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Doc Bodo four eight one on the thirtieth of December twenty nineteen. We're sticking with works works. I'm Bernie go buck. You're sticking with me. Aren't you listening to me on spotify or on the speaker. App We can see some images disagree with this recording re might be reading me on inside dude. I E doesn't matter you probably know full well that I try to experiment with things and when I find things at work I try to stick with them like good resolutions. But this year the approaching your twenty twenty. I'm just going to rewarm some things of worked in twenty eighteen in two thousand nineteen resolutions that attempted to Follow back then and I'm going to go and try to execute that very powerful resolution. I had a few years ago. It means three numbers every day. Numbers that happens to be on many batteries that we have line around in our home automation project. There are the numbers three seven and one thousand like to explain to you. Each of those numbers holds a special meaning. Paul Manny I encourage this concept stick with simple numbers are simple words than reviewing those things like people do on vision boards so when numbers three seven thousand three stands for three separate separate meaningful contacts. Toothy told and I prefer to make or to renew three contacts with my immediate family. I have cousins. In seven different states they extend across a different time zones and every morning. When I do it right I look into the APP contractually paid APP that I use to manage content manage contacts and I try to play this bucket bucket game with contractually the Dave Delaney can find him. Dave Delaney taught me. He recommended that I do the bucket game it if I spent ten minutes with contextual. Every day I get a lot out of the goal trying to reach and and maintain contact with three people. I get a whole lot more out of contractually actually than by swiping through and scrolling through instagram. All Vo so my contacts are also instagram people. That's the three about the seven seven minute daily workout. I I have to do this at involves dilling Dylan Age age. Asking him to hold my legs together while I do sit ups or for him to what is hand under my chest while I do press. UPS OR PUSHUPS says American. Call Call Them. I used to eighty eight setups in two few minutes and forty five push-ups in two minutes. That'd be lovely to get back to that core strength but it's also fun to do them mm-hmm if I did him with Dylan. Yeah you could help me burn off my waist line and I'm hoping to buy some compression socks. Some obnoxious fluorescent listen green ones that could use for running walking versus running later using strata. To keep me honest I all put into the show notes my Strada Athlete number. If you WANNA file me but right now I'm having issues with Straw and my credit card except new or updated credit card. So that's my seven my three about one thousand two thousand words a day because I feel very complete when it can write a thousand words a day. It's very challenging during a normal workday so starting to figure out a way to perhaps get the words in before most people show up at work that may mean showing up to my campus thirty thirty minutes earlier than normal and also can get my thousand words in by using otter dot AI. So I'm saying right now might actually transcribe into one thousand words about that. I had to use a high quality. Microphone do that right now. I'm using zoom h six with the MS H six attachment. We'll see can I transcribe on the back of this actually written. What's it about. Three hundred fifty words over on inside you'd I e and I know no that if I reduce the lectures I give down to fifteen minutes segments. Figure could crank out. Several thousand words simples. Every day I think about fifteen minutes of talking is a thousand words or her could trying to produce three blog posts a run. The length of the blog posts called sticking with what works. I hit my one thousand four target that way but three posts hard to do. So what about you. Do you have any major resolutions. You're making for twenty twenty. What do you think of me trying to simply warm and we commit to a process that may chew results Pictures helped me along the way. There are pictures up on my podcasting album on flicker alley that as a link. In the show notes flicker podcasting my have had since two thousand four. I might actually start making twitter moments for all the audio clips that I share. That might be worthwhile and I think because a couple of hundred people read every gram posts or at least see. Every instagram posts might take what elements of what. I'm doing here. poppet across instagram. You can stream when I'm doing by going to be it. I Y or slash top gold audio. That's on spotify is just ask for top gold audio clips. That's top gold. Go L. D.. Talk off and the pictures with this over it inside. You really not look for the blog. Post sticking with what works. Were download the spreaker radio. APP and follow me there. You can see images for each major elements what I'm talking about. I'm ready to talk to me using the handle top cold on social networks. Thanks you're listening. I'm sticking with what works by for now.

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