2/26/21 - James Rapien Fills In for Mo Egger


The now i'm getting made fun of. Because i forgot the time that jack was going to be on all right. At least you're listen. James repeated for the spn fifteen thirty with six o'clock in twenty three minutes. You're gonna hear taryn bland. Give his free agent that the bengals must go all in on. Money is no option to sign. And i'll give mine as well. It's free agent. Friday plus we'll punt on a free agent or two. We'll get your calls on this. That's when we're really going to open it up. Five o'clock hour it's friday. We want to hear from you. So if you're listening right now think about it. What free agent do you want. The bengals to sign money is no option here. money is no object. It is all about going after this guy because the bengals have cap space and you get to be the gm on the show at least for a few minutes while you call in and then who are you punting on in free agency five one. Three seven four nine fifteen thirty eight six six two three seven seven six time for your calls coming up in just a bit. Also we will Actually let let's just go here actually. Yeah we got this earlier in the show as we were getting some of these different free agents from different callers. And i forget taryn i forget who said this but someone said alan robinson and i totally get that but what i thought was interesting is what was it yesterday. I think it was yesterday. There was a report from aaron wilson of the houston chronicle. That will fuller a guy that the bengals were going to draft in the twenty sixteen. Nfl draft if he was there he wasn't got drafted by the houston. Texans a few picks before they were on the clock in the first round so they say pivoted. And they took jackson the third. And it's worked out but will fuller is set to become a free agent. The texans don't appear to be extending him in the coming days. And they will not franchise tag him and it was floated out by mike. Florio that well he could be a bargain in. I think this is interesting. I don't necessarily think it'll be a bargain. But here's mike florio on fuller so with that. Said there's a guy out there at receiver where they're gonna need some help. Who may be a bargain because of of still lingering. Pd suspension will fuller is going to be on the market and the bengals may be able to get him at a good price. 'cause i don't know that teams are going to be flocking to will fuller because of the suspension and because of the reality there ever he was using allegedly were actually and he got caught so he was using something. If you don't use that anymore maybe you're back to the guy who can't stay healthy but i could see we'll fuller being a guy make a run that would be interesting will fuller. Would they make a run at him. That's a guy. You're not hearing a ton about in cincinnati in rightfully so certainly had the production you look for is dealing with the pd suspension. He would miss week one. But man i mean you look at his stats from last year. Fifty three receptions eight hundred and seventy nine yards eight touchdowns in eleven games. He was averaging sixteen point six yards per catch. What are the bengals need. They need speed in. Don't take my word for because you don't want to take my word. Don't take taryn bland's word for it. Don't take my florio's work. Take bengals offense coordinator. Brian callahan's where at ford. He joined me and jake. Let's go on the lack on bengals last week. I highly highly suggest you subscribe and listen to it. Maybe even go back and listen all three parts of our interview with brian callaghan. But here's callahan with the bengals are looking at and looking for in a wide receiver. The first thing is you wanna get. They can run. You know we need some. We do need some speed and then those guys that both of these guys that you're seeing any more can all run their slow but yeah definitely agata. Connect construction sealed Opens be an esa where teams are concerned about it. They don't have to be for to rain like that. But just enough to be a concern for defense that draws attention the biggest manning for our receivers Smart receivers and we need more smart receivers guys that understand coverage understand route recognition understand conversions. Understand that the quarterback is really smart and we work at his pace. And so you've gotta be able to handle his his brain in his temple the way he wants to work and be able to see things. He sees him fast. Because that's what he expects and the intelligence part of it gets over overlooked because it's hard to quantify sometimes but it's smart receivers are very helpful. They can diagnose him probably. Two different intelligence is intelligence capacity. Learning the offense. I volume so guys like that. Obviously guys got some play outside. You know is true outside. You're going one on one type of guy tyler. Boys the best slouch even football s. Make another go out there and you can go win one on one pursue ever lines up against them really on whatever route that gets all so. That's the kind of the type of receiver that i think. Every team wants some some degree. But yeah i mean those would be ideal traits for those types of guys. Well there you go. A lot of that sounded like fuller. Now that does sound like a lot of guys by the way. Subscribe to the lockdown bengals podcasts. Because well i'm not biased or anything but that was a really good clip right like. I think that will fuller in again. A lotta guys fit that description but you know dhamar certainly does jalen. Waddell certainly does devante. Smith probably does like there. Are guys that do that but will fuller does and a lot of my free agent opinions have to do with the offensive line. And i think that's a lot of people right now but what does the bengals say. All right we're going to go get a couple of solid guards and a willfuller. Because we liked him a lot. Five years ago couldn't get them and we still haven't found that speed threat so we're going to go get him now and we can get them at a little bit of a bargain compared to what he would have made because the season was cut short in. Yeah he's had some injury issues and stuff but we're not going to be banking on him to be are one and we're gonna pay him the way the lions did marvin jones will pay him. Eight to ten million per i. I could see it. I could in. That's the thing is. I think the bengals have a ton of different ways. They can address their weaknesses and the only concern for me about drafting or signing a guy like fuller is. It's just enough money. Taryn where like the team would be like. We really need your marceca's do we really need your march. As even though he's the best player on our board or should we take response later in by the way that would make me cringe if they chase is just a better player right so so that would be the worry if you spend big on wide receiver and then you look at. Who's gonna probably be at the top of the bengals board with the fifth pick. If so isn't there in order it's like four or five skill guys in my eyes. I think it's like chase and then it's probably going to be waddell by had to guess or pits then waddell so those three chase pits waddell and then probably maybe smith all in that range and so you don't wanna take yourself out of that sweepstakes so that would be my big concern other than that. Listening to brian callaghan fuller fits that that bill. So he's a guy. Just keep an eye on especially if floreo said screw and you can get them at a bargain like if you could get him for eight to ten million per over three or four years a burner like that do it. But just don't let it impact your draft to too much because chases you wanna pass on the next I heard he was compared by the way the other day someone compared to march as an analyst. I i really respect says jomar chase reminded him a stronger antonio brown and i'm like damn 'cause they're about the same height five eleven six six six one six six foot dish in that range. But i really think about it. You don't think of antonio brown is like tyreek hill fast. We'll need there's chase but he's a really good route runner in and out of his brakes game. Play game changer playmaker. So that would be my concern. All right up next. We'll we'll continue free agent friday and we'll dive into it. We're ten minutes away. i can't wait tearing. i can't wait. Taryn bland is laughing here. Are you better have a good free agent. I've been hyping this up. Mines really damned good and no one suggested it yet. We've gotten by the way updated votes. Six callers have said. Joe tony once said taylor. Moton as who they would go all into side. If you say. Joe tony you get an f for creativity taryn bland. So we'll see if that's the case mine has not been mentioned and either has my punt. We've had people putting on. Jj watt in allen robinson. We'll continue the conversation next. I'm james or peanut from oh this is. Espn fifteen thirty seats. Aren you should have put together a free agent rap. Free agent friday rapped by the way to this will be fire that will be fine retina. Now well you gave me the lyrics. 'cause i was ready to go. I heard the be. And i was down the lyrics state county. I just rosa here here. The lyrics james irpin information this is. Espn fifteen thirty. Oh man we're We're gonna take scott hanging side. I'm gonna get you one second. We're free agent friday. Here's the concept calling. Give us one free agent. You want the bengals to go all in on and make sure they signed in one year putting on and we're going to do that and i want this packed in the five o'clock hour because we've had some guest we've gone to it in the three o'clock hour then we pulled out of it. We did some draft talk earlier this hour. Five o'clock hour. It is friday. This is what we're doing. Free agent friday for the next hour tearing an i next segment are going to give ours but scott in the west side europe up next one pm fifteen thirty. What's up. scott hey man. Sorry i'm at speedway trying to do with my kids describing sammy So i want them to get joe tuning and brandon sharaf brandon. Yeah sign those two and then the draft. They need to take cockpits. Because as much as i want today so convinced generational talent pets he. There's will destroy any. I mean twenty. Five percent of his catches we're touchdown a free. He's a freeze on guard. And and that offense you they can runs on. They can run. It does not matter with and you just throw it up to six to four. It's like watching lebron james. go ahead. What what free agent are you planning on i. Ponting yeah which one. Don't you want heard suggested that the bengals should go after. I don't want well for no offense to you. i don't either actually. He's on my list. I don. I wasn't big on him. I just don't think he's a dominant. I don't know he's just not a guy. I think i think you with what they've got. Now they add kyle pits. I i actually like this or the day smith but pistons just unguarded with you. There's not any He's defensive coaches nightmare. He will take them to the super bowl and they'll win with him. That's absolute truth. He just how you garden. What both guards though. That's the interesting thing i do. I want those cars spending thirty million on two guards. I'm just saying here's what they're their guards. Were the worst guard tandem in the league. No doubt no doubt about you. You upgrade that now you now you can move your guards in zone blocking and get quick off the ball so that they're not. They're not far away. I'm not saying. I disagree scott but i think some are wondering who's playing right tackle in this scenario psychotic. Who's the other. They need another tackle. The other guys north western. I don't like sean slater. because slater is. He was a he was. he didn't really well against chase yang. But i think there's other tackles you can grab but they've got to get these guards and create or at least one of them they have to fair. Gotcha take care. Have a good weekend joined the speedway. Thanks for listening. No i by the way. When i went in that fuller tangent. I just said i if it takes any of those other guys off the board chase with pets waddell. I don't want them so. Don't get it twisted here. But if the bengals are just going to address the offensive line and pass rush and not add to the wide receiver core and. I don't think that how you heard. Brian callaghan last segment. Say hey we need more speed. So i think they're going to address it but if you didn't well that's a nightmare for borough. They need more weapons. They don't have any that they don't have nearly enough right now whether you want acknowledge that or not but no i agree with you on pitt's being and i mock pits to the bengals and i think he's going to be high on the report so we'll see if it's if it's watson it's chase if it soule but you know what time it is now up next free. Agent friday continues. We're going to give in we as intern. Bland myself are going to give our free agents the one the bengals have to go after and then the two free agents. They should pass on james dean inform. Oh that's next on. Espn fifteen thirty ready for some football. We are this. Is dave laugh and you're listening to the home of the banks. Espn fifteen thirty. You came to the right place. Free agent ride a as teheran bland miles ear to ear someone down quick today gonna rise when free agency begins in a few weeks right over paul brown stadium dammit. Five oh five. On jane's being in for mo we got one more hour. And it's free agent friday and it's interactive and you're going to get our free agents in the second here's how it works. This final hour is going to be jam packed hopefully with bengals fans that want to chime in with my favorite game show. I don't know about you. This is my favorite game show. And i don't even know if it's necessarily the game show it's a you get to be a gm for three minutes on espn fifteen thirty. Well james and and are here show and this is how free agent. Friday works you call in at five one. Three seven four nine fifteen thirty eight six six seven two three seven seven six and you give a free agent you want the bengals to go all in on and signed and they have to go get him and that's it you don't care how much they have to spend if it's fifteen million bucks for guard or whatever it is this is the guy they need to go get and then a free agent. You're putting on to give you an example right now. We've had what six caller sage otani that he's the guy that they want the bengals to go all in on taylor moton has a couple of votes here. Jj watt punt couple votes for him in a couple of votes putting on willfuller and allen robinson. So make sure you call in five one three seven four nine fifteen thirty eight six six zero two three seven seven six. We'll get to you guys in a bit but taryn may get to mind in a second. I wanna reacted yours. There's a lot of pressure here. I've been building you up for the past hour and a half or so. So let's let's see here. What free agent. If you were the gm of the bengals go all in on signing free agency opens in a few weeks. So i i don't know why you have the people to get excited for my pig. Why not you should be excited. What what it better be. Good pick you about this for hours. You couldn't put together a whole free agent plan in hours beyond that people. Follow me on twitter today. No i'm just saying. But if i were the gm but the bingles for an money's not. He's not a factor. Well now they're forty million in cap space you paying from more than that. They have plenty of money. What i'm gonna. I'm gonna linebacker. Who anybody back and bring me. Anybody is better than what they have right now. Oh my god. The bengals were were fourth fourth worst defense last year they can't. They cannot stop the run. I mean obviously a big dj reader or leona seasons so that those key to but you're signing a damn linebacker. That's what you're doing. That's the big free agent with with with me. I'm going out or peninsula yes thank. i'm going linebacker. Thank you god. You're not jam. The bengals aligned. Who are you planning on then. Who you gonna pont o. J. what okay. Well that's an easy one everyone just kicking. Jj every big return three three to six fifteen thirty can't be high taking like you hot taking. I think linebacker is a hot take. I think it's an awful take. I think it's a trash i'm serious. You know why. Because the guy i'm putting on is arguably the top free not the top because labonte david's there by the way i would put on the david to pay thirty zero linebacker. I don't care that. He he guarded travis kelsey in the super bowl chavez. Kelsey still had a buck thirty first off second. Off that's not the difference. Oh overpaying for a linebacker when you're four eleven and one is insane in levante. David wasn't my guy was matt milano. There's no way. I would pay a linebacker right now. Are you serious. I can't believe you back linebackers now against each other and clearly i would win the battle because there's no way while this is your thing matt matt mojo like white play linebackers. I didn't say no. I didn't say name i'd say the back and it's it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if brian urlacher in his prime is starting to come down. I'm not spending big money on him. Maybe in his prime because brian or lacquer and is prime isn't available in free agency. You're you're spending ten to fifteen million bucks on a linebacker because that's what you're talking about if you're talking about david milano milano set to command like thirteen talking about the higher end linebackers if they signed a-line backer fine josh binds fun. Oh no no no not just by josh bonds. Fine maybe a leonard floyd paper. Leonard floyd more of an edge rusher though but depre- bud dupree edge. So he could if you're talking about education different the edges different. But if you're talking like this this linebacker this middle linebacker stuff matt milano coming in here lord like the bengals were in on joe schober last year. And that's when i was in cleveland i covered joe. Joe's fine right like he's a fine player. There's no way in how i would pay ten million bucks schober per year or whatever. It was that jacksonville ended up paying. Of course not well. That's what you just said that i know. Oh god i name. They need a linebacker in your putting on by the way i would rather pay. Jj watt seventeen million dollars per year then matt milano twelve or one of these linebackers entering their prime really not even close not even close. Maybe i'll give you my during the past five years. Jj watt was one of the best pass rushers and football last year. One of the best pass rushers and football last year played all sixteen games. That's what he's done. He's he's he's been healthy to of the last five years. Sure okay so as carlos you don't wanna keep him you're vikings would love to have carl lawson the the ends not one of our because i'm not got a lot of needs up. Their secondary is a lot of needs. Yeah you've got a lot of will come on. You got a lot of needs in in minnesota all right. Let's get to the free agent. I'm going after. And i would spare no expense here. Look the joe. Tony love get taylor moten. He was there. I get it. I don't think he's going to be there. The guy that's going to be there that wants to hit free agency that wants to break the bank. That is honestly it feels like signing him would be like really reminiscent of andrew whitworth and twenty after the two thousand sixteen season. It's williams if it costs you twenty million per season to sign trent williams. If you're the bengals what d- freaking new. He's an instant star. Not good player star at left tackle. This isn't wait on penny soon develops no. This is pay big money for a guy. Who's a proven commodity. Oh my god. He's going to be thirty three years. Old okay yeah. He's he's really struggling. He had a ninety two overall grade from. Pf last year. Two thousand twenty literally the highest grade attack on the league highest in the league so again when you're talking about protecting joe burrow think about what the rams did and what we've talked about over the past four years in cincinnati andrew whitworth just being dominant in los angeles it. It's funny i asked. I remember sitting in the bengals locker room actually standing but it looked like i was sitting because andrew whitworth is a giant and i asked like oh. Do you want to join a contender. And he's like here's like it comes out of nowhere like teams come out of nowhere and you could sign with them if you believe in their vision then they can go from four wins to twelve wins overnight. And that's exactly. That's exactly what andrew whitworth did with the los angeles rams and i think about that conversation a lot because when he took that three year thirty six million dollar deal and he was thirty six years old. A lot of people are like why would he go to los angeles. They're not gonna win there and guess what they were in the super bowl two years later. They're in the playoffs that year. So why wouldn't you spend big money. On trent williams. He's thirty three. Welby is playing still peak. Level didn't play in two thousand nineteen because washington in just the dysfunction there and there was a lot of things in there but ultimately fresh legs overall played in fourteen out of sixteen games last year. One game due to covid okay. A lot of players miss because of covid one he wrested. The the final game is a little dinged up in. The forty niners weren't going anywhere. That's my guy that's the go-to you get him. You put john williams at right. Tackle free agent friday. That's there's no way in home signing any linebacker pudding matt milano to some big contract about aaron. Bland cagey right now. That's what i call it. A way through. He would have katie right. Yeah and there are callers out there that would that would that would draft the kid from penn state fifth overall to. I'm not doing that. I'm not drafting. Mike parsons on off ball. Linebacker at five. I'm just. I'm not doing it. Not when there's so. I if if you if you thought of that. He's he's going to be the next. He's gonna be hall of fame linebacker. You're not doing it. Sure if he's going to be a hall of fame linebacker you don't know that especially if chases there there's just as good of a chance from our tastes ends up being famous lever so close so yeah again. I'm not putting a. They put so much so many of their resources linebacker last year. None in the offensive line no workout. It didn't worth fourth defense last year. I don't care if they give up. Fifty two thousand yards rushing yards extra. If they can't protect borough it's irrelevant. It doesn't matter it really doesn't in so to me like guard. Fine tackle fine. And i get it. You wanna look at players not position. Some and i'm fine with that. Just like i'm fine with signing a linebacker paying big money to one of these free agent linebackers like a madman who by the way. He struggled a bit struggle to bet ccording to pf. He still expected to buy you. Keep saying matt milano. Because he's considered one of the top linebackers available. That's why i mean that's and he's the guy he's my guy he's the guy that punting on if but but to me it's offensive like i could name a bunch of offensive linemen. I would rather have than any of the linebackers edge. Rusher bud dupree different. Leonard floyd different. But if you're talking about straight up linebackers and i would take a lotta lineman before that a lot of in. That's just that's it but so here's how it is. If you're just joining us james peanut from others as espn assuming that. Jimmy hart bigalow driven No i would take cal pits over any linemen. Not name pencil. Same thing goes for jalen waddell so so you got to get the line either way. You're basically what i'm saying is like you said trent williams i agree. He's a good. But you're saying you're spent you're going big freighter then you're gonna take offense a weapon either pits or may maybe so's there. They still might take him. Which the idea of trent williams on one side pennies on the other journal williams at guard has probably got joe burrow smiling. Because he's gonna have about twelve seconds to throw. I mean so so. May i mean there's a scenario where you still take soule but yeah i mean i think the top players on the bengals board outside of school. They're going to be skill. Guys i do i. I truly believe that now. You might get parsons in there somewhere. But i don't think he's going to be the top guy on their board at five i don't and they have linebackers that they do have to whether you like it or not develop because they like. I think it came davis. Gaither could still be good. I think. Logan wilson can be good. It's not like. I don't think they can be quality players in this league and i'm fine with adding linebacker find with re-signing a josh pines. But you don't want that you want to go swing big at linebacker lord. I can't believe that anyway. Let's get into free agent friday. This is where i want to hear from you at five one. Three seven four nine fifteen thirty eight six six seven zero two three seven seven six one free agent you want the bengals to go all out in sign in one year putting on your calls next or from. Oh this is espn fifteen. Thirty my guy. Ostriches text me terron any said hashtag. Fire taryn from gm. And i completely agree. I can't believe you're big free agent edition for the bengals would be a linebacker discredit passover. Oh oh lord shack here. Seven four nine fifteen thirty one eight six six seven zero two three seven seven six james. Oh this is. Espn fifteen thirty. If you're on hold. I'm going to get to each one of each and every one of you in if you're just joining us we're playing free agent friday bengals addition on this friday. Where the big free agent. I would sign. I would go all in on. if. I'm the bengals. Is trent williams. He set to test the market. He's the best left tackle arguably in the league. And i i would go all in twenty million per. Let's row big big guy. Let's go block for joe burrow. The guy on passing on is a linebacker named matt milano from the buffalo bills that some people have connected to the bengals pass. Pass pass so we want you to call in and give yours. Let's start in hamilton. Dave you are first up on. Espn fifteen thirty. Who are you signing if you were bengals gm games. I'm going all in on hunter henry. Wow i'm putting. Jj watt as well. Henry interesting aright. Think you can go any of the soul chase pits from there. The more weapons mayor you could do with henry. I mean i guess you could really what i feel like. We're pretty thin there. You've got question marks that with Jonah blank here. See james. Maybe obviously drew. Yeah yeah you stopped sample. But as a free agent i i think it gives you options there. I don't think you can definitely run to tie out there. I mean an offense with hunter henry. Jomar chase looks mighty mighty it. That's interesting we haven't gotten hunter henry yet. So so that's a good one dave. I appreciate you know problem. Thank you have a good weekend. You youtube take care. Wow under henry didn't see i wouldn't coming. It's still better than linebacker tarrant It's not necessarily a bad one just interesting. I don't necessarily think terrence take is bad. I mean there your opinions. That's why we want. We want your opinions today on free agent friday mark. You're next on fifteen thirty how you doing. Hey james i'm well. how are you good. Love the podcast here. There's a little outside the box. But joe tune for free agency but then i like the position hopefully chase in the draft but then my pocket is just a tackle free agency way to the second round. How deep the tackle classes on the box Maybe the taco the second round that whoever that is battle with the j. for right tackle i was kinda of thinking about what ben baby was saying about how the issues are more interior than the tackle. The tacos were okay. Joan on whoever the second round guy was i could see that mark. I appreciate the call i i agree with you. I think they could wait till round to to address the tackle spot if you're really upgrading at guard like if you have jona you've left tackle and you have to high end guard and you feel good about center. That's the thing is. Are they going to do those things. Right to where the only potential weaknesses rookie right tackle. Because if that's the case you could scheme around it if you need to because it's one spot it's not three and so that's the problem but Yeah i i wouldn't punt on a free agent tackle in like in my scenario with trent williams. I'm still drafting a tackle. Potentially in second round because it's jones backup could sit and learn who who knows. Injuries happen all the time so adding to it is certainly something that i'd be willing to do. Five one three seven four nine fifteen thirty one eight six six seven zero two three seven seven six. Get all the board. The free agent friday train mark. I'll get to in a second. But jake in middletown you're next up on. Espn fifteen thirty. Oh james i'm on now. Yes sir first off. I want to say i'm glad you're back in ohio and it was. It was good. It's good hearing you again. I appreciate that thanks jake. Of course. I wanna say honestly. I think this might be weird. I don't care about defense. i just want them to put all their money into offense own it. I do not care. I want them reassign lawson of course because he's the only defensive end that we have. But besides that i do not care about defense put all the money into ullivan's led borough sling it all day long. Baby let's go. That's all i care about who you signing though. Well i know. I'll be feel one tune but i don't i'd rather get it right. Tackle good right tackle. I don't know who's gonna be available now. A lot of people were saying that you know be Resigned or ten moton. Someone like that. But that's on unveiled and okay fine tuning at least make dolphins of line be good. That's all i care about birth funding on. You're putting on any defensive player in free agency. So i really don't care about defense right now no all right. I'm just asking i want. I want them back. But gotcha no jake. Jake i gotcha man. Go on offense. I'm not gonna argue with you. Because i get it. I totally get appreciate your car. Man take care. Have a good weekend. I mean that's that's it right. You got your franchise quarterback. Why wouldn't you go all in to protect it. So it's twenty million. For trent williams. Too much or ten million for daryl williams at right tackle. No hell no. It's not go get him. Go get proven offensive linemen and then you can address it in the draft. Whether it's the first round will or the second round with a bunch of guys third round. I mean you could find. That's the thing even if they signed tuning they're going to need to draft the guard. You can find one in probably around to round three. Maybe around for that could come in and be a guy really. Can i think. That's that's there's a chance that happens. You have to be aggressive in and get some quality pieces in there. Let's take one more segment mark. You are next up on fifteen thirty. Thanks for in free agent. Friday breezy friday. That thanks me on your games. Love the podcast. Love the tweets. Your frigging awesome dude. You're the man. I appreciate the kind words. Yeah yeah so. Definitely i I'm active on twitter. And i'm actually like i guess i follow Joe's unique sister and see re tweet a lot of my stuff about joe tuned coming to cincinnati. So they're gonna like awesome bides and i'm going on on One hundred percent and Suber pumped about him and super pump. That he's from the area and I mean what. What are your thoughts. What do you think the probability of him coming our way. I mean. I think if the if the money's right he's probably down like why wouldn't you want to block for joe burrow. Join an offense that seems to be on the rise. There are a lot of young pieces to like. I i so. I think that part is fine. The the question i have about tune isn't really him. It's one do. The patriots tried to keep them now. And if not that's fine then he hits free agency in the bengal should be interested to will the bengals be willing to spend that type of money on guard right. This is the same team that let kevin zeitler walk just years ago. Four years sixty five year sixty million think about that. Joe tuni is probably going to get four years close to sixty million like. That's probably what he's looking for a year. Less than what. The bengals willing to pay kevin zeitler. Who was obviously a first round. Pick a guy. They groomed in developed. So that's the part that worries me a bit but we gotta overpay to get these high caliber players. Then we got. Our messiah quarterback leftist Our water for them. you know. Yeah you know. I i i agree with you and i think that that mark and i appreciate the call and the kind words again if you go all in on guard like that or a tackle like that. I talked about perception earlier in the show that matters. It goes a long way. It goes along with joe burrow. It goes a long way with the way people view the franchise because right now man you look at. You're like man. The bengals lucked into in that. That's what people will say. Now i promise you that's what they're thinking outside of cincinnati. They looked into a quarterback. And they're not even willing to protect them so show that you're willing to protect them. Insure your quarterback that you're going to do so five one three seven four nine fifteen thirty one eight six six seven zero two three seven seven six james in from. Oh this is free agent friday where you call in and you give one free agent. You want the bengals to sign in one. You're putting on. Andy you're next up. What's up andy. how are you sir. i'm. Anne how are you doing very thank you for asking. I got a little bit of a different approach to it. So we're hopkins hurt. And i think that he'll be back by the start of the season. It sounds like i go. I go after. Korey lindsey from the packers. I spend my money there to. I get a leader at the center which is more important than i think. People give credit to share where hopkins comes back. I'm comfortable hindi and my right guard. I get stained back and they can my left guard. i take pits at five overall. And i'm hoping that. I can burg from notre dame falls into the second round and make him my left tackle kick joan right And and i think we've set ourselves up pretty well there For future and you and it's a deep deep offensive line draft so you can pick up a couple of things later on the draft. That may surprise you to be available. But that's for me. Where i go after because i just think that pets is to dynamic to go after Are not to go after. He makes me a little bit nervous being out a year. The double knee races. There's just something about than sit. Well not that. He won't be amazing but That's my approach. I miss a good center since we had bram back in the day And i think that needs to be dominant. I think lindsay can be that guy those additional piece. Yeah handy i liked. I appreciate the call. Have a good weekend. adding corey. Lindley would be ideal. Here's where i disagree with the plan when it comes to andy. I wouldn't pencil and try hopkins anywhere. Because i just don't know i would still go get a guard like the bengals. Signed lindley sign me up. It'll probably cost around eleven million per he's thirty years old still playing at a really high level. But that doesn't mean you can't go after another mid tier guard. You can still do that. Heck you could still. The bengals are forty million cap space. They can still go after. Joe tony and sign corey lansley. They could they. Could they have the budget to go after a a rick wagner at right tackle so just because you get lindsey and its target one guy and then punt on a guy so i get what he was doing there but i like it and i'm open to and that was the first time today that someone said corey. Lindley we got a lot for joe. Tony one for taylor. Moton one hundred hundred one for corey lansley. A lot of people putting on. Jj watt allen. robinson willfuller. matt dan. Hang tight i will get you guys on the other side. Do not hang up because free agent. Friday continues with matt dan and at five one three seven four nine fifteen thirty one eight six six seven zero two three seven seven six. I'm james pain this is. Espn thirty free agent. Friday rolls on happy friday to you. Hopefully you're starting off your week in on a good note with you till six o'clock james or ffynnon from here on espn fifteen thirty. Hey andrea are taryn. I think there's one st at you buddy andrea said all in on signing brandon. Scherf as part of friday. Okay go after top guard. He's putting on anyone who plays linebacker. So i'll give you as twitter so you could go after if you want little little shot at you there. We'll take shots at me other little shine off whenever you guys will get along anyway. Let's let's keep things going to be a part of free agent friday here for the next twenty seven minutes Five one three seven four nine fifteen thirty one eight six six seven zero two three seven seven six and is in reading dan. You're next up on fifteenth thirty man. I really like obviously going after. Leo's like you. You talked about. But i i wanted to be a little bit of a home. I went to arkansas. I love hundred henry. I think you know the injury history. Maybe a little bit of a concern but man. He is a great blocker as well. You know you can kinda if you're going to throw that money at trent. I don't know that he was. He would come to cincinnati. So you'd obviously have to over pain. But i think hunter henry would wanna play with joe burrow. I just you know sure You know and and you know. Putting on william jackson i mean anti lost an honestly again. I mean they could baby that athletes a voice of valuating for the negative acid out. What it about bengals. We're going to the next three hours. Ben baby sky homes and consistently perspective on friday. But really go all in like the guy said before bengals this offseason all about instead of frank on the net you active at four about type listed this show like riding it again. He's teams are well. Let's dive into it. He's going after one hundred. Let's dive in as we start this jackson talking about all day lodge. And we've probably had not one has punted on laws because really it's always citation. Jj watt listening right now. Heck in town on the iheartradio app across the country. Or whatever you're listening i guess what. We probably all agree about henry two votes. The bengals have a lot to if you want to chime in your candidate address them and they can't just do six thirty seven seven. They can't just do election. Tom this other thinking of and it's not good enough because i tell me much deficit got him. I man how you been. The bengals have something better. They haven't had in the mike brown. Welcome back i know it's over. Love your to catch straight ahead getting crushed and then they take carson. Thank you now. You're right it's been a wild ride. But i'm happy wack where it feels like here for sure. And he was never home franchise. It's an exciting time fire to fill in for the first time in years. So don't think you know it doesn't have the album feel about. Leadership is the intangibles. Dan factory with tom brady had went to austin foxborough and change the page style culture. Consider awful organising shield again tyre city on. Everything seems gamers plane. And you've got. Tom brady changes what they're doing. So whether it's trying to pick two out of the top four they're available line. It's because of talk about everything's new took whether title. I don't really care. What does it matter what happened in the ninety mad guide. You can get rid of this seconds. You might have challenging. Yeah i i'm with you on chase chases and it's not because he's a in the thing i love about him. Homema- got address. It needs to berlin linebacker. I was going to do that. Really hard to bring obviously changes in. He's just thought did it at nine thousand. Nine hundred people make traces nationally. It's very true when you talk about getting signing. I'm not sure he's happy he's there he would be making meeting bush. Yeah fresh icy national punt on guys. You're talking about a guy that's crazy. You're talking about a guy go any other wondering if bad number one of the world's nauseating people apparently bringing national media member profiles are wondering if borough was jackson fan. I'm much this lost. And i think this is one of the main holding back raising job early because it seemed like the entire. Nfl gears. here's a freak of nature. Is wrecking ball really. Got his coming back into batmobile. I wanna i wanna ross perot in their mixed line dash. There was a guys got. Probably i hear you tom. I appreciate it man. It's good to hear your voice injury. I this part of it. He goes like the bengals can make a lot of these moves. Like i'm looking at it. If you're just joining us we still minutes. But you know you got a lot of voters cagey a lot of people. Putting jj watt planning on alan robinson. Lindsay's a guy that's been mentioned. Peter shrinks can do all of these good show by the way they could sign lindsay. That's they can sign henry raising they can sign lindsay and it's been at least they could even sign the guy that people are talking they could signed carson palmer got injured a recovering from also keeping a calm. People are still saying the bengals got it right at the money's there the bengals got it right there so that so. This is an opportunity where we're is for mike brown. This is a true soaring long in. I was the organization draft a turnover. That isn't the only way they talk about the only way that's part of the campaign in haiku by the way james with is this is the produce free agent sees them actually change st louis pieces to change the narrative with because winning. It's a simple just when everyone starts. But how can they fifteen. I bet you. I bet you to be more than what it's like. I bet you skyline. And if i was ever going all with the guy doesn't have the leadership barely ask physically soft. You can do every because that's what you have to win again and you don't need the minister. Obviously but they'll add another weapon in a guy who had defensive player game every once. You're going to add a veteran daniels who i've tied to eleven and one about signs in august and people for phone calls seven four nine one eight six six seven zero two six. Got it when you have fun. How long it talk next right here on these guys to realize billy price describing and he was on the bengals boot podcast. I didn't give you my listening to him. Describe it's a show borough next time i'm in the moment on the i've another filling for most guys go. They scheduled where they heard this jersey. Ma- maybe i got he's thrown with. Espn fifty i. Think that wrapping up my asian bride unfortunate injury where. We've gotten a lot of suggestions. Certainly favorites some among banks. Let's take another one here. And maybe i'll let you can see reach out at five hundred. Four hundred fifteen. Set it up in green us home agent friday before you walked right. Are you along for me. Just usually that'd be used to continue leandro joe's everybody even like you said he's an beer if we can get he is houdini. Because that's what. I really like him. Just twenty three million probably talking about it that he stays san francisco wants to see so. This is the part where the bengals have to get comfortable here and spend. But joe is i look at trent williams versus the impact of again. Dj reader and trenton. Trae ueli price on the bane. They spent more than twenty. Something million on upside is huge. Because it's rose blind side and then you have your writing the offensive line. Getting proven offense spending money spending it in the right places bengals add the cap space is going to million probably more depending on salary caps. The bottom line is they have space at all flexibility halloween to spend last offseason on what's going on. I'm tara improving guys in there because it gives you the best player availability that chance. Stand up everyone around from the coaching staff at times. It's so certainly the offense always. I will say this. I think he doesn't have to be tell by seven years people alleged dragging. Ross just isn't ready yet. Pared down to the so. I'm not trying to think that mean or rude tillerson upgraded this bengals in the add to your lifetime opponents. They're one of those guys who much talent on jefferson pilot who wants four weeks out the cold on a lot of money because that's quarterback draft wouldn't have happened. Guess what this. Mike brown has a chance here. Overseas organization has start to script. I think he's great. Starting to turn the page i think in that doesn't start tackling agents could today on. Espn with out for the next two hours. Yeah sure we're going to get into ride even better than here on espn. I agree to call five one. Three seven hundred seventy two three seven seven six at james repeat but i would much rather because it's been wild and i haven't talked to you since even if you don't live anywhere. Sure when i want you to gain free appreciate the guy this guy. Because he's going to change fifteen million or twenty million for the guy they should glad you are on the flip side has been fun. This is call rage and friday. Give the bengals to get taylor. Moton has has one i picked. I want you to rent so give me and we just got to vote for rage. Air pass to the bengals lot of people passing on and i had a segment. We don't this guy. I don't wanna spend place for. Jj watt. because. If i do do then it's going to. It's going to hurt. Are you kidding me. That's what i want. Because this this i watched. Jj watt today eight six six seven hundred twenty seven seven hundred. Twenty one to your calls is free agent. This idea that he can play outside. Easterling is start to give worth a damn. I'm james see look at you. You're getting me into it of by moyer show is what we should call it. I get it. The banks have so down but including free agent. Friday green bay on. Espn games help haram today today in a lot of been about twenty eight wiping missing pete. What free agent you want. The bengals aren't all in on but once again. That's how i think. A lot of teams are viewing him. So then what free agent are you just interested in. So many people down on of the bengals or suggested the bengals china. Would you guys say about what i'm asking you at five one. Three seven hundred eighty eight six six seven. Oh time james says it's been a lot of fun. Shout get it going. Free agent friday sanjay. I'm back at it every single day. Tackle from bengals olga me down the reds free agent breakdown to me like they make. I think joe mullen is available in free agency. I'm worried the panthers are going to extend it'd be. I agree with you. I think you'd better be with this. Hunting guys. check out the locked on bengals. Her took jason competent. Well i mean awfully someone younger for less money. That'd get the next one. Return james so right here. Spend the money. Obviously he's the perfect guy but we get more tackled. Think hey chat. I actually don't think you're in the minority of bengals fans. And i appreciate you calling and leading us off here on free agent friday. I put out the idea of. Jj watt at all bengals dot com yesterday and the majority of social media. And i get it. It's a small small sample size in the grand scheme of things. They were not on board with giving. Jj watt big money. Let's keep free agent. Friday going by taking a trip downtown. Jeff you're next up on. Espn fifteen thirty. What's up jeff. Hey games i think during name wrong actually. Justin pretty good going pretty good. It's all just like probably majority everybody else's talking Joe tony obviously would be the one that i would double down on and say that the crown jewel of the free agent class that you need to go. After now that he will elevate the entire offensive line play a let's say a joiner williams I know people are talking. Trae hoppy the center but kind of an unpopular opinion. I still believe in billy price. So i know it's kind of not really. Hey hey free agent friday. You're allowed to give your opinion. Keep going of course of course definitely. But you know i heard is Talking to Bengals booth podcast with dan. Hoard and david lapham And it was. It was great and honestly i just like they billy price. We kept trying to left guard and right guard where he's not a guard. He's the center. But you know for now trae hobbies. I think joke. Elevate the entire line play. Not necessarily by himself. He's still have to make additional moves. Like a daryl williams at right tackle But then as far as the free agency that i will punt on is our robinson i know. Everybody's rubs to the bengals. I think he's very talented. I don't wanna warned him that much money. I personally would be also going after tomorrow. Chase with the number fifth overall pick. He is going to elevate that entire receiving room and maximize the talent of joe burrow. Talking chase right marci icy robinson. It does probably take you out of the marching sweepstakes correct. I need to do at the compass. One of the main things James that i've always said about the dawn and aj green era is the best way to opponents. Always game plan for the bengals offense was neutralized. Aj green and make any dog also with the ball and that was always accessible with tomorrow. As he literally elevates the entire receiving room of tee higgins and tyler boyd and him whereas you don't know who's going to get the ball because either one of them pop up one hundred and fifty yards and two touchdowns in the game because joe burrow's just that good. it's just a perfect match But yeah that's all porno allen robinson. I wanted to give a bonus when here too because every time. I hear the conversation between karloff. Or william jackson. It's just it's called often by a mile. I think this is gonna sound popular. I don't miss anything. If i'm popular you might be able to. You know to let me know on it. William jackson the third. I think the bengals just need to understand that. Hey he can go ahead and walk. Because the franchise tackle. We'll do no. Good with william jackson in my opinion because he's going to plan a lot of money and you can answer it honestly james. Is he really the best wide receiver indian tire. Afc north division. Cornerback back yes. I'm i'm trying to work here now. Marlon humphrey is in the division. So that's obvious. Ryan ball now is probably better nelson. Y- i i get it. I think man. He's really really good. I just want to trap themselves in overvaluing their own player. Where i i think i heard you say it is on a baseball. Podcast wants Go like ronald darby. Maybe a from the cowboys and maybe invest in the pick of foreigners. Samuel junior and alexander and honestly. I think you're secondary has sort of play out very finally because everybody's going to have a wide variety of skill set whereas we're leaning our hopes and dreams. William jackson is going to continue to play at a good level where be honest. He's never made a pro. Bowl is not all pro. And i just don't want to get trapped in value even guys where somebody else going to pay top dollar for We'll get visits. Pick back from them. I think we'll be fine that way. Also so gotcha. That's my thing. I appreciate adjust and there. There's a lot there But his he's putting on alan robinson signing joe tony. We're going to get to another call in just a second. Let me react to the carl lawson william jackson the third point first things first. I reported earlier this week. That kara lawson will be franchise tag by the bengals. That's the plan if if they can't get a long term deal done so we'll see if that happens to. I still believe keeping william jackson. The third but i am open to the idea since he will be twenty eight years old. What's the alternative. If the alternative is taking a cornerback. Caleb farley with the fifth pick. Well i'm punting on that right. I'm not going to create a need by not keeping someone that we've developed if i'm the bengals and then addressing it with the fifth pick. That's a nightmare. You're no better at best. You're the same. If for lease is good as jackson as a rookie. That's not the way. I'm doing it now if it is signing a free agent. That's okay in going. After proving commodities that might be close to jackson. You can sell me on that idea. Especially if you're going after these top free agents which i'm guessing on free agent. Friday drew in pleasant ridge has a free agent on his mind. Drew you are next up on. Espn fifteen thirty. Yeah hi More or less concerned. I wanted to know why the patriots don't want joe tuning like what's what's the negative side him. Why don't they want to do it. Well we're on franchise you would think if he's great stand out of its surviving. They would keep them. They've been no brainer one. Won't they keep them. Is it a money thing. Potentially a money thing but they have a lot of cap space and it really just depends because i did hear earlier this week that there is a chance that joe. Tony just resigns. They're in they do have the cap they didn't last year so that was a big part of it. They didn't last year. They were trying to move him. And i think it might have been you know. You don't wanna overpay for guard which is something that the bengals certainly have haven't done in the past. So that's part of it too. So i think that the patriots probably open to it but they might wanna see what else is there but they certainly have the money to recite it. There's no doubt drew. So so that is. That's a fair question and i totally get where you're coming from there especially because i think a lot of people so far we've taken to calls and both of them said joanie was there the the star i haven't given mind yet but they're goto and free agency and he is not mine. He's on the list but he's not my number one. Yeah i think you're going to get call after call and they're going to say that and i just this is probably the most important signing in in the franchise's history and it has to be right so the questions like that you know. Why doesn't fifteen want him. If they had them for four or five years they have to be. Can they have to be answered. The more we make the signing. I appreciate the call. Those thank you appreciate. You have a good weekend. And that's it's interesting. I'm still down for joe to anybody. It's not like i'm not going after joni james pnn from oh this is espn fifteen thirty and eleven minutes. Ben baby espn dot com going to join us taryn. Can i take one more. Can we do that. And then we'll get the ben. Okay i gotta make sure see. Here's the thing it's been a while. I gotta make sure the clock. I'm keeping up the clock so if you want to chime in we're gonna continue to take these free agent. Friday calls at five one. Three seven four nine fifteen thirty eight six six seven two three seven seven six but up. Next is my guy greg in madeira. He's on with us now. Greg you have been on. Hold for a while. I appreciate your time a man. Hey james longworth the white man how you been doing. But i've been doing well. What about you hanging in there hanging. Let let me just say. I'm about to go to get somewhere. And i'm gonna camp out of jim. Thome and middletown ohio. And i will say there kelly signs and all that i mean. Obviously i'm sure you've probably heard about this rumored golden. There's a pandemic going on. If you're going to get close to make sure your mashed up. I got mad. 'cause all that james don't worry about it. I'm gonna stay this front yard. That does all that. But i mean it just makes all the sense of the world rumor. Has you know he wants to play close to home. And all that i mean but the also i hear you know. He obviously wants to get paid. So i mean is the gift i'm gonna be handed to us. Wants to come here. Because he's not too far from here. It just makes so much sense. And you know what i mean. I know the bengals don't believe in paying guards but you know you look how borough got hurt with because of a guard and all that and i'm sorry the browns. They were great team because they like the best guards handed in the league. Literally and all that you know you look at other teams it is. The time is now to start paying a guard guard matters. There's no doubt about it. greg. I will not downplay that and i will not be critical of the bengals if they invest in guard. There's no they had the worst guard play in the nfl last season. I think that's fair to say even before birth injury like it was brutal and that you know certain guys helps kazoo. Su'a filo coming back and clinton spain and enrollment showed signs at times but overall as a group through six sixteen games it was just it was rough to watch so all right so you have tutti as the free agent. You're signing. What free agent are you putting on. That has been connected or mentioned or suggested to the bengals. Well he's not gonna have any cynically You know what i really think about. But i tell you one guy is trying to say and i it wilson. I don't want any part of isaiah wilson or anything. And all that i heard he had. He had an attitude issue from the tennessee. The bengals rumored and wanting to draft him. But i i know he's never been mentioned. But any part of isaiah wilson. If i know he's not a free agent they're trying to trade him but that one guy i want no part but i wanna ask you one more question and all that you i mean. Obviously chasing penny sewell are talked about. Here's the thing james i. I don't wanna like him too much because my biggest fear is we have to prepare. You have to prepare for the fact. Both those guys can be gone. I mean let's face it. It's not realistic. For quarterbacks are going to get fifty four five. They're not. That's going to happen greg. hundred percent. yeah you got so you have to repair you. Know what do you do if both taste and sore off the port. Where do you go from here. That's my biggest worry. Yeah sure and that's that's kind of my been my thing greg. I've put out three mock drafts. And all bengals dot com so far. I'm kinda do every other week before free agency. Because i think it's hard to mock pre free agency and chase and soul have both been gone all three before the fifth. Pick i to me. I two quarterbacks in the top top four. I have chasing soule because i think they're the best players in maybe one calls but if not to me and this is why free-agent friday so damn important. Yeah i'm taking one of those skill guys. My man i'm not reaching on slater. I'm going after waddell. If they if they like him the best or pits if they like him the best or devante smith that they like in the best. And that's it. And that's assuming you're not trading down but i can't predict trades. It's impossible to do that me. I'm adding something. I'm getting some kind of help for joe burrow and i think those guys are going to be ranked ahead of rashawn slater on the bengals board games that you never both huge john. Ross fans but man. My biggest fear is what a while. We're smith turns out to be another john rock. I've been that man. I'm all for the fact that that kind of hear you at all. No it does greg. I appreciate the call pechanga. Let's see can sponsor we gotta get to break has been babies waiting for no. I don't think that. And i think that ross was again looking back. I don't think the evaluation was necessarily wrong. But if you look at devante. Smith the top schools were trying to guard him and double triple team and he was still getting open like the last thing i want in. That's the scary part. I think for for bengals fans right now when you talk about a receiver or a skilled player even a kyle pits with the fifth pick. They think of ross in to me as scary as that is. Why wouldn't you think of aj greet because if you talk to. Evaluators is high. As i was on raw they have higher grades. Much higher grades on chase on pits on on on any of these guys smith waddell. They have higher grades on all formal in. So that's why would i would think of. Aj green like rookie impact. Not not john. Ross or any of the other picks that haven't worked out because it hasn't worked out and that's fair to admit i. We'll get back into free agent friday. You can tweet me ask james dean five one. Three seven four nine fifteen eight six six seven zero two three seven seven six but up. Next who ben baby of. Espn sign if he could add a free agent to this bengals roster. I'll ask him in so much more when he joins us next right here on. Espn fifteen thirty. Three thirty nine james dean. In for mo- this is. Espn fifteen thirty with six o'clock. Welcome in our first guest of free agent. Fridays name is ben. Baby makes you follow him on twitter at ben underscore baby might have the best name in in cincinnati. Sports i would say probably arguably debatable. Either way he's he's on with us. Now ben my man. I haven't seen you since the season ended. How you doing abdul. I'm honored that on on today. When you're hosting you gotta pick of any of the bengal analysts that if are not there are many of them that are not be so the fact that you use on straight to the bottom of the barrel to find the death may on. That's right i I was like all right. I did a name ranking and then you were at the top of the list so that that's where that's how i got you. That's what it was nothing to do with your bengals analysis. I'm just kidding anyways. I don't know if you if you've been listening. I appreciate you for flexible being flexible in bumped yourself back twenty minutes here for me. It's free agent. Friday here ben and i've been asking listeners. If they could sign one free agent and have the bengals sign one free agent. Who would it be in. Then on the flip side one free agent they would punt on. That's been connected. Or tied or rumored or talked about in any sort of way when it comes to potentially coming to cincinnati and free agency. So i didn't give any Any update or or anything like that. This is off the cuff. I'm putting you on the spot. Do you want to participate in free agent friday and if so who would you sign. Sure i mean this is less scary than any other questions you might be able to ask. Those are listening. James and i sit next to each other and there are some around there that would be going so maybe they come up here during this is what i think. It's tough for me to figure out who exactly i was like They would be a good fit for the bengals. Obviously a lot offense love joke dooney able to come up on the market if the wing lesson. Go i think he was pretty well. I think you need to get it going. I think more than attack who a guard is really a division point here. I'll be honest. I guess here's a take really that upset with bobby. Hogwash your washington play. I thought bobby response Jonas fine i think the bigger issue by mars with regards to be quite honest quitting sprayed with serviceable brazil serviceable but never really have right combination. Now they will have a new office applying so afraid colleges that may change a lot of things. Ready buni one A her john reynolds a saint thrown around. I covered him and now he's really good people. I mean i always been one good ball and it was a five nine ball to hundreds of josh reynolds and reynolds more or less content. Every time Great guy from san antonio area. I used to come high school and i think that it would be a good obviously knows that they were system very well punting on a guy. I haven't been a lot of names to be honest. Been connected that don't make sense and partly because a lot of help wanted just about anybody. A lot of physicians would be an upgrade Then you go so you punted on the punt idea. I like it. That's ben baby. Espn joining us. Let's let's continue here. Because i think it's such a a crucial offseason and you're right. I mean really. You could sell me on you. Go get joanie. And you get josh reynolds. Or you go get alan robinson and you signed to capable guards in the new japanese pennzoil like there are probably fifty. Do fifty two different ways. I think the bengals can solve it but to me. And i know they're gonna look at edge rusher and i know they're gonna look at defense at least I'm worried about number nine and keeping nine upright and giving him as many weapons as possible to throw to. If you really fast track. Joe burrow's development. I think that would be my focus especially coming off the injury is. Is that where you are. How do you view free agency draft as a whole for this bengals team because they have holes i've everywhere they're not gonna be able to fix everything to me. I would prioritize and go all in on offense. I think you know me. i love me. Some offense defense is highly overrating just from taxes you do this points and won the game. Seventy to sixty three and it has happened. And i've seen dancing if he would've football game w sixty three. You'll find a way to make an avid. I agree with you to an extent. I think that You do need to give burrows some help and in some good options. That's why i like kyle. Pennsylania is so much fun to watch. I think he would look great with that. They were trying to do when you look at how. He's up the guy that i think. It would be a lot of fun to see him if brian callaghan. Move loop all over the field. I think jalen waddell is going to be phenomenal the nfl. I think what he does. An open space is really unprecedented. I mean you cannot i mean. There's there's pumper had get the lsu work that you do not get him down. I mean he's capable to take to the house on any given play and really no player in college football as that ability. Like a lot of this More so than device more so than thuan chase the my opinion but for me. The big question in rushing for a couple of years as soon as the side of the ball and they really do need to continue to be aggressive and figure this out but one position that they quite for you for years. I mean look at the last decade. Still pretty new to town numbers. They relied primarily rapid gina. Lack is to be the bulk of their pass. Rush on the defensive line. There's no longer here we're not. We're not sure what's going to have gino if he's back or not either way. I think it's fair to question what. Gino has less given the injury history and his age. You really need a bigger than everyone is one thing. Everyone's asking about watson is kinda bengals bring him back. are we really sure. Karloff wants to back in cincinnati. I want to call into question first because you think about it everyone around the week. You're saying this guy could be great only five and a half sacks last year when i watched that was so i think they're rushing the call. Get same money elsewhere. We want to be told he's not here today this year rather another problem there. 'cause you do need that position so i think for me of the primary focus created the you gotta get one of the three open you know. We would think on the offensive line between either no fat. You which really got to figure out what you're doing. I was lost him. And then you know you got to figure out what you're looking for jackson for there you got to move forward mean we're looking at. What are we doing middle linebacker last year. When they signed. John ryan's i don't think they expected him to be started the whole season. Ready defined vote. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered. There's no doubt about that ben baby. Espn joining us for a few more minutes here on espn fifteen. Thirty james dean in for mojo ben at five souls. there is at the no brainer. You running to the podium. Does free agency matter at all. I've heard it a lot. Just run to the podium and a lot of fans feel that way it is not that black and white to me but is it for you know always h-honestly it's it's i think there is some you you could ask. A question of another guy would be because like i said last year watching the tackles. I never had a massive issue with how the taxes. But i think the question can tear about line. I think that was the journal. Kept shuffling the deck and they never found any consistent with politics You know we may see different result and you know. I think it's off the board. You have a lot of interesting options. And i think a lot of the things that we saw to burrow in the past protection. What is internal clock got better and he was under pressure. I mean granted we saw the plane was when she got. That wasn't on the so. I understand why sued there's gonna be commodity You know there's not really. A lot of true left tackles anymore periods in there. There may be sure as the years. 'cause i don't think it's a cut off so he look at what you do. Is you address need to agency. I don't think there's anything wrong with exploring the best way to help burrow because it's not just office on the office of wine it'd be better duties better options on the edges also against him released who plays and works together so no. I don't think there was just one right answer. I think there's a lot of positions that number viable. You can say okay. That makes sense that you guys. Do i agree with you. I like look at us much. We agree a lot in the in the press box. I can't even remember during the season or were you did. We are debating a lot to feel like. I feel like we had our debates. I think what happened is getting obviously the game into third quarter. We just pick something argue about it. We just do that until the middle of glad we can find the middle layer for one. Yeah it feels like it. Make sure you follow ben on twitter at ben underscore baby checkout his work. Espn dot com. Ben i appreciate your time. My man off. Well forget jerk be weighed in twenty days way dirk in two thousand six which was much more painful for you. Have a good one. I can't believe he brought that up. That damn mavericks fan. I was so damn pissed. The quick twenty seconds. Ben and i so he's from texas. I'm a huge fan. We talk nba all the time and he always brings up his mavericks. Who locked into luka doncic. Because the sacramento kings are ridiculously an awful franchise and passed on luca in the atlanta. Hawks thought that trae young a first round pick was better than luca. stupid ridiculous. absolutely asinine anyways. James are in from. Oh this is free. Agent friday here and in fourteen minutes. Perception is reality when it comes to the bengals and it's okay to admit it. We'll get to that coming up at four zero three james opinion informal. Cspan fifteen thirty terrence killing this music as always. Just wait till i give you my requests for the five o'clock hour taryn my heat. It might hate it. I'm gonna switch it up. I'm gonna make it a little different. I'm gonna sound a little different right. That's what we're supposed to james promote with you till six o'clock three agent friday which means i'm asking you to call in with one free agent you want the bengals the sign and you want them to go all in on signing one but you wanna pun on five one three seven four nine fifteen thirty eight six six seven two three seven seven six. Let's go to oregon where bill is next up on. Espn fifteen thirty. What's up bill. Shine james aren't you. i'm well how are you. i'm doing is saying. Hey i talk. Welcome back to cincinnati Really enjoy having you back. It's good to hear your voice on the air talking. Dangles again thank you. It's good to be. Yeah definitely my top choice would be And i don't think he would be available taylor. Moton would be my absolute number. One choice agreed. I think it would be a serious upgrade. That's that's a fair. i think he's even if he's not your top choice. I think he's the best fit like he's instantly a pro bowl level right tackle right instantly because i think you could find upgrades at guard for less. I really do. I think it's harder to find a franchise right tackle and during his prime like mode. Yeah in that regard in terms of guard. I would stay away from sheriffs and and the kid from dayton. You don't want because of their price tag right at fourteen fifteen million. I'd rather go with. Larry warford or math. Feeler from pittsburgh you know more than the seven to ten million dollar range and maybe that leaves you enough money over for like a rick wagner for seven million. I don't know why the bengals aren't signing him right now down on a contract today. I'd have him on the team Or maybe a trade for rob having signed for seven million a year for the next two years but yeah i just I think otherwise. It's money too much. I wouldn't mind according linzie for ten million a year To say that kind of You know at the center. I think that's a more reasonable price. But would be you know being in a very valuable upgrade number one in the league versus hopkins. Which was you know. Even when healthy he was yeah. He's a he's an average average starting center. No i agree with you and i think lindsay. I'm not saying the bengals are going to go after him. But it wouldn't shock me. It wouldn't shock me at off there in the center market just a little bit if they at least peek their head in and see if lens lease interested in in coming here. I wouldn't be be surprised at all. I get you i i see where you're coming from and that's the thing with like joe tony as much. Outcries there has publicly. I'm not sure that the bengals are going to be as all in on that and not that they won't be i don't know but i'm not sure given their history that they're going to be all in on spending fifteen million bucks on guard. Yeah i'm not mad if they if they did right. I mean i certainly think the line this is definitely needs upgrading. But i just don't know that's the best value for your money. You know As you know it was like joe mixing Not very good value for your money. I would have paid more than eight million a year And i'm worried about the same thing. For william jackson i think he's better probably than You know who we signed last year at fifteen sixteen million a year. But i don't wanna give them that kind of money. If i could get for twelve sure but i don't want another drink kirkpatrick situation where i'm sitting on a contract for two or three years on somebody who's not producing it. They're kind of money. Sure ni- gotcha bill. I appreciate the call. We're up against that. Take care now for the kind words bill. In oregon free agent friday continues next and man perception is perception is perception is reality when it comes to the bengals but the good news is they could change the future. That's next on. Espn fifteen thirty. No one covers the bengals play. Espn fifteen thirty cincinnati's sports station. Sounds like steve carell. Kids pretty lame. I've never watched the office that show but you in school and set your kids kids up in canada watch michael scott michael scarring anyway. Go on about the office forever. I haven't seen it since it went off now. Sad day that james pianissimo does. Espn fifteen thirty nfl. Draft bible in fifteen minutes as free agent. Friday continues in one hour. Because that's the thing we got by the first hour. No one asked me who my free agent. Friday was who i was going to go after who. I would break down every door. If i was the bengals to sign in what free i would pun on. So we'll do that in one hour. We'll get taryn bland's in one hour and we'll continue this as it's it's gloomy. Dammit taryn sunny minute ago now. It's all gloomy here in kenwood. And but but that's okay. It's okay because it's free agent friday and it doesn't matter as we continue to talk bengals here chime in at five one three five three seven four nine fifteen thirty eight six six seven zero two seven seven six. I think i was about to give you my personal cell phone number there. That's why. I hesitated glad i did. Anyways let's talk. Let's continue with this. I posted something on all bengals dot com today. And it's a site. I edit i published and there were th- there are a lot of people that dismissed it because of who it came from. And i want you to hear the audio and then i want to address the audio in address the perception. Because i think that this off season is gonna go a long way. In determining the path that the bengals are going to go down over the next few years in this joe burrow era and first. let's start with this clip. Courtesy of mike florio and pro football taw. The bengals spend big from time to time on strangers to the organization but overall the team has a long standing reputation for being extremely careful with money and they may be looking for some bargains in free agency. Just because they have that cap space doesn't mean they have to spend it all like no other team the bengals identify success as money in versus money out and they know how to turn a profit and they're very happy when they do they don't care about championships they care about making money and just because they have cap space doesn't mean they're going to burn it all they they like to have that cap space. They'd like to keep that money in their pockets. If they can't there's only so much you have to spend under the salary cap and it's a four year rolling average in every dollar that you don't spend that he's earmarked for the cap is raw unadulterated prophet and the bengals understand that like no one else. I took that transcribed. I put it on the site in people. Well they got mad at me and then they dismissed florio and i don't care if you dismiss florio. It has nothing to do with that in. I'm not saying everything he said was right. Because i think part of it will die every damn in. The league wants a bargain. Of course every single team all thirty two of them would rather find bargain free agency that work out and play well then overspend on crap. Of course will die. That's i mean that's obvious so. Yeah the bengals would rather do that. But that's the perception. That's the perception whether you like it or not. Outside of cincinnati and sometimes in cincinnati is that. Yeah i are. They really all in on winning. Let's just cut the spending part because the bengals spend they. just don't. they're not over aggressive in free agency. Which is where they probably need. Not even probably they need to be this offseason. And that's where we go to. Don't let the past the ninety s the carson palmer failed years and that's what they were the past five years of andy dalton even the first five years right where it was playoffs. And that's it letdown heartbreak january. Every single one sucks right. That doesn't matter now. none of that matters. And what mike brown. What the bengals do today. Moving forward can change everything. It can impact that that perception it can change the reality it can change at all in. The reason is job earl. You got them now. You need to show him that you're going to do whatever the hell it takes to win because the nfl is changing. And if you don't see it look around in open your eyes a little bit more. It's becoming more and more like the nba. Because quarterbacks realizing i'm just assuming maybe not just as powerful but close powerful is the bron james and the only reason they're not is because of the franchise that but aaron rodgers minutes. After tom brady. Kick this tail at lambeau. Openly questions is future with reporters knowing what it was going to start. Does shawn watson asks out adamant continues to ask out by the way still asking out as of yesterday. When he met with texans brass russell wilson who seems like the most kindest guy in the world right after every interview. He does go hawks. he's unhappy and while he hasn't demanded a trade he's politely given the seahawks four teams that he would waive his no trade clause to go to the bengals. Yeah they could sit on their hands and not be aggressive in free agency. But guess who's watching every move. They make joe burrow and at best. You have him for six more seasons. If you don't show him that he's the man in that you're going to give them everything that he needs an could want to succeed. And where did this standard start. Why did all these quarterbacks start to feel this way. Because tom brady just trailblazer the path. He laid out the path he made. The path created the pass and he executed it england. He was unhappy there the past couple of years even when they won the super bowl in two thousand nineteen when he threw for five hundred yards and twenty eighteen. The patriots didn't pont in because he got sacked in the fourth quarter loses to the eagles because the patriots didn't have enough. He was sick of it sick and tired of it so he said i'm going to get out i'm going to leave. Restructured his deal with new england. They allowed him to essentially say they put in the deal. That he can't be franchise tag and then he went to tampa. And what a tampa do. They gave him everything he could want. Leonard fournette. We'll go get him rob gronkowski. We'll go get him antonio brown we'll go get. What else do you want. Gm tom brady. It's a now all these other quarterbacks. Like well i want that. I'm i'm as good right now is tom. Brady is a forty three. That's what russell wilson's thinking in russell. Wilson statement i've been playing behind a patchwork offensive line at tom. He's playing in front of a really good line tristan wharfs. They went out. They they use the twelfth pick. I believe it was on a guy like that. He's the top rookie tackle. They go out. And in. meanwhile russell wilson's seahawks trade two first round picks for a safety not a receiver. Not an offensive lineman a safety. You gotta show joe burrow that you're willing to go all in here who gives a damn what mike florio things who cares with the perceptionist but that doesn't matter completely irrelevant but what does matter. Is that you show. You're all in on winning two. Who number nine joe burrow. Because everyone knows he's good a of people think he can be great well right now and he's not feeling sorry for himself in a testament to him. Because i'd be really really angry. After what i did after ten games and i go down with an injury like that. Especially if the bengals don't go all in spend money on proven commodities in put proven talent around me this offseason. This is the bengals chance. This is why it's free agent friday. They gotta be active. There's no that's it because if not and you go out and you win. Six games next year in borough takes a bunch of hits again and even if you get pennzoil he's still gonna take a bunch of hits if that's the big that you have on the offensive line and he takes a bunch of hits. That's going to be noted and now the clock is ticking. Three more years on that rookie deals zooming execute the fifth year option to franchise tag years tick tick tick tick tick tick the the way. The that these quarterbacks the power that they have they're starting to feel. It isn't going to end. This isn't going to slow down the idea of quarterbacks forcing the way out and things changing i think it's going to pick up. I think this is the start of a trend in so if you truly think in the bengals do and i think a lot of people do listening right now. Joe burrow's that dude. You have no choice. Spend gopi aggressive. Go get the pieces. Go get the parts go win and if you do all those things if you're aggressive in free agency and you draft well and you make joe burrow happy then that negative perception flips that perception. Everybody's talking about if you have a star quarterback that's happy it flips it changes in you feel much much different about the organization much different. There aren't going to be people that say that stuff that say that the bengals don't wanna win that they're in it to make money that winnings always secondary that changes it completely ends it because joe burrow's leading the way it's obvious he's all in on winning and the bengals are willing to do whatever it takes to give him the tools necessary to succeed. It's that simple. five one. Three seven four nine fifteen thirty eight six six seven two three seven seven six. That's how you put the perception of bed. You don't complain about it. You don't wind bitch and moan about mike florio. Oh god remember when he said joe burrow it doesn't matter it doesn't matter what came from that's the perception because while you might have heard at one win reacted that way. Do you think the person in nashville did. Oh four euros. After the bengals he always aged angles seattle. They thought that or los angeles or texas. No they thought. Dan the bengals. That's right that's the perception you don't need to worry about that. Just put the pieces around joe burrow. Put him in a position to succeed in that. Perception will swing james. Repeat in from. Oh this is. Espn fifteen thirty up next. This is our one draft segment today. That's good for me it's february. I'm doing one draft. Sing zach patra. Nfl draft bible will join us. And then we'll dive back into free agent friday. We'll get to your calls as well. James are fenian from o. Espn fifteenth thirty terrence. Though killing it for twenty one. Let's take a slight break from free. Agent friday james or peanut from allegra we listen to a little fresh prince here and let's talk about the draft. The nfl draft just over two months away. The bengals will make the fifth pick. They have eight selections and for more on that. Let's talk to zach patra. Nfl draft bible joins us now. Zac i honestly. I goofed up. On the time. I'll be honest here full disclosure. I thought it was four. Four twenty it was four forty that we talked about so. I appreciate you being flexible. Man i i got no problem coming on. I'll be flexible. Grants so problem me man. I really appreciate it. Make sure you follow zach on twitter at. Nfl underscores zack in well. Let's start with the fifth pick. There's a lot of debate in cincinnati. I think between the two players penny saw jomar chase. Let's start with this. Do you think what what what are the odds. That of those two guys is available when the bengals are on the clock picking fifth. Yeah i think it's a pretty good shot here. I just did a mock draft for. I was trying to figure out who. I was going to take it at three for the dolphins and i wanted to get to the bengals because i think it just makes a lot of sense. Okay but i took. I ended up taking to the dolphins. And then it just makes so much sense to have chase fall under the bengals because then you just pair them up with with borough against i think it's a very good shot that he's there and i think both of them are going to be great picks for whoever you guys land there and make sure you check out that mock draft that nfl draft bible dot com. It's a three round mock draft. I was a fan of it. I also linked to it at all. Bengals dot com let. Let's start with sewell then embraced these guys down because you said he's a great fit. I think a lot of people view him as a guy that obviously fills a need for the bengals can come in and be an instant. What do you like about him. Are there any concerns and Is he is he. This generational talent that so many have thrown out there. And i feel like a lot of people are just saying that term now but how. How good is he very good prospect. And now i'm gonna tell you right. I'm gonna tell you right now when you plug him into your lineup on day. One of the of the nfl season. It's going to be one of those things. Man you gotta let this kid develop a little bit. And i want to say that i won't say that you have to develop this kid into into this. Okay starter out talking about developed him into what everyone talks about like you said generational talent at term. It gets used too much but this kid has that potential to be a generational talent. The with him it was just so phenomenal. There's a lot to really like breaking them down a little bit you you look at his his hands and feet they. They don't work together at in in in the same motion as the should which is something i wanted to. He's just inconsistent with his hands right now but when he puts it all together it's their man like there is. It's just it's so much fun to watch is strengthened atlanticism. The way he moves. It's just it's fluid. It's it's mood and and it's just a blast to watch them on film when he puts it together. There's just think. I gotta get those inconsistencies out of there where i developed him into that into that pro bowl caliber tackle that he can be zach batra. Nfl draft bible joining us. All right. so let's talk about jomar chase because a lot of people right now starting to buy into to chase as not only the number one receiver in this draft class. But i think there's bengals fans probably over the past two weeks or so are wrapping their head around the idea of chase re linking up rejoining borough and catching passes from him. What does he do well. He opted out so opted out but what does he do. Well what are you worried about when it comes a twenty year old in march as that set the world on fire. Sec on fire is a nineteen year old has a nineteen year. Old is a sophomore. Who had been. He was fema tears. Marshall and justin jefferson. And now we're talking about obviously saw justin jefferson. Go do the minnesota vikings in the first round. You know now. We're talking about terrorist. Marshall potentially being back in first or atop second round pick so you're talking about a guy nineteen years old sophomore and was the best wide receiver in the country. That does seem win a national championship as the chemistry with joe burrow. Who's the cincinnati bengals quarterback. He's gonna be coming up Tornado l. but let's let's put it this way we all know the nfl. We all know football. In general is the most the biggest team sport you need a team built around those around another everyone in that organization to be successful and i said all the time especially with offensive. Lima to but in general continuities huge. You gotta know the guys around you gotta be you gotta be able to interact with the guys around. You gotta be able to play to everyone's strengths and weaknesses and bringing a guy like chasing and it's a play with borough so key and getting them at five. It might seem like a reach when you talk about wide receivers especially when you look at this wide receiver class that deed but there's no question that chases the best wide receiver that five. I don't want people are gonna wanna say that you know divisive smith and i know there's been a lot of talk about you know jalen waddell as well being the best receiver to me. There's no question gee martinez head and shoulders above these guys at the water superposition. So if you can get a playmaker like that the pair off with a guy that he's familiar with the you know. The time is going to be there. You know. Jamal chases a tremendous route runner. So when you look at you know the time it would joe burrow's already going to be there. He's going to run his his his chris fluid athletic or else that he runs He's got great hands. It's really not a route that he can't run a mile opinion. And he's got some speed to burn bernie de so you pair him with burl. That's that's gonna be a dream. Scenario going forward in the bengals could use a lot of very especially with with what they got going on right now. Yeah no doubt about it. I think wide receiver is a need for them in even though the. Afc and tyler boyd. I'm not sure either. One's a one right franchise tag. Aj green to be that and it didn't work out. So i certainly think chase fits our exact. I'm gonna put you on the hot seat if seoul and chase both there at five and we don't know what the bengals have done in free agency so it's an impossible question so but but i want you to answer it anyway if chasing sore both at five which one are you taking. That is hot as a hot. That's right it's real tough. Well you guys are in a pretty decent spot. Your offense of lines youngest not. It's not. I don't think it's a terrible of but it definitely has underperformed Getting an offensive line to to protect your your stud quarterback who i think is could end up being a top five quarterback in the nfl. I mean the kids played extremely. Well so i. I like protecting my quarterback first and foremost. But i think i'm gonna go seul here and then maybe try to take terrorist marshall in the second round in in. That's the thing i think. There's a lot of debate there in to me. Let's assume now let's flip it intact. Patrick joining us from nfl. Draft bible dot com makes you follow him on twitter at a. Nfl zach is far as the fifth pick goes. Let's say both are gone. Because i feel like no brainers. I doubt both are there but who knows. Maybe the bengals get lucky. And they are. But let's say chase goes to to the jets in maybe the dolphins in your mock take like they do in your mom take pennzoil. Well then who do you think would be at the top of the bengals board there. Because there's a lot of skill players that i think i would have my eye on obviously later from northwestern couple cornerbacks but who would be the top player on the board at both of those guys are gone that you think would would fit best in cincinnati mentioned. Sean slater and i. I really like him. I like him as a top ten pick. Five is just a bit too rich for me. So i'm not sure i would go that early You know looking at the bengals need. I could see them using a defensive player. Maybe they might you know. Think about going. Michael parsons who me. Personally i think is gonna fall farther in the draft and a lot of people feel like talking about the new look at some of the some of the other wide receivers you know. Do you wanna go to smith who is wayne in one hundred hundred and sixty four pounds. No i'm not taking a lot like him at at at five. So that you know if you wanna look outside linebackers it's too early to to look at it a linebacker. This is where. I think you start looking at maybe going corner or trading trading back try to acquire some more picks You could see a guy like patrick's thirteen maybe going in the top five. I think that kids athletic. And he's got some wheels to be able to keep up with with a lot of seniors that are going be I don't wanna. I don't wanna play a name on the fifth overall takes if a guy like chasing tool because there's just not that there's not that guy that i feel that to be that top five pick for you guys. That's going to be a good fit. You don't i mean i think trade back if they're not there you know. Get get some tax bill bill. This town around the siem around joe burrow yell really build that defense up later in the draft because there are some really good defenders in this. Let me give you my opinion then because there is always that doomsday scenario where they're not there. And then maybe the. I guess quarterbacks would be there so theoretically someone might wanna trade up but let's just say they can't get something happens in they can't get a trade to happen. I would say top talent. Like where's kyle pits on your talk to me. Look like cal. Cal pinches one and then jalen waddell like those are. The two like of wada would have played this year. I don't think we're talking about the smith. Know the heisman trophy winner. Certainly i mean. He was having a better year than smith. Four games in before he got injured. I think those are the two guys that maybe you look at it five and and you feel pretty good about. That isn't isn't reaching. Maybe i'm crazy but would you think about those two. I really do that. You brought that up because as you were talking. I was starting to think about as well. So that's not bad. That's not a bad decision there. But you're gonna get those people are gonna push back in and be like come on ended at i by that but that doesn't make any sense you look. It's funny just to just to go up on a slight tangent. There you know you got guys like george kittle. is kelsey zakar. They weren't taken early early in the respective draft class. Then you look at guys like You know hopkinson fan. You always starting to get these are getting a little earlier so maybe you can start to justify a tight end up in that. That's the thing. Is you draft one in the top. Ten in they're not instantly. Like if he's not. Darren waller by your to your worried like. That's the tough part about tight end. Zach patrick spending a few more minutes talking with him. Nfl draft bible dot com. All right. let's move on to today too early day. Three where is the value in in that part of the draft. Is there like let's say the bengals do go chase. Are they still going to be able to address offensive line. Are they still going to be able to address. Edge rusher in rounds two four. Because i think those are probably the two two big needs regardless of what they do around lot. Yeah for sure. I mean you look at some of the guys that could be could be available at the south around to where you guys are. There you know allies are very tucker has gotten a lot of round one high personally. I think he'd be a eighteen. Is more around two guys from me and i think if you guys can snag at the top end of the of the thirty i think that's a great big You know trey smith lie. Davis guys are starting to fall in in in more of when you look at mock draft. That's when you look at When you look at draft stock you know why davis with the injury at the at the end of the end of the year last year. But he's he's such a great talent. Troy smith has had the blood clots that he has dealt with as well so there. There are some concerns that they come with. But there's such great players And those are some of the interior guys. Look at some of the tackles. James hudson from cincinnati seven from oklahoma state. I'm hearing that Nfl teams are a little bit lower on him. Then send the media. But i'm i'm a big fan of seven jenkins liam liam. I can burn. Gotta the right from notre dame. There's some really good names that are still gonna be on the board I think you take you know in in around two now thinking about around three A guy like zander. Smith is the eastern carolina. Kid who looked great at the senior bowl I don't think i could find him in the in the in the mock draft. I did that. We mentioned earlier. But i really wanted to. I really thought that that kid could have made it into the third round. And i think there's plenty of talent and upside with him. They're looking at some of the edge. Rushers jason away from penn. State is he he. He blew me away when i watched this day. Man like the kid is. He's phenomenal but there's just too much to clean up for him to get into the first round address your class. It's not it's not great is that it's it's not great when you look at top talent. It's great when you it's good. We look at the depths of what was there. Because i think there are gonna be some solid. You know whether you whether you need a three four defensive end you need a you need an outside rusher Linebacker type Only need a four three defensive. And i think there's so many guys that have some quality traits. You're gonna actually get a steal but it's not gonna feel the nfl draft but they're not going to be this like pro bowl. You know parental parole or even making one or two pro bowls in there in the nfl career. But i think there are some solid. You know solid guys to look at you like said james. No way i think gregory roussell is gonna fall deeper than people realize Ellison smith he's the guy that moved inside and outside a phenomenal player. Played well at the senior bowl He's from minnesota from so. Maybe i'm a little bit biased. Though and then. And then guys like george smith and and rishaad we who who also looked really good at the senior bowl issue to dalen. Hey that's the name you guys got to keep an eye on he. He reminds me a lot of Who's your who's your. Who's your defensive. Right now awesome awesome. You might be a little bit of colossal man. I really like dalen. Hey all right. I think bengals fans would sign up for that all day long. This this has been really good. Zach i appreciate you being flexible and incoming on and i look forward to having you on again before the draft absolutely man anytime time like i said i don't mind being flex flexible all talking to address all day get stuff man have a good weekend zach petrol. Nfl draft bible dot com. Make sure you follow him on twitter at nfl. Underscore zach really good stuff. There and he was flexible. Because see. I've been in this chair in a while. And i got the guests on the timing. He was supposed to join us at four forty. I made taryn column or had taryn column at four. Eighteen in zach was able to be flexible. So you gotta. I'm hard to work with clearly coming up at thirty minutes. It's free agent. Friday so turn bland's gonna give his free agent that he wants the bengals to go all in on and one that he wants to put on. I will do the same as free. Agent friday continues plus up next. We'll get to your calls at five one. Three seven four nine fifteen thirty eight six six seven zero two three seven seven six and i'm gonna make the case for a star free agent that a lot of people are talking about. We'll do that as well. So we'll get to your calls. And i'll make the case for a star free agent as we roll on. I'm james dean. This is espn fifteen thirty.

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