. He's a different player working right now. I will say shout. Out to Jordan Clarkson Clarkson was great but it doesn't make sense to me that the solution to beating the rockets would be go out. Clarkson in that kind of math doesn't make sense right right right. No he played very well very good since he come over them for a score. Fill them you know. He's not a great defender better. He can go out there and get some buckets which is brandy for them. Talked about the possibility. Let's say of the jazz wanting to fall out of the FISA because they don't want to four or five matchup with the rockets. They're SORTA helped. Their chances are helped a little bit by another winner the weekend for me. Okay see continuing to roll here. Too Awesome home wins over the weekend Friday night. They took care of the nuggets. One of the better teams in the West. One thirteen one. Oh One and then Sunday crush the spurs one. Thirty one to one or three. And they're not that far behind from these teams that are that next level up. We always had it like yeah. There's the Lakers up there. There's sort of pulling away then. It's just a logjam from like two to five and then it's like six to eight and everybody trying to chase the but thunder are like getting up into that that mix there now with all these other teams like the nuggets and the clippers and the jazz and the rockets because the key point in games and I said because people were calling me a homer. I'm going to give Canada winter the weekend every Monday here now and I am once again but especially to Canadian dort. Man would l- against Dorsey twenty. What are your two week contract player? You have no idea who I'm talking about. He's a starting two guard for the thunder. Basically right now. He's playing really well. He was amazing on Sunday. When fifteen point six six shooting at three steals in twenty four minutes and he's going to very likely get processed into an actual contract because he only has so many games. You can play with this whole two way so he wouldn't even really be playoff eligible if he's still on this thing so you would assume he's getting a full time contract and you'll really see on right up on him but playing really well Just another Canadian ball out here in the league and the You know again. Okay see as just a Chris Paul takeover at times especially on the Friday night. Yeah it's special. It's there's just the one team I would want nothing to do with in a playoff series because they have the ultimate like nothing to lose. No one expects them to win. But you've got a hall of Famer and Chris Paul and you've got like the other Canadian. She gilders Alexander. This guy puts up twenty to thirteen so quietly quietly to me. It's like every box form like another like twenty ten type of game from him just like I don't really notice it watching them in the game but he's always getting those numbers and obviously contributing and they're climbing the standings and they climbed out of a potential to seven matchup with the nuggets. Beat on Friday night handily. They showed they could. They can hang with Denver and they've got the confidence and I would be worried if I was the nuggets Because of all those dudes you mentioned. There's just a lot of guys who I don't think are going to get scared. And fourth quarter play in Shay and C P three even though she's young yeah and and even Gallo I think we'll go down the reverse dunk over the weekend he was like one great dunk. Every two seats yacht happens but it does. I'm a little concerned for you though. Skeets what if Lou Dort and Shakeel just Alexander go up against him on Murray. Oh my goodness where are you cheering for? I tweeted on the weekend after that nuggets thunder game. This does feel like matchup for just going to see in the playoff series and screams like a seven game series. But you are right. I was shocked to learn that Jamal. Marine Andrew Wiggins Showed the same birthday. They're celebrating the same birthday voice there. Oh random flu I would say. He's an occasional door named. Luke I mean hold on hold on your name's dort. You don't need any other. I mean he can be a one name guy that has to be an exclamation mark right. Yeah but it. Just screams DORK. Doesn't scream cool a couple of other did it? You got another little mini winner the weekend. Yeah I wanted to give a quick one-two Josh Jackson. Because he's sort of a forgotten guy in the league he's drafted two seasons ago cels 2017 used drafted by the Phoenix Suns number four overall. Very underwhelming two years. Some problems off. The court didn't show up to a season ticket function. That didn't go too well. So they trade him in the off season the Memphis Grizzlies. But there aren't too many guys who were drafted in the top five. That can say you know what I'll go to the G. League I'll figure things out. And that's exactly what he's done. This season the Memphis Grizzlies went down and it was recently. Come back believes played ten games and he's coming off the bench and maybe that's his his perfect role and the role that he'll have in the future but he's just contributing and he's doing what he can energetically and defensively and so that's a good for guys if the G. League becomes A little bit more of a commonplace way to go down and find yourself and maybe it's maybe the draft doesn't have to be looked at as. Hey your top ten. You should be awesome. Maybe it's veering a little more towards baseball. Where you say you know what? Maybe you're not awesome but maybe you can figure it out in the minor leagues for a bit So that's it's just. It's just something that doesn't happen in the NBA. Very often and Josh Jackson energetically doing some things for the Memphis Grizzlies. I thought you wanted to mention trae young and the Hawks because I did want to mention trae young's hair. It's filling in something happened over all star weekend. People people mock him because he's got a bit of a thin curly hair which is a uniquely. You'll see the very curly hair but also thinning fifty point bomb on Friday night. A fantastic game fifty point night. Career-high RIGHT I. Yes yes hi four you. And then he gave He was a special forum. Obviously fifty point night but the special thing for me just watching that hair. Something happen over all star weekend product your products. Yeah we stayed at around the corner from the at the hotel we stayed there was big billboard around the corner that said something about hair loss replacement so maybe he slipped in there. Maybe staying at the same hotel. Sl- slipped in there. Yeah something's going on. I don't WanNa break but I was. I believe the first to notice that Andre Drummond had some serious shoulder hair back in the day. He got rid of that now. It's commonly known Andre Germany Shoulder. Ninety more you accident now trae on which I was surprised to see. I went from trae young thick head of hair to Lebron. Who's just letting her ride right now. He just he just let me go. He's coming he's coming home as they say a trae young. I don't know he did something. Did something great not only on the floor but off the keep your eye on that one more. I guess talking about just aesthetics here. You had a great weekend. Get a winner. The weekend Dwayne Wade had his number three Jersey retired in the week long weekend long. Excuse me celebration feels like a week long. Maybe even longer bigger for him fifth heat player to have his Jersey retired Zo. Tim Hardaway Shack Chris. Bosh and now Dwayne Wade. I liked though I actually hated one thing that he had during the time and love the other thing. Big Fan of the lightning bolt flash earing. He can pull it off. Nora was like that's a good look for him. I was like I agree. You can pull that off. That's not easy to pull off the the dangling earring I would say I can't believe dangling. Zero one hundred percent back are they. Yeah So I'm not surprised he had on at the dunk contest to it. Looks Awesome honestly makes me want to see if I can still shuttering through my whole so you have your peers I have four. Wholesome exactly right But I haven't worn them for since high school basically at this point. But I don't know maybe Laura has like a really nice something kind of dangling hanging on the back of the back of the bathroom door throat in the work underneath a headphone. I don't know. Rob We'll find out tomorrow. You'll have your ears tuned my left and my right. Yeah man back in the day so wow. I didn't know that I knew you were against tattoos on the neck area but so I assume that sort of went with the earing man. When I was eighteen I was on a On my sort of first trip away from the parents to Arrington left ear and I came back to started with two. I think it was like getting. You could either have one in each year or two for the price of one so I was like oh I want. I don't want to put him in the left but then I thought you know what let's get one in each year but it didn't last too long. I had one for probably three years. I supposed to accuse. But what type of earing. Big sleeper big sleeper in the sleeper. That's ring nicollet asleep by sweeper. That's just what it was cold and then sleep is leap. I was actually asleep or sleeper sleeper sleeper. Wow watering top top sleeper top-shelf sleep. We're talking to cartilage Jordan fans exactly right on our Magazi- trying to I'd just throw on a band and then a cool pirate it. That's the thing a cool pilot this week on our mailbag show variety. Got US QUESTION LINEUP ABOUT TATTOOS. And how we we were talking about getting tattoos last season. Maybe we should get a question. Yeah Yeah we okay. Maybe we should get a question about earrings. Maybe we'll get earrings back in play. Does that mean white is officially in the one. Airing gang now joining Harrison Ford. He's got the winery Morgan Freeman Jordan. Still has the worst and another God. If you guys know pat cash former straight and tennis player he wanted to still whiz. The one earing with the little crossover it. He's he's one of forever so tack throw Dwayne Wade and then we'll see. I love the earring on Wade. I was not a fan of his jacket. His look that was a brutal jacket for tweet. Because one of the most fashionable guys out there. He'll take a chance. Yeah you took a chance the jacket. I don't know if you saw it. It's all black cool but the jacket looks like a crappy. Duvivier or so. Yeah I did say but now I'm looking at it again. I'm like okay. Yeah you not a fan of it but again because maybe expectations so high for him. He's he's wearing a hearing on. Tnt back in always honor percents era came and such a cool like Harry Potter just on his ear their latest. Those are the winners of the weekend. At least according to US after my physical today after the shows so I'm fasting right now. GotTa make sure that bloodwork is clean. But I'm starving. She know what I'm GonNa do as soon as I get home. I'm getting delivery. I'm hidden up door dash the best thing is I'm not limited to pizzas twenty twenty for crying out loud. I can get whatever I want. What time to be alive with a selection of my favorite flavors from all over the globe I can order. World cuisine from the comfort of my living room with door dash and our listeners can to with door to door delivery in all fifty states Puerto Rico Canada and Australia. You can order from your local. Go To's or choose your national favorite restaurants like chipotle lay Wendy's and the cheesecake factory and right now. Our listeners can get five dollars off their first order of fifteen dollars or more when you download the door dash APP and enter code no dunks. That's five dollars off your first order when you download the door DASH APP in the APP store and enter the code. No dunks. Don't forget. That's code dogs for five dollars off your first order with. Dornoch let's get to losers of the NBA Weekend Lee. Why don't you start it? You gotta you gotTa Juicy One I do. It's sort of a two parter. I'm going to start in Los Angeles. I are we putting them both in the Stud One's asleep. No it starts off for the Clippers on the court and I only had one game and it was a Saturday matinee at home against the Sacramento Kings. You think okay. Clippers had lost two in a row coming in for fraud before the all-star break this chance get a win and they they lost the kinks now. No Paul George Fine. He's been after all know Pat Beverley. He's been out for a while. But this is the clippers. I mean if they are a real contender they really shouldn't have any problem against the kings and I did and the offense stalled sort of lightning that game and he interesting as well. There was a clip going round of Kawhi Leonard seemingly getting I mean we never see him too much emotion and he seemed very very upset with a particular play. Where Shamet I guess he thought was running to the Hoop mantras arrows. There was it was a bad pass. By what Jeff. And he seemed to sort of blame someone. We're not exactly sure who he was pointing around frustrated he. He looked frustrated And so they lost that game and you know what coming out of the. All Star break is okay. You can lose a game because no one's really got too much rhythm momentum but worst of all what happened on the weekend was Patrick. Patterson of the Clippers now the NBA announced The rescheduling of postponed game between the clippers and the Lakers would be replayed April nine and the reason it was postponed the first place because it came the original game was scheduled to be played two days after the tragic passing if Kobe Bryant his daughter John and seven others in a helicopter crash in Los Angeles Memorial today the memorial today yes in at Staples Senate now. Nobody at all was disappointed or surprised are upset with the NBA decided to just post by in that game and delay it however on his instagram stories over the weekend. Patrick Patterson posted the rescheduled date with texts. That said what if we said no thanks. Don't WanNA play the game. You chose to cancel. What a castle. What an assault. Honestly I cannot believe he would put that day. I mean a meaningless game of basketball compared to the events that happened and that is how he responds to it. Puzzling Weird was the word I use your just I mean how could anybody see? This game is some sort of like oh the NBA. Trying to screw us over that. So I don't know if he's in your worst of the weeks on task but Sure he deserves to be front runner for the. I just thought that was called idiotic. Stupid and just pathetic really pathetic to to put that sort of thing on your social media account so Patrick Patterson a clam straight up. Claverie lose the weekend for sure. According to lately there that's so easy frustrated with the the where the game is even put in the schedule for the Clinton matter and no. I'm trying to even rent an odd thing too. Because I mean the Lakers have the worst schedule out of the two. They're going to be pleading playing three straight nights. Seven eight thousand times whereas the clippers will have a not even a back to back off this right so okay weird. Who Do you got task for a loser? The weekend squeeze in a quick one here because they don't deserve a lot of time. It's it doesn't compare to Patrick. Patterson but the Washington Wizards Bradley beal came out in before the All star break and said I really like our chances of making the playoffs. So I- piped up when the nets and the magic were struggling and our man John Shuman of MBA dot com. Said the wizards schedule after the break is really difficult and I said well you know you know Bradley. Beal's really confident he's very angry. He didn't make the All Star game. Can they squeeze in John? Chimney said Hashtag. Well actually they can't. He likes to well actually incorrect. Me and I said favorite beef going out. That's where he he also tweeted something about teams. That hadn't won three in a row. This season the wizards going into the break. One twice and I said well they are going to be part of the three in a row club when they come back on Friday after all Star Week and beat the Cleveland Cavaliers little. Did I know John Beeline? The cavs head coach was going to leave right. And so the cavs got the BICKERSTAFF BUMP J B bickerstaff comes in. And they beat the wizards so they lose on Friday and not only do they lose on Friday but then they lose on Sunday after Bradley. Beal has a career high fifty three to the Chicago Bulls so back to back losses to the cavs and the Bulls to non playoff teams. This over John Shiffman is right. He was right. They still haven't won three in a row and they still stink and they're still not making the playoffs and it shouldn't be surprising. That team outside the playoffs loses games. But I definitely assumed that they would beat the Cleveland Cavaliers teams but I do think that beeline bump bickerstaff bump whatever you call it. Beeline bump in a bad way. But in a good way because sometimes you lose coach. You have a good game. They were playing their asses off against the wizards. And then I think the Bulls. There's an article on the athletic about how Jim Boylan has been calling timeouts late in. Games being down ten or twenty galaxy. Maybe I it makes no sense. What he's calling timeouts and I just think that the black let's win a game so he doesn't call timeout because their mentality like we're done with these dumb timeouts the best one being on Super Bowl Day and if you haven't seen Jack Armstrong Raptors color commentator. When they're playing the Bulls. He was pretty angry. Why are you calling a time out? Jim Boylan with a minute left. And we're you're down twenty-seven seven I got a super bowl to watch a former coach Jack Armstrong and it's been going on and on wizard. You're done goodbye. Zach Levine was the most recent the clip of him out there. What is he doing so many words? He was on for like a love that clip because it doesn't even appear to be talking to anyone. He's talking to himself out loud. What is this Guy Doing? Why are we doing this? But Yeah goals Kobe white had a good weekend Kobe. Alan Iverson esque weekend Kobe White. I was surprised that catch a couple of Shuman. Strays you guys? Were talking about. The Wizards Thompson says now trae curbing and they give up on the balls. Guess What John. Never smoked the wizards to snap an eight game losing streak. Yeah you're right. The Bulls haven't won three in a row but they also have at one eight in a row so we'll see if that happens still alive. They got a lot of games against them under five hundred teams here. That's where the Bulls thrive. Okay well I can't wait to see the time outs a couple of winners. Excuse me losers of the weekend we sort of address it there but throw it in here. The sixers and Ben Simmons. I mean with this news. I don't know if anybody's got their eye on twitter right now but Simmons following an initial evaluation on Sunday. He's going to undergo further testing on his lower back today. yeah he left. He didn't play. He's not gonNA play against the Hawks tonight. So that's a done deal. And he didn't play the game prior to the one he did try to play versus the bucks on the weekend played. What five minutes and then had to go back in and really never return so he's tweak this thing and we'll just sources describe Simmons of sort of emotional upon leaving the X. Ray Room and there are whispers around the team that this could be bad. Look a back injury. That's never good. I don't care how young you are and how physical and athletic you are. That is never good. Especially if he's going going under further evaluation today that means the first one wasn't optimal yes. That's exactly right so that's unfortunately an easy easy Louis. Especially when you pair it with the sixers you know put up a good half versus the box and then just got spanked in in the second half of that game and then the reason. I didn't get to the hawks there in winter the weekend. I'm glad we've got tray in there and his hair but it's a loser. The week I guess to the Mavericks as specifically Mark Cuban financially. Yeah hit a rough weekend. We don't even know how bad financially right now but the NBA is going to hold off on finding Cuban who criticized League officials until commissioner silver. He rules on the Mavericks Protests Because Dallas filing a protest over a late game sequence involving an errant goaltending call that resulted then in a John Collins put back counting and Cuban was not happy at all so the mavs want to basically replay the final ten seconds of the game with the Hawks up two and a jump ball situation. So if the mets won the won the in theory that could tie game or win the game stuff like that. I don't think that's going to be happening here. But he was really really upset. Cumin was. He had a lot of tweets Ripping the officials within this game and some of their ruling with these calls no calls and then just overall in general. This is what he tweeted. Refs have bad games crews have bad games but this isn't a single game issue. This is the same that has been going on for twenty years. Hire former rafts. Who think they know how to hire train and manage realized two years later they can't repeat he's angry and he is going to cost them a lot of money? Well he's got a point though with the with the with the way that Cole was made. Because you're obviously talking about the trae on layup yet which is blocked. Yes call the Golan yes. But then then collins does score it. Joan Collins gets the rebound and puts it in with no coming down. Yes and so you think that should have been a jump ball. They go and look at it. Say Well that was not a golden block. But you don't like the idea of this late whistle possibility to continuation the continuation. That shouldn't have been allowed if the play is there. Is that what they're ruling on? That's when the line should end. You can't then have a continuation because it was the wrong call. Well the rulebook maybe disagrees you. So here's here's what the officials told Pool reporter after the game. The ball was blocked and reviewed the ball hit the Rim. So it was deemed an inadvertent whistle because it was ruled a good block. Because that's the thing there's like three things with the play by rule. It's an inadvertent isn't inadvertent whistle. It's rule to rule to be a little more specific because Collins was in his shooting motion when my whistle blew it it's deemed a continuation so therefore the bank accounts you. It's like the common sense of. What should I rule it so then again? There's not a maverick in sight is a bit of an issue. That's part of it to me. If there's a maverick even potentially boxing out call them. Maybe they do this because I I caught that and I was watching an aside. Well there's no way collins is going to get the basket and then those saying oh the boss gets good and I'm like how can they will. That still continued. Like you should just say no. This is where the whistle blew. So that's where the planes and this is where we're going to pick it up from and again it's a two point. Game becomes a four point game so that does potentially have a significant impact on the result of the game. If it's a jump ball. And the Hawks win it and they fan get lawn maybe they put it up for anyway but if the Mavericks get it then they have a shot to win this game. Yeah so upset about Dhillon. Ride had a kickball that wasn't cold and that went ends in a basket ends in either a foul score but Naxi Cleber falls out. It's the sixth foul. It's this whole what happens after the play magic. Just sitting there on his notes APP just jotting. These down has their happening. Ready to blast off the tweets should the Mavericks lose the game in the end and then he was ready. So do you think anything? Come to this protest. No that that. There's no way they're playing final. Ten seconds game. No No. They're gonNA fly the Mavericks back here. No I know I know. It's a play this ten seconds after they wouldn't give the rockets a replay on a made basket. They could've changed the game as well. Yeah there's actually a rule to back up the referees. Apparently in this one yeah. That's that's going for them but Cuban. How much is this GONNA cost is? It's one thing to be upset about the no. Call your call where we should have been a jump ball but then to like. He triples down on hiring practice. Yeah exactly yeah always been Cubans thing. I mean he's always had against the officials or the NBA sort of how they put us all together. And who's in charge and all that? So there's nothing new form. It's been a while but this costs auto money. Yeah Remember Damian. Lillard got away with verbally abusing the referees after that controversy in Utah which clearly was a fault of the referees in that game I wouldn't be surprised if the NBA some leniency towards Cuban for this even though putting it on social media like it's different I guess when little we could read his lips and see what he was doing but I think he's got a point and I think the NBA will at least sympathize to the point. Where it's like. It's confusing rule at least and again when you're in a playoff battle like they are and That was a game there to be one so I it's it's tough the NBA to come down too hard when it's like it's kind of dumb. What happened right it is it? Is you think they might save him a few bucks. I think I think Adam silver will find him because he's got to say you can't say that sort of questioning the NBA. Take but I think as well he'll say well this is this is dumb and look at it is because it is. I think it is when we get chips in the ball winner to get chips in the ball so we know that it's a goaltender talked about it before it's gotta hit the glass I. That's right. That was a clear foot away. It was a odd one was weird. Yeah hawks come out on top and Hohaia Cuban right there in the corner Jordan Jordan Jordan. Not Happy so we'll see. Yeah we'll find out Hope hopefully good news about Ben Simmons back and it's not too serious and then this how much this costs Cuban here I do. I will say I would like it. If the mass do come back to play the last ten seconds on my bump into a friend Jeff. Skin white bumped into on Saturday afternoon. Piedmont Park walking with the kids. I look around and here comes. Jeff Skin Wings Rochester with the Mavericks Coffee In beautiful morning. We got a chap tastes great. You guys play a game of skin tag shirts skin. It was a beautiful day. Wasn't quite balmy down there but yeah it's great to catch up and scheme of beautiful coffee in this beautiful copy this and they're looking for a trash can. He was sipping away. He's joining us. Nice yeah did he meet the fans. Yes yes now. Boys Excellent Great. So hopefully that what? You're right Oh we asked to come back. I'd love to come to the park with you. All right with a slight catching pokemon in the park. They still do that. Skin weighed. Maybe Harper All right those are winners and losers. Yeah sorry one. Last huge drinks spell on Friday night New Orleans. Pelicans playing against the Portland Trail Blazers in Portland. Even got a hilarious call on the broadcast. Okay we got a drink problem average spill and quite a big one. That's one of the largest beverage spills. Nba sideline history. There must have been at least seven or eight in beverages on the dock that over. She know unaware the official in Japan to pay. They should go right now and take some money. That is a full Trey Mitchell earn hall. Yeah works yeah now. He's gotta pay up. You blame him for that. Yeah that's his domain though. Let's her domain as well. Yeah it's a double domain by domain. You never spilled a drink in your clubbing days back in the day. Well I'm going to say I love ago. I brought up the idea of the SIPPY Cup. Yes you do and right now we would be playing ball if the NBA had adopted my idea. We must not go back to the SIPPY Cup by the way they're playing the replay on the big screen. That's the reaction from the crowd again. That is talk about a loaded tray. This was a loaded tray. Thing was crazy. I stopped it. I caused that ric wand it so many times to see what it was at least two lights on there and cans. There's four glass to plastic cups. See-through cups there's to like big gulp drinks. There's a package of starburst. There's a pack of Sour Patch. Kids the woman who has bringing it out is trying to bring popcorn back and something else that is in a tray and there's just so much drama in this clip is Mitchell Irvine as Breen said because the woman walks out there this gigantic train. You're like Oh boy I know getting bumped. Something's going to happen here but it's fine. She's just walks out fine. No big deal a ball out of bounds right next door. No BIG DEAL. The rough walks by. You're like okay this. Is it no big deal? Then the file ball finally gets inbounded. Irvine takes a step back. This woman is trying to get out of the way and it's just like that commercial guy who's trying to carry like a million long cleaning products that it's like going back and forth up and down up and down up and down but then another woman comes out brings another trae right behind like you are ballsy woman shown on the jumbotron. The crowd is going crazy. The original server is hugging. The REF was amazing. This is like an incredible spill to me. Just the magnitude of the spill and the silent film drama. Just waiting for it to happen. Van Gundy's right though we need sippy cups. Here's here's the other crazy part. That waitress is the same waitress that Lebron knocked-over hug with back in December. She's great hugger. It's amazing that I love. The same woman was a whole episode of say. What right there It was good stuff so a loser the weekend to just spilled drinks was a lotta spill. That was the thing like I mean. I know you want to deliver it all at the same time for the whole group but what it up. I guess I don't know it's just so much fun true. It's like lugging up six bags of groceries. You know try and pull it off but yeah doing two traits all right those are winners and losers of the NBA weekend. I'm sure we miss some. Let us know on twitter. Hashtag no dunks or at no Dunks Inc. Jd tweeted the night. Tweet tweet tweeted. The night comes from well. We got a bunch of tweets about this But it comes from Matt Sookie. The tweet reads O. M. F. G. Wait a minute Larry. David and Lee are the same person for exclamation points and included in. The tweet is A clip from the episode last night. Where Larry David is Engaging in the League So I watched the episode and there is quite a modification on the leap here because watch it no. I forgot to watch. It cost them toilet. We'RE TALKING. It's accustomed toilet. That he has made for women in his new coffee shop For them to squat over. So it's not quite the leap right right Because it's his contention that Women do not like to touch the toilet and in my experience. This is true because my wife complains about this all the time she she'll come out of a a a a public washroom and there's Piss all over the seats and I never quite like how. How is this happening? Because there's a bunch of hovering going on exactly she's like these women will not put there but on the the toilets yeah and It's weird flat I guess the question is has roxy ever engaged in the League? Nothing aware of no portion is the mounting. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah late night mounting you. You don't you don't WanNa turn around in the middle of the night to wake up in the middle of the night you don't want because he doesn't want to turn the light onto to awaken the senses so you just go in and you just you know where you are and then you see yourself down right and it works and then walk out backwards. Yeah you turn around you just get up and you just know that there's no mess so then you just go back to bed and you haven't really lost any sleep. I did forget to watch the episode but we have known for a long time that this episode was coming. Yeah I was looking back in the in. Google docs to see if who sent it in because I wanted to shout. I couldn't find it anywhere I know I do. I apologize to I forget your name but someone that had either worked on the show in some capacity do that. There was an episode in this new season. Coming up that was some modified version of the leap. And this was it. I was getting excited the episode before last week's curve up so there was the he was addressing the man like Urinal yes and you saw that with the ability box. Yeah but then I was like oh I was waiting for her to come up in that and I'm like when it didn't I was like. Oh maybe this got caught or something. But how spilling over Larry. David obviously listens to know dunks. If he's doing earlier the season there was a whole episode based around bags of beans. Yeah thanks for listening to the show sometime love to have you. We'll even have jeff. Yeah for sure love that Jeff. Couple of gross aspects of this design toilet though number one. Your knees are up against the ceramic part of it right. Yeah like Donald. You bring home germs on your on your pants. I mean just I mean just mentally. I don't want to touch anything and Larry. David has his hands on the bar holding the bars. We'll you have to touch the bar to rose. You're sorta holding up because again you're squatting right to you need to hold the bar helps. You helps say Vince Vaughn saddles up to him. And the next one. And it's like they're riding harleys. Pretty Good Chad is going to be a good payout two slow-burn on this joke because once that cafe opens and women actually start they walk in there and see that. There's nowhere to write. Because he didn't put a toilet in there. Sorry spoiler and be these weird toilets that they're supposed to squad over. Well this is going to be a slow burn. You better get that checked out. I know that's never good. I believe it was James Beard. Who sent into US James James Regardless of whether it was you were on the award great suite of the night there. Pick them results. Run the Friday night. Do you remember it? Was the Grizzlies Lakers Game Lakers were favored by eleven? And a half. They had to win by twelve. They want exactly by twelve so whoever had late show got the W I for first time in a long time successfully picked. One is the Lakers. So did Lee. Trained tasks had grizzlies. So that's an L. Lear seven and four in February trained tasks and five. I'm three and eight. I desperately needed that one though so I'm still alive here in the final week really a February five nights ago for you skates down three here. We go number kid got another big spread tonight the jazz hosting the Phoenix Suns game night in the NBA. Double header on MBA TV will. But we'LL STICK WITH THIS ONE UTAH. They've lost two games. The All star break. So they're going to be feisty with the sun's coming to town and they've won eight in a row in the series against Phoenix. Eight and a half. The jazz are favored at home. Phoenix yet is big. It is big and I am swayed by the Phoenix Suns last game. I shouldn't be because they played the Bulls but I'm swayed by. I'm taking the son sons to cover. Okay well I'll jump in here. I need obviously got to go against at least one of you. I'll take the jets. Can't they could use a win. They can use sort of a very strong wind too so sure jazz. GotTa Win by nine. I'll take third game and four nights for both teams ugly. Why are we going to being ugly? One and I think I will go jazz. That's well that's not impressed with the jazz over the weekend but I think this is the sort of team they can bounce back against. I think the jazz have got nine points in them. Okay so three of US taken Utah to win by nine or more tasks likes the Sons to try and cover there so good luck to everybody all right. That's it for us today. Make sure to check out the other. Great podcasts on the Athletic Network counting back to back hoops. Jason knows other doesn't team specific shows as well podcast from a number of your favorite athletic reporter so check that out if you're not a member of the athletic game get forty percent off your subscription today. Go to the athletic dot com slash. No dunks you heard it here. I have a great time. Turn up love you guys awesome. Thanks for joining us. Remember you can find beauty in anything including coffees. Embrace the day people be. It's been so long full.

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